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  • Frieza of Dragon Ball Z suffers such a fate; after being the Big Bad of the entire Namek arc and killing just about every opponent who comes his way, he is bested when Goku becomes a Super Saiyan. His pride is broken and he is turned into a pathetic wreck, with Goku inflicting all kinds of humiliating injuries upon him, such as battering him down on the head to create a ridiculous, bug-eyed expression and slapping him back and forth in the face. This culminates in him being sliced in half by his own energy disc, and his humiliation is only made worse when he is forced to beg for Goku's sympathy.
    • It all starts when Goku detects Frieza's power level is woefully inadequate and falling fast, so he literally turns his back on Frieza; telling him that he has already lost to a fighter more superior than him, made worse when the fighter was "Just a monkey" and then tells Frieza to live with the shame of defeat forever.
    • Before that, though, all those killed by Frieza and his minions are revived, including the Namekians and Porunga. Frieza is able to vocalize his wish, but it has to be done in the Namekian language. Dende fulfills Goku's request and everyone, including Porunga, is transported to Earth. What follows is Goku rubbing that last failure in and Frieza screaming so loud it shatters nearby rocks.
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    • Frieza is further humbled when he returns, his missing limbs replaced by mechanical substitutes, and is easily bested by the newly introduced Future Badass Trunks, who turns out to be a Super Saiyan too. Every attack he tosses at the young Super Saiyan is easily deflected before Frieza finds himself once again sliced in two, this time from head to groin, then cut up even further before being blasted into ash. His father King Cold fares no better, getting blasted through the heart after thinking Trunks is nothing without his sword and then vaporized against a mountainside.
      • This scene was different in the manga though — Trunks pretty much kills him immediately while he was distracted, and never tried to deflect a powerful blast from Frieza, preferring instead to dodge it. Not quite as humiliating, but still hardly a fitting end for the former emperor of the galaxy.
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    • Frieza continues to be humiliated even after death; every time he is met in the afterlife or resurrected, he is easily put in his place by the ever-growing power of the good guys. For instance, in one of the many (non-canon) DBZ movies, after being revived along with all other evil beings, he is defeated with one punch by Gohan. That being said, all of these are not canon as Frieza's canonical time in Hell and resurrection are told in "Resurrection F" and Dragonball Super. For a summary on how he fares there, see below.
    • Fate continues to humiliate Frieza in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’, First, his entire army gets defeated by the Z warriors without Goku and Vegeta's help. Then, Goku arrives and is able to overpower him without bothering to go Super Saiyan. So, Frieza stops fooling around and transforms into his new golden form and fights evenly with Goku, who also has a new transformation. Despite having the edge for a time, his stamina fails him, again, Goku then tells him that the reason he's failing is because he never bothered to finish his training and never mastered his new form, soon he's at Goku's mercy, who once again takes pity on him and tells him to never return unless he actually becomes stronger. Then, after incapacitating Goku, Vegeta steps in, shows that he can transform like Goku, and promptly kicks Frieza's ass. With his reserves gone, he loses his transformation, breaks down on the verge of crying and is about to be killed by Vegeta. So, he destroys the planet, seemingly getting the last laugh only for Whis to rewind time on him and is killed by Goku's Kamehameha. He's sent back to Hell, trapped in the same tree as before, the angels and toy animals of Hell welcomes him back, and let's out a Big "NO!" And all this could have been avoided if he had simply taken Tagoma's advice.
      • Frieza fares a lot better in the retelling in Dragon Ball Super, where he doesn't really get humiliated until the final episode of the arc. His army (which is packing a particularly powerful Elite Mook which Frieza killed in the original film) actually gives the protagonists a serious challenge. Frieza also gets to torture Gohan and kills Piccolo, adding to the drama. In the end, Goku and Vegeta arrive only just in time, and Gohan nearly kills himself powering up so that Goku could get there ( via instant transmission). Once the battle with Goku gets going, Frieza intentionally kills his own men by transforming in his final form rather than having them ineffectually attempt to fight Goku and Vegeta. He also proves to be something of an Adaptational Badass, succesfully holding his own against Base Goku and even taking the lead a few times by being a Combat Pragmatist (whereas he got easily beaten in the movie), and when he brings out his full power as Golden Frieza he beats Goku to the point he nearly loses conciousness, actually giving the impression he could win. He spends the majority of his battle with Goku completely beating the tar out of the guy, and even when he does finally start losing power he calmy activates his contingency plan rather than suffer a Villainous Breakdown, and is succesful. It's not until he faces Vegeta in the final episode that he gets humiliated, and even then the heroes have to invoke a Cosmic Retcon when Frieza succesfully blows up the planet anyway.
