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Funny: The Runaway Guys (Other)
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    Fortune Street 

Yoshi's Island

  • The first lines of the whole LP.
    Chugga: Today, we are going to the most dangerous world that we have ever been to. The dangerous, dangerous world... of FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING!!!
  • The voice Jon does for Waluigi. Chugga points out that it sounds like a bad Mexican accent.
    Jon: Waluigi's now determined to be the worst Mexican accent it can be.
    Chugga: You might as well go "Arriba, arriba! Ándale, ándale!" if you want to make it worse.
    Jon: Waluigi number one! Ándale, ándale!
    • After Jon accidentally invests 999 gold into an arbitrary shop (which everyone, himself included, calls "a mistake"), Chugga uses one of his later turns to look at what the shop Jon invested in actually was. It turns out it's actually a bridal boutique. Mexican Waluigi's lines only get more hilarious after that.
    Jon: Okay, no, that [1109G] price makes a lot of sense, actually.
    • It gets even more hilarious when Chugga tries to argue that Waluigi is aiming for the gaming community because only they would trust him. Jon's reaction is priceless.
    Jon: Who in their right mind would trust WALUIGI?! *Mexican Waluigi voice* I look trustworthy, look at my mustache!
    • Chugga, having kept generally quiet about the voice, randomly cracking up as Tim decides which district to buy stock in.
    Jon: (Mexican Waluigi voice) District A has very good stock prices note .
    Chugga: (beat, bursts out laughing) What are you doing!?
    Jon: (unfazed by Chugga's comment) District A likes money.
    Chugga: You sound more, like, Mexican.
    (both Jon and Chugga laugh)
    Chugga: (imitating Jon's voice) "These are really good stock prices, arriba arriba!"
    • After Jon buys a certain building, he sees Waluigi flexing and again does the Mexican Waluigi voice, only much more deeper than usual, prompting him to say "My Waluigi voice's turning into Wario, apparently."
  • Chugga jumping up and down on the bed after escaping a risky island unharmed.
  • NCS being allergic to bullshit.
    Chugga: It's a bookshop, that would have been bankrupt in the year 2012.
    Jon: Well, it's a Yoshi's Island bookshop. Yoshis are just learning how to read.
    Chugga: Well, Yoshi's Story was in a storybook.
    Jon: Ha! Haha, that was pretty good, Tim.
  • After Chugga refers to a particular district Jon has a lot of money in the Grand Line, he and Jon get into a bit of discussion over the anime, before they both have fun mocking the 4Kids intro.

The Observatory

  • In the second playing with Lucahjin, NCS willingly lands on a space that closes all of his shops.
    Chugga: Why'd you close for the day? You could've gone to the arcade!
    NCS: Yeah, I could've.
    Jon: Or you could've gotten a suit.
    Jon: What? WHAT?!
    Chugga: Damn, boy! Tim's got an ego now that he's won!
    NCS: You can just call me Egoraptor.
  • Chugga gets a card that causes Lakitu to appear, but nobody knows what he does, so Jon turns the chat on so Lakitu will tell them. Every time he gets a turn, though, somebody skips the explanation, to Jon's growing frustration.
  • Jon explains the game mechanics to Lucah, who has never played the game before. Towards the end of part 1, Chugga calls him out on having gone into "teacher mode" as Jon calls it.
    Lucahjin: I'm gonna get an A!
  • In part 2 they have an argument about how Lucah cleaned Chugga's kitchen for him, Jon unpacked his groceries, while Tim...played video games.
  • Lucah's "How many Mexicans does it take to change a lightbulb? Juan!" pun is so bad that Chugga high-fives her.
  • Tim's rendition of The Lion Sleeps Tonight.
  • Jon's "Mexican Waluigi" voice starts to wander into Tommy Wiseau territory, as Chugga notes.
  • Jon worries that people will call him gender biased for being nicer to Lucah than the others. This segues into Chugga saying that the only way Jon will ever be nice to him is if he has a sex-change operation.
  • When Lucah goes back to the bank with one move left, she lands in a direction that forces her to land on one of Jon's adjacent properties.
    Jon: (Mexican Waluigi voice) Which place would you like to give me money from?
    Lucah: ... My ass.
    Jon: (still in the voice) I always did wonder where the pockets were on that thingnote .
    Chugga: ... (cracks up laughing) What!?
    Jon: Hey-ooooo!
    • And after the above, Tim starts going on about Daisy having a reverse camel toe before Chugga says she's a reverse kangaroo.
  • In part 3, when Chugga points out that Waluigi hasn't actually done anything that evil in the Mario canon, Lucah claims he's evil 'because he has no ass'.
  • The Running Gag about Jon's purple sector of the board being 'the ghetto' because of its low rent prices, and then Chugga points out the Unfortunate Implications of this being coupled to Jon's "Mexican Waluigi" voice.
    • Also leads to this moment of Buffy Speak when the stock prices go down in Jon's sector. "The ghetto is even ghetto-ier!" (And later "stop ghettoing up my ghetto!")
  • Chugga and Lucah agree to do impressions of each other. After Chugga does a bad impression of Lucah, she respond by imitating his frustrated "AAARGH!", and then Tim joins in as well.
  • Jon (as Mexican Waluigi) insults Mitt Romney, then Chugga reminds us that this video was recorded before the election and Jon could be insulting the current president by the time it goes up. This leads to a discussion of Jon being arrested the next time he tries to go to the USA and 'having an interesting story to tell in prison', then the suggestion that a future project would be "Let's Play Prison Visitation".
  • The Guys not noticing Jon's gone when he just gets up to go and get a drink towards the end of the video, and him being outraged about this when he comes back.
  • The end of Part 4 has an epic moment of Tempting Fate. Jon invests a large sum in improving a store which Tim is 1 away from, then Tim gets a card which increases the prices on every property by 30% for one turn. Chugga says heavily "If he rolls a one..." He does.
    • And then Chugga gets the unlucky 13 card, reducing all his prices by 13%.
  • In part 5, Jon gets enough net worth to win while he's already on the bank... only for the game to force him to go away from it and come back again.
  • Waluigi's speech as President Evil when he wins.
  • Chugga makes a Stay in the Kitchen joke about Lucah, Jon calls him sexist, Lucah retaliates by referring to Chugga being Mexican, Jon calls her racist.

