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    Super Smash Bros Brawl 

Subspace Emissary

Episode 1
  • At the end of the very first match — a Chugga/Jon double Kirby on Mario Curb-Stomp Battle — Chugga gets his mitts on a bumper and throws it straight down, knocking Jon right off the edge of the stadium. Chugga then gently floats down, hits the bumper, and is flung off the side himself, all in Slow Motion.
    NCS: Super Kirby massacre!
  • Chugga calls his cat, "Mah Boi".
  • "He had stickers in his underpants!"
  • Chugga and Jon 'wombo combo'-ing Mario.
  • This hilarious exchange after the first match:
    Chugga: And with that PILLARS!!
    Tim: And we cut to...pillars.
    Chugga: God this place is just so dark and dank, (at the same time Pit's name appears) this place is the pits.
    Jon and NCS: -both groan at the same time- So nice, you had to say it twice, right?
    Chugga: I know! Hey, you rhymed! You made a pun yourself!
    Jon: Rhyming is not a pun.
    Chugga: It is in my book. (NCS starts laughing)
    Jon: You have a really weird book.
    Chugga: I don't read!
    Jon: I know! That's why it's a weird book! I'm assuming it's drawn in crayons, and has one of those pop-up things...
  • Chugga admits that he always thought Palutena was pronounced "pollute-ina." The guys decide that Pollute-ina sounds like a Captain Planet and the Planeteers villain.

Episode 2
  • At the very start of Episode 2, Chugga ends up making yet another Incredibly Lame Pun:
    Chugga: So, we're going to be starting off here on the Sea of Clouds. Told you we'd be 'seeing' you guys-
    Jon: No. Don't you dare.
    NCS: (groans)
    Chugga: (As Zelda and Kirby are travelling over the clouds) Jon, you need to get your head out of the clouds.
    Jon: (groans) They just keep getting worse. Where's- I need to throw something at you now...
    • It gets better when one remembers how the first episode ended.
    Chugga: Join us next week when we tackle, ze Sea of Clouds. ''Sea'' you guys then!
    Jon: No.
    NCS: Nooo.
    Jon: Nooooo.
    NCS: Nooooooo!
    Jon: I'm leaving now. (end of episode)
    • Later on, Jon makes a "just hanging around" joke while hanging off a ledge, and gets hit right away.
    Chugga: You see?! When you make bad puns, you just get punished
  • Extremely early into episode 2, the guys somehow start talking about how royalty works, when the original topic of discussion was the character select screen. It's because Tim choose to play Zelda because he wanted to be the prettiest princess, and then Chugga asked if that would make Josh the prince, since Tim was his wife in the "Meet Josh Jepson" song that he's still obsessed with, and... yeah.
  • Their rule for giving everyone a chance to play is to switch off whenever they reach a selection screen. The reason it's funny is because there are times where the entirety of one of their sessions was running forward until they hit a Cutscene.
  • Jon does find a way to kill Chugga: break blocks beneath him when he's player 1 to drop him to his death.
    • And later, while he's not playing, Chugga keeps rooting for Jon to enter the wrong door and fall into a lava pit so he and NCS can take damage. And whenever they do fall into the pit, it's a moment of funny in and of itself.
  • Chugga and Jon during a battle with loads of Mites:
    Jon: Ha ha, maniacal laughter...
    Chugga: Oh God, we have Mites.
    Jon: Pikmin! It's Pikmin!
    Chugga: Attack the portal! ATTACK THE PORTAL!
    Jon: I'm busy, attacking not-the-portal!
    Chugga: HAAAAAAH! *destroys the portal* HAAAAA-boom. I made the portal go boom.
  • At 10:15 of episode 2, Jon has fun with the cannons, while NCS just stands off to the side, waiting.
  • Pretty much the entirety of the Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong level.
  • During one section, some text pops onscreen to say "No commentary for a few seconds" as the commentary cuts out temporarily. A while later, with no explanation, the text appears again, even though there's still commentary going on.

Episode 3
  • During the start of episode 3:
    NCS: Could this get any worse?
    * Primids appear*
    Jon: And then it does.
    NCS: We need someone like...
    * Pig King Statue appears*
  • Chugga tries to make out with polo shirts.
  • While outrunning Porkynote , Chugga decides to annoy Jon:
    Chugga: We're really outrunning him, so you know what? MOVE FASTER POKEY!
  • Defeating Porky results in a slow-motion shot of Lucas (Chugga) being launched away. As Jon says, "To space!"
  • Chugga names one of the Bytans Joe, and then when he explains the joke, the pun is so bad it completely stops the commentary. Joe Biden.
  • Jon singing the "Ninja Rap" by Vanilla Ice while playing as Squirtle.
  • Chugga taking the opportunity to get in "DOH, I MISSED!" at the best possible moment — just as Wario appears and misses Ness with his Dark Gun.

Episode 4
  • Chugga and NintendoCapriSun backtracking to get a Stock Ball... and NintendoCapriSun immediately dying.
  • "Speaking of Majora's Mask, here's Twilight Princess."
  • During the fourth episode, they get their turn order mixed up again, and captions note that Tim should be playing that round. When they see that it's Yoshi's debut, Jon then hands Tim his controller so he can play, ironically and unknowingly fixing the order in the process.
    • Doubles somewhat as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
    • Gets even better in the next episode, when the turn order just gets totally freaking screwed over by their mistake.
    • And when they figure this out, they end up having to let Tim play 9 turns in a row to sort it all out.
  • The Beige Prose opening of Episode 4.
  • After NCS misheard "Venture" as "Vengeance", Jon had this insight to offer:
    Jon: You know what? If I think vengeance, I don't think Yoshi.
  • Chugga jokingly calls himself a suicide bomber and then gets blown up by a Bob-omb.

Episode 5

Episode 6
  • A bit of an Ironic Echo: at one point, after NCS gets two game overs in a row and starts sounding dejected, Chugga tries to sound "caring" and says "Are you okay?" in a voice that Jon (and possibly NCS) perceives as mocking. Later on:
    Chugga: You're going to pay!
    NCS: *mocking voice* Are you okay?
    • Even better is that Chugga doesn't realize it's an Ironic Echo and only thinks of it as a rhyme.
  • There was a moment in the last cutscene of episode 6. Bowser shows up to take one of Dedede's (character) statues and TRG wonder who he was there for.
    Chugga: Guess who Bowser's here for! I'll give you a hint, it's not Luigi.
  • Episode 6 starts off with Chugga hurting his foot while getting into position.
  • Jon's impersonations of Squirtle were a quick chuckle. His impersonation of Squirtle with a Super Mushroom was a laughing riot.

Episode 7
  • The entirety of the intro to Episode 7, which includes the guys introducing themselves as characters from Home Improvement to the Wii crashing on them. The fact that they're recording at Jon's house instead of a hotel for once, so they can be as loud as they want, doesn't hurt either.
    • The Home Improvement opening is made even funnier by how Tim doesn't get the reference and goes Off the Rails into a completely different parody.
    • Best part about the crash: it takes them around 30 seconds to notice it. They manage to go on a tangent about Back to the Future of all things, all with the droning crash noise in the background.
  • The ending with Jon as Billy Mays pitching Silly Putty.
    Jon: So...this has been... Billy Mays.
    Chugga: (Beat) You're not Billy Mays.
    Tim: Helllllllloooooooooo, yeah, that's right!
    Jon: Billy Mays here for Silly Putty!
    Chugga: Mighty Putty!
    Jon: I keep doing that!
  • Somehow, Chugga and Tim end up using up nearly all their lives in the span of a few seconds.
  • Chugga telling Tim to grab the hammer before Charizard does in the battle against the latter. Charizard does get the hammer... and then promptly ends up falling off the stage.
    • Chugga and Jon sound so similar that it might have been either of them. It's such a dry observation that it makes the actual sight of Charizard wielding the hammer look that much more ridiculous.
    Jon: (nonchalantly) Someone should grab that hammer before Charizard does.
  • The Call-Back where part of the (in)famous "Meet JoshJepson" song was sung again.
    • Made even funnier when it's NintendoCapriSun singing the "Tim, his wife!" part, since he had such a negative reaction to it at first.
  • "Say hello to my nipple knives."
  • The entire 'go be Canadian somewhere else' exchange (with Tim on Jon's side).
    • "Like in Canada? Where we are right now?!"
  • There was also Jon commenting on one of their (many) failures over the course of Subspace:
    Jon: Since we're explaining things we got wrong in the first place... we know how to fight Greaps. We're just stupid.

Episode 8
  • Episode eight's intro, with a particularly jerkish but true Take That! from Chugga.
    NCS: I'm Dumb. This is Dumber, and over on my left is Dumbest.
    Chugga: WHY AM I DUMBEST?
    Jon: I'm rolling with this!
    Chugga: Clearly, I'm not the dumbest if I've managed a channel that's gotten further than both of yours combined.
    NCS: OHH!
    Jon: Once again, as I've stated in the past, what a douche!
  • During the battle with Galleom, Chugga began shouting attack names for each move the monster did.
    • "FALL ON FACE!"
  • Everyone's reactions to how Jon somehow survived the first battle against Galleom despite being hit by almost every attack used by the boss.
  • The group's reaction to Charizard pretty much One-Hit KOing Galleom in the second battle with a single move.
  • The entirity of the scene where Chugga and Tim kept dying on the elevators.

Episode 9
  • When Ridley appears in episode 9, what does ProtonJon say?
    ProtonJon: Hey guys! It's Ridley and I've stopped falling!
  • Chugga says that Zero Suit Samus's name is technically inaccurate, as she's actually wearing a suit. Proton Jon replies to this with "It's not a birthday suit." Chugga brings up that it's Jon's birthday. Hilarity Ensues.
    ProtonJon: GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!
  • Chugga's reaction to the stage they will be doing next time when he realizes what happens at the beginning of the stage. ProtonJon's reaction makes it even better.

Episode 10
  • Fun with Pikmin! (OK, more like fun with Steve, but...)
    • When ROB flings the Pikmin off of him, Chugga yells "NO, STE-"...and then denies it.
    • Jon cheerfully re-enacts a conversation between Olimar and Steve while Chugga (fake) sobs in the background.
    • Chugga reeeeeeally doesn't want to play as Steve. Jon is enjoying this way too much. (Maybe because he can't actually kill Chugga in this game, and this is his way of getting revenge?)
    Jon (Chugga): (NO!) YES! So, (No!) so I've got both controllers in my hands right now, cause I'm not letting Chugga touch (No! No no!) it just yet, and I believe it's Chugga and NCS... (Give me that... NO!) and Chugga is player 1 (Give me...), so he is playing as Olimar. (No, why?! No...) So Tim, who would you like to be?
    • Chugga throwing Pikmin off the stage while yelling "DIE! DIE! DIE!"
    Jon: "You're starting to scare me, actually."
    Chugga: "Starting to?"
  • Jon as Captain Falcon
    • "Falcon's nipples, they are very prone to explosions, it is very messy. Captain Falcon apologizes in advance."
    • "MAJESTIC!"
  • Tim made an epic recovery while playing Captain Falcon... without actually knowing he was playing as him.
  • "I "meta" game? Like what, at a club?"
  • Chugga's midichlorians were off the scale, and he might fulfill that prophecy~
  • "That was funny, whatever it was."
  • Anytime Nana gets killed in the stage, especially Jon's reactions to it.
  • The Glices frankly epic combo abilities in The Glacial Peak.
    • And then they do it again in The Great Maze!

Episode 11
  • Chugga finally uses a Smart Bomb correctly... only for an enemy to knock him into its explosion anyway.
    Jon: You two doin' okay in here...?
    Chugga: We're monkeys!
    Jon: I- (beat) I know.
  • Tim and Chugga are fighting the false princesses and throw a Deku Nut, but they accidentally end up only stunning themselves with it.
  • Jon realizes that since they're in his house, he can kick Chugga and Tim (mainly Chugga) out whenever he wants. He's overwhelmed in awe.
    • So awed, in fact, that for awhile the only thing you hear him say is:
    Jon: I can kick you out of my house! I- I can kick you out of my house! Oh man! (reverently) I can kick you out of my house...
  • The guys discuss Hawke and Chugga asks if his first name was Mike. Mike Hawke. Figure out why that's funny. But wait, there's more. After that, Chugga and Jon simultaneously kick Chugga (yes, Chugga actually helped Jon with this) out of Jon's house, leaving Jon and Tim alone to sign off for that episode.
  • More puns from Chugga after Snake (Tim) gets a mushroom:
    NCS: I can't fit through the door...
    Chugga: It's Anaconda!
    Jon: (Beat) Really?
  • Yet another Chugga pun, but Jon sees this one coming a mile away.
    Jon: How dare you talk over David Hayter!
    Chugga: I guess that makes me a...
    Jon: No, no, no, no, no, no, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!
    Chugga: ...HATER!
    Jon: AUGH! I knew you were gonna say it immediately.

Episode 12
  • Chugga's return. Jon and Tim introduce themselves and start wondering if they're missing someone. Then:
    *knocking at the door*
    NCS: Oh no!
    Jon: Dude, dude! *opens the door* I... Jeez, are you okay?
    Chugga: Next time you leave me out there, move faster, Pokey!
    Jon: Oh you... you're going back outside, now!
    Chugga: For another week?!
    Jon: I unlock the door and everything, and this how I get treated!
  • Duon. It takes Tim and Jon six tries to defeat it.
    • Here are some of the highlights from the Duon battles:
    Jon: And I hope that I don't di- *dies* -iie. Because that's our last life.
    Chugga: You still have Falco.
    Jon: *as NCS is launched into the background* Yeah, but now if Tim dies — *notices NCS dying* —like that.
    Chugga: Pffff. Brilliant! Every time we mentioned something going bad, it did. When will we ever learn?
    Chugga: You're pitiful! You're pitiful!
    Jon: Thank you, Al.
    NCS: It's truuue!
    Jon: *dead serious* Tim? We have guns.
  • An unfortunate yet hilarious moment of battle choreography: against a group of sword-wielding Primids, Chugga (Pikachu) comes across a smart bomb and a green shell. His approach knocks the shell at an enemy, who hits it back with its sword, which knocks Chugga into another enemy, who knocks him off the stage. The shell also hits the Smart Bomb, which sets it off, catching multiple Primids and NCS (Samus) in it, which ends up killing NCS. No one in the group could work out what just happened, how many lives were lost in the confusion, or whether or not Chugga improperly used another smart bomb.
  • After discussing Superman 64:
    Chugga (to Jon): Dude, this [episode] could come out a year from now and you would not be that far [into your LP of Superman 64].
    Jon: Well fuck you, too!
  • Jon pointing out that an upcoming segment of the game will feature the return of Captain Falcon, meaning the return of Olimar and "Steve" as well. Chugga is horrified at this, especially when Jon points out that Chugga's next turn would have him playing that segment.
  • Jon's unexpected Big "WHAT?!" when Chugga mentions he doesn't like the music currently playing.
    Chugga: I never liked this song that much.
    Jon: WHAT? I love this song!
    Chugga: It... sounds like someone farting.
    Jon: It's called jazz music.
    NCS: (At the same time as Jon) You know, in the bathroom!
    Chugga: (Laughs) Tim!
  • NCS singing "In the bathroom" in an effeminate, vaguely English accent. "Een the b-ah-throom!"
    Jon: In the b-ah-throom?
  • Some time after discussing Fox and Falco crashing their Arwings (right before the infamous Duon battle), we're treated to this exchange:
    Chugga: And robot Dialga is like... Siamese twins with robot Palkia.
    Jon: Oh, there's Falco. He just felt like showing up.
    Chugga: He just jumped out of the plane again.
    Jon: [Chokes back laughter] He just — I hope those things have autopilot, otherwise...
  • Chugga trying to take a stab at Jon's update schedule for the second time in two minutes:
    Chugga: You know what, no 'move faster, Pokey'. Your letting me back in the door and remembering me was like your upload schedule.
    Jon: Was that actually supposed to be funny?
    Chugga: Maybe~
    Jon: That means no, right? (NCS stutters) Tim has nothing to say on the subject!
    NCS: I don't know — I can't believe there's a vegetable...
  • Chugga pointing out Jon's borderline psychopathic tendencies... and Jon doing nothing to dispel the image.
    Chugga: You blew his head off with a missile!
    Jon: He didn't need it.
  • The commentary on Sheik.
    Jon (probably): She's my dream man!
  • The entire ending on episode 12. The guys just seem so awed by the epic fail of the Duon fight, you can hear it in the way they're talking.
    Chugga: Dude, we need to give them at least some content.
    Jon: That was content! Just not very good!
    NCS: I... I-I-I... zoned out.
    Jon: Stop the video now.

Episode 13
  • The Steve abuse continues on in Episode 13. "Someone grab his controller!"
  • More Captain Falcon moments from Jon:
    • Captain Falcon is BATMAN!
    • "Captain Falcon is parallel parking."
    • Jon praying that Meta Ridley gives him a chance to Falcon Punch him. Meta Ridley grabs the side of the Falcon Flyer and starts dragging it down while shooting fireballs. Jon, seeing his chance, yells "I LOVE YOU RIDLEY!" and makes his move... Only to get hit by a fireball and killed.
  • In episode 13, Jon and Tim are picking their characters for a stage, and Tim chooses Fox.
    Jon: So I've got two of my favourite characters, and you've got...two...I you like Fox?
    Tim: Yeah, I love him! ...Well, not like that...
  • Tim singing about Subspace to the tune of the Forest Maze music from Mario RPG. Then:
    Tim: *still in tune* We will be here for a very long time... *Beat* I have nothing with that that would rhyme...
    Chugga: *also in tune* What do you mean we did badly on time?
    Tim and Jon: *laughter*
  • While Jon is carrying a bomb, an enemy appears behind him, and he on reflex throws it at the enemy. The enemy was a Metal Primid. Metal Primids reflect projectiles. See if you can guess what happened.
  • At the end of episode 13, Chugga proclaims he is going outside again. Jon and Tim don't believe him, until he actually leaves again. They are dumbfounded until:
    Tim: ...Now hiring: Spot for The Runaway Guys!
    Jon: Send your resumés to- *episode cuts off*
  • They joke about Diddy's banana throwing animation and talk about him being high class while using ridiculous voices.
  • Ganondorf getting married to Master Hand.

