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This is a list of episodes from the series Dexter's Laboratory, which aired from April 28, 1996 to November 20, 2003 with 78 episodes in total.

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    Season One (April 28, 1996 to January 1, 1997) 
  1. DeeDeemensional / Magmanamus / Maternal Combat: When one of Dexter's inventions goes wrong, Dee Dee must go back in time to save him; Monkey has to defeat the lava monster Magmanamus, who just wants the noisy city-dwelling humans to pipe down and let him sleep; Dexter creates a mom-bot when his mother falls sick, but Dee Dee steals it. April 28, 1996
  2. Dexter Dodgeball / Rasslor / Dexter's Assistant: When Dexter's attempt to get out of dodgeball is foiled, he must use science to stand up for himself; An intergalactic wrestler (voiced by Randy Savage) challenges the heroes of Earth, including Monkey; Dexter makes Dee Dee smart, which he soon regrets, since she proves to be smarter than him. May 5, 1996
  3. Dexter's Rival / Simion / Old Man Dexter: Mandark, the new kid at school, shows Dexter up on everything he was best in; Monkey fights the superintelligent supervillain chimp Simion; Dexter creates an aging machine to make him an adult, but Dee Dee's tampering turns Dexter into an old man note . May 12, 1996
  4. Double Trouble / Barbequor / Dexter's Laboratory: Dexter clones himself to prevent Dee Dee and her friends Mimi and Lee Lee from causing more mayhem; Monkey must stop Barbequor and Silver Spooner from devouring Earth; Dexter creates an invention that turns people into animals note . May 19, 1996
  5. Jurassic Pooch / Orgon Grindor / Dimwit Dexter: Dexter creates a pet dinosaur, but thanks to using DNA borrowed from a household pet it acts more like a dog; Monkey is hypnotized by an alien invader into doing evil; Dexter temporarily becomes an idiot from overworking himself note . May 26, 1996
  6. Dee Dee's Room / Huntor / The Big Sister: Dexter must retrieve a critical invention from Dee Dee's room; Monkey becomes the target of an alien hunter; Dexter accidentally turns Dee Dee into a giant note . June 2, 1996
  7. Star Spangled Sidekicks / TV Super Pals / Game Over: Dexter and Dee Dee enter Major Glory's sidekick tryouts; Glory, Krunk, and Valhallen cannot decide what to watch on TV; Dexter gets trapped in a video game. November 20, 1996
  8. Babysitter Blues / Valhallen's Room / Dream Machine: Dexter develops a crush on his babysitter; Valhallen loses his magic axe and Major Glory and Krunk must find it in his room; Dexter creates a machine to help him deal with a reoccurring nightmare. November 27, 1996
  9. Dollhouse Drama / Krunk's Date / The Big Cheese: Dexter shrinks himself to doll-size in order to spy on Dee Dee, but a side-effect of his shrinking machine causes him to get swept up in Dee Dee's toy soap opera; Krunk falls in love with a member of Comrade Red's gang, She-Thing; Dexter creates a machine to help him learn French, but it malfunctions, and all he's able to say is "omelette du fromage." December 4, 1996
  10. Way of the Dee Dee / Say Uncle Sam / Tribe Called Girl: Dee Dee teaches Dexter how to be carefree; Major Glory's uncle plans on visiting him, so he needs to clean up both the apartment and his room-mates; Dexter decides to learn more about the opposite sex by observing Dee Dee's slumber party, naturalist-style. December 11, 1996
  11. Space Case / Ratman / Dexter's Debt: Dexter gives Dee Dee away to aliens; Krunk and Valhallen meet an eccentric vigilante living in their apartment building's basement; Dexter owes two hundred million dollars to NASA. December 18, 1996
  12. Dexter's Rival / Bee Where? / Mandarker: Mandark, the new kid at school, shows Dexter up on everything he was best in note ; The Justice Friends try to get rid of a bee; Mandark tries to beat Dexter with magic. December 25, 1996
