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I'm a composer and sound designer, hence the name, SoundSmith. But I'm mostly known for Team Fortress 2 and being an idiot. So, that's cool I guess
The channel trailer description.

SoundSmith is a YouTube content creator, most well-known for videos based on Team Fortress 2. His most popular video sagas include TF2 Stereotypes to his chagrin discussing stereotypes associated with specific hats, weapons and miscs in TF2, Mann's Guide videos that demonstrate "pro" gameplay gimmicks with various TF2 weapons, the How to Trolldier educational series, MVM Shenanigans that shows his exploits in the Mann vs. Machine gamemode, and various gimmicky videos of him goofing off with his friends. As of late he's been pushing more into variety content as well, most notably with Sandbox Shenanigans in Garry's Mod.

Oh, and he also does music. That's where the name comes from.


Trope Stereotypes: Episode 1: SoundSmith

  • Added Alliterative Appeal: In Monthly Meatloaf: The Edgy Banana, Sound calls himself a "sucker for alliteration", as to why the series was named "Monthly Meatloaf".
  • Alternate Reality Game: Following the "Clubsy Conspiracy" bit of his Engineer Misc Stereotypes video, the following episodes began hinting at a bigger conspiracy that all "cute animal" cosmetics were in on that involved brainwashing SoundSmith to influence TF2's economy so that they became more popular and expensive than "cool" cosmetics. After a dramatic, disturbing ending to the Sniper Misc Stereotypes episode, fans to were able follow a cryptic track of clues to discover the heart of the conspiracy's organization. Come the Spy Misc Stereotypes series finale, a man who goes by "War Pig" infiltrates the Pets' base, breaks SoundSmith out of there, and tells him to tell everyone that war is coming, and they need to pick a side.
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  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: Though he's fairly competent at the game, by his own admission, Rule of Funny is his main driving factor, but considering he mostly plays on Capture the Flag servers - the casualest Team Fortress 2 can be - it can end up being surprisingly effective.
  • …But He Sounds Handsome: Played for laughs when describing both his hat of choice and the Market Gardener in the respective Stereotypes episodes.
  • Call-Back: During A Mann's Guide to the Big Earner, one clip has a Beggar's Bazooka Soldier floating between two portals, a reference to a gag in that weapon's Mann's Guide.
  • Catchphrase:
    • "We take those!" - after a kill he thinks he didn't deserve.
    • "I respect that." - after the enemy player does something stupid yet worth admiring just for the sheer ballsiness of it.
    • "This is cursed!" - whenever something exceptionally weird or stupid happens.
    • "What a gamer."
  • Chekhov's Gun: The flash grenades in Himbo Man, which starts as the friends discussing why the bank guards would have them before Ethan uses them to get past the final group of guards between him and the escape point.
  • Corpsing: Extremely prone to this.
    • At the end of the Alex Jones skit in Engineer Misc Stereotypes
    No, no! Back off, you freakin' seal! I've got a right to bear shovels, I'll fuck you u- (laughs) Fuck...
  • Censored for Comedy: In one of his Human: Fall Flat videos, he gets asked "what's your fetish?" as a part of a gag. The answer got bleeped out, and then his friends suggest replacing the answer with a long bleep for that exact reason. By SoundSmith's admission, his response was "the most vanilla shit ever", but bleeping it out made it sound much more depraved.
  • Crazy Enough to Work: The point of the "Casual Meta" series.
  • Cyanide Pill: He's incredibly fond of using a killbind (a button bound to console command "kill" or "explode" in TF2) whenever something mildly amusing happens, or just for a quick laugh.
  • Death from Above: Very fond of jumping into melee range as Soldier and smacking the enemy with the Market Gardener. He also pulled off a similar trick in Video Game/Valheim.
  • Didn't We Use This Joke Already?: Twice, for two different jokes, in Soldier Misc Stereotypes.
  • Failed a Spot Check: In the "Sentry Placement" Casual Meta, Ethan and KJ are experimenting with unusual places to stick sentries. At one point, KJ is looking for a place to set his sentry down, completely oblivious to all the players right beneath him, all the while Ethan repeatedly warns him that he's about to be blown up. After he predictably gets blown up, KJ still insists they "just appeared out of nowhere."
  • Five-Second Foreshadowing: During Recreating an Average Episode Of Johnny Test, Gunk changes his screen name to "Nae Nae sfx" to Ethan's amusement. Paying attention to the chat in the previous clip lets you see the exact moment Gunk makes the change.
  • Hard Work Fallacy: This underlines his opinion on game balancing, a perspective perhaps rooted in his less-showcased enthusiasm for certain "children's fighting games": Success in killing enemies and winning the match should depend on the effort and skill you put into your gameplay, "earning" your success. This leads him to have some strong opinions on some of 'Team Fortress 2's mechanics:
    • He's openly opposed to random crits and wishes Valve would remove them entirely, and outside of most melee fights he'll kill himself and apologize if he ends up killing someone with a random-crit kill. And even with melee..
