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"Join Ed, Double D, Eddy and their loyal friends as they travel to many different lands and face off against the forces of evil. Along the way, they learn the importance of friendship, teamwork and heroism."
Premise description of the titular first series from the official site

Ever wonder what would happen if someone took Pooh's Adventures and did it with Ed, Edd n Eddy and many characters from other fandoms and tried to make a shared universe of it? Well, you don't have to. Because it already exists. Ironically, it has nothing to do with the Pooh's Adventures beyond the similar formula.

Created originally on YouTube by Movieman MDG and B-Master Animation before moving to its own website, The Ultimate Ed-Chronicles is Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Basically the three title characters of Ed, Edd n Eddy go on all sorts of adventures in varying movies, ranging from The Black Cauldron, Iron Man and many more that the creator has planned.

The official site can be found here. Also contains a list of future crossovers. There's also another spinoff in development, featuring characters from The Loud House, Gravity Falls and Final Fantasy called "The Loud Ghostbusters" with the first crossover being Ghostbusters (2016). It now even has a Reddit page dedicated to it.


Tropes that apply to The Ultimate Ed-Chronicles:

  • Abhorrent Admirer: Eddy to Letty in The Fast and the Furious crossover. It thankfully doesn't last long.
  • An Aesop: Starting with Legend of the Black Cauldron, they started having these. The worst offender is Ed's and the Iron Man where apparently the lesson was that True Heroism Comes From the Heart.
  • And This Is for...: During the battle between Optimus and Sentinel in Frozen Adventure Chapter Two, when Bumblebee assists Optimus, he says "For Ironhide" before blasting Sentinel in the chest.
  • Big Bad: Changes from film to film, though it seems the Decepticons are the most consistent.
  • Book Ends: The second saga begins and ends with a Little Mermaid movie (the former being a fusion of The Little Mermaid and Transformers: Age of Extinction and the latter a fusion of The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea and The Avengers (2012)).
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  • Bowdlerise: Unlike the majority of the Pooh's Adventures videos, this is a mix between downplayed, Censored for Comedy and Played for Laughs (probably due to the Rule of Funny and Denser and Wackier nature of the Ed, Edd 'N Eddy universe and the show being aimed at all ages). Sometimes the "inappropriate content" will be censored, but other times it won't.
  • Disney Death: During Frozen Adventure Chapter Two, Jimmy is thrown out the window by Laserbeak and is presumed dead by all his friends. But he returns later, having survived the experience thanks to some snow breaking his fall.
  • Framing Device: The Thumbelina crossover is told as a bedtime story to Johnny 2x4 by the Eds.
  • Hypocritical Humor: In the Mulan/Kung Fu Panda mashup, Eddy points out that, while they're abandoning Mulan for being female, the Chinese Army already has female members (Tigress and Viper).
  • Hate Sink: Hans during the later part of Frozen Adventure.
  • Informed Attribute: They'll often say that two characters are friends without actually showing us. For example: Double D in Transformers: Legend of the Black Cauldron says that Gurgi coming back for them is a sign of the bond they've made as friends, even though we don't see how they've gotten to that point. Doesn't help that the group have outright hated Gurgi before then.
  • Kudzu Plot: A few characters and plotlines are introduced but never go anywhere or are completely forgotten. The other kids from the original Ed, Edd n Eddy show up in the first film, The Rise of Maleficent...only to disappear afterwards and never show up again or even be mentioned (until Battle for China, when Eddy compares their fellow army recruits to them).note 
    • The other kids returned in Frozen Adventure.
  • Killed Off for Real: Mr. Church and Master Eraqus in Frozen Adventure.
  • Mood Whiplash: It'll switch from comedy to drama, sometimes in the same scene, with very little warning.
  • Pre-Asskicking One-Liner: In Frozen Adventure, Eddy gives one to Starscream during his Big Damn Heroes moment to save his friends.
    Eddy: Hey Stankscream!
    Starscream: Huh?
    Eddy: (pulls out a Grappling-Hook Pistol) Don't blink. (fires it at Starscream's eye)
  • Reference Overdosed: It seems all the Ninja turtles exist for in these crossovers to reference both past and present culture. The other characters don't fair any better.
  • Shout-Out:
    • In the first film, when trying to deduce the identity of the stranger that Aurora's met, Eddy's first assumption is a handsome vampire.
    • In Part 21 of the Fast and the Furious crossover, Eddy literally references a trope in This Very Wiki.
  • Spared By Adaptation: The Fallen is still very much alive when he was only in one Transformers movie.
  • Spoof Aesop: At the end of The Eds and Iron Man, Ed declares the lesson he learned was "secret identities are for wimps" after Tony reveals he is Iron Man to the whole world.
  • Steampunk: According to Word of God, it's set in a world "where modern technology and fantasy have together". Of course, that just raises whole new questions since the tech is usually never consistent movie to movie. One person flat out suggested that this version of Earth has one side that possesses modern tech and another side that doesn't.
  • The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny: For the videos, sometimes, the trope takes into Played for Laughs levels.
  • Where the Hell Is Springfield?: Where is Prydain if this is set on Earth? Because apparently the Jordanian Air Force can there easily even though it resembles typical fantasy scenery. Also the pyramids decided to pack up and leave Egypt cause they show up prominently.