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Welcome to the CPC Verse(Named after Chick Pop Canal,my pretend TV channel I made up years ago),where my dumb works are yet to come to fruition!Of course,there will only be tropes in here,but for other stuff,you may wanna check my oc blogs.Or my Charahub.

You'll be wondering,"Hey Astriferous,why are you doing this page?",and the answer is:the works in this verse take place in the same universe,in a same continuity.Well,that doesn't necessarily means all of the works in here will cross over with one another.Just saying.

One last note:If you come across this page,check some of the entries.Reviews are encouraged!

Works included in the CPC Verse are(in chronological event order):

Era 1 (1950-2020?)

Era 2 (2023-2110?)

Without an specific time and/or with its own calendar

Works not included in the CPC Verse,but are worth mentioning:

    CPC Pantheon 
what even is this shit 

And now,for the tropes:


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