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"A child's curiosity overcomes the adult's stubborn truth."
Astriferous,in their twitter,in-story said by Nanna de la Fondue.

Sweetworld is a (TV/book) series concept by yours truly,and one of the most noteworthy entries in the CPC Verse.Conceived in late 2009,and "released" in March 3rd,2010.However,the writing just started in 2013 NaNoWriMo.And it's not even finished.In short,the development is a mess.Try not to step on anything.

*Ahem* Onto the real story...
It revolves around two Happily Adopted best friends,Clara and Diana.In their first day of their fouth grade,they find a mysterious portal,and get sucked in it.They realize they're not in Earth anymore.An old lady welcomes them to Sweetworld.

Meanwhile,Kristal,the Queen of Sweetworld,while she figures a way to get the timeflow of her land back to normal,as the planet is stuck in a kind of loop that is affecting the nature of itself,caused by some kind of "blue lightning",just like the legends say.


She's told of the arrival of these children.Her proposal? To get back home,they have to help her to get rid of these rare ramifications before it gets into the habitants,using an energy only the queen has knowledge of.

And that's pretty much what is about.But as the years passed,I've made more stories taking place in Sweetworld,which are:

  • Magisen Et Circenses:An interquel between the first and second half of the story.Clara and Diana have to retrieve 5 items from both heros and nobodies to finally get back home,or so does the new Queen,Albertina,says. A boy is in possession of one of them,but he'll put on a show to keep the girls away from it. Consider it The Movie.
  • Sweetworld Surprise!:The sequel,none less important than the original,takes place 5 years after the first series.After Diana broke the mirror the Queen gave her and Clara,the magic coming from it comes loose.Four new children get involved in a whole new adventure. And for Clara and Diana,it isn't over yet.
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  • A Bitter Sweetworld:An Alternate Timeline story,where Magisen Et Circenses' Ubique is the new protagonist.He and Hallaya have been together for several cycles,but at what cost?
  • Timeline Stitches:This one really is a compilation of drabbles,the main one being the forementioned Timeline Stitches,another Alternate Timeline story,protagonized by Hallaya and an older Ubique.There's also some small sequel side stories,alternate universes and What If?'s.
  • Sweetworld Neo:Yet another sequel,this time featuring a whole new cast,many cycles after the events of Surprise.A fugo child and a teen girl are kidnapped to take advantage of their blood,while a magisen revolution slowly rises.

Sweetworld contains examples of:

