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Western Animation / The Bellflower Bunnies

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Ever wanted an antidote to Watership Down but felt Peter Rabbit was too British? Then how about a show about the adventures of a family of cute bunnies doing cute bunny things!

This French series takes a concept that would make for a very sugary series and makes it noticeably better entertainment than usual.

Based off the La famille Passiflore series of books by Geneviève Huriet (or Amélie Sarn, depending on the book) and Loïc Jouannigot, which were published in English under the name Beechwood Bunny Tales, The Bellflower Bunnies focuses on the adventures of the Bellflower family, a clan of seven rabbits who live in the fictional locality of Blueberry Hill. Papa Bramble and Aunt Zinnia take care of the family's five kids: Periwinkle, Poppy, Mistletoe, Dandelion and Pirouette/Violet.


Tropes in this work:

  • Barefoot Cartoon Animal: Nearly all of the characters are barefoot in some way or another.
  • Fantasy Kitchen Sink: Anthropomorphic animals live in a "normal" human-like society alongside ogres, witches and wizards.
  • House Fire: "Fried Doughnuts" has Blueberry Cottage catch fire after the bunny kids try (and fail) to make fried doughnuts.
  • Missing Mom: The absence of the family's mother is never explained on the animated series, however, a book released after the series ended, L'album des photos des Passiflore reveals that she was killed by hunters from other rabbit species.
  • The Moving Experience: The first episode revolves around the Bellflower family's move to Blueberry Cottage.
  • Superhero Episode: "Fairy Violet" has Violet believing she has gained fairy powers after reading a old book Aunt Zinnia owns.