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  • Abuela: Abuela is constantly telling her grandkids to eat food more because they're "too skinny", but she also complains that they'll get fat if they eat too much.
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd:
    • On his Super Mecha Death Christ: "FUCKEEEERRRSS!!! FUCKEEERRRSSS!!!" When the Nerd utters the words "Holy shit," SMDC turns on him with "WATCH YOUR FUCKING LANGUAGE!!!" Then again, he may have been taking offense to blasphemy rather than vulgarity.
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    • In his reviews of the Friday the 13th films, he comments on Corey Feldman's introduction with "Who wears a costume to play video games?" Cut to a clip from his review of Batman games dressed as Batman.
    • While giving a tour of his game collection, he's outraged at the condition of some of the used games he's picked up, saying that he always takes care of his games. Cut to him drilling a hole through one in the Dick Tracy review.
    • In his The Wizard of Oz game review, the Nerd kind of freaks out when the cowardly lion swears, even though swearing is something the Nerd is a natural at doing.
    • The Angry Video Game Nerd's reason for not using Game Genie on Castlevania III:
      AVGN: ...because I'm going to do this legit. Now where's that extra lives code? [pulls out Nintendo Power's Top Secret Player's Guide]
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    • In his Wally Bear and the No! Gang review, he says "let's say 'no' to drugs" directly before drinking beer.
    • When he's playing the video game adaptation of Alien³ to promote his Monster Madness special:
      AVGN: The game was nothing more than an advertisement for the movie! And how shameless is that to do something to promote something else?! [under his breath] Monster Madness.
    • In his review of the Aladdin Deck Enhancer, when the Nerd sees The Gaming Historian's review of the same product, he sees that Norman Caruso has a second Aladdin in the background. He then asks, "Who would own multiple copies of something that shitty?" as he is sitting next to numerous copies of ET The Extraterrestrial for the Atari 2600.
  • Atop the Fourth Wall: During a crossover review of Pokémon 3, Linkara's introduced complaining about film noir monologing. By doing a film noir monologue.
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  • Bum Reviews: Chester A. Bum proved that he would never let out the F-bombs or S-smokes and that he was a Mormon in his AVGN vs NC review. Starting from his Iron Man 2 review, however...
  • CinemaSins:
    • During "Everything Wrong With Battleship in Six Minutes or Less":
      "This movie censors the word [BLEEP], I mean who does that?"
    • During "Everything Wrong With Pitch Perfect", Jeremy calls out Beca for being creative using other people's work and says that nobody else would ever do such a thing. Little CinemaSins logos pop up on the screen to illustrate this trope.
  • Console Wars:
    • In the Chester Cheetah: Too Cool to Fool episode, Chester Cheetah considers remaking the titular video game for modern game consoles. Pat and Dan find this a terrible idea, and tell Chester that people don't buy video game remakes, but then they look for their copy of the Resident Evil 2 remake under their collection of video game remakes.
    • In the Earthworm Jim 2 episode, Pat complains about the lack of backgrounds in certain levels of the Genesis version of the game. After this, Earthworm Jim says, "Jeez, how hard is it to put in a simple background?" over a black screen.
  • Danny Gonzalez: One verse from "Yummy" laments the fact that the Paparazzi treat him like a "piece of meat" the middle of a song literally referring to a girl as a tasty snack he'd like to eat.
  • Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog: Dr. Horrible does this in Sarcasm Mode (used as an example on the trope's page): "Wow. Sarcasm. That's original!" He seems to figure it out a second later, judging by the pause and the look on his face after.
  • Echo Chamber uses this frequently.
  • In an episode of Epic Meal Time, Harley calls the audience perverts for wanting to watch a little girl eat the Massive Meat Log—then the reverse angle shows him and all of his friends doing the exact same thing.
  • The Gaming Pixie wraps up her (already Fanservice-y) Metroid review by ranting on the best ending's "gratuitous fanservice" for putting Samus in a bikini. Guess what she ends up wearing?
  • The Guild has a more subtle example. Bladezz's sister asks if any of his internet friends are pervs, and Zaboo, who takes Stalker with a Crush to it's creepiest/most hilarious extreme, immediately replies "No, no one's a perv." with a completely straight face.
  • Hitler Rants: This Downfall parody on Youtube has Hitler ranting about how unoriginal it is to make Downfall parodies.
