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  • A common trait of Mental Models in Arpeggio of Blue Steel are long, shapely legs. Takao and Kongou are particular standouts.
  • Several characters in Ah! My Goddess have shapely legs, most notably Hagall who's got a Showgirl Skirt to show them off with.
  • It's pretty hard to not have great legs when you are a female soldier of the military in Attack on Titan. Years of hard military workout along with the uniform that is long boots, tight pants and leather straps do help a lot.
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  • Axis Powers Hetalia: China is a rare male example, particularly in the anime version which gives special attention to how attractive his are.
  • Berserk: Casca has these. No wonder Guts loved her best when she wasn't wearing a dress.
    • But Slan wasn't gonna be shown up, just by her introduction alone.
  • Black Butler has Ran-Mao, who wears a very skimpy qipao that allows her long legs to be in full view. Quite unusual for the time period the series is set in, but nonetheless appreciated.
  • Black God: What Kuro lacks up top, is amply made up for and then some by her gorgeous legs. Which are a large part of the reason she initially comes across as a Nubile Savage, when she's actually a Tomboy Princess.
  • Black Lagoon... Revy plus short shorts equals a whole lot of male drooling.
  • Both Makie and Hyakurin from Blade of the Immortal show a lot of their legs, wearing slitted kimonos and mini skirts with Zettai Ryouiki respectively.
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  • Kate Takayama from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai utilizes this trope largely due to her short nun outfit which barely covers her legs.
  • Code Geass: Milly Ashford has hers showcased during a humorous moment when she teases Shirley in season 1 of the main series.
  • Daily Life with Monster Girl: Kimito, in an omake, reveals to his harem that he actually likes legs, which is hilarious as, being monster girls, they're kinda lacking in human legs. Three volumes later, an arachne appears and he comments on how they are her best feature.
  • The main characters from Dangaioh (save for the lone male), are all drawn with shapely, long legs which are made all the more prominent because they dress in skintight, revealing swimsuits spacesuits all the time.
  • Nanako Misonou from Dear Brother. The series isn't exactly known for its fanservice, but there's still quite the focus on Nanako's very long and slim legs.
  • The black-haired woman in Death Parade wears a form-fitting short skirt and high heels with ankle cuffs, showing off her long, slender legs. While the show itself isn't heavy on the Male Gaze, they do got lots of attention in promo art, as seen in this photo where her legs are given the most focus.
    • Makes sense, given she was a competitive figure skater in life.
  • Deltora Quest, Jasmine... with some Zettai Ryouiki on her left leg, which had Lief hooked on her all the way to end of the series.
  • Kinshiro Kusatsu from Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! is a Rare Male Example. During his Magical Boy transformation, the camera pans lovingly along his denuded legs before he adopts thigh-high bad guy boots.
  • Devil Hunter Yohko: Take a good look at the cover art, 'cuz between Yohko's style of dress (i.e. short-shorts, mini-skirts, etc.), her transformation sequence, and the Clothing Damage she suffers during her fight scenes (which are plentiful), you'll be seeing them frequently and damn near constantly.
  • Quite a number of female characters get this in Fairy Tail, with some of the most prominent including:
    • Lucy Heartfilia, whose lovely legs are given just as much attention as the rest of her, especially considering she almost always wears nothing to cover them other than a skirt or short shorts.
    • Juvia Lockser turns out to have some really nice ones too after the Time Skip, where she starts wearing a slit dress that displays her left leg. As a bonus, the Fairy Tail emblem is imprinted upon her thigh.
    • Lisanna gains some as an adult, and it's ensured we always get a good look of them with the dresses and shorts she wears.
    • Some villains aren't exempt from this either. Ultear's got some really shapely and toned legs which the camera loves to display from many angles. If they're not bare, they're wrapped in something very skintight.
    • Similarly to Juvia, Flare Corona is also often seen in a long, red slit dress that shows off her gorgeous legs, making her resemble a more twisted version of Jessica Rabbit.
  • In Fatal Fury The Movie, Kim Kaphwan's wife Myeung Suk was introduced legs first. Sorta justified as she was with their youngest son Jae Hoon, who was a little kid back then and barely reached up to his mother's hips.
  • Highschool of the Dead has several examples among its main cast, but Rei and Saeko are the standouts:
    • The manga establishes Rei as its poster girl for the trope from the very beginning and repeatedly reminds you of it by constantly putting her legs on display with plenty of close-ups.
    • Saeko's legs are also given ample attention, along with her backside. Which is one of several reasons for the UST between her and Takashi.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:
    • Lisa Lisa from Battle Tendency, a trait that gets shown off a lot.
    • Mariah from Stardust Crusaders gets many comments from the Crusaders on her legs, with them at one point even attempting to use this trait to identify her.
    • Trish Una from Vento Aureo wears a long skirt with a slit specifically designed to show off her legs.
