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Video Game: Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
Be the bad guy.

Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land is the third game in the Super Mario Land series, as well as the first in the Wario Land series, released in 1994 on the Game Boy. Being the first in a new series, it is very different from the Mario Land games, though it still retains some elements of the franchise (which its successors would soon disavow).

Since Wario is basically a Villain Protagonist (indeed, the game is often cited as the first from Nintendo to feature one), the game has no real noble goal - instead, the game is based around Wario trying to get a lot of money in order to buy a huge castle and make Mario jealous. There are Multiple Endings based around how much money the player accrued over the course of the game, something rather new at the time.

The gameplay, again, is markedly different from the original Mario titles, since Wario is much more combat-orientated. He can do a shoulder charge to defeat enemies, pick them up and toss them around, and use various power-up hats to either attack enemies in new ways or explore the levels.

The game is available for the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console.

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alternative title(s): Wario Land1; Super Mario Land 3
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