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Drinking Game: The Runaway Guys
  • Take a shot whenever Chugga says something racist or sexist. WARNING: This happens a lot.
  • Whenever they attempt an intro joke only for them to screw it up, take a drink.
    • Take two drinks if Tim's the one who screws it up.
  • Take a mere sip whenever Jon insults Chugga. WARNING: This happens fairly often.
    • If Chugga insults Jon on the other hand, take an actual shot.
    • Down the rest of your drink if Tim insults either of them.
  • Take a shot if one of them uses the Catch Phrase or Running Gag of another to irritate them. (For example, Chugga bringing up "Move faster Pokey" to annoy Jon.)
  • During their Mario Party playthroughs, take a shot whenever someone gets a Hidden Block.
    • In Mario Party 2, take two shots if the Hidden Block they get contains a Star.
    • Also, drink for each play of Day At The Races.
    • Take a shot in any Mario Party video where Bowser does the pee dance (and they comment on it). Take two if Bowser does his "sexy pose" in Mario Party 3.
    • Take a shot in any Mario Party video if Chugga complains about how good the AI is. Take two if he uses the word "godly" or "brutal."
    • Again in Mario Party 3, take a shot whenever Chugga says "(Character) takes it", when said character wins a minigame.
    • Take two shots whenever Chugga refers to himself as "the monkey."
    • Take a shot if he says for Jon to watch for a hypothetical, ironic situation.
    • Mario Party 4 : Take a shot whenever Peach says "D'oh, I missed!"
  • Take a shot every time someone calls Chugga "Mr. Conroy".
  • In the tournaments, take a shot whenever a match is a Curb-Stomp Battle.
  • Take a shot whenever Chugga does a voice that confuses or annoys Jon.
    • After the first time, if he does the voice again, slowly sip from your bottle until he stops.
  • Take a shot whenever something that happens in the game causes someone to let out a Flat "What.".
    • Take another shot if the same thing caused you to let out a Flat "What.".
  • If someone starts singing "To the left, to the left, to the left..." take a drink.
  • If Chugga says "Doh I missed", take a shot.
    • If Jon or Tim say "Doh I missed", take two.
  • Anytime Jon or Chugga mentions TV Tropes anywhere.
    • Finish the bottle if you ever see Jon reference this page. Like he didon Twitter. He found this page hilarious.
  • Take a shot if one of the top comments on a video is asking them to bring back JoshJepson.
    • Or play Zelda: Four Swords Adventures.
  • If someone makes a remark about what the top comment of the video is going to be, take a shot. Take two if that ends up being the top comment during your viewing.
  • In Mario Party and New Super Mario Bros. Wii take a shot whenever Chugga is referred to as Emile.
    • From Super Smash Bros. Brawl onward, as Only Known by Their Nickname becomes more and more averted, take a shot whenever he is referred to as Chugga.
  • Take a shot whenever Chugga brings up the "Meet Josh Jepson" song.
    • Drink the rest of the bottle if Tim brings it up instead.
  • Take a shot whenever someone says "fuck".
  • During New Super Mario Bros. Wii, if almost all of the remaining people die at once and leave just one person alive, take a shot. NOTE: This does not apply if only two people remain.
    • Take two shots if that person is Jon. Three if he caused everyone else's death.
    • Drink the rest of your bottle if the remaining person then dies before someone else can respawn.
  • In New Super Mario bros Wii, take a shot whenever somebody kills another player.
    • If it's not Jon who caused Chugga's death, or vice-versa, take two.
  • Take a shot whenever there is an instance of Ho Yay.
  • Take a small sip if Jon trolls Chugga.
    • Take a shot if it's anyone else.
  • Take a shot if Jon beats anyone to a collectible.
    • Take two shots if he does it just so Chuggaa can't get it.
  • Take a shot whenever Chugga admits to not having seen a movie.
    • Two shots if he admits that he has seen a movie.
  • Take a shot if Chuggaaconroy makes a reference to Ōkami
    • Take two shots if he makes a reference to Xenoblade.
  • In Kirby's Return to Dreamland, take a shot every time Chugga sarcastically says 'thanks.'
  • Take a shot whenever somebody other than Chugga makes a bad pun.
    • Finish your drink if Chugga makes a pun that Jon actually admits is clever.
  • Take a shot whenever someone makes a Clone High reference. In the Brawl LP, take two shots if Jon is referencing an episode that Chugga and Tim haven't seen yet.
  • Take a shot if one of them does a visual joke or action, and another one has to describe what it is for everyone at home.
    • Take two if the action is so strange that it defies explanation, such as:
    Tim: I'm witnessing...something...
  • Take a shot if Chugga references a moment from an earlier project or quotes it.
    • Two shots if Jon calls him out on it.
  • In LittleBigPlanet, take a shot every time someone slaps someone else.
    • Take a shot when Jon put a ridiculous costume item on someone else. Finish the bottle if the other person is still wearing it in the next video.
    • Take two if he puts hipster glasses on something or someone.
    • Take a shot every time Jon says, "Yeah coffee!" in the finale. Make sure your affairs are in order first.
  • Take a shot whenever Ness fights Pikachu in the SSB tournument
  • Take a shot whenever Chugga says "Press two" in the Mario Stadium board in Fortune Street.
    • Take a shot whenever someone rolls an "H" in any Fortune Street board. Take two if someone calls it an "H", unless it's the Slimenia board, in which case just finish the bottle and save yourself the trouble.
  • Take a shot in New Super Luigi U every time one of the guys complains of the games' mechanics screwing them over.
    • Take an extra shot if it's Jon complaining about slippery shoes.
  • Take a shot every time Chugga says 'We're going (verb)ing'.
  • Take a shot for every hilarious slowed-down replay that makes the commentators sound drunk.
  • Take a shot every time Chugga unintentionally says something sexual, Rest in piece your liver.
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