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"NEW PERSON! NEW PERSON! NEW PERSON! For all of you who don't know, when a new person comments on one of my social media, I praze the crap out of them, and welcome them to the It'sGrace family. How do I know if it's a new person? I don't. I just guess."
Grace Helbig, Talking Back to You (formerly on Tuesdays)

It'sGrace is a Web Original comedy vlog hosted by comedienne Grace Helbig. The show includes a variety of topics, including skits, advice, reviews and traditional vlogging. side from the name, it's a continuation of Grace's former MyDamnChannel series Daily Grace.

When the show launched in January 2014, it was produced daily; after August 2014, the format switched to three shows a week due to Grace's other commitments and projects. Episodes follow a theme, depending upon the day of the week. These themes have been:

  • Mondays: "Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig" — the video portion of Grace's new podcast, featuring Grace and a guest star (usually another YouTuber) doing a twist on a YouTube challenge. The audio portion is a full interview available on SoundCloud and iTunes.
  • Tuesdays: "Talking Back to You" — where Grace responds to comments on her YouTube and Facebook and posts about and to her on Tumblr and Twitter.
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  • Wednesdays: "Once Over Wednesdays" — Grace gives something a "once over" and comments and reviews it. Examples include a song by One Direction and the fashion at the Academy Awards. Since the former change, it alternates between "Talking Back to You", advice, or reviews.
  • Thursdays: "Tipsy Thursdays" — the name was never nailed down, but this constituted advice on various topics, usually in an only semi-serious way.
  • Fridays: "FriDiary" — a traditional vlog that documents what Grace has been doing in the previous week. Sometimes, "FriDiary" is uploaded behind schedule and becomes a "SaturDiary" or, on one occasion, a "SunDiary".


It'sGrace provides examples of:

  • Catchphrase:
    • The page quote, her "Talking Back to You" spiel, is recited verbatim in every TBtY episode.
    • She ends every episode with "I don't know".
  • Spiritual Successor: To Daily Grace, which is referenced and played with in her first few episodes on It'sGrace
    Grace: It's Tuesday here on It'sGrace and you don't know what that means, do you?
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: The entire show for Daily Grace, in format, style and tone, with the original Tuesday through Thursday segments almost exactly duplicating the old Daily Grace themes:
    • Tuesdays: "Talking Back to You" (It'sGrace) vs. "Commenting on Comments" (Daily Grace) — Grace responds to her social media.
    • Wednesdays: "Once Over Wednesday" vs. "Review Wednesdays" — Grace reviews something.
    • Thursdays: "Tipsy Thursday" vs. "How To Thursdays" — Grace teaches you how to do something.

I don't know—!