Mario Stadium

  • In the Mario Stadium playthrough with JoshJepson, Josh's confusion when he rolls a 7 and Jon referring to it as 'rolling an H'.
  • After Chugga comments that this is the second time they're playing through with someone unfamiliar with the game and having to teach them as they go along:
    Chugga: We are good teachers. We should be running the education system!
    Jon: NO WE SHOULDN'T. Speaking as the son of a teacher...
  • In part 2, Waluigi's got a coffee shop. Chugga then jokes that it's called Wabucks and that if Waluigi printed money it would also be Wa bucks. They then joke about what Waluigi would look like in the different bills.
  • Josh referring to "Knuckles the Enchilada".
  • They joke that (due to him cutting abruptly from the upset paying-out animation to being happy again) Yoshi is bipolar. Jon's impression of him as such rapidly degenerates into Niko Bellic. This then leads to them creating a Crack Fic in which Yoshi replaces Roman in Grand Theft Auto IV, with Jon voicing Niko and Chugga voicing Yoshi.
  • In part 3, Josh: "I wish someone would pay me to be stupid..."
  • In part 4, Chugga and Jon discuss Jon's habit of rolling low numbers on board games, ending with Chugga saying "Jon always rolls ones, it's his thing" — upon which Jon immediately rolls a 1.
  • In part 5, the other Guys don't notice Chugga building a big lead through stock prices when he puts cash into a district, as Jon and Tim are too busy discussing whether the Elton John or William Shatner version of Rocketman is better.
  • Josh forgetting to press 2 to move the dialogue boxes along and Chugga having to constantly remind him.
  • Jon and Josh begin to sing in perfect harmony: "Iiii'm dreaming of a Jesus Christmas, just like every other Christmas there iiis..."
    Tim: With a blood-yyy cro-ossss... and... ...Sorry. [Everyone else is stunned]


  • Chugga imitates "Tim's Waluigi voice". Jon catches the slip-up immediately, and Chugga prompts Tim to impersonate Waluigi. The guys liken it to Donald Duck as a drunkard.
  • In Part 3, Chugga lands on three of Jon's spaces in a row, and complains about this (ignoring how Jon keeps pointing out how small the payouts actually are). His very next roll lands him on the space Super Jeenius built up.
  • After gaining a healthy lead, Jake screws himself over by accidentally buying one of Tim's properties for five times its value.
  • How the game ends: Jon lands on a suit and gets a card that lets him warp to any other space. He immediately warps to the other remaining suit that he needs, where he then gets another card that lets him warp to the bank and instantly win the game. The Guys' stunned reactions just sell it.
  • The Running Gag of referring to Jake (and/or his player character Stella) as "a seven-year-old drag queen".
  • When Chugga briefly leaves to use the bathroom and Jon fills time by pondering which stocks to buy, Tim slips into a Wildlife Commentary Spoof voice describing the whole thing.

Delfino Plaza

  • The irony (pointed out by an annotation) that Chugga starts the game by talking about how Jon is winning everything lately. The board was recorded before Jon's terrible luck throughout Mario Party 3.
  • Chugga's surprisingly blunt Take That to the Game Grumps after Jon brings them up.
  • Chugga makes a mention of Tim's Wiimote battery being low, saying it would pause the game... Then rolling a 3, landing on Tim's biggest property, with a cry of:
    Chugga: Watch it pause the game until he reconnEEEEEEEEEECTS!
    *cue synchonized slow clap from Jon and Super Jeenius*
  • Jon's story about how he almost didn't make it through American customs for Let's Playing.
  • After winning the Slurpodrome event, Chugga made a reference to "The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000".
  • Jake jokes that he has Psychic Powers that let him predict that the next person will roll a 4. Chugga says how funny it would be if that actually happens. Guess what the next person (Tim) rolls.
  • A similar Tempting Fate moment when Chugga suggests Tim might get a row of 7s (the highest scoring combination) on Round the Blocks, which Chugga has never seen ...and he does.
  • Three players get total domination (i.e. monopoly) of districts in one part.
  • Tim is 1 away from Jon's most expensive shop and Chugga is 1 away from Tim's. Tim rolls a 1 and the payout demolishes most of his massive lead...then Chugga rolls a 1 and Tim gets almost exactly the same amount back again, restoring his lead. All in one turn.
  • Jake lands on the cannon and his only options to shoot to, the other three players, are all in 'the Circle of Death' as Chugga calls it, made up of Jon and Tim's monopolised districts.

