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Web Video Cleanup Project


    Current indexes, namespaces, trope/genre pages, etc. 

Current types of Web Video

Videos without original footage

Other types of videos released online

Types of Web Video creators

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Web Video index migration

Everything below was on the Web Video index, but has something incorrect— does not belong on this index, needs a namespace change, needs a rewrite to focus on the works instead of the creators, or otherwise needs another look. Please feel free to dive in, move things around as problems are addressed, and leave edit reasons if you remove anything.

Wrong namespace— need to be moved

    Web Animation 

    Other namespace moves needed 

Was incorrectly indexed only on Web Video and needs a home

Namespace is okay, but as currently written, these belong on other indexes but were indexed only on Web Video. They aren't original live action and/or narrative works. Need other indexing ex. creator indexes or a video subcategory index (often Let's Play). Some also need a rewrite to focus on the videos instead of their creators if they're going to return to Web Video.

    Needs new indexes 

Where do they go?

Unclear namespace and/or index

Game stuff

Not original footage because they're game streaming or footage, but not described/indexed as Let's Play— where do they go? Propose new index?


Non-streaming video games

Streaming video games

Cleanse the phrase "web video" from your mind until you come here again