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Epic Fail: The Runaway Guys
  • From Mario Party:
    • NCS profited a total of -4 coins from minigames in Luigi's Engine Room. That is to say, he lost more than he gained from them.
      • He does it again on Peach's Birthday Cake, profiting a total of -1 coins.
      • And AGAIN on Yoshi's Tropical Island, with -2 coins.
      • At the end of the Mini-Game stadium, both Jon and Chugga end with well over 100 coins (Chugga at nearly 200), and the AI had over eighty. Tim? 2 coins. Since they started with 10, that means a total profit of -8!
    • Jon completely fails to understand how to play Deep-Sea Divers in part 2 of Wario's Battle Canyon, dooming himself and Tim to leave empty-handed as Chugga and the AI clean up.
    • Any time anyone steals only one coin from another player.
    • Jon's Humiliation Conga in the Yoshi's Tropical Island board. You know the one.
    • The only time they played Hot Rope Jump, they don't even make the first jump (Chuggaa landed on the fire rope). And the last time they played Running of the Bulb, all four of them get eaten and lose almost at the beginning.
    • When they go back and do the Mini Game Island mode, Tim plays Bumper Balls as Wario, and loses immediately after losing track of his character.
    • After talking up how he's going to redeem himself on "Knocka-Blocka-Towaah" after his failure in the main LP, Chugga does even worse.

  • From New Super Mario Bros. Wii:
    • NCS getting killed by the first Goomba.
    • Everyone except Josh getting killed by a Paratroopa in Part 2.
    • The guys attempting to do a four-player ground pound ended with two of them going down a warp pipe by accident.
    • After trying for a long period of time to get the third Star Coin in World 2-5 (and failing), ProtonJon finally gets the coin... only to die two seconds later... while everyone else was in recovery bubbles, forcing them out of the level without saving their Star Coins.
    • At the end of episode 6, the death chart shows that NCS has 79 deaths.
      • At the end of the same episode, JoshJepson has a total of 77 deaths. Only 2 deaths behind NCS.
    • In the first fortress in World 5, they spend 5 minutes trying to get up one section, and there are a lot of deaths throughout the level.
    • Episode 14. Levels 7-4 and 7-6. And the death count at the end: Jon 19, Josh 29, Chugga 43 and NCS 47. Granted, it was a long episode, but still.
      Jon: I think we just pulled a Freelance Astronauts.
    • World 9-3, second Star Coin. Half the time they get it, but collectively die trying to make it to the end of the stage.
    • An aversion of this happened in episode 15 at the second try of level 8-2, when NCS ended up getting on the very top... only to bubble at literally the exact point of the very top of the pole. Instead of not getting anything at all, he ended up getting a 1-Up and some fireworks, yet he never appeared on the ground at the end... at all.