  13. Inflata-Dee Dee / Can't Nap / Monstory: When Dee Dee hijacks his inflatable hydro-plasmatic suit, Dexter tries to get his now-buoyant sister down; Valhallen invites White Tiger to stay at the apartment overnight, but Major Glory has allergies; Dexter's silencing formula turns Dee Dee into a giant monster. January 1, 1997 (produced in 1996)

    Season Two (July 16, 1997 to June 15, 1998) 
  1. Beard to Be Feared / Quackor the Fowl / Ant Pants: Dexter gives himself a beard in order to be "rugged" like his hero Action Hank; Mandark is unaware that his lab duck is a supervillain named Quackor; Dexter and Dee Dee shrink themselves to visit an ant colony. July 16, 1997
  2. Mom and Jerry / Chubby Cheese / That Crazy Robot: Dexter switches his brain with a mouse's, leading to his mother chasing him around the house; Dexter tries to win a toy at the local Suck E. Cheese's; One of Dexter's robots becomes a servant for Dee Dee. July 23, 1997
  3. D & DD / Hamhocks and Armlocks: Dexter's friends make Dee Dee the Game Master of their game of Monsters and Mazes; Dexter has to help his dad beat a hulking trucker at arm-wrestling. July 30, 1997
  4. Hunger Strikes / The Koos is Loose / Morning Stretch: Dexter creates an invention that will make him enjoy vegetables, but accidentally turns him into a veggie-crazed monster; Dee Dee's imaginary friend Koosalagoopagoop comes to life and pesters Dexter; Dexter creates a machine to turn 30 seconds into 30 minutes so he can get his morning routine done in time. August 6, 1997
  5. Dee Dee Locks and the Ness Monster / Backfire / Book 'Em: Dee Dee creates her own bedtime story; Dexter's latest improvement to the family car causes Dee Dee to fuse with it; Dexter must return a library book. August 13, 1997
  6. Sister's Got a Brand New Bag / Shoo, Shoe Gnomes / Lab of the Lost: Dee Dee gets some new dance moves and wants to show Dexter; Dexter finds a band of shoe gnomes have moved into his laboratory; Dexter comes across an abandoned part of his lab. August 20, 1997
  7. Labels / Game Show / Fantastic Boyage: Dexter creates a labeling gun to help him win an argument with Dee Dee; Dexter and Dee Dee compete on a game show; Dexter tries to cure Dee Dee's common cold, but accidentally winds up in the family dog. August 27, 1997
  8. Filet of Soul / Golden Diskette: Dexter and Dee Dee are haunted by the ghost of a goldfish that wasn't flushed down the toilet; Dee Dee wins a free trip to the lab of Professor Hawk in this parody of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. September 3, 1997
  9. Snowdown / Figure Not Included / Mock 5: Dexter's dad coaches him in the art of snowball throwing; Dexter makes his own Major Glory action figure to fit in with some local kids; Dexter enters a soapbox derby in this Speed Racer parody. September 10, 1997
  10. Ewww That's Growth / Nuclear Confusion / Germ Warfare: Dexter increases his height so he can go on a roller-coaster; Dexter must follow Dee Dee's clues in order to get back an unstable isotope; Dexter tries to avoid getting the flu. September 17, 1997
  11. A Hard Day's Day / Road Rash / Ocean Commotion: Dexter tries to get to the root of an unlucky day; Dexter's parents get him a bike, leading to a showdown against Dee Dee's roller-skates; Dexter's family goes to the beach, where Dexter helps Dee Dee save a baby whale from poaching pirates. September 24, 1997
  12. The Bus Boy / Things That Go Bonk in the Night / Ol' McDexter: Dexter tries to get his lucky pencil out of the back of the bus, even though the other kids dissuade him with terrifying stories about what lies there; Krunk dreams about spending the day with the TV Puppet Pals; Dexter gets sent to an Amish "farm camp" for the summer and tries to modernize them. October 1, 1997