Episode 14
  • Luigi's Epic Fail in Episode 14:
    Jon: Save your brother.
    Chugga: *while doing so* I don't wanna save my brother, then I might actually get to be the main characterr— *falls to death*

Episode 15
  • Later in the episode, it becomes obvious that Tim is having a heck of a time with the game. Highlights include:
    Chugga: So we have to get to a save point or you have to get a game over if you want Jon back.
    Jon: So what you're saying is, I'm gonna be here awhile.
    Chugga: Uh... well... he can die pretty quick.
    Jon: I was trying to be nice.
    Chugga: I'm actually amazed! He didn't die on the way to the save — that sounded really...
    • Tim on the elevators:
    Chugga: Go down. Go down. (NCS walks away) Tim. Okay, fine.
    Jon: Go in the ELEVATOR! (NCS walks through a door). TIM.
    NCS: Byyyye guuuuys!
    Jon: TIM!
    Chugga: Ti— (Bursts out laughing) I'm loving this so much!
    • The guys realize what the episode consists of:
    Jon: Yea— aww damnit, Tim! I should stop yelling at Tim. I feel really bad.
    Chugga: That's like all this video's been. It's just like TIIIIIM!
    • The elevators (and NCS) continue to foil Jon's plans.
    Jon: Elevat-TOR. Tim, get in the elevator. (He does so.) Go up. (He does so.) Yes. (NCS sends the elevator down). That's down, Tim. I wish I could control the elevator! Boy, howdy!
    Chugga: Go back to the elevator. (NCS gets in the elevator with Jon... and goes up). (Chugga laughs) Ti-i-im!
    • But the best is, perhaps, the fact that the only thing NCS says in his defense is:
    NCS: Yay!
  • Jon as Captain Falcon hitting an enemy repeatedly with a fan.
    Jon: Captain Falcon is your biggest fan. Captain Falcon is not above making bad jokes!
  • You don't even need to look further than the intro for the first one of episode 15. First the guys decide that NCS is his own wife and then they start singing the Captain Planet theme. Sort of.
    Chugga: Gonna take pollution down to zero! Go to hell and... I don't know the rest of the words.
    Jon: 'Go to hell'? That is not in the Captain Planet theme! What is with you?
  • There's also the episode's ending, which combines hopelessness and continued trolling.
    Chugga: (Trying to wrap things up) So, this has been...
    Jon: A train wreck. It has been a train wreck. GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY.
    Chugga: This has been a train wreck with the chuggatrain.
    Jon: The truggachain?
    Chugga: Chugga-chugga-chugga-chugga-trainwreck! (Beat) OH MY GOD. WE WEREN'T RECORDING ANY OF THAT?
  • Jon walking right into NCS's hands:
    Jon: [In his 'Captain Falcon' voice] Captain Falcon has returned! I'm sorry, I had to go use the washroom. It takes awhile to—
    NCS: In the washroom!
  • In the process of fighting Kirby, Jon proves Freud right and Chugga makes things worse.
    Jon: Captain Falcon has tripped! Doing a seductive pose for you, Kirby!
    Chugga: You threw paper at him and he died...
    Jon: Why is the taunt button so sticky!? (NCS laughs) What did you guys do to this controller!?
    Chugga: (Quietly) In bed.
  • Chugga's insane giggle.
  • Chugga turning the tables on Jon:
    Jon: Captain Falcon is back but not being controlled by Captain Falcon.
    Chugga: You are so dumb.
  • When Dark Yoshi appears: "SO UNHAPPY."
  • In the Skyworld part of the Great Maze, Tim is playing as Lucas and is struggling to make a jump. Eventually he hands the controller to Chugga, who completes the jump successfully. Tim takes control again...and promptly falls off and has to do the jump again.
  • Episode 15 features the group having a rematch with Duon. Chugga and NCS manage to get it down to just a sliver of health on their first attempt, but it lives up to the trouble it gave them in their original fight with it by killing NCS (who was player 1 at the time) right as Chugga was about to finish it off.
    • After reloading from the previous game-over, Chugga somehow manages to land on top of Duon as if it were a platform. He spends the next few seconds simply standing there smacking it with a paper fan before it manages to shake him off.
  • Chugga feels it necessary to scream "COME!" after defeating Cyber-Snake (Chugga was playing as Meta Knight, who says "come" as one of his taunts).

Episode 16
  • The opening to episode 16.
    *Someone claps*
    Jon: That was a weak clap.
    NCS: Sometimes that happens. The palm just hits the wrong way.
    Chugga: Weak claps, a good omen for things to come.
    Jon: Uhhhhhhm...
    Chugga: OOOH! I didn't realize what I just-
    Jon: Go in the door, now!
  • Episode 16 also sees the creation of Cyber Steve.
    Jon: Come with me if you want to live. But you must get there by sunset.
    • In a meta example, Jon gets home the same day it was uploaded and already there were a ton of fan pics.
    • Chuggaa points out the hostered weapons some characters never use, such as Ganondorf's sword and Captain Falcon and Snake's handguns.
    Jon: [in Captain Falcon voice] Captain Falcon doesn't need a gun, and Snake has, like, thirty other weapons.
  • Jon's reaction to Cyber Captain Falcon is to speak in a robot voice as Captain Falcon.
    • "Show me your Robo-Moves!"
  • While battling Cyber Pikachu, Jon gets killed and then Cyber Pikachu taunts him.
    • Pretty much every instance of the Cyber Pikachu fight. Watching Chugga and Jon being pwned by a little rat = Priceless.
  • While attempting to climb a jungle area full of mines, Tim fails horribly.
    *All the while, Chugga is laughing in the background:*
    Jon: Watch out- *Tim hits a mine* -for the mines. Watch out for those mines too! *Tim hits another mine* There we go.
    NCS: Just gonna hit every single one on the way up...
    Jon: Okay, lemme shoot this one. Or use your lightning bolt. Up-B.
    NCS: Oh yeah. *Jumps into the mines*
    Jon: THAT'S NOT UP-B!
  • The rotation comes back and bites the guys in the collective ass:
    Jon: Lucas went right— why are you going left?
    Chugga: T-Tim? Tim? Tim!
    Jon: (to Chugga) It's you, you idiot! You're Peach!
  • Episode 16 also features an impressive (and hilarious) number of Call Backs
    Jon: We have to go up.
    Chugga: Uh... Tim does not do well with up.
    Jon: I don't trust [NCS] with doors anymore, man!
    • There's also this lengthy conversation on jackassery:
    NCS: --and you're a jackass!
    Chugga: (Beat) I am?
    Jon: Congratulations!
    Chugga: Achievement unlocked! Jackassery!
    Jon: I don't think that's really an achievement.
    Chugga: Well for you it is.
    Jon: That's normal for me.
    Chugga: It's normal for you to be a jacka— oh, I guess in these recordings that makes sense.
    Jon: According to the internet, I am an asshole.
    Chugga and NCS: (singing) I am an asshole, I am an asshole! I am such an asshole!
    • During the rematch with normal Ridley, after Jon questions how Slowbeef and Diabetus can keep up their Ridley voice, Chugga attempts to imitate the voice himself.
    Chugga: (trying to imitate Diabetus' Ridley voice) OIHM RIDLEY!
    Jon: Wow! I... don't know what to classify that as.
    NCS moans as his character is knocked off screen''
    Jon: Charizard killed itself in response.
    • Jon and Chugga feel a certain catchphrase is getting a little stale:
    Jon: We've already used Yoshi. Numerous times.
    NCS: Yoshi! So happy!
    (Chugga and Jon groan)
    Chugga: We couldn't just... not say it?

Episode 17
  • Episode 17 consisted of nothing but nods. It doesn't even take two minutes for it to start.
    • The start of the epidemic:
    Jon: (singsong) Down, down, down. Down Tim, please. There's going to be gas.
    [Chugga starts saying something suspiciously like 'In']
    NCS: Ya know, in the bathroom!
    Chugga: [Laughs] I knew that was coming! I felt it coming!
    • A detour to Delfino:
    Jon: I guess you just have to go higher up.
    Chugga: (not paying attention to the game) Higher! Higher! I'm a Chuckst—! [He flies offscreen]
    Jon: Speaking of Chucksters, you got chucked off the screen.
    • Chugga and NCS cave:
    Jon: Yeah, so basically to the left of where the gold box was.
    Jon: No, because we could have just paused and looked at the map and—
    Chugga: (slowly) To the le...
    NCS: To ze left.
    ' I wasn't gonna say it though, Tim said it. Can't blame that on me. Tim said it, not me!
    • More jokes at NCS's expense:
    Jon: Good counter, whoever that was... Tim.
    Chugga: That was Tim. Considering his run with the ladders—
    Jon: You did know you were Marth this time, right?
    Jon: Are you punching Tim?
    Chugga: No! I wasn't punching him!
    NCS: His arm just happened to be moving in a certain, like, back and forth--
    Chugga: Umm...
    Jon: That's it. Make it sound worse than it actually was.
    Chugga: Saying my arm is moving back and forth in a rhythm. Yeah.
    NCS: Oh!
    Jon: Bow chicka bow wow!
    Chugga: With Tim?
    NCS: His wife!
    Chugga: Aaaaahhhhhh!
    Jon: YES! Yes!
    • Chugga's fascination with mushrooms backfires:
    Chugga: I want the mushroom! I wanna eat the mushroom! I wanna—
    Jon: You would want to eat the mushroom...
    • For added hilarity, it was a poison mushroom that directly led to Olimar's death. He probably shouldn't have eaten that mushroom. note 
    • Chugga makes the mistake of saying 'troop' in front of Jon:
    Jon: I'm impressed, actually.
    Chugga: I went through an army of Floos and beat Cyber Peach. No deaths. I- I trooped through that. (Beat) No. No no no!
    Jon: You trooped through this?
    Chugga: No! No! No!
    Jon: To Olimar! So you're picking Olimar, right?
    Chugga: Screw. You. So. Hard. [Picks Olimar]
    Jon: (mumbling) And he did it anyway...
    • After they pick Wario as their wild card:
    Chugga: I love the German fat man.
    Chugga: NO! I didn't mean it like that!
    • After a few remarks from Jon and one remark from Tim, Chugga finally counters with, "Hey! At least I didn't call one of the other Runaway Guys 'gorgeous' publicly." Cue Tim groaning loudly.
    • Jon seizes an opportunity:
    Jon: Usually your stuff is non-sequitur to me.
    [Chugga drives Wario offscreen and dies]
    Jon: Well then. I think you missed.
    • More mushroom humor:
    Jon: Remember, don't stab the chickens.
    Chugga: [Lightly] As long as you don't eat the mushroom.
  • The Indiana Jones singalong. Followed shortly by:
    Jon: (along with the theme music) Jump out right now, or you'll die— [NCS fails to take this advice, killing Fox off and nearly killing Marth. Chugga laughs maniacally] [Still in tune] And we did die because we missed the stupid jump. Let's go in the door~
    • The best part may be that you can hear NCS singing "On the toilet seat!" just before the incident.
  • Speaking of 'Tim, his wife'...
    Jon: There goes Nana.
    Chugga: I lost my wife! I'm gonna have to marry a new woman at the end of this area.
    NCS: That's why I'm here.
    (Later, as Chugga (solo) enters a door)
    Jon: Well, you get Nana back, right?
    Chugga: No! I wasn't able to find a woman within ten seconds!
    [Peach hits him into the air]
    Jon: You found a woman but she's kicking your ass.
  • Jon taking reverse psychology to its logical extreme.
    Jon: (as they're switching off) It is me and you, but since there's only one character... hold onto this controller and do nothing with it.
    Chugga: Don't shove it up your ass.
    Jon: Yes, that is exactly what I was going to do. How dare you take that option away from me.
    [Chugga laughs and NCS groans]
  • Chugga lampshading the (copious) Ho Yay.
    Chugga: Hey, at least I didn't call one of the other Runaway Guys 'gorgeous' publicly.
    Jon: Dun da-dun dun.
    NCS: (groans) Touche.
    Jon: He actually saw that.
    Chugga: E-yup.
  • Jon and Chugga continue their crusade against the Great Maze.
    Jon: (As NCS and Chugga are repeatedly getting frozen) Really? I'm, like, getting deja vu.
    Chugga: That's the idea of the Great Maze. You get to relive all the great memories you had of this annoying enemy configuration the first time.
    Jon: Remember that time you got stuck and died constantly? Well here you go again.
  • Then, there's this little gem from Episode 17...
    Chugga: Tim is Zelda.
    Tim: I wish.
  • Chugga comments on the Scenery Porn of the game by singing Circle of Life...really badly. Jon says that The Lion King is Ruined Forever for him.

Episode 18 (Story Finale)
  • The guys's brains are broken when Tim enters as Yoshi and instantly has 184 damage, without coming in contact with anything that can deal damage.
    • "184 is the real meaning of life."
  • Jon and Tim both die...about 30 seconds after exiting a save point room.
  • Jon, as Lucas, manages to use a Smart Bomb to kill Rayquaza. Chugga is visibly irritated by the fact that Jon was able to use a Smart Bomb correctly as Chugga's best character.
    Chugga: So — so you did the smart bomb right with my best character...
    Jon: Hahaha, the irony!
    Chugga: Now I really have to prove myself. (Beat) Well, I kinda did.
    Jon: Yeah, 'cause you hit nothing.
    Chugga: I hit Tim...
    • On a related note, there's Chugga's last chance at using a smart bomb.
    Chugga: [Notices and picks up a smart bomb] Oh baby!
    Jon: What'd you get? Oh! This is your chance! Show us your moves!
    [Chugga throws the bomb, misses Tabuu, and immediately gets killed]
  • During the battle with Cyber Ike, Ike seems to fall off the stage and kill himself, only to Aether up to safety just in time. Meanwhile, on the other side of the stage, Yoshi (Tim) kills himself instead.
  • "I'm playing with my snake."
  • Anytime Chugga rolls into the spikes.
  • Garth Brooks and Martha Stewart.
  • Jon is playing as Lucas and Tim as Captain Falcon:
    Jon: I feel weird not being Captain Falcon right now, not gonna lie...
    Chugga: You're not doing the voice enough.
    (Captain Falcon dies)
    Jon: Falcon agrees with me! He's like, "He's right. I should probably just kill myself."
  • The final battle: Tabuu hits Chugga with an instant kill right as Jon (as Yoshi), lands the final blow, freezing Chugga in a death animation but leaving him alive and floating in place.
  • Jon's reaction to forgetting Ike for the final battle, especially when he's not in the still in the end credits where it shows everyone standing side by side. He begins acting like Ike is dead and spends the rest of the episode talking about him.
    Jon: Lo-look, Ike is not in that cutscene.
    Chugga: Cause we never saved... *Cracks up*
    Jon: Ike is dead! You guys are dicks!
    Chugga: He will never fight for his friends again.
    Jon: Ike, I'm so sorry!
    Tim: We were awesome!
    Jon: But we killed Ike!
  • When Chugga finishes playing a game in which a sympathetic character lost their life over the course of the game, he will somberly remind us. He did so for the robots of the floating island. Cue Jon saying, in his usual exasperated tone, "Well that's depressing!"
  • During the final cutscene, NCS gets distracted and delivers this superb Non Sequitur:
    NCS: (out of nowhere) Haha! I didn't think I got that rupee! Hahahaha!
  • After the credits, as NCS hmms and haws over whether or not they're going to show the extra characters, Chugga demonstrates his short attention-span and ability to take things the wrong way:
    Chugga: You said 'we', 'screw' and 'together' so many times in that sentence.
    NCS: Wow.
  • The return of the monkey hug — with extra dinosaur for good measure.
    NCS: (Reading the translation of Brawl's main theme) 'Now that person stands at my side'. If only we had a camera!
    Jon: As they hug each other.
    Chugga: Group Hug!
    Jon: Nooo! Arrrgh, not again!
  • And, of course, there's the fact that the thing that saved the guys in the very end — the only reason they didn't get screwed over by Tabuu — was Yoshi. So happy!
    Jon: Yoshi was the winner after all...

Bonus Episode
  • The first time NCS has to fight Jigglypuff. Well, it ended badly. As in NCS died four seconds after the match started.
    • Jon's response is to throw his controller down and leave the house before coming back in a few seconds later to tell Tim he hates him.
    Chugga: (right after Jon leaves) I guess he really did go be Canadian somewhere else.
    • Jon was so emotionally drained by the end of it he started speaking in monotone.
    • The moments right before the first time Tim fought Jigglypuff were arguably even funnier.
    • They die ten times when trying to get back to the door leading to Jigglypuff.
      • Not to mention the gong show (as Jon put it), where they kept getting launched further and further away from the door they needed to go to in order to reach Jigglypuff. All this before the four-second match.note 
      • Solely because of being Tim's partner in the Bonus Episode, Jon's most common death cause was Mega Diddy.
      • Tim died playing as the Ice Climbers... because Nana got on a ledge and Popo didn't. Another time, Tim spawns as the Ice Climbers, and kills himself by walking off stage.
  • Tim and Jon are readying themselves for the Dark Diddy fight the first time and Chugga said "Get ready". They enter and Dark Diddy kills them instantly. Jon's reaction?
    Jon: Get ready, my ass!
  • According to the final totals, the wins were spread around somewhat evenly between Chugga and Jon, with Tim only winning "least healed". As for the losses, Tim "won" every single one of them. Except for "most healed", which went to Chugga.
  • After one of the first of many losses in the bonus episode, while scrolling through the received stickers:
    Chugga: Ike!
    Jon: Don't rub it in...
    Chugga: I'll rub whatever I- NEVER MIND.
  • Captain Falcon is a pirate.
  • Jon winning against Toon Link. Both are blown off the screen. Jon won because Toon Link flew off a second before him. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome.
  • The guys notice that Wolf is giving the players (and viewers, in this case) the finger.
  • Chugga grabs a hammer right infront of a breakable wall, as the screen is scrolling. The hammer breaks, and Chugga is forced to swing a stick at the wall. Tim had to come to his rescue.
    Chugga: I'M WAVING A STICK HERE!!!
  • After Tim finally beats Jigglypuff, Chugga says he was half-hoping Tim would lose again so he could watch him and Jon fail have a hard time getting back there. Tim proceeds to give this surprisingly snarky comment:
    NCS: (to Jon) You're gonna go back to hating him now, right? note 

  • Anytime Chugga yells "[X]'s got a gun!"
    "Monkey's got a trophy!"
    "Monkey's got a gun and he refuses to take his medication!"
    "The monkey doesn't have a gun anymore. But he still refuses to take his medication!"
  • Any time Chugga blows up a Smart Bomb. Any time.
  • A couple of times, one of the guys will be Player 1 and fall off a ledge, only to realize that Player 1 can't teleport (or "bubble") like Player 2 can.
  • Any time Jon gets a hammer.
  • The guys's reactions to the weird stage layouts for the Cyber battles.
  • Whenever Chugga sees a Poppant enemy, he exclaims, "He's havin' a party in his pants!"


