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  • Nedroid provides some helpful comics advice here.
  • Mag IsaIn early chapters, it was common for characters to calling anime lame, dumb or silly... while having animesque facial expressions.
  • This strip of Insecticomics has the introduction of White Chromia. A bit later, Override muses that she wishes White Chromia would have a little more dignity, just before... well, yeah.
  • Invoked in a metatextual way in Wicked Powered, when a character decries a certain animation as being shoddily made to sell lasers. In case you don't get it, the full name of the comic is Wicked Lasers presents Wickedpowered.
  • On this page of Gunnerkrigg Court, Antimony deliberately invokes this to put Ysengrin in his place:
    Ysengrin: Taking orders from a little girl, Sir Eglamore?
    Antimony: You. You will take me to Coyote now.
    Ysengrin: ...
  • Sluggy Freelance
    • It has been pointed out that, while Riff is quick to attack Aylee, Sam, and Gwynn for being possible dangers to humanity, his own Mad Scientist experiments probably have a better chance of annihilating the human race than anything. The trope was used in this strip:
    Riff: I hope Gwynn learned "Gwynn shouldn't mess with powers beyond her control!" (the device in his hands starts beeping) Uh-oh. You guys might want to jump up and run away, there may not be time to get a safe distance from the radioactive ... (the beeping dies down) ... never mind, it fixed itself!
    • Kiki the utterly scatterbrained ferret, whose specialty is Comically Missing the Point, sometimes voices the opinion that other characters, including resident schemers Dr. Schlock and Bun-bun, are "not very smart" or "get confused easily".
    • In "Fortune", it turns out Torg and Aylee have suddenly become rich. Gwynn, who doesn't like Torg (at least openly), acts unnaturally nicely towards Torg after hearing this. In the next comic, Zoë (who does like Torg, so much that Gwynn was just telling her she has to stop unknowingly dating him) is hugging him to congratulate, and Gwynn goes under her breath, "Ugh. Laying it on a little thick aren't we Zoë?"
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    • A Fridge Logic version: In "bROKEN - A Year in the Life of a Villain", the talking frog called Frog complains that Genarro is "racist" because he can't tell apart Frog from another (not talking) frog, Corsica, and says they look the same. Later it's revealed that "Corsica" has been killed and replaced a number of times and Frog can't tell the difference. Even though he's ostensibly in a relationship with her.
    • In "The Immortal King — Lost and Found", when the main characters return to the abandoned Equinox Casino to pick up supplies, Torg tells Gwynn not to waste time finding the perfect ensemble of clothes. While Gwynn is the one likely to do negative female stereotype stuff like that, this time it's Torg who subsequently spends a long time choosing which shirt to wear (possibly because they all represent significant turns and different moods in his life).
  • Schlock Mercenary rather frequently milks this for humor.
    • When Schlock, intending to blackmail the clowns at a circus where he's on security detail to get them to cut him in on their illicit brewery, discovers that his boss has already done so (since Schlock outed them several strips prior).
    Security Chef Zysk: I'd fire you for it, but I'm too drunk to pronounce hippo-whatever.
    Corporal Chisulo: I get so tired of jeers like 'Hey, fatso' or 'Remember me?' or 'Check out the nose on that guy.'
    Aardman: Ahem.
    Corporal Chisulo: Whoa! Monkey aardvark!
    Elf: Captain, I don't care how much you hate somebody... It's just wrong to bring cake and champagne to their funeral.
    Captain Tagon: (still happy-dancing) Somebody assassinated King Xinchub last night.
    Elf: I'll fab some party hats, and maybe some of those noisemaker thingies.
    Kevyn: The pot is smarter than the kettle. The kettle, in this case, is not "black." It is a diffuse cloud of radioactive meat-vapor.
    Kevyn: You're carrying a poison bomb in your mouth? Are you crazy?
    Para Ventura: Do you still have antimatter bombs in your epaulets, or has hypocrisy gone out of fashion?
  • Happens here in Corner Alley 13.
  • This Irregular Webcomic! strip. Another one here.
  • Sinfest pulls this every so often. One of the earliest (and funniest) examples is this comic.
    Why can't they, indeed?
  • Life With Lamarr does this with Barney Calhoun.
