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Our Workaholic protagonist in a Group Hug with her first three Grailed Servants. Drawn by exmeowstic on Tumblr.

"When the fate of humanity rests in the hands of a girl who does not know when to rest or give herself a break, it is up to the Heroic Spirits she summons to remind her otherwise."
— Archive of Our Own Summary

In another place, an 18-year old college student would've been killed and reincarnated into another world as a Civilian Pianist. In a world of mages, however, this student finds herself tossed into the world of Chaldea and Heroic Spirits before any killing can happen. Being left as one of the last Masters to save Humanity, though, was not on the personal agenda.

This marks the beginning of Passing Days and its protagonist, Vy Duong, who unlike Fujimaru Ritsuka from the original Fate/Grand Order, is an unofficial certified workaholic and a clingy All-Loving Heroine who just can't leave the people around her alone. Whether it's quietly adopting Mash as a little sister beyond the original Senpai/Kōhai dynamic or making muffins for The Cynic Robin Hood, it's her actions and personality that changes how the Grand Order goes.

Who said a Family of Choice couldn't be made between Heroic Spirits of old and its only Human Master?

Comes with a YouTube playlist for readers to listen to while reading.

The story also comes with a collection of additional side stories written by friends of the author, aptly named "Other Days" - stories that Word of God confirms is canon to Passing Days.

Passing Days includes examples of:

  • A Day in the Limelight: As expected of a oneshot-compilation-turned story, each chapter is stylized as one day at Chaldea, with each "day" showing the various Servants and how they came to bond with Vy throughout the video game's story.
  • Affectionate Nickname: Robin calls Vy "little sparrow," Arturia and Achilles call her "Princess," Dantes and Ereshkigal use "little flower," Caster Da Vinci uses "mia bella/cara mia," Meltryllis uses "Albrecht," etc. Thanks to the Undying Loyalty all the Servants have for her, Vy's earned more nicknames as the story goes on.
  • Alternate Timeline: Day 15 explores a mini-Lostbelt of Fate/Extra Last Encore, where Chaldea goes in to deal with a Dan Blackmore and Robin Hood who succeeded in killing Deadface Hakuno and Nero.
  • Animal Motifs: Robin's nickname for Vy invokes this trope, as he calls her "little sparrow." She calls him "Big Robin" in return.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: A core foundation of Passing Days, Vy's kindness is one of many reasons why even Servants like Meltryllis develop Undying Loyalty for her and join the growing Family of Choice in Chaldea.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Vy may be an All-Loving Heroine on the level of the original Fujimaru Ritsuka, but hurt Mash, any of the Chaldea staff, or even her closest Servants, and she will provide Laser-Guided Karma. In a side story taking place after the SE.RA.PH. event, even BB calls Vy "ruthless" when it comes to her loved ones being threatened.
  • Bridal Carry: Arturia, Achilles, and Robin have all carried Vy bridal-style at least once in the story, usually to take her to her room for her scheduled daily nap.
  • Broken Ace: Supplementary materials on Tumblr and some passing remarks in the story imply Vy is the perfect Master Chaldea needed in their time of crisis with her work ethic and dedication to others, but she's still a regular human who just wants to be with her family again, enduring trauma and conflict over and over just to see the people she lost thanks to Goetia and the Foreign God's machinations. Rider Da Vinci even spells this out to Mordred in Day 16, because his using his Noble Phantasm at the same time as Arturia caused Vy to collapse from the mana exhaustion that followed supporting such attacks on her own.
  • Character Development: Due to the A Day in the Limelight premise, the story illustrates a lot of moments that the original game canon either implied or left out entirely:
    • Thanks to Passing Days incorporating the growth she had through the original Fate/stay night, Arturia is able to accept her fault in Mordred's upbringing in Day 16 and share a mutual apology with him after a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown.
    • Due to Robin no longer being in the Moon Cell, he is able to slowly grow out of his status as a Misunderstood Loner with a Heart of Gold and The Cynic, making True Companions out of his other Grailed Servants in the "Big Seven" and gaining a Maid Marian of his own in Vy.
    • Thanks to the game's events, Achilles is contracted with a Master that lets him be The Ace again, saving people and being the hero he wished to continue as with the Holy Grail.
    • Mash herself has a change of heart in Day 18 after an emotional talk with Vy before the end of the Indian Lostbelt, resolving not to tell Asha the exact details of what happened to her father out of Survivor's Guilt.
    • Ereshkigal is able to leave the Underworld and learn to be with other people through her time at Chaldea, taking confidence in her role as Vy's Servant and Goddess of the Underworld.
