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"Since the dawn of time, a rift has existed between casual and hardcore gamers. A struggle that has threatened to tear the gaming community asunder. The question on everyone's mind: should games be played to have fun or to win? No side seems to have an advantage over the other, it seems that no resolution will ever be made. However, a small portion of gamers know the truth. The answer lies not on either side, but in an unknown third side. These "sages", as they have come to be known, have kept the secrets of this third answer hidden for fear that the general public was not ready to understand. In early 2008, a game was released that would change everything. That game was Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Although most gamers did not know it at the time, that game embodied the very essence of this third way. The eldest sage called a meeting to be held in his mother's basement and it was decided that the time to teach the public of the mythical third way was at hand. A handful of the third way's greatest sages were gathered and sent off to teach their knowledge to the world. The wisest and most attractive of these sages realized the potential that the world wide web had in spreading his message. He began to work on a great project. A video series to teach others of the third way. It would be his magnum opus.[Record Needle Scratch] Unfortunately, that man would later die in a freak accident while giving his cat a bath. He has left me, his young apprentice, to finish the task at hand. This video is the first in that series."
— Introduction to How to Play Brawl Like a Man

How to Play Brawl Like a Man is a video series on YouTube by Dairun Cates, which is an instructional series about how to Take a Third Option in the casual vs. hardcore debate, and play like a man. This can be achieved by using the twelve rules of the Third Way.

Rules include:

Not only is it informative, but it is also quite entertaining and has a regular cast of characters and a large storyline.

Characters include:

It can be watched here.


This series provides examples of:


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