  13. Sassy Come Home / Photo Finish: Dee Dee befriends a sasquatch while Dexter tries to catch it; Dexter must stop Dee Dee from showing photos of his lab to their parents and goes on a James Bond-esque adventure to keep them from being developed. October 8, 1997
  14. Star Check Unconventional / Dexter is Dirty / Ice Cream Scream: Dexter and his friends get stuck at a "Darbie" doll convention while trying to go to a "Star Check" convention; Dexter laminates himself in an effort to stay clean; Dexter tries to catch the ice cream truck. October 15, 1997
  15. Decode of Honor / World's Greatest Mom / Ultrajerk 2000: Dexter and Dee Dee accidentally switch the coded messages in their cereal boxes; Dexter's mom gets hit by a ray and develops superpowers; Dexter's new robot proves to be a megalomaniacal jerk. October 22, 1997
  16. Techno Turtle / Surprise / Got Your Goat: Dexter gives a wounded turtle various enhancements; Dexter turns himself invisible on his birthday; Dexter and Dee Dee go to South America to catch the chupacabra. October 29, 1997
  17. Dee Dee Be Deep / 911 / Down in the Dumps: Dexter gives Dee Dee a deep bass voice trying to stop her annoying singing; Dexter decides to solve emergencies for his neighborhood when the Emergency Broadcast System interrupts Action Hank; Dexter must get Dee Dee's favorite teddy bear back when he throws it out. November 5, 1997
  18. Unfortunate Cookie / The Muffin King: Dexter and Dee Dee get their fingers stuck in a Chinese finger trap; Dexter and Dee Dee have to stop their father from eating their mother's freshly made muffins. November 12, 1997
  19. Picture Day / Now That's a Stretch / Dexter Detention: Dexter makes himself more photogenic for school picture day; Dexter improves his flexibility to ease his life; Dexter tries to escape detention. November 19, 1997
  20. Don't Be a Baby / Peltra / G.I.R.L. Squad: Dexter accidentally turns everyone but Dee Dee and himself into babies; The villainess Peltra wants to turn Monkey into a fur coat; Dee Dee and her friends are inspired by a school assembly to become crime fighters. November 26, 1997
  21. Sports a Poppin' / Koosalagoopagoop / Project Dee Dee: Dexter's dad tries to teach his son sports; Koos returns and tells Dee Dee that he is the king of Dee Dee's imaginary world; Dexter tries to helps Dee Dee with her science project. December 3, 1997
  22. Topped Off / Dee Dee's Tail / No Power Trip: Dexter and Dee Dee become coffee addicts; Dexter turns Dee Dee into a horse, but she finds being an equine isn't all fun and frolic; When the power shuts down in his lab, Dexter tries to restore it. January 14, 1998 (produced in 1997)
  23. Sister Mom / The Laughing: Dexter disguises Dee Dee as his mother to go to a meeting with the principal; After being bitten by a party clown, Dexter becomes a "were-clown" and terrorizes the town whenever he has a laughing fit. January 21, 1998 (produced in 1997)
  24. Dexter's Lab: A Story / Coupon for Craziness / Better Off Wet: Dexter teaches a dog to speak - and finds he doesn't really have anything to say; Dexter switches places with a hyperactive boy with scientist parents; Dexter tries to avoid being pushed into the family's new swimming pool. January 28, 1998 (produced in 1997)
  25. Critical Gas / Let's Save the World You Jerk! / Average Joe: After Dexter eats a burrito, he mistakes his intestinal rumblings as his imminent death; Dexter and Mandark reluctantly team up to save the world from a comet; Dexter changes his life when an aptitude test makes him think he's not really a genius. February 4, 1998 (produced in 1997)
  26. Rushmore Rumble / A Boy and His Bug / You Vegetabelieve It!: Dexter and Mandark fight each other with giant-sized versions of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln; Dexter creates a metal-eating termite; Dee Dee accidentally creates gigantic garden plants with the growth formula she borrowed from Dexter. February 11, 1998 (produced in 1997)