    • Scathach-Skadi has been implied to have moved on from the pruning of her Lostbelt through her being summoned in Chaldea, becoming a Team Mom to Vy and learning to love again with the other Servants.
    • Waver Velvet/El-Melloi II is implied in Day 8 to have started recovering from his experiences in Fate/Zero, having casual conversation with Irisviel and looking after Vy to make sure she doesn't turn out like him.
    • Meltryllis in Novum Chaldea is implied to have started inheriting her SE.RA.PH's self's memories of the first and second timelines fighting Kiara through dreams (much to her confusion), causing her to mentally make a Declaration of Protection to Vy while calling her by her SE.RA.PH's self's Affectionate Nickname of "Albrecht" after Vy makes her working leg prosthetics.
  • Childhood Friend Romance: A subversion. Vy loved Robin Hood ever since she was little thanks to reading his stories as a child, and while Robin the Heroic Spirit never met Vy in those days, he's still left in Stunned Silence and later immensely flattered at the attention she gives him in the present.
  • Conditioned to Accept Horror: One of the first signs that clues the Servants in that Vy has gone through more than what the story has thrown at her is her talk of what her family went through when immigrating from Vietnam to America while in Salem during Day 13. Even Mata Hari is left speechless. Later chapters start hinting at more than one Trauma Button that ended up being pushed during Agartha and SE.RA.PH. It's gotten to the point where the Servants try to tread carefully whenever Vy is involved.
  • Deadpan Snarker: It's unclear whether it was from the Servants around her or Vy herself, but if BB and Wodime have anything to say about it, Vy can talk smack back.
  • Declaration of Protection: Both platonic and romantic examples have been found in the story due to Vy being the protagonist:
    • Mash outright says it to Vy in Day 13's final segment after the end of the Russian Lostbelt, repeating Vy's Platonic Declaration of Love she made back before the Temple of Time while reaffirming their Senpai/Kōhai relationship.
    • Achilles spells the trope out to all of the Novum Chaldea field team and the Neo-Argonauts in Atlantis in Day 28 as his reason as to why he can't give up his shield to Lostbelt!Hephaestus to forge a new weapon for Super Orion. If he doesn't have his shield, he wouldn't be able to protect Vy from Artemis again.
    • Arturia uses a variation of the trope in a Badass Boast to Mordred in Day 16, implying that she would kill the Knight of Treachery if he so much as laid a finger on Arturia's "Princess" in Vy.
    • Also in Day 16, Robin vows to take Mordred down without hesitation if anything were to happen to Vy, viciously saying, "I don't care about the new guy [if he hurts you]." This is implied to have only increased in magnitude after their Relationship Upgrade in Day 30.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Never outright invoked, but a prominent threat to Chaldea's livelihood. Day 46 reveals in the Ooku how Vy has started internally hating the Proper Human History she's supposed to save thanks to all the Lostbelts she's had to settle up to that point and how the Mages' Association treated Chaldea by casting the original staff as criminals and unsummoning all the Servants before the start of Part 2, actively horrifying her. It doesn't help when an illusion made by Kama starts spouting off her inner thoughts in open earshot of everyone present, the Grailed Servants included, in an attempt to break her further. It's because of the risk that even in Part 1, the Servants are made to actively look out for Vy in their best attempts to prevent Vy from losing her hope, because if she's gone, who else would be left? The small possibility of Vy even succumbing to Death by Despair from all the fighting she's been saddled with is not lost on the Servants either, hence their efforts to keep her safe and relatively happy with the abilities they have.
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: As the story goes on, Vy and her roster of Servants start gaining a reputation amongst enemies and newcomers alike, thanks to the many deeds they've accomplished together and the many Singularities and Lostbelts resolved in their wake. Nemo's chapter in Day 48 even briefly dives into the aftermath of said reputation, as part of the chapter is about him coming to terms with how, in spite of her own weakness, in response to U-Olga Marie/The Foreign God descending into Olympus, Vy merely decided to throw a boomerang at her. And it hit enough to draw blood. That's not even getting into how Vy's Combat Pragmatist habits have prevented enemies such as Wodime and the Chaldean from talking for too long, because she's too fed up to listen to what she calls "bullshit."
  • Elective Mute: Day 26 with Dr. Roman reveals that there have been and still will be moments where Vy chooses not to verbally speak with others, mainly from her fatigue and usual mana exhaustion at fighting for Chaldea. She specifically writes out to him in the chapter that "[it's] easier to save energy by staying quiet," a statement that leads him to asking Da Vinci to make a whiteboard and assorted whiteboard markers to compensate for her lack of voice. Otherwise, Telepathy is how Vy chooses to communicate with the Servants if she doesn't have her whiteboard on hand. This makes her moments of when she forces herself to speak with her fatigue present all the more meaningful to Chaldea as a whole, because it means the receiving party is someone she sees as precious and comfortable to talk with past her exhaustion.
