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Tower Unite is the successor to what was once GMod Tower developed by PixelTail Games in Unreal Engine 4, allowing for more diversity in terms of game development compared to Source and Garry's Mod's .lua scripting. It started as an Indigogo kick starter with backer rewards and entered public Early Access on Steam Green Light on April 8th, 2016 and can be purchased here for $15. It is still largely unfinished but the game functions just like GMod Tower with servers being handled differently. Users can now host their own servers in the game modes and access their condos without a need for a Lobby server with open condos in the tower while a Lobby server will require a dedicated server to conform to a certain standard in order for players to earn both Units and for items earned therein to be considered "genuine" when inspecting them. A lot of content from GMod Tower will be ported over in some (lawyer friendly) state such as the new currency known as Units and other returning features such as the theater.


Current and Planned Game Worlds:

  • Virus: Based on a similar game mode from TimeSplitters 2, players start the match armed with an assortment of weapons before one player is chosen at random to become the Infected, at which point they have to touch other players to infect them while the survivors have to fend them off until the time limit expires.
  • Minigolf: Exactly What It Says on the Tin, a game of Minigolf set on various eighteen hole courses.
  • Ball Race: Inspired by Super Monkey Ball, players roll their ball through a course to finish first, collecting bana—- watermelon slices along the way for bonus Units.
  • Planet Panic!: A new game with a rather unique look. Players pilot floating UFOs either as cat or dog-like creatures, picking up orbs from the center of the map to their base. Players can shoot the other team and steal orbs from the other team as well. Unfortunately, the game is rather buggy at the moment when hosting from the lobby and there's only one map, making it a sadly depopulated game world. There are plans to help make it better in the future though.
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  • Little Crusaders: The copyright-free port of The Ultimate Chimera Hunt in which one player will be chosen to be the dragon and has to kill the rest of the players who play as the knights, those of which have to get behind the dragon to defeat it in a manner similar to pressing the Chimera's button. Like in UCH, a player who defeats the dragon will be promoted from esquire to knight, baron and count which increases Unit payout for every round but resets upon being killed by the dragon.
  • Zombie Massacre (In Beta): Players survive and battle zombies from a top down perspective in arcade fashion, each player can chose a specialization with both a special ability that charges over time and another that charges with enough kills.
  • Accelerate (Unfinished): A kart based Wacky Racing game.
  • Horror Hill (Unfinished): Implies itself to be a Survival Horror game with one killer that hunts down the rest of the players.
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  • Slaughterday Night Live (Unfinished): With such a violent title, it could be a port of PVP Battle, a classic styled FPS death match.

The tropes in Tower Unite (Note that many tropes in GMod Tower apply here as well):

  • Alien Geometries/Bigger on the Inside: The condos are both impossibly big to fit side-by-side within the tower but are shown to be many stories high up on the tower yet they have a full patio and beach out the back and if you look around, you'll notice the condo is on it's own secluded island. The addition of the House and Smooth Dirt condo types in the update takes this even further.
    • Later updates added an art studio (okay, potentially plausible), a high rise apartment at the top of a skyscraper (not even the same building the condo is located in, by the way), and... A huge underwater complex on the ocean floor.
  • All or Nothing: The 'Double Or Nothing' minigame in the Casino is this.
  • Amazing Technicolor Population: Compared to the previous game which usually only allowed the colorization of the shirts on a player model, players can change the color on multiple parts of their character, including their clothes, eyes, hair and skin (and in the case of milk cartons and skeletons, carton and bone color, respectively).
  • An Interior Designer Is You: Slightly more open than the previous game, now allowing you to change the colors and brightness of various lights, the colors and patterns of the walls, floors and ceilings and even change the color of furniture items such as both beds and their sheets. Some even have the "canvas" tag, allowing you to import a custom picture!
  • Betting Mini-Game: The Casino returns with two new slot machine types and a video Blackjack game.
  • Bland-Name Product: Mostly applies to electronic devices. Blu-Ray players become Bru Ray players, Sony becomes Nony, Smart TVs get renamed to Shmart TVs, to name a few.
  • Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick: On the Fresh shop, you can buy apples, bananas, pizzas... and skulls.
  • Bribing Your Way to Victory: Averted, everything in the game can be earned just through buying and playing the game with only exclusive, completely cosmetic furniture items being awarded to backers and GMod Tower players. Just buy the game and you can get anything in the game without additional payment. The only item of Downloadable Content is the game's soundtrack that doesn't provide any sort of benefit either.
  • Cute Kitten: This game seems to have some sort of thing for cats of various depictions such as the Cat Sack prize bags, various cats seen on the slot machines, cats in the deck of cards used to play Texas Hold 'Em, Video Poker and Video Blackjack, cat ears, cat hat and even the album cover for the game's official soundtrack shows cats with very serious grimaces.
  • Dem Bones: Players can choose a skeleton for their character model since the Halloween update.
  • Grid Inventory: For both player items and condo items, the grid is infinite and items are stored in your Steam inventory though non of the items you earn can be traded or sold on the community market.
    • introduced a condo realtor system in which you can buy additional condo types, the Classic Suite for those that enjoyed the smaller space or wanted a bit of nostalgia, a proper, split-level house, a large, flat map (ala, gm_flatgrass) in which you can build a house completely from scratch, a luxury high-rise rooftop apartment (with a "basement area" which is really just one big room that takes up multiple floors in the building), a huge underwater complex... And an art studio. Basically, interior designers have a lot of options.
  • No Fair Cheating: Macros were once a problem in the casino, allowing player to simply hold space while they did something. Now casino machines give a popup message asking if you're still there and to press a random non-Space key. Doing so lets you keep playing and awards you 150 Units, otherwise you get booted from the machine.
    • If you used exploits to earn money in G Mod Tower, you don't get any when you import your save to Tower.
  • Nostalgia Level: The Suite condo, a recreation of the condo from Gmod Tower Lobby 1.
    • Memories in Ball Race was also ported from GMod Tower, albeit shorter in length.
    • The update introduced the "Resort" condo, an HD remake of Lobby 1 from Gmod Tower.
  • Old Save Bonus: Players of GMod Tower have the value of their existing items converted into Units along with trophies of Awards they earned (excluding copyright-based ones like "Zelda Fanboy") and collector's plates if they played either of the two Lobbies.
  • Refuge in Audacity: The online 'commercials' for the condos. They're all presented by "Jeff", except they're all voiced by completely different people (one of them is a woman), the name "Jeff" is spoken by other voices in various weird ways. And then there's the actual narration in general...
  • Sequence Breaking: In Ball Race, you can see the upcoming and previously-finished stages far ahead in the background in most levels, but sometimes the stages aren't separated far enough, and depending on the level design, you can jump into a different stage altogether and enter its finish line, counting as completeing the current stage.
  • Sidetracked by the Gold Saucer: A less positive example where players learned that the casino was an easy way to make a reliable amount of money, but playing the casino is, well, dull for long periods, if profitable. The devs addressed this in by greatly increasing the payout of both the main games and the minigames, giving players a much greater incentive to play them a lot more instead of relying on slot machines for currency.
  • Virtual Paper Doll: Like the previous game but instead of pre-made models, players can customize many more aspects of their character's appearance and buy a wide variety of accessories much more diverse and in-depth than just player model, color, a hat and accessory.

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