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YMMV: The Runaway Guys
  • Acceptable Targets: Hipsters, every time Jon sticks oversized glasses on something.
  • Accidental Innuendo:
    • Pointed out in Mario Party, as they note that DK's pose during the Limbo minigame is somewhat suggestive of a different kind of donkey.
    • In Golf in Wii Sports, Chugga asks whether they can hit each others' balls.
    • During Fortune Street, Chugga says that, "Rocking his hand back and forth on the Wiimote gives his hand something to do."
    • In the Great Maze, Jon is playing as Charizard and tells Tim to "follow the angry dragon". Tim and Chugga tell him Urban Dictionary's definition of "angry dragon". note 
    • And in Jon's Live Stream of Mario Party 6, Chugga makes one about Daisy, "Let's do her on hard." And during the Treasure Trawlers minigame, he makes a few about having wood. But the worst one is when they play Crate and Peril with Daisy as the one player and Chugga says, "I'm inside Daisy's heart-shaped box." without knowing the slang for it.
  • Anti-Climax Boss:
    • The final match of the Brawl tournament (Jon vs. SyKhotic/Hunter, with Jon winning) wasn't particularly exciting, as Hunter kept accidentally killing himself.
    • Tim, to Jon, in Fortune Street's Delfino Plaza. They spend much of the board in a tense race for the win, but in the last few turns, Tim's net worth falls dramatically, and the tension vanishes as Jon easily marches toward victory.
    • On the last five turns of Boo's Haunted Bash in Mario Party 4, Tim ends up turning all Red Spaces into Chance Time Spaces. No one lands on any.
  • Base Breaker: All three of the guys are this to some extent.
    • Chuggaa is either funny or an obnoxious player who's way too loud and immature.
    • Certain fans fail to realize that Jon being a dick is just playful banter, and want him off the team. And there are some who get tired of him winning all the time.
    • Some consider NCS unnecessary due to him being quiet and Out of Focus a lot, and some believe he occasionally wastes large amounts of time in Subspace Emissary due to his poorer playing abilities.
    • Diabetus caused this kind of reaction when it was rumoured that he would be one of the Guys' special guests, despite it not being stated that he would actually be a guest, just that they were meeting up with him. Eventually, it was confirmed that he wouldn't be joining the group, and they were talking about inviting him to play Battletoads with them because they didn't let him know they'd have a Battletoads challenge in Thrown Controllers and he was genuinely upset about it.
  • Broken Base:
    • One sprouted up between Team Jon (and Josh) vs. Team Chugga during NSMB Wii. It's more lighthearted than some examples, since Jon trying to kill Chugga was Played for Laughs by both Jon and Chugga.
    • Episode 10 of LittleBigPlanet. One side thought it was their funniest episode yet, while another found it extremely boring, and a third found it outright racist.
    • Jon continuing his winning streak in Mario Party 4 has caused quite a few people to quit watching the LP. The other half seems to think he deserves it after the train wreck of bad luck that Mario Party 3 brought him.
    • In the Dokapon Kingdom videos, fans either view Chuggaa becoming a Darkling as an interesting game changer or a frustrating thing that makes the videos hard to watch; it doesn't help that one of the first things he did was remove Tim's rare shield. There's also those who feel he isn't taking full advantage of the class to really change up the game and is just wasting it.
  • Critical Research Failure: Chugga keeps claiming that every gibberish word they come across is most likely an insult in German, and generally thinking that German consists of only gibberish strung together. It's possible it's just Played for Laughs, though.
  • Crosses the Line Twice:
    • In Mario Party 1's "Grab Bag" minigame:
    Chugga: *grabs Jon* RAPED!
    Chugga: *gets grabbed by Wario* Wario, you just raped out what I raped out of [Jon]!
    Chugga: *gets grabbed by Jon* Don't rape the monkey!
    Jon: What's with you and rape?
    Chugga: I don't know. *beat* It's fun?
    Jon: WHAT?!?
    • During the Bomberman Live tournament, Jon has to explain that killing both yourself and the other players doesn't count as a win. His exact wording? "Genocide along with killing yourself does not work. Genocide itself is okay."
    • NCS' Africa joke in Wii Party's Globe Trot mode (4:30 - 4:40).
  • Dude, Not Funny!: In a PAX Prime 2013 wrap-up video (featuring but not created by Jon, Chugga, and Tim), at one point Chugga makes a very bad pun, prompting Dodger to call for applause from the audience. Later, Jon makes a comment about his pedometer, and Chugga responds by pronouncing it "paedo-meter". The audience is silent and Dodger says, "Don't applaud for that one..."