      • And then Frieza makes a triumphant return in the second half of the Universal Survival Arc, where the only brutal humiliations he got were from Dyspo and Toppo, even aiding in the final battle against Jiren as well as directly getting involved in the elimination of 2 universes, ironing out his only weakness (loss of stamina) by playing a repetitive scenario of killing Goku, while getting revived in the very end and once again rebuilding his Empire.
  • While not as ultra direct as other congas, in the Grand Finale of Code Geass where some of Emperor Lelouch's more recent and direct opponents, as well as the kidnapped UFN representatives, are paraded off to be executed in public, with only Nunnally being assured to not die, Schneizel is being subjected to a far more humiliating treatment. He's got Clothing Damage (hell, his clothes are gone, and he's got your classic rags as his "prison uniform", compared to everyone else's relatively neat and clean straitjacket ensembles), appears to have been beaten up during his time in prison and is also chained to his post, which is much larger and prominently displayed than those of all the others being shown off in the parade, and is geassed into obeying Zero forever.
    • A more straight example happens much earlier in the series, and not even to a major villain. When Margrave Jeremiah Gottwald comes out from under Lelouch's Geass control, he's been arrested for treason, has no memory of what he's done to earn it, is offered the equally humiliating choices of being forced to work on an orange farm (as an insult to the "nickname" Zero called him to falsely imply they were allies) or being demoted back to a beginner-level pilot rank, and at least one of his former subordinates is willing to kill him because he's become such an embarrassment. And then, while trying to prove himself worthy of the empire and his former rank, he ends up going up against Kallen in her brand shiny new badass mech, and pays dearly for it. What'd he do to earn all this? Got on Lelouch's bad side by being the one behind Suzaku's scapegoating for the murder of Prince Clovis. The Humiliation Conga ended up being effective for an entirely different reason, as a large mass of the fandom thought it was Disproportionate Retribution, and rocketed "Orange-kun" to the role of Ensemble Dark Horse, assuring his promotion to a major antagonist and later to a simply memorable Heel–Face Turn.
    • In the Knightmare of Nunnally manga, a smaller and more comedic conga is dealt to a puppy-kicking Ashford Alpha Bitch and her Girl Posse, when they throw Nunnally off her wheelchair. Nunners's best friend Alice (a girl with Super Speed powers derived from her being injected with C.C's cells stands up for her, steals the bullies's school skirts and leaves their panties exposed.
  • Mizuki's horrible defeat at the hands of Shuusuke Fuji in The Prince of Tennis qualifies as both this and Hoist by His Own Petard. Had Mizuki not manipulated Fuji's brother Yuuta for his own gains, he wouldn't have had Fuji hiding his true skills until Mizuki was 5-0 on top, only to memorably subvert the score to 5-7, give a great "The Reason You Suck" Speech in public to Mizuki and cause his rival's spectacular Villainous Breakdown.
  • In Axis Powers Hetalia, America is forced to apologize to the other countries for the horrendous mess that was the Great Depression. The reactions are different per nation, but as a whole, this is what happens (Hungary, France and Switzerland are particularly NOT pleased). And as icing on the cake... Russia is very pleased since his economy actually grew.
    • Zig-Zagging Trope: On the one hand, America has done something pretty bad and all the other countries are mercilessly letting him have it and blaming him for it all. On the other hand, America's not shown as a villain, just paying for his typical but this time irrational exuberance, and the other countries aren't really punishing him because they're mostly too busy freaking out over their collapsing economies. This being Hetalia, the whole thing is Played For Edutainment. The previous strip in the series displayed America's overproduction and debt accumulation as the cause. This being Hetalia, the whole thing is a roundabout soap opera way of getting Lithuania to end his outsourcing holiday from Russia. This being Hetalia, the Politically Correct History prevents the depiction of Hoover's actual response which would be best represented by giving the rest of the world a slap in the face, is not mentioned. It's not Ripped from the Headlines, in case you were wondering.
  • This happens a lot to the Team Rocket trio from Pokémon, usually at the end of an episode. It seemed to be a lot more frequent during Kanto, though. This usually would involve them running away from something or someone (Jessie, James, and Meowth being chased by Beedrill became a running gag, though it does happen to the good guys as well). One notable example had them tied to a moving carousel by Ghost Pokémon, who considered it all in good fun to see them get dizzy from nonstop carousel rides.