  • Family of Choice: As time goes on, the Servants that grow closer to Vy start making routines for themselves to take care of her when she can't, whether it's escorting Vy to her daily naps or reminding her to take breaks when she's been farming too much. Vy returns the favor just as much by giving them nicknames and initiating a Group Hug every so often.
  • Flipping the Bird: Vy gives the finger against BB and Wodime, mainly to illustrate her disgust with them.
  • Flower Motifs: Vy's Command Seals and occasional nickname from the Servants invoke flower symbolism, as her Seals are in the shape of a lotus flower (the national flower of Vietnam) and Ereshkigal and Edmond Dantes call her "little flower" for blooming in the face of adversity.
  • Forgiven, but Not Forgotten: Despite Vy summoning Kama as an ally in Extra Day 5 after the Ooku, Day 33 makes it obvious that Robin and the other Servants have not forgotten what Kama did to them all just to get to Vy. Even when Kama is spending time with Vy in Novum Chaldea's library, Robin pulls out the Yew Bow when seeing the Assassin from sheer reflex, bringing Arturia with him as backup just in case the worst came to pass.
  • For Want of a Nail: In spades. A few notable examples include:
    • The summoned Scathach-Skadi is an Alternate Self to the original, where she came from a timeline where Chaldea failed to arrive and Surtr destroyed her Scandinavian Lostbelt, making this Skadi a Sole Survivor and The Resenter towards the Crypters. It is thanks to Vy summoning Skadi during Part 1.5 before the advent of the Lostbelts that lets Skadi pull a Big Damn Heroes on Vy against Kadoc and Anastasia in the first Lostbelt.
    • From Vy Grailing seven Servants by the time Chaldea comes to Atlantis (Arturia Pendragon, Robin Hood, Achilles, Ereshkigal, Ryougi Shiki, the aforementioned Skadi, and Berserker Musashi), she gives Wodime the Curbstomp Battle thanks to simple teamwork not letting him cast "Anima Animusphere." This feat is repeated in Olympus, thanks to Vy Grailing Space Ishtar and Meltryllis in time to throw Wodime off-guard again while she starts the battle herself with a well-timed Groin Attack.
    • Vy summons Xiang Yu before Chaldea enters the Chinese Lostbelt, resulting in Hinako having a near Villainous Breakdown at the prospect of fighting her beloved husband while Gao Changgong barely functions out of an incoming Heroic BSoD.
    • It is mentioned in Day 28 that thanks to Achilles using his shield in the prologue of Atlantis, the Shadow Border and Nemo avoided some of the damage that occurred from Artemis' arrow.
    • Arturia and Mordred actually make amends with each other in Day 16.
    • Day 20 marks the return of Caster Da Vinci after her end in the Lostbelt Prologue, allowing for her and Rider Da Vinci to coexist while also letting Caster be the Team Mom to Mash and Vy again.
    • Extra Day 4 establishes that because Vy had used Holy Grails on Arturia, Achilles, and Robin, all three were able to escape Kama's grasp when they seized control of Novum Chaldea to make the Ooku. It's thanks to the Grails that Robin was able to fight his implied Painful Transformation into a green skeleton puppet (originally an Easter Egg enemy in-game) despite him not being close by Vy and Mash for Sion to keep him out of the initial corruption; even then, Vy having Arturia and Achilles by her side while traversing the Ooku allowed her to save him from any more Transformation Horror.
    • Saber Musashi notably is Spared by the Adaptation after her Heroic Sacrifice in Olympus, being successfully summoned back to Novum Chaldea as a full-time Servant thanks to Vy holding onto her tsuba eyepatch from Shimosa in Day 34. Because of this, she's able to tag along with Vy to Heian-kyo (thanks to her connection with her Grailed Berserker self), breaking Ashiya Douman's Control Freak tendencies with the Singularity alongside Robin to fight with him.
  • In Spite of a Nail: Some things still happen despite Chaldea's best efforts:
    • Dr. Roman still sacrifices himself at the Temple of Time and Mash dies to Goetia's Noble Phantasm.
    • All the Servants were Unsummoned by the Mages' Association in the beginning of Part 2.
    • Caster Da Vinci still dies to Kirei Kotomine/Rasputin in the Lostbelt prologue.
