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"To the left, to the left, to the left..."
Chuggaaconroy and often others, whenever they have to go left...

ProtonJon: Hey Chuggaaconroy...
Chugga: Yes?
Jon: Do you like parties?
Chugga: Why, yes, I do.
Jon: How about Mario Parties?
Chugga: ...Maybe.
Jon: You're not quite sure on that one?
Chugga: Not quite.
NintendoCapriSun: Well, I am.
Jon: Who are you?
(20 minutes later)
ProtonJon: How do you feel about multiple failed recordings of Mario Party?
Chuggaa: ...I feel like strangling a puppy!
ProtonJon: SO DO I!
— The beginning of their Mario Party LP

Chuggaaconroy: Hey, Jon! Hey, Jon! Don't Eat The Mushroom!
(not even two turns later)
Jon: (with a mocking voice) Hey Chugga! Don't eat the mushroom!
— Chuggaa has been waiting to do that joke, and then Jon nails him with Laser-Guided Karma shortly afterward

ProtonJon, getting screwed over by Mario Party multiple times

ProtonJon: "Oh Lord, please protect these four people. One being a computer — which is actually a fat man with a German Voice Actor — and the dinosaur, and the monkey with a tie, and the Italian plumber, as they fight Bowser in his home of hell. Let's play. Amen.
ProtonJon's prayer coming into Bowser's Magma Mountain.

Chuggaaconroy: I, Chuggaa, am going to be Mario!
Nintendo Capri Sun: I will be Luigi, because I'm greeeeeen!
Josh Jepson: I'm going to be Yellow Toad, and I'll be the best Yellow Toad you've ever seen!
Proton Jon: And I'll be leaving, thank you. *hits 1 and Blue Toad runs offscreen*
— Character selection in New Super Mario Bros Wii

Chugga: Meet Josh Jepson!
JoshJepson: Oh my God...
Chugga: His boy Chugga!
NCS: Oh my God...
Chugga: Daughter Johnny!
ProtonJon: You...
Chugga: Tim, his wife!
Jon: You need so much mental help it's not even funny.
— Chuggaaconroy sings the intro and catches everyone off-guard.

ProtonJon: *singing* "I am an asshole! I am an asshole! I am ''such'' an asshole! Look at me~!"
— Jon, when he's a Troll note 

JoshJepson: "Hey everybody, it's Josh Jepson!"
Chuggaaconroy: "Howdy folks, it's Chuggaaconroy!"
NintendoCapriSun: "Hey, this is Nintendo Capri Sun, but you knew that already."
ProtonJon: "I want a catchphrase to steal too..."
— Another intro Crossover

Jon *with Chugga sobbing in the background* I love how Falcon's like, MAJESTIC. And Olimar and Steve are just like, what the heck is he doing? Olimar's like, "Hey Steve, this guy is really weird man. Should we hang out with him?" And Steve's all like, "I don't know, that Chuggaaconroy guy, I don't think he's playing as Steve this time, it's really weird."
— Jon exploiting Chuggaa's Berserk Button

Chugga: Onto our fourth project in the time that it's taken Jon to make five videos!
— The intro to Mario Party 2.

Jon:"Day at the races. Day at the races! Day at the races! Hey, I heard you like races. Here's some days! Spend them at the races!"
— Jon gets fed up with constantly having to play the Mario Party 2 minigame Day at the Races.

Jon: "I am the strongest of the Guys! I RUN AWAY THE MOST!"
— Jon proves himself as The Ace

Jon: [singing] I'm dreaming of a space Christmas, just like the one I used to know... where the space-tops glisten, and space-children listen to hear... Mario at the show... oh woah... ...woah... ehhh.
— Jon singing a SpaceX song.

— After defeating the final boss in Kirby's Return to Dream Land

Chugga: So, this has been Chuggaaconroy...
Tim: Nintendo Capri Sun...
Lucahjin: Lucahjin!
Jon: And the king of all CAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRDDSSS! (as he says this, a King of Hearts enlarges and the others start screaming like crazy)
— The Runaway Guys (and Lucahjin) at the end of LittleBigPlanet, Episode 1.

Jon: Yeah coffee! Yeah coffee! Yeah coffee!
— Jon during the LittleBigPlanet finale.

Chugga: Timstones!
Meet the Timstones
They're the modern Runaway family!
From the
Mushroom Kingdom
Come the friends who need to L to P!
Now Let's Play with Jon and the other three!
He couldn't even upload a bee!
When you
Read our fanfics
You'll have a gay old tiiiime!
...But you knew that already!
— Chugga in Episode 2 of New Super Mario Bros. U

Jake: We're getting good at this whole "teamwork" thing.
Jon: It's weird.
Jake: Yeah, what is this?
Super Jeenius and ProtonJon, discussing uncharacteristic displays of "teamwork" in Castle Crashers

Tim: Hey, guys, I'm Boomer the Slimefoot!
Jake: I'm 4 number 2!
Jon: What killed the ice age? Oh my god, I got it wrong.
Chugga: And I can't top a mess-up like that. Welcome, everybody, to Castle Crashers!
Jon: Can I get a redo on that?
Chugga: No.
Jake: No!
Jon: Come on...
Chugga: NO! What killed the ice age? THE DINOSAURS!
ProtonJon screwing up his intro for the first episode of Castle Crashers.

