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  • Afraid of Needles: According to a crack fic, Satsuki and Nui were this at different points and would cope with the aspect either by running and hiding (Nui) or "opening a can of whupass" (Satsuki). A then one year old Ryuuko was afraid of needles and, currently, she still is.
  • Big, Screwed-Up Family: Averted. The Kiryuuins are generally portrayed as a loving and somewhat well-adjusted if not a tad eccentric family
  • Clean, Pretty Childbirth: Downplayed, as seen in the preview image. A newborn Satsuki is shown to apparently be covered in what is implied to be fluids, along with a bandage where her navel is, showing her umbilical cord to be cut and a newborn Ragyou (shown in an incubator) was apparently cleaned off already.
  • Charlie Brown Baldness: At different points, we this with Ragyou, Satsuki, and Ryuuko as babies.
  • Original Character: Ragyo's parents, Soichiro's parents, and Shinseiji were made specifically for the webcomic/fanfics.
  • Pint-Sized Kid: Generally speaking, the kids look like this only because of the art style. Justified, in that, because of said art style, you could easily tell the kids from adults if they were smaller. The exception to this is with Nozomi, to which the blog mentions her as being petite
  • Tomboyish Name: Ryuuko and Shinseiji's nicknames of "Ryuu" and "Seiji", generally used as male names.
  • Vague Age: The adult characters, in general, have ages that harder to gauge.
    • Seeing that his and Ragyo's parents both have grey hair and the oldest of their children is twelve, a safe bet would be that Soichiro and Ragyo are in their late thirties, if not early forties. However, Soichiro's is more vague, as, according to pic on the official blog, Bunmei was shown to be a decade older than he is when we see him as a baby. Adding to this is Aikuro's age, as, according to the blog, we can guess he's around Soichiro's age, just a bit older.
    • There's also Rei's age. While it's not said, we can guess she is old enough to drink and can be seen doing so.



Satsuki Kiryuuin

The oldest child of the Kiryuuin family

Tropes for Satsuki

  • Affectionate Nickname: "Sachuki", "Sattie", "Sats", or "Satsie"
  • Badass Adorable: An infant Sats.
  • Big Ol' Eyebrows: Oddly, we haven't seen those on her (when she is shown with eyebrows) , besides an instance when she was shown as a baby. From what can be inferred, apparently, that feature is only emphasized when her expression calls for it.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: As a baby she had delivered a major beatdown to Rei because, apparently, the latter didn't give her a sub sandwich.
    Soichirou: Our one-year old daughter is curbstompting our secretary over a sub-sandwich....
  • First Gray Hair: She dyes her patches of grey hair. From the implications, she could be growing grey hair because of stress.
  • Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling: Responsible to Nui and Ryuuko's foolish
  • Ill Girl: Apparently, her poor health is caused by stress and, more often than not, she tends to get sick, like in comic XXXV, when she was taken to the hospital for appendicitis. Recently, she was hospitalized again, with tuberculosis and complications from asthma, requiring her to be put on life support.
  • Meaningful Name: Ragyou notes that she was born in May.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: When she was one, she delivered a brutal one to Rei.
  • Only Sane Man: Of everyone else, she seem to be most rational.
  • Promoted to Parent: With her mother then living at a special care facility and her father working constantly. She does note how difficult this can be, especially with the thought of her sisters being taken away from her.
  • Rapunzel Hair: Due to the art style.
  • Skunk Stripe: She's been shown with streaks of grey in her hair. In a recent pic, its been dyed blue.
  • True Blue Femininity: Her favorite and she is often seen in the color of blue
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: While her relationship with them is rather strained for the most part, she, Nonon, Mako, Ryuuko, and Nui do get along and she does care for them, it's mostly this because the of the fact that latter four are delinquents and she is often frustrated with that.
  • Voice of Reason: Serves as this whenever push comes to shove.