    • In the prologue to Atlantis, Artemis' arrow still separates Vy from the rest of Chaldea, though not without Arturia, Achilles, and Ereshkigal joining her.
    • The Chaldean field team is still left searching for an Achilles for Hephaestus in Atlantis due to the summoned Achilles refusing to part with his shield.
    • Musashi still commits to her Heroic Sacrifice to Chaos in Olympus, despite Vy's protests.
  • Intimate Healing: In Extra Day 4, Sion tries to suggest mana transfer via sexual intercourse between Vy and Robin so that Robin can recover from Kama's forced skeleton transformation (something he was implied to have gone through in the canon Ooku event). Due to Vy's Trauma Button around sex, however, the suggestion falls through. Instead, Vy suggests mana transfer via French kissing, which goes around much better and inadvertently leads to her and Robin's later Relationship Upgrade.
  • It Was a Gift: Days 30 and 34 establish that gifts mean a lot to Vy - when Robin gives Vy the canonical in-game silver coins as a Valentine's gift in their first year together as Master and Servant, she refuses to sell them because of it being a gift from him, even going as far as wearing the green ribbon that served as part of their packaging in her hair the very next day. It even extends to mementos/tiny things that the Servant themselves might not consider important, because a huge reason Musashi Saber was implied to be Spared by the Adaptation was thanks to Vy holding onto her tsuba eyepatch from Shimosa, using it as a catalyst to bring Musashi Saber back after the events of Olympus.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: All the Servants, in varying ways, want Vy to have a happy life, because seeing her support them and fight so hard for Proper Human History just to see her family again and give Mash a normal life outside of Chaldea eats away at them. Robin suffered from this desire the most before his Relationship Upgrade with Vy, constantly denying his own feelings and summing up his protectiveness for her as "fulfilling his duty as a Servant" through Parts 1 and 1.5. It takes Extra Day 4 and the Intimate Healing he has with Vy in the Ooku to finally make him realize he loves her.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Dr. Roman in Day 26 is implied to be suffering from regret and remorse throughout the entirety of Part 1, because of how Vy is the last Master left to save Humanity and she's growing all the more tired and traumatized because of it. Had any other Masters survived the Command Room Explosion, he even wonders if Vy would've been in a better place thanks to the lighter burden. It's all but spelled out that his asking Da Vinci to make a whiteboard on Vy's behalf is his way of Must Make Amends for asking and relying on her in reality. Saber Musashi also suffers from the same regrets when being summoned back into Novum Chaldea, as Day 34 reveals Vy breaking down from the conflicting emotions that resulted from the end of Chaos.
  • Mythology Gag: If the reader knows where to look, they'll immediately recognize Vy as the original, pre-reincarnation self of Hoshino Tomoko from Civilian Pianist. On the flipside, the various conversations the Servants have reference their source works in Fate. Some examples include:
    • Extra Day 6, where Robin calls fellow Fate/Extra Servant Tamamo "great sponsor" as a nod to his dialogue with her in Extella/Link.
    • Day 22 has Archer EMIYA directly reference Rin and his past self in his narration from Unlimited Blade Works.
    • Day 33 has Saber Arturia say, "And at least this Princess is within reach and unable to turn against us out of a lost desire to have power" in response to Kama, a discreet What the Hell, Hero? to the events of Heaven's Feel that created Saber Alter. Day 19 also has Saber Arturia call Ereshkigal "Rin" as a reference to Ereshkigal being a Rin-face Servant.
    • Day 43 has Medea reference Souchirou from Fate/stay night in passing, along with her history with Jason and her little brother when it comes to looking after Vy.
    • Day 52 has Chiron remember Fiore and Caules from Fate/Apocrypha when taking care of Vy, noting how she is more human than both Yggdemilenia siblings combined thanks to not being tied down by Magecraft.
    • Day 56 has Passionlip and Archer Gilgamesh both reference Kishinami Hakuno, the original protagonist from Fate/EXTRA in regards to their shared past fighting in the Moon Cell.
    • Throughout the story, it's shown that Vy calls EMIYA Archer by his past self's name "Shirou," both as an unintentional reference on her part to Unlimited Blade Works and as an Affectionate Nickname.
  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Atalante Alter in Day 29 views Vy's work in Part 1 as good work poorly rewarded, because in spite of her work in saving Humanity, the Mages' Association still unsummoned all the Servants and then the Lostbelts occurred, leaving her alone to do the work again. Saito Hajime in Day 42 ends up sharing the same view when getting to know Vy over a late night bowl of ramen, noting Vy's tired appearance with active horror.