    • Two words: "Pikachu, Thundershock!"
    • A nonvillainous example happened to Misty over the course of the episode "Pokemon Fashion Flash", when she played a somewhat antagonistic role. She and Ash got into a fight over the virtues of inner beauty versus outer beauty, with Misty on the side of outer beauty. Ash sarcastically dared her to take Psyduck down to the salon (being run by Team Rocket) in order to prove her point, and Misty sincerely agreed to it. But when she got there, Team Rocket assumed she wanted a makeover and so they gave her a ridiculous new outfit and hairstyle, and when Misty actually liked it, they added more by painting random marks on her face, making her appear almost clown-like. Then once she found out it was Team Rocket, they took her hostage and tied her to a chair. And she was still tied to the chair during the climactic fight when Vulpix let out a huge Fire Spin, which completely torched her. To top it all off, Ash reacted to her silly makeover by laughing his ass off. So the episode ends with Misty having made an embarrassment of herself and Ash getting the last laugh after all. Sucks to be you, Misty.
  • Grings Kodai, the Big Bad of the Pokémon: Zoroark: Master of Illusions, gets an exceptionally well deserved one. He got tricked into thinking he's gotten the Time Ripple he wanted the entire movie, tricking him into Evil Gloating which is caught on tape. He then gets the device he needed to absorb the Time Ripple destroyed and is sent running for his life by Zoroark and the Legendary Beasts. The mortally wounded Zoroark uses her illusion powers to send him falling off a stadium balcony and getting knocked out. When he comes too, he's surrounded by pretty much the entire cast and forced to watch as afor mentioned Evil Gloating is broadcasted across the city on the TV network HE created. To put the cherry on top, he's promptly arrested on the spot.
  • Most of the villains in One Piece suffer this. According to Oda, it's more meaningful to prove a man's "way" wrong than to kill them. So what do the Strawhats do to every main antagonist? They beat them to a bloody pulp, crush all their hopes and dreams and let the Marines take care of the rest.
    • This is also often subverted as many of these same villains (almost always the more comedic ones) appear again in the manga's cover arcs, where they stumble upon shockingly good fortune and end up better off than most of the other characters in the series. Wapol gets a Hot Wife and becomes a rich industrialist, Hatchi befriends a cute mermaid, Gedatsu owns his own hot spring resort, some of the Baroque Works members get a Karma Houdini, Jango and Fullbody become marines, and Eneru forms a new empire on the moon. (Strangely, Eneru is actually shown getting away at the end of his initial storyarc, which makes it feel a lot like he pulled a Karma Houdini)
      • Since reaching the moon was Eneru's goal all along, there's a case to be made that his storyline was actually a case where the bad guy wins.
      • Hatchi eventually comes back and makes a heel face turn, so perhaps these side stories are Oda's way of redeeming those characters.
    • Spandam. Just...Spandam.
    • Caribou, full-stop. He pretty much became a Butt-Monkey the moment he met the Straw Hats, getting consistently curb-stomped, captured, sent to the marines, escapes, gets stuck in a storm, gets saved by an old lady, and then mistaken as a commander in a rebellion. The man can't catch a break.
    • Where do we even start with Hody Jones? Oda initially built him up to be a huge threat, what with his use of strength enhancing Energy Steroids. First, he handcuffs himself all while defeating a pirate crew and smashing apart their ship with no problem at all. Later, he destroyed a massive stone wall simply by gripping it. Considering these feats, he'll definitely give Luffy a run for his mon... oh wait. Zoro effortlessly defeats him underwater with a single slashnote  and this is all while Zoro was trying to catch a breath. Hody survives this attack, overdoses on Energy Steroids to kill the pain of the injury Zoro caused, then accidently goes One-Winged Angel, becoming even stronger than he already was... yet much later, Luffy smacks him around like a ragdoll during their "fight" on land. During their fight underwater, Hody was little more than a nuisance to Luffy (who was encased in a bubble to prevent him from drowning), who still managed to fend off the Fishman multiple times. After Hody's defeat, we later see him in prison as a frail, old man, because of his overdose. Not even the earlier villains like Axe-Hand Morgan, Captain Kuro, and Don Krieg had it this bad.
    • After all of the heinous actions Caesar Clown partook in, instead of being defeated and forgotten about, he was chained up, dragged along with the Straw Hats as a hostage, forced to fight on their behalf, tossed back and forth as a Chew Toy, and essentially delegated to Butt-Monkey status. Not to say he didn't deserve it, though.