Mt. Magmageddon

  • Street of Fortune with Proton Sajak and Tim His White.
  • "Also, more bars in more places!"
  • Everything about Carver is systematically designed to be hilarious. Including the fact that he's being played by Masae Anela.
    • He's about twice as tall as any other character in the game, including Waluigi.
    • His Idle Animation consists of him constantly flexing...
    • ...But when he walks, he prances.
    • His high-speed prance when the Guys speed up the game is good, too.
    • This troper was in stitches when everyone cemented it with their Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions.
    • Jon started taking it Up to Eleven in episode 2 by combining his Waluigi and Arnold voices.
  • Part 3 has even more of Jon's Waluigi voice slipping into other accents and voices.
    Jon: (sounding like Morgan Freeman) Waluigi number one.
  • Jon ranting as Carver only for him to start sounding like Jorgen Von Strangle.
    • Part 4 has Chugga's microphone being taken over by an elephant and Waluigi's voice now becoming that of Pee Wee Herman.
    • As different players grow to dominate different parts of the board (which can split up into "islands") this leads them to dub the different regions "Yoshi's Island", "Waluigi Island", and "Muscle Island" (split between Carver and Donkey Kong).
    • Masae making the same mistake Jake made and accidentally buying out a property.
      • At least it wasn't the reason she lost the board. Though that's its own funny moment. (Scroll down)
  • Jon spontaneously pulling off an incredibly deep voice, and then being unsure if he could replicate it or not.
    Jon: (in the deep voice) Why didn't you play the minigame?
    Jon: (in the deep voice) Why didn't you play the minigame?
    Jon: (in the deep voice) You're not answering the question.

    Jon: (in his normal voice) I don't even think I can do it again now if I want to do it on purpose, that's the worst part. It was just one of those 'how'd I do it? I dunno'.
    Jon: (in the deep voice) I'm going to try doing it again. Okay never mind I can keep doing it.
    Misae: You just test it out?
    Jon: (in the deep voice) That was just a test.
    • He then forgets how to do it in the next video.
  • Jon says Masae had better not roll a 4, Masae proceeds to roll a 4, Chugga screams in reaction, Masae screams along with him—and then an annoyed Jon points out that he meant she shouldn't roll a 4 from his perspective because that's the only roll that wouldn't have her land on one of Jon's properties.
  • The ending of the board.

    Dokapon Kingdom 

Battle Royale

  • The opening lines:
    Jon: If you thought Mario Party was the game that ruined friendships, oh man, you guys haven't seen anything yet! This is Dokapon Kingdom.
    Chugga: So, what you're saying is this is gonna be the death of TRG.
    Jon: Yeah, pretty much.
  • When Chugga goes to the gender select area of the character customization screen and sees that the female version of his character has a very stripperific outfit.
    Jon: Damn Chugga, you got hot!
  • After Jon picks "Cool Face" as a setting for his character, Tim comments "Cool Face, Bro!"
  • At the end of the first episode, Chugga has to fight a level one Kobold which runs away.
  • Jon changing his hairstyle to "punk" in episode 3.
  • Chugga says "Move faster, Pokey!" earning himself some ire from NCS and Jon.
    Jon: Really?
    NCS: Really?
  • Chugga dying to a Red Bones in one attack.
  • The video ends with both Jon dying and Chugga being resurrected in front of Dokapon Castle and Chugga asks if he can kick Jon's coffin and Jon is of course, not amused.
  • Chugga meets the mayor of Athenaeum, who he calls Uncle Pennybags. He then compliments his "gorgeous eyes", later comparing them to the eyes of the fortuneteller from Skyward Sword, to which Tim agrees.
    Jon: You heard it here first. Emile and Tim describing how gorgeous guys' eyes are.
  • Tim comes across Kira the Merchant. Chugga and Jon spot an item called "Reveal" up for sale and wonder what it does. Tim then buys a Squall.
    Chugga: I guess we'll never know.
    Jon: Well, he can still buy more stuff.
    Chugga: Oh, okay.
    (Tim leaves the shop)
    Chugga: I guess we'll never know.
    Jon: Thanks, Tim.
  • Jon unleashes the Robo-Sassin on Chugga, complete with Dalek impression when the Robo-Sassin says "EXTERMINATE!"
  • Jon decides to take the risky challenge of taking on a level 14 enemy...then Tim accidentally trespasses into a higher-levelled part of the map and ends up facing a level 37 enemy. When he gives up, he drops his Squall, leading to this exchange:
    Chugga: How do you drop a tornado?
    Jon: Uh, very carefully.
  • At the very end of part 6, after a discussion between Jon and Chugga on the pronunciation of a particular town name, Tim manages to get in a quiet quip.
    Chugga: You know what? As owner of this town, I hereby decree our official pronunciation is "PUH-fennig"!
  • At the end of the game, Tim, who came in last overall is given the "Equal to Poop" award.
    Tim: Y'know, in the bathroom!