(Tim and Jon are standing side-by-side, wearing The Runaway Guys t-shirts; Chugga is behind them trying to climb up a down escalator to reach them)
Jon: So we know a lot of guys have been asking for us to make Runaway Guys merchandise, so we finally got around to making The Runaway Guys shirts.
Tim: (gesturing to his shirt) Runaway Guys shirts!
Jon: As Tim can show off, we got our logo on the front, and on the back we've got ACFan120's character avatars.
Chugga: Guys!
Tim: And this is the first of what will be many designs in the future hopefully, so keep an eye out for more.
Chugga: Guys!
Jon: You can get all these on RodeoArcade.com, and we'll have much more stuff there in the future.
Chugga: GUYS!
Jon: (he and Tim turn around) What?!
Chugga: (revealed to be holding loads of t-shirts) I GOT THE SHIRTS!
(Jon facepalms as Chugga slowly is brought back down by the escalator; Jon and Tim slowly wave at him)
Jon: Why do we hang out with him again?
— Announcing their new t-shirts in this video.

Chugga: Hey Proton Jon...
Jon: Uh oh...what?
Chugga: Do you like parties?
Jon: Oh no...I used to, but then I met you guys.
Chugga: What about Mario Parties?
Jon: That's actually what I was referring to.
Chugga: Well, let's get started anyway.
— Episode 1 of Mini Game Island

Chuggaa: It's time for runaway-niacs-
Jon: Oh my goooood.
Chuggaa: And we let's play while at PAX.
Jon: Oh my goooood!
Chuggaa: So just sit back and relax, while we overreact, we're runaway-niacs.
So come join the let's play brother and the let's play sister Tim.
Of course we're just kidding and she's really a hi-im (y'knowinthebathroom)
We just like to make jokes, based on a simple whim.
Now there's no truce to what we produce, entertainment on the spot.
We're runaway-niacs, Tim is cute and Chugga yaks, Proton threatens to attack, while Four takes some flack, we're runaway-niacs.
We're runaway-niacs, we have Polaris contracts (Oh my god.), it's time for some snacks, then prep for Jon's wisecracks!
We're runaway-ny, totally insane-y, Chuggaa's puns are lame-y, runaway-niacs! Those are the facts.
— Chuggaa keeping the running gag going, Episode 2 of New Super Luigi U

— Jon, in nearly every episode of New Super Luigi U

Chugga: Should we do Daisy on hard?
— Chugga setting off a chain of memes, fan fiction and fan art in the first Runaway Guys Stream

Chugga: I'm inside Daisy's heart shaped box.
Tim: Oh my God.
Jon: ...You know what that is right?
Chugga: Could you tell me what it means?
— Chugga not helping his case in the above mentioned Runaway Guys Stream
— It continues in [1], where Chuggaa states "It was a hard choice, but I think I'm gonna go with Daisy" towhich the Villager Kitt replies that "Daisies signify innocence", to which Chuggaa laughs and points out the joke.New reference

Chugga: We're tiny! We're Timmy! We're all a little loon(e)y!
Jon: Oh my god...
Chugga: And in this playthrough-ny we're invading your YT!
We're let's play dispensers, we crack up all the censors,
On Tiny Tim Adventures, we're a bunch of oddities!
Chugga: So here's Sprixie Kingdom, it's eight long worlds of fun.
We run and jump like some big chumps until our lives are none!
Masae: The script's nonexistent, it's all so inconsistent,
Masae and Chugga: On Tiny Tim Adventures, it's about to start.
Chugga: Onward to TRG's project, we're at it once again,
With my bad puns we'll all cringe tons, since two-thousand and ten!
Jon's whiny, he's moody, and just a little snooty, (WOW!)
It's Tiny Tim Adventures, come and join the fun!
Jon: Well, fuck you too!
Masae: And now his puns are done! (Masae and Chugga hi-five one another)
— The trend continues with a little help from Masae, in Episode 2 of Super Mario 3D World

Stephen: It's time, for the Runaway Guys,
Play Four Swords, and have an Adventure, too.
There's Emile and Tim, and Jon and Stephen.
There are four colors there. They're on your screen, use your eyes, use your eyes, use your eyes.
There will, be so much fun,
As we cut and we run, with our swords.
You'll never get bored, if you don't ignore,
All the fun to be had, and the teamwork to-
Tim: Teamwork!?
Stephen: No, guys, guys, there's gotta be teamwork, dangit! If you don't have any teamwork-
Tim: Yeah, right.
Jon: You... You really are new to this channel, aren't you?
— Stephen tries to jump on the song bandwagon, in Episode 1 of The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures

I was watching television.
NintendoCapriSun in Episode 26 of Super Metroid, to the Lower Norfair tune