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Some of the notable characters from Draw Your Own Story. For a more complete (and much more detailed) list, see its own wiki.

Needless to say, spoilers abound.

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An adventurer/soldier of misfortune in his early appearances. In DYOS 10 onward, he became the leader of La Résistance after the Eastern Union invaded Canada; when this stalled, he went back to thrill-seeking.
  • Canada, Eh?: He'll occasionally play to stereotypes for humour. Other times he'll engage in in-jokes suited to a local audience.
  • Your Terrorists Are Our Freedom Fighters: Coruscant is initially skeptical of the Union's invasion of Canada, but after Captain2 joins the Space Nazis in DYOS 10.5, New Port pledges unconditional support to the occupation.


Brother of fellow occasional contributor kill fire. Maintains a spontaneous and light-hearted tone to his comics, and manages to stay sort of relevant to the main story even during long bouts of inactivity. He was zombified in DYOS 10 and is currently the front-runner in the search for Toyoda in DYOS 10.5.


The creator of Draw Your Own Story. He was very active in the early years and has returned again; although like many others recently, new additions have been infrequent.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: In DYOS 10, CivCube's evil avatar killed him off and has remained his main character since.note  May represent a shift to Villain Protagonist.


A veteran of the series, he has participated in every installment since the beginning. By tradition he is the leader of the Republic of Coruscant (drawn heavily from, but not a total parallel to the Galactic Republic/Empire), at least in a military role. In DYOS 11 he seeks to resurrect his bounty hunter image prevalent in older stories. In contrast to other contributors, CivGeneral tends toward Darker and Edgier comics as he claims he Cannot Tell a Joke.


A participant from the early years. While still active on the forums, he hasn't contributed since DYOS 5. Even so, he carries considerable star power, and is still referenced in new installments. Curt is in real life the creator of the independent comic series King Evil and Total Fear.


Hobby cartoonist with an Anime-esque art style. Unlike most other contributors, DaemonDD wasn't familiar on the forums before joining DYOS.
  • Self-Insert Fic: One of the few exceptions; perhaps the only contributor who hasn't even featured himself in a non-canon comic.


A contributor with an understandably British sense of humour. Most of his comics derive from Nickelodeon cartoons (The Fairly OddParents! and SpongeBob SquarePants especially) and World War II paraphernalia.
  • Anyone Can Die: Brutally and unapologetically. Supporting characters have been bumped off with little-to-no warning, and even Spongebob and Sandy bit the bullet (although they both earned a reprieve later).
  • War Is Hell: Despite the primarily comedic tone of his work, the few times he addresses the dark underbelly of conflict are arresting. Especially noteworthy is the fight for London late in DYOS 11.


A fairly recent contributor notable as one of the few who consistently hand-draws the story. He's a sort of roving vigilante, traveling with a giant walking milkshake and an assassin called Valerie.
  • Action Hero: Leaping out of an airplane to attack a fighter jet and beating down a roving pack of Nazis in the Ethiopian highlands is a normal day for him.
  • The Apprentice: Formerly mentored by big bad dictator Bowie. It didn't end well.
  • Chaotic Good: "Have you stopped to consider the legal ramifications? ... Of course not."
  • Everything's Better with Samurai: the Powered Armor resembles Samurai armor.
  • The Hero: Well, not 'the' hero. But Gruekiller certainly meets a lot of the criteria.


One-shot contributor to DYOS 10. His account was later hijacked by a "friend", who posted a couple of comics before the moderators banned him.

Kan' Sharuminar

Another veteran and hobby cartoonist. While he tries to remain active in new stories, he tends to drop out if the plot becomes overly convoluted. Even so, he carries a similar reputation as CurtSibling.
  • Back from the Dead
  • Brave Scot: Subverted not in that he isn't brave, but that he's not in-your-face about it.
  • Scars Are Forever: An abrupt comic by Nuclear Kid had Kan' taken hostage and his left leg amputated. While he admitted to sometimes forgetting which leg he'd lost, in all future stories Kan' depicted himself with a peg leg.note 