  • From Super Smash Bros. Brawl:
    • In Episode 7, while trying to enter Tim in so he can choose a character, they crash the Wii. No, not the game, the entire system.
    • Then, when they reboot the system, they forget to enter Tim again.
    • Episode 8 goes by quite swimmingly until The Wilds 2, where Chugga and Tim keep meeting their demise at the hands of... simple lifts.
      Video Description: Elevators: Apparently something only Canadians understand.
    • Duon vs. Jon and Tim. It does not go well.
    • Tim keeps going the wrong way in the maze, making Jon and Chugga yell at him a lot.
    • The Bonus Episode. Tim's quest to fight and unlock Jigglypuff. It has to be seen to be believed.
      • How bad does it get? After overshooting the door and having to swim back through a maze of Jyks and barrel cannons, Tim fires himself off the stage and loses to Jigglypuff within seconds, causing them to have to start over. Jon (who's playing shotgun) actually puts down his controller and walks away in frustration. Tim doesn't hate him for it, saying in a later video he knew he was sucking and deserved that response.
    • During the fight between Chugga and Josh, Chugga uses a PK Starstorm and completely misses Josh, even though the attack basically covers the entire screen.
    • In an earlier match, Chugga is killed by a rolling crate spawning and smashing into him, costing him the match.
    • In the tournament fight between Lucahjin and SyKhotic, Lucah manages to leap off the edge of the stage and commit suicide in roughly the first ten seconds of play. And then proceeds to be thoroughly destroyed by both SyKhotic and the rising acid below them.
    • A meta-example: The three were playing this game at E3 and it took them a half-hour to realize that they weren't recording.
      • In this live stream, Chugga explains the entire story. All of the Guys forgot to bring the game, so Chugga went to a Best Buy and ended up spending $131 in total for it and the cab fare. They did not have enough controllers, so Jon went to buy them from a Game Stop. After an hour, Jon texted Chugga that it would take two more hours for another cab to arrive. Chugga tried to go pick him up only for his own cab driver to get lost (and refusing to take off fare). As soon as he arrived, Jon got a phone call saying that his cab was coming early, so Chugga went all that way for nothing. When they returned to the hotel and tried to pay the driver, the taxi's debit card reader turned out to be broken. Chugga went inside to withdraw money from the ATM, which was also broken. He went to the front desk and asked for cash back, and they said they couldn't do that. Chugga and Jon had to go back in the cab and ask the taxi driver to go to a bank so they could withdraw cash, driving up the fare to $60. When they went back to the room and were about to start recording, they found that they forgot to pack a cord that was necessary for the capturing to work. Jon and Chugga walked to a Radio Shack a whole 2 1/2 miles away to buy this cord for $38. It took them an entire SEVEN hours to get everything set up for recording and start playing the game, only to find out that they actually weren't recording anything after 30 minutes. According to Jon, it was the first time he had ever seen Chugga get legitimately angry, and Chugga was so depressed he didn't want to record anymore.
  • From Mario Party 2:
    • In Space Land, Jon lands on the happening space six times. For people unfamiliar with Space Land, the Happening Space causes the player who lands on it and anyone else on the same stretch of land to move back to a certain space.
    • Horror Land's first minigame, Hexagon Heat, lasts six seconds due to everyone but Chugga having an Epic Fail moment.
      Jon: ...What just happened? I groundpounded and it kept bouncing, Wario was humping the sky, and I don't even remember what happened to Tim...
      • Tim's case was actually justified; his controller was glitching and forcing Yoshi to move upward when he was supposed to go down. This actually happens again later during a game of Face Lift, as you can see his hand moving upward automatically and giving him extra trouble.
      • The thing is though that Tim NEVER seemed to realize his controller was glitching.
    • On Mini Game Coaster, Chuggaa is about to win, but then asks why he's losing, and instantly lost. The kicker is that he was looking at the wrong character for the whole game, and would have won without noticing if he hadn't stopped.
    • Later still, Jon's long win streak finally ends because he lost Quick Sand Cache by one coin.
    • In Episode 3 of Western Land, the guys play the battle minigame "Raken' 'Em In". Close to the very end of the minigame, Chuggaa is in second place with the AI (Wario) with 5 points. Then he attempts to grab the hard-to-get Golden Mushroom for three extra points as the counter reaches 0, and ends up getting a Poison Mushroom instead and loses 3 points, knocking him down to 3rd place with NCS with 2 points. If he haven't have done that, he would have gotten 2nd place and get a small profit.
    • Horror Land: Chuggaa is close to the Mega Boo of the board, and needs to get anything but a 1 to get to him. He gets a 1, much to his displeasure.
    • At end of Episode 1 of Western Land, the guys play the 2 vs. 2 minigame "Torpedo Targets", with Chuggaa & NCS vs. Jon and the AI (Wario). Jon must steer the torpedo, much to his dismay. Made even worse when Wario keeps missing the target. Completely.

  • From Kirby's Return to Dream Land:
    • Episode 11 had Chuggaa after getting the key tries to throw it because he thinks he might not make the jump He accidentaly throws the key down the pit
    • Episode 8 had a grand total of 11 deaths because of their inability to stop falling into pits while operating the shoe vehicle.
    • Episode 9 is basically the trainwreck episode for this series. Tim ends up with two Total Party Kills from firing off cannons in 6-1 and they spend 12 minutes (after editing, mind you) trying to get the first gear in 6-2 due to Chuggaa constantly either dying or losing the water power required to break the fire blocks surrounding it.
      • A shining example of their failure with items is here, where Jon runs offscreen and teleports to Emile's place while Tim goes into the door right before they get the gear.
    • Emile accidentally causes Jon to lose a potential perfect rating on the item challenge room at the last second.
    • Tim's Hi-Jump run starts out with him slowly flying instead of jumping and getting a -100 score for running into an enemy. He hits a switch that closes off a +1000 gold coin and jumps around two more gold coins under a ledge, then proceeds to move away from the secret room he was right in front of and go into the next area. After that he keeps jumping up when he wants to go down, smacks into a Gordo, and then ignores the other secret door above the goal. His score was 2000 points lower than his previous, and the worst part is that he just practiced this right before the recording.