    Barney: Doc, can you ask that pet of yours to not leave dead crap on my bed? Now I'm having to cook this delicious plump-breasted pigeon.
    Barney: You've gone and messed up his mind with your delicious but contemptible drugs!"
  • Jason tends to be the butt of this in Multiplex, as for example here, here and here.
  • Penny Arcade: I am no longer enamored of our loquacious companion.
    • Tycho has very different standards on how to buy a television versus computer parts. The Rant confirms the same thing, with Tycho explaining he doesn't care about TV sets the same way he cares about monitors, or other computer stuff.
  • This entire The Way of the Metagamer comic.
  • El Goonish Shive makes fun of hacks and unnecessary expositions (aside of the last panel, see the chapter's name).
  • Living with Insanity had an arc where Alice had to deal with customers who were rude, overly demanding and blamed her for things she couldn't control. When David takes her to a cafe after work, she does this.
  • Head Trip presents: a long rant about loud, annoying, stupid, spoiled brats. Asshole Victim Of The Week.
  • Art from Sequential Art rants about obligatory fanservice being so low-brow...
    Pip: Shall we confirm that by watching it again?
    Art: Absolutely.
  • "Joe Loves Crappy Movies" on the subject of Mike Tyson's cameo in The Hangover.
  • Loserz used this several times, e.g. in this strip.
  • In Girl Genius, either Gil is pretending to do this to fool Tarvek, or he's going on about how he doesn't go on about his games to his enemy. To his rival/enemy.
    • In this strip Old Man Death begs his granddaughter not to hit him with an expensive sausage because it's too valuable. Guess what he uses as an improvised weapon in the next strip?
    • Earlier, Gil castigates Agatha for her poor bedside manner in telling Tarvek that they will kill him to cure his lethal illness... then he proceeds to go into detail.
  • At the end of the "Love and Space" arc in The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob!, Voluptua announces she will clear Galatea of all the charges against her if Bob can just get her to shut up. Zippobic chuckles ruefully in the background, as his main problem with Voluptua is her endless speechmaking.
  • Done in the 'Victorians' strip (third one down) here, in Hark! A Vagrant.
  • In A Miracle of Science, one of the background characters here says "no one who is in favor of eugenics should be allowed to reproduce".
  • There are a few examples in Our Little Adventure, but the one that stands out the most is when Angelika complains about being fireblasted and then countering with a magic attack that's virtually unavoidable.
  • Shortpacked! parodies the Mary Worth "Twitter is bad" storyline by having Mary complain that you can't convey meaningful information in such a limited format ... over the course of a week's worth of two-panel strips.
  • Fontes' Rants:
    Bridget: You look like a queer, ya know?
  • Amazing Super Powers had a lot of fun of this here (for those who didn't see Dinosaur Comics yet, that's where the images and long-winded rant style came there).
  • From Two Guys and Guy: "Effin' perverts!"
  • This Basic Instructions.
  • College Roomies from Hell!!! got a good one:
    Diana: (to her boyfriend) What kind of FILTHY DEPRAVATION is THIS??? More importantly, why am I not in it??!!
  • This Sandra and Woo strip has the principal lighting up a cigarette while explaining why drugs—like insulin and aspirin—are not allowed in school.
  • In The Order of the Stick strip "Case In Point", Haley points out that one of the traits associated with the Lawful alignments is a willingness to enforce one's own beliefs on others. Durkon and Roy, the two most lawful members of the Order, disagree... and then tell her to stop expressing such crazy ideas.
  • Nerf NOW!! illustrates "a GOOD pubber, different of the rabble which infect the server. He, and only he, have the perfect mix of social life and game prowess."
  • Rival Angels sees best friends Sabrina and Sun taking in a movie after work, having snuck in their own food and booze. While waiting for the commercials and previews to end, Sabrina falls asleep and starts softly snoring. Sun turns to her and...
  • Not Invented Here: This exchange;
    Owen: You're both abrasive, know-it all loudmouths who like yelling and making people wrong.
    Fang: *yelling* You're wrong and I'll prove it!
  • Homestuck:
    • Caliborn expresses his hatred for the comic's tendency for long, meandering chatlogs... in the form of a long, meandering chatlog. Naturally, when this is pointed out, he shifts the blame, claiming this as an example of how "YOu PEOPLE SuCK ME INTO YOuR BuLLSHIT".