    • Jolyne Cujoh from Stone Ocean regularly wears either mini-skirts or leggings (sometimes both) to show off her shapely legs.
  • In Kamisama Kiss both Nanami Momozono's school uniforms and street clothes tend to show quite a bit of her legs.
  • Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple: Kisara Nanjo exemplifies the trope, which is justified since she's a practitioner of Taekwondo. She also wears a tight pair of jeans with a missing pants leg, to remind the audience of how curvaceous her legs are. Plus, all her fanservice scenes place emphasis on them and her backside.
  • Lyrical Nanoha: The Lady of War Signum has incredibly shapely legs. In fact, her combat outfit was specifically designed by Hayate to show off her legs up to the thighs.
  • Maken-ki!: Himegami's rarely seen without her thigh-high stockings. And when she isn't wearing them, it's usually because she's trying on new ones so the audience can get a long appreciative look at how hot her legs are. Or, on rare occasions, she'll simply go bare-legged and barefoot.
  • My Hero Academia: Has the Pro Hero Mirko, who has large, muscular legs thanks to her Quirk, which she shows off by wearing a leotard and thigh-high boots. Due to her being a Kick Chick because of her superstrong legs, panels often are framed with her legs in focus.
  • Subverted in Negative Hero And Demon General: When Renee is clearly distraught at being in a fetishy-maid outfit that stops above the knee, Hyoudor sews a proper one and puts it on her in a few seconds.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: Misato gets a lot of leg focus, especially when exiting a vehicle, as well as many low-angle shots tracking her determined marches down the Geofront's hallways.
  • Nisekoi: One of the first things that are remarked upon in Chitoge's introduction to the class are her long legs, which are toned by her proficiency in gymnastics.
  • Mana Fujisaki in Onegai My Melody, an athletic young girl who is openly boastful about the length of her legs (and terrified of cuteness... for some reason). When a rival "steals" her legs (and her friend's breasts, and some other traits) with magic she's naturally aghast.
  • One Piece
    • Boa Hancock's are even longer and on constant display, plus she gets to show them off due to being a Kick Chick.
    • Many of Nami's outfits feature either shorts or a Dangerously Short Skirt.
    • Almost all of the attractive female characters in One Piece have nice legs, at least after Art Evolution. They tend to have surprisingly shapely thighs for how skinny their bodies are.
    • Dellinger is a male example. There is a lot of gaze on his long, shapely legs. Whether it's Male Gaze or Female Gaze is up for interpretation, since he is a guy, but his legs are drawn exactly like a woman's legs, and you wouldn't know he was a guy if you didn't see him from the waist up since he also wears high heels (and even then he has a feminine-looking face). Maybe it's Stupid Sexy Flanders Gaze.
      • From the same arc there's another male example in Blue Gilly, a coliseum fighter and Longleg tribe member who has very muscular (albeit kinda hairy) legs. Of course he has kick battle with Dellinger.
    • Sanji can be also considered a Rare Male Example since he fights with powerful legs all the time, though like Blue Gilly and other male examples he has hairy shins which tends not be associated with this trope.
    • Vinsmoke Reiju especially in her second appearance with the number "6" in blazed on her thighs, though "10" would be more accurate she kicks just as good as her brother Sanji.
    • Charlotte Smoothie's debut appearance has the Male Gaze firmly planted on her huge, shapely legs. Ditto for her sister Cinnamon which is natural since since they from the Longleg Tribe who actively invoke this trope, they even tattoo their gams.
  • One-Punch Man has Tatsumaki, whose legs get a lot of focus despite (or perhaps even because of) her petite frame. This is further emphasized by her dress, which is cut to reveal the most amount of leg possible without exposing her underwear.
  • Ōkami-san's title character's legs are frequently focused on and there are a lot of opportunities to show them off due to her Action Girl status. Ookami, herself, is actually a punch girl, however.
  • Many an Osomatsu-san fan believes that Karamatsu has nice legs. He has a habit of crossing his legs in a dramatic fashion and has worn shorts and other outfits that show a good amount of leg.
  • Melfina from Outlaw Star has quite a lovely pair emphasized by her gray tights, short skirt, and anklet.
  • Phantom Quest Corp.: Ayaka may be getting on in her years, but she's got no reason to complain. She's a stunning redhead and still has her figure, including her legs. It's no wonder Detective Karino's been trying to hook up with her.
  • The Pokémon anime has quite a bit of this. Notably Officer Jenny, who wears a miniskirt which shows off those lovely legs of hers. Jessie of Team Rocket almost always has her nice pair exposed too, coupled with thigh highs.
    • Lorelei's of the Elite Four were already looking good in the game, but the anime manages to make them all the more curvier and subsequently hotter. Helped by the fact that she wears a slit miniskirt.
  • Princess Tutu takes place at a ballet school, so the students' legs are given a justifiable amount of focus.