    (Sarcastic)Hey Soldier, that's a nice earned crit you got there. I got something better! ''(Random-crit kills a Soldier while "ISNT RNG GREAT?!?" flashes on screen)
    • Prior to Jungle Inferno, the infamous effectiveness of the "Reserve Shooter" on Pyro (being able to crit-attack players made airborne by an airblast) and the ease of abusing the Dead Ringer to evade being killed on Spy felt so unbalanced to him that he refused to use the weapons on actual players. Even after the nerfs, Soundsmith admits he still feels a little dirty using the latter.
    • Between TF2's Jungle Inferno update in October 2017 and the Blue Moon Update of March 2018, he felt terrible playing Pyro due to base flamethrower damage across all flamethrowers being strong enough to heavily wreck multiple enemies with as little effort as by waving the mouse around.
  • High-Altitude Battle: Soundsmith's preferred playstyle is this, jumping high with loadouts on Soldier and Demoman to soar through the battlefield to nail unsuspecting players .
  • Manipulative Editing: Parodied with Wolf's callout video in The Scoundrels Return, where Wolf claims Ethan confessed to manipulating upgrade prices. Said confession is a Discord message where Ethan's response has "Yes" covering it and the rest crossed out with two thin lines, leaving the original message extremely clear.
  • Metaphorgotten: The stereotype for Ze Ubermensch:
    He stared into the abyss and the abyss stared back. [Beat] The abyss was a sniper sightline. He's gone, he game-ended.
  • Nice Hat: His signature Unusual Dr's Dapper Topper, painted orange.
  • Rage Quit: Uncommon with his chill attitude (he's more likely to laugh at other players taking this route ingame), but sometimes employed for comedic effectiveness.
    • Spy Weapon Stereotypes ends with him angrily storming away from the room, angry about invokedthe Dead Ringer.
    • Engineer Misc Stereotypes ends this way after Soundsmith is fed up by the final lineup of miscs on his script all being extremely-similar shirt cosmetics.
  • Ridiculously Cute Critter: One of Soundsmith's friends and regular collaborators, OrnaBug, uses an orange Lurantis playermodel wearing TF2's "Company Man" ballcap while taking part in Sandbox Shenanigans video, giving him a very cute-looking appearance admist all the stupid/weird shit the gang does in Garry's Mod.
  • Running Gag:
    • Anything that could be described as "edgy" used to gets a short snippet of Linkin Park's Crawling in early Stereotype videos. He's intentionally ended the joke, though that hasn't stopped the joke from trying to return.
    • Medic Misc Stereotypes makes a few jokes about Medics being promptly shot by Snipers.
    • Mann's Guide for the Big Earner features Soundsmith and Co. Constantly running out of money for the Show's production.
  • Schmuck Bait: One Trashmann video has him use a cancellable taunt after "killing" a Dead Ringer Spy. He takes the bait and dies for real as a result.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: After going on a very long-winded rant about the Dead Ringer to cap off Spy Weapon Stereotypes, he just walks off the set and doesn't even come back for the video closing.
  • Shamu Fu: He's fond of Scout's Holy Mackerel. One of his videos his literally titled "Fish" and consists of him and his friends slapping people with it for 14 minutes.
  • Shout-Out: Lots of them.
    • Too many Jojos Bizarre Adventure references to count, bordering on Author Appeal.
    • When demonstrating Beggar's Bazooka's effectiveness when playing dumb in Mann's Guide 2, he uses Ed's laugh in tandem with the show's soundtrack.
    • Soldier Misc Stereotypes: The stereotype of the Compatriot is, in its entirety, an earrape version of the American Dad! intro.
    • Medic Misc Stereotypes has a Burly Beast-wearing Medic trying to tank a rocket and failing miserably. A text flashes on screen:
    (note: that only works when you're playing engineer and have a purple beard)
  • Shovel Strike: As a general rule, if a game features a shovel as a weapon, he will make use of it. In Team Fortress 2, the Market Gardener is his weapon of choice, and he has made several videos about using it more effectively.
  • Something Completely Different: "10 Tips To Improve Your Audio For TF2 Content", as the title suggests, is less about the game itself and more about audio recording, editing, and processing.
  • Spotlight-Stealing Squad: Tends to happen whenever Soundsmith's friends/fellow TF2tubers are part of the video, especially with Bearded Expense.
  • Stylistic Suck: In The Scoundrels Return, Wolf makes a fake YouTube video accusing Ethan of manipulating the in-game upgrade costs with this quality.
    • When In-Universe Executive Meddling in A Mann's Guide to the Big Earner causes the show to be hit with budget cuts, the SFM animation is replaced with deliberately poorly done GMod animation until they can get a sponsor.
  • Taking the Bullet: Parodied in Soldier Misc Stereotypes with two "GET DOWN MR. PRESIDENT" skits based on the "Federal Express" cosmetic set. A brave Soldier wearing the set takes a Sniper's bullet for his Medic Commander in Chief, but is a lot less enthusiastic doing the same for a Heavy in a bad yellow toupee...
  • Your Costume Needs Work: I'm Fake (PSA) focuses on people accusing Ethan of being a fake SoundSmith.

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