    • Happens early on when Rose assures the readers of her GameFAQs walkthrough that she won't waste their time with Purple a spectacularly overly-dramatic, purplish way.
    • This example referencing Jake's Antiquated Linguistics:
    TT: ...
    TT: He said unironically.
    • Karkat Vantas takes a turn when he spends an entire memo chewing out John and Dave for flirting with troll girls over Pesterchum...then, shortly afterward, his attempt to rip into Jade is interrupted by his own future self showing up white knighting for her, in a fashion loaded with Ship Tease. Dave's reaction to this is:
      ?TG: ahahahahah oh god
      ?TG: dude i cant believe you were just getting on our case about hitting on the troll girls
      ?TG: and then literally the very next memo you are slobbering all over jade
      ?TG: thats just perfect hahahaha
    • Jake gets another, much more elaborate one later on when he sends a long, rambling monologue to Jane... all about how Dirk is too needy, has no idea how to interact with other people due to growing up on his own, and is self-centered enough to keep sending him long, rambling monologues instead of actual conversations. And he has no self-awareness whatsoever!
    • At one point Jane Crocker and Dirk's Auto Responder have a conversation were Jane starts dropping some heavy words like shucks, AR's response?
    TT: Hey, I'm upset about it too, but let's watch the fucking language.
    • In the spin-off Paradox Space story "Three out of Five Hats", Rose calls Dave out on peeking into her unpublished novel and making a rather lazy "review" of it, and Dave answers by calling her out on peeking into his unpublished reviews.
  • Katamari opens with the Prince accidentally breaking a lamp and his father lecturing him about it. This is, of course, the same King of All Cosmos who has destroyed the heavens several times.
    King of All Cosmos: We cannot imagine being so reckless around something so precious.
  • Weregeek had fun with goths and cartoons on Dustin's date with a Perky Goth girl:
    Dustin: You didn't watch cartoons?
    Ravenia: Some, but I don't remember much. Animation is for kids.
    Dustin: Um... You do realize that you're wearing Lydia's outfit from the Beetlejuice cartoon?
    Ravenia: Hey, that's different! It's a Goth classic... like "Invader Zim" or "The Nightmare Before Christmas"!
    Dustin: Those are also animated cartoons.
  • Magick Chicks: Seen during Melissa's inner-monologue when Cerise finally managed to catch her minute of glory in Artemis Academy:
    Melissa: (Thought Bubble) Cerise... you backstabbed Winters, the only nice person we've met here, just to get popular. How dare you... How dare you think of this before me!
  • Eerie Cuties: Faith makes a cameo appearance when she mind-sexts Tiffany, to let her know she misses her and how she's always thinking of her... while sleeping with another girl!
    other girl: " Faaaaaiith! Come back to bed! I'm looooonnnely!"
    Faith: (grinning sheepishly) "Um... c-catch you later, Sunshine!"
  • Pacificators gets a couple of those with Cinna and Muneca.
    • Cinna is obsessed with hot men, and would read personal ads in hopes of finding a date.
      Cinna: More of those boring and desperate guys. They're no good.
    • Muneca wears Victorian-era dresses all the time.
      Daryl: Yeah, there are some oriental attires you can try. I can write my to my brother and ask for some catalogues.
      Muneca: Perhaps, but I hear that they’re restrictive.
  • In Go Get a Roomie!, Ramona seems to make a habit of this when bantering with her twin brother Richard. For example:
    Ramona [Dope Slaping Richard]: You're doing it again.
    Richard: Doing what?
    Ramona: Imagining things without people's permission.
    Richard: You do it as much as I do.
    Ramona: Of course I don't. I'm minutes older than you and much more mature.
    [in Ramona's Imagine Spot]
    Ramona: Now lads. You may stop fighting over your mistress. There's enough of me for everyone.
    Lillian: Excuse me?
  • In the controversial PVP Online strip "Jesus Kills", a parody of the Jack Chick tract "Dark Dungeons", a distraught Francis goes to Cole to tell him that Brent, who was expelled from their prayer for being gay, killed himself (although Francis didn't stay around long enough to see that he was mistaken). Cole then tells Francis to forget about Brent because, "Brent was a sinner. Just like all the men I'm secretly dating."