    Kirby's Return To Dream Land 
Episode 1:
  • Jon grousing during the intro that he never drew the similarity between Return to Dreamland's opening and the first Pikmin game after Chugga points it out.
  • Jon and Chugga decide that the first Waddle Dee they see is JoshJepson (who is not playing with them). Then when Chuga as Kirby eats it, he's also eating grandpas, and that eating grandpas and getting high off of the cholesterol in them is the cool thing for kids to do now.
  • Chugga accidentally kills Jon in 1-2, before Jon could even think of a way to kill Chugga, much to Jon's dismay.
  • When Chugga delivers a Take That! to a design choice done with Eterna City, Jon asks what he's talking about, and when he finds out, is annoyed with himself for thinking Chugga wouldn't be making an obscure Pokemon reference.
  • The Guys talk about Meta Knight's dub voice in the anime and how it was so over-the-top (Eric Stuart was supposed to portray him as a Dashing Hispanic) that it made Meta Knight sound like he was a Mexican Vampire.
  • Chugga's topical Take That! to Alicia Silverstone and how she fed her child like a bird.
  • Chugga sets off a chain of puns.
  • "Monster Flame! Say hello to my cousin: Yamata! No! OROCHI!"
  • Jon's reaction to Meta Knight and Dedede moonwalking during the post-boss battle Kirby Dance.
Episode 2:
  • Jon's reaction to Chugga saying "subgame" in a very deep voice.
  • NCS saying that them sharing food is kinky, making Chugga yell, "Thanks for that!"
  • The unintentional Rescue Romance moment at the start of 2-1: Chugga's Kirby gets eaten alive, saved by Jon's Meta Knight, and they kiss.
  • When they're fighting King Doo.
    Chugga: King Doodoo!
    NCS: In the bathroom!
  • Jon saying how he sometimes hates driving people.
    Jon: You guys haven't been in a car ride with me before so... I-I don't think I could handle that.
    Chugga: You can't handle being apart from us for 12 hours, that's the sweetest thing you ever said in all... life.
  • The ending to episode two, which has Jon and NCS deciding to attack Chugga in-game. Chugga promptly runs away and enters the second level of world two to escape.
  • When Chugga uses Stone Kirby and turns into a statue of a muscular man, he exclaims "Look at me! That's how I look in real life, I swear."
  • "Normally we would need a hammer... but... we have Tim."
    • In the same vein, there's the solution that Chugga comes up with after he and Jon have been bickering. Again.
    Chugga: I like how I just made a reference to using Tim as a shield against you, and nobody said anything.
    Jon: Well, now that you mention it...
  • There's also Jon trying to figure out whether there's stuff underwater or not.
    Jon: Isn't there stuff down here? There's a pineapple down here.
    Jon: Oh no... it totally is...
  • In Episode 2, the guys have some trouble with doors. They keep going back and forth between a room with a gear in it and one small, enclosed area, with each one of them accidentally going through the door at least once.
    • Actually, despite what Chugga said, it was only him and NCS.
  • Later in Episode 2, the guys start comparing Kirby's powers to, of all things, Captain Planet. And when asked which power represents the element of Heart?
    Chugga: The power of Heart lies in our friendship!
    • He also decides, randomly, that Jon should be Wheeler from the show. This is possibly referring to Jon's last name being Wheeler.
    • It comes up again in the next episode, when Jon expresses shock that Water Kirby took so long to become an actual power for Kirby. Chugga recites the Captain Planet intro again, but substitutes something... less-than-wholesome for the power of "Heart".
  • Jon saying that Tim's beatboxing sounded more like "sucking like a tetrabat", causing Chugga to give a Flat "What.".
  • Chugga decides to take the high-jump power, then decides to get another one.
    Chugga: You know, I think I'll go with the high-jump. I'll go with an off-beat- no wait, I want the whip.
    Jon: Make up your mind.
    Chugga: Okay, I'll go with whip.
    Jon: 'Kay.
    Chugga: Actually I want water, I'm just kidding!
    Jon: You son of a- KIRBY! *tries slashing him with Meta Knight's sword*
  • Chugga accidentally eats Tim.
    Jon: You're in his mouth.
    NCS: Oh.
    Jon: That's not a good place to be.
    Chugga: Well, using you as projectiles is a strategy so... *eats Jon*
    Jon: Hey, hey, hey!
  • Chugga regurgitates NCS.
    Chugga: Look at Tim, he's having the time of his life.
    Jon: Yeah, cause being regurgitated is a great feeling.
    Chugga: How would you know it feels?
    Jon: We don't talk about that.
    Chugga: Um... okay. I think you were the one who did the foot in mouth moment this time.
    NCS: Wow, at least it wasn't my foot in his mouth.
    Chugga: UGH!
  • The entire American Dream conversation. Points for NCS's muttering in the background and the others' reaction to it.
  • Episode 3 starts with Jon joking that the characters are at Meta Knight's pool party, and that all the coolest kids from his school are there, and Kirby.
  • Episode 3 ends with them playing Ninja Dojo. The whole thing is hilarious, from Jon's invocation of the Let's Players' curse to their reactions to the trickier targets.
    • During the bulls-eye minigame, one of them has the dartboard with a lot of fake dartboards, causing Jon to wonder what was going on.
    • Also, the very last target. "It's Pac-Man!"
  • Chugga's two very similar moments of Buffy Speak from Episode 3: "I'm an Olympic...person" and "I'm the American...person".
  • Jon finally figures out how to troll Chugga without killing him; beat him to all the spheres. This does eventually get through to Chugga when Jon starts to steal spheres Chugga put work into getting to.
    • To the point where, after defeating the boss, when Jon takes the ship part, Chugga cuts it out of the video and replaces it with a text box saying "Nothing suspicious here!" so the viewers don't see Jon taking it (even though the audio is left in, allowing us to easily tell Jon took it based on the back-and-forth between him and Chugga).
    • After the defeat of a Sphere Doomer and Jon taking the spoils of their victory:
    Chugga: You suck!
    Jon: I'm sorry I know where to stand.
    Chugga: I keep trying too, but I'm always fighting at the very end.
    Jon: I killed it!
    Chugga: Well, that's not the point.
    Jon: It kind of is!
    • Their reaction to Goriath's second form.
    • After the Guys defeat Goriath in episode 6, Tim and Emile scramble towards the center of the arena, anticipating the ship part to appear, while Jon just stands on the ground and watches. Then the arena floor collapses, dumping Jon right on the ship part while Emile screams NOOOOOOOOO!!!
    Jon: Joke's on you, guys.
  • The "Happy birthday!" Running Gag in episode 4 (as it's Chugga's birthday and Jon keeps claiming banal things are his birthday gift, like there being fireworks in the game).
  • When Jon tells Chugga that he's starting to sound like a martyr by saying "I paid for the hotel room" a lot, he gives his Chugga impersonation a funny voice.
  • The guys joke that Tim will be mentally tormented by destroying the Robot Dedede because he plays as Dedede.
    • And earlier, they joke that the Robot Waddle Dee is actually JoshJepson in a giant robot, "Robo-Jepson", here to get revenge for not being in the LP.
    • "Stop shooting yourself! Stop shooting yourself!"
  • The opening to episode 6, which has Jon being sprayed by Chugga's (as Water Kirby) geyser move.
    Jon: Oh, hi, guys. Sorry, didn't see you come in. I was just taking a shower.
  • Episode 6 also starts with them restarting the level to try and get the first gear, a task made more difficult because Chugga!Kirby must get into the cannon (due to the camera following him). When they revisit the level to get another missed gear, he hits it purely by accident.
  • The Epic Fail of each of them falling into a pit while trying to carry a candle.
  • In Episode 7, Chugga and Jon debate who started the whole Cycle of Revenge killing until Chugga gets hit, forcing them to start that section of the stage over. Jon promptly attacks an enemy and sends Meta Knight barrel rolling right off the screen to his death.
  • The group starts talking about King of the Hill of all things and start talking like Boomhauer.
  • At the beginning of episode 7, Chugga gives NCS and Jon new variants of the appropriate plush toys (a white Yoshi and actual (sort of) Poison Mushroom, respectively), and it crops back up near the end of the episode.
    Chugga: It's also worth noting that Jon threw... well, he didn't throw it away, but [he threw] his poison mushroom across the room at the beginning of the video.
    Jon: Well, I'm not gonna keep it in my hands while we're playing a game.
    Chugga: Why not?
  • There's also the word association game in Episode 7. It goes well until NCS starts getting distracted.
    NCS: Nintendo!
    Jon: Capri.
    NCS: [Noticing the parasol powerup] Umbrella...
    Jon: Nintendo Capri Umbrella?
  • The high-pitched voice Chugga does when reading Magolor's dialogue, and how much it irritates Jon.
  • All of the pit-related trouble in episode 8.
    Jon: Watch out for the giant hole, dude.
    NCS: [Falls in] WHOA!
    Jon: That's why I warned you.
    • The best is, without a doubt, this exchange, after Chugga falls down a hole and forces everyone to restart.
    Jon: Did you just fall in the — what exactly just happened?
    Chugga: I fell in the pit.
    NCS: [In the background] You didn't just knock me in the pit.
  • 18 seconds into episode 8, we get this:
    Chugga: My instinct is to eat everything I see!
    NCS: My instinct is to fall from the highest height!
    Jon: My instinct is to yell. A lot.
    • Which is immediately followed by Chugga calling himself and Jon immature.
    NCS: I can be immature, too!
    • Beforehand, the intro is also quite comical.
    Jon: (As Meta Knight) Dear diary, today I returned to Return to Dreamland. For some reason, these two suckers keep following me, and I don't know why.
  • The reaction when Chugga brings up Meta Knight's mask, and starts asking how he can share food.
    Jon: I have food lasers. Food eye lasers.
    Chugga: Meat vision!
    Jon: Meat vision? That just sounds bad...
  • Near the end of episode 8 counts too. Chugga talks for Kirby to all of the cast while Jon is coughing in the background.
    Jon (Strained): I'm Alright. Don't-Don't ask or anything.
  • The tag along to the Boss Rush.
  • Pretty much the entire second half of episode 9.
  • Jon getting another "Bye guys!" in.
  • "Oh no. Cannons. Great." It ends about as well as you'd expect.
  • In the process of getting a single 1-Up, Chugga falls in a pit. The team respawns in the same room — sans Kirby's power — Jon collects the same 1-up... and then NCS falls in the same pit Chugga did.
  • The Inspector Gadget singalong and the conversation that precedes it (Jon telling Chugga not to sing any 90s theme songs ever again).
    Jon: This is how our sanity has gone at this point. Two episodes in, and we're already singing Inspector Gadget.
  • Jon having Meta Knight ride on top of Kirby's head in the Phantom Zone in Episode 9.
  • Jon yelling "MIKE!" after Kirby loses the Mike ability.
  • Jon's reaction to Chugga snagging a gear in Episode 9 after multiple repeats of a stage:
  • The opening to episode 10, where Chugga trolls Jon and NCS.
    Chugga: Hey, Jon?
    Jon: What.
    Chugga: We're doing this level again! *Runs into Stage 2 again*
    NCS: *Starts stammering*
    Jon: Tim. Tim, open the window for me. He-he's right next to it. I'm just going to kick him out.
    NCS: OK.
    Jon: We are not doing this stage again!
  • In Episode 10, Jon refuses to unlock a door.
  • Chugga says that he and Jon are gonna fight for gears the whole time, meaning they'll pop up next to Tim. Then a gear literally spawned on top of Tim, and he got it.
  • Tim taking a bath in Kirby's mouth.
    Jon: Hey Tim, where are you? Are you in his mouth?
    Tim: Yep.
    Chugga: He's just riding.
    Tim: I'm taking a bath.
    Chugga: In my mouth?
    Jon: I don't think that's a good place to take a bath, not going to lie.
  • Chugga eating Jon and spitting him out under a block that was about to crush him in Episode 10.
  • The "Mix" shenanigans near the beginning of Episode 10. Chugga dumps the Spear power in order to get a "Mix" power by inhaling three things at once (in this case, a Poppy Bros.' bombs). After getting "Fire" the first time, he dumps it to try again... only for Tim to kill the Poppy Bros., yet Chugga still manages to get another mix! Resulting in... Spear.
    Tim: This game is quite spear-itual.
    Jon: Was that really necessary?
    Tim: Nope!
    Jon: At least you're honest.
  • Jon repeatedly denying Chugga food by bouncing on his head. Chugga protests ineffectually:
    Chugga: You realize I have Main Character Syndrome, right? If I die, we all die!
    Jon: You realize I have I Don't Give A Damn Syndrome, right? My "Give A Damn" is broken!
  • Chugga's twist on "In the bathroom", as demonstrated in episode 10.
  • During episode 11, there's one gear that's giving the guys trouble. It involves pressing the right switches and pressing one at the right time. On about their third try or so, Jon trips the wrong switch and...
    Jon: Oh, dammit, that was my fault!
    Chugga: [Not paying attention] Tim...
    Jon: That was my fault.
    Chugga: Oh. Okay. Jon...
    [NCS laughs]
    Jon: I like how you immediately blame Tim, too.
    Chugga: Jepson!
  • Episode 11 is full of bizarre noises from Chugga — all of them hilarious. For instance...
  • This. More specifically, the reaction that it gets.
    Jon: Haha! Oh my god! That is amazing! Tim! Good job!
  • At one point, Chugga turns into Snow Bowl Kirby and gets Meta Knight trapped in it while moving very slowly. While doing so, Meta Knight flails wildly and Jon begins shouting "wah! aah!" as if he was actually Meta Knight.
  • The whole "Yep" conversation.
  • Chugga's voice for Magolor. It really sells in context.
    • Speaking of voices, there's one particular voice that seemed to have stuck with Chugga:
    Chugga: [In the Elmo voice] What did I ever do to you? [Normally] Oh no, now I'm Elmo!
    Jon: You're always Elmo.
    Jon and Chugga: Plot twist.
    • And let's not forget the "Demon Elmo" voice used when Magolor transforms.
    Chugga: [in a really aggresive Elmo voice] OBTAINING THIS CROWN WAS MY ULTIMATE GOAL ALL ALONG!!!
    NCS and Jon: [explode into laughter before Chugga even finishes]
  • Discussing Tim as if he was the focus of a nature documentary.
    Chugga: Here we see a native Tim in his natural environment!
  • When Jon wonders if they got the fish version of Ultra Sword's attacks, Chugga immediately pulls it out to cut a volcano in two.
  • At the end, Chugga starts questioning how rainbows can have twists in them, and Jon calls him out on his Arbitrary Skepticism, given that they've just played a game where "you ride dragons in space through Another Dimension and fight the King of Hawaii".
  • At the end of the final cutscene, as Dedede pulls his head out of the ground, Chugga whispers an oh-so-mysterious something to NCS. Jon's reaction makes it hilarious, but NCS's makes it absolutely adorable.
    NCS: D'oh, I missed!
    Jon: [To Chugga] Rea-- Really? You told him to say "D'oh, I missed".
    [NCS and Chugga start laughing]
  • And — last but not least, in the end of the main story — we get the signoff.
    Chugga: So, this has been...
    Jon: Scope-Shot-Ninja-Dojo-Arena!
    Chugga: And Nintendo Of America Product Testing Division!
    [NCS starts laughing]
    Jon: I feel like I got shafted in the bad names department.
    NCS: How did I end up here, man?
  • In the first bonus video, they decide to call the final-boss version of Chugga's Magolor voice "Sinister Elmo".
  • During Jon's final run of the Item challenge room, Emile starts using weaponised Tempting Fate, just as Jon did to him in Mario Party 2. When they get to the last door, Emile says "Okay, last room." Kirby immediately jumps into the fire blocks and lands at the finish, ruining what would have been a Platinum rank for Jon.
  • When Jon starts the Water Challenge:
    Jon: Alright, I'm gonna start with wah-tah.
    Chugga: Wah-tah.
    Jon: Wah-tah!
    Chugga: Wah-taaaah!
    Jon: ...Please don't ruin Fist of the North Star for me, please.
  • Chugga and hugs during the first bonus episode. Also one of the biggest Heartwarming Moments in the series.
    Jon: Good luck, Timothy! [...] Why are you hugging him?
    Chugga: was for good luck.
    Chugga: Hope you didn't mind me messing with you — you'd already won, so...
    Jon: Yeah, but you sounded like a dick doing it and I sounded like a dick responding to it.
    Chugga: I'm sorry.
    NCS: Aww!
    Jon: Okay. Apology accepted. [Beat] Why are you hugging Tim? I'm like 'Apology accepted!' and he hugs Tim!
  • And, of course, our final sendoff, if for no other reason than NCS's Shout-Out to the Battletoads race.
    NCS: [In the background] Sing you a song! I'ma sing you a fu--
    Chugga: And we are—
    Everyone: The Runaway Guys!
  • At the beginning of episode 11, Jon shows the others that the first letters of the game's levels spell crowned. Chugga's reaction is hilarious.
    Chugga: Dude. My mind has been blown, hit by a truck, and then thrown in an industrial grinder, and sat on by Wario's ass.
    Jon: You know, the worst part is, he's not even being sarcastic. He's actually this surprised.
  • At the beginning of episode 12, Jon becomes disappointed when Chugga manages to just barely avoid dying with NCS when they both start falling into a pit. Immediately after this Jon accidentally hits a pillar of lava and falls to his death.
    Jon: Aw, c'mon!
    Chugga: You deserved it for that comment! You had it coming!