Nui Harime

The middle child of the Kiryuuins

Tropes for Nui

  • Affectionate Nickname: "Noonie" or "Noogie"
  • Artificial Human: True to canon. Justified in that Ragyo's body wasn't really fit for giving birth after she had Satsuki (then two), especially since she's had a few surgeries before then, and, apparently, they would have used a surrogate otherwise, if Soichiro won in rock, paper, scissors
  • Big Brother Bully: When the two were three and two, she used to be like this Ryuuko.
  • Childhood Brain Damage: According to one of the fanfics, she fell on her head when she was one. Satsuki thinks the reason as to why she doesn't take messages well because of that.
  • Child Naming Request: Inverted. It was revealed in Meaningful Name, that a then two-year old Satsuki gave her her name, as "Nui" was one of the things she could say and the fact that Nui responded to it as such.
  • Country Matters: Called Satsuki the "C-word" in French (apparently)
  • Embarrassing Nickname: She hates being called "mac'n cheese".
  • Enfant Terrible: Has already gained so many charges for a first time offender
  • Gratuitous French: According to Aikurou Babysits, she speaks French and is shown arguing with Satsuki in it, despite knowing her sister can understand it.
  • Jerkass/ Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Being the "asshole sibling" who likes to bully Ryuuko, but, however, at the same time, she does care about her, as can be seen in comic 27 when she makes it clear she doesn't want Ryuuko to be sent away to a remedial boarding school.
  • Jerkass Realization: She has this in Meaningful Name when she had found out that Satsuki had given her a name and felt "gross" because she had treated her so badly prior to finding that out.
  • Odd Name Out: Her last "Harime". It is never said why she wanted to go by that.
  • Pink Means Feminine: Her color scheme is pink for the most part.
  • Ping-Pong Naïveté: From Meaningful Name, she seems to lack the comprehension as to why Ragyou is called "Raggie' instead of her name
  • Uterine Replicator: Was mentioned and shown to have been grown in a vat


Ryuuko Kiryuuin

The younger child of Kiryuuin family

Tropes Ryuuko

  • Affectionate Nickname: "Ryuu", "Jugie", "Rodie", "Riley Olivia Matthews", "Repeat Offender", "Bunny-bee", "little lady in red", and "little sister the first"
  • Baby Language: Communicated in this, being two. Her older sisters can understand her, which seems to imply that it depends on context in which it is she might be saying.
  • Brainy Baby: When she was two, she was a little smarter than her older sisters, as well as the fact that she is the one who manages their profits from their Ponzi scheme.
  • Berserk Button: If Aikurou Babysits is to go by, she hates being awakened from her sleep and will do harm to anyone who does so happen to do that, as the titular Aikurou did learn. From an earlier comic, we figure out that she would tolerate Nui's bullying but she won't tolerate her toys being taken from her and, actually, this got Nui threatened with an AK-47.
  • Broken Bird: A bit young for one, however, she seems to have a rather cynical view of the world, especially when it comes to her health having been in and out of the hospital, along with the fact that she was separated from her mother when she was two.
  • Delinquents: Eight-year old Ryuuko, who's apparently gone to jail, then again, considering what had happened since she was two and how she is in canon, this is plausible.
  • Freudian Excuse: The reason as to why an 8-year old Ryuuko is a delinquent seems to stem from maternal deprivation and her anger and upset thereof of something she feels sad about, yet doesn't know what it is, as well as the fact that no one will tell her. Apparently, when her mother reentered her life, she seems to have mellowed out.
  • Girls Love Stuffed Animals: She apparently likes stuffed animals or things of the sort, seeing as she has does have a certain amount of them on her hospital bed, as can be seen here and she does have a lot of them in her room [1]
  • Gamer Chick: Amoridere states she's this due to the fact that she spends most of time in the hospital and was, on numerous occasions, allowed to have game systems in her room as a form of entertainment. She also states that she's rather good at them because being sick in bed gives her more practice.
  • Heavy Sleeper: Apparently, due to frequent illness, she seems to sleep an awful lot. However, as a toddler, she was shown to be napping at different points
  • Hidden Heart of Gold: According to one of the fanfics, underneath the sadness and anger, she is really a "total sweetheart and more of baby".
  • Happy Place: Apparently, her happy place is a bus stop, seeing as, while mortally injured, in The Rain and Sunshine she struggled to get to one.
  • Hidden Heart of Gold: On top, she mostly angry and aggressive, underneath, she is described as a baby.
  • Ill Girl: Becomes one in comic 41, after making a wish, so Satsuki wouldn't be the sick one.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: While she is (or was) a delinquent who tends to give those around her hell, she is shown to care about her sisters and was distraught when she thought she was going to be sent away.
  • Just a Kid: According to Amoridere, one of her many offenses was running an underground casino, something she seemed to do pretty well.
  • Locked into Strangeness: In one of the fanfics, her hair was mentioned to have turned white in the aftermath of her kidnapping and attempted murder. Apparently, it has changed back to its original color.
  • Little Miss Swears-a-Lot: If Breaking and Entering is a clue.
  • Meaningful Name: She was born on the night of a meteor shower and was named "Ryuuko' after that, however, Ragyou noted that "Ryuuko" also means "stray" or "wandering child", the which applies because she behaves akin to stray and, metaphorically, she wanders, as "she's lost her way and yearns to find it again".
  • Pull the I.V.: In Room 002108, she is mentioned to be doing this, her reasons for pulling out IVs is that she feels she is going die and has little else to lose.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Sometimes spelled "Ryuko". As for her nickname, Riley, it is sometimes spelled "Rylie"
  • Tomboyish Name: Not her entire name itself but, rather, her nickname, "Ryuu" is this, as that's a name commonly given to boys.