Story Mode

  • Chugga's joke in the first episode that the game was made by "one-third of The Police" (i.e. Sting), which even Jon finds Actually Pretty Funny.
  • Chugga comments that, as in Mario Party, Jon has "crummy rolls" or the dice (or in this case spinner) and then claims that "crumby rolls" sounds like a kind of sushi coated in breadcrumbs.
  • A meta one is that when Chugga talks about alchemy and describes turning lead into gold, he incorrectly describes it as a change in the number of atoms...when he meant protons. As one commenter put it, you'd think Jon of all people would correct him on that one!
  • When the first bounty appears, Chugga comments that "If he continues at this rate and takes down more enemy bases, his bounty will be a hundred million Beris!" Confused, Jon wonders if he's referencing Animal Crossing.
    • Later, when Jon gets put to sleep, Chugga says that Jon's a heavier sleeper than Zoro, Tim join Jon in his confusion, because they were thinking of the other Zorro. Chugga doesn't bother to correct them, he probably found it funnier to leave them confused.
  • When Chugga tries to attack Jon to claim the 20,000G bounty, despite being weaker than him, he loses. His punishment, as chosen by Jon? He renames Chugga's character to Steve.
    • Made even funnier by the fact that during his Pokémon Colosseum LP, Chugga renames his Quilava while unconscious, and mentions how scary it would be.
    • Even better, Tim beats Chugga for a town on the map, and he chooses to change his hairstyle. Said hairstyle is named "Poo", and Chugga comments on how it looks like a red pikmin's hair.
    • Best of all, both Jon and NCS have started referring to Chugga as Steve the Poo.
    Chugga: I liked it better when you called me Steve. I never thought I would say that.

    Wheel Of Fortune 

Match 1

  • Chugga, stumped on one puzzle, guesses random letters and ends up with the magnificent disaster that is "Calibrary Cuff Paula Deen". Jon's sarcasm and his embarrassment causes a laughing fit that lasts for over two minutes.
    Jon: "Calibrary Cuff Paula Deen." "Calibrary Cuff." I'm sorry, but what?!
    • What makes it honestly fantastic, really, is the sound of Chugga breaking down in shame in the background.
    Chugga: (crying with laughter) My spleen!
    • During the closing credits, they discuss what that would even be.
    • Related: "The Feats of Cafe". Chugga A. Conroy, everyone.
    • Chugga gets so incoherent with embarrassment over this that he has to resort to putting subtitles in the video at one point.
      • Even better, later on Chugga tries to call Jon out on his mocking Chugga's fail by claiming it embarrasses him, only for Jon to point out he's "doing a good job by himself."
  • Pat spinning and losing a turn. Twice.


  • The comment the guys choose to end the second video on:
    Tim: I keep expecting [the game] to cut to a commercial or something.
  • Jon correctly guessing every letter in the final puzzle, and still being prompted to solve it. He notes that it would even be entirely possible for him to just choose to give up.
    Chugga: D'you wanna do it?
    Jon: No. Fuck no, I want my prize!
  • After Jon decides at what prize to pick, he discusses this:
    Jon: OK, there's a football logo in this game and it's locked by default and it makes me so sad! I want a football on my shirt!
    Chugga: I want a football in my mouth! DEET DEET!
    Jon: Did you say you want a football in your mouth?
    Chugga: Ugh that not what I meant to say, I wanted a foot- never mind!

Happy Holidays

  • Jon completely losing it right at the beginning of Part 1 because of Tim:
    Tim: You wanna touch my letters, Vanna, because you're more than welcome to any time you want to.
    Jon: *while laughing* W... what???
    Tim: My PP!
    Jon: *after calming down* Oh man!
    Tim: Oh my D, my D, that works too.
  • "FEISTA KEYS TO THE GARAGE." Chugga, admittedly, had a train of thought for this one, but that just makes it even better.
  • Jon does the same Literal-Minded gag he's done on his own livestreams of Wheel of Fortune, misinterpreting a prize picture of a deckchair on an idyllic tropical beach as "You win a chair!" rather than a trip.
    • Related, Jon (and eventually the others) note that whenever someone wins a vehicle, it is shown as a rotating image, so he describes the prizes as (e.g.) "A SPINNING MOTORCYCLE!!"
  • Chugga regales the guys of a time he saw Wheel of Fortune when he was younger:
    Chugga: The subject was "thing," but I thought it was telling the viewers at home what the answer was. So the answer was 20 letters long, but I went "I know! 'Thing!'"
    Jon: You were very good at Wheel of Fortune when you were a kid.

Cruise Week

  • Anime Cat Girl Chugga.
    Chugga: *weirdly suppressed, sounding like a cat* Oooooh!
  • After yet more Trauma Conga Line for Chugga, we get this:
    Jon: Now if anyone had bought an E, we would have figured it out immediately.
    Chugga: E-mediately?
    Jon: Really?
    Chugga: ...Please let me have my puns, I got nothing left in this game!
    Jon (laughs): Wow! Dude! That's so depressing sounding!
    • The humiliation doesn't end there; the next video features a toss-up puzzle with "Occupation" as the category. Chugga accidentally decides to solve the puzzle with just a G on the board, and blindly piecing letters together, ends up with "Icicles Gogggles." What makes the moment even better, though, is Tim making the same mistake, effectively giving Jon the win.

