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A journey to make Spencer #1
"TOOOOOOOOPHHHHHH! Did you see THE REEEEEEADS!."'' - Alex19 impersonating Scar

The Reads with Scar & Toph is a webseries starring Super Smash Bros. Melee commentators Scar and Toph. The format is borrowed from Mike Ross and Gootecks’ Excellent Adventures and follows Scar and Toph along with the help of their guest as they attempt to climb Smash Anther's Ladder and become the #1 ranked netplay account.

The account that they play on, Spencer, belongs to the eponymous producer of the show. The Reads differs from their previous show, The Scar and Toph Show, in its focus on netplay and their efforts to move Spencer up the ladder.


Tropes found in The Reads with Scar & Toph:

  • Combat Compliment: Often in the form of "Person X, you're a legend" when Spencer gets soundly beaten.

  • Live Episode: Day 2 of Smash Summit 7 featured a live episode of The Reads with a rotating cast of top players. This episode provided a rare glimpse into hiccups that would normally be edited out like confusion over using Slippi 10 or FM 5.9

  • Loophole Abuse: In episode 24 an Ice Climbers opponent abused the fact that the newly updated MIOM ruleset did not address the freeze glitch and used it on Scar who promptly ended the match after being frozen thinking that his opponent had forfeited. A discussion with Crimsonblur, one of the main architects of the MIOM ruleset verified that they had simply forgotten to address the freeze glitch in the MIOM ruleset, meaning that under the MIOM rules Scar technically lost since he ejected from the game.
    • As it were, Anther's Ladder doesn't use the MIOM ruleset, but uses its own ruleset which explicitly bans the freeze glitch.

  • Plot Armor: Although Spencer's account should be banned for account sharing, he is allowed to continue playing for no adequately explained reason.

  • Punny Name: When Scar plays as Fox they call him Scar Fox, or similarly when he plays Marth he is called Scarth.

  • Spoiler Opening: Many of the openings reveal how well the players and Spencer's account are going to fare for that session.

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  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: The "edutainment" speeches by Scar on the episodes #21-24 featuring PewPewU

  • The Rival: Googoogas

  • Trash Talk: A very common occurrence on the show, not just limited to opponents but also occurs between the hosts and guests.
    • "Fight me at lan" is a play on the stereotypical "Fight me IRL" trashtalk, which implies that the opponent won primarily due to lag
    • The episodes #5-8 featuring C9 Mang0 in particular featured an abundance of trashtalk as well as discussion on trashtalking

  • Worthy Opponent: Subverted given that the majority of their opponents are worthy opponents with Scar and Toph regularly needing to be carried by their guests.


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