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    In General 
  • Alliterative Name:Carmen Caramelo,Karla Kazule,Aaron Aurum,Conccetta Corazon Latte,Dulceria Delizia Prune,Toni Toberoni...
    • Vinzent Nile D'Nacht and Makin Kesh Malik could count as this as well.
    • Linnea was this before,as she was called Fernanda Fallon at early development stages.
  • Alternate Universe:A Bitter Sweetworld and Timeline Stitches plus many others,see their respective sections below.
  • Alternative Calendar:A cycle equals to 5 years,which is divided into branches(Branch Caeruleus,Branch Roseus and Branch Purpureus),which at the same time has 8 petal "weeks".A sweetworldnian day,or petal,equals to 18 hours.
  • An Aesop:
    • Adults should have more faith in children.Likewise,kids should question adults once in a while.
    • Kids are smarter than you think,the truth won't corrupt them.Don't be afraid of explaining things they can't grasp.
    • Family is not always bound by blood.Sometimes,family comes from the most unexpected places.
    • Fantasizing is not bad,as long as you keep your feet on the ground.
    • Fear is the worst way to change a person,and karma will bite back for the perpretator.
  • Arc Symbol:
    • Many magisen have this:
      • Clara/Candy,Galacta and the Fallon sisters have stars,in the case of Clara they're either silver of pink.
      • Diana/Cookie has golden (or blue) hearts.
      • Sandra/Cherry has red butterflies.
      • The Sinsiel has the letter Psi. (Ψ)
      • For María Belén/Taffy,it's peppermints.
      • Olivia/Fondant has candles,and potentially,cakes.
      • Mielle has orange-yellow diamonds.
      • Fátima has limes,keys and ribbons.
      • Vitro is constantly shown along (orange) hexagons.
  • As Long as It Sounds Foreign:Many of the made-up terms are a mish-mash of latin,french,greek,spanish and english.
  • Author Avatar:Ubique,Galacta and Vitro,either personality or character arc-wise.A very minor character called Rous is the most straightforward example of them all,who's only meant to make cameos once in a while.
  • Bioluminescence Is Cool:Sweetworldnian blood,soulfowers and soulflower bugs(AKA just another cool name for fireflies).
  • Breakout Character:Ubique,big time.Whoops.
  • Central Theme:
  • Cerebus Rollercoaster: Oh so much.
  • Crapsaccharine World: Sweetworld.
  • Decon-Recon Switch: Of the fantasy/fairytale/girl-saving-a-fantastic-world genre.
  • Dire Beast:Most,if not all sweetworldnian animals,are this.This is why very few people dare to domesticate them.
  • Dysfunction Junction:A great majority of the characters has a deep burden of some sort,and the few ones that don't are either given less focus or even worse.
  • Free-Range Children:
    • Boy and/or fugo-wannabe characters tend to flee their homes more frequently.
    • On the averted side,kid magisen groups go in adventures with the company of an adult–Nanna in Sweetworld, Maize in Surprise.
  • Full-Contact Magic: Magic specifically cast for combat uses more ample and quick movements.
  • Healing Magic Is the Hardest:Zigzagged.Healing magic is the de facto magic,even for non-magisens,but good luck with curing illnesses or repairing missing limbs.
  • I Choose to Stay:
    • Sandra at the very end of Sweetworld.
    • Later joined by her sibling Celo in Surprise!.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: Out of Astriferous' works,this is the one with the largest cast of (named) characters. Fortunately, we have Cast Herds!
  • Loyal Phlebotinum: Played with sweetworldnian blood. Although natives can use their own blood and control it perfectly,it limits itself to the purpose the owner sets the blood magic. A native using another native's blood is near useless. Other species,such as animals and humans can truly unlock their full potential.
  • Magic Wand:More like instruments of varying shapes and sizes,sometimes doubling as tools or weapons,for carrying and canalizing magical blood.
  • Magical Girl Warrior: A great majority of young magisen seen throughout the series are trained to be this.
  • Magical Land: Sweetworld,except that their innate magic is unknown to themselves or if they already know,they will try to conceal the fact that they have it.
  • Maid Corps:Nannas are a sweetworldnian analogous of this,sort of.They serve as nurses,caretakers,and morticians if needed.