The Great Outdoors

  • Guess who thought the word "Southern" was "Softkern" for a thing?
    Jon: What are you?

Las Vegas

  • The Running Gag of picking B never working for Chugga becomes a Brick Joke when he guesses something other than B and gets it wrong...
    Jon: [To Tim] Are you going to do it and break his heart?
    Chugga: NO! IT'S NOT THAT, IS IT?!
    [Tim picks B, and it turns out there are two of them]
    Chugga: GOD FRIKKING.... PIZZA!
  • The same puzzle ends up reduced to just THE BA_ BRIDGE, and Chugga still doesn't know what it is. He has to literally Try Everything until he finally realises, actually pronouncing the word with every letter from C to Y while Jon groans in frustration. Made even funnier by the fact that Jon knew the answer and would have got it... had he not immidiately spun Bankrupt on his turn.
  • Chugga reveals that he originally thought the final word puzzle was "Healthy Slut." Tim and Jon are left nearly speechless.
  • At the end of the video Chugga discovers that he actually took second place ahead of Jon. The surprise scream Jon makes must be heard to be believed.


Super Smash Bros. Brawl:

  • The opening of the tournament preliminaries:
    It's the Now Loading game!
  • When Tim is the MC for the match between ALG and Diabetus, he has to come up with his own intro. This does not go well.
    • And later, when ALG fights as Marth and Diabetus as Mario, Tim points out how both names start with "Mar", and:
    Tim: If you take the other four can spell "I HOT"...
    (ALG and Diabetus start cracking up)
    Tim: And I have no idea what I'm talking about.
  • Chugga versus SuperJeenius. Chugga epically manages to dodge a Dragoon on his last life...only to be pathetically killed by a rolling crate shortly after.
    Chugga: OOOOOOOOH! Death by spawn!
  • Diabetus tried throwing fireballs over and over... even though he knew it wasn't working.
    Diabetus: REACH! REACH!
  • The fight between Chugga and Josh consists of several of these: Chugga getting two PK Starstorms and completely missing the second one; Josh knocking out all of the Shy Guy racers; and the last kill being with a flaming soccer ball, garnering the victory for Chugga.
  • The fight between SuperJenius and SyKhotic has several. The most noticeable is Jenius' constant bickering with ProtonJon which escalated until the end of the video where Jon was yelling at both Jenius and Chugga, who was filming.
  • During his second match, Diabetus keeps making funny quips about the stage he's fighting on and himself, in a manner similar to Retsupurae.
  • Chugga refers to Diabetus as Jesus, because he and Slowbeef (who he considers God) created the video LP genre; Diabetus isn't sure how to respond to that, while Jon calls him a nerd.
  • Chugga and Jon bantering while Jon is fighting his semi-final match.
  • Tim apparently started dancing during the final match of the tournament.
  • Throughout the tournament (which was recorded late at night over several hours), Diabetus progressively kept becoming more and more tired, eventually leading to him declaring that he has been asleep the whole tournament.
  • Right before the battle between Chugga and Josh:
    Tim: Welcome back, ladies and gents, to the Runaway Guys Super Smash Bros. invitational tournament! Here in the losing bracket, we have...
    Chugga: Chuggaaconroy... invitational tournament?
    Tim: I... don't know what the...
    Josh: I like... I like that you introduced-
    Chugga: We have not introduced you yet! Do not speak until spoken to by the MC!
    Jon: Know what? I'm gonna talk too! I'm just gonna mess up everything!
  • During the character selection screen before the match between SyKhotic and SuperJeenius with Jon as the MC:
    Jon: (after introducing the two fighters) AND SURPRISE THIRD CHARACTER JIGGLYPUUUUUUFF! (selects Jigglypuff with a third controller as Player 3)
    Jeenius: And surprise I'm gonna kick you in the mooooouth.
    Jon: Aw, no... (has trouble closing the Player 3 slot) Why can't - (closes it) - there we go.
  • "Were you, like, tortured by a pun as a kid? Did humor itself try to kill you?!"

Super Smash Bros. 64:

  • The entirety of the match between Donnabellez and Lucahjin, both of whom had a few drinks in them before the match started. Bonus points for Jon acting as the Only Sane Man (literally) throughout the entire thing.
    • Though you have to have seen Super Mario Galaxy Versus to get the joke, when Donna gets an invincibility Starman she says "SHIIIINE!"
  • The match between JoshJepson and Attacking Tucans with Chugga as commentator. Josh starts off as an Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy due to his winning of Mario Sunshine Versus and Luigi's Mansion Versus against Tyler and the fact that Tyler had never played the game before. Tyler proceeds to shut him out, never losing a life and ending with 0% damage, admittedly with help from 2 Heart Containers. The reactions of Josh, Tyler, and Chugga make it hilarious.
    • There was one particular moment where Josh had high damage and was on a tiny platform right next to a Heart Container. Josh frantically runs around the platform trying to pick the container up, instead causing Luigi to dash past and completely miss the container over and over, despite, once again, being on such a tiny platform. Tyler then runs over from the other side of the stage and grabs it right out from under him.
  • The battle between Josh and SuperJeenius is priceless, filled to the brim with hilarious moments.
    Jon: All this tournament is is in-jokes! That's all we have!
    Josh: Except for that one match with me and Luigi vs AttackingTucans, which was just screaming.
    Jon: Yeah, all I hear-all I could hear from the hallway was the equivalent of orgasm noises.
    Jeenius: That's-welcome to their videos.
    Josh: Oh, goddammit. There was no orgasming. Let's just make that clear.
    Jon: Oh, so you were faking it. Got it.
    • Josh takes a fairly early 2-0 lead, and still loses.
  • Jon vs Attacking Tucans gives us "the helicopter pad of love", Jon bringing up the time Tucans said Jon's slow update schedule was caused by him having AIDS, and Tucans casually shrugging it off with "It's because I'm Attacking Tucans," and Tucans screaming as though Jon brutally murdered him with a knife and did the same to Chugga, only then to add "...I'm alive again."
  • When Pikachu (Tyson from WRTP) shoots Ness (Chugga) with a weapon causing an X-Ray Sparks effect, Tim (the announcer) remarks "A gun that makes people see your skeleton!"
  • For Round 2, Part 2 of the Loser's Bracket, relatively straight-laced ProtonJon gets to facilitate a match between Versus buddies Attacking Tucans and Donnabellez, in all of their off-color, hyperactive, trash-talking glory. Hijinks ensue.
    • Tyler references Donna's "goal" of finally turning Jon into a cute young lady. Cue more flustered Jon.
    • In the same episode, Jon's incredibly shocked reaction to Attacking Tucans calling Donna a dumb bitch and Donna quickly clarifying that it's completely normal between them. Even then, Jon is still stunned.
    Tyler: What is this?! I can't lose to a dumb bitch!
    Donna: *laughs*
    Jon: KHOHH!!!
    Donna: No, he calls me this all the time, it's totally normal. Totally normal!
    Jon: ...what?! How is that normal?!
  • The battle between Stephen Plays and Chris from Wii Rike To Pray has some fun moments.
    Stephen: (upon seeing his opponent get a Starman) Piss, no! Piss! Fart and piss! Mother piss! Oh God, piss! Catholic piss! Jewish piss! Lots of piss! Piss!
    Chris: That's a lot of piss.
    Chugga: Also, piss.
    Stephen: Have I mentioned piss?
  • NintendoCapriSun accidentally reveals P Cull 44444's real name, which Jon then uses in a Punctuated! For! Emphasis! Full Name Ultimatum when he beats him.
  • Attacking Tucans' Breathless Non Sequitur during his fight with Stephen when he mentions how pretty the stars in the tree look.
  • In the match between Stephen and Rodri, they comment about how at this point they care more about the items than actually fighting each other. An egg then spawns and they both make a mad dash for it. It suddenly explodes, killing both of them.
    Stephen and Rodri: OH MY GOD!
    Chugga: That's what you get for item begging.
    • Both of them get ridiculous amounts of Pokeballs, causing them to joke about being in a Pokemon battle. This leads to Chugga firing off Pokemon statistics like in his solo LPs.
  • The stinger after the finals match: After the last hit by Tyler (from WRTP) on ProtonJon, who is playing as Mario with Wario's color scheme, Chugga edits in a "D'oh, I Missed!"
    • Made even funnier by the fact that Jon was expecting the joke, but it apparently didn't come to mind for Chugga. Cue Chugga pestering Jon, wondering what joke Jon was expecting, with Jon's utter refusal to say it. And then finally, Jon's own comment on the video:
    Jon: ...and he ended up putting it in the video anyways...

Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

  • Pretty much all the team names, especially when Lucahjin and Dodger from Press Heart To Continue team up to form "Press Balls to Continue".
  • In the qualifying rounds video, Chugga trying to inform the viewers about interesting aspects of the game like course design or what the special items do, in the style of his solo LPs, only to be completely drowned out by both the players' comments and the clacking of control sticks.
  • During the qualifying round, Team Stephen Plays has Mal as Stephen's backseat driver, never being given a chance to steer, yet admonishing him for missing items and crashing into bomb cars multiple times. Jon suggests marriage counseling.
    • This becomes Hilarious in Hindsight when Stephen and Mal later had a Mario Kart versus tournament on their own channel, and it turned out that Stephen had thought he was better than Mal at Double Dash, but was very wrong.
  • Someone calls tails on the coin toss. Chugga announces that it came up Sonic.
  • In the finale, when Chugga reveals that they have a surprise for Koopa Kung Fu and Sir Enobmort, the other LPers can be heard going "OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!" from outside the room.
  • Retsupurae's entire appearance, which at some point involved slowbeef shouting things to the people in the rooms next door. It should also be noted that Diabetus almost never gets a word in edgewise during the entire video.

Bomberman Live Battlefest

  • People from Jon's stream flooding the comments with Bomberman: Act Zero jokes
    Jon:Ahahaha, so many people are asking for Bomberman Act Zero and saying "It's Still Anyone's Game" on today's TRG Bomberman tournament. You guys are awesome.
  • Purple Rodri shouting "Revenge Sucks!" immediately followed by Jon unlocking the Revenge is So Sweet achievement.
  • "Pick up the skull for an extra life!"
  • In Round 2 the players give a Collective Groan at one of Chugga's puns, upon which Jon says he has to put up with them all the time, and "It Never Gets Any Easier".



