Fridge: The Runaway Guys

Fridge Brilliance
  • Jon often has the most number of lives during the run as the viewers know it. Think back to the original Kaizo LP and the following words in the final main episode:
    Jon: I've got 37 lives, I'm set.
  • The Iggy/Lemmy confusion. While Jon claims to have "fucking played Mario World" a large number of times, it's not like he's actually played the original that many times...
  • It was stated previously that the main reason Tim has trouble in these collabs is that he's not very good with analog sticks. Later, he apparently chose Kirby's Return to Dream Land as the Guys' next game, and has been doing much better in it. Kirby's Return to Dream Land is played with a sideways Wii Remote, and therefore, no analog stick.
  • In Kirbys Return To Dreamland, Jon, the guy who knows a lot more on the game than the others, is playing Meta Knight, Tim is playing Dedede, and Chugga is Kirby.
  • In LittleBigPlanet, Jon calls Chugga "Impatient Shark" due to his constant leaving everyone behind and his shark costume. A fitting name, as some sharks must constantly keep moving to stay alive.
  • Tim constantly gets rare items in Mario Party 3, which requires honest answers to get... which makes sense, considering Tim's personality.