  27. Aye Aye Eyes / Dee Dee and the Man: A little girl with huge eyes falls in love with Dexter; Dexter "fires" Dee Dee, but soon begins to miss her. February 18, 1998 (produced in 1997)
  28. Old Flame / Don't Be a Hero / My Favorite Martian: Dexter finds the caveman who invented fire in the past and takes him on a tour of his lab; Dexter tries to become a superhero, but all the powers he gives himself end up backfiring on him; Dexter goes to Mars to find intelligent life, and finds an alien who's really Dee Dee (who stowed away on his trip) in disguise. February 25, 1998
  29. "Paper Route Bout / The Ol' Switcherooms / Trick or Tree House": Dad trains Dee Dee to fight off the ninja bikers who target her paper route every morning; Dexter and Dee Dee are forced to stay in each other's rooms as punishment; Dee Dee will not let Dexter into her new treehouse. March 4, 1998
  30. Quiet Riot / Accent You Hate / Catch of the Day: Dexter tries to get some sleep; A bully starts harassing Dexter for his accent; Dexter and his father try to be the first to reach the fishing grounds. March 11, 1998
  31. Dad is Disturbed / Framed / That's Using Your Head: Dexter's dad tries to watch a golf game, but is constantly interrupted; Broken glasses become the newest fad at Dexter's school; Dexter mistakes a crazy hobo for someone trying to contact aliens. March 18, 1998
  32. DiM / Just an Old Fashioned Lab Song / Repairanoid: In this largely-silent episode, Dexter goes to buy a lightbulb; Dexter takes piano lessons against his will from Professor Williams; An electrician discovers Dexter's lab. March 25, 1998
  33. sdrawckaB / The Continuum of Cartoon Fools / Sun, Surf and Science: Dexter invents a belt that allows people to do things backwards; Dexter tries to figure how Dee Dee keeps entering his lab; Mandark enters a surfing contest to win Dee Dee's heart. April 1, 1998
  34. Big Bots / Gooey Aliens That Control Your Mind / Misplaced in Space: Dexter and Dee Dee try to save an island with giant robots; Dexter's parents and Dee Dee are mind controlled by an alien parasite; Dexter is accidentally transported to an extraterrestrial prison. April 8, 1998
  35. Dee Dee's Rival / Pslightly Psycho / Game for a Game: Mandark's sister tries to outdo Dee Dee at dance school; Dexter's family forces Neat Freak Mom to take a break from chores for Mother's Day; Dexter decides to prove to Dee Dee that she cannot beat him at every game. April 15, 1998
  36. Blackfoot and Slim / Trapped with a Vengeance / The Parrot Trap: A nature documentary team observe Dexter and Dee Dee in their natural habitat; Dexter is trapped in the school by a disgruntled janitor; Dexter makes a robotic parrot. April 22, 1998
  37. Dexter and Computress Get Mandark / Pain in the Mouth / Dexter vs. Santa's Claws: In this episode written by a 6-year-old boy, Dexter and Computress plot to get Mandark; Major Glory and Valhallen try to cure Krunk's toothache without going to the dentist; Dexter is hellbent on proving that Santa isn't real. April 29, 1998
  38. Dyno-Might / LABretto: The Blue Falcon comes to Dexter's lab to have Dynomutt fixed, and Dexter gives him a new and improved Dynomutt - who turns out to be too good; In this mini-opera, we see the story of how Dexter became who he is. May 6, 1998
  39. Last But Not Beast: During a trip to Japan, Dexter accidentally releases a Kaiju, and he, his family, the Justice Friends, and Monkey team up to fight it. June 15, 1998

    Special (December 10, 1999) 
  1. Ego Trip: When an army of robots invade his lab through a time machine, Dexter travels to the future to find out what happened. December 10, 1999

    Season Three (November 18, 2001 to September 20, 2002) 
  1. Streaky Clean / A Dad Cartoon / Sole Brother: Dexter makes a Kill Sat for the sole purpose of cleaning his clothes, but it malfunctions; Dexter's dad tries to fix his car; Dexter becomes fused to Dee Dee's foot. November 18, 2001
