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Welcome to Lunara: A Wide Open Sandbox RP:

Otaku Cowboy
Ah, Lunara, the 52nd State of the Union. a vast land of opportunity full of colorful locations and wild characters.

Welcome to Lunara, and may you find your fortunes here.

Okay, this is a Wide Open Sandbox RP done as a homage to urban crime games such as Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row, as well as a homage to Anime and Video Games in general. It is set in the state of Lunara, a setting that runs on Rule of Cool and often invokes the trope Where the Hell Is Springfield??

The geography is based around common Video Game Settings and anime settings, and there is only one major city: Serenity City. Serenity City is a massive Mega City with a population of 55 million people, over 3/4 of the state's population. The city is divided into five boroughs: Spades, Hearts, Clovers, Diamonds, and Crowns.

Serenity City is a massive city, starting at Lunara's shoreline and extending out, and here's some tropes common to all districts of the city.

Spades: The heart of industry and business lay here. Factories, Warehouses, Mills, Railyards, a harbor, and a massive power plant lie here. Very little of it is residential, and it is the heart of Serenity City's economy.

Tropes include...

Hearts: The entertainment and nightlife district of Serenity City, as well as the location of the residential neighborhood of Autumn Hill. There is a lot of nightclubs, storefronts, casinos, legal brothels, saloons, hotels, various other entertainment and shopping venues, as well as a massive carnival.

Tropes include...

Clovers: The poor, run-down, and crime-ridden slums of Serenity City and generally the most violent and decaying part of Serenity City, and Lunaria as a whole.

Tropes include...

Diamonds: The quiet, peaceful residential district of working-class and middle-class neighborhoods. A little bit of everything can be found here, but beneath the tranquil bliss lies something darker....

Tropes include....

Crowns: The wealthiest district full of mansions, palaces, and gated communities.

Tropes include...

Now, we move onto the rest of Lunaria. There are a lot of regions outside of Serenity City, and let's take a look at them, shall we?

Ghostwood Hills: A vast mountainous woodland area bearing strong similarities to Central Appalachia. Full of small towns and coal mines, and is also sparsely populated.

Tropes include....

Sandy Shores: A long and vast beach area with hot springs, tourist attractions, and a small Japanese village.

Tropes include....

Majihal Desert: An arid, Southwestern-styled desert in the far reaches of the land.

Tropes include...

Frostmoon Mountains: A cold, frigid area in the northernmost parts of Lunara, full of taiga forests, snowy mountains, glaciers and fjords, and some arctic tundra.

Tropes include...

Jade Forest: A strange, bizzare land in the most remote parts of Lunara, inhabited mainly by primitive tribes and strange creatures.

Tropes include...

Paradise: A holy dimension of good, outside of Lunara, the residence of the good, and inhabited by divine creatures such as angels, archons, titans, good deities, and the like. Inaccessible to players at first, but will be accessible to players later as the story progresses.

Tropes include...

The Infernal Abyss: A dimension of evil, home to demons, devils, and evil deities. Inaccessible at the beginning of the RP, but will be accessible as the story progresses.

Tropes include...

That is the last of the settings for now. Now, onto the media outlets...

There are many radio stations in Lunara, each with their own genre and format...

  • Pure Gold FM

  • Lunara Rock Radio

  • The Wolf 99.2

  • The Harvest 105.9
    • Genre: Classic Country (1950's-1980's), Bluegrass

  • Zeus FM
    • Genre: Techno, Trance

  • Solid Platinum 97.5
    • Genre: Disco, Italo-Disco, Hi-NRG

  • Flashback FM

  • The Lunara Jam
    • Genre: Hip-Hop, Contemporary R&B

  • Rising Sun 99.9
    • Genre: J-Pop, J-Rock, K-Pop

  • Serenity City Hardcore
    • Genre: Punk Rock, Hardcore Punk

  • Radio Las Vegas
    • Genre: Jazz, Swing, Big Band

  • The Druid 94.5
    • Genre: Celtic Folk Music

  • The Palace 92.6
    • Genre: Classical Music

And that's the main radio stations in Lunara. Next post will detail NPC's, factions, and character creation.

edited 10th Jul '12 9:31:17 AM by PaulieRomanov

Otaku Cowboy
Now comes the major factions of Lunara....