  • Ending Fatigue:
    • During Mario Party 3, some fans became restless when Creepy Cavern was extended by a Wacky Watch, adding two more videos than usual. Even worse is that the board's final minigame was the very long and monotonous "The Beat Goes On."
    • Subverted by Mario Party 3's duel boards. Initially they did a two-parter for the first board and stated it would done as filler between other projects, before getting back to it a month after the initial board and finishing them all relatively quickly.
    • In general, the video uploading format introduced with New Super Mario Bros. U drags out series' longer than it should, due to Chugga reducing video length in exchange for more videos over the course of several days, compared to before when he would upload a series of videos or one extremely long video within a single day. Mario Stadium from Fortune Street in particular got backlash for this, as it was uploaded over the course of 8 parts, despite the more compact Yoshi's Island having close to the same total running time.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • JoshJepson. Many were sad to see him gone after NSMB Wii, and the Guys eventually brought him back as a guest player for NSMB U. A few fans consider him the honorary fourth guy, and he even appears in some of the TRG fanart with the other three guys.
    • Wario, for his line from the first two Mario Party games: "Doh I missed!" It's gotten to the point where he's referenced in every project even if he isn't in it.
    • Waluigi; his popularity from the Fortune Street videos, mainly for Jon's hilarious impersonation of him, sounding Mexican and his made-up backstory of wanting to run a successful bridal boutique, was why Jon decided to play as him in Mario Party 3 and on.
    • Special guests in general are pretty well-liked, especially Jon Paula during the Mario Power Tennis tournament, due to being the most vocal of the guests and providing some pretty funny lines.
    • Fortune Street as a whole. When the Guys posted the first video, they showed concern over whether or not it would go over well, and expected it to be a Love It or Hate It one-off. Fans adored it, and it has become traditional between-series filler, especially as a way to see off a special guest (Lucahjin, JoshJepson, and Super Jeenius all played games with the Guys before going).
  • Fan Myopia: During the New Super Mario Bros. Wii LP, Jon becomes a victim of this after learning that he's the only one of the Runaway Guys (including guest player Josh) who has played Metal Gear.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple:
    • During the Brawl tournament, many people thought Chugga and Donnabellez were cute together.
    • Many seem to feel this way about Tim and Lucahjin.
    • Some just go straight for the Jon/Chugga.
    • After the Double Dash tournament, many fans feel this way about Chugga and MasaeAnela.
  • Good Bad Bugs: In Episode 15 of NSMB Wii, Tim jumps on the flagpole, gets a 1-Up, then bubbles, and is suddenly not in the bubble. To add greatness, they got fireworks.
  • Growing the Beard: The Thrown Controllers panel at PAX East 2013 noticeably improved from the previous panels. The technical problems were minimal, and an official video of the panel was made by The Game Station, with professional equipment, multiple cameras, and decent editing.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • At one point in Mario Party, NCS takes a while before moving some text along, and Chugga says "Do you know how to press 'A'?" In New Super Mario Bros Wii, NCS seems to have a small bubbling issue, which requires pressing A.
    • Jon jokingly calls Jigglypuff "the deadliest of warriors" while Chugga fights Wolf in the Bonus Video. Jigglypuff ended up giving Tim a lot of trouble.
    • In Kirby's Return to Dreamland, Chugga says "Final Smash Time" after getting the Ultra Sword for the first time. In the fourth Super Smash Bros game, Ultra Sword becomes Kirby's Final Smash.
    • They bring up in their LP of the first Mario Party that Wario is canonically the Super Star. Later, in Mario Party 2, they play as Wario for Minigame Coaster, and at the end they are told that they "shall attain Super Stardom".
    • In the very first Fortune Street board they played, Jon said it was rather hit-or-miss as to whether people liked the game or not (especially watching it), and that the one board they were playing was largely just for filler. It ended up being a huge hit with fans, to the point where it became a tradition to play Fortune Street with their special guest players after every major project.
    • In Wii Party, the fourth player was an AI named Luca. In LittleBigPlanet and at least one board of Fortune Street, the fourth player was Lucahjin. note 
    • A few days after Chugga learns to use thunder in Castle Crashers, his house is struck by lightning. No serious damage was done and Chugga and his cats were unharmed so this qualifies as hilarious.
    • Early in Mario Party 2, Chugga says that "If we play Mario Party 3, it'll probably be Tim's game." They eventually do play Mario Party 3, and Tim wins the majority of the boards, thus becoming the game's overall winner.
    • Jon's habit of running away and leaving the others in the dust in the Mario LPs became even funnier when Blue Toad was announced to be the playable Toad in Super Mario 3D World, and of the four playable characters, he's the fastest by a large margin.