  • From Wii Party:
    • On Board Game Island, Tim does pretty well for the first part, winning a fair amount of the minigames. However, near the end, his luck fails him and his die rolls send him first backwards across about a quarter of the board, then into hell (what Jon calls the volcano), resulting in him being 46 spaces away from the end when it finishes.
    • A real life example talked about in Globe Trot. To cross the middle of a road in Canada, there are buttons for alerting cars to stop and let people pass. Emile and Tim pushed said button for the first time and caused an accident by making a guy rear-end his car. Nobody was hurt, though.
    • In Swap Meet, not only does Tim Curb Stomp the others by finishing with twice as many points as everyone else combined, Chugga doesn't even manage to score a single point.

  • From LittleBigPlanet:
    • In episode 5, they try and fail for several minutes to bring a few bombs through some dropping stalactites, and end up using three gates' worth of lives to finally successfully make it through. To add insult to injury, Tim had made it through with the last bomb fairly early on, but then missed the bombable floor when he dropped it, prompting:
    Tim: D'oh, I missed!
    • Episode 6, Roller Run - Hard: Close to the beginning, they find a gate, and Jon asks, "How did we get another gate that fast?" 15 seconds later, they've used all their lives and fail out of the level.
    • In episode 11, they get a minigame where they all die instantly, then try again and the three usual Guys all die instantly and Lucah wins 57-0-0-0 by surviving a few seconds longer.
    • The Bunker. In this episode alone, they have 255 deaths combined. 201 of those deaths were from electricity.

  • From the Smash 64 tournament:
    • JoshJepson's fight with Attacking Tucans. Tucans has never played the game before, and then picks Link as his character, who Josh says isn't a good fighter in 64. In a Foregone Conclusion, ...Tucans beats Josh without losing a life, and thanks to picking up a healing item at the end, with ZERO PERCENT DAMAGE.

  • From Fortune Street:
    • Not only has Chugga ended in last place in the first two boards played, but he was been very far behind both times. Sadly (and hilariously), he likes to talk about how well he does when he plays by himself. Which he finally gets to show in Mario Stadium.
    • Tim in Delfino Plaza, squandering a near-sure win by turning down a property in Jon's district that would have kept Jon from total domination, then paying more than 1000G for one of Chugga's auctioned shops worth a fraction of that, that he didn't even want or need. The other players started joking that he threw the game, and one of Tim's vlogs at the time mentions how he epicly fucked up a Fortune Street board.
      • Buying the shop at auction wouldn't have mattered; Jon got back to the bank first anyways.
    • Their guest player accidentally buying out a shop they didn't need. Twice.
      • What takes the cake is that it wasn't even the same player both times: The first time it was Jake, the second time it was Masae.

  • From New Super Mario Bros. U:
    • It takes three attempts to get all of the star coins on the second level.
    • Josh dies 15 times in Episode 6, after several episodes of not dying at all. And unlike Tim, he doesn't have the excuse of the others being jerks.
    • Everyone dying, as in kicked out of the level dying, in a stage where the majority of the threats are limited to the bottom half of the screen — after using a P-Acorn. It's an achievement in and of itself!

  • From Burnout Revenge:
    • Lucahjin manages to miss all the passing cars and go straight past without hitting anything.

  • From Mario Party 3:
    • NCS uses his Lucky Charm on Chugga to force him into a Game Guy game with 153 coins. Chugga won it, doubling his coin count to 306 and effectively winning the Coin Star.
    • The first minigame, Ice Rink Risk, has the Guys consecutively dying less than a second after each other.
    • Wario's AI on the first board reaches heights of Artificial Stupidity that have to be seen to be believed, especially when he spent 10 coins on a Dueling Glove so he could duel Jon for one coin.
    • The first Star in Deep Bloober Sea is placed behind a locked door, requiring either a Skeleton Key or Reverse Mushroom, and a victory in a luck-based event, to reach it. No one ever gets it. The final tally consists solely of a Star from a hidden block and the Bonus Stars.
      • Made even better by the fact that NCS had a Lucky Lamp (an item that changes the star's location) for the entire game and never used it. Although he did win, so maybe that was the right choice.
    • Jon's chain of item game failures. Most egregious is when he plays a game where he could easily walk and pick the item, only to accidentally pick an item he didn't want.
    • In Part 3 of Spiny Desert, Chugga buys a Mushroom and finds himself 15 spaces away from the star, so he has a decent chance of reaching it. He rolls a 2 and a 1, which he describes as the worst possible roll, as you at least get a coin bonus for rolling two 1's due to rolling doubles.
    • In Part 4 of Spiny Desert, Tim lands on a Chance Time space. He tries to steal Jon's Stars, as Jon was in the lead at that point, but it backfired when he accidentally gave Jon's Stars to Peach instead. Jon lost his lead, and Peach rocketed to first place.
    • In Creepy Cavern, Jon gets the rare Koopa Kard, which allows one to receive all the money in the bank, as if they had landed on it, by just passing it. Chugga schemes to steal it with a Plunder Chest, and succeeds...only to accidentally use up the Koopa Kard when he landed on the bank anyway, rendering the item completely pointless.
    • Also in Creepy Cavern, the AI builds up a massive coin lead of 596 via Game Guy, so Chugga tries to steal the AI's coins via Chance Time. He successfully manages to land the Chance Time slots on "all coins" and "DK receives," but messes up by making Tim the giver rather than the AI, so he just gets Tim's 13 coins.
    • In Waluigi's Island, Chugga passes the item store and ends up 2 spaces behind Wario, who has a lot of coins, so he buys a Bowser Suit. All he has to do on the next turn to steal coins from Wario is roll anything higher than a 1. Guess what happens.
    • Jon and Chugga race for a Star. They are both 10 spaces away from it, the maximum possible roll. Jon rolls an 8, lands on Bowser and loses three-quarters of his coins. Then Chugga rolls a 10 and gets the Star.