    Little Big Planet 
  • Everything in the intro, no exception.
    • Their costumes deserve a mention. Chugga is playing as "Mustached Shark", NCS is "Victorian Lady Gaga", Jon is our "Mexican Penguin", and Lucajin? "Patchwork MAH BALLS!"
    • "Everybody dance! Everybody dance!"
    • "Who's 'and'?"
  • When they screw around with their costumes. At one point, all of them are covered in horse tails and feathers. There's another time when all of them are wearing hipster glasses, with Emile's on the back of his head.
  • For whatever reason, they're really freaking loud in this Let's Play, randomly screaming whenever they get the chance. This is not a bad thing.
  • Jon trying to put stickers on everything.
  • The Death stats at the end of the first episode. Everyone else who touched water are listed as "drowned." Not Jon, who gets Death Water!.
  • Chugga's terrible Stephen Fry impression, which sounds more like a cross between Bane and Scooby-Doo.
  • In the beginning of episode 2, Jon is putting tentacles on everyone. Lucah stops him with this:
  • After Jon's Mexican Penguin wins the skateboard race in episode 2:
    Lucah: The Mexicans know how to run for the border!
    Jon: Welcome to the insensitive episode of The Runaway Guys.
  • Right after that, Chugga mentions how there haven't been any jokes about a girl being in The Runaway Guys. To which Lucah responds:
    Lucah: Oh, come on. I'm more masculine than some people in here.
    Chugga: What do you mean by that?!
  • Jon's Mexican Penguin hanging onto Emile's shark as they swing from rope to rope.
  • In Episode 2, Lucah, Chugga, and Jon discuss who should step on 2 switches.
    Chugga: Ok, so, stand on this.
    (Chugga and Jon stand on the platform)
    Lucah: But then you get the points.
    Jon: Yeah, that's the trick, so you do this.
    (Nonchalantly whacks Chugga off the raised platform)
    Chugga: HEY!
    Lucah: Hahahaha! I approve!
  • It easy to miss, but Lucah makes a few really bad puns... (such as how Chugga "Jumped the Shark", being a shark who's making jumps...) To which Tim replies:
    Tim: Welp, you truly belong here.
  • In episode 3, Chugga fails repeatedly to get an item that requires a difficult jump, then he and Jon argue about how to get it, while in a Meaningful Background Event Tim jumps up and gets it.
  • The Running Gag of Jon claiming penguins are experienced with fire.
  • Chugga claims Lucah's nationality is "Ballinese".
  • "Sharks are people too, you know!"
  • In episode 3, Lucah tells Jon to "get back over the border" when he is the only one left scoring points. Jon then asks "Which one, Canada or Mexico?"
  • Jon yelling "I AM THE PENGUIN KING!"
  • Tim lets a really loud one rip. What sells it is how it derails the commentary for the next thirty seconds.
    Chugga (after selecting level): Oh god... Tim....
    Jon: My headache means I can't smell that. I'm so happy right now.
    Lucah: Well, aren't you fortunate?
    Jon: I totally am.
    Chugga: You sure are.
    Tim: Jeez, that's the first time in a while.
    Jon: First time in a while you farted? "I have not farted in ages!"
  • Jon manages to keep playing a minigame and gather more score bubbles after the other three have died, he's found a technique for dodging the hazards...
  • Jon winning a race and singing a theme song for the Mexican Penguin... to the theme of Star Wars.
    Jon: Mexico. Mexico number one. Mexico. Mexico Penguin!
  • At the start of Episode 4, Jon has stuck two gloves on springs on his avatar's head and another on Lucah's like a unicorn horn (the "Slap-a-corn", as Lucah describes it). He tries to take the latter one off, but Chugga starts the level halfway through him doing it, and it ends up looking like it's coming out of Tim's crotch.
  • Chugga and Jon argue when attempting to bounce on a platform for collectibles—they both agree that it will only work if one person does it alone, but then insist they should be the one person. Jon solves the problem by slapping Chugga into the spikes below.
  • "I'm riding my dog..." (a Call-Back to Lucah's own LPs)
  • Jon sticks glasses on a background skeletal character without anyone else noticing, leading to Chugga dubbing him "The Dead Hipster".
  • Jon sticks a bunch of dog noses onto both Tim and Chugga. Their horrified reaction when one of Chugga's dog noses starts blinking is hilarious.
  • Jon sticking a ton of bowties onto Chugga.
  • In episode 5, the game trolls them.
    Jon: Are you in?
    Chugga: I am in. THERE'S MORE!
    Jon: (laughs)
    Chugga: The game is trolling us!
    Jon: Oh, that's funny. That's actually pretty frigging funny.
    • What makes this even funnier is that they brought this hardship on themselves. There was a lower passage filled with poison gas (Jon even pointed it out) that they could've have dropped the bombs through instead of lifting them around the long, difficult way, yet none of them realize it.
  • At one point, the guys have to keep themselves from falling off a bucking cow. After NCS accidentally kills himself, Jon, as usual, immediately smacks Lucah and Chugga off to ride it alone.
  • "You were uncomfortably close to her tongue!"
  • The opening to episode 6, where all four just stand there silently... until Jon spawns a giant pair of glasses onto his face.
    Everyone: *Cracks up*
    Jon: I can't see! This is the worst idea I've had!
  • Episode 6, Roller Run - Hard: Close to the beginning, they find a gate, and Jon asks, "How did we get another gate that fast?" 15 seconds later, they've used all their lives and fail out of the level.
    • When they finally beat it, Chugga wins completely by accident by grabbing onto Tim's legs and hitting the goal first when he jumps for it.
  • Jon tries to explain a game mechanic during a tense race in front of flaming rollers, only for Chugga to talk over him...
    ProtonJon: Chill, dude, I was just explaining.
    Chugga: Well explain faster!
    ProtonJon: Oh don't you even...
  • Jon's Insane Troll Logic explanations for the bizarrely unrelated picture icons on the Roller Run level.
  • In The Mines, the Guys platform over a spike pit. Chugga, being in the lead, accidentally lands on a switch that triggers an explosion, killing Jon and sending NCS and Lucah flying in different directions.
  • In episode 7, Tim quotes Egoraptor's "RIDIN' ON CARS!" Memetic Mutation, and then somehow pronounces the sound of Bill & Ted Air Guitar.
  • They all make a grab for a swing, and end up with Tim hanging onto it and the other three under him holding onto each others' legs.
  • Chugga claims he's a clownfish named Marlena.
    • To explain, Chugga reads dialogue from a girl at the end of episode 7. This prompts Jon to say "Emile is whatever sex he wants to be." and eventually leads to the above line.
  • After Chugga makes some nonsensical comments:
    Chugga: This is how my mind works! I had a Pokémon upbringing!
    Jon: ...So Pokemon ruined your brain, is what you're saying.
    Chugga: Remember, if you have friendship you'll always be a winner!
    Jon: ...I see you're coming out of the pony closet.
  • The opening to Episode 8.
    Lucah: (Singing) If you like it, you should've put a ring on it!
    Jon: (Puts a ton of rings onto Lucah) I REALLY LIKE IT!!!
  • Chugga learns that in Britain, the part of a car called a trunk in America is called a boot. He finds this awesome and spends the next few minutes doing exaggerated Fake Brit impressions where he uses the word.
  • In episode 9, everyone's constant bad attempts at Japanese Ranguage, accents as the level is based on Japan. Followed by Jon singing songs from The Lion King and Chugga saying 'Apparently Japan is in Africa now'.
    • Upon being left alone a second time, Jon sings another Lion King song...with some extra lyrics.
    Jon: It's a circle of life. It's a wheel of fortune. (Leaps to his death) It's a leap of faith. Not a good one, though.
    • Other moments include is NCS and Lucahjin singing "Part of your World" and the Runaway Guys trying to sing "Somebody's watching me" at the beginning.
  • Jon tries to take off a badge he put on Lucah's (avatar's) face, only to accidentally 'rip part of her face off' instead.
  • Throughout ALL of Episode 10, the Runaway Guys... speaking in British accents... all the way to the end. It has to be seen to be believed!
    • And then at the very end, after they say goodbye...
    Jon: (loudly, no longer accented) THANK GOD!
  • In episode 11, they go back to normal, but Chugga decides to just go back to making funny voices immediately, much to Jon's chagrin.
    Chugga: (reading a character's dialogue in a bad Indian accent) Beyond this perilous temple you will find the Great Magician, master of emitters.
    Jon: (while Chugga reads) Really? No. No!
  • Lucah starts to yell "LEEROY JENKINS!" as they set off in a race, only for them all to instantly fall flat on their faces.
  • After they win a collectible that turns out to be a mini-Sackboy your avatar holds, Jon jokes that it's his child and Chugga wonders if there's a specific crime for beating someone to death with a baby.
  • Lucah starts calling her horse avatar "Secretariat" and "Seabiscuit", leading to this bit of Shaped Like Itself:
    Chugga: Why is he called 'Seabiscuit' anyway?
    Jon: Because it's his name!
  • After Jon uses Lucah's real name Risa (abbreviated to 'Reese') and they mention respawning at a gate, Chugga puns that Lucah's future children should be known as 'Reese-spawn'.
  • The Running Gag that Chugga keeps mistakenly saying every level is set in Russia rather than the region where it actually is, then at the end of the episode, they finally get a level that actually is set in Russia.
  • Chugga tries to joke about how in a video made in 2008, Jon apologised for two-week video delays, when Jon nowadays rarely puts out videos. Jon says delays still make him angry. This somehow segues into Chugga claiming that Jon is only sane because the Runaway Guys provides an outlet for him to let out this rage... on Chugga.
  • The first level of episode 12, Jon decides to go back to breaking the game with stickers like in episode 1. By using a gear sticker, he prevents Chugga from platforming over an icicle by blocking his vision and causing lag.
    Chugga:Oh my God, Jon!
    Jon: What?
    Chugga: I can't jump because you're slowing down the game!
    • The big black stickers also get all over the Guys' avatars, making them look like Run–D.M.C. according to Jon, which Chugga mishears as "Billy MC".
  • NCS accidentally switches Stephen Fry's voice back on when he hits the wrong button.
  • The Guys play a minigame that involves riding a toboggan, but the toboggan just looks like a featureless platform leading up to something else, so they ALL get caught offguard when it moves away with them on it.
  • When Jon somehow gets stuck on top of the planet Earth design at the end, and the level won't end until he comes down to join the others, he decides to go megalomaniacal:
    • And then he ends up falling into the Earth somehow, dies, and is forced down to where the others are. So basically, the game told him to shut up.
    • "This is the LP that never ends! Yes it goes on and on my friend!"
    • "Less coffee... :("
    Jon: (after removing all the coffee he placed) Heh, yeah coffee!
    Chugga: I guess now there's NO coffee!
    Jon: Oh, you are not putting that in the video.
    (video ends)

    Wii Party 

Board Game Island

  • The first video starts off with the Guys observing the weird Miis Emile has on the title screen.
    • The Miis also show up as a cheering or commiserating crowd during the game, leading to Jon's Running Gag "CAPTAIN FALCON APPROVES!" or "CAPTAIN FALCON DOES NOT APPROVE!"
    • One of the minigames involves the Guys having to take pictures of a crowd of Miis when the biggest number of them is smiling. Unfortunately, said crowd of Miis are made up of Chugga's esoteric collection, including many ones where it's impossible to tell if they're smiling or not...
      • Some of the Miis seen on Chugga's Wii are Captain Falcon, Pikachu, Brock, Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Chicken Little, Bubbles, Porky Minch, Mr. Saturn, Satoru Iwata, Michael Jackson, a Mii with a penguin for a face, a Mii whose face resembles a bicycle, and a horse.
  • Due to having only three players, the game randomly picks a Mii as a fourth character for them. The one it picks is a male Mii named Luca.
    Jon: Hey, Lucahjin! You look different this time...That's a nice goatee you have, Lucahjin...
    Tim: I knew it was too good to be true...
    Emile: I knew it was gonna pick something stupid, but I didn't know that...
    Tim: All those times I fff- never mind...
    Jon: Ho ho...
    Tim: Juuuust kidding...!
    Jon: Oh Tim...
    • And then Lucahjin herself comments:
    Lucah: OH MY GOD.. I LOOK SO GOOD :D Yeeahhhhh ladies!!!!!
  • The ridiculous voice Emile does for the announcer.
    Jon: The normal voice is the highlight voice?!
    • Near the end of the game, where the voice starts to revert back to his Magolor voice.
  • Jon yelling "SUPERMAN!" during Cosmic Capers.
  • Tim does really well for most of the board, especially in the minigames, but his last few die rolls send him not only backwards about fifteen or so spaces, but then to hellnote . I guess the universe had to rebalance itself after his win on Fortune Street.
  • At the end, "How many teams have George Jefferson and a snowman on them?"
  • The outro consists of Tim and Jon stating their names in an unsure manner, then Chugga claiming he forgot his own name.
    Chugga: Time to start a JRPG about my amnesia!
  • In the Walk-Off mini game, where the players must try to travel a certain distance, Jon goes way past the mark while everyone else stops behind it, leading to this Call-Back.
    Jon: Bye, everybody! I don't understand yards!

Globe Trot

  • Jon's reaction to the game's choice of souvenir in Canada (a bottle of maple syrup).
    Jon: THAT'S RACIST! THAT'S RACIST! Also, why is it in Vancouver? It should be in Quebec! THAT'S RACIST!
    • Even funnier, Jon eventually gets that space. And Chugga gets the Mexican one where he buys a sombrero.
  • Jon buys a helicopter and gets it stolen by the CPU right after that.
    Jon: YOU JERK! I just bought that! *Mii Jon rummages through pockets and panics* Why is my helicopter not in my pocket?!
  • Jon comparing Chugga's version of the announcer's voice to 'a Russian Elmo'.
  • The group pointing out how they're talking more about economics while playing the game than they did on their Fortune Street LP, leading to Jon doing his "Mexican Waluigi" voice again.
  • Chugga uses a card that lets him travel to any airport in the world. One of his choices is FINLAND! Jon also notes that there are only 3 airports Chugga can choose from and questions what happened to the economy.

Swap Meet

  • After Tim is left out of the intro and points it out, he proceeds to dominate the rest of the game.
  • During the intro of the game itself, Chugga tries to use his Russian Elmo voice and Jon interjects, resulting in the two of them arguing over the use of it. Meanwhile Tim's quietly thumbing through the explanation screens for the players at home, causing Chugga and Jon to accuse each other of doing it to avoid Russian Elmo. Jon then asks "Russian Elmo" to explain the game, which he does pretty well.
  • Chugga points out that the game randomly chose a stripe scheme for his Mii and the other blue Miis, making them look like they're all wearing polo shirts.
  • Tim swaps out a Mii, Chugga says that Mii was his mom's ex-boyfriend, Jon comments "Well she didn't want him!"
  • Jon initially tries to build a three in a row with platinum Miis for extra points, but eventually switches a platinum Mii for a blue Mii for an easier match. After the minigame...
    Jon: I'll take the guy who kinda looks like me...
    *chooses random Mii that turns out to be platinum*
    Jon: (while Chugga is laughing) This is how this game's going to go, isn't it?
    Tim: What the balls?
  • In the mini-game "Risky Railroad" where each player must pick to go left, right, or straight and hope it doesn't lead to a dead end, Chugga tries to win by doing absolutely nothing and the game automatically puts him on the straight path each time, but on the second junction, the straight path is the dead end.
    Jon: Nice try, Luigi.

Spin Off

  • At the end of Part 1, Jon has a 1 vs 1 mini game against the CPU. The mini-game's objective is to drive a moped to deliver a pizza. Jon is singing made up lyrics to the Spider-Man 2 Pizza Delivery Song, bumps into the curb twice which costs him the mini-game, and Chugga states that Jon's singing was the best part of the video.
  • After noting that their avatars wear bow ties for this game, Jon keeps making Doctor Who references, which go completely over Chugga's head.
  • After getting annoyed with Chugga continuing to do the Russian Elmo announcer voice, Jon retaliates by reading out "Bank Bonanza!" in an increasingly deep and slurred voice, which Chugga dubs "Bankenstein's Monster".
    • At the beginning of the video, Chugga is trying to do the Russian Elmo voice before Jon interjects. Chugga then begins reading the instructions in an increasingly fast and slurred imitation (with Jon doing his own interpretation underneath and Tim eventually quietly adding in one himself), capping it off with what is basically "Xena the Turkey",.
  • The first few rounds mostly consist of medals being added to the bank, leading to about 12,000 medals being stored. Then someone activates a minigame — keep in mind, whoever wins the minigame wins everything in the bank. Jon wins.
    • Even more amusingly, when the game ends, there's a line graph of how well everyone did. Jon's line skyrockets absurdly, attracting the amusement of the guys.
      Jon: Ha! Take THAT, math! That's what I think of your graphs!


  • Jon manages to win Walk-Off, giving him the game. His response?
    Jon: Fuck you, America! ...I don't know why I said that.
    • It's because Walk-Off measures distance in yards.
  • The game manages to draw three different Mario Miis in a single game, and the Guys don't like any of them.

Pair Games

  • "Another day in the robot factory..."
  • Jon and Tim are playing Meet and Greet, a mini-game where they both need to choose from a set of doors until they see each other. The first door Tim opens has a Mii sitting on a toilet. Tim and Chugga shout Tim's catchphrase.
  • Chugga suggests that the real reason a game involves balancing Miis on the sail yards of a ship is a really blatant attempt at people-smuggling over the border.
  • At the beginning of Friend Connection, Jon jokes about wanting to play as Captain Falcon, then Jon and Emile immediately see the featured couples and react accordingly.
    Emile: *bursts out laughing*
    Jon: CAPTAIN FALCON, WHY ARE YOU DATING THAT HORSE?! Captain Fal... And then, Snape and... Hermione?!
    Tim: What the heck?
    Emile: Captain Falcon, you got some 'splaining to do!
    • It led to this gift sometime later.
    • Became Hilarious in Hindsight since Jon is dating Lucahjin now.
    • When looking over the rules:
      Jon: I'm not allowed to talk to you? Dude, I love this game already!
  • Jon gets locked into doing a sports announcer voice when Tim and Chugga play the Match Pairs game.
  • Similar to the "George Jefferson and a snowman" example above, at the end Chugga comments that "Darth Vader is holding hands with Pippi Longstocking!"
  • In Match Up, a game of Memory with Miis, Emile spots a Mii version of Bubbles in the crowd and brings up how he used to mishear the theme song as "Buttercup the topless fighter." Jon starts to rant about how Squick-y that would be until he spots himself in the crowd of Miis and lets out a deadpan "Hi. It's me."

    Castle Crashers 

  • When Super Jeenius was first introduced, he was labeled as 4 v2.0.
  • As Jon is playing as An Ice Person, he introduces himself with a quote from Mr Freeze...but gets it wrong.
    Jon: What killed the ice age?—Oh my God, I got it wrong!
    Chugga: "What killed the ice age? The dinosaurs!"
  • The ending of Part 1.
  • At the end of the first episode, Chugga gives Jon twenty Canadian dollars as thanks for buying the DLC of the game ahead of time. Jon happily takes it and says that the DLC was actually just three dollars.
  • "BROCCOLI!!!!"
  • In episode 2, much like in Kirby's Return to Dream Land, JoshJepson manages to be the Butt-Monkey without even being there, as Jake denies knowing him or having done collabs with him.
  • Tim reworks a Catchphrase: "IN THE FOREST!"
  • After the 'Josh / Jake being Number Four' thing is brought up again, the Guys discuss what numbering the three regular Guys should have, and Jake points out that Tim must be Number Two.
  • At the start of episode 3, the Guys fight a four-way battle royale. Jake is knocked out early and decides to commentate on the three regular Guys' fight. As he is known for Buffy Speak, this gets...interesting.
  • Tim nonchalantly stealing the King's horse at the start of episode 4.
  • In episode 5, Chugga and Jake realise they are both members of the "kicked out of Jon's house during an LP" club.
    • They also get into a brief discussion over whether Jake's inclusion would count, since it wasn't exactly Jon's house he was kicked out of, but, in Chugga's words, "a place he generally resides in."
    Jon: Mmm, yeah, that's true, I'm not always there.
    Chugga: See, there's thought behind my words! ... sometimes.
    • The Running Gag that Jake keeps getting lightsabers that he doesn't want.
    • At the end, Jon mispronounces the word hyperbole as "hyper-bowl". Chugga corrects him, then the Guys wonder what the Hyperbowl would be, deciding that it's whatever comes after the Superbowl. Of course, this then leads to Jon bringing up Chris Redfield's football career.
  • In episode 6, Chugga accidentally calls Jake "Stephen", then makes a reference to Steve the Trooper, surprising himself by broaching the subject.
  • In episode 8, when the guys reach the ship level, Tim starts singing the theme from Pirates of the Caribbean. Chugga joins in in his usual style, prompting Jake to say,
  • The other Guys' astounded reaction to Tim having so many hitpoints in episode 11.
  • Chugga calls himself a horse. note 
  • Jeenius' reaction to the Gorgon boss.
    Super Jeenius: Her hair is made out of snakes! It's like the best and the worst things, all rolled together!
  • While discussing SuperJeenius's departure for a Japanese university during the last Pv P battle, the others grow concerned that Jake would die during the next Godzilla attack. Then Chugga asks him to get Billy Mays's "undead autograph." Which glows in the dark and is legal in at least a few states.
    • From that same episode, Chugga's reaction to Jon leveling up in the middle of the last PVP fight.

    Wario Ware, Inc.: Mega Party Game$! 
  • In episode 5, all three Guys keep getting the 'insert a cartridge into a Gameboy' minigame, and for a while Tim is the only one who gets it right. Jon says he's going to go home and practice putting cartridges into his Gameboy in Real Life just to make sure he can still do it.
  • Many of the challenges the Guys have to do while playing microgames in 'Listen to the Doctor' mode in episode 6, especially:
    • Chugga gets 'mumbling', and accidentally whispers instead.
    • At the end of the episode, Chugga points out the last game they're playing is All for One:
    Chugga: This game requires us all to work together.
    Jon: ... we are already screwed.
  • Chugga decides to end off the finale (episode 7) by having all three of them pass around a controller to play a rope jump challenge. It goes on ridiculously long, and after Jon uses weaponised Tempting Fate as before, Chugga himself is the one who breaks the winning streak.