  • In episode 6 of The Joker Blogs, Scarecrow and Joker sit next to each other in the Arkham cafeteria for a while before a ticked-off Joker orders "Mr. Potato Head" to leave.
    Joker: [muttering after him] Freak.
  • In Do You Have a Short Attention Span? by Matt Santoro, Matt criticizes Amazon's decision to abridge their 80,000-word books to 10,000 words. He says, "And what about the Harry Potter series? They would have to fly Harry from his house on Privet Drive straight to the Battle of Hogwarts with no knowledge of the Horcrux or how to defeat Lord Voldemort!" Then, his nerdy clone Eugene comes in, and says, "Oh god, Matt, you are truly a nerd."
  • Mr Deity: "Who uses "an" with a H-word? That's an horrendous idea."
  • The Nostalgia Chick does this quite a lot, as being a hypocrite who is not actually as smart or as above it all as she likes to believe is at the root of her character. For example, while reviewing She-Ra: Princess of Power:
  • Forms the basis of a lot of the humor in Pete the Puppet.
  • In the Pittsburgh Dad episode "Little League":
    Pittsburgh Dad: Hey Simmons, quit that trash-talkin'. I remember when we were in high school, you struck out in kickball. Loser!
  • In Rosy The Rascal 15's Randomness 5 video, in the first sketch, Lt. Jerry rules out Taco Bell being the cause of Shadow and Cream's deaths, referring to those at Taco Bell as "damn Mexicans". Jerry himself happens to be Mexican.
  • ScrewAttack:
    • The Top 10 Zombie Games video has Craig complaining about a continuity error, Then the next game on the list is ranked upside down # 3 with a # 1 voiceover.
    • Craig put Stryker on the Top 10 Worst Mortal Kombat Characters list, with one of the reasons being that anyone who wears a backwards cap looks stupid.
  • The Spoony Experiment:
    • Noah insults the people who cried at Aerith's death in Final Fantasy VII, and we cut to him weeping at the opera scene from Final Fantasy VI.
    • Dr. Insano also complains about the protagonist of The Dungeonmaster using his computer to fire lasers, saying how ridiculous it would be for him to just start shooting lightning out of his hands shouting SCIENCE!. Yeah, about that...
    • In one of Spoony's Vlogs, he claims that Portal references are played out only to make one in his very next video. He gave a Hypocrisy Nod in the latter's commentary, though.
  • In Suburban Knights, the Big Bad is completely against technology. Saying you are okay with the 21st century in front of his face is generally a good way to die. However, he does own a smartphone. He specifically states that at least he isn't a hypocrite, and it immediately becomes clear that he doesn't actually know what the word means.
  • Todd in the Shadows:
    • Todd on Lady Gaga: "What kind of person makes some creepy weird video of themselves where you can't see their eyes? That's just crazy!" (Hiding his face is Todd's gimmick.)
    • Todd has been stalking Obscurus Lupa, despite her continued (and vocal) objections. However, his response to The Nostalgia Chick repeatedly asking him for a date?
      Todd: Some people just can't take a Goddamn hint!
    • In his appearance on Atop the Fourth Wall to discuss KISS, he mocks Linkara for being a nerd and laughs at the idea of reviewing a comic book, yet compares the politics of Chumbawumba to V for Vendetta, and specifies that it's the comic book rather than the movie.
    • When he sees a picture of Justin Bieber in a grey hoodie, he screams "You look like a loser!"
  • In You're a wizard, Harry we get the following exchange:
    Harry: Listen here, Hagrid, you fat oaf. I'm not a fucking wizard.
    Hagrid: For God's sake Harry what is with this language!? You're a FUCKING WIZARD!
Their language only gets worse from this point on.
  • Orange Is the New Black uses this a fair amount.
    • Two examples from the episode "The Chickening":
      Red: Black girls hear about a chicken, of course this will happen.
      Chapman: Why? Because all black people love chicken?
      Red: Don't be racist! Because they're all on heroin. Somebody's been telling them there's heroin in the chicken.
    • Later, from that same exchange:
      Red: Those Spanish probably won't even eat [the chicken], just cut her throat and drink her blood, or something else superstitious. All I wanted was to eat the chicken that is smarter than other chickens and to absorb its power. And make a nice Kiev.
  • This Jacksfilms video, titled "A Message To All YouTubers".