  • Bruno the Bandit:
  • Unsounded:
    • Duane decries resorting to violent conflict and says that negotiation must solve the issue shortly after losing his temper and punching a politician in the face. His brother immediately calls him on this.
    • The usual formula is reversed by Iori here:
      Iori: If I ever meet the two-toe who did that to you I'll knock his teeth out!
      Jivi: I hit him with a stool.
      Iori: Well, violence is never the answer.
  • In Goblins, Bowst calls Forgath "Mr. Can't Wait to Brag About His Level", when he's the one who couldn't wait to state his own (a whopping level three) and Forgath was just responding to this. Bowst is clearly too dumb to notice the irony.
  • Stand Still, Stay Silent:
    • General Andersen complains about "old people" when listening to an old couple berate a civil servant. Two pages later, he opts out of a dangerous assignment because:
    I'm old.
    • In the prologue, Michael Madsen has no problem being a Deadpan Snarker to his boss. When ferry waitress Signe uses superior snark to chew him out after he reacts rudely to the sudden travel restrictions within Denmark, he tells her that people like her should only work in factories. Michael himself seems to have some kind of businessman job.
  • In this Skin Horse strip, Tip worries that he's self-centered, unempathic and has poor listening skills ... all of which is clearly much more important than whatever Sweetheart's problem is.
  • But I'm a Cat Person: Leave your weird fetishes out of this!
  • In Dating a Team Magma Grunt, Aqua Grunt calls Magma Grunt a deviant for having a 13 year old boyfriend when she had just been flirting with said 13 year old.
  • In The Bedfellows strip "Next Door," Sheen's noisy neighbor apologies for his loud music as kindly and well-spoken as possible. Sheen tells him to "talk like a normal person and stop being an egotistical jerk!"
  • In Maggot Boy, the armless martial artist Noemi gets called out for calling Owen a "one-armed midget," but takes it in good humour.
    Owen: One-armed? You really wanna go there, nubs?
    Noemi: Heh. Touché!
  • In Bob and George, Mega Man apologizes for the violence of recent comics and says that violence is wrong. Then a minor comment from Roll causes him to chase her down, Buster firing. When she reminds him that he was supposed to be giving a lesson on nonviolence, he suddenly remembers and continues.
    Mega Man: One more thing: ice cream is bad for you.
  • All Night Laundry has this show up in a passing comment when Amie calls one of the many alternate Bina 'intense.'
    "I'm not intense," says Bina, intensely.
  • Red Mage puts all our fears to rest in 8-Bit Theater:
    Red Mage: Clearly I lack arrogance because that would be a flaw.
  • Apricot Cookie(s)!: After Cream unleashes her Hurricane of Puns, Jammy Smasher remarks that "she sounds absolutely ridiculous", before casting her "baby-dew immolation blaster".
  • One Arthur, King of Time and Space contemporary arc strip has Arthur at his computer complaining that there are too many characters to keep track of in Girl Genius, while around him are Nimue, Donidel, Dinadin, Gawaine, Girflet, Morgan, Morguase, Gaheris, Lamorak, Pellinore, Eglante, Guenevere, Palamedes, Tristram, Bors, Isolde, Kay, Bedivere, Lancelot, Agrivane, Mordred, and Gareth.
  • In Peter Parker: Foreign Exchange Student, Peter notices Ochako's crush on Izuku and tells her that Izuku would probably reciprocate if she'd just worked up the courage to ask him out. Ochako points out that Peter hasn't asked Mina or Momo out either.
    Ochako: Deku... you know, he really is something special, isn't he?
    Peter: Ya know, you could probably just ask him out instead of sighing in a corner. He'd probably say yes.
    Ochako: Oh, yeah? When are you gonna ask Mina or Momo, Mr. Smartypants?
    Peter: Shush! Not so loud! Jesus...
  • System32Comics features a printer that refuses to print a document and explains why it can't by printing an all-black page with the text "Because I am out of ink" being the only un-inked portion of the page.
  • In The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, Comic 23 of "I Told You That Story So I Could Tell You This One" has a LARPer commenting on how tasteless something is while the panel showcases his outfit that includes blackface to look like a dark elf and doesn't get any better in the other details.


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