A frequent contributor in later threads and the initial Big Bad of DYOS 10, although he's only been seen once since. He proposed the DYOS Consul and its prototype ruleset.
  • Lost Episode: Virtually all his comics in DYOS 10 were lost when the CivFanatics database was hacked. Especially devastating considering they were regarded to be some of the funniest.

lord_joakim (a.k.a. Angst)

He kicked off the Gem storyline in mid-DYOS 10; while he hasn't been as involved in its development in subsequent threads owing to Continuity Snarl between threads 10.5 and 11, his character remains one of the driving forces of the plot.
  • Genre Shift: Most notable example. His early comics were comedic shorts; when he got involved in the Gem arc, he took on a much darker tone and the trappings of a psychological thriller. After flirting with the funny pages again, he's settled on existential black comedy.
  • Mysterious Past: in the Gem storyline.
  • Person of Mass Destruction: hinted at.


Sporadic contributor since DYOS 6. Following DYOS 10, he suggested he would not contribute to future instalments and donated his character to the public domain, although he has recently voiced interest in returning to the fold.


Another DYOS 1 veteran, although even at the best of times his comics rarely follow the immediate story.
  • Affectionate Parody: His involvement in recent threads is often a lighthearted play on other contributors taking themselves too seriously.
  • Non Sequitur: 9 times out of 10, it's Perfection.


Brother of Stylesrj. When they first joined in DYOS 5, they took turns writing what was essentially the same comic. While they continue to share characters, over time they came to develop divergent styles. Stylesjl's comics are primarily dialogue-driven shorts that often include references to current events.


Brother of Stylesjl. When they first joined in DYOS 5, they took turns writing what was essentially the same comic. While they continue to share characters, over time they came to develop divergent styles. Stylesrj's comics carry a campy action feel and elements of a sitcom.


Fairly regular contributor with a penchant for historical humour. In his early days of DYOS 5-6, he was a corrupt communist dictator. Now he's a wandering adventurer, his powergamey past incarnated in the character Rocket.

Taniciusfox (a.k.a. SonicTH)

A newer contributor active midway through DYOS XI, self-professed homosexual, furry, and Sonic the Hedgehog fan, all of which he plays for laughs.

Thorvald of Lym

The overall manager, or "consul" of the comic from DYOS 10 onward. He first emerged in DYOS 6 as king of a fictional Scandinavian country seemingly caught in a time warp; fairly shortly afterwards he led a coup in Russia to found the Soviet-esque Eastern Union, which he has preferred to use in subsequent instalments.
  • Canon Welding: Many of the characters introduced after he started drawing herald from an unpublished personal project, and Toyoda's inclusion in particular has led to extensive revision of DYOS history.
  • The Lancer to CivGeneral.
  • Literal Split Personality: In DYOS X, he explains his avatars as each embodying a different aspect of his soul; unlike the other heroes, he defeats them by assimilating them back into himself.
  • Permanent Elected Official as head of the Eastern Union. It's actually unclear how he got into power the first time, although he did run an election campaign in DYOS 8. His official title is "Supreme Prime Minister for Life"; everyone knows he's a dictator, but he's kept a positive spin on it.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: As King of Lym in DYOS 6, he led the expedition to recover the Fridge of the Mods, tried to conquer Scotland, fought alongside the Republic of Coruscant at Pripyat, and sparked a Ukrainian invasion of Russia.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Olive oil, introduced as a gag in DYOS 6.
  • Tuckerization: At least two of his characters are named after people he knows, although he insists their personalities are completely unrelated.


     Other characters 

The Clone Guild

A loose collection of villains introduced by e350tb in DYOS 10.5 known for using cloning technology, hence the name.
  • Faux Affably Evil: Colonel Sykes... until things fail to go according to plan.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Two female clone soldiers, Fifteen and Seventeen, defect to the heroes after growing fed up with the Hacker in DYOS 11.
  • Laughably Evil: General Valorum seemed to be heading in this direction when he was first introduced, until taillesskangaru started putting him in his stories.


DaemonDD' s main character, an "Essential Being" whose ultimate aim is to rebuild the universe in his image. Despite the name, he shouldn't be confused with the Biblical Satan, who has appeared as a character in his own right.