    • In Mario Party 1, The guys discuss Bomberman and Jon brings up the despised, needlessly Darker and Edgier Bomberman: Act Zero, adding that it's a "hilarious" game. Three years later, Jon started streaming regularly on twitch, and the sheer So Bad, It's Good-ness of the game has influenced his streams so much it has its own dedicated night and MLG League.
    • Chugga's legendarily poor performance at Wheel of Fortune came just days before the actual show aired an episode featuring what some are calling the worst contestant in Wheel of Fortune history.
    • When playing side modes in Mario Party 4, Chugga mentions that the tile drop game can be played with nine players, in which case the ninth player is Bowser, and claims that this is the only time in Mario Party history that you can play as Bowser. While a side-game in 5 also exists, the true hilarity is that this video was posted during E3, on the same day that Mario Party 10 was revealed to have playable Bowser as a major premise.
    • In Mario Party 4, Jon wins a game of Tree Stomp when Daisy's AI blocks Chugga so their stumps grind together the entire round. Fits right in with the tides of Daisy/Chugga innuendo later on during the TRG stream.
  • Internet Backdraft:
    • Subverted regarding the Game Grumps. While both Chuggaa and Tim (of all people) criticized the Grumps, there was no hate levied toward them (though there were comment arguments between fans of TRG and GG), especially since Tim's Take That was toward a heavily criticized aspect of the show.
    • A minor example during Mario Party 3, after NCS became the majority board winner. While editing the video, Chugga left a note stating that he was still leading in the detailed stats, so NCS hadn't officially won the LP yet. This received some harsh feedback in the comments, accusing Chugga of being a poor sport. note 
  • It's Short, so It Sucks: Many fans feel that Dokapon Kingdom should have lasted longer. Notably, however, the guys did this intentionally, since they were partially testing the waters to see if the fans were interested in them playing the (much, much longer) full game. They have since returned to the game to play Story Mode.
  • Magnificent Bastard:
    • In Mario Party 3, Chuggaa manages to pull a small but brilliant gambit in the final turn of Woody Woods. He uses a Reverse Mushroom on himself and sees Boo. Not having coins to steal a Star, he steals Jon's coins instead, preventing Jon from using his Magic Lamp to get the Star. Chuggaa then chooses to take a path into a dead-end road, which reverses his direction and allows him to visit Boo again, this time with enough coins to steal a Star. And yet he still loses the board.
    • Jon during Koopa's Seaside Soirée in Mario Party 4. NCS sees Boo and has the option of stealing a Star from Jon, but (at Jon's encouragement) instead steals coins from Mario; this results in NCS eventually getting the Coin Star instead of Chugga, which allows Jon to win the board. Chugga even makes this accusation himself, though Jon plays innocent. However, the trope is subverted when NCS admits he kinda wanted Jon to win and knew stealing coins would help make that happen. Jon drops the act at this point.
    • In the last board in Mario Party 4, Chuggaa is determined to prevent Jon from sweeping the game. His method is weaponizing his already ridiculous luck to inhuman degrees. First he intentionally lands on chance time and manages to swap coins with Jon, stealing the coin lead and later steals the Lucky Bonus Star by landing on three Happening Spaces in a row! He succeeds in winning the board.
  • Magnum Opus: Every episode of their second LP, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, has over a million views, which is over twice what the Guys' videos usually average.
  • Memetic Badass:
    • Averted with Captain Falcon, a realistically flawed individual who is still capable of moments of badass.
    • Carver is treated like this during Fortune Street (Mt. Magmageddon), even having Chuck Norris Facts-style claims like he makes toast just by glaring at bread.
  • Memetic Mutation:
  • Most Wonderful Sound: "D'oh, I missed!"
  • Never Live It Down:
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • In Kirby's Return to Dream Land, the voice Chugga gives Magolor after transforming.
      • Nightmare Retardant: ...though that's a bit offset by the other Guys' reaction, including Tim's (and, soon enough, Chugga's) uncontrollable laughter and Jon's unamused pleas for him to just stop.
    • In Mario Party 3, Chugga's slowed-down laughter during the "That was total bullshit!" replay sounds downright demented.
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome:
    • Jon's clean sweep in Battle Mode for Mario Kart 64, due to the original E3 video being lost.
    • Also from Mario Kart 64, Tim curb-stomping the others at Rainbow Road. Luckily, he did almost as well in the new recording.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: In Rayman Origins, the guys cite friendly fire as this, as they think it "ruins any semblance of cooperation." They do, however, admit it's Actually Pretty Funny sometimes.
