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  • In Savior of Demons, The Arcos Special has Frieza crossing his after witnessing a Saiyan brutally kill a pregnant Arcosian woman...and then smash her egg. He goes from Thousand-Yard Stare to Laughing Mad very quickly.
  • BloodRayne: Chronicles of Blood: Rayne comes close to crossing it in Origins chapter 21, after Ophelia shows her illusions of her family and implants it in her head that they secretly hated her. Then she recalls her mother's Dying Declaration of Love and snaps out of it.
  • Occurs a few times in The Lion King Adventures:
    • Simba loses all hope after the death of his parents and the destruction of the Pride Lands in Series Four. He gets over it, though.
      • Similarly, he loses hope again in The End when the Writer kills all of his friends, including the love of his life, Nala.
    • Haiba for a brief while after he murders Tama.
  • The Child of Love: In chapter 5 Asuka is so confused and so frightened of her feelings and of Shinji she can not take it anymore and decides killing herself.
  • In the fan-made CLANNAD prequel VN Clannad: The Past Path, which focuses on Tomoya's father Nayouki, all the bad endings result in him crossing the horizon in various ways, from resigning himself to his status as a hikkimori to sexually harassing a female character. A particularly sadistic version of this occurs late in the game, wherein he's married his wife, had his son, lost his wife, and then killed himself because you didn't make him talk to his mother at a key decision point just before he left town.
  • In Fallout: Equestria The Massacre at Littlehorn, which involved the slaughter of an entire school of foals, signaled the end of any peaceful solutions to the Great War and sent Celestia over the DEH, stepping down as ruler and letting Luna take over
    • And after the war, Raiders are ponies who have been driven over the DEH by the blasted, inhospitable Wastes, losing all hope in everything and simply becoming agents of the brutality of the Wastelands, killing, torturing, raping, any pony they get their hooves on.
  • In Evangelion 303 Asuka goes through this. After Unit-04's crash and Jessika's death Asuka was wrecked with survivor guilt. Then, during the NF-14 test she learnt that she could not yet reuniting with Jessika. She did not get the acceptance that she longed for, and she nearly died. Her mood got worst and she attempted to commit suicide. When it did not work either, she ran away.
  • Ghosts of Evangelion: Asuka crosses this after running from Kyoto: Misato failed her again, her nightly nightmares didn't stop or abate and her shrink attempted to rape her. She felt hopeless enough to try to kill herself.
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  • HERZ: Shinji crossed it seven years before the beginning of the story when Asuka was about to leave and he thought she hated him and did not want to see him ever again. He wrote a suicide note to her and another to Misato and slit his wrists.
  • As bad as things got in Hiccup the Useless, Hiccup was only able to keep himself together with Toothless not abandoning him. It wasn't until Stoick and the others tried taking him away and giving him to Snotlout do things Go Horribly Wrong and Hiccup attempts suicide by slitting his wrists.
  • The One I Love Is...:
    • Asuka. After several close calls (in episode 6 when she thought she had lost Shinji and in episode 9 after her Mind Rape), Asuka crosses the line in episode 10: she has been completely beaten, humiliated and even Mind Raped, she knows she will be replaced soon, and regards herself as an utter and completely worthless failure. After Rei's death the only thing keeping her from falling apart is Shinji loving her. But then it turns out that Rei has survived, Asuka thinks Shinji has chosen Rei over her, and she can not bear it anymore. She runs away, leaving a goodbye note, and slits her wrists.
    • Shinji was on the brink of crossing it after Kaoru's death. Then the Geofront was invaded, Misato got shot, Asuka's Unit 02 got butchered and eaten by the MP-Evas and Shinji thought he had nothing left.
  • In It's not the Raptor DNA, it is eventually revealed that this is the reason Elise went on a rampage across Jurassic World.
  • In The Death of Princess Luna, Princess Celestia and Luna suffer this; the former suffering this having seen Luna's fake body in the Everfree Forest, and Luna thinking that nopony would save her from her captors planning to execute her. This is all averted when Twilight Sparkle and her friends find and rescue Luna and present her to Celestia, creating a heartwarming and tearful reunion.
  • In the Oneiroi Series, Redcloak rockets past it when his insane daughter rapes and kills him.
