Video Game: Zombie Exodus

Can you survive the zombie apocalypse?
Zombie Exodus is an independently produced Choose Your Own Adventure game hosted by Choice of Games and produced by Jim Dattilo.

The game begins as the player character wakes up in their apartment at the beginning of the Zeta virus epidemic. From there, you must make your way across town to reach your sister, Emma. From there, you and your sister find refuge with a group of survivors living in a cathedral on the outskirts of the city. Tensions rise as you must find a way to deal with the ever-present zombie threat, as well as the moral ambiguities you and your fellow survivors face the following months after the initial outbreak.

The main site for the game is here. The forum discussion thread for the game is here. Parts I - IV can be played from the Choice Of Games site, iTunes, Android, and the Chrome Web Store. A sequel called Safe Haven is now in development.

A Character Sheet is under construction here.

This series contains the following tropes: