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Remember that brand of drinks of different fruit flavors?It's back!In a TV series concept form!

Power Punch is a series created by Astriferous around 2007,and the first one to ever exist whithin the CPC Verse.

I’ll write a summary of it,but today is not that day.

Tropes featured in Power Punch:

  • Cover Version:
  • Evil Twin:Marissa is a clone made out of Sofía's genetic material that (usually) works on Abominok's side.She eventually switches sides,though.
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  • Fights Like a Normal:Sofía,since she learned karate in her childhood.
  • Invisible to Normals:Team Power Punch is this when transformed into their superhero suits.
  • Perky Goth:Sofía.She usually wears dark clothing,has her hair dyed in a red ombre and is quite snarky,but that doesn’t make her less amicable or likable by others.
  • Playing with Fire:One of Safre's power upgrades is fire manipulation.
  • The Power of Rock:Safre can use this over her enemies.Avu sometimes joins along.
  • Tagalong Kid:Diego/Goman,later replaced by Luz.
  • Tin Tyrant:Abominok.
  • Token Nonhuman:Both Avu and Luz and eventually Marissa.
  • Two Girls to a Team:Before Luz and Marissa joined Power Punch,Sofía/Safre and Yesenia/Yabbawa were this.

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