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Role Playing Signups
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new postpinnedREAD THIS FIRST7Fri, 2nd Aug '13 1:29:59 PM
new postCity of Weirdos: The Superpower RP (Signup)483Wed, 9th Jul '14 11:45:28 PM
new postMythology Reborn46Wed, 9th Jul '14 11:28:04 PM
new postA Game of Gods: Taskforce Sifuri1,169Wed, 9th Jul '14 9:32:02 PM
new postSurviving in an Unknown Land - A Fantasy Magitek Survival Game57Wed, 9th Jul '14 8:09:32 PM
new postEclipse of the Gods837Wed, 9th Jul '14 6:18:18 PM
new postStygian Empire: Blackguards - Signup47Wed, 9th Jul '14 5:10:57 PM
new postinFamous Uprising16Wed, 9th Jul '14 4:08:02 PM
new postHeroic Souls - Urban Fantasy High Powered Brawler RP - Interest Check97Wed, 9th Jul '14 1:19:01 PM
new postJojo's bizarre adventure Rp interest check 8Wed, 9th Jul '14 11:56:14 AM
new postThe Magic Lands are ours - Interest Check/Sign Up223Tue, 8th Jul '14 9:30:45 PM
new postLooking For GM's [RPs You Want Someone Else To Start]681Tue, 8th Jul '14 2:46:55 PM
new postOur Avatars Are In A Room Together — Signups99Tue, 8th Jul '14 12:15:13 PM
new postWe Are All Pokemon Trainers Signup Thread1,492Tue, 8th Jul '14 10:42:50 AM
new postYugioh East Academy II Sign Ups78Tue, 8th Jul '14 1:50:00 AM
new postTwilight of the Gods - A Scion: Ragnarok RP69Tue, 8th Jul '14 1:38:14 AM
new postSpecial Forces, a Cold War spec ops historical RP IC/Signup thread31Mon, 7th Jul '14 10:09:54 PM
new postDrifters - The Battle (RP based on Hirano's Drifters manga) IC/Signup7Mon, 7th Jul '14 10:09:39 PM
new postTask Force Sigma, a cyberpunk CT RP interest check/signup thread10Mon, 7th Jul '14 10:09:24 PM
new postCounting Coup, a Worm RP (Signups)122Mon, 7th Jul '14 8:52:31 PM
new postTales of the Chamber SIGN UP AND INTEREST THREAD37Sun, 6th Jul '14 10:51:48 PM
new postYu-Gi-Oh! The Numeron Invasion: Signups and Interest Check23Sun, 6th Jul '14 12:16:04 PM
new postOur Avatars Were In A Room Together: The RP — Sign-Ups534Sat, 5th Jul '14 6:49:07 PM
new postSuper smash Tropers brawl18Sat, 5th Jul '14 8:13:55 AM
new postThe Zero Network - A Cyberpunk/Sci-Fi RP Interest Check/Sign Up161Sat, 5th Jul '14 5:47:18 AM
new postExalted: The RP!1Fri, 4th Jul '14 3:31:45 PM
new postMythril Aces Re(Union): A Rebooted Real Robot RP187Fri, 4th Jul '14 8:08:30 AM
new post"I Know Trope Fu!": Interest Check & Sign-em-Ups8Thu, 3rd Jul '14 12:24:15 PM
new post: Our Avatar are in a City20Thu, 3rd Jul '14 9:30:41 AM
new postAntebel's Academy for Gifted Minors (Sign-Ups)61Tue, 1st Jul '14 12:50:59 PM
new postReichs and Fall, the WWII era Superheroics RP141Tue, 1st Jul '14 12:20:49 AM
new postWizards vs Muggles, Signup Bravo203Sun, 29th Jun '14 12:33:06 PM
new postA Game of Gods: Infinities1,463Fri, 27th Jun '14 7:04:20 PM
new postPrototype Life, A Magic/Techno Shadow World (Sign-Ups)28Fri, 27th Jun '14 6:02:23 PM
new postJustice Avengers: (West Coast) Sign Ups642Fri, 27th Jun '14 9:17:11 AM
new postWelcome To Beacon! Beacon-2 Server132Thu, 26th Jun '14 6:35:19 PM
new postFate/liner phantasm Sign Ups 215Thu, 26th Jun '14 4:11:22 PM
new postInterest Check/sign up- Wandering Roads, A Jojo's Bizarre Adventure RP5Thu, 26th Jun '14 4:35:43 AM
new postThe League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 1988 - Interest Check19Wed, 25th Jun '14 7:56:57 PM
new postA Sci-fi Adventure and Politics RP Brainstrom238Tue, 24th Jun '14 4:54:55 PM
new postWelcome to Beacon! (RWBY-verse RP)266Mon, 23rd Jun '14 11:05:32 PM
new postJustice Avengers: Interest Check and Sign Up1,201Mon, 23rd Jun '14 12:05:55 PM
new postThe Pokémon Mystery Dungeon RP With No Name28Sun, 22nd Jun '14 3:45:42 PM
new postSaints Row Unlimited the RP interest check.8Sat, 21st Jun '14 10:22:08 PM
new postModern Age Heroes Interest Check1Fri, 20th Jun '14 11:59:09 PM
new postThe Battle of Wills - RP Signup and Interest Thread174Fri, 20th Jun '14 3:46:13 AM
new postMystery RP Interest Check (Details Inside)2Thu, 19th Jun '14 8:39:08 PM
new postMaid RPG - The Manor Is Not Enough199Wed, 18th Jun '14 9:53:47 PM
new postAt Intervals: the MMFRPG Season 3 reboot - sign-up thread350Wed, 18th Jun '14 1:02:14 PM
new postLove, Chuunibyou, and Tropers: Signups22Mon, 16th Jun '14 3:31:31 PM
