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Who is this guy?
Brian ‘TheOddone’ Wylie(shortened to TOO) was a Canadian professional League of Legends player for Team Solo Mid as their jungler from season 1 to 3, in fact, he is the longest lasting original TSM member. In his pro-gaming days, he was very well regarded jungler for popularising counter-jungling as well as his preference for tank champions like Maokai and Nautilus to support his team, especially his mid lane, both Reginald and Bjergsen.

But after a first quarter of the NALCS summersplit, he retired, replaced by ex-Copenhagen Wolves jungler ‘Amazing’, and began to stream full-time and added more videos to his youtube channel. He is famed for his hilarious reactions and jokes while also displaying Challenger level mechanics and knowledge. Along with the usual League of Legends stream, he also streams other games as well, usually revolves around turn-based strategies like X-Com and Civilisation.Here’s his Youtube channel and his Twitch channel.


But sir, you provide the example of:

  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: Despite his Cloudcuckoolander demeanor, he was one of the best jungler for one of North American’s best team to compete in NALCS before retiring to full-time streamer and content creator and even then, he still managed to stay as one of the top players in NA soloqueue.
  • Fantastic Racism: TOO has a burning hatred of yordles. He thinks they're "filthily little creatures."
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: In ‘’Fkin Meteos’’, TOO, as Brolaf, was caught trying to kill the enemy pink by Leona, he then got hit by the enemy Ahri’s Q, which gives her movement speed every time she cast it, causing her to be more aggressive, which ultimately resulted her getting caught by TOO’s axe and get herself killed by Irelia.
    The Oddone: That’s right, I’ve just Ahri’s movement speed bonus AGAINST HER.
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  • Plot Armor: In ‘’A Dumb Way to Die’’, after Groot (Maokai) managed to survive the enemy’s 4 man focus, TOO joked that his plot armor was too strong for him to die. Subverted the next moment when Maokai dived under the turret and die just so he can kill the enemy Sona.
  • Gilligan Cut: In ‘‘TSM IRL Fight’’, as the enemy team attacked the nexus, TOO’s AD carry managed to get a quadra kill and successfully defend the nexus, TOO genuinely believed that they can turn the game around. Cue the next clip of his nexus blowing up.
  • Lost in Transmission: In Oddone's Master Plan, Fizz suddenly typed 'Don't call me a [chink] ass bitch' in the beginning of the game. Then the next message he sends is '[Oops], wrong chat.'
  • Pummeling the Corpse: In ‘’Saving The Rainforest’’, during a curb stomp game, TOO wondered when are his opponents going to surrender, only to find out it was only 14 minutes into the game, too early to even initiate a /ff vote.
    The Oddone: This war ain’t over, until they’re all dead.
  • Signature Move: TOO has a knack for nicknaming an otherwise almost mundane moves after several pro wrestling’s famous signature move like:
    • Sweet Chin Music (whenever Lee Sin ulted, whether it is played by him or other people does not matter)
    • The Stone Cold Stunner (whenever his opponents was stunned by Braum’s passive)
    • The Rock, The People’s Champ (Whenever he’s doing well on Malphite)
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: The Oddone had a friendly rivalry against Azingy wherein that the latter was infamous for his…’unconventional’ strat that somehow mostly works in solo Q while the former always trying to find a way to counter it. The rivalry even earned them a nickname; ‘General’ for The Oddone and ‘Admiral’ for Azingy.
  • Something Completely Different:
    • Every once in a while, TOO upload unedited videos of games other than LoL he played during his stream.
    • He also uploaded full unedited LoL match of him playing the jungle, leaning more towards education rather than comedy.
    • Even more different is the random review of hotels that he happens to stay in for an event like PAX east, blabbering about the items in his room.
  • Surrounded By Fools!: He utters this every time his teammates acted incompetent or didn’t go along with his plan. Since he plays Solo queue, this happens so often, it’s almost his catch phrase.
  • Where Is Your X Now?: TOO’s other catch phrase, he said it when he managed to outplay his opponents, presumably to mock them for believing that they can match up with the General.
  • Who Are You?: TOO’s other ‘’other’’ catchphrase is “Who is this guy?” imitating his opponent’s surprised reaction after the guy got outplayed.

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