  2. Mind Over Chatter / A Quackor Cartoon / Momdark: Dexter tries to give himself the ability to read minds, but mistakenly allows everyone to read his mind instead; Quackor attempts revenge on Monkey; Mandark kidnaps Dexter's mom and then disguises himself as her in an attempt to sneak into Dexter's lab. November 18, 2001
  3. Copping an Aptitude / A Failed Lab Experiment / The Grand-Daddy of All Inventions: Dexter goes to college and finds it's not how he expected; Dexter creates goggles that allow him to see through solid objects, but things go wrong; Dexter learns his grandfather has a laboratory too. November 30, 2001
  4. Poppa Wheelie / A Mom Cartoon / The Mock Side of the Moon: It's Career Day at school, but Dexter is ashamed of his dad; Dexter's mom fights another woman at the supermarket over the last pack of rubber gloves; Dexter travels to the moon and finds an alien fleet prepared to go to Earth. January 18, 2002 (produced in 2001)
  5. If Memory Serves / A Mandark Cartoon / Tele-Trauma: Dexter creates a device to retrieve and record his memories, which Mandark tries to steal; Mandark goes through a typical day while scheming to defeat Dexter; Dexter creates a device that beams TV shows directly into his head. February 22, 2002 (produced in 2001)
  6. A Boy Named Sue / Lab on the Run: Mandark relates the story of his origin; Two robots (voiced by Fred Willard and Martin Mull) escape from Dexter's lab and try to live in the outside world. March 29, 2002 (produced in 2001)
  7. Dos Boot / A Dee Dee Cartoon / Would You Like That in the Can?: Mandark enters Dexter's computer through cyberspace, so Dexter enters cyberspace himself to defeat him; Dee Dee plays in her own "lab"; Dexter and his friend Douglas sneak into the girl's bathroom to retrieve Dexter's lunchbox after another student picked it up by mistake. June 7, 2002 (produced in 2001)
  8. That Magic Moment / A Silent Cartoon / Opposites Attract: Dexter's uncle Fergel O'Reilly (voiced by Mark Hamill) visits the family; Dee Dee paints the lab pink; a magnetic field causes Dexter and Dee Dee to get stuck together. June 14, 2002 (produced in 2001)
  9. Comic Relief / A Third Dad Cartoon / RoboDexo3000: Dexter makes a lifelike superhero comic, with Dee Dee as the villainess "Deestructa"; Dexter's dad plays golf with his kids; Dexter creates the ultimate robot to replace his previous one. June 21, 2002 (produced in 2001)
  10. Glove at First Sight / A Mom and Dad Cartoon / Smells Like Victory: We learn how Dexter's parents met in the 80s; Dexter and Dee Dee eavesdrop on their parents and mistakenly conclude that they are breaking up; the U.S. army discovers Dexter's lab and believes it is a base for alien invaders. June 28, 2002 (produced in 2001)
  11. Oh, Brother / Another Dad Cartoon / Bar Exam: Dexter travels to another universe where he has a brother instead of a sister; while home alone, Dexter's dad cuts loose; Dexter must pass P.E. or else he'll be held back a grade. July 5, 2002 (produced in 2001)
  12. Jeepers, Creepers, Where is Peepers? / Go, Dexter Family! Go!: Dexter and Koos must rescue Koos' friend Peepers and the land of imagination from an invader; Dexter's family teams up to rescue him from aliens. July 12, 2002 (produced in 2001)
  13. Scare Tactics / A Mom Cartoon / My Dad vs. Your Dad: Dexter and his dad both become rattled by a scary movie; Dexter's mom fights another woman at the supermarket over the last pack of rubber glovesnote ; Dexter and Mandark's fathers meet each other and eventually start fighting. September 20, 2002 (produced in 2001)

    Season Four (November 22, 2002 to November 20, 2003) 
  1. Beau Tie / Remember Me / Overlabbing: Dee Dee's new boyfriend likes science, so Dexter tries to talk to him and show him his work; Dexter gets amnesia, so Dee Dee attempts to mold him in her image; Dexter and Mandark drill underground to expand their labs and end up butting heads. November 22, 2002