  • In the pro wrestling story, A Ring Of Their Own, this is the reason given for Molly Holly's retirement from WWE in 2005 (the story takes place in the kayfabe world) after getting her head shaved at WrestleMania 20 plus the losing streak and humiliation conga she went through afterwards. Only after a substantial amount of arm-twisting from her best friend, Ivory, does she agree to come out of retirement and join the new all-women wrestling company, the FWF.
  • In the Galaxy Rangers fanfic Chrysalis, the Queen of the Crowns shoves Zach over the line. He is Forced to Watch as she tortures his team in front of him and faking an execution of Niko while he is kept in a well-appointed prison. He attempts suicide. She forces her medical staff to keep him alive, explicitly stating that he's not going to do anything unless she wishes it. The final blow is a Battle in the Center of the Mind where she brutally overpowers him by pointing out his failure to save his wife, the League, or his Rangers. To save what little is left of his sanity, he goes into an Angst Coma.
  • In The Second Try, Shinji and Asuka are forced to this line a second time; the latter when going against Arael again, the former when he thinks Asuka is dead. Thankfully, this gets averted both times.
  • Vampire mate bonds and werewolf imprinting are said to be strong enough to cause this in Luminosity. The actual trope is commonly avoided, as the vampire either commits suicide offscreen or becomes The Unfettered, but when Edward thinks that he's lost Bella, all he does is ask to die.
  • The Villain Protagonist of the Mass Effect fanfic The Council Era endured this when he witnessed his wife's death on a news network. As part of his grief, he destroyed his entire clutch, except one, who soon after hatched. When the same soldiers who killed his wife, and were searching for him (he'd gone AWOL) surrounded his home, Tyrin threatened to kill his one hatched child and then himself. There's also a potential Alternate Character Interpretation that his criminal actions in the story are because he's caught in a state of perpetual despair following his wife's death, and is taking it out on the world.
  • In Revenge Road, Hikaru returns to Japan for an audition as a last effort to get Kyosuke to notice her, and then seemingly meets Kyosuke, who appears to have grown distant from Madoka, there. She fails the audition and learns that the Kyosuke she was with was a fake, then snaps and kills Kyosuke and Madoka.
  • Finally crossed by Mao in Code Geass: Mao of the Deliverance after a Trauma Conga Line that would have made anyone else give up a long, long time ago, and which he rides all the way through The Last Dance.
  • In Touhou Tonari, this is what happens to Yuyuko when she realises that her power has grown so powerful that it may kill Yukari and it eventually lead to her suicide.
  • The plot of Decks Fall Everyone Dies takes place after the worst possible thing that could happen to the Yu-Gi-Oh! world: the fall of Card Games.
  • In Stars Above, Kagami's going over this line will cause The End of the World as We Know It. In an Alternate Universe, it's already happened.
  • Rainbow Dash comes dangerously close to crossing it in Ace Combat: The Equestrian War, but luckily, Medley manages to snap her out of her Heroic BSoD.
  • Inner Demons: Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy both shoot past it after Queen!Twilight Sparkle cements her Face–Heel Turn by using them in a Sadistic Choice against Rainbow Dash. In Fluttershy's case, it's so bad that she actually attempts to kill herself.
  • Too many to count in The Unity Saga. In fact, the Empire systematically imposes these on a number of Starfleet officers and others.
  • So many characters in Bleach fic Winter War have either crossed the line or are dangerously close, it's almost impossible to keep track. Far too understandable, given the Trauma Conga Line that is their world.
  • Par for the course in A History of Magic, considering it's a Puella Magi Madoka Magica fanfic, and if all the examples were listed we'd be here all day, so let's look at the one unique one that happened in the post-Madoka world. Homura kills Mitsuko in cold blood after she murdered Madoka's younger brother. Homura could not forgive herself for killing a fellow Magi, and believed herself beyond redemption. Had this been a pre-Madoka world, Homura would have become a witch. For most magi in the post-Madoka world, they'd just disappear. Homura becomes an Angel, a witch who retains her memories of her past life.
  • In another PMMM fic, To the Stars, in the Post-Madoka future during the Battle of Epsilon Eridani the magical girls and the normal human soldiers defending the colony world were brutally savaged by the aliens, and were about to cross the DEH, but avoided doing so when Homura Akemi, ironically, crossed her own: As her Soul Gem was practically pure-black from magic exhaustion, she pretty much resigned herself to die, something she was actually looking to since it means reuniting with Madoka. Except Madoka didn't want Homura to die, and so the latter was denied her wish, which pushed her over the edge, turned her normally angelic wings into dark-twisted wings as seen at the end of PMMM, and practically wins the battle by herself, and goes into self-exile afterwards.