Ragyo Kiryuuin

The mother and mostly matriarch of the Kiryuuin Family

Tropes for Ragyo:

  • Abusive Parents: Her mother was this to her, but unlike her canon counterpart, Ragyo is very much not one of these to any of her kids.
  • Affectionate Nickname: Ragyo is nicknamed "Raggie" and, as seen when she was in college, "Rags". Mako calls her "Gogo" and, as a child, Sukuyo used to call her "Flower" or "Nightlight"
  • Amicable Exes: With Soichiro, to whom she still loves and currently lives with.
  • Berserk Button: Never bring up her party girl past.
  • Childish Tooth Gap: As a child, she had this and it was pretty prominent.
  • Cigarette of Anxiety: More like Cigarette of Anger, in that Ragyo tends to smoke when she's angry or otherwise in a bad mood
  • Cuddlebug: According to Word of God.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Was hit by a car when she was a child and the best bid to save her life was to perform a forbidden and experimental surgery on her.
  • Death by Childbirth / Law of Inverse Fertility: A Broken Heart, an Untold Story, and a Sister's Regret states that she had almost died giving birth to Satsuki, due to complications. Due to said complications and the resulting surgeries, she initially didn't think she could carry another pregnancy to term, growing Nui in a Uterine Replicator and not believing that she was pregnant with Ryuuko until someone pointed it out as a possibility.
  • Disabled Love Interest: To Soichiro, currently
  • Eyes Always Shut: Being near-blind in the latter half prompts her to keep them closed, until we find out that she's had an eye surgery that is, in which case, afterward, she would be shown with them open.
    • As a baby, she was shown with her eyes closed [2]
  • Eye Pop: According to the deviantArt preview for comic 51 [3].
  • Flower in Her Hair: Ragyo is usually seen with a flower in her hair
  • Former Teen Rebel: Well, not exactly "teen", but Ragyou was a wild girl during her college days.
  • Good Counterpart: To her canon self.
  • Good Parents: By far the biggest divergence from canon. Ragyo is actually a good parent, with none of the abusive and downright creepy things that made the original Ragyo such a monster.
  • Hard-Drinking Party Girl: When she was in college, being known as "Reyka Ragyo". This is also how she had met Soichiro.
  • Hard Head: According to her, being a party girl in the past made her more tolerant to head injuries.
  • Implausible Hair Color: A then six-year old Ragyo's blonde hair. Both her parents have black hair and she has blonde, however, this is a tad excusable in that Amoridere isn't sure what hair color Ragyo would have had as a child, pre-life fibers, and figured it would have been either black (like Ryuuko and Satsuki's) or blonde (like Nui's). Apparently, blonde hair must be a recessive gene that both of her parents have, seeing that only one of her daughters have blond hair (then again, Nui is an artificial human who has some of her mother's genes as a basis) and both of her other daughters have black hair.
  • The Lost Lenore: To Soichiro, however, this is subverted when it was later found out that she had survived and was living away.
  • Multicolored Hair: True to canon.
  • Mama Bear: She will do anything to protect her children, even if it almost costs her life.
  • Nigh-Invulnerability: Played with, while she can and does suffer injuries (mortal ones notwithstanding), she has been known to survive things that otherwise might kill if not render someone a vegetable or horrifically scarred. If you take the assumption that she was infused with life fibers when she was six that she'd also be made of Made of Indestructium.
  • Parents Know Their Children: Comic nine when Ryuuko was almost Switched at Birth, she recognized which baby was hers and which wasn't. Amoridere states that, while having poor vision, she can recognize her children through smell.
  • Pink Is Feminine: Her baby pictures have her inside an incubator with pink decals [4]
  • Put on a Bus: As revealed in comic 29, she was living in a special care facility and did often keep in touch by writing letters
  • Rapunzel Hair: According to the Christmas pic [5]
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: When she is angry or very determined, her eyes turn red
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Sometimes spelled "Ragyou"
  • Surprise Pregnancy: Her pregnancies with Satsuki and Ryuuko were these, as, in the case of the former, she didn't found out that she was carrying until she was showing and, in the case of the former, she wasn't prompted to find out that she was pregnant, until someone pointed her being pregnant with Ryuuko out as a possibility, however, the latter is a bit more explainable, as, considering that she had complications as she was giving birth to her oldest (the which almost killed her) and the resulting surgeries, it's possible that, even after she's completely healed, she didn't think she could get pregnant again, let alone carry another to term.
  • Tomboy Ponytail: When she was in college.
    • Prim and Proper Bun: According to flashbacks. One could say, this is supposed to be mark her as mature.
  • Who Names Their Kid "Dude"?: She seems to have this sentiment towards her name but states "to have had a name is better than to have had none at all."
  • Women Are Wiser: Subverted. Soichiro sees her as this or tends to, however, he is just as a grounded as she is.