  • There is so much Ho Yay in this series it got its own page.
  • The guys rocking out to "What Is Love?", as revealed in one of Tim's vlogs.
  • From Chugga's Facebook:
    Had a crazy dream last night that I was getting married, asked Jon to be my best man, and he came to the wedding cosplaying as Waluigi. I wouldn't put it past him.
  • At a PAX panel with the three Guys and Dodger, Chugga finds a giant American flag on a pole and decides to drape it around Jon to try and 'convert' him, much to Jon's annoyance.
    • At the same panel, all three Guys claim that they all make completely different kinds of videos - Jon 'plays video games', Tim 'does Let's Plays', and Chugga 'does commentaries'.
  • In the video that the guys promote their new T-shirts, Chugga is walking up a down escalator.
  • At Momo Con 2014, during their "Let's Play and You Can Too!" panel, Ryan from Brainscratchcomms quoted the F.U.N. Song which suddenly led to Chugga and EVERYONE in the audience singing the first half of the song in unison.
    Jon: "This is now the Spongebob Squarepants quoting panel..."

Intro videos

  • Each one of the guys made an intro video when the joint project was announced (Chugga, Tim, Jon). Either intentionally or not, each video manages to embody and sum up their role in the team:
    • Chugga's goes into the backstory of how they organised the group and how they chose the name (it's the origin of the "Press L to P!" joke), just like he talks about the production background of the games he LPs;
    • Tim's is an In a World movie trailer-style opening ("One hotel...three guys...") that makes use of pop culture references and funny clips;
    • Jon's came out after the other two and snarks about them:
    Jon: Chugga did kind of a funny video, and NCS did...math...for some reason...

Super Smash Bros.

  • Jon managing to defeat both Chugga and Tim at the same time. Their reactions are priceless.
  • All three of them singing whenever someone gets the hammer.
  • Tim saying "Let's get ready to RUMBLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" with the "rumble" part lasting over 10 seconds. Chugga's and Jon's reactions make it even funnier.
    *dumbfounded* What else can you do, Tim?!
  • Jon's worst one-liner ever:
    "GO AWAY!"
  • Chugga giving Jon his own shoe as a prize for winning the 3 way match.
  • Jon having to use a controller he's unfamiliar with during the 3 way match and when Chugga mentions he has another Gamecube controller upstairs. Jon's upset that the only reason he's at a disadvantage is because Chugga's too lazy to walk upstaris and get the controller. Chugga tries using the fact that he's an American as an excuse for his laziness.

Mario Kart 64

  • In the Facebook post announcing this video's update, Chugga says he got NCS and Jon presents from the convention. He got NCS a Yoshi doll and Jon a poison mushroom.

Wii Sports

  • Chugga beating up Jon in Boxing to fulfill his dream of punching Jon in the face.
  • The terrible joke Chugga says during golf when his ball is 6.9 feet away from the hole.
    Chugga: I didn't get to make my... really... terrible joke.
    Jon: 6.9? What's the point in between?
    Chugga: ...Great sex interrupted by a period.
    Jon: WHAT THE FUCK!? What the fuck.
  • In the outro, when the others are discussing how to put "sport" in NintendoCapriSun's name, Chugga gets very close to the microphone and cites himself as the Only Sane Man.
  • During bowling, Jon manages to come in first after having a very bad start. Chugga points out he's on a winning streak. Jon, however, tries to justify it.
    Jon: You know what? Can we keep doing more LP's while we're on this trip?
    Chugga: You know what? This whole trip, you haven't lost one thing.
    Jon: That's cause they lost my luggage! There's the one thing I lost! (In a falsetto voice) Hahaha!

Burnout Revenge

  • The fact that everyone keeps using the same car Jon did, even though he only did it as a 'FOOTBALL!' joke and there are much better ones, much to his bewilderment.
  • Jon's controller's batteries running out in the middle of his crash, and him calling out Chugga for previously boasting that he had put new batteries in everything. Chugga gets him a new set and those are dead as well. Fortunately, they do eventually find some working ones.
  • Lucahjin managing to miss all the other cars altogether and just drive straight through.
  • Chugga is confused at Jon's use of the word 'pocketbook' at the end and Jon sarcastically apologizes for 'having looked at a thesaurus once in my life'.

Wii Play

  • Jon decides to play as Captain Falcon instead of his Mii that he used in Wii Sports and Wii Party. This leads to a funny moment in the table tennis game where his "girlfriend", a horse, shows up in the audience (calling back to Wii Party in the process).
  • Chugga and Jon's very awkward game of laser hockey.
  • Jon's Critical Annoyance at the game not picking up his Wiimote actions properly when he plays Billiards against Tim.
  • While Chugga and Tim are playing Shooting Range, Jon looks up the sales records for Wii Play and other various Wii games while Chugga jokes about Wii Play being the highest selling Wii game during the Wii's launch date.