  • In A Growing Affection, Minato's death pushes Gouki from avoiding the ninja world and helping the civilians who live nearby, to deciding to take over the world and enslave all ninjas to his will, so he can force them to put the rest of the world first.
  • A Future of Friendship, a History of Hate: In Episode 5, Scootaloo ends up in a Heroic BSoD after her wish ends up blowing up in her face, at which point said BSOD releases the woebeghoul from the Tear of Covet, and allows it to consume her to power itself on her sorrow while it destroys Ponyville. When she realizes it's all her fault, she crosses the horizon, giving up and even saying it would be better if she was never born. It takes a Big Damn Heroes moment and Rousing Speech from Rainbow Dash to bring her back to normal and together they destroy the woebeghoul.
  • In Chapter 10 of Gensokyo 20XXI, Yukari's reached this when her search for Ran, Chen, and Flandre left her empty handed, leaving her heartbroken and so upset with herself that not only did she feel she was unable to return to Reimu (to whom she had left behind to make sure she won't be captured) her frozen tears enclosed her in a cocoon of ice and she remained in that state for a couple of chapters, stating she was entombed in her cocoon of ice for a long time. Be noted in said chapter, she also figured Reimu probably died during the time she was searching for Ran, Chen, and Flandre, meaning she felt she had nothing to go back to.
  • Aang and Co. seem to be nearing this after Zuko and Azula attack the Western Air Temple in TheMasksWeWear.
  • L is implied to have crossed this in Story of the Century by the end: he gets what he set after in the beginning--to solve the case and to have Kira executed--but he loses Watari, as well as the Worthy Opponent he had and the friend he could have had in Light, Misa's friendship, the task force's trust and respect, and of course his own life. A girl he liked leaves him hating his guts so much that her last words to him are a long and vicious "The Reason You Suck" Speech in which she all but outright states that she hates him, and he spends the rest of his days cooped up in HQ all alone. His unusually graceful response to her speech is heart-wrenching, even to her; more so when it's implied that he was already aware of how badly he'd screwed up before she lashed out at him...
    • What makes his reply even sadder is that it sounds like a callback to his declaration when he meets the task force earlier on in canon that Justice Will Prevail and that he would "win the war" in spite of being childish and a sore loser. But this time, he's essentially admitting that the opposite happened BECAUSE he was being childish, just around the time the task force take Erin home and leave him for good.
  • In the Left 4 Dead 2 fanfic Blind Man's Bluff, Nick very, very nearly crosses this when he believes that Ellis was tortured to death by Jerry. He's in such deep grief over that that he has a brief shutdown.
  • Chapter 14 of Pokéumans largely concerns Brandon crossing this after the death of a very close friend and then slowly coming back over it.
  • In Mega Man: Defender of the Human Race, ProtoMan crosses this post episode 10 due to torture, becoming a shell of his old self. Mega Man crosses it in episode 11, chapter 8, shattered over the trauma he's suffered.
  • In the Slender Man fic By the Fire's Light Jared Holloway despairs of every being free of the Slender Man and ends up taking his life.
  • In the MLP fanfic What Have You Done. Twilight does this after her friends abandon her at the Canterlot Wedding rehearsal but Chrysalis unlike in canon, just leaves Twilight instead of sending her to the caves, seeing as how Twilight was already in the depths of despair. Twilight leaves the wedding dejected frees Discord, and the Mane 6 and Twilight's mother find her Element of Magic pitch black.
  • RWBY: Reckoning: After being called out for wearing the uniform of the White Fang, Darrel accidentally reveals the truth about himself. He reflects on the changes to the plot, and deduces that they all lead back to his presence. Coupled with the fact that Kimba had taken him from his home, without any guarantee he could return, and thrown him into Remnant for a war no one knows or cares about... well, put simply, he finally crumbles.
  • Mercury does this at the end of the Inheritance Cycle fanfic From the ashes a fire shall be woken after Kligharrah dies. As seen later, this made him lose his will to live, but not before vowing to correct the world that had taken Kilgharrah from him. As seen subsequently in Phoenix-fire, this means Oh, Crap! for the rest of the world.
  • Poor TCB!Big Macintosh in The Conversion Bureau: The Other Side of the Spectrum. His grandmother died, his homeland went to war, his sister suddenly turned into a genocidal murderess, he was forced to accept the use of Technically Living Zombie slave labor on his farm, and much of his family isn't on speaking terms with each other.