    Rayman Origins 
  • Running Gags
    • Chugga making a tooth pun whenever they return one of the skull teeth.
    Chugga: We got all the teeth! Does that mean we win a plaque? Oh come on, if we don't win a plaque, at least I deserve a crown. (Jon punches him in-game) Jon, don't hit me! I have fillings too! (Jon punches him into the portal) NOWAITDUHDUHDUHNO!
  • Episode 1
    • The first lines of the LP:
    Chugga: In the deepest, darkest corner of the forest, try to imagine that you come up against the silhouette of this logo!
    Black screen saying "Seriously, imagine it" appears, followed by Tim screaming.
    • Jon: "Happy Mother's Day, Rayman Origins!"
    • After a heroic speech depicting Rayman kicking butt as always, Chuggaa says sadly that Rayman lost.
    • Chugga leaving a room without reviving Jon because he forgot he could punch.
  • Episode 2
    • After Chugga refers to the character with the most Lums appearing behind a Brawn Hilda cutout on the victory screen as "Rayman's got his boobs" and then adds "we are so stupid", Tim decides to improvise the following to the tune of Queen's "We Are The Champions":
    Tim: #Weeeee...are so stuuuupid, my boooo-ooobs...and we'll...keeeep on stickin' the bra...
    • Chugga's reaction to the video coming out on Tuesday:
    Jon: This should be a Tuesday, I think.
    Chugga: Episode Two on Tuesday.
    Tim: And we'll post our wedding on Wednesday.
    • They get on the topic of guests and Chugga tries to talk up Super Jeenius only to wind up either offhandedly insulting him, then the other guys when he tries to make it a more direct compliment, then ultimately insulting all three of them at once in an impressive display of foot-in-mouth syndrome.
  • Episode 3
    • The beginning of the episode:
    Jon: Emile is panting like a dog right now and is almost licking his microphone. So that shows how you excited he is for this episode of Rayman Origins.
    Chugga: What? You're really going to do that?
    Jon: Yes, yes I am.
    Chugga: I was just humming the tune.
    Jon: You were going *panting sound* in front of the mic, you were like ready to lick it!
    • Chugga's reaction to Rayman's victory move.
    Chuggaa: I like how Rayman just humps the air whenever he succeeds at one of those things.
    Jon: He's only a torso to be fair.
    Chugga: I mean, his arms and legs are invisible, his girlfriend could be too.
    Chugga: That animation is forever ruined for me, now that I've said that out loud.
    Jon: That animation of humping has been ruined for you? Oh no.
    Jon: Now for the Desert of Dijiridoos.
    Chugga: I like that word.
    Jon: Next time on the Runaway Guys, we go to a Dijiridoo Desert, to do daring deeds of devilry.
    Chugga: Death-defying devilry, you say?
    Jon: No, regular kind.
  • Episode 4
    • "That sure is hurty!"
    • Jon punching Chugga off a cliff while breaking open a cage. Especially with the freeze-frame.
    Jon: Have fun dying!
    • Tim accidentally turning off a bridge when the Guys are standing over it. They manage to save themselves from death by repeatedly bouncing off of and punching each other until they make it back up.
    Emile: Jon, you saved my life by punching me in the face!
  • Episode 6
    • On the Guys' first attempt at the tooth stage, they die right at the very end.
    • In the ending, Jon complains about the slow-mo moments in their LP's, saying that he's sick of them. Chugga says they're funny because he sounds like a condescending asshole in slow-mo and Jon sounds like a blithering idiot.
    • To top it all off, that entire exchange is then played in slow-mo.
  • Episode 7
  • Episode 8
    • After a Tooth Stage the three realize Tim's current character is a girl. Their reactions are priceless
  • Episode 11
    • "You know, I have to wonder what made this guy lose all of his teeth? I bet it was inci-dental!" Cue Tim acting like his mind had been blown while Jon repeatedly punches Chugga.
  • Episode 12
    • Chugga attempting to rap at the beginning.
    • Emile and Jon talk about the Canadian dialect.
    Chugga: I like how Canadians say aboot.
    Jon: We don't say aboot. You guys just assume that we do. It's like the eh thing, some of us do, some say meh. There was some American girl that I met at one of the Paxs and I said meh, and she said "You guys do say eh!"
    (Chugga laughs)
    Chugga: That is the best thing that I've heard all day.
    Jon: Wow, you haven't heard much today then.
    Chugga: No, I said "the best thing that I've heard all d-eh."
    • Chugga randomly attacking a bunch of Glutes (Globox's species) for no real reason.
    • Chugga does another whopper of a pun when he sees Globox holding onto a ledge with the top of his mouth, but gets interrupted by...
    Chugga: So Jon, when grabbing onto something, remember to-
    • He does get to say it a few seconds later, though.
    Chugga: So, before I was interrupted, Jon, remember when climbing onto stuff to keep a stiff upper lip!
  • Episode 13
    Chugga: The majestic howling, the crashing of the waves, it can only mean one thing...
  • Episode 14
    • In one stage, Chugga takes his habit of running ahead to a whole new level.
    • After it's revealed that the Guys have to replay all the previous worlds to beat the game, Tim fittingly starts humming Ghosts 'n Goblins.
  • Episode 17
    • The intro.
    • The game randomly crashing in the middle of a stage.
  • Episode 19
    • Jon's reactions to Emile not only being unaware of who Isaac Asimov is, but also his comment that reading hurts his eyes.
  • Episode 20
    • After beating another tooth level, Chugga says that it wasn't so bad while Jon sarcastically retorts "Yeah, we only died thirty times". A subtitle then pops up, informing us that they did, in fact, die thirty times.
  • Episode 21
    • Chugga drops another MLP reference:
    Jon: What is Canterlot?
    Chugga: Nevermind.
    Jon: Horses?
    (Chugga laughs)
    Jon: (sighs) That means yes.
    Chugga: Maybe
    Jon: That also means yes.
    Chugga: Possibly.
    Jon: That definitely means yes.
  • Episode 22
    • Chugga brings up how he likes the stage's art direction, and Jon gets annoyed with him (apparently) bringing up something up from four years ago, and then he brings up the good ol' "D'oh I missed" and "Move Faster Pokey"
  • Episode 23
  • Episode 24
    • The bubblized Rayman floating on screen during the boss's entrance.
  • Episode 26
    • After recovering the final tooth to unlock The Land of the Livid Dead, Chugga lets loose one final tooth pun... But then spouts a second one afterward. Jon (Globox) immediately slaps him (Rayman), causing Chuggaa to let loose a third consecutive tooth pun; in response, Jon lets loose the windup slap he was charging after the first slap... Which launches Chuggaa right into the doorway!
    Chugga: NO! We went in the door!
    Jon: *as the Land of the Livid Dead is loading* I don't care. *Tim says "Oh my God" in the background* We're doing it NOW. YOUR PENANCE FOR YOUR CRIMES.
    Chugga: No...!
  • Finale
    • The Guys don't see Tim after the blimp explodes in the ending and assume that he died. They try to think of what would go on Tim's tombstone and decide on "Rest in Peace, in the Bathroom".
    • After the credits, Jon and Emile are fighting, and Emile says that whoever hits last hits best. Jon ends up delivering the last hit before the game cuts away, prompting him to yell in a vaguely Peewee Herman-esque voice that he got the best hit. The best part of this? The endslate adds a stat for Jon saying "1 best hit - 1 total"!
  • Land of the Livid Dead Part 1
    • They enter the level by Jon immediately smacking Chugga into the doorway again.
    • The outro is hilarious in its' own right... Jon reached the end, but messed up, so he stands atop a coffin holding his arms up... and after Chuggaa requests him and Tim to be brought back, they get up totem pole style and hold a position as Jon sings a funeral march as they all went down in style.
    • Jon wonders how JoshJepson and Super Jeenius did this level in Josh's own LP of the game. They did better, as they finished in one episode, while Chugga, Jon, and Tim end up doing it in three!
  • Land of the Livid Dead Part 2
    • Wherein only two minutes in, Chugga wrecks his usual child-friendly standard:
    Chugga: *After respawning* Got this and YESSS... *Rayman is slapped and consequently bubblized* Oh fuck, you punched me in the head— *Realizes what he just said* I MEAN—
    • Chugga wonders if the evil old ladies in the Land of the Livid Dead play evil bingo with their enemies' severed heads.
  • Land of the Livid Dead Part 3
    Chugga: You can only have so many boobs, as in two.
    Jon: Touche.
    Chugga & NCS: Two-che.
    Jon: Oh my god, Emile! Shut up!
    Chugga: Tim said it too. I'm not the only one who's guilty of my crimes.
    Jon: Both of you, shut up!
    • Since the three of them are doing the stage blind, they had no idea that the credits were appearing for a second time. Their reactions were understandable.
    Chugga: OHHH NOOOOOO!
    Jon: Not again! Not again!
    Chugga: Abandon ship!
    • Chugga notices a certain string of letters being spelled out in the credits.
    Chugga: PUN VAN- It says pun!
    *Jon promptly destroys it*
    Chugga: No!
    Jon: No it doesn't. I fixed it. I made it better!

     Little Big Planet 2 
  • Episode 1:
    • When we first see the Sackboys, Jon and Tim have a serious frown on their faces while Chugga has a goofy grin with his tongue sticking out and Lucah has a sad face.
    • The group's new costumes for each other; Lucahjin is "Blingbotnik", NCS is "Mozart in a fishbowl", Jon is "Steel Thunder", and Chugga is the "Frog Fairy".
    • This:
    Narrator: They call it, Little Big Planet.
    Chugga: Two!
    • Lucah and Chugga's disappointment at the absence of Moo in the crew.
  • Episode 2:
    • Tim's intro song:
    Tim: A long, long time ago, on a planet far away, these four guys were planning an attack. One had a fishbowl on his head, another looked like Doctor Dread. There was a frog and then an egg. That's where, we found... this toilet.
    • Becomes even funnier when there actually turns out to be a toilet in the level.
    • Chugga warns when they get the grappling hooks that this mechanic does not go well with multiplayer. He is repeatedly proved right over the course of the video as everyone keeps grappling each other instead of the anchor points.
    • Jon keeps muttering "I AM THE NIGHT" at random times.
  • Episode 3:
    • The Runaway Guys attempt an optional co-operative challenge based on used a switch to make platforms slide in and out of the wall. Hilarity Ensues. As a summary/teaser:
    Jon: Ok, why is the most impatient person operating the switch?
    • Jon changes his avatar. Or at least, attempts to.
  • Episode 4:
    Lucah: Hey Jon? You will give me an egg.
    • After the Guys get the grabinators, Chugga reassures them by saying that they're not as invasive as the grappling hooks and they should have an easier time not killing each other. Guess what ends up happening.
    • The Guys continually being hit by the signs passing over the top of the train level, including one part where all four of them get hit at once.
  • Episode 5:
    • At the end of the first level they do, Lucah finds a cherry near the goal, Chuggaa fights with her for it and then says he was humping the cherry. Jon takes the opportunity to bring up a similar incident of slip-of-the-tongue.
    Jon: Humping the cherry.
    Chuggaa: Oh no! *Beat* Is it bad I didn't know what the cherry meant until a year ago?
    Jon: Humping the cherry with Daisy!
    Chugga: No!
    Tim: (quietly) On hard.
    • The rat race has a few moments, like Jon naming his rat "Brokeneck" because it looks like he snapped his neck during the race.
    • This, after Chugga makes a particularly weak pun:
    Lucahjin: Do you want me to slap him?
    Jon: Yes.
    Lucahjin: Okay. [slaps Chugga]
    Chugga: [whines]
    Jon: He whimpered like a puppy!
    Lucahjin: Oh, so cute!
    Chugga: Nooooo!
    Jon: Awwwww! Who's a good Emile? Who's a good Emile? Who's gonna stop the video? You're gonna stop the video!
  • Episode 6
    • At the very beginning, Chuggaa asks Lucahjin if he can lick her. Lucah (as well as the others) are very creeped out by this, though this doesn't stop Tim from mumbling about licking stuff in the background.
  • Episode 7:
    • Jon's new avatar, "The Phantom of the Anime".
    • Lucah ends up taking out the boss near the start of the video by jumping on its weak spot instead of throwing a cake at it, leading to everyone laughing over Blingbotnik's Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Episode 8:
    • The entire basketball minigame at the start of the episode. Highlights include (but are not limited to):
      • Lucah throwing the ball into the net while also throwing Jon into it, thus giving him a chance to slam dunk the ball and steal Lucah's points.
      • Jon apparently kicking the ball straight into the net.
    Jon: He's on fire!
    • The episode has a Running Gag of Jon punching things, at first with a sticker of a fist, then with a stickable object in the shape of a large steel forearm. He starts getting carried away with it, sticking a few metal arms to Chugga and Lucah, before getting carried away with it at the end and accidentally sticks a metal arm to himself right on his Sackboy's crotch.
    • Jon spots a x2 area, but Tim and Lucah have already gone further up in the level, which risks killing Jon by scrolling him offscreen, so he says:
    Jon: Come on down. You're the next contestant on "you're going to kill me".
  • Episode 9:
    • Chugga brings up a story about how they tried to emulate one of the Tom Fawkes animations, only for him to end up ripping his pants.
    • Chugga explains that the Sackbots require the Heart Blocks in order to control them. Then Lucah says the following line.
    Lucah: You mean the Heart-shaped Box?
    Chugga: NO!
  • Episode 10:
  • Episode 11
  • Episode 12
    "Attacked at a sweet rave party, she used her sweet rave dance moves to save herself and now she fights crime the only way she knows how, by turning into the Phantom of the Anime. Her sweet rave moves will save us all!
    • Lucah getting stuck under a pile of RoboBuns.
    • When they start the MechaPups section, the very first thing they manage to do is get two people stuck between electrified walls and kill Chugga.
  • Episode 14:
    Jon: It's too easy. It's seriously too easy.
    • Chugga completing about half of the space-shooter level by himself due to everyone else dying.
    Chugga: We breached!
    Jon: "We".
  • Episode 15:
    • Thanks to Tim's control pod design, the Guys end up covered in algae for the entire episode.
  • Episode 16:
    • Lucah's response to Eve (who she insists on calling Shakira) and her comments after they climbed the tree.
    Lucah: Girl, what you know, you're a goddamn apple! You have a bite taken out of your face!
  • Episode 17:
    • Jon mashing up "In the Jungle" with the "Carwash" song, due to the ship looking a bit like both at the moment.
    • Chugga's story about his cat licking his eyeball.
    • Lucah struggles on a difficult minigame, resulting in this gem:
    Chugga: Lucah, would Eggman give up?
    Lucah: Yes, that's why I handed my controller to Jon five minutes ago.
    • The ending.
  • Episode 18:
    • Lucah makes a pun:
    Chugga: Hop into the foreground.
    Lucah: Get it, the fourground?
    Chugga and Lucah: OHHHHHHHHHHHH!
    Jon: Why did you do that?! Don't encourage him!
  • Episode 19:
    • "Gentlemen, behold...THE SUN!"
    • Jon once again changing his avatar, Steel Thunder being off on (yet-another) paid vacation. He is "The Unknown Adventurer", which he states is a character from another series in disguise to help in the Cosmic Imagisphere, which Blingbotnik claims to recognize due to two fox tails.
      • And his disguise consists of a trenchcoat and a cardboard box on his head.
    • Tim sniping a score bubble from Lucah in the crane game.
  • Episode 20:
    • They end up spending most of the episode playing pool. Many ball jokes follow.
    • The Unknown Adventurer revealing his true identity.
    Jon: It was me, Sackboy, all along!
  • Episode 23:
    • The comment section is filled with bee puns.
  • Finale:
    • They defeat the Negativitron, get to the end, and as the game loads the final cutscene... the game freezes on them. Cue Tim's green rupee scream and Luca giving up. They go on to reveal that the game would crash constantly off-camera, and even deleted four side-kicks Jon made.
    • In a Call-Back to the very first episode, Lucah and Chugga realise Moo is in the end credits and are delighted.
    • After the credits has finished rolling, the Guys get an option to replay the entire cutscene, which included the credits for whatever reason. This happens.
    Jon (jokingly): And now to replay it!
    Lucah: No, don't. I'm leaving if you do.
    Emile: (hovers over "replay")
    Lucah: Don't. I'm leaving if you do! I'm out!
    Tim: Goodbye.
    Jon: He'd better have hit circle. He'd better have hit circle!
    Cutscene starts playing.
    Jon: He didn't!
    Emile: RUN AWAY!
    Jon: GET HIM! GET HIM!!
    Sounds of Emile fleeing, getting caught, and screaming can be heard in the background.