Soichiro Kiryuuin

The father and Ragyo's then estranged husband

Tropes for Soichiro

  • Adaptation Dye-Job: Unclear, seeing as, canon-wise, he was usually seen in flashbacks, which are shown in a kind of sepia, so we normally haven't a clue what color his hair was, leading for it be guessed on. Here its shown as being kind of brownish.
  • Ascended Extra: The central focus of the comic was Ragyo and their daughters but he became a main character after comic 25
  • Beware the Nice Ones: He is rather nice and kind, however, when his kids are involved, he'll blow a gasket.
  • Big Brother Bully: He was on the receiving end of three of these. His sister, Michiko couldn't seem to accept the loss of her younger sister and projected the resentment onto him, while his two older brothers, Bunmei and Yoshitoki, the former being the primary aggressor, while the other following suit, would beat him up.
  • Butt-Monkey: Mostly, seeing as some of the more unfortunate things happen to him, like i.e getting a concussion in comic 32 and getting put in the hospital around Christmas time.
  • Divorce Is Temporary: Implied to be the case with him and Ragyo, as she does live at his house.
  • Good Parents: More so than his canon counterpart, as, unlike canon, he didn't have to send Ryuuko away. Adding to this, he does seem to be pretty patient with kids' antics.
  • When You Coming Home, Dad?: He works a lot, although he is available whenever he has time


Mako Mankanshoku

Ryuuko's best friend who tends to live with Kiryuuins

Tropes for Mako

  • Affectionate Nickname: "Ma-koko" or "Coconut Head"
  • Childhood Brain Damage: Implied by this pic
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: True to canon and, according to Amoridere, she was taken to numerous child psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, specialists, doctors, scientists, and, at one point, a veterinarian by complete strangers to sort out her weirdness.
  • Drives Like Crazy: Apparently, her driving to such a degree that she's ended them up in alternate universe, Los Angeles, and once got a pickup truck tangled in wires
  • Bring My Brown Pants: Like vomiting, she does this in response to stress.
  • Convulsive Seizures: She does have one in comic 36
  • Has Two Mommies: Word of God states that Mako likes to think of herself as having two sets of parents, her biological ones, Barazo and Sukuyo, and, the ones she stays with, Soichiro and Ragyou.
  • Informed Poverty: Apparently, seeing as her parents travel around working.
  • Psychic Powers: Her "mind's eye" seems to or is supposed to be a form of these.
  • Stress Vomit: She pukes when she is very nervous, upset, or scared.
  • Stepford Smiler: Apparently, if Room 002108 is to go by, seeing that she's remained optimistic when the thought of her best friend dying should very well be killing her inside. Alternatively, she is cheerful because to face the truth with despair would be, well, unpleasant.
  • The Voiceless: She is usually never seen speaking, however, she does speak in the fanfics and videos (in the latter instance, she's heard offscreen).


