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So, your character's Power Level is off the scale. That's just swell! Too bad it doesn't actually mean anything. Therefore, the contributors of the wiki have created a "scale" to measure a character's power. The Super Weight scale doesn't quantify power by Random Power Ranking using arbitrary numbers, but rather categorizes characters into nine broad categories based on what a given character can do.


It's not uncommon to see characters all over this scale in a setting, nor is it unheard of for characters to change Weight Class during the course of a story, whether up or down. Characters that have won the Superpower Lottery will usually end up on the higher levels of this scale.

When editing lists, remember that the weight classes measure the scope of a character's abilities — what the character is literally capable (and incapable) of with their raw power alone. While people like Batman and The Doctor have been known to take on gods, they do so with intellect and tactics rather than raw power, and thus remain low on the list relative to their defeated opponents. Thus, defeating somebody does NOT necessarily place a character at or above the opposing weight class, although the greater the disparity between the subjects, the more the defeat qualifies as an example of Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?.


Likewise, as these are broad categories, remember that it's entirely possible for one character to clearly be stronger than another character within the same weight class. Simply being within the same tier in no way implies being identical or even especially close in power, just that they're closer to each other in power than to characters in higher or lower tiers. This is generally more likely to happen with higher-tier characters, but by no means is that always the case.

Also note that this is not a place to be Gushing About Characters You Like; when adding examples, make realistic assessments of their weight class according to the scale.

Weight Class Description Example Traits and Abilities
Muggle Tier
Fragile Weight: -1 Can't do things muggles take for granted. More  Mouse World, Tag Along Kid, Ill Girl, Made of Plasticine, Nearly Normal Animal, Companion Cube, Pathetically Weak
Muggle Weight: 0 Indistinguishable from Real Life humans. More  Ridiculously Average Guy, Action Survivor, Unfazed Everyman, Non-Action Guy
Iron Weight: 1 Made of Iron Badass Normals. More  Badass Normal, Action Hero, Non-Powered Costumed Hero, Real-Life Super Powers, Bears Are Bad News
Super Tier
Extranormal Weight: 2 Superhuman traits, but otherwise comparable to normal humans.More  Beast Man, Anti-Magic, Power Nullifier, Single-Power Superheroes, Inept Mage, Super Soldier, Useless Superpowers
Super Weight: 3 Characters with powers or Functional Magic.More  Magic and Powers, Our Mages Are Different, Our Monsters Are Different
Hyper Weight: 4 Persons of Mass Destruction.More  Person of Mass Destruction, Person of Mass Construction, Flying Brick, Weather Manipulation, The Archmage, Semi-Divine
Cosmic Tier
World Weight: 5 World-class power. More  World-Wrecking Wave, World-Healing Wave, Earth-Shattering Kaboom, Planet Destroyer, Genesis Effect, Physical God
Cosmic Weight: 6 Characters with cosmic-scale powers, ranging from multi-planetary to multiversal. More  Cosmic Entity, Sentient Cosmic Force, Anthropomorphic Personification, The Powers That Be
Author Weight: 7 The Author or Capital-G God. More  Author Powers, The Omnipotent, God, Game Master

Compare Character Tiers, which is this in terms of usefulness in competitive play, and Sliding Scale of Villain Threat, which assesses the danger level of villains.

Please make sure that there's at least four rankings before placing a work in a respective subpage or folder. Examples of works whose characters are all level 0 are meaningful as people sitting on chairs.

Example subpages:

Other examples:

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  • Gorillaz
    • Type -1: The kids from Dirty Harry.
    • Type 0: 2D, Paula Cracker.
    • Type 1: Noodle, Russell, Bruce Willis.
    • Type 2: Murdoc, Cyborg Noodle.
    • Type 3: Del, Giant Russell.
    • Type 4: The Boogeyman and the other horsemen.

