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The Final Fantasy Relay is a Speedrun event that was hosted by RPG Limit Break in September 2015 where 2 teams of 12 runners competed to see who could finish the first 12 non-MMO titles in the Final Fantasy series.

    List of games and versions played 

Unmarked spoilers for the games. Also, these examples use the translations used in the runs.

The Final Fantasy Relay contains examples of:

  • Adaptational Badass: Edward was one thanks to Dancing Daggers.
    • Tellah uses Meteo on Baigan and the Magus Sisters and survives, but does die using it against Golbez.
  • Adaptation Expansion: Instead of the Package setting Mist alight immediately after Cecil enters, he sells 65000 duplicated Shadow Shields for 6.5 Million GP; buys 10 Dancing Daggers; and grabs the Tiara and Change Rod from Rydia's home, then the Package sets Mist alight.
  • Adapted Out: The Sealed Cave events are skipped over. The Sealed Cave Crystal Room is the same as Giott's, it is accessed from Giott's, the Evil Wall is never fought, the cave is never opened and Kain still steals the Crystal.
    • Due to Real Life Writes the Plot, almost all of Final Fantasy III becomes this. Instead, the Light Warriors call the credits in the first town due to inventory overflow.
  • Butt-Monkey: Slamdunkwizard leaked Fire Tomes like a sieve on the Warship due to undead hordes, had many deaths to different ambushes, kept getting Lamia Queens in Pandemonium, died to the Emperor and cost his team 1 hour.
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  • Chekhov's Gun: The bad RNG Team Choco faced in Final Fantasy II decided the race, and even if they didn't die to Zeromus at all, it wouldn't make the difference.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: 2 Magic Dragons caught in Exdeath's Castle by Lenna and Cara, who switch jobs immediately after catching. After Bartz breaks a Fire Rod, the Magic Dragons are released, and Apanda dies when both hit the damage cap. note 
  • Epic Fail: Team Choco died to Zeromus after wasting all of their Elixirs, and he was at the Meteo phase of the fight. Neerrm continued in Roth's place, and defeated Zeromus.
    • They also had very terrible fishing luck, making it faster to let Cid die, and undoing a lot of the 6 minutes they gained in Final Fantasy V.
    • Team Mog lost their Junction against Ultimecia, but was able to persevere without dying.
  • Mind Screw: Just how was the Emperor able to escape from the Rift and take over Hell?
    • How did they get the credits in Final Fantasy III in just 7 minutes without fighting Cloud of Darkness?
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  • Power of the Void: Was used in the form of Teleport Tomes by the Wild Rose Rebellion to defeat unrunnable random encounters.
  • Revive Kills Zombie: The Sealed Gate Cave's undead fell to Revivifies, and so did the Ghost Train and other undead bosses (such as Milon's Ghasts).
  • Save Scumming: Was used to get through Castle Pandemonium, thank to being able to save anywhere.
  • Speed Run: Obvious

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