Manfred Hickten

Der Führer of the Space Nazis and an old foe from CivGeneral's past. He personally leads the invasion into Earth in DYOS 10.5.
  • Revenge Before Reason: Discussed by both sides. Hickten's stubborn idealism leads to poor strategy that is costing him the war.

Mariko Antilles

The Opposite-Sex Clone of CivGeneral. Originally intended as a backup for CivGeneral to transfer his soul into. Awakened by Mara Jade in DYOS 11, she seeks to resurrect the Galactic Empire and kill CG.

Mr. Toyoda

An enigmatic Japanese businessman introduced in DYOS 10. Surprisingly little is known about him by the main characters, but he seems tied up in some grand conspiracy regarding the Gem.
  • Been There, Shaped History: choxorn's sleuthing links a handful of military bases built by him to major events in DYOS (specifically, Quiet October and the War of the Steppes in DYOS 6), although whether he was personally involved isn't made clear.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Toyoda first appeared early-ish in DYOS 10, completely silhouetted; he was not named until half a year later, not identified for longer still, and even now is important for reasons not yet known.
  • Perpetual Smiler: Some exceptions, but few and far between.
  • Shrouded in Myth: One half hates him. One half loves him. The protagonists still can't figure out exactly who he is even after meeting face-to-face, and the people who do know skirt the question at every opportunity.

Pul Wat Aa, The Great Hacker

Chief villain of DYOS 11, at least at the outset, controversial for remaining the focus of the main story despite rapid onset of Villain Decay. Initially believed to be a Chaotic Evil marauder, the character pursued by the heroes is revealed to be a decoy as the true Hacker toils to create his own universe.
  • Affably Evil: As demonstrated by his interactions with the Narratorspace Gang, at least until Haruhi's antics collided with the canon.
  • Depending on the Writer: Perhaps more so than any villain previous. e350tb's original Sequel Hook portrayed him as a ruthless strategist about to launch a concerted assault. CivCube showed him as pitiless, but also playful. The Styles brothers loaded him with interpersonal relationships such that he almost came across as a Punch-Clock Villain. In short, every contributor had a different take... CivGeneral's, despite being the most prevalent, was arguably the least interesting.
  • In the Hood: Kinda lost its impact when his face was shown.
  • Reality Warper
  • Self-Duplication: Employed as a diversion tactic when the heroes corner him on Wetickra. Hacker Prime reveals that previous encounters throughout the story were similarly android doubles.
  • Trick Boss: Played completely straight with the introduction of Hacker Prime. As very few contributors were aware the plot twist was in the works, CivGeneral's surprise was all too genuine.
  • Übermensch: In his villainous monologue to CivGeneral, Hacker Prime lambastes a world that has enslaved itself to technology, boasting that in realizing and harnessing its "true" potential, he became a literal God from the machine. Now he seeks to exercise that boundless creativity by building his own reality.
  • Villain Decay: At the start of the story his actions were dangerously unpredictable; he'd commit random assassinations and in one instance obliterated downtown Sydney, Australia. Over time inaction on his part and the heroes' victories diminished his perceived threat. Barely halfway through the story he lost the villainous spotlight to Wesker, and his beatdown by Marsha Conrad pretty much shattered any remaining air of menace.
  • You Can't Thwart Stage One: Despite the heroes ransacking his Wetickra headquarters, Hacker Prime reveals his true goal has just been achieved, and escapes to Xen.

Randy Johnson

The nefarious deputy director of the CIA. In DYOS 10.5, Johnson uses the agency to advance his personal politics and private vendetta against Toyoda.
  • Knight Templar: Johnson is convinced anyone who opposes Coruscant retreating into isolation is a threat to the nation and must be neutralized.
  • My Country, Right or Wrong.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Johnson leaves an autographed dagger embedded in the headboard above the corpse of his boss.


Taillesskangaru's alter ego (he's depicted as a rocket, based on the poster's old avatar). He is cold, manipulating and revels in chaos.

Dr. Wallace Breen

Dr. Breen was pulled straight from Half-Life 2 as the leader of the Combine Empire. In DYOS 10, he emerges shortly before General Grievousnote  is killed to supplant kulade as the Big Bad. Breen becomes the president of the Enclave in DYOS 10.5, only to face a string of successive defeats that lead to his capture.


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