The Wiseguys: An Italian gang that primarily delves into gambling, prostitution, nightclubs, jewelry, counterfeiting, extortion, and stolen goods. However, they typically stay out of the drug trade. They are powerful, but have many rivals. Their leader is the middle-aged Italian immigrant Nino Genova.

Main tropes include...

The Homeboy Posse: A small-time street gang based in the Clovers District of Lunara. They deal a lot of drugs and act as mercenaries and drug distributors for other gangs. Their leader is Troy, a mid-level criminal.

Main tropes include...

The Wild Aces: A gang of greasers, bikers, goths, and many others. They ride 50's hot-rods and motorcycles, and have a lot of female members, as well as male operatives. Their leader is Johnny Callahan.

Main tropes include...

The Celtics: A brute gang of Irish and Scottish members that control the drug trade in Lunara and Serenity City. Their main ally is the Homeboy Posse.

Tropes include....

Black Dragon Shinobi: A clan of Ninja who live in the Ghostwood Mountains, often acting as vigilantes and mercenaries.

Tropes include...

Poseidon Corporation: A corrupt and powerful corporation that has Serenity City in its grasp.

Tropes include...

The Tribals: A primitive tribe in the Jade Forest, that is very matriarchal. Every woman is an Amazonian Beauty and every man is a Bishounen. They are hunter-gatherers and are just starting to make contact with the modern world. Oh, and they don't wear clothes, being a primitive tropical tribe and all.

Tropes include...

Church of The Light: A large religion drawing strong parallels to Christianity, that is growing in number, they are known for both charity work and vigilante work.

Tropes include...


I'm not the Law, but these gentlemen are....

Serenity City Police Department: The rank-and-file cops of the city.

Tropes include...

Special Operation Raid Agency (S.O.R.A): A hybrid task force drawing from Homeland Security, the FBI, DEA, and the military (particularly the National Guard and Coast Guard), they are an elite paramilitary force devoted to fighting both organized crime and terrorism.

Tropes Include...

Okay, those are the factions of Lunara. Now comes to rules....

  • 1. Standard forum rules apply
  • 2. Be courteous and have fun
  • 3. This setting is a work in progress, and it will be updated and expanded every so often, as to make it more in-depth...

Now, comes the character sign-up sheet....

  • Name
  • Age
  • Appearance (Picture or written description works)
  • Faction (Optional, you CAN be unaligned and just be a civilian)
  • Personality
  • Bio
  • Equipment
  • Other (anything else that doesn't fit in the other categories)

edited 10th Jul '12 9:32:06 AM by PaulieRomanov

 3 daltar, Mon, 9th Jul '12 4:16:40 PM from the fantasy of green. Get RP Mod Relationship Status: All is for my lord
The Maid
Very much interest.

Since you mention anime I wonder how much power and ability will we be allowed to use? Is there magic, ki, supernatural, monsters, super power, SCIENCE, vampires, etc in the setting? How far away from natural physics and the real world can we get in what our characters can do?
If I'm sure of something it's that I'm not sure of anything.
Otaku Cowboy
[up]There is a LOT of that, but your characters can't be above a 2 or a 3 on the Super Weight scale.
 5 Matues, Mon, 9th Jul '12 6:06:14 PM Get RP Mod Relationship Status: Reincarnated romance
Well, this looks awesome.
The rain in Spain tend to drain the brain of sane.
Otaku Cowboy
[up]Wanna join? More will be expanded and things will become even more in-depth.
 7 Matues, Mon, 9th Jul '12 6:14:31 PM Get RP Mod Relationship Status: Reincarnated romance
I'm game then.

Now, to pick which crazy person I will be..
The rain in Spain tend to drain the brain of sane.
Otaku Cowboy
[up]Same here, I need to create an NPC sheet, complete with their own tropes. I'm probably going to play a Greaser Delinquent in the Wild Aces gang.
Otaku Cowboy
Should I be a cop or a civilian? If I pick the latter, I might join a gang later.
 10 Matues, Mon, 9th Jul '12 7:21:33 PM Get RP Mod Relationship Status: Reincarnated romance
Whatever sounds good to you.

