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"Famicom Dojo, Jikai!"


Famicom Dojo is a webseries by That's Orange, LLC in association with 4 Color Rebellion and POWET.TV. The show is hosted by Sean "TheOrange" Corse from POWET.TV and Kevin "Vinnk" Tambornino from 4 Color Rebellion.

The show educates viewers on classic gaming, the history of Nintendo, the evolution of gaming, technical stuff such as battery backup in the NES and Famicom, and more.

There are two subseries: Famicom Denshimailnote  (where viewers ask questions about classic gaming and Sean and Vinnk answer them), and Training Exercises (They talk about things that don't have enough material to warrant their own episodes). There is also a weekly podcast on iTunes.

Watch the show here.

There's also an official DVD of season 1. Order it here.


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