     Sonic Adventure 

  • The general roles the guys have in the LPs get reversed for this one. Normally Tim messes up while Chugga goofs off, leaving Jon the one who actually focused on beating the game. Here, though, Chugga is prone to making mistakes and dying, Jon is more focused on messing around as much as possible, and Tim is the one focused on beating the game.
    • The fact that Jon is basically playing through the game as if he's streaming.
    • Nearly every teaser image for each video's thumbnail features one of the Sonic characters making a ridiculous facial expression.
  • Chuggaa losing lives in the first episode. Before they even started the first stage, they were on a negative. The ones of most important note were...
    • Losing to Chaos Zero on the first hit!
    • And then drowning in the pool (this death was intentional, the humor comes from Jon and Tim's incredulous reactions that it's possible).
    • And then after all that, Chugga manages to run into the first enemy in the game. Good start.
  • At the end of Part 2, we have Moonwalking Sonic.
  • The entirety of Part 3 has Jon controlling Sonic and running around with a mannequin. The sight of Sonic sitting on top of a driven car while carrying a mannequin over his head the entire time is as funny as it sounds.
    • The description is quite accurate.
    Description: We give the control to Jon and immediately regret it...
  • In Part 4, when Jon actually does play a level, he finishes it and just after Sonic poses, Tails drops down right in front of him.
  • Midway during Part 5, Chuggaa manages to get the camera to be outside the map..
    • That one also has Jon's explanation of why Chaos is actually helping Eggman at first.
    Jon: Like, if you had a pet cat, and you kept feeding it treats, it would probably keep coming to you and doing stuff that you want it to do.
    Jon: Yeah. And then, it's like "Oh, wait, I can just buy treats? I can just do that myself. I mean, I can destroy this treat factory and get as many treats as I want."
  • In Episode 7, Jon gets the employee card stuck near an NPC, meaning he's unable to pick it up until it respawns where it was obtained. So, instead of going to Speed Highway, he spends the rest of the episode showing off the Chao Garden. Most specifically, the Chao they had raised in practice sessions. His name is ÇカÆÜ.
  • Episode 8 is just a barrel of laughs.
  • In Episode 9, Chugga repeatedly attempts to bring the Old Man Mannequin with him to the Mystic Ruins only for them to end in failure. At one point while carrying him a cutscene occurs and this causes him to glitch out of the game.
  • In Episode 10, Jon comments every time the weather changes on the Egg Carrier with "Happy clouds!" or "Angry clouds!" in a Sesame Street-like voice. Also, NPC Tails keeps actually pitching in to help out Sonic (controlled by Tim) for once.
  • At the beginning of Episode 11, Tim tries to grab a grappling hook, only to miss, which triggers a glitch that leaves Sonic standing in midair.
  • In Episode 12, the Guys' reaction to Eggman reusing the same voice clip he had just been spouting in the previous boss fight.
  • During Episode 13, they reach a part where Sonic has to run away from a boulder a la Indiana Jones. What happens next needs to be seen to be believed.
    • This particular stage seems to be prone to even more glitches than usual, repeatedly killing Jon for ridiculous reasons, and at one point, a button just refuses to be pressed.
    • When Emile takes over at the end, he removes any dramatic tension from the flashback section by jumping all around it and repeatedly missing the spot where the cutscene triggers.
  • Chugga tests the limits of an automated section. With predictable results.
    • At the very start of Episode 14, Chugga says 'Alright, time to prove I don't suck' and Sonic is immediately grabbed by a robot.
    • The guys take notice of the ridiculously large amount of power-ups, 1up boxes, and ring boxes. They wonder if Eggman's becoming forgetful when he leaves a bunch of items around his own ship that could help the nemesis he's supposed to want to destroy.
  • In Episode 15, Tim's first fight against the Egg Viper ends with him phasing through the floor, which Chugga and Jon react to with simultaneous big whats; the ensuing slow-motion replay drags out both Chugga and Jon's reactions.
  • In Episode 16, Chugga exploits a glitch to get Tails to start cheering as he's killed by Robotnik at the end of his boss fight. Then he uses his ability to fly to completely break Windy Valley by just flying over the entire stage, which is made even funnier due to both Jon and Tim's disbelief.
  • Episode 17 sees more fun with the Old Man, as this time Jon accidentally winds up causing him to glitch through the ground and disappear. Then he later drops him down a sewer.
    • Right before Old Man's reappearance, the guys fail to notice another man walking in midair. Several commentators did notice it however, and all the surprised comments about them missing out on what happened are amusing to read on their own.
    • When the guys talk to a NPC that's standing next to Big, he comments about a ladies' man going on dates with multiple girls, leading the three to assume that Big's the one he's referring to.
    Emile: Big goes out with different girls every day of the week? Man, I'm not surprised.
    Jon: He calls them all Froggy, too. It's very strange.
    Tim: Well, there's a reason he's called... ummm, nah, nevermind.
    All three of them start laughing.
    Emile: There's also the reason why they say... he has a rod.
    Tim: And... he catches "fish" with it.
    Jon: Oh my god, Tim!
  • During the penultimate level of Tails' story, Chugga manages to waste every single one of his lives, leaving Tails on his last life. For the rest of the Tails section, the guys (especially Jon, who has to fight the final boss) become extremely paranoid that they'll wind up losing their final life and end up getting a Game Over. It never happens.
  • The guys having a blast with Robotnik's dialogue in Episode 20. At one point, he starts (rather pathetically) yelling after Tails to wait for him, causing Jon to come up with the Alternative Character Interpretation that he's acting out only because he has dependency issues. Shortly after that, Robotnik angrily yells, "You little fox!" which Chugga and Jon both note that it suspiciously sounds like he's trying to yell something else instead.
    • The sarcastic response to Tails trying to muster the courage to challenge Robotnik:
    Tails: I've changed a lot since I started hanging with Sonic...
    Tim: Yeah you have, you're so brave now.
    Jon: I've gotten brave, I've crashed multiple planes, I've been shot at, I've almost been turned into a robot. Sonic made my life great!
  • Knuckles being lonely... so much so that he hooked up with a bat. This is repeated a few times in Episode 21.
    • More shenanigans from Jon and the Old Man Statue...
    • As well as Knuckles pushing a fire hydrant...
  • The "Knuckles party" in Episode 22.
    • Chugga attempts to climb into an elevator as Knuckles when he's following Robotnik, but yet another glitch occurs and leaves Knuckles climbing the air. Even better is Tim's choice of Shout-Out:
    Tim: WHAT IS THIS!?
  • Episode 23 has more glitchy antics when Chugga winds up unintentionally running around on the roof of a cave in the Mystic Ruins.
    • While gliding around searching for the last emerald shard he needs to complete the level, a pillar of lava erupts from underneath Chugga (who has 0 rings) and hits him, giving him an instant death - and then to add insult to injury, the hit knocks him over into a pit as well.
    • After his first death in Red Mountain, Chugga is deposited right near the aforementioned shard he's been looking for with it in plain sight at one point — and he completely fails to notice it. There's even an annotation on the screen when it comes up that says "Hi, there!", adding to the hilarity.
    • At one point in the Mystic Ruins, Knuckles is at the very top of one of the pillars at the Master Emerald shrine. The camera angle makes Knuckles look like he's "asking his master for a treat".
    Jon: Knuckles, no begging at the dinner table.
  • Episode 25 gives us Jon's "Knock Knock, it's Knuckles" tangent.
  • Episode 27 sees Jon attempting to walk up a missile, but he has to do so very slowly to gain any traction. Jon ends up moving so slow that the video is sped up to make Amy move at a faster speed, causing the guys to talk in incomprehensible chipmunk voices. Fans of the LPer raocow will feel right at home.
  • Episode 28 has Jon messing around with the aforementioned missile some more, this time by stranding some Chao on it before throwing them off.
    • Then he decides to leave a few Chao on there so they can befriend each other; Chugga calls him out on it and insists he wants to ruin their lives.
    Jon: Once you learn how to get down on your own without being thrown off the cliff, then you can have a name!
    • By the time he actually starts a level, Amy has to move levers around, but her jerky animation combined with the controls make the guys assume she's twerking. And right after that, Chugga's innocence strikes again by joking that Amy can move on in the level that she's finished her lamaze class for the day:
    Jon: Do you know what a lamaze class is?
    Chugga: I thought it was a type of exercise?
    Jon: ... for pregnant women.
    • Jon has some fun screwing with Zero. First he stays up on a ladder that Zero can't follow him up on, and spends some time moving up and down on it while Zero tries to jump after him with no luck. Later on, he attempts to stay up high in a small alcove that Zero continues to try to jump up to, again with little luck — only to suddenly make a successful jump and go into the alcove after Amy, causing Jon, Chugga, and NCS to all freak out.
    • Jon's screwing around in the second level and exploring every single bathroom stall when he arrives at one. Even funnier, NCS nearly forgets to say his Catchphrase during this when they first enter. Later on, they find a room full of urinals and Chugga comments that they were in the women's room, making Jon literally pause the game before he clarifies what he meant.
  • Episode 29 has this line after Jon hits the bomb capsule that's right in front of the exit to Hot Shelter:
    Jon (in sinister voice): Amy the Destroyer is here to leave 'cause she's really fucking bored!
  • Episode 30 sees Chugga return to the Egg Carrier to collect Amy's second powerup. When he takes her down the elevator into the ship, it closes early and goes right through her feet.
    • Chugga plays the hammer minigame to get said power up. After all the trouble Jon had when he played it, Chugga beats it on the first try.
  • Episode 31: Chugga makes a pun about what the exit would be called on the Egg Carrier, calling it the "egg-sit", he then proceeds to tell a story about how he made a bad pun on Twitter and Mike Pollock responded to it.
    Mike Pollock: Some day you'll make your kids very ashamed, and me very proud.
  • Episode 32, appropriately named "Pure Insanity", where we have Big the Cat goofing around Station Square (due to Proton Jon, of course) looking for Froggy... It has to be seen to be believed, even the Old Man statue gets involved.
    • He starts his turn as Big caning someone with Big's fishing rod for not telling him where Froggy is; done all in character, of course.
    • Jon was a riot the whole episode through and through, considering he spends practically the whole episode doing an impression of Big.
    Chugga: Are we going to see any progress in this video at all?
    Jon (as Big): Nooooope, not at alllll!
    • At one point Jon even groans over one of Chugga's puns in character.
    • The running gag of Jon messing around with the mannequin of the old man comes to a head with Chugga saying Jon will essentially be broken from glee between the mannequin and the Big voice; he gets proven right when Jon becomes incredibly giddy when Big throws the old man vast distances.
    • Tim title-dropping the episode after the above after Chugga claims he called Jon's breakdown.
    Tim: I know what I'd call this. Pure insanity!
    Episode description: You said it, Tim.
  • Episode 33 has Emile dying. In the racing mini-game. As BIG THE CAT.
  • In episode 34, Emile tells how a lot of kids he knew that wanted to play Sonic Adventure but didn't have the system for it thought that Big the Cat had a sword, and that whenever he told them it's not the case, they would wonder if he wielded a gun instead. He concludes that people do indeed confuse him for Duke Nukem.
    • Following that, has Jon (in Big's voice, of course) accidentally saying that Duke never had a gunnote , confusing Emile.
    • Chugga also lampshades that you'd never know he and Tim had been playing as Big since Jon keeps commenting as him even though he's not in control anymore.
  • Episode 35: Chugga starts trying to "counter" Jon's goofy Big voice by making a bunch of bad puns. Jon is not happy about this.
    • They also start calling Big's fishing rod a sword-gun in reference to last episode.
    • Tim manages to get too side-tracked while exploring the underwater section of Emerald Coast and ends up accidentally drowning Big when he's stuck in a cave.
    • They make fun of how much time they've been wasting while playing as Big.
    Jon (in Big's voice): What's the timer at on the video? I'm really curious. How long have we been playing as Big the Cat?
    Emile: Actually, exactly 59 minutes.
    Jon (in Big's voice): Amazing.
  • Episode 36: The Cat shenanigans continue. Jon starts using the voice even when talking as himself and not as Big.
    Emile: "Is Froggy your wife?"
    Jon: "Nah, Froggy's a guy."
    Tim: "Froggy's the LUBRICANT!"
    • Jon gets his line broke while trying to reel a fish in, meaning all three guys have lost a life playing as, of all characters, Big.
    • At one point, Jon gets stuck in a room with the camera facing the wall. After a few moments of struggling to find his way back out, the door opens with Big staring right at the camera, making them all freak out.
  • Episode 37:
    Jon (as Big): "Buy my book."
    • Knowing that Jon will probably keep playing as Big, Emile takes the XBox controller and removes the batteries from it. You don't have to Take Our Word for It either; you can actually see the "Please reconnect the controller" message on-screen!
  • Episode 38:
    • Jon, following up from the Big run, starts doing a robot voice for E-102 Gamma. It only gets worse when he starts messing about with his running mode (or rather, car mode).
    • The three's reaction when Jon realizes that Gamma and his three fellow E-100 robots happen to have the same colors the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wear.
    • When Froggy appears on Eggman's monitor during the E-100 robots' mission briefing, Jon busts out the Big voice one last time.
    Emile: Even when we're done with Big the Cat, we're not done with Big the Cat.
  • Episode 40:
    • Winning the fight with Sonic in about thirteen seconds by doing nothing but firing his gun while Sonic runs in a straight line back and forth.
    Emile: I don't know how Eggman even has so much trouble with this.
    Emile: [...] And considering I'm not even white...
    Jon: Well, in skin tone you are, and in mentality, my god, you definitely are.
  • Episode 41:
    • During his run, Tim hits zero lives. He then purposefully avoids getting any new lives, because he knows it'll make the next stage Jon plays harder for him. Which leads into...
    • Jon getting a game over. You know that little wooden raft that leads to the Egg Carrier? The water there can kill you, apparently. Jon, somehow falls IN THE TINY GAP BETWEEN THE RAFT AND THE PLATFORM, and he did not take this well at all.
    Jon: WHAT?!
    Jon: WHAT THE FUCK?!
    Jon: Game, come on! That's fucking bullshit, and you know it! You fuckers working together to make sure I get a game over, not cool!
    Emile: I honestly didn't think you'd die to that...
    Jon: I shouldn't have died to that, LOOK AT THE GAP, it's not even big enough for me to fall through! HOW DID THAT KILL ME?! That makes NO SENSE!
  • Episode 42:
    • Emile spends a good two minutes setting up a joke at the end of the video, hampered by his lack of knowledge on how to work an Xbox. The end result has to be seen to be believed.
  • Finale:
    • When trying to score the last hit on Perfect Chaos:
    Jon: This is for Big the Caaaaaaaaat!
    (fails to get the hit)
    Jon: Not enough.
    Chugga: How fitting for Big the Cat that it wasn't enough.

    Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures 
  • Meta example: The recording set up, as shown on Stephen's Vlog.
  • Running jokes:
    • Upon reaching enough Force Gems to power up their swords, Stephen tends to announce that they've got their "(word that begins with 'j') Juice!"
    • One of the more common reasons for someone messing up is that they mistake someone else's player Link for their own.
    • Jon is the only one who doesn't Fail A Spot Check on a regular basis, much to his annoyance.
  • Episode 1
    • Stephen sings in the intro. When he gets to the part where the four work together, the Guys boo him.
    • The guys take turns reading the story text as the start, but rather than letting someone else take over after his paragraph, Chugga keeps going... and then criticizes the others for not taking over from him. Cue thirty seconds of them complaining about him not giving them a chance.
      Chugga: Every time I would wait for you to pick it up 'cause I saw you wanting to, and then you wouldn't, so then I would start talking, and it was right as I started talking that you would lean in.
      Jon: You waited less than a second!
      • Stephen tried to rerail the dialouge back towards the text. "Tried".
        Stephen: (over Chugga and Jon's argument) "[C]hildhood friend Link used the power of the Four Swor-" IT'S GOIN' BLACK!
    • After obtaining the Four Sword and getting swept away, Emile promptly makes a Link's Awakening pun. Nobody reacts to it.
    • When Kaepora Gaebora appears before the guys, Tim begins to immediately read his lines quickly in his voice. However, because he is so quiet while doing so, he's practically drowned out by Jon, Stephen, and Emile talking about...morse code of all things.
    • Stephen realizing that Link can hop while powering up the sword. The others join in; Jon stops and then tells everyone to come over.
    • Chugga (as Red Link) manages to pick up the Fire Rod... and Hilarity Ensues when he accidentally keeps setting every other Runaway Guy, including himself sometimes, on fire every two or so minutes.
      • As a result, Jon decides to vote Emile as a bother... only to vote for Tim instead by accident.note 
    • Chugga's attempt to read all of Tingle's lines in one breath.
  • Episode 2
    • Since no one was particularly aggravating on the Cave of No Return, everyone just decided to mark some random person as a bother, then cancel that vote by mark that same person as being helpful... and, somehow, Jon earned 300 points out of it, Stephen won 100 points, Tim lost 100, then got them back, and Chugga losing 500 points, ending with -400 points at one point.
  • Episode 3
    • Stephen tries to help pull a large lever... and ends up pulling a bomb instead.
    • Stephen has a Call-Back to his BattleBlock Theater Let's Play, only this time with bombs rather than grenades. He is equally as helpful as he was back then, and easily earns Hero of Darkness with his destructive assistance.
    • Especially with the reveal that he killed the least enemies in the stage, which everyone at first interpreted as him not killing any!
  • Episode 4
    • Stephen gets bombs again in this episode... And this is the level that introduces the Great Fairy, who upgrades whichever item someone is carrying. You can put two and two together.
    • The guys dying 5 times. Here's the actual death count:
      • Tim: 5
      • Chugga: 5
      • Jon: 3
      • Stephen: 4
    • Stephen is the first death of the game, (accidentally?) blowing himself up talking to an NPC.
  • Episode 5
    • Just the fact this stage is in multiple parts tells you something.
    • The team spend FIVE minutes stuck on the second screen of the level due to an intricacy of multi-player.note 
    • After attempting to substitute a chicken for a Moon Pearl, Stephen sets off a Cucco attack. Chuggaa saves them with a text box.
  • Episode 6
    • The Shadow Link fight at the end has Shadow Link, and the guys, being able to go into the Dark World. When you're in the Dark World, anyone in the regular world looks almost exactly like Shadow Link to you. They decide to have some people stay in the real world and others go into the Dark World... and promptly have trouble actually hitting Shadow Link, instead trying to attack the shadow of the person in the real world. Hilarity Ensues as they constantly lose track of Shadow Link.
      • At one point, Tim is the one in the overworld, and the others are attacking him, and Tim doesn't think to mention he's being slashed by three shadows. Tim goes into the portal into the Dark World, which the others see as Shadow Link returning to the overworld, and attempt to follow him... only to find he's not there. Meanwhile, Tim appears to be shocked at there seemingly being three Shadow Links.
    • Stephen doesn't even realise bombs were available in the stage until they hit a seeming dead-end. As such, he breaks his streak of winning the Hero of Darkness vote.
    • Despite Stephen getting a cucco to steal Force Gems from Jon at the last possible moment, Jon still manages to get first place through sheer amount of Force Gems. He cheerfully attributes this to the shovel.
  • Episode 7
    • Jon has difficulties picking up items when bombs are involved on two occasions. The first time, he drops a bomb and by mistake picks up Stephen, getting them both caught in the blast. The second time, while attempting to pick up a key, he accidentally picks up a bomb, resulting in a mild panic for everyone sans Tim.
    • One room the gang comes across has four switches that each Link must step on at the same time to allow them to proceed farther. After a brief pause, Chuggaa realizes nothing is happening because he is not standing on the last switch. A little while later, they return to the room, and Tim makes the same mistake!
    • Stephen's, and later Tim's song and dance while waiting for Chuggaa to light some torches.
  • Episode 8
    • Tim trying to run away from a giant bomb... as in out of the room... while the other guys more sensibly run downstairs. Needless to say, Tim gets blown up.
    • Chugga's incredibly girly cry at the end of the episode, possibly from realizing that part of his GBA footage got corrupted.
  • Episode 9
    Jon: Guys, this is so stupid.
    • At one point, Jon gets picked up by a large enemy that throws him at the spike barrier that prevents them from going to the next screen, causing him to glitch through it and constantly take damage. The guys' reactions to this sells it.
  • Episode 11
    • Everyone constantly walking off, getting pushed, and shoving each other into the lava.
    • Stephen's insistence throughout the entire level that the lamp will eventually be useful, because why else would there be one available? It never is, leading to getting Hero of Darkness for the stage. His reaction is the funniest thing ever.
      • Jon is similarly peeved since he did all the work killing off the Dodongos as the only person with bombs and someone still voted for him as a bother.
        Jon: Excuse me?! I had to fight the boss!
      • Even better? It was Stephen.
  • Episode 12
    • Stephen's delayed realization of who Malon and Talon are.
    • The Guys get access to carrots that let them spontaneously create horses to ride. Utter chaos ensues, accompanied by Jon's Horse Song.
    • The Guys spend forever trying to get past a log they have to pull from a cave, after they impatiently don't pull it far enough, but Chugga manages to glitch through, and they find that it's only possible to glitch through if someone pushes them from behind, but they need all four Guys past the log to get past the next area, making it a "Shaggy Dog" Story.
  • Episode 13
    • Jon's reaction when using the Medallion blows up the house in the center of the area.
    Tim: What?! Every single level, at the end of it, I fart.
    Stephen: Yeah, and guess who's sitting next to Tim! Guess who knows about the end of every freaking level!
    (Tim and Jon start cracking up)
    Stephen: Oh my god, I can taste them. Like, with my tongue! The thing in my mouth! The thing under my nose! And it's SO HOT!
    Tim: I can't even laugh!
    Stephen: I'm hyperventilating and taking more in! It's like pure methane!
    Emile: He's beyond help. Well, Stephen...
    Stephen: Yes!
    Emile: I think we know why you're such an expert on explosives.
  • Episode 15
    • The guys have to sneak into Hyrule Castle again, this time at night with search lights a la Forsaken Fortress. They are captured sixteen times before they finally make it into the castle:
      • Emile: 3 ("Text box!! FREAKING TEXT BOX!!")
      • Jon: 3 (The first offender)
      • Tim: 6 (Breaks a pot after the guys have specifically mentioned that doing so gets you caught)
      • Stephen: 4 ("OH GOD I'M BREATHING NOOOO!!")
    • The realization that there's an easier path after their 6th capture.
    • Jon using getting thrown in jail to farm Force Gems.
    • Stephen's genius idea to deal with the search lights:
    Stephen: STAB THE LIGHT!!
  • Episode 16
    • After struggling with the searchlights so much in the previous episode, the group suddenly come across another searchlight section and almost immediately get caught. They have a massive freak out, thinking they'll be brought back to the start of the level, only to find out there is another jail cell.
      • At one point, whoever is in charge of this cell lets Jon hang onto a key.
    • The group's lament that the second jail cell doesn't have farmable Force Gems.
    • Not only do the group need lanterns to finish the level, but they're required for the boss. Stephen is ecstatic.
    • The Maiden's voice. The Guys claim that Link must always speak in a monotone voice while also trying to figure out exactly which of the Sailor Senshi the maiden most resembles.
      • Stephen then quickly starts talking about the importance of the lamp, insisting that Link get a tattoo of one on his forehead.
    • Clearly stressed after such a level, the guys are discussing who to vote Hero of Light/Darkness. They reach hysterics when all four of them get Hero of Darkness. Watching carefully reveals Tim and Jon voted for each other, and Emile and Stephen too.
      • Jon has a freak-out after nobody votes him for Hero of Light, angrily saying that he carried the group through the whole stage. It's made even funnier by the fact that Jon's total score ends up being higher than all three of the other Guys' scores COMBINED!
  • Episode 17
    • The intro has Stephen describing the game as "largely cooperative." The Guys then start debating over what that means.
    Jon: Is that before or after we try to murder each other mercilessly?
    Stephen: It's during!
    • At one point, Emile and Stephen are trying to get a treasure chest containing Force Gems. Jon tries to help out Stephen by carrying Emile away, but Stephen thinks that he's the one that got picked up. In the confusion, it's Tim who gets the chest.
    Emile: See, Jon? Nobody's very observant anymore!
    Jon: I NOTICED!
  • Episode 18
    • The group is faced with a Gohma, which can only be harmed by the bow. Jon is the only one with a bow, so he has to fight solo. Everyone is quick to notice how familiar this situation is.
    • Jon points out that the last enemy killed in a screen drops 100 Force Gems. Emile admits that he didn't know about this, which aggravates Jon due to the group already being on World 5, halfway through the game.
      • Stephen follows this up by pretending to notice that the Gamecube controller has 3 shoulder buttons. Emile is somewhat unsure if Stephen was being sarcastic.
    • At the end, the Guys see that the next level is a town. Their reactions say it all.
  • Episode 19
    • Jon is reading the Tear Jerker letter from a recently deceased woman to her grieving husband. While this is happening, Stephen can be seen hitting an annoying NPC with a rock.
    • The Guys' amusement with being able to pick up thieves:
    • The thief jail allows the guys to hit the imprisoned thieves with weapons. The Guys have some fun with this.
      • Emile also notes how much more effective this is than their prison.
    • When Tim is having trouble with a shovel puzzle, Emile suggests that everyone else pull out chairs and watch Tim dig.
    • Jon is having trouble reading some NPC dialogue,leading Emile to come over and read on Jon's screen.
    TEXT: "Wow. How did anyone see Game Boy screens back in the day?"
    • Jon gets increasingly annoyed when the other Guys (mostly Emile) repeatedly take the Force Gems he had earned for completing quests.
  • Episode 20
    • While Chuuga is talking to an NPC who says he can take his treasure, Jon and Stephen have already pilfered it.
    • Jon's reaction after losing 1000 Force Gems to the boss (which Tim is quick to steal). The sound of the counters can be heard for several seconds. Afterwards, Jon gets a Giant Bomb for beating the stage and immediately goes after Tim.
    Jon: I'm a little angry.
  • Episode 22
    • Chuggaa manages to die 6 times and ends up with a score of -71 at the end of the episode.
    • The simple fact that the boss battle here takes a solid ten minutes due to the Guys' inability to deal with Tennis Boss strategies consistently.
  • Episode 23
    • A swinging underfoot platform presents the Guys with their most daunting task yet — walking slowly, and in unison.
    Tim: Are you fucking kidding me?
    • Jon's continuing status as the Only Sane Man as the Guys repeatedly ignore obvious hints from the game, culminating in:
    Jon: (singing) You guys are bad at exploring, you guys are bad at exploring...
    • Jon notes during the Lost Woods segment that the correct path is always where the wind is blowing from. The rest of the Guys react with mindblown awe that he noticed this. The best part is that an NPC that Jon talked to hinted at just that, but he either didn't pay attention and figured it out anyway, or was just screwing with the others.
  • Episode 25
    • At the end of the episode, Jon opens a chest with a giant bomb in it (technically two), and quickly runs to the screen transition point with Emile... while Stephen and Tim keep items they got from chests over their heads. This results in Jon and Emile dying while Stephen and Tim are unharmed, letting Stephen steal Force Gems from Jon and Emile... which Stephen admits is his reason for doing that. Emile and Jon get pretty angry at this.
      Jon: We should move, we should mo—oh, Stephen, I fucking hate you right now...
      Emile: Stephen, Stephen, STEPHEN!!
      Stephen: Your money will be so great~!
      Emile: NO! You ass!
      Jon: You guys are fucking dicks!
  • Episode 26
    • The Guys singing the Maidens' dialogue at the end of the level.
    • When it comes time to vote, Jon sarcastically wonders who will receive Hero of Darkness, and Stephen reminds everyone that he had the lamp. However...
      Emile: I didn't mean to vote for Jon. Shoot!
      Jon: Dude— are you fucking serious, Emile?? Are you fucking serious??
      • Since Stephen also voted for Jon, Jon was the one who got Hero of Darkness, upsetting him even more.
        Jon: You fucking assholes!
  • Episode 27
    • The guys completely fail to acquire a Quake Medallion (and to notice the alcove it's hidden in) until after they've killed off all the enemies they were supposed to kill with it (which they did not by removing the rock between them and said enemies to hack-and-slash them, but by throwing bombs over the fence). Then Tim wastes said Quake Medallion on some Terrorpins on a frozen lake the guys can't reach yet.
    • Apparently, Stephen is the master of entering holes.
    • The guys all get Fire Rods, since they need them to melt the snow walls and frozen Force Gems. Of course, it's not long before they all begin setting each other on fire. Again.
    • Stephen beating Emile over the head with a tree.
  • Episode 28
  • Episode 31
    • The very first thing Stephen does in The Realm of the Heavens — walk left off the side of the cloud and lose half a heart.
  • Episode 34
    • During the Escort Mission part of the stage, the Guys repeatedly and angrily note Zelda's status as The Load.
      • This turns into a theory that Zelda is trying to kill them by spawning enemies!
      • When the Guys reach the exit of the Tower, Zelda stops a few feet away. Everyone is in disbelief when they read her dialogue:
      Emile and Jon: THE EXIT'S NEARBY!?
    • Jon ends the final stage with over 3,000 more force gems than anyone else.
      Jon: *awkwardly* Good game, guys?
      Everyone Else: *sarcastic laughter*
      Emile: Let's get him. Let's get him. Let's... make him eat American food or something.
  • Shadow Battle
    • After Jon spends most of the game pointing out how the others Failed a Spot Check, in this video it's Tim who's the only one to notice a Giant Bomb has appeared and win by default when he's the only one who hides.
    • Chugga constantly falling through the colour-coded tiles on the sky level, which nobody else has much difficulty with.
    • One match comes down to Jon and Stephen. Stephen mostly runs away from Jon, then falls down a hole as Jon waits on a ladder to stab him... and somehow Stephen wins when they collide.
  • Tetra's Trackers
    • Chugga repeatedly points out how weird it is to have voice acting and free jumping in a Zelda game... making it very clear that this was recorded before Breath of the Wild.

