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  • In Dorkly Originals, Mario messages PETA following the controversy they stirred regarding the Tanooki Suit in Super Mario 3D Land telling PETA that the mere thought of harming animals disgusts him deeply, all while killing very animal-like enemies (and Yoshi) in the process.
  • Strong Bad of Homestar Runner is a Grammar Nazi... which doesn't stop the fact that his grammar and spelling isn't perfect either. He has also said that he "doesn't wear underwear"... which has been proven wrong numerous times.
    • Also, in Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People: 8-Bit is Enough, Strong Bad says that "licensed games are never good", despite the fact that SBCG4AP IS a licensed game (and that Strong Bad was playing a licensed game himself in Baddest of the Bands).
      • In Baddest of the Bands, Marzipan complains about people who ruin the environment... as she tosses litter on the ground.
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    • In the Strong Bad Email "web comics", Strong Bad talks about webcomics based on reader input, which he decries as a cop-out, despite his series being just that.
    • In still another SBEmail, "the movies", Strong Bad gripes about people who won't stop talking during movies. At the end of the email, he watches a movie on his computer, done in ASCII art, he starts talking during the movie. Realizing what he's doing, he says softly, "I'm kind of a hypocrite! I'm gonna shut up now." During the actual movie at the theater, however, in response to everyone talking, he actually yells at everyone for doing so, even though the email mentions nothing of the sort.
      Strong Bad: What is wrong with you people?! Do you not notice the giant movie over here? Were all the local sit-around-and-suck-out-loud places closed?!
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    • In the 2014 April Fools' Day cartoon, Strong Bad (who is known for buying and using outdated computers) updates his Windows 98 desktop theme, including the message "Welcome to Windows 98... Why are you still using Windows 98?! What is wrong with you?! Stop buying computers from thrift stores, man!"
  • In Red vs. Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles Episode 49: "Roaming Charges", this exchange occurs between Tucker and Donut:
    Donut: [about Tucker's sword] Wow, I've never found anything that cool in a hole, and I've explored just about every hole you can think of!
    Tucker: Hey, dude, do me a favor: don't talk like that when I'm playing with my thing.
  • Zero Punctuation:
    • Yahtzee did this at the end of his review of Silent Hill: Homecoming. His rant was even copied and used after the credits of his videos for quite a while as advertising.
      Yahtzee: Fans are clingy complaining dipshits who will never ever be grateful for any concession you make. The moment you shut out their shrill tremulous voices the happier you'll be. Incidentally, why not buy a Zero Punctuation T-shirt?
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    • Another example of his blatant hypocrisy: In his review of Duke Nukem Forever, he calls out companies who "get paid to do a job [they] didn't do," and says that they deserve to get sued. As he is going through this rant, he shows that his contract with the Escapist is to "Review Actual Games That Exist," and he himself is breaking that contract.
    • Yahtzee uses this throughout his entire series, such as calling out "self-important bearded tosser who read too much into things" and then admitting that he's the biggest one of them all.
    • His review of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune focuses largely on the game's Unfortunate Implications. Then during the closing credits he points out, "Note the irony in decrying racism while drawing Asians with slitty eyes".
    • His review of Super Mario 3D Land becomes this when, due to rage over Mario, he decides to review Rayman Origins instead. His first order of business is to talk about how no one could care about characters whose heads and appendages are disconnected from their bodies... while adding stick limbs to his own, similarly designed characters.
  • In If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device, Magnus is quite offended when Custodian says that he wanted to make sure that he didn't invite any daemons over for a party. Cue daemons moving out of Custodian's sight. They were invited by Magnus for a literal tea party.
  • In the final skit of Randomness FTW on Scratch:
    [Charlie is [screaming with a giant bee on his head, and then stops screaming]
    Astro: It's not real.
    [Charlie walks away slowly]
    Astro: Huh, what a crybaby. [bee lands on his head] AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH—
  • RWBY:
    • At one point, Ruby calls Weiss bossy. Weiss denies it, and promptly orders her never to say it again.
    • In an early episode of RWBY Chibi, there is a report of a cat burglar on the loose and Ruby, Weiss, and Yang quickly look at Blake, a cat faunus, with suspicion. Blake scolds them for the accusation and remarks that she report them to Goodwitch for it... as she swipes everything that isn't nailed down.
  • Mad Mad Mario: Mario calls Bowser a fat fuck in the first episode. He isn't exactly a fitness model himself.
  • This episode of Baman Piderman sees Baman at one point accuse Squid of doing nothing but be lazy. It then cuts to a shot of Baman and Piderman lying on the floor doing nothing but reach for a jar of peanut butter.
  • Final Fantasy VII: Machinabridged: Red-XII's reaction to Aerith understanding the Midgar Zolem (he was stoned at the time)
    "Yea! Animals can't talk!"
  • In the RObotzi episode "Licurici" (Romanian for fire fly), MO tells FOCA to stop cursing (which FOCA didn't even do here) because he can't stand it anymore, only for him to end this sentence with a curse word.


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