  • Meaningful Rename/Shed the Family Name: Sweetworldnians are very prone to put back and forth their surnames when they change families,or even add titles once they take on an important occupation. Their birth names,who are chosen by their first caretakers,cannot ever be changed.However,when they have 2 cycles, they are allowed to take a surname of their own.Their full,legal names,which are a combination of titles,names and surnames they've had,result in Overly Long Names.
  • Multiple Demographic Appeal:Originally it was intended for little girls,but its progressive Darker and Edgier nature expanded its intended demographic age range.
  • Older Alter Ego/Younger Alter Ego:
    • Kristal for Albertina.
    • Paragon Fortuna is an older one for Vitro in Magisen Et Circenses.
    • Dream selves tend to be younger than their real life counterparts.
  • Our Magisen Are Different:Not only for the fact that is Blood Magic what they are using,but it also differs from magisen to magisen,human or otherwise,because of the kind of spells they cast.
    • The main form of magic casting is through sweetworldnian blood and although it’s not viewed as evil,it is frowned upon (at least in Sweetworld and Bitter).There’s also casting from grains and crystals,which are the only remains from a sweetworldnian body,and from the Jewel Guardians for the latter.
  • Our Time Travel Is Different:Whenever it doesn't radically change history,it's the Instantaneous Time Travel variant.
  • Parental Substitute:Nanna is implied to be this for Sandra in between the first and second series.
  • The Place:The title refers to both the planet and the nation.
  • Princesses Rule:Inverted.The monarchs, no matter their gender,are referred as queens,and there are no such thing as princesses.The only subverted actually averted case is Ubique in A Bitter Sweetworld.
  • Rule of Three:Several after the second season of Sweetworld;three human magisen,three Jewel Guardians,three ruling queens,three times Gardenia fought the Sinsiel before being Killed Off for Real,and the list goes on...
  • Scout-Out:There are two opposing groups:the Galette Scouts and the Gateau Scouts.Toni and Aaron,are and were members of the former and the latter,respectively.
  • Ship Tease:Word of God claims that Ubique is the most Ship Teased character in all installments.Mainly,with Ikiri in the original series,with Gardenia in A Bitter Sweetworld,and with Hallaya in Timeline Stitches.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Clara and Diana.
  • Trapped in Another World : The basic premise for the first two series.
  • Transplanted Character Fic:A Bitter Sweetworld is a major offender,but many of the Timeline Stitches stories count as well.
  • Two Aliases, One Character:
    • Vitro has (mainly) took over as Paragon Fortuna and Esilound.
    • Albertina has been using the name Kristal for quite a long time and pretending to be her own (insexistent) sister.
    • Without going into much detail,Ubique Rarem is the Sinsiel.
  • Volcanic Veins : A sweetworldnian's veins can light up,giving this effect.
    • María Belén also has an "exodermic" version of this trope,due to being struck with a magic beam.
  • Wham Episode:
    • Sweetworld,season one:”Por El Bien Común” and ”Kristal Roto”,season two:”Me siento Príncipe Azul”.
    • Surprise!,season one:”Servidumbre” and “Galacta”,season two:”Espectro” and “Pez Que Come a Pez”.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The planet Sweetworld itself. Most of the buildings would actually resemble candy,but only on early ages.At the time of the plot,there would be a "Museum of Antique Architecture",refering to those buildings.
    • Gregor Heralvio would have been a very minor character,only mentioned as the author of a manual Zedellier owned,which would have been deceased at the "present" time.
    • Ubique "Rerum",at early stages of development,was a neutral omnipresent being who could travel through time and space(and change outfits accordingly),alien to both humans and sweetworldnians.
    • Vitro was about to have a relationship with Sydney.This however,is given a nod in Sweetworld Surprise!
    • Kristal also was to have a husband to rule along with.This character was given a cornucopia motif outfit,but he was ultimately scrapped.
    • Celo would have gotten the Sinsiel's blood injected into their veins and adquiring his powers.
    • Linnea used to be called Fernanda.
    • Unlike in canon,Albertina was going to be a separate person from Kristal, and her actual sister.
  • X Meets Y : Officially, "Candy Land meets Madoka Magica."