Shinseiji Kiryuuin

The very youngest of the Kiryuuin family

Tropes for Shinseiji



Ryuuko's pet

Tropes for Senketsu

  • All Animals Are Dogs: While he is a "something", Aikurou notes that he acts somewhat like one and opts to call him a dog.
  • Call a Rabbit a "Smeerp": Aikurou opts to call him a dog, be him a "weird as hell looking dog".
  • Cartoon Creature: In Aikurou Babysits, he's called a "something" and, while he isn't quite described, it's not clear what he is.
  • Noodle Incident: How did he come to be again? According to Ryuuko, he crawled out of her Dad's lab.
  • Pet Monstrosity: Ryuuko stated he crawled out of her Father's lab and that he shapshifts. Apparently, he's friendly, seeing as he doesn't often bite.




Rei Hōōmaru

Ragyo and Soichiro's secretary who is rarely sober

Tropes for Rei

  • Addled Addict: According to Amoridere, which is part of the reason as to why Ragyo or Soichiro hasn't fired her, as doing so "wouldn't be right" as she needs help. It was mentioned that she is sometimes passed out in her own vomit.
  • Adaptation Dye-Job: Technically, as, canon-wise, her hair is lilac, which is a more like a pink or grey-ish purple, whereas here it is colored lavender. Later, it's shown as being somewhat of a lilac.
  • Affectionate Nickname: She is called Sunnie or Sunnie Rei.
  • Afraid of Doctors: Not a fear per say, rather a distrust of doctors and hospitals for reasons unsaid. A Broken Heart, an Untold Story, and a Sister's Regret gives a hint in that Ragyo had almost died in childbirth because of "ill planning" (i.e, Ragyou was told she was pregnant, yet, she wasn't informed outside of that and neither did she get any follow up checkups).
  • The Alcoholic: This has gotten her into trouble, as she's sent four kids on a beer run. Apparently, she is rarely sober, as she doesn't seem to be sober when she hired as a babysitter. It would seem that she's a deconstruction, seeing as we are shown the harmful consequences of her being one, i.e, she is mentioned to be passed out in her own vomit from time to time.
  • Alcohol-Induced Idiocy: Being rarely sober, she is prone to some hijinks, i.e sending kids on a beer run (subsequently getting herself whacked in the head with a baseball bat) or getting jailed for drunk driving, along with breaking & entering and assault & battery. Apparently, she is a third time offender on two of those accounts .
    • Her hijinks was also why Souichiro was put in the hospital around Christmas.
  • Babysitter from Hell: Her natural idea when she runs out booze was to send the kids on the a beer run. This earns her a whack to the head with baseball bat.
  • Berserk Button: According to Amoridere, never mess with her booze or, in that vein, don't drink the last beer in the fridge, she will raise hell if you do. She also doesn't like being denied any alcohol, as shown in Aikurou Babysits
  • Cucumber Facial: She sleeps in this, except minus the cucumbers. [6]
  • Drinking on Duty: This is implied, although made the more clear when she was allowed to babysit, where she sends the kids on a beer run. Apparently, she was found passed out in her vomit more than once
  • Hidden Depths: Underneath her addiction and thoughtlessness, she is more than just a drunkard. Apparently, she is good with explosives
  • Mad Eye: One of her eyes tend to be more open than the other.
  • Noodle Incident: How she met Ragyo and Souichiro. From what we do know, she's known and had been working for them since before Satsuki was born.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: Mako mentioned in one of the fanfics that she's stopped drinking, which, for a drunkard like her, means something clearly isn't right.
  • Race Lift: Accidental, as Amoridere forgot her canon skin tone when she made the final edits and remembered after she had already posted her debut comic, thus resolving to leave it where it was.
  • Smart Ball: She's noted to be rarely sober, at least not long enough to state something coherently, in one fanfic, taking the time out to point out that Soichiro's stolen cell phone could be tracked in order to find Ryuuko, along with pointing out that Houka knows how to track phones.
  • Secret Keeper: As shown in comic 41
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Apparently, her last name is hard spell and is often misspelled.
  • Unexplained Accent: As we find out in the Baby Sats video, she speaks (or, rather, spoke, as we don't hear this in a prior vid) something a of Southern inflection.
  • Ultimate Job Security: With her drunken antics, one would think either Soichiro or Ragyou would have fired her or, at least, gave her more restrictions, however, with her being an Addled Addict, neither one felt it would be right to do so (as, apparently, she probably won't fare well otherwise).
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Apparently, according to Police Brutality, she is like this with the kids, more specifically Ryuuko.
    Nui: [...]she still cared, even if she does want to kill us sometimes.
  • Wisdom from the Gutter: Despite being a drunkard, she is actually smarter than she seems with wisdom to match, which is proven when she talks Satsuki out of taking revenge using metaphors and comparisons of broken glass and life.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Has lavender hair.