  • In the first episode of Famicom Dojo, Sean says that turning on The Famicom exposes orange paint behind the switch. He questions who would say that seven episodes later.
  • The Music Video Show: In episode 21: "This part of the video uses split screen? Yeah, how original." Said when the video is using, and uses, split screen images.
  • The Third Rate Gamer uses this a lot.
    • From his Home Improvement review:
      Third Rate Gamer: Why the fuck would something start with an intro? This intro is just horrible!
      [cuts to his intro]
    • In his The Lion King review, he criticizes The Angry Video Game Nerd, saying all he talks about is shitting on things. Directly after that:
      Third Rate Gamer: Anyway, Mufasanote  has three forms of attack. He can claw at the enemies, jump on the enemies, and shit on the enemies. [feces land on in-game enemies]
    • In his Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers review, upon encountering his "evil" self:
      Third Rate Gamer: And what's up with that fake mustache? It looks ridiculous!
    • In his Cool Spot review:
      On-screen text: FIND CAGE!
      Third Rate Gamer: "Find cage"? Shouldn't this say "find the cage"? This is some of the most worstest, most stupidest piece of not-good grammars I ever saw!
  • In the Jill Valentine episode of Assist Me, Max (who is noted to not be the best actor), Wesker (who barely resembles his character), and Doctor Doom (whose voice alone chews on scenery like hungry piranha) remember not-too-fondly about the first Resident Evil.
    Wesker: Besides, could you imagine if Jill was represented the way she was in the original Resident Evil games? With those terrible look-a-like performers...
    Max: ...horrible actors...
    [all slowly turn to the camera]
  • Discussed in the "CarDunkEn" episode of Achievement Hunter's Let's Play Grand Theft Auto V when Geoff, the leader of the group and a guy who really hates his Let's Plays going Off the Rails, accidentally fires a Rocket at Jack's Cargobob, damaging it but not destroying it. As they calm down, Gavin mentions that he likes how Geoff gets angry when people mess around and then he pulls stunts like that.
  • During Sips' Trouble in Terrorist Town series, Turpster commits RDM on a frequent basis, breaking the rules and eventually pressing Lewis Brindley's Berserk Button (video here, causing him to vow to kill Turps in the next round, irrespective of either's allegiance. After he makes good on his threat and it turns out Turps was innocent, people understandably try to take him down. In the ensuing bloodbath, Lewis guns down Sips in self-defence, then fires on Trott unprovoked and kills him too before finally being taken down. Turps calls him out on this, and the Hypocritical Humour is lampshaded when Smiffy calls it "the worst case of RDM I have ever seen".
    Sips: Lewis has been more effective than all the traitors combined this round.
  • In yet another case committed by Lewis Brindley, he calls Smiffy out during the first episode of the second Yogscast TTT playthrough, accusing him and Simon Lane of manipulating him since they were both traitors and Simon chose to help Lewis to earn his trust. In that same round, Lewis had inadvertently been ghosting note  himself, calling out Simon as his killer mere seconds after dying.
  • In another case at the hands of the Yogscast, Sjin accuses the traitors of being "RDM Motherfuckers". Sjin was the only person that committed RDM that round, specifically against Lewis (for once on the receiving end). Lewis promptly calls him out and Sips starts mock-whining.
  • In this episode of Trouble in Terrorist Town on Sips' channel, Hannah Rutherford shouts at Duncan Jones to find better cover, since Lewis can still see Duncan, has a sniper rifle, and is taking pot shots at his head (the only part exposed). She then forgets to heed her own advice and stands in an equally bad hiding spot, where Lewis picks her off.
  • In a Let's Watch of Evan Bernardi's Easter Egg - Snow on Mt. Silver by Bad Creepypasta, Toby made a crack about Blake's messy hair only for Jacob to call him out and mentioning that his hair wasn't any better. Jacob then posted a picture of Toby's hair before his haircut.
  • Sonictoast:
    • In the Sonic Easter Egg Hunt "Disney in Sonic Comics" episode, Mickey Mouse sends Sonic to court for unauthorized cameos of Disney's intellectual properties in his Archie comics. Mario is the judge, and despite all the evidence, he finds Sonic innocent, claiming that, "Mickey Mouse is just a spoiled corporate mascot, and that's not all; he wears stupid-a buttons on his pants, he wears-a White Gloves for no reason at all, his shoes are just big and round don't even have-a shoelaces, and his voice is-a way too high!". Mario himself has all these same described qualities.
