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"NEW VIEWSER ALERT NEW VIEWESER ALERT NEW VIEWSER ALERT- for all of you who don't know when a new viewser comments on my videos I haze the crap out of them to welcome them to the Daily Grace family how do I know if it's a new viewser I dunno I just guess!"
Grace Helbig, Tuesdays on Daily Grace

Daily Grace is a former daily comedy vlog hosted by comedienne Grace Helbig. The show includes a variety of topics, including skits, advice, impressions, reactions to viral videos, clear instructions on how to create a viral video, re-enactments of reality TV, and more. Guests include fellow YouTuber comediennes Hannah Hart, Mamrie Hart (no relation), Mitchell Davis, and Michelle Vargas. Grace's mother and her younger brother Tim often make guest appearances.

The show began on MyDamnChannel and migrated primarily to YouTube, where it found a loyal fanbase before Grace's contract expired at the end of 2013. She continues daily vlogs on her own YouTube channel, It'sGrace.

It's examples here on DailyGrace and you know what that means!:

  • Catchphrase: For much of the show's run, she opened the show with "What's up, Fuckers."
  • "Do It Yourself" Theme Tune: One for each day (except Monday). Usually begins with "It's _____ here on Daily Grace and you know what that means!" followed by her prerecorded song for the day (accompanied by Couch Gag visuals):
    Tuesday: Look at her go! She's commenting on comments! Commenting, commenting, commenting [ding]
    Wednesday: Look at her go— reviewing, reviewing, reviewing something for you! [ding]
    Thursday: Daily Grace is gonna teach you how to do something! [ding]
    Friday: "Sexy Friday, Sexy Friday, Sexy Friday, Sexy Friday!"
  • Joisey: Grace's home state. One of her characters, Stephani, parodies this; she's a Jersey girl who wears heavy makeup and is preoccupied with food, particularly hot dogs.
  • Running Gag:
    • "Can you see it? Can you see it?" [holding object entirely too close to the camera]]
    • "I know Moose!"
    • "My mom told me to stop _____ on these," a comment used following an amusing or sexual obscenity.
  • Signature Move: The "Grace Face" at end of the Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday songs— she smiles and places her fist under her chin as a "ding!" sounds. Fans imitate this in fan submissions seen when she browses Facebook for comments.
  • You're Not My Type: The retort she claims she gives to non-black men when they attempt to approach her romantically.