    I'm tired of it all, tired of whatever it is that's happened to Equestria. I've seen too much happen to Equestria to call it the same land I grew up in, and it's hollowed me out like an old Nightmare Night pumpkin.
    I want my sister back and all I have is a monster with her face, a damn caricature that looks for all the world like her but has none of her soul inside. I want to tell her how I feel but I cower away like a foal away from her eyes. Eyes that no longer have that stubborn but warm love and care; just hatred and wrath for anything that goes against Queen Celestia and the so-called 'greater family and herd'.
  • In The Lost Element, James is driven over the line after experiencing Discord's corruption of all his friends, while not knowing that they could be restored. While at first he is merely confused by the behavior of his friends, he then starts to worry. He finally loses it when Fluttershy makes an ultimatum where she will leave him for not being tough enough if he doesn't punch himself in the face with his strength boosting gauntlets on, and then make a cut in his neck using his sword. This causes him to not just break down, but to all but go insane, tricking Discord into a dual to the death where he dismembers Discord, eats his wings, rips the Elements of Harmony out of his chest, and generally kicks the utter humanity out of him until he is dead. Due to earlier events, all his friends see it and James finally has his moment of sorrow. This is made even worse by the fact that the author put the story on hiatus right after this chapter was completed, stating that he would continue the fanfiction once he was finished an alternate ending fic where James succumbs to his wounds after the battle.
  • In The End of Ends, Beast Boy crosses it sometime after running away, which prompts the Dark Prognosticus to come and lend him his power...
  • In Alabaster Orchestra, Ichigo is driven to this by the truth of his mother's death, the destruction of his Shinigami powers, and mental torture from Gremmy.
  • In Out of the Dead Land, seeing Steve be killed causes Bucky to become so hollow with despair that he agrees to let HYDRA take him into custody again to mind-wipe the pain away and even fights off Natasha and Sam when they try to prevent him from doing it. It turns out that Bucky has more heroic spirit than Zola was counting on, however, and he summons the resolve to take down Zola and his robot army for once and for all even before he learns that Steve isn't actually dead.
  • The Sonic the Hedgehog fanfic My Time Of Dying revolves around this, with Scourge the Hedgehog continually teetering on the brink of suicidal depression as he battles between Then Let Me Be Evil and Sonic's insistence that You Are Better Than You Think You Are. The story is ongoing and it's not certain whether he will succumb or not.
  • In Episode 74 of Sonic X: Dark Chaos, it's revealed that Tsali crossed the horizon when he was forcibly roboticized by his adopted father Luke the Seedrian to cap off his Break the Cutie backstory. This torture broke what little was left of his sanity and hope; he slaughtered the entire Seedrian race in revenge, made a literal Deal with the Devil, and started the Metarex War.
    • All of the main characters pretty much hit this after Episode 73, especially Knuckles and Cosmo. Only Tails regenerating himself with his Shroud parasites pulls them back.
    • Dark Oak crosses this in Episode 64 after his fleet is utterly annihilated and his primary command center is destroyed. He spends the rest of the story in a drawn-out Villainous Breakdown until he meets Sonic in Episode 72.
  • Sonic X: Eternal Angel is a far more realistic situation of what would happen to Tails after Cosmo's death. Rather than suddenly getting better like in Episode 78, he spirals into depression, shuts himself out from his own friends, and even starts cutting himself out of sheer guilt and self-hatred from how he killed Cosmo. Tails becomes so consumed with grief and despair that he eventually attempts to commit suicide.
  • In Bonds Left Unbroken, Desmond goes past it when his family is killed under the command of his father of all people.
  • Annette in The Racket-Rotter Chronicles gets her ultimate one after The Builder throws her in a cell with the stuffed corpse of Samira, her daughter. Though her encounter with the Julian clones and meeting zombie!Shark might count as lesser event horizons.
  • In The Story to End All Stories, this happens to the heroes when they think they're about to die.
  • Children of an Elder God: Nyarlathotep tried to invoke this when he tried to make Asuka believe that everything she believed in was a lie. It nearly worked, because Asuka lost hope and wanted to burn everything and everyone down. Unfortunately for the horror, she decided she'd rather start with him.