    • In Part one of "Sherlock Mario", when Mario and Sonic become detectives to solve the case of the stolen calendars, Link and Fox McCloud want to join them on their adventure. Mario and Sonic refuse, as the former claims he doesn't hang out with tall people who wear green, and the latter claims he wouldn't be caught dead with a talking fox. Guess who their respective sidekicks are.
  • The California Games episode of JonTron starts with him lamenting that he hasn't lost his winter weight for summer and asks Jaques how he can get in shape.
    Jacques: Stop inventing and eating things like cheesecake pizza.
    Jon: Oh, that was in the past, Jacques. Cheesecake pizza's in the past! I suppose I should bring up your shortcomings as well. [proceeds to eat a piece of cheesecake with a pizza slice on top]
    Jacques: You're a regular Lucille Ball.
  • For April Fools' Day, MaverickHunterZero75 did a fake countdown video for Top Ten Worst Video Games of All Time. In it, the entry for Solbrain: Knight of Darkness, a game criticized for stealing content from other games, is itself taken from one of RabbidLuigi's countdowns.
  • The Happy Video Game Nerd: At the end of his Metal Storm review:
    HVGN: Remember, there are way too many great video games out there to be so fucking angry all the time...
    [picks up the controller]
  • From "Desperate Cheeto" by Randy Rainbow:
    Randy Rainbow: Every time you give a ***ing speech, the censors have to bleep-o
  • Roller Samurai Vampire Slayers:
    • If Samantha gives an As You Know, its fine. If Jake does it, he's a fucking idiot.
    • In his Dark and Troubled Past, Jake killed the vampire slayer that saved him from the vampire that sired him because he himself was a vampire that infiltrated the Roller Samurai Vampire Slayers and dishonoring their name... and then infiltrated the Roller Samurai Vampire Slayers himself.
  • In the Hardly Working episode "Wacky Hijinks from 80s Comedies Are Mostly Rape", Pat reprimands his coworkers Trapp and Zac for coming up with pranks to pull on Emily and Murph that qualify as sex crimes and thinking that it's okay to do these things just because they happened in comedy films from the 1980's. After the trio agree to instead pull pranks inspired by ones from more recent and socially conscious movies, Pat then decides that they'll get back at Emily and Murph by tricking them into eating eclairs made with dog semen like in Van Wilder even though that kind of prank also involves doing inappropriate things to people.
  • Invoked in the Dead Meat kill count for Saw VI, bringing up the scene where Jigsaw admonishes Hoffman for dropping an unconcious future victim like a pile of bricks. The reason said victim was being lugged around was so he could be put in a trap that would slowly and painfully twist his limbs around until it kills him by doing so to his head.
    Jigsaw: That's a human being.
    James: [imitating him] You know, that I'm shortly about to put in my favorite torture device. The one that twists his head around.
  • SuperMarioLogan:
    • In "Jeffy's New Toy!", when Mario goes to Toys'R'Us to buy Jeffy a toy so he will shut up about seeing Ass Pounders 2, Jeffy tosses a toy of Bob the Minion on the floor. Mario scolds him for it, telling him he would have had to pay for the toy if it got broken. Mario then sees a toy of Baymax, decides he doesn't like it, and tosses it on the floor.
    • In "Bowser Junior's Imaginary Friend!", Chef Pee Pee comments that imaginary friends are for stupid people, only to reveal that he has an imaginary friend, too.
    • In "Jeffy's Teddy Bear!", Cody teases Jeffy for bringing Beary, Mario's teddy's bear to school, saying "Who brings a toy to school, you loser?". He says this as he is standing right next to his Ken doll.
    • In "Baby Jeffy!", when Baby Jeffy plays with a stacking rings toy, Brooklyn T. Guy reprimands him for putting the rings on in the wrong order, then tries to put a star-shaped block into a round hole.
  • Warning! Readers Advisory!: Derek the Bard complains about nerds being around in his Con Bravo video.
  • In the RObotzi episode "Licurici" (Romanian for fire fly), MO tells FOCA to stop cursing (which FOCA didn't even do here) because he can't stand it anymore, only for him to end this sentence with a curse word.


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