I don't even know what I'm going to pick yet..
The rain in Spain tend to drain the brain of sane.
 11 Insano, Mon, 9th Jul '12 8:23:35 PM from Into the Woods Get RP Mod Relationship Status: What is this thing you call love?
Mad Pinoy
Interest sparked. I love it when a GM makes a gigantic effort to detail a Constructed World.
Just hanging out in Team MAIN's dorm.
Otaku Cowboy
So, shall we begin our character signups?
 14 Matues, Tue, 10th Jul '12 8:28:41 AM Get RP Mod Relationship Status: Reincarnated romance
So, I used a random number generator to decide which Gang my character would be a part of.

Black Dragon Shinobi it is.

I suppose an Over-the-top Anime Character is in order.
The rain in Spain tend to drain the brain of sane.
Otaku Cowboy
Sounds good to me, I'll be in the Wild Aces
Otaku Cowboy
Okay, time for some NPC's! We'll start with the Wild Aces!

Johnny Callahan
  • Age: 29
  • Sex: Male
  • Race: Caucasian
  • Gang: The Wild Aces
  • Appearance: A sparkly bishounen with deep purple eyes, and a silver duck's tail haircut, Johnny Callahan is the leader of the Wild Aces and is clad in a bright black Elvis-style jumpsuit with red gemstones, a black cape, red sliky scarf, and large silver-rimmed, red-lens sunglasses.
  • Personality: Johnny is a wild and crazy guy with an over-the-top way of doing things. He is the leader of the Wild Aces.
  • Tropes include....

Serena Motomura

More NPC's for other gangs are coming

edited 10th Jul '12 9:04:23 AM by PaulieRomanov

Otaku Cowboy
Here is my player character. I decided to drop my Wild Aces character and do something more goofy and ridiculous.

edited 12th Jul '12 1:57:38 PM by PaulieRomanov

Otaku Cowboy
Anybody still interested in this?
 19 Matues, Thu, 12th Jul '12 7:51:52 AM Get RP Mod Relationship Status: Reincarnated romance
  • Name: Ayumi, Shizu
  • Age: 16 (A bit old for a ninja prodigy, and far to young to be a small and lethal senior citizen)
  • Appearance: Shizu dressed in the mandatory over-elaborate and highly unstealthy ninja fashion.
  • Faction: Black Dragon Shinobi.
  • Personality: Shizu is very.. quiet. Calm. Tranquil. She collects stamps as a hobby and enjoys talking about the weather. In short, she is a disgrace to the tradition of her family. So she practices to be a ninja, training to resist the urge to apologize to the people she's hurtling kunai and Shuriken at them.
  • Bio: There are many different kinds of Shinobi. Some are masters of stealth and deception.. and some spit fireballs and wear orange jumpsuits. The Ayumi family is one of the latter. They expected their second daughter to be more vibrant and violent. To punch trees in half, or send people flying with hammers pulled from nowhere. But instead, she collected bottle caps and practiced making tea. Unlike many of the other Shinobi children, who usually begin training twelve or earlier, Shizu only began her training a year or so ago.
  • Equipment: A ninja sword (Standard issue), more Kunai and Shuriken than any person should be capable of carrying.
  • Other: Shizu exhibits the following tropes:

edited 12th Jul '12 7:54:59 AM by Matues

The rain in Spain tend to drain the brain of sane.
Otaku Cowboy
I've thought about doing a Reboot of this RP, with greater detail, a wider variety of better defined NPC's and factions, and even some Brand X companies in the game.
 22 Yuri Strike, Sun, 29th Jul '12 8:54:04 AM from I'm telling nobody! Get RP Mod

When will your reboot be? Or should I just post my character here?

edited 29th Jul '12 9:22:43 AM by YuriStrike

I am going to join, but it might be a couple of days before I make a character sheet.
TV Tropes Powers. Activate!!!!!
 24 Sixth Saint, Fri, 31st May '13 6:01:20 PM from The Eye of Terror Get RP Mod Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Keeper of Secrets
Is this RP still going? Just curious.
Time grows thin, the past's a riddle; The Tower awaits you in the middle.
Otaku Cowboy
[up]I could bring it back and do a reboot
Total posts: 28

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