    It was too much for her. She'd never wanted any of this. The flame washed out of her like a torrent; she heard the people behind her burst into flames and die, but she didn't care. If this was the world, she wanted to destroy it. Better that nothing exist, if the Outer Gods were all there was. Humanity would be better off dead.
    Nylarathotep tried to speak, but her flames rushed through him, charring him to ash in an instant. But he wasn't dead. He would rise again, she knew, and that knowing infuriated her more.
    She gathered her strength. This world would burn. Burn, burn, burn. If it burned hot enough, maybe she would die herself, and not have to live in it.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: Genocide: Shinji crosses it when the Emerald Tablet mortally wounds Asuka out of spite.
    He knew, somewhere deep inside, that Asuka was not answering because she couldn't. His dreams, his hopes, and everything else he wished for the future simply ebbed away, leaving behind only an empty vacuum.
  • In Aftermath: A Story of Blended Cliches, Sailor Pluto deliberately engineered for Ranma to cross this to rebuild her. This has some dire repercussions. Fortunately, her fear trigger ends up snapping her out of it.
  • In Beneath The Sun's Surface, Princess Celestia crosses it big time, she get's abducted by a group of conspirators ponies with the intention of using her body as a vessel for Nightmare Moon and fake her death to make sure no one goes to rescue her. Held against her will inside a basement, poor Celestia is brutally torture on a daily basic, make her believe that Princess Luna is behind the conspiracy (Note: she isn't), Celestia suffers nightmares of her sister torturing her out of pure enjoyment before killing her, it get's to the point that she ends up having a seizure that leaves her temporarily blind and starts beging for her captors to kill her. She eventually breaks free, mercilessly kill her captors, which she then regrets, escapes and goes into hiding.
    That is not true; I did give up. After I had those seizures, I was completely blind because... well, once more; trying to remember things properly, the doctor said that Stallion had bruised the vision part of my brain, so for a long time I couldn't see anything. I... I remember waking up on the couch upstairs and finding my way to the bathroom to throw up... and I remember that the Stallion had woken up and come to see what I was doing. He brought me a blanket... a-and I asked him for one last favor; for him to h-hit me between the eyes as m-many times as he could so that I would... so that I would die. (Celestia breakdown into tears as she recall the event of her abduction)
  • The Mars Gaiden sidestory of Pokémon Reset Bloodlines has this for the title character. She had endured years of abuse at the hands of her uncle and aunt, but her breaking point is when they kill her only friend, Kibou, and plan to use her as a scapegoat to kill Mars as well. This is what ultimately drives her to join Cyrus and Team Galactic.
  • Fates Collide: After his lover went missing, Lancelot willingly became a Berserker, losing most of his ability to speak and reason, just to make the pain go away.
  • In Fairy Tail: Dawn of Darkness, Lucy has been infected for two stories by an entity virus that has left her with only negative emotions near the end of Dawn of Darkness and it's also killing her. It doesn't help that she was hunted down throughout Isle of The Dragons and during Dawn of Darkness people kept making comments about it but wouldn't tell her anything. Lucy is left with so much despair that she tries to kill her friends because she doesn't want to be left alone when she dies. Luckily Natsu and the others are able to get her to fight back against the entity and Natsu literally knocks it out of her.
    • Unfortunately, Lucy continues to suffer from the after effects of the event, both physical and psychological, during Final Chapters. She is getting better on the psychological part as the story goes on.
  • In Touhou Ibunshu: Remixed Cherry Blossom, Reimu and Marisa die and go to Hakugyokuro. Marisa weathers the experience better, but Reimu collapses into a pile of self-loathing at the events, having lost her life in a way that made a mockery of her most cherished beliefs. By the time Sakuya reaches them and arranges for their resurrection, she briefly has to confront a maddened shrine maiden that at that point has embraced the worst aspects of her personality. Even after the debacle ends, Reimu walls herself off her closest friends, unwilling to even begin talking about the experience. It takes Yukari's intervention via Suika to break the cycle.
  • At the start of Psalm of the Lark, Harley hits this when Batgirl breaks the news of the Joker's death. With the Joker dead and her criminal history, Harley decides that she's better off dead. Barbara quickly snaps her out of it.
  • In My Poltergeist Report, Izuku stops just short of hitting this after learning that all of his efforts to become a hero were useless, his death was utterly pointless, and he was originally destined to live a boring, unfulfilling life as a police officer who would have little impact on the world at large. The only thing that keeps him from going Laughing Mad and diving right in is Botan's offer to give him a second chance at living.