Thrown Controllers

  • The guy in the audience who keeps calling out the number of spaces gotten like he's the Count from Sesame Street. "Two! Two spaces, ah hah hah!"
    Jon: He's my favourite.
  • Whenever the characters move hilariously slow on screen.
    Jon: 'Cause Sonic runs that fast all the time.
    Chugga: It's Sonic Next Gen.
    Entire audience: OHHHH!
  • "You should not have picked that one..." BRUTAL QUESTION
  • Chugga puns: Convention edition:
    Chugga: I guess the loser will have to go back to their... Shaq!
  • Near the end of the panel, Slowbeef approaches Jon. According to slowbeef's comments in a Retsupurae video concerning the event, the interaction went something like this.
    Slowbeef: Hey, Jon. I was hoping to capture your crowning moment.
    Jon: Fuck you!
    (slowbeef flips Jon off, laughs, and walks back to his seat)
    Jon: (into the microphone to the audience) Slowbeef everybody.
    • And from said Retsupurae video, there was Diabetus' being restrained by everyone around him when he saw that they were having a Battletoads event without him. Jon commented that the Guys personally played Battletoads with him the next day.
  • The mounting computer troubles near the end of the panel, leading up to the final game:
    Jon: You saw nothing.

    Emile: The winner is Windows.
  • Tim's attempt to invoke Attention Deficit OOH Shiny after a That Came Out Wrong moment. By throwing a quarter into the audience.
  • In the Pax Prime 2012 panel, Emile and Tim start headbanging to the Ninja Turtle music in an audio question.
    Emile: Yes, this is entirely necessary.
  • Emile's "dispense" pun when a person named Spencer came up to play and Tim's Contradiction line.
  • The very first contestant, Cyrus, at the PAX East 2013 panel gets a Brutal Question as his very first choice.
    Jon: (reading the question) He's this year's keynote speaker, and he's known for his work on Jazz Jackrabbit, Unrealnreal Tournament, and Gears of War.
    Cyrus: Cliff Bleszinski.
    Jon: That's not the question. (reveals the rest of the question) Spell his last name.
    • And then, when Cyrus gets it wrong, Jon reveals the correct spelling and pronounces the Z as "zed". Emile corrects him and tells him to say "zee", proclaiming that "We're in America, dangit!"
  • One contestant gets a "guess the game the song is from" question. They play the Tetris theme. His answer? Pokemon.
    • On a similar note, the guy from 2012 who didn't know the name of the villain in the original Mega Man (Classic).
    Jon: Everyone?
    Everyone: DR. WILY!!!
    Jon: Thank you.
  • The first Street Fighter fight was a total Curb-Stomp Battle due to in part of the challengers setting the rules to one-hit KO.
    Jon: Well, that was unexpected!
  • During the first Runaway Guys challenge (Chuggaaconroy's Mario Party 1 Tug-of-War), the game gets constantly paused just as it gets to the climatic parts.
  • During the Mario Kart: Double Dash race, slowbeef is called up to compete. He spends the entire race griefing and driving in the wrong direction.
  • At Thrown Controllers 2014, a contestant is called up called Abdallah. The first thing he says after his name is his Youtube URL. He then proceeds to give Emile a business card about his Youtube channel.
    • Also, at one point, Slowbeef gets his number called out. After Jon realizes he's not merely storming the stage...
    Slowbeef: Hello, I'm Dark Syde Phil.
    • After he's heading off-stage, Chugga decides to ask him what his "Beef" is. Slowbeef pauses to cringe at him, then obviously decides it's not worth it and walks off.

May 2014 TRG Stream (on ProtonJon's Twitch channel)
  • The first game the Guys decide to play is Wheel of Fortune. Chugga wins. Via showing knowledge of a 70's celebrity no one expected him to even be aware of.
    Chugga: I'm so sorry I didn't let you down!
  • Things go back to normal by the second game, though, when Chugga tries to guess the Tossup:
    Jon: THAT'S more like it!
    • (For the record, the correct answer was " FANCY DINNER".
  • The guys get bombarded with questions from the chat:
    Chat: Emile, who is best pony?
    Emile: Uhhh... Seabiscuit?
    Jon: Good answer. Nice catch.
    Tim: [whispering into the mic] Psst. No it's not. His favorite's Rarity.
  • Emile says one thing that unleashes quite possibly the greatest parade of silliness and fan art in the history of mankind, a parade so funny that simply describing it doesn't do it justice. In fact, if you don't want too many spoilers, here's the link to the stream, but if one truly wants an idea of what the whole thing was about...
    • About midway through the game (39:02), Emile accidentally makes it even worse when the gang plays a 1-vs.-3 game, with Daisy as the one player. The 3 players are all put inside of a box Daisy has control over...
    Emile: I'm inside Daisy's heart-shaped box!
    • A few days after the stream, Jon posted that Lucahjin cam over to give Chugga a book about the birds and the bees Jon also included a picture of Emile holding the book. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the face of a man who knows he'll never live this down.
    • And it's not like Chugga wasn't making dirty innuendo jokes himself; he just wasn't getting anyone else's dirty innuendo.
    • This gif. Nothing else will be said.
    • The whole debacle becomes more hilarious when you recall that he heard of the term from a song... and realize he was referencing a Nirvana song. Dear God.
  • The AI in Mario Party getting a ridiculously high amount of stars compared to everyone else.

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