     Rayman Legends 
  • Since Chugga is Player 1, he gets to be the one using the extra gamepad control feature...and let's just say he's not very good at it.
  • In the beginning of the Dungeon Chase level in episode 3, Chugga assumes the role of Murfy once again, and gets Jon and Tom killed on the first platform.
  • After a wild Kung Foot match in episode 6, Tom does something that the Guys take quick notice on...
    Jon: He's taking off his shirt!
    Tim: Are you kidding me? If only you could see this!
    Jon: Goodnight everybody!
  • The guys end up spending the first two minutes of episode 7 having trouble with swapping out characters.
  • Jon's reaction to standing just outside of a spotlight's range in episode 11: "Ah, look at me, I'm being stealthy, look at me!"
  • In Episode 13, the level "There's Always a Bigger Fish" prompts this comment form Emile:
    Emile: There's always a bigger fish... in bed. [...] Maybe that's my fetish?
    Tom Fawkes: Hey honey I'm ready, here's the tuna!
    Tim: [Mad laughter]
  • In Episode 16, the Guys do "Shields Up... and Down - Invaded". Their first attempt has all four of them jump right into the first enemy and die, at the same time.
    • In another attempt, an enemy that is supposed to be used as a platform fails to spawn in until they actually cross the gap the enemy is needed to cross. Then they die. The exchange is even played in slow motion.
  • At one attempt at the boss in "A Cloud of Darkness!" in episode 20, Tom is the only one left alive. He jumps off the wall to reach and revive the others, and although he manages to revive them, he jumps right into a hole in the middle of the arena, in the process causing the other guys to respawn in the hole and die again instantly.
  • After defeating the final boss, Chugga is falling off the bottom of the stage, meaning the central platform raises the others up while he dies, causing the others to joke that they're ascending to heaven while he's stuck in hell. A smack from the others sends Tim flying off the platform, reviving Chugga mid fall just in time for them both to die again.
  • Chugga praising guest Tom Fawkes... and goes a bit too far.
    Chugga: You were very good, I think you were very funny, I think you were great at the game and you helped us get through a lot of stuff...
    Tom: Oh go on.
    Chugga: And your cock is enormous...
    Jon: WOW. WOW. Not where I thought he'd go with that.
    Tom: Ladies, I am single!
  • When messing around with the credits, the Guys manage to create "Age Rating Man: Shannon Kok".
  • When the guys return to Toad Story (which they got all the Teensies in the first time) to do the Invasion levels, Chugga says "we did this stage so perfect before, and we're not gonna mess it up at all now". Right after he says this, he jumps into the wrong painting.
  • Episode 22 had some funny moments thanks to a few glitches. For instance, on the guys' first attempt at "What the Duck? - Invaded", Dark Rayman spawns right where they're standing instead of above them, killing them instantly. On their second attempt, he doesn't spawn at all.
  • When the guys die the first time in "Lucha Libre Get Away - Invaded", the screen camera suddenly swerves ahead of them before going back towards the beginning of the stage.
  • Near the end of the finale, Tom asks the other guys their final thoughts on the game.

     Super Metroid 
  • The discussion about Metroid 2 is Hilarious in Hindsight given this was obviously recorded well before the release of Another Metroid 2 Remake.
  • Chugga wishes that Ridley had Slowbeef's voice. So they do an impression of it, which ends up turning into an impression of Chugga himself.
  • Jon and Tim have an inverted This Is Gonna Suck moment when they realize just how much fun the project's going to be after witnessing Chugga almost fail to escape Ceres Station in time.
  • Episode 1 ends with possibly the weirdest outtro yet (for context, it's about a Map Station):
    Chugga: I'm not supposed to stand on it, I'm supposed to have sex with it.
    Jon: With your arm?
    [Video Ends]
  • In Episode 2, they discuss how Samus cleans her suit. Tim suggests that she just goes through a car wash, which makes the other guys laugh.
  • Chugga reaches the point in the game where he got stuck all those years ago, which involved him completely failing to notice a Morph Ball tunnel near the start of Crateria until he gave up. All this at the ripe young age of...17. And it still takes him a few passes at age 26.
  • Near the start of Episode 3, as Chugga advances to another area in the game he'd previously never gotten to before, Jon states that his 17-year-old self must be glad to finally have closure now. Chugga then replies that he thought Jon was originally going to say he "finally has clothes" and then admits when he was 17 he often did sit around his computer room naked, to which Jon sarcastically thanks Emile for telling him that.
  • After defeating Spore Spawn in Episode 4, Chugga has an... interesting thought.
    Chugga: I wonder if there's ever been a murderer that, like, turned his victims into stepladders.
  • In Episode 8, Chugga tries various stuff on one of the floor enemies Jon draws his attention to before realising that it's actually a fake to cover a hole in the floor. This includes shooting it, so when Chugga drops down through it he finds he has already opened up the powerup below, and claims that he found a speedrunning tactic. The Guys then joke about how Chugga has now become the source of speedrunning wisdom, during which he struggles to leave the room using the Hi-Jump.
  • At the start of the episode Jon and Tim have a heated discussion as to where Chugga should go next, and he compared it to parents discussing their kid's academic future.
  • Emile's idea for an intro in episode 10:
    Chugga: (singing along to the fanfare) Y cant Metroid craaaaaawl?
    Jon: Oh, good Lord...
  • Chugga shares his thoughts on the Shinespark:
    Chugga: That's gotta feel so cool, it's like... having a rocket shoved up your ass without the anal pain.
    Jon: ...Okay.
  • The entire "Love sack!" conversation in episode 11.
  • Chugga discovering how to get into Maridia by accident is both this and awesome.
    Jon: Keep this room in mind for later.
    Chugga: Got it, flood the chamber! [Drops Power Bomb]
    • When the chamber is flooded, Tim jokes about the water physics by speaking in slow motion.
    Tim: Itttttttsssss liiiiiiiiiiikkkkkke wheeeeen yooooooou plaaaaaaaaay the coooooooommmmeeeentarrrrryyy aaaaaaat twenty-five perceeent speeeeeeeeed.
  • Episode 14: Chugga pulls off yet another pretty impressive feat using the newly-acquired Grappling Beam to grapple onto a moving Ripper II while doing a running jump in order to reach a Missile Pack...then immediately afterward, forgets how to use the beam the easy way. As Jon mocks him for it...
    Jon: You pulled off this phenomenal flying-jump Grappling Hook, and the standing-still Grappling Hook is getting you.
    Chugga: Says the man who can't make one-block jumps in Mario, but can beat Kaizo.
    Tim: Whoa...
    Jon: that a challenge? Do you want to go through Kaizo? Is that what you're saying?
    • Also from Episode 14, a discussion of cereal causes Chugga to launch into a passionate rant about Kix. Jon points out that Chugga sounds like he was hurt by the cereal as a child.
      Jon: Where did the cereal touch you as a child, Emile? Jesus!
      Chugga: It touched my insides! Literally!
      Jon: Ewww...
  • In episode 16, a Seinfeldian Conversation about world domination leads to Chugga telling a story about how he used to think Mother Teresa had taken over the world.
  • The utter struggle to get the reserve tank in episode 18.
  • Episode 19 brings us "Brain Care", originally a continuation of their "President Mother Brain" jokes from earlier in the series, but which Chugga and Tim find to be Inherently Funny Words and mindlessly repeat for a while, to Jon's dismay.
  • During a conversation in Episode 19, Jon argues that there's a lot of things Chugga would like more if he had more patience. When asked for an example, the first one he gives is Paper Mario: Sticker Star. That wasn't a good idea. Chugga goes on an uncharacteristically-angry rant about the game and says it's actually the game he dislikes the most out of any game he's played. Jon is pretty taken aback by this.
    Jon: That got him a little more than I thought it would. Wow.
  • The story about the French restaurant in Episode 19. TL;DR: Chuggaa and friends went to a French restaurant one time at PAX East, but forgot French Cuisine Is Haughty and showed up criminally underdressed. Emile surmises he was not the first customer to show up like that, owing to the restaurant being highly-rated and near where PAX East is held.
  • Episode 20: Buzzsaw Man Pants.
  • Episode 21 opens on Chugga wondering just what it was he found so funny the previous episode:
  • In episode 23, Chugga makes a reference to Macduff's backstory in Macbeth which goes totally over Jon's head. When Chugga explains the reference, Jon admits he thought that Chugga was referencing Ducktales at first.
    Jon: Like, what the fuck happened in Ducktales? Did I miss an episode?
    [Later, to the tune of the Ducktales theme song] Life is like a hurricane: c-sections, dead wives!
  • Episode 26: While Chugga fights the Space Pirates guarding Ridley's lair, Tim sings along to the background music with "I Was Watching Television", which Chugga finds amusing because the room they are in at the time is full of what look like TV sets hanging from the ceiling. This causes Chugga to start Corpsing, in a similar vein to "Buzzsaw Man Pants".
    • Chugga says that by the end of the episode, Tim's ad-libbed lyrics will send them all into hysterics. Lo and behold, Jon eventually caves when Tim repeats the "I was watching television" line.
    • Tim's singing eventually throws off Chugga so badly that he immediately forgets which way to go upon receiving his last power bomb upgrade. Jon is dumbfounded.
  • In Episode 27, just after achieving 100% Completion, Chugga fails a spot check one last time for good measure by forgetting which door leads to Tourian despite Jon pointing it out not two minutes ago.
  • And, not to be outdone, after doing a nearly flawless run through Tourian, Chugga dies on the escape sequence after making it to his ship with seconds to spare because instead of going into his ship, he accidentally goes into his Morph Ball. The screams of agony are delicious.
    Chugga: I PRESSED DOWN!

     Dokapon Kingdom Story Mode 

Episode 1

  • Chugga's joke in the first episode that the game was made by "one-third of The Police" (i.e. Sting), which even Jon finds Actually Pretty Funny.
  • Chugga comments that, as in Mario Party, Jon has "crummy rolls" on the die (or in this case spinner) and then claims that "crumby rolls" sounds like a kind of sushi coated in breadcrumbs.
  • A meta one is that when Chugga talks about alchemy and describes turning lead into gold, he incorrectly describes it as a change in the number of atoms... when he meant protons. As one commenter put it, you'd think Jon of all people would correct him on that one!
  • The way they pronounce "knife" as "kaniffy."

Episode 2

  • When the first bounty appears, Chugga comments that "If he continues at this rate and takes down more enemy bases, his bounty will be a hundred million Beris!" Confused, Jon wonders if he's referencing Animal Crossing.
    • Later, when Jon gets put to sleep, Chugga says that Jon's a heavier sleeper than Zoro, Tim join Jon in his confusion, because they were thinking of the other Zorro. Chugga doesn't bother to correct them, he probably found it funnier to leave them confused.

Episode 3

  • When Chugga tries to attack Jon to claim the 20,000G bounty, despite being weaker than him, he loses. His punishment, as chosen by Jon? He renames Chugga's character to Steve.

Episode 5

  • At the end of episode 4, Tim beats Chugga for a town on the map, and he chooses to change his hairstyle. Said hairstyle is named "Poo", and Chugga comments on how it looks like a red pikmin's hair once it is revealed in episode 5.
    • Best of all, both Jon and NCS have started referring to Chugga as Steve the Poo.
    Chugga: I liked it better when you called me Steve. I never thought I would say that.

Episode 13

  • Tim starts belting out into "It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year" at one point, and Chugga proceeds to roll a one. Inevitable pun follows.
    Chugga: It's the most w-ONE-derful time of the year!
  • Jon spends so much time shopping with Kira that Chugga had to cut out part of the video. He spent THAT MUCH time shopping.
  • Tim decides to take on a Hobgoblin in Athenasum... and gets curbstomped.
  • Following that, Chugga wakes up to fight a Wascally Wabbit... he also gets curbstomped when he tries using the Strike attack, and the Wabbit counters.
    • On top of that, Chugga was playing with Tempting Fate earlier, wondering if the Wabbits can counter.
    Chugga: I really am Elmer Fudd! I got outsmarted by that Wascally Wabbit!
    Chugga: What happens to my luck when I play this game?
  • Jon is already asleep from an encounter with a Wabbit...and then gets paralyzed at the same time from one of the monsters roaming around.

Episode 14

  • After Chugga becomes a Darkling, Jon explains everything that the class can do, with ominous music playing... and then the Weekly Rankings pop up.
  • Wabbit Season is over, and Jon continues his fight with the Wabbit, and doesn't win. On the other hand, Tim wins his fight with the Wabbit, and gains a lot of experience and an amazing shield. Everyone's reactions (mostly Jon's) sell the whole moment.
    Chugga: 300 EXP AND 11000 GOLD?!
  • Chugga challenges Jon, and Jon starts describing the absurd stat difference with Chugga's Darkling class at the moment. All looks lost for Jon, but with his earlier collected Deathblock, Jon pulls an escape. What's actually funny is Chugga's reaction to the character's voice when he escapes and Jon just capitalizing on the moment.

Episode 16

  • After killing Jon, Chugga does something only Jon's fans would recognize: he writes the name of Jon's old intro as a prank.

Episode 18

  • Jon changes his job to Cleric, and because of his hairstyle, declares himself the Shark Pope.

Episode 19

Episode 20

Episode 23

  • Chugga has to play roshambo (i.e. Rock-Paper-Scissors) against Roche when he's in debt. Chugga wins, but Roche just says he has no money, so Chugga gets nothing. Cue Big "WHAT?!"s from all three Guys. Even Chugga flips out on that one! (As the comments explained, Roche only awards players money that he had previously won, so you get nothing for beating him the first time he shows up. In fact, Chugga would have actually been better off losing to him, because then he would have paid off Chugga's debt!)
    • This moment was brought up again in episode 38, when Jon mentioned the comments of that video as he is being challenged by Roche. Chugga didn't take it very well.
      Chugga: What an ass!
  • The entire episode was just the game screwing over Chugga. Promptly after this, his town is taken over by a big monster, then he is given an item called Blackmail that sets the Reaper on the player holding it. It gets to the point where his best option is to die in battle.

Episode 24

  • Chugga defeats the boss monster and gets 100000 Gold, which gets him out of debt. The funny comes in when, in addition to that, Jon is forced to give him one of his towns, leading to a Big "WHAT?!" from Jon. Chugga then hugs Jon, and in order to do so, he has to lay over Tim.
    • Later, Jon gets his hair style changed to Afro, and declares himself the Funk Pope.

Episode 30

  • Tim defeats Chugga in battle, and has the option to rename him. Chugga edits out the screen, leaving only a black screen for the audience to see while Tim types in the name. The new name he gave him? PAULA DEEN.
    • Which causes Chugga to go on a tangent about hoping that one day, Paula Deen does something illegal, and the officer that arrests her is named Calibrary, so that the chief of police will say, "Calibrary, cuff Paula Deen!"
    • Also, as Tim is typing in the name, Chugga (who's in the background, covering his eyes) jokingly threatens to make him sleep outside (since they're at his house).
  • An example from the fans. Episode 30 was named "14 Days of Darkness" due to Tim becoming a Darkling for two weeks. People in the comments then began making a "12 Days of Christmas" parody based on Dokapon Kingdom, and here's what they ended up with:
    On the fourteenth day of darkness, the Darkling took from me:
    Fourteen spinner spins
    Thirteen monster kills
    Twelve Special Event NPCs
    Eleven million gold
    Nine Jon rages
    Eight thousand HP
    Seven guided warps
    Six fashion magazines
    Four villages
    Three shark popes

Episode 31

  • Jon was in the Casino Cave with Tim, who is a Darkling. Jon visits the Casino, then later to the item shop 4 spaces away. The shop sells 4 crystals, and Tim as a Darkling cannot land on buildings, letting Jon go back and forth to exploit that and to protect himself from a potential Curb-Stomp Battle. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome for Jon.
    • Better yet, on the very last day that Tim is a Darkling, he ends up just five points short of being able to use the skill forcing every player to his space. Luck smiled on Jon that day.
    • In the same episode, Chugga comes back to life and sets forth from his spawn point. He immediately gets into a fight with a Treasure Hawk with a higher level than his own, uses Strike on it, and is Countered, meaning that he literally dies as soon as he moves out of the space he came back to life on.