    Izuku: [floating limply in mid-air] ...So it was all useless then. Kacchan was right to call me 'Deku'... I'm going to be carted off to who knows where and it was all for nothing. [chuckles lifelessly]
  • As bad as his life becomes, Hiccup in Lost Boy usually finds something that helps him endure, whether it is knowing that his aunt and uncle would have wanted him to survive or when he knows that Stoick cares for him. It is not until his friends are forced to ignore him under Berk law due to his Outcast brand and Stoick accusing him of being everything the village says about him after happening upon Snotlout raping him does he cut his own wrists, all hope finally spent from his body.
  • In the Supergirl (2015) fanfic Future Shock Kara was already teetering on the edge at the start, but goes fully over it during the Fendra Arc, whereing Fendra Illegally uses Kara's DNA to seed a child, which Kara has to marry Fendra to be able to acknowledge under Kryptonian law. This leads to her going across the horizon and using a time-courier to go back to the dying days of Krypton and just wait out the end of the world. Even after rescue, she never fully recovers
  • Son of the Sannin has it for Yakumo Kurama, Kurenai's former student, when her genjutsu abilities unleashed out of control and accidentally caused her to set her house on fire and kill her parents. This left her an easy prey for Danzo Shimura to step in and "save" her (read: offer her the means to control her powers in exchange for turning into one of his puppet agents in Root). She later came to regret her decision with all the horrible things Danzo forced her to do, but was desperate enough that she felt she had no other choice. Thankfully, Kurenai manages to bring her back.
  • Adventure Time: Frozen Hearts: Simon crosses this twice in his lifetime, the first is when Betty canceled her engagement and left him after he becomes insane after he put on the crown with Damon stating that Simon has lost his job and is under complete depression. The second is when the Ice King regains the memories of his life as a human and he begins seeing himself as a monster for driving away his fiancee to the point that when he gets captured by the humans, he began calling Bubblegum and everyone Gunter with PB even proclaiming that the Ice King himself has lost the will to live.
  • Pataki Magi Helga Magica: Phoebe who is usually a rather calm and collected person in canon falls to this, no thanks to the nature of her desperate wish in saving her parents from their burning house. After Phoebe's father died in hospital and her mother suffered from amnesia, added with her refusing to clean her tainted Soul Gem with Grief Seed, her turning into a Witch is inevitable.
    Phoebe: "I'm such a failure."
  • A Dovahkiin Spreads His Wings shows Lyanna Stark's last letter, and it's obvious she completely lost any will to live when her attempt to Marry for Love was used as the casus belli for a rebellion that devastated the Seven Kingdoms, caused most of her family (her father, oldest brother, husband, sister-wife and stepchildren) to gruesomely die and she couldn't even try to console herself with her unborn child's survival as she knew she would likely die to birth him.
  • In Imperfect Metamorphosis, Reimu crosses the horizon after Yuuka kills Marisa.
  • In For The Glory Of Irk, Voel spirals into depression after being forced on the run by the Control Brains and ending up hiding out in Zim's base on Earth, alternating between being too sullen to do anything and snapping angrily at everyone around him. Eventually, however, the other Irkens get through to him and snap him out of it, and convince him to start fighting back to reclaim his throne.
  • A Very Kara Christmas: Invoked by Dick Wilson when he explains why he is worried about Linda Lee: people who have lost their beloved ones face a far higher suicide risk during Christmas.
    Dick Wilson: "Linda, it's like this. Christmas is the big time of the year when everybody's supposed to be happy. Santa Claus is comin' to town, ho-ho-ho, all the candy canes and stuff under the tree and Sears catalogs and people freezin' their rear ends off out caroling. So everybody's supposed to love each other and all those good vibes just floating around. But sometimes, if you don't feel the good vibes, that makes it so much worse. Depression increases at Christmas. The fact that it's near the shortest day of the year doesn't help much. Suicides go up. You know what I'm sayin'?"
  • Infinity Train: Blossoming Trail: Walter wishes to invoke this on Paul both because Paul let an Apex child drown without offering help and also because he is needed for a ritual and act as the component for "Despair". At this point in the story, Paul is just about to reach that horizon.
  • Point of Divergence: Pekoyama crosses it after Kuzuryuu dies as she failed as his bodyguard, in addition to her being in love with him. She's just barely pulled back from it, both mentally and literally.


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