  • In Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers, it seems like having her watch in horror as a huge beam that scythed through a massive warship zoomed straight towards her wasn't enough for the lovably hateable Smug Snake Quattro. StrikerS Sound Stage X just had to throw this additional bit of humiliation for her.
    Jail: I've been keeping myself healthy. This transparent prison is unexpectedly comfortable.
    Cinque: Uno and Tre are healthy as well.
    Jail: They haven't changed at all. Quattro has even gotten a bit fat.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima!: While he isn't really a villain (he's a Well-Intentioned Extremist at worst), Kurt Godel undergoes one of these after he tries to convince Negi to join him. Not only does Negi kick his ass, but each of Negi's True Companions successively uses their abilities to either attack Kurt, or screw him over in some fashion. It's topped off by Kurt's old ally Takamichi showing up and blasting him.
    Takamichi: "What's the matter Kurt? These youngsters seem to be beating you senseless."
  • Pretty much anything Juuza of the Clouds does in Fist of the North Star.
  • Father suffers this fate near the end of Fullmetal Alchemist. First, he manages to get Truth, but after a fight, he loses the recent souls he had obtained to pull that feat off. Then, he tried to steal some souls and make more Philosopher Stones to make up for the loss, only for everyone else to confront him and deplete his original Philosophers Stone. Next, as he begins to lose control of God, he utterly loses it and, desperate for any souls, tries to take a pinned-down Edward, only for Alphonse to sacrifice himself and give Ed his arm back, enabling Edward to pull himself free and deliver a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on Father's ass. In a last-ditch effort, he reabsorbs his son Greed to acquire his Philosopher's Stone, but Greed, who'd defected long ago, uses his carbon-based transformation abilities to turn Father into charcoal at the cost of his life, which allows Edward to punch clean through Father and lose every last soul he had remaining. With no Philosopher's Stone left to contain God, he immediately implodes. Finally, Truth meets up with him, gives him a Breaking Speech, twists Father's own words on him, and permanently seals Father on the far side of the Gate of Truth as he literally screams for mercy. On the plus side, while Brotherhood tries to humanize him somewhat during all of this, for the most part he had it all coming.
    • Envy also counts. Being the poster child for Asshole Victim, as a result, nearly every single character gets a hit on him. Ling Yao slices him up, he gets unintentionally eaten by Gluttony, Scar destroys several parts of his body, Dr. Marco fries his Philosopher's Stone, (reducing him to his tiny, harmless true form), Hawkeye shoots him full of holes, Mustang completely torches him over and over, then steps on him, and finally, all his motivations are exposed, resulting in him committing suicide in shame.
  • In Sakura Gari, Dr. Katsuragi gets a truly spectacular one as punishment for all his horrible deeds. The boy he whips, rapes and tortures out of jealousy? Masataka burns his face badly by throwing boiling tea on his face, ruining his Tall, Dark, and Handsome looks. The man he loves, whom he forced to kill his abusive stepmother when they were kids and the "reason" why he rapes the aforementioned boy? Souma confronts him over the torture of the poor kid, then tricks him into drinking a tea laced with the drugs Katsuragi has used to slowly kill Souma's father (at request of Sakurako, the guy's scorned half-sister), and when the "good doctor" is laying on the floor, he deals him a brutal "The Reason You Suck" Speech and goes away. The wife that he beats and abuses to terrible degrees? Once they're alone, Asayo he sets him on fire and kills him.
  • In He's Dedicated to Roses, Mi-Mi gets a positively epic one. The girl she's bullied, used, outed, and pretty much been a bitch to the whole series? I-Da realizes that she can't just let others push her aside, undergoes a physical and mental transformation and announces that she's not going to take any of that crap anymore, and she'll beat up anybody who tries. The boyfriend she's been manipulating the whole time and got sent to juvenile hall? Hak-Yoon breaks out, tells everybody that Mi-Mi was the one responsible for his Attempted Rape of I-Da, burns M-Mi's forehead, and tells her he'll be looking for her once he's out of juvie. This leads to everyone the the class hating her and spitting on her, and I-Da not punching her because she feels it wouldn't be worth it. She goes home, ready to tell her parents everything and getting I-Da's parents sent to jail, just in time to see her father being arrested for shady business practices, realizing that her uncle has told the police everything about them, and that they've lost all their money. And the boy she fell in love with, the reason she pulled all this crap? Na-Ru has fallen in love with I-Da. Mi-Mi pretty much breaks after all this, and ends up being a shut-in in her uncle's house, not seeing or talking to anyone.