Episode 33

  • After Jon changes his class to the Acrobat, their reaction to his victory pose.
    Jon: (sees his avatar do That Russian Squat Dance): YEA!
    Emile: *laughs*
    Tim: WHAT?
    Jon: YEA!
    Tim: What?!
    Jon and Emile: He does the Moscow Dance!
    Jon: Yea!
    Emile: We get so excited for the Moscow Dance...
    Tim: That's great, oh my god...
    Emile: Moscow, Moscow...
    Emile and Tim: I don't know the freakin' words.
    Emile: I don't know the freakin' words. Haw, haw, haw...

Episode 35

  • Yet another Accidental Innuendo courtesy of Chuggaaconroy:
    Chugga: Damn, I'm really wet today. My pop filter is like, super wet.
    Jon: Uh...okay.
    Chugga: Wait, no!
    Tim: Oh my God.
    Chugga: I meant my pop filter was wet!
    Jon: Don't need you to tell me about that, Emile. Please don't ever talk about that.
    Chugga: No, not what I meant! I meant that I'm spitting a lot!
    Jon: Okay, THAT makes it better.
    Tim: A little bit. Some things are just unsalvageable.
  • Also, Chugga's comment on the mayor of Danube:
    Chugga: I like his rosey cheeks, and not the ones you can see...

Episode 36

  • Chugga informs Jon that, after two straight weeks of trying, he'll be able to fight the damn boss already. Tim immediately runs past Jon and kills the Doppelganger instantly.
    • And the fact that the end of chapter king's quest is getting items to redecorate his bathroom, which Tim activated.
  • Also the intro
    Chugga: What should I call your mother?
    Jon: My mother. Call her my mother you asshole.

Episode 48

  • The game isn't apparently too fond of the Guys making a lot of progress so quickly, so it decides to hit them with multiple appearances of Weber, the activation of Tim's blackmail, and Jon rolling the first zero on the field.

Episode 50

  • Jon decides to go to the Underwater Temple, but before doing so says that it may backfire. Come his next turn, the guys find out that they can't breathe underwater, so Jon will gradually take damage every turn. Jon laughs and says that that's actually pretty funny.

Episode 53

Episode 54

  • The Guys lost the audio track from one recording session so ended up recording post-commentary a full year later, when they're over fifty in-game weeks further on (and still haven't finished). Chugga spends the whole thing trying to stop Jon spoiling future events while Tim constantly criticises his own playing, having learned more about the game since then.

Episode 55

  • The long tangent about the "Extreme Pope", who does things like skating into mass and slamming a basketball before he begins communion.
  • Near the end of the video, Chugga decides that "grandma" is an Inherently Funny Word. Then he explains that when he is driving in front of a slow driver, he often thinks to himself, "Come on, (Sound-Effect Bleep)." Then the guys reveal that the word he bleeped in post was the name Agnes.
    • Immediately afterwards, Chuggaa claims that with all of the editing requests, he feels like he's being "Barryed"

Episode 56

  • The Guys agree that this recording session was cursed because Hans the Arms Dealer didn't appear at all.
  • Through mostly bad luck, the Flame Eater boss kills all three of them in consecutive turns, then kills Tim again, causing the reaper to show up... only for it to get confused and leave the two angels to take his corpse away. Then Chugga's Town Warp drops him right on top of it. And only then is Chugga able to kill it.
  • Twice in a row, Jon tries to show how broken the Alchemist's Alchemy skill on level 1 enemies... And twice in a row, the enemies give up.

Episode 59

Episode 62

  • Chugga gets a visit from Weber and receives a Big Bug. It then proceeds to eat the nitroglycerin that has been in his inventory for two years of real time and not blown up.

Episode 68

  • The video's closing skit has Chugga recall a memory of a girl from one of his elementary classes.
    Chugga: She was notorious for passing notes in class, and she always got in trouble and got detention and things like that for it; but she never learned like ever. So, um, the teacher used to always read her notes out loud to the class. One day, she got caught and the teacher was just like...
    Chugga: (as the teacher) "...Okay seriously, you always pass notes in class. Why do you do this? Like, as always, I am going to read your note out loud to the class, and everyone's going to hear what you have to say. (opens the note) No, you won't.
    Chugga: (immediately cracks up)
    Tim: Ooohh wow....
    Jon: That's really clever; that is really clever.
    Chugga: That always stuck out as one of the funniest memories I had of elementary school.

Episode 72

  • Chugga's luck kicks in when Jon is trying to kill him for his quest item while he's trying to escape back to the main castle with it, including a great spin that lets him get through the forest dungeon in one turn. On his first turn on the next continent, he runs into Rico Jr., who then kills him in two turns, sending him back to the continent he'd just left Jon stuck on.

Episode 73:

Episode 76:

  • Jon buys a Knitten Mitten, one of the best weapons he can get, but then realizes he can't afford the shield he wanted. He decides to chance it by robbing the store. He wins, but...
    Hans: HEY! ALL RIGHT ALREADY! I lost! Just leave me alone you snot-nosed deviant...
    Jon: Please give me your best shield. Don't give me your best weapon; I'm gonna be really sad if it's the best weapon.
    Hans: Here's my best-selling item! The Knitten Mitten! Take it!
    (cue laughter from Emile)

Episode 77:

  • Jon is attempting to win lots of fights so he can level up his job. The game is seemingly aware of this, and instead gives him three events in a row. And then another one later as well, which turns out to be Weber.
  • Tim gets cursed by an enemy and attacks himself by accident. Due to his Glass Cannon playstyle, he does over 1300 damage, enough to kill himself two times over.
  • Jon goes to visit his best friend in the world again:
    Hans: We're having a sale!
    Jon: (In an imitation of Hans' voice) We're having another sale! I remember when you tried to steal things from me! It was funny.

Episode 78:

  • The game actually crashes on them
  • Jon getting nothing but events for several turns, much to his annoyance. This becomes a Running Gag and continues for several episodes.
  • Chugga picks a fight with Jon and loses. Jon forces all of his bad items onto Chugga. Chugga now has the Nitroglycerin back. Subverted when Chugga later becomes a Darkling and in the process gives up all his items including the Nitroglycerin.

Episode 82:

  • Chugga uses his Skeleton Key to choose what he wants from a red chest, and all of his choices were bad.
  • Jon, having spent time training on the mountain while Chugga was a Darkling, attempts to exit the dungeon... and just as he nears the exit, the Big Boss drops a roadblock on it.
    • And then his next spin is exactly enough to land on the blocked exit.

Episode 83:

  • Chugga uses a 4 Spinner and manages to roll enough to get to Dokapon Castle... passing by Jon 3 times in a row right after he lost a bunch of money to Roche, stealing all of his spinners in the process.

Episode 85:

  • The King's latest quest is for them to find "the Demolition Man". Everyone, but especially Jon, immediately assumes (to their delight) that they're going to meet Sylvester Stallone.
  • Jon's impression of Sly's character from Demolition Man shouting, "Nggaaahhh! Phoenix!" and it only gets funnier every time he does it.
  • Chugga, after killing the current boss, rolls and meets Weber, who gives him a cursed item. Guess what's back?
    Tim: Beautiful.
    Chugga: Fffffffuck you!
    Jon: (In a satanic/Dr. Claw voice) You're never getting away from it. You're never getting away from it.

Episode 86:

  • Jon uses a Transfer on Chugga from the other side of the continent, and the game says the magic has a 100% chance of hitting. Chugga then tries to use a Transfer on Jon from almost exactly the same range. The game gives him a 0% chance.

Episode 88:

  • Jon and Chugga continue a battle from the previous episode that relies on Chugga using his massive stock of Revives to keep him in play, having already used one against Jon in the previous episode. After dying twice, Chugga finally manages to kill Jon... except Jon has a Revive of his own.
    Jon: Surprise!
    • Despite this, Chugga still ultimately won the fight through having one last revive and a few lucky strikes against Jon.

Episode 92:

  • The Guys come back to the game after what was, for them, a gap of six months - but because of how the recordings came up, to the viewers it appears only a few days after the previous episode. Because of this, the Guys are often Entertainingly Wrong when they try to remember what they were in the process of doing, which to the audience seems obvious.
    • After duplicating many valuable Deathblocks with his Alchemist ability, Chugga has no slots left for an apparently not very worthwhile 2 Crystal he obtains. He decides to throw away the 2 Crystal, only for Jon to accurately predict that he would have had repeated opportunities to escape from the forest he's trying to get out of (where he has to roll an exact number to reach the exit) if he had kept it. Meanwhile Jon has a 4 Crystal and boasts that he will be able to use it to get to where he wants to go before Chugga can escape, but Chugga counter-claims that his ridiculous luck will give him the right roll anyway. Much to Jon's annoyance, Chugga indeed gets the right roll and escapes one turn before Jon can use his 4 Crystal to reach his destination—but Chugga's victory gloating inadvertently reminds Jon he needs to use his 4 Crystal, when Jon had almost forgotten to use it and would have overshot his destination.
  • While Tim is shopping at the Weapon Store and considering robbing Hans:
    Jon (in a Hans voice): We're having a sale! Which do you want in the sale?! You can't afford things in my sale!
    Tim: I sure can't.
    Jon (still in Hans voice): Do you wanna rob me? We're having a robbery sale! Everything is free! If you're good at roshambo!
    Emile (in a worse Hans voice): The sign turns to "SALE 100% OFF"!
    *Tim starts robbing Hans*
    Jon (still in Hans voice): You wanna rob me? I told you we're having a sale! Why would you do it when we're having a sale? You're already getting a discount. You know how much money I had to cut off to do this sale? My wife is on me right now; she keeps shouting at me 'cuz I keep giving away stuff.
    • Tim loses the roshambo game, but his duck haircut is too big for the wanted poster's picture, which leads the guys to joke about how the duck itself is wanted and how confused the sheriffs were when they had to draw the picture.
    • Now in animated form.

Episode 96:

  • When Jon brings up Chugga's frequent references to his own Wheel of Fortune guesses, Chugga responds that they're fresh in his mind due to editing those videos. This prompts Jon to bring up a tumblr post that's a complete list of all of Chugga's Wheel of Fortune guesses, and the commentary for most of the rest of the video is Jon listing them off and Chugga reacting. In particular, Chugga loses it at "Healthy slut," largely because he totally forgot the context for it.

Episode 99:

  • Tim goes for a job change, but the only one available to him is Magician. Irony abounds, as Tim might yet be the worst Magician in Dokapon. He is Lv. 60 and has 37 MG.

Episode 102:

  • Chugga wants to go into the pyramid with the demolition man NPC, but since Darkling Tim chased Jon in there already he moves away from it instead and declares that he is actually safer outside. The enemy he encounters is Rico Jr.
    Jon: You were saying? You were saying?!
    • Then, while Chugga's fighting, Tim leaves the pyramid and takes the opportunity to fight Chugga himself. What follows is probably the least competent fight in Dokapon history.
      • Throughout the entire battle, Chugga always uses Counter even though Tim never Strikes, and constantly uses his magic despite it doing far less damage than a normal attack (he was trying to lower Tim's magic to deal extra damage, but by the time he did so, the extra damage wasn't enough to make up for it). Tim, meanwhile, never uses the magic-reflecting Super Bounce even once it becomes clear Chugga's only using magic, but still wins simply by virtue of being the Darkling. Chugga goes through four Revives/Deathblocks before finally dying.
      • Then, as if that wasn't enough, Jon, who has by now left the pyramid, visited the item shop, and obtained two Revives of his own from robbing it, decided to try and finish Tim off. And he probably could have, if not for the fact that he completely forgot about Copy, a move that copies any of the enemy's stats that are higher than the user's. Instead he uses Strike, unaware that even player-controlled Darklings auto-counter, and as a result burns through both Revives in one turn before being killed for real on the next one. He remembers Copy after the battle is finished and starts chewing himself out over it.

Episode 104:

  • The game ends up crashing during one of Jon's battles; specifically, while he's dodging, as a Robo-Knight, without a shield. The guys all agree that the dodge was too awesome for the game.
    • It was a good thing that it was just the disk that couldn't be read and not the console itself crashing, else this comment would of been on the money:
    AzureIceLordMark: No don't fight Kira she'll just use Bites The Dust and we would have to do this entire week all over again.

Episode 106:

  • It's safe to say that most of the episode is hilarious in one way or another, involving Jon's attempts to progress the story while Emile and Tim try to stop him. There's a reason it has the subtitle "Intense Conditions."

Episode 107:

  • The episode is funny for the exact same reasons as the last one. Some highlights:
    • Chugga uses the mysterious Mystery spell he got last episode, with it's effects unknown. It sets traps up all over the world. The Guys reaction is quite funny too.
    • Chugga is prevented from chasing Jon by Rico Jr challenging him to a battle again.
    • Jon realising Tim has Heal, just like Chugga making it much harder to kill him.

Episode 108:

  • After Tim pays to send a Robo-Sassin after Jon toward the end of episode 106, all three of them are baffled when a Robo-Sassin shows up on Jon's turn and offers him his services instead of attacking him.

Episode 109:

  • The episode was the first uploaded after a few month hiatus so this line is very amusing.
    Chugga: It's only been a week for the viewers.
  • Chugga taking all week to get out of the pyramid and he did not succeed until next episode.

Episode 110:

  • Everyone landing on the traps Chugga's Mystery spell set, mostly Chugga.
  • At one point Chugga is blind, poisoned and cursed at the same time.
  • Jon tries to use strike as an unarmed Robo-Knight. The Guys' reactions are priceless.

Episode 118:

  • The long-awaited return to Dokapon Kingdom... starts with a softlocked game.

Episode 121:

  • Tim and Chugga's attempt to fight Overlord Rico in the Tower of Rabble. They both make it to the floor he's on toward the end of Episode 120, only for both of them to find themselves going around the loop in front of him over and over because they couldn't roll the right number to actually reach him. Chugga finally reaches him at the very end of Episode 121, only to lose most of his health to a magic attack and then have his own first attack miss. To make things even better, the loop they were stuck on has two gold chest spaces to earn money if they land on it, which they do repeatedly, to the point that they actually make quite a bit of money just from being stuck here and it actually starts affecting their ranking.

    The Legend of Zelda: Tri-Force Heroes 
  • Chugga and Tim constantly misunderstanding when Jon is trying to explain to them how to solve a puzzle.
  • Having trouble using the totem mechanic, especially when Tim is on the bottom.
  • Tim just generally not paying attention.

Episode 1:
  • The episode's title is worthy of a laugh, as it is called "Finale" (see below for context). This is lampshaded in the comments.
    Cole Clifford: This LP is over already? Oh well. See you next time!
  • Not even five seconds into the video, and Chugga already has a bad pun lined up.
    Chugga: ...Eh, I'd make a Zelda pun, but I'm not gonna tri and force it.
  • Moments after starting the game, the guys begin lampshading how Jon had previously done an LP of Tri-Force Heroes with Tom Fawkes and JoshJepson, even though Jon himself isn't a big fan of it. Not to mention, Jon had said in that very LP that he would be doing the game again with TRG.
  • Once the guys start the game, they quickly realize that Chugga had forgotten to restart his progress to go back to the beginning of the game.
    Chugga: Crap, I haven't restarted...
    Jon: You IDIOT!
    Tim: Oh no!
    Chugga: (laughing) I thought I did it!
    Jon: You...We waited forever! You waited forever on us, and you weren't even ready yourself!
    • Later on, Jon chooses to import his save data, which he thinks is data from the demo. However, he quickly discovers that it's actually his completed game file (hence the title of the episode). Jon now has to reset his game and replay the last 15 minutes, delaying the gameplay for much longer than Chugga did.
  • Once they finally start playing, Jon and Emile begin to try to progress forward with the game in order to reunite with each other. Tim on the other hand, is more intent on scaring random birds in the hub world.
  • While Chugga begins narrating Sir Combsly’s dialogue, Tim (and to a lesser extent, Jon) begins making random noises and sound effects as soon as Chugga finishes speaking.
  • When the guys are talking to Sir Combsly and are about to name their characters, Emile's 3DS shows that the default name for his character was going to be MasaeAnela.
    Chugga: Pfffffffffffftttt...
    Tim: Uh oh. That was...
    Jon: ...Interesting...
    Chugga: Okay, I guess I...
    Jon: Well, at least I know whose 3DS that is now.

Episode 2:
  • Tim begins the episode by running around in circles and getting dizzy.
  • Giving the "Legendary Hero" (old-school Link) outside the castle the voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and then Cartman.
  • Jon, when getting the consolation prize from the treasure game:
    I'VE GOT A BAG! Of disappointment!
  • Chugga continually sprinting around town and running into things.
  • Jon showing off an easter egg.
    Jon: Before we warp into space, let's show off some things. Number one: run into a wall...randomly...a ball will drop.
  • Tim and Emile are absolutely terrible at handling the totem mechanics at first.
    Jon: Don't walk off the stage, that will kill us all!
  • Dying on the second stage right after Jon collects a heart.
  • Chugga can't figure out the camera and ends up taking a picture of the result screen.

Episode 3:
  • Jon's saltiness about how bad the reward for doing all the challenges is.
  • The introduction of the bomb item.
    Chugga: Looks like one of us is going to be on bomb duty, thank goodness there's not a purple Link here!
    Jon: You say that but still, you can damage each other with the bombs, veeeery careful.
    Chugga: Well, I guess that means I should be on bomb duty. I'm the most careful out of all of us, right!
    Jon: Oh boy, I'm gonna go grab that then before you do in that case.
  • "That arrow was coming out of my crotch."
  • Chugga describes a poster advertisement he saw with very bad word choices:
    This fall Superman is coming in Supergirl.
  • Jon has a lot of trouble trying to guide Chugga and Tim.
    Jon: Alright shoot that, then walk on my head - *Tim throws Chugga to the other side* ...that's not walk on my head.
    • And then the second time they attempt it, Jon accidentally throws them in the water instead of onto the other platform. Tim then throws Chugga about 3 or 4 more times before finally getting it.
    Tim: Oh, I walk on your head!
    Jon: *after they finally succeed* Guys we did it, we solved the third puzzle in the game! *jumps in the river and swims off* I'm leaving. I'm going over here. This is my new home now.
    Chugga: We all love each other, don't we guys?
    Jon: I already have a headache.
  • Jon confuses Buzz Blobs with Like-Likes.

Episode 7:
  • The confusion Tim has at the start of the episode over how many Friendly Tokens are necessary to make the Tri Suit, leading to him being the only one who does not have it when they start the level.

Episode 12:
  • Snowball Ravine gets off to a great start...
    Jon: Oooo, I just realized what stage this is, you're gonna wanna move.
    Chugga: *moves...directly into the path of the oncoming snowball* AAAAH!
  • Soon after...
    Jon: This is why I have trust issues.
    Chugga: *giggling* I thought you said "That's why I have trusty shoes" for a second-
    Jon: *defeatedly* Oh my god, Emile.
  • Jon gets accidentally thrown off a ledge almost twice in a row. And then when Chugga picks him up and causes him to lose the jellyfish, Jon picks him up and throws him off intentionally.
  • Jon when the boss appears: "SPOOKY MONSTER MAN!"

Episode 20
  • The guys spend 3 full minutes at the beginning of the video hitting a ball in the lobby, trying to see how high they could get the numbers