  • Ranma ½:
    • Female!Ranma's legs are mentioned and given focus from time to time. In the manga, she takes advantage of this by donning a miniskirt in order to attract men to Ukyō's restaurant.
    • Attention is often drawn to Ukyō's legs because of the stockings she wears, which accentuates their curvature. But the beach scene near the beginning of "Nihao My Concubine" and the "Battle for Ms. Becahside" episode gave us an even better look at them.
    • The camera also focuses on Shampoo's legs, whether she's wearing her pink cheongsam, or a or bikini. Such as episode 16, where she chases male-Ranma around the Tendo home, while she isn't wearing pants. She cuts him off by leaping over his head, with the camera set directly on her legs.
  • Sailor Moon: As with the Devil Hunter Yohko example, between the Sailor Scouts' mini-skirts, high-heels, and frequent Magical Girl transformations, you'll be seeing their legs the majority of the time any of them are onscreen.
  • Magic Knight Rayearth also follows the indications of the aforementioned Sailor Moon. Battle scenes and short skirts (and sometimes no skirts) seem to go hand in hand rather often in this anime.
  • Maya in Occult Academy has a lot of emphasis on her legs, particularly when she's wearing her white dress with a Dangerously Short Skirt, complete with Zettai Ryouiki.
  • In Skip Beat!, one of Ren's more frequently commented upon traits are his ridiculously long legs.
  • So, I Can't Play H!:
    • In episode 1, Lisara steps out of the furo in only an oversized school shirt and knocks Ryosuke down for trying to peek on her earlier. Instead of being upset, he takes an extended look at her legs, noting the shapeliness of her thighs and calf muscles.
    • Even without Ryosuke's endorsement, the series contains enough close ups and pan shots of her legs (along with her barefeet) that it becomes clear she's meant to appeal to fetishists.
  • In the Soul Eater anime, the camera quite often likes to emphasize Maka's long and smooth legs underneath her extremely short skirt, especially in battle scenes.
  • Tamayura: Riho, Fuu's big sister mentor, is often depicted showing off her long legs for some reason, even though the show is pretty much devoid of Fanservice.
  • The Testament of Sister New Devil: Chisato's an alluring older woman with thunder thighs and hips to spare. So she's usually the subject of zoom-in shots and tight camera angles, which place emphasis on her legs and the plumpness of her rear end.
  • Tokyo Ghoul has Touka Kirishima, who initially wears short shorts that emphasise her legs. They're also quite useful as they assist her in battle.
    • There's also investigator Akira Mado, who wears tights and miniskirts that show off her rather curvy legs. She even removes them when drunk, which is enough to make Koutarou Amon flustered.
    • Nutcracker has quite a thick pair which, along with the rest of her body, she intentionally exposes in order to lure in men. They're even nicely highlighted with thigh high boots.
  • In Tokyo Mew Mew, one of Zakuro's best traits (according to her Fangirl Minto), are her long, pale legs.
  • Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-/XxxHOLiC: While her legs aren't her most noticeable feature, some of Yuuko's artwork highlights her ridiculously long legs.
  • Uchi no Musume ni Te o Dasu na!: Mei's are the hottest pair in the series. As in, shapely and thick thighed, with muscled calves. Plus, she's got the hips and rear end to match. You'll be seeing them in nearly all of her scenes.
  • Variable Geo is an ecchi martial arts series, so most, if not all, of the girls would be prime examples. The most noteworthy among them are:
    • Yuka and Satomi both fight with their legs and feet bare. Their legs are naturally toned, due to years of martial arts training. Yuka's are even displayed prominently in the anime's cover art (which is used for the page image).
    • Kaori's are accentuated by the stockings and footpads she wears. And, as a fully accredited Taekwondo master, she uses them to deliver powerful kicks. Which is why she's one of the top competitors in the VG Tournament.
    • As a floor dancer, Ayako's legs are also given frequent focus for their shapeliness and because of the skintight mini-skirt and high-heeled stilettos she wears as part of her uniform. But her legs aren't just for providing eye candy, they're an integral part of her fighting style.
  • Venus Wars: The bubbly airhead reporter Susan's legs are a subject of conversation by several male characters, to the point one character suggests she cover them up so the enemy soldiers occupying the city don't pull her over to "search" her. She doesn't have any other attire besides miniskirts for most of the movie, and the epilogue focuses on her mostly from the hips down in cutoff jeans.
  • Words Worth: This, along with frequent Foot Focus, is Maria's fanservice department, which is why the robe she wears has split seams to show 'em off. They're also accentuated in several of her official art pictures, as well as the series itself, which includes two pan shots of them.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!, Anzu Mazaki/Tea Gardner has legs that put almost every female cast member and Duel Monster in subsequent spin-offs to shame. Not only does she wear shorts and miniskirts, she also wears thigh-high leggings to emphasize them.'

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