new postOh Look! Another Yu-Gi-Oh Interest Check.90Sat, 14th Jun '14 11:52:24 PM
new postVitality Underground (Sign-Ups & Interest Check)33Sat, 14th Jun '14 4:20:18 PM
new postAcademy of Adventure (Interest Check/Brainstorming)72Fri, 13th Jun '14 2:31:57 PM
new postUnsung Heroes of Azeroth - Interest Check for a Warcraft RP33Sat, 7th Jun '14 11:00:28 AM
new postDivine Singularity:A Chronicles of the Gods RP- Interest Check/Signups436Wed, 4th Jun '14 7:23:04 AM
new postMad city-Noir Lovecraftian crime rp.4Mon, 2nd Jun '14 11:34:44 PM
new postJustice Avengers: (Villains) Sign Up202Sun, 1st Jun '14 1:11:28 AM
new postThe Bureau of Multi-Dimensional Artifacts57Fri, 30th May '14 5:57:45 PM
new postWorld of Darkness: Streets of New York (Sign-ups)36Fri, 30th May '14 3:44:28 PM
new postWWII era Superheroics RP interest check.13Fri, 30th May '14 11:39:01 AM
new postPokémon Mystery Dungeon RP: The Interest Check8Thu, 29th May '14 4:14:36 PM
new postInterest Check -- ELDRITCH DEFENSE! The Inverse Mecha Roleplay!160Thu, 29th May '14 1:13:56 PM
new postWinx Club: Shades of Discord [Interest Check/Signups]10Wed, 28th May '14 9:28:18 PM
new postWar of the Magical Girls - Sign-Up215Tue, 27th May '14 4:36:07 PM
new postBounty Hunters of the Apocalypse second arc: The March of Mephisto125Tue, 27th May '14 3:13:04 PM
new postWe Are Our Avatars : Super Evil Edition160Mon, 26th May '14 10:29:46 AM
new postInterest Check: Chuunibyou RP6Sun, 25th May '14 9:13:47 PM
new postOff the Rails; an RPG about arguing Signup3Sun, 25th May '14 5:20:42 PM
new postWitch Girls Adventures Interest Check/Signup Thread107Sat, 24th May '14 5:00:03 PM
new postAgents of M.A.I.D. 20Sat, 24th May '14 4:48:04 AM
new postJourney Through the Multiverse: An RP for All (Newbies Welcome!)210Wed, 21st May '14 3:52:15 PM
new postInterest Check/Sign up- Universal Coliseum37Tue, 20th May '14 3:15:18 AM
new postIsle De Muerta-A far cry Rp interest check/sign up 6Mon, 19th May '14 11:15:57 PM
new postBleach Shinigami Character Creation1Sun, 18th May '14 8:10:44 PM
new postBig Little Steel1Sun, 18th May '14 7:42:18 PM
new postEdge Town- Dresden Files RP (Sign Up)289Sun, 18th May '14 3:07:44 AM
new postPuella Magi Troper Magica -- Signup Thread126Sat, 17th May '14 9:44:00 AM
new postElder Tales Gaiden - Log Horizon RP Interest Check/Sign-ups24Sat, 17th May '14 6:03:32 AM
new postSouth Park based RP, anyone?2Thu, 15th May '14 5:55:49 AM
new postThe Hunter's Blades - A Mercenary RP on a Sci Fi/Fantasy Setting50Wed, 14th May '14 5:41:47 AM
new postLegacy of the Black Queen - Yet another Fantasy RP (Signup Thread)52Tue, 13th May '14 10:15:19 PM
new postThe Long Road to Heaven - A Scion RP129Sun, 11th May '14 1:26:07 PM
new postFetch Quest (Interest Check/Sign-Up)59Sat, 10th May '14 4:46:14 AM
new postDrag On Dragoon V: Return Re-Act Interest Check7Thu, 8th May '14 5:25:06 PM
new postDoodle Wars Signup Thread10Thu, 1st May '14 2:58:49 PM
new postSenatus Populusque Romanus - Demigods in Ancient Rome.97Wed, 30th Apr '14 4:20:17 AM
new postChampions of Mythology - Signup78Mon, 28th Apr '14 4:20:30 PM
new postA.I.M.E.D. - Child Espionage RP {Interest Check/Sign-Up}37Mon, 28th Apr '14 12:16:30 PM
new postPersona RP Interest Check55Mon, 28th Apr '14 9:34:53 AM
new postDivine Comedy - Hellish Fantasy RP Signup58Sat, 26th Apr '14 11:00:09 PM
new postDivine Comedy - Hellish Fantasy RP Interest Check18Sat, 26th Apr '14 10:58:39 PM
new postThe Color Of Magic (no, not the discworld book) Interest Check!73Sat, 26th Apr '14 5:03:08 PM
new postAether Cross: The Brave Frontier SIGN UPS & INTEREST CHECK149Fri, 25th Apr '14 10:06:51 PM
new postTo Boldly Go - A Crossover in Space (Signup Thread!)219Fri, 25th Apr '14 1:13:07 PM
new postThe Monday Night Wars: A Professional Wrestling RP4Sat, 19th Apr '14 3:41:36 PM
new postHighlander RP Interest Check12Fri, 18th Apr '14 10:21:54 PM
new postSeattle Below- A Neverwhere RP interest Check3Fri, 18th Apr '14 4:58:20 PM
new postWe Are Our Avatars FAQ87Wed, 16th Apr '14 2:46:48 PM
new postInterest Check: A Professional Wrestling RP16Wed, 16th Apr '14 2:30:38 PM
new postSons of Heaven - A Wuxia RP8Wed, 16th Apr '14 11:55:59 AM
15 pages in this list
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