  • Kurata from Digimon Savers gets an EXTREMELY well deserved one. Marcus manages to get ShineGreymon to digivolve to Burst mode, after which Kurata's life goes on a major downwards spiral. His One-Winged Angel form is systematically torn apart around him and he's reduced to begging for his life. Marcus and ShineGreymon then proceed to defeat him with one punch. Not a super flashy Finishing Move, but one punch each. To rub salt in the wound, all his back up plan to destroy the Digital World fails completely and results in his own death. Sure, it made things worse, but all Kurata ever saw was his plan backfire and kill him. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.
  • In Hunter × Hunter, after using one of their friends to force them to throw their fights, Gon and Killua show a nasty trio of Heaven's Areana fighters no mercy. Killua scares Sadansho so badly he leaves town, and Gon flattens Ghido under a giant tile before breaking his prosthetic leg. Riehvelt gets it the worst though—Killua flings him from his wheelchair and catches him with his own electric whips, and Gon scares him into fainting by stealing his whips and nearly electrocuting him at full power.
  • Awaki's introduction in A Certain Magical Index. One episode after she's introduced as an antagonist, she's been injured and verbally humiliated by Kuroko, forced to flee from Touma and a very angry Misaka, contacts her associates only to hear them being taken down by a SWAT team, and then runs into Accelerator...
  • Ryoko and Ayeka suffer from one in episode seven of Tenchi Muyo!. Having decided to team up to take care of their "rivals" Mihoshi and Washu, Mihoshi by sending her back to the Galaxy Police and by boarding up the door to Washu's lab, they end up turning on each other, the only thing standing between them and Tenchi is a teleportation trap on his door. As they fight, a frightened Sasami defeats the trap by knocking, leaving the two even more confused as they hear Washu in his room, too. They try to join them, but are quickly tossed out into the lake. As they pull themselves out, they're treated to having Mihoshi crashland on the house.
  • On Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Chazz was forced to duel against his brother, Jagger, for the fate of Duel Academy. One of the rules made specifically for that duel was that while Jagger would use a deck that was full of powerful rare cards, Chazz was only allowed to use a deck full of monsters that had 500 or fewer attack points. In the end, Jagger was defeated due to Chazz using tactics that took advantage of the effects of those weak monsters. It doesn't get more humiliating than losing to someone who you thought you could beat simply because you had extremely powerful cards while your opponent only had weak cards. (In fact, Chazz decided to humiliate Jagger further by taking it Up to Eleven, and only using monsters that had zero Attack Points in his deck.)
  • Sword Art Online: In both the original series and the video game continuity, Sugou gets this big-time:
    • Gets hit with this when Kirito pulls off his Heroic Second Wind. First, Kirito revokes his admin status and turns off the Pain Absorber that Sugou had previously used to torture him, insuring that every wound he inflicted on Oberon would carry over to his real-world counterpart. Then, he uses a voice command to summon Excalibur, the most powerful weapon in ALO, and gives it to Sugou, who tries to cut Kirito down with it, only to fail miserably; subsequently, Kirito literally tears Oberon apart, slicing off his arm, cutting him in half, and stabbing him through the eye, killing him in-game. When Sugou later tries to attack Kirito in real life, he's overpowered, reduced to a sobbing wreck, and eventually arrested. His crimes are subsequently made public, and Asuna's parents, now realizing what a scumbag he really is, call off his engagement to their daughter.
    • In Infinity Moment/Hollow Fragment, he hacks into the game with a super account to create a powerful avatar named Alberich and intends to use all the players in his mind-control experiments, but Kirito manages to show him up in their duels, he's rejected from the Clearing group due to his total lack of skill, Strea takes away his GM privileges in order to let Kirito and company land him his well-deserved beatdown, and then he's arrested and imprisoned for the rest of the game. Once SAO is cleared, he's arrested and stripped of his position in real life due to the players revealing his crimes and the subsequent investigations turning up the necessary proof, and once again loses his engagement to Asuna. His only saving grace here is that Kirito doesn't torture him with the Pain Absorber.
  • Happens to Yoshikage Kira, the antagonist of Jojos Bizarre Adventure Part 4. Echoes Act 3 has just disabled Sheer Heart Attack by increasing its weight, and since it's controlled by Kira's left hand, that means the weight of his left hand also increases. Cue unintentional property damage caused by his 50 kg hand and him getting beaten up by some random thugs.


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