  • A Day in the Limelight:Of Fallon and Canapé in "Fugo Circense".
  • Arcadia:Back in the Ütettao days,Sweetworld was this.Cycles later,Gardenia tried to bring this back in Tierra de Deseos.
  • Arc Villain:Kristal is one of the first season.
  • Beauty, Brains, and Brawn:Clara is Beauty,Diana is Brains,and Sandra is Brawn.
    • As for the Jewel Guardians:Ikiri is Beauty,Hallaya is Brains and Gardenia is Brawn.
  • Blonde, Brunette, Redhead:Clara,Diana and Sandra; and Hallaya,Gardenia and Ikiri respectively.
  • Body to Jewel: The defining characteristic of the Jewel Guardians' blood is its ability to crystalize.
  • Bullet Holes and Revelations:A magical variation in the finale.Both Kristal and the Sinsiel deliver fatal shots to each other,but only Kristal makes Albertina.
  • Chekhov's Gun:Not for this series,but for others:the Magic Mirror and a chest given to Clara and Diana by Albertina in the finale. The former sparks the plot of Sweetworld Surprise!,while the latter is seen in Batalla De Los Cuatro Elementos,containing a couple of wands with reserve Blood Magic for the girls to use.
  • Chekhov's Gunman:Eleri.
  • Christmas Episode/You Mean "Xmas":"A una Estrella Fugaz" has everything a regular Christmas Episode could have,but turns out that Clara’s dreams were affected by the Sinsiel’s magic.
  • The Corruption:Pizzacatto,of all people,falls victim what seems to be the Sinsiel's magic.
  • Disney Death:Everything in the finale hints that Kristal didn’t actually die,but left her alter ego behind and kept on living again as Albertina.
  • The Dividual:Aaron and Eeron are the syndividual variant.This is eventually deconstructed:Eeron isn’t his real name,and the two are paired together so they can get higher chances at being selected as heirs.In Surprise!,however,is downplayed:they act more like Heterosexual Life-Partners,with their individual character arcs.
  • Eye Scream:The Siniel delivers one to Gardenia.
  • Fisher King:Clearly seen with Kristal,Carmen and Karla,Queens of Tierra Pura,Tierra Perla and Tierra Azul,respectively.
  • The Ghost:Sir Hanseat,until the sequel.
  • Hidden Villain:The Sinsiel,mostly during the first season.
  • Hufflepuff House:Tierra de Deseos,called "the land of unpleasant people" by other regions;and Tierra de Iluminación,due to being almost unpopulated.
  • Interspecies Romance:There's one betweeen Caphese(sweetworldnian) and Nanna(human) in the second season.
  • Let Them Choose:In the climax of the first season,Clara and Diana are forced to choose between Queen Kristal and Nanna.Clara chooses Kristal,while Diana goes with Nanna.
  • Pimped-Out Dress: The girls' gala dresses are the same as their regular magisen outfits,just longer,and,well,fancier.
  • Public Execution: Karla is subject to one of these in the finale,as a punishment for her actions.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni:Clara and Diana,and Aaron and Eeron,respectively. They're even Color-Coded for Your Convenience!
  • Shrouded in Myth:Naturally,many of the characters that lived in the past.
  • Soundtrack Dissonance:What a better way to embellish the part where Kristal and Ubique die at the same time with no other than "Oyasumi" by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!
  • Talking in Your Dreams:Nanna and Caphese discover that they can do this in the second season.
  • Time Crash:The Frozen Day,caused by the Sinsiel's lightning rays.Even if people remember all of it,all progress done in documents and transport is reset back to normal,which makes it impossible to keep record of it.
  • Truce Zone:Fugos get to live in these,as long as they don’t enter other kingdoms.
    Magisen Et Circenses 
    Sweetworld Surprise! 
    Sweetworld Neo 
  • Master-Apprentice Chain:Subverted.When Neo asks Vitro to help him get a hang of his blood magic,only for the latter specifically telling him "not to trust [him],less a guy called Maize Hanseat".And by season two proceeds to (somewhat reclutantly) teach him and some others on how to use magic.
    A Bitter Sweetworld 
    Timeline Sitiches and other stories 
  • Class Clown:Although non appearing in the sweetworldnians-as-humans episode,Victor(AKA Human!Vitro) is this,according to Word of God.
  • Combat Hand Fan:In the RWBY AU,one of Gardenia's weapon forms is this.
  • Cyber Punk Is Techno:Check out for yourself in the Techworld playlist.
  • Hurt/Comfort Fic:The "Timeline Sitches" plot line,the first part at least.It involves Hallaya venting to Ubique about her feeling alone without him.He tries to confort her,while getting on the "hurt" role himself.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content:The author intends to incorporate short stories made by fans.
  • Sequel Episode:A couple of them to Surprise!:
    • Clara and Diana trying to hide all evidence of their stay in Sweetworld.They also stumble into the young ex-magisen.
    • After being insisted plenty of times,Vitro goes to be tutored by Maize. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Sandra getting Celo to adapt to sweetworldnian society.
  • What If?:90% of the episodes run on this.What if…
    • The main one:What if Ubique,after killing Ikiri,travels to the past on a Redemption Quest,but runs into Hallaya,who is about to get murdered?
    • …sweetworldnians are humans?
    • …related to the above;humans are sweetworldnians?
    • Ubique decided not to kill Gardenia,but kept her as a hostage?


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