Nonon Jakuzure

Satsuki's best friend and Ryuuko, Nui, and Mako's fellow delinquent

Tropes for Nonon

  • Adaptation Dye-Job: In canon, her hair is shown to be something of light/pastel pink, while, in the comic, her hair is still pink but it teeters on a darker shade of the spectrum, closer to magenta
  • Affectionate Nickname: "Nono" or "Nonie"
  • Animal Motifs: True to canon, she is associated with snakes.
  • Noodle Incident: There are two things that she owes the Kiryuuins for.
  • Parental Neglect: According to Amoridere, Nonon does whatever she wants because her parents are "usually busy with their own affairs" (whatever it so happens to be) to usually pay attention to her, except when she gets put in jail, in which case they bail her out.
    • This was confirmed in Breaking and Entering, when Nui said, "....they're alcoholics, too busy with whatever the hell, and they don't care!"
  • Just a Kid: It was revealed, in Police Brutality, that she somehow has access to roofies. It should be noted that she is 12 years old.
  • Running Gag: "Nonon, you should probably go home before your mom shoots you."
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Satsuki


Shiro Iori

The nephew of Soroi and a frequent visitor of the Kiryuuin household

Tropes for Shiro


Houka Inumuta

Satsuki and Nui's nerdy friend

Tropes for Houka

  • Chronic Pet Killer: Apparently, it was mentioned that he only names his dogs numbers because his dogs kept dying due to Ragyo running them over with her car. However, it was also said, that his dogs wouldn't have been run over had he put them in the backyard like he was told to in the first place.
  • The Cracker: He does have hacker skills and will put them to use whenever it needs to be applied
  • Insult of Endearment: Unclear, if Nui intended "Poindexter" as this or Affectionate Nickname
  • Nerd: He's described as one
  • Noodle Incident: It was mentioned that he framed his dad, the reasons as to why and for what are not known, although Ryuuko did remark, in parentheses, that was "low even for him".
  • Unusual Ears: Subverted, actually, those are hair tufts. Like his mother, he has dog-like ears as can be seen here.


Uzu Sanageyama

Satsuki's friend who is mostly seen wearing boxing gloves

Tropes For Uzu


Ira Gamagoori

Satsuki's other friend. He doesn't appear as often

Tropes for Gamagoori

  • Dark-Skinned Blonde: True to canon
  • Drives Like Crazy: True to canon with the "spinning is driving" thing
  • Last-Name Basis: In the comic or out, he's usually referred to as "Gamagoori", never Ira, then again, his last name is easier to remember
  • Race Lift: Averted, as he still has a darker complexion like his canon counterpart.

     The Mankanshokus 

Sukuyo and Barazo Mankanshoku

Mako's traveling parents

Tropes for the Mankanshokus

  • Affectionate Nickname: Sukuyo was called "Turtle" as a child.
  • Childhood Friends: According to Amoridere, Sukuyo and Ragyo are these, having met after Kuroki divorced Youko and moved to a new place with Ragyo. Apparently, she was Ragyo's only friend in childhood, as the other girls tended to pick on her.
  • Childish Tooth Gap: Even more so than Ragyo (as can be seen by the blog's icon)
  • Good Parents: This is the reason they travel around a lot
  • Happily Married
  • Noodle Incident: They, along with Soichiro and Ragyo, were involved in the "absinthe incident", the details of which they all agreed to take to the grave.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Sukuyo is mostly known as "Turtle" and not even her parents call her by her given name.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: True to canon, Mako takes after Sukuyo
  • The Ghost: Whenever they appear, they are mostly mentioned, very seldom shown (except in photographs).