  • The Magnus Archives
    • Type -1: Melanie as of MAG 155, Gerry in the Book of the End.
    • Type 0: Sasha James, Martin Blackwood, Georgie Barker, Jurgen Leitner, Mary Keay.
    • Type 1: Basira Hussain, Tim Stoker, Melanie King, Adelard Dekker, Mikaele Salesa.
    • Type 2: Gertrude Robinson, Lonely!Martin, most avatars at the beginning of their emergence.
    • Type 3: Jon Sims, Daisy Tonner, most other fully-developed avatars.
    • Type 4: Jonah Magnus, Jon as of MAG 160.
    • Type 6: The Entities.

  • Darwin's Soldiers
    • Type 0: Dr. Bailey, Shelton, Shakila all nameless background characters.
    • Type 1: Dr. Zanasiu, Zachary, Sharon, Neville, Cobalt Squad bar Spc. Crota and Sgt. Masters, Dr. Landon, Aisha, Trinity (pre-Super Serum use).
    • Type 2: Aimee], Alfred, Gustave, Spc. Crota, Sgt. Masters, Trinity (post-Super Serum use).
    • Type 3: Soundwave, all experiments, Gustave (post-Super Serum use).
    • Type 4: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Death, Neku (post-upgrade), Hailey.

  • Destroy the Godmodder
    • Type -1: Rare, but a handful of summons ended up here, as well as a few self-summons after the godmodder reversed their modifiers, Dave.
    • Type 0: The members of a handful of armies. Characters native to Earth.
    • Type 1: Anything of a lower level than this is toast. Anything or anyone that survives for a significant amount of time anywhere near a battlefield. Standard Minecraftians, and some of the weakest summons.
    • Type 2: The level of many summons. Specific examples include individual Vord members, Itchy, and the ghost space pirates.
    • Type 3: The most common level. Dr. Christoff, Pootis, and the goldisaurus are all examples. Descendants who haven't yet learned their full potential.
    • Type 4: Many self-summons, the UOSS, the Preston Cole, Mechs, and the creepy dummy among others. Most Descendants.
    • Type 5: The Operator, many other bosses, Twinbuilder, Doc Scratch, several of the stronger players.
    • Type 6: The Secret of the Void, The First Block, Lord English, Terminae, a Game Master during an update, universe eaters, the Employer, the Narrative and Conflict.
    • Type 7: The Black Monolith.

  • Ruby Quest
    • Type -1: Bella (discounting her control of the facility's systems), Jay
    • Type 0: Red, Ruby before her mutation, Filbert pre-mutation
    • Type 1: Tom without his mutation
    • Type 2: Ruby with her Third Eye, Tom with his extra arms
    • Type 3: Ace, Tom Nook
    • Type 4: Cjopaze (only this low because of being confined to the Metal Glen)

  • We Are All Pokémon Trainers
    • Type -1: Lone Unown, most baby mons.
    • Type 0: Most humans.
    • Type 1: Badass Normal humans.
    • Type 2: Most humans on the Auric spectrum, first stage mons.
    • Type 3: Advanced level humans on the Auric spectrum, most fully evolved mons.
    • Type 4: "Lower tier" legendaries (Mew and expies, Latii, etc), Psuedo legendaries.
    • Type 5: Non-creation trio box legends (Weather trio, tao trio, etc.), Mewtwo, Deoxys, The Ghost Lord, Annoski.
    • Type 6: The creation trio, the vitality trio, Unown hordes, Arceus.
    • Type 7: Narrators.


    Visual Novels 
  • Umineko: When They Cry:
    • Type 0: Humans in the Prime timeline, including Tohya "Ikuko" Hachijo, the human counterpart/mortal form of Featherine and the real Erika Furudo
    • Type 1: The WW2 Japanese soldiers with Kinzo on Rokkenjima
    • Type 2: The Goats, humans present on the Game Board
    • Type 3: Most non-Witch inhabitants of the Golden Land (Seven Sisters of Purgatory, Chiester Imperial Guard Corps)
    • Type 4: Ronove, Dlanor A. Knox, Willard H. Wright
    • Type 5: Beatrice the Golden Witch, Lord Battler
    • Type 6: Bernkastel, Lambdadelta
    • Type 7: Featherine Augustus Aurora, Ryukishi himself

    Web Videos