  • Serious Business: It made for interesting situations in the project, but no doubt about it, Chugga was this way with Mario Party 4. Not to the point of “Stop Having Fun” Guys, but listening to him and Jon talk about how much of a Determinator he was in preparation for the game, especially the final board. He'd gotten so fast at button mashing that it burned his finger, so that he could win button mash minigames.
  • Shipping: In addition to Protonconroy. Several pairs have spawned due to jokes, or the guys shipping them In-Universe.
    • In Mario Party 2, we have Chugga and Jon ship each other with other characters, like Chugga with Jynx and Jon with Wario.
    • NCS with himself in Subspace Emissary.
    • Bowser and Waluigi in Mario Party 3. Mainly because Jon as Waluigi kept getting the Bowser space.
    • Chugga with Daisy, after a few innuendos about her during Jon's Mario Party 6 stream.
  • That One Boss: During Subspace Emissary, Duon gave Jon and Tim a real hard time.
  • That One Level:
    • Chugga considers Wario's Battle Canyon (Mario Party) to be this. Throughout the whole board, only two stars are purchased.
      • Peach's Birthday Cake is a low-scoring board where every event is very expensive.
    • NCS refers to World 2-4 in New Super Mario Bros. Wii as "the worst [level] in the first five worlds." Indeed, the Runaway Guys collectively lose 22 lives in that level, not counting murders.
      • World 7. So many deaths...
      • Level 9-3, so, so much. It wins for the most times they've had to repeat a level.
    • In Subspace Emissary, The Swamp is this for Jon and Tim eventually. Jigglypuff being there — over two-thirds of the way through the level — didn't help.
    • Mystery Land in Mario Party 2 is designed to work the same as Wario's Battle Canyon, and Chugga expresses his disinterest right from the outset.
    • The Mario Party minigame "Sneak n' Snore" is incredibly difficult for the group to win.
    • 6-2 in Kirby's Return to Dreamland.
    • LittleBigPlanet has "The Bunker," which had the four actually working together to get through the part with the wheel.
    • Level 9-6, Fire Bar Sprint in New Super Luigi U has the most deaths of the whole project, as well as being the level where Jon rages the most.
  • Uncanny Valley: Referenced in the Wheel of Fortune videos towards the awkward character designs and animations.
  • Viewers Are Morons: Chugga does not think the viewers are dumb, but he seems to think it's easier to confuse them than in actuality.
  • Wangst:
    • Jon is probably the most susceptible to this; examples include in New Super Mario Bros. Wii where he fails to give Chugga a game over. and again for him and Josh as they fail to bring down Emile in Mario Stadium in Fortune Street, both complaining about his ludicrous luck. And then there's Mario Party 3: whilst the game did screw him over a lot (see The Woobie below), he did excessively whine about how Mario Party "hates him", despite having good fortune in previous Mario Party games.
    • Chugga also has his wangsty moments. Most notable is in The Observatory in Fortune Street. Apparently because he kept doing badly despite playing the game regularly, while both NCS and Lucah were novices but kept doing better than him. Meanwhile, in the final video for Koopa's Seaside Soirée in Mario Party 4, he literally spends almost the entirety of the video complaining about Tim taking the coin lead from him and ensuring Jon's victory. He doesn't even make any of his usual jokes or references, just going on about "freaking Jon" the whole time. Granted, losing sucks, but it is a competition.
    Chugga (half hamming): My own commentary partners are sabotaging me!
    • Josh in both New Super Mario Bros. games when he complains about his lack of lives and overall failures.
  • The Woobie:
    • Tim in general with his overall crummy luck. Most notable was in Pirate Land in Mario Party 2, when a star appeared just in front of him. This star would get him out of last place, especially since he had over 100 coins and had two turns to move to the star 5 spaces ahead of him - he didn't make it. In addition, Mario Party 4 just kept screwing him over. With Jon getting lucky, including two hidden stars on one board and a ridiculous number of Boos, Tim is just ridiculously unlucky. Another board had him poised to win only for some last-second bad luck in the very last turn screw him over. To make matters worse, a comment on part 6 of the Rayman Origins LP has someone noticing that Tim seems to be getting bubblized very frequently and at easily avoidable times, at which point Tim reveals that for about six month's prior to the video's release, he's been suffering from Sleep Apnea, causing him to black out randomly if he doesn't get around 10 or so hours of sleep.
    • Jon in Mario Party 3. Mario Party has screwed him over before, but NEVER that badly. It gets to the point where you legitimately feel sorry for him. And it gets worse in Super Luigi U, though he anticipates it being construed as Wangst.
    • Chugga in Wheel of Fortune. Since he's not that good at word puzzles, the constant bad guesses he makes leading to him getting repeatedly humiliated eventually makes it pretty easy to feel bad for him.

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