"Schoolteacher" Aikurou Mikisugi

A friend of the Kiryuuins and a schoolteacher. Apparently, he is Souichiro's cousin but no one is sure which side of the family he comes from

Tropes for Aikurou


     Ragyo's parents 

Kuroki "Harold" and Youko "Meinu" Matoi

Ragyo's divorced parents

Tropes for Ragyo's Parents

  • Abusive Parents: Youko and she is none too pleasant, actually, she even stated she wished she never had Ragyo and even forgets her birthday, citing it as the day where her life was ruined. Kuroki, however, loved her, as can be seen when he takes full custody of her after she was hit by car, something that he blames on his wife's negligence.
  • Adult Fear: Having your child being struck by a car and subsequently being mortally injured on her birthday is this for Kuroki.
  • Evil Matriarch: Again, Youko, when she hires someone to kidnap Ryuuko
  • Expy: Amoridere states that, to some degree, she based them sort of off of a canonical Soichiro and Ragyou, along with the fact that Kuroki left his wife for fairly similar reasons. Although, in the case of Meinu, this is minus that abuse part.
  • Financial Abuse: Apparently, Youko had been doing this to Ragyo, as, when the latter stops giving her money, she resolves to get it by hiring someone to kidnap one of the kids.
  • Good Parents: Kuroki
  • Jealous Parent: Youko is the Selfish type and she is clearly not the mothering sort, being the sort to mostly sit in front of the TV and smoke cigarettes, explicitly stating that she should have thrown her away and is quick to call her ungrateful.
    Ragyo: [...] she was pretty much negligent and would much rather be watching TV and smoking than looking after her daughter. She was basically the kind of mom, a normal kid would probably say a big "Fuck you!" to or, to be more tame, wouldn't call her "Mom" or "Mama", which is obvious, as she got annoyed at me calling her just that.
  • Karmic Death: Not too long after she arranged for Ryuuko to be kidnapped, the which could have gotten her grandchild killed, she dies, apparently, of natural causes.
  • Killed Off for Real: Youko and she will not be missed.

     Soichiro's Parents 

Gin and Nozomi Kiryuuin

Soichiro's parents, who are still married

Tropes for Soichiro's parents

  • Adult Fear: According to the official tumblr page, they once had, not counting Aikurou, four children prior to Soichiro, however, they lost one, a daughter named Meika, to drowning, while Nozomi was pregnant with Soichiro.
  • Affectionate Nickname: Nozumi is known as "Pixie"
  • Hot Skitty-on-Wailord Action: If one hasn't noticed, according to a few of photos, Gin is considerably taller than his wife Nozomi, who, be as noted below, is petite, with her oldest son coming up to her height when he was probably about ten or eleven. Clearly, with that great a height difference, one would have to wonder as to how they managed to....
  • Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: In visual comparison, as Soichiro's father, we could assume, is about normal height, while his wife, Souichiro's mom, is petite
  • I Want Grandkids: Implied. Nozomi, considering that she laments the fact that her older two sons have yet to "meet someone nice and settle down."
  • Miniature Senior Citizen: Nozomi in this pic doesn't look like she could be any taller than Shiro, actually his head comes up to about hers. According to the Kiryuuin family picture [7], she's actually petite, as her oldest son is about her height.
  • No Name Given: Their names were not yet revealed, until the description of this pic [8], which states their names were Gin and Nozomi
  • Strong Family Resemblance: Soichiro inherited his father's hair and his mother's hair color, as seen in a photograph of them when they were young
  • White-Dwarf Starlet: Subverted. Nozomi used to be an actress but she quit and opted to pursue her husband Gin and settle down. She's relatively content with the idea, having grown bored of being an actress before that.


Mitsuzō Soroi

The Kiryuuins' butler

Tropes for Soroii

  • Last-Name Basis: Typically
  • The Ghost: Aside from a photograph, he is usually mentioned. So far, he's appeared in one fanfic.

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