  • From Dokapon Kingdom:
    • On the last turn of their test game, Chugga pays Mitch Digger 5440G to build hot springs, with a 4 in 7 chance of success. Rather predictably, it fails, though this isn't the best part. The final results show that Jon beat Chugga by 4837G. In other words, that single failure cost Chugga the game.

  • From New Super Luigi U:
    • Episode 8 is a gong show in and of itself, when they die several times trying to beat Wendy's Thwomp Castle, but the kicker is when, at the start of one attempt, everyone immediately bubbles, kicking them out of the stage.
    • In episode 23, for once Jon has the most deaths of anyone (13), largely down to Slippery Shoes.
    • After going the entire game without using a continue, Tim loses all his lives on the very last level and has to use one.

  • From Wheel of Fortune:
    • What does Chuggaa guess for the third minigame? CALIBRARY CUFF PAULA DEEN.
      • That actually describes how he does in Wheel of Fortune overall. Down to the point he was off by one letter at least once.
    • Chugga and Tim both buzzing in too early on the same word, giving Jon the win.
      I'm just gonna sit here and wait for the word to fill itself out.
    • An uncharacteristic goof by Tim: Chugga tries to solve Faneuil Hall. He fails. Tim tries to solve it, using the exact same incorrect guess as Chugga. Keep in mind only vowels were remainig, so there were only four possible configurations.
    • In Hawaii, Chuggaaconroy has a hilarious failure when he gets stumped on a puzzle that clearly reads "The Metropolitan Museum of Art", somehow filling in THE METROPOLITAN MUTANT OF ARK instead and almost giving Jon an aneurysm.
      • That round ended up being an epic fail for all three of the Guys: Immediately after Chugga's blunder, Tim gets a chance to solve the puzzle, and almost gets it right, but accidentally hits "enter" without typing in the final letter, giving the turn to Jon. And finally, despite the aforementioned failures from both of his opponents, Jon ends up in last place on that round due to bad luck with spinning. Yes, he ended up scoring lower than CHUGGA!

  • From Mario Party 4:
    • Playing the "Hide and Go BOOM!" minigame, NCS fails to press a button to hide in one of the cannons, and automatically loses by default.
    • At the end of Episode 1 of Shy Guy's Jungle Jam, Chugga uses a Mega Mushroom, and since everyone's close by this means he can steal from all three of them. He winds up only rolling two ones. This is subverted however, since rolling doubles still winds up netting him money!
    • Part 5 of Goomba's Greedy Gala. Tree Stomp. All three players chasing Jon corner him — then manage to get themselves stuck for the entire round, giving Jon an easy win by doing absolutely nothing.
    • For the first part of the extras, they go through the lengthy instructions for Darts of Doom, and then the minigame ends after one throw because Chugga hits the bullseye. Then Chugga picks the same minigame again by accident, though he admits that it lets them show more of it. And then Tim hits the bullseye. Jon never gets a throw.
    • At the end of the second extras video, Chugga and Jon play Panels of Doom, a game in which two players roll dice while standing on numbered panels, and the first one to have their number rolled loses. Chugga chooses panel 7 and Jon chooses panel 8; Chugga gets the first roll. Chugga rolls a 7, killing himself instantly.
    • At the beginning of the second extras video, in The Final Battle! Tim is controlling DK in a platforming segment where he has to get through a bunch of fiery platforms while avoiding falling into the lava. Almost immediately after making his first jump he ground pounds straight into the lava, losing instantly.
    • After four Mario Parties, the Guys finally fail to stop the AI winning a board, albeit a bonus one rather than a main game one.

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