  2. Sis-Tem Error / Bad Cable Manners / Dexter's Library: Dee Dee accidentally shuts down the lab and tries to prevent Dexter from finding out she was responsible; Dexter helps his dad get cable TV; Dexter becomes the stern new administrator of the local library. April 25, 2003 (produced in 2002)
  3. The Scrying Game / Monstrosi-Dee Dee / Dad Man Walking: Dee Dee tries to predict Dexter's future; Dee Dee eats an apple that turns her into a monster; Dexter's dad sleepwalks into the lab. May 2, 2003 (produced in 2002)
  4. Dexter's Little Dilemma / Faux Chapeau / D2: Dexter attempts to study his parents by shrinking them and placing them in a model of the house without their knowledge; Dee Dee wears Dexter's invention around town because it looks like a hat; Dexter and Dee Dee decide they make a good team and start doing everything together. May 9, 2003 (produced in 2002)
  5. Head Band / Stuffed Animal House / Used Ink: A song that gets stuck in people's heads is actually a virus; Dexter accidentally brings Dee Dee's stuffed animals to life; Dexter creates a special ink that can control people when used to write commands. May 16, 2003 (produced in 2002)
  6. School Girl Crushed / Chess Mom / Father Knows Least: Dexter and Mandark reluctantly team up when a new girl at school starts outdoing them; Dexter's mom repeatedly embarrasses him while he's competing in a chess tournament; Dexter's dad has to watch the kids while his wife is visiting her sister. May 23, 2003 (produced in 2002)
  7. Dexter the Barbarian / Tuber Time / Sore Eyes: Dexter tries to emulate a Barbarian Hero; Dexter studies potatoes and their ability to generate electricity; Dexter gives himself laser eye surgery, but his new vision works a little too well. May 30, 2003 (produced in 2002)
  8. Babe Sitter / Mountain Mandark / 2Geniuses 2Gether 4Ever: Mandark's parents hire Dee Dee to babysit him; Mandark gets in touch with nature; Dexter and Mandark team up, but Dexter finds himself doing all the work. September 5, 2003
  9. Height Unseen / Bygone Errors / Folly Calls: Dexter tries to make everyone shorter than him; in the future, an elderly Dexter talks about the Glory Days, but Dee Dee interrupts him and explains what really happened; When Dee Dee accidentally cuts off her pigtail, Dexter gives her a formula to grow it back, but she uses too much and her hair grows out of control. September 12, 2003
  10. Voice Over / Blonde Leading the Blonde / Comic Stripper: Dexter tries to fix his computer's voice module; Dee Dee secretly dyes Dexter's hair blonde; Dexter finds out that all of Mandark's plans are taken from a comic book. September 19, 2003
  11. Tee Party / Dexter's Wacky Races: Dexter and his dad enter a golf tournament, but dad is inept at it; Dexter, Monkey, Agent Honeydew, the Justice Friends, Dee Dee, her imaginary friend Koosalagoopagoop, Mandark, his parents, and Dexter's parents participate in a cross-country race. September 26, 2003
  12. The Lab of Tomorrow / Chicken Scratch / Garage Sale: A documentary on the future of laboratories; When Dexter gets the chicken pox, Dee Dee tells him scratching himself will make him turn into a chicken, and he believes her; Dexter's parents get one of Dexter's inventions and sells it at a garage sale. November 4, 2003
  13. They Got Chops / Poetic Injustice / Comedy of Feathers: Dexter and Dee Dee both learn martial arts; Dexter falls in love with a new girl at school and desperately tries to win her heart; Dee Dee tries to save an ostrich at the zoo. November 20, 2003
  14. Dexter's Wacky Racez

    Lost Episode 
  1. Rude Removal: Dexter accidentally creates foul-mouthed, rude versions of himself and Dee Dee.

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