  • Noodle Incident: The entirety of Sub-Singularity Agartha is treated In-Universe as a taboo topic between the Servants and Chaldean staff, because Day 14 and onwards implies Vy went into the Singularity alone and had her Trauma Button pushed multiple times as a result. The simple aftermath of the Singularity saw her do a Cry into Chest with both Mash and Robin Hood just to process what had happened. The mere summoning of one of the central parties in Penthesilea months later at Novum Chaldea in Day 29 has her enter a Heroic BSoD that takes Penthesilea being burned into a Rare Prism and Atalante Alter invoking Fuzz Therapy to snap her out of it.
  • Odd Friendship: Day 1 establishes an unlikely bond between Marie Antoinette and Achilles in Part 1 that persists throughout the story, because Marie was Vy's front-line Rider Servant before Achilles arrived, and her coaching him through it helped Achilles better adjust to life at Chaldea and bond with her over the experience as a result.
  • Official Couple: Vy and Robin Hood as of Day 30.
  • Post-Kiss Catatonia: After the mana transfer with Robin in Extra Day 4, Vy falls against Ayako in a trust-fall hug, her words slurred and her knees too weak to let her walk for a few minutes. Extra Day 6 has Vy note in passing during her narration how she had to avoid Robin for a while after coming back to Novum Chaldea thanks to her weak knees.
  • Security Cling: In the background of many chapters, it's shown that Vy often clings to the clothes hems of either Robin, Arturia, or Achilles in times of anxiety, even defaulting to Telepathy with them on occasion due to their being the first Servants she Grailed. None of them mind, and in some side stories, Robin is shown to encourage Vy taking a hold of No Face May King to get his attention should she need it. This isn't exclusive to the Servants either; Day 26 shows how Vy even did this to Dr. Roman, hanging onto his lab coat sleeves and leaning into him for balance when she was too tired to do much else.
  • "Shut Up" Kiss: During their Intimate Healing in Extra Day 4, Robin kisses Vy when she is in the middle of nervously responding to a passing quip he made about her being like Little Red Riding Hood, both to ease her into the action for the mana transfer to properly take place and because he found himself liking the feeling that came with kissing her.
  • Spared, but Not Forgiven: Unlike Ritsuka in FGO canon, there are just some things Vy cannot forgive throughout the story's events:
    • In Day 20, the trope is implied to be the main reason why Vy wanted to summon Caster Da Vinci back to Chaldea, because Goredolf's dismissal of her death in front of Mash while the Shadow Border escaped the Bleaching of the World was just too much for her.
    • Day 8 shows a clear example with Yu Mei-ren/the former Akuta Hinako after Lostbelt 3, because in spite of Vy summoning both Gao Changgong and Xiang Yu to give Hinako some friendly company, Vy still hasn't forgiven Hinako for her part in destroying the world and hurting Mash. This is returned in kind by Yu Mei-ren's canonical dislike of Vy for destroying the Chinese Lostbelt.
    • Extra Day 5 shows that, in spite of Vy having sympathy towards Kama's Freudian Excuse, she still invokes Freudian Excuse Is No Excuse when it comes to Kama trying to kill her and involving Chaldea into their plans, preparing to fight Kama with Robin, Arturia, and Achilles anyway. It doesn't stop her from invoking Defeat Means Friendship by her summoning Kama later on, though.
    • Day 13 mentions in passing how Vy and Circe are on bad terms to the point of not speaking to one another due to how Circe took Medea's place in the Rayshift to Salem. Medea was one of Vy's very first Caster Servants that was summoned during Singularity F, so Circe's Identity Impersonator act from canon was not taken lightly. Day 45 fully expands on the relationship, where after Circe makes her introduction, Vy is in a state of barely contained Tranquil Fury, giving Circe a What the Hell, Hero? spiel about selfishly taking Medea's place in a mission that's supposed to save 50,000 people.
    • The Tumblr side story showing the moment when Space Ishtar/Astarte reached Bond 10 revealed the Chaldean Servants holding grudges against the Avenger for her kidnapping of Vy, the narration hinting at Astarte needing a lot of time to make amends to them.
    • Day 56 ends with Passionlip attempting to apologize to Vy for her Brutal Honesty regarding her battle tactics and choices in Grailed Servants, but Vy admits to not being able to forgive her, both because of Lip pushing her Trauma Button and making her doubt why she Grails Servants in the first place. The other Servants share the same sentiment, with Day 55 showing Robin all but spelling out to Passionlip that if she hurts Vy again, he reserves the right not to forgive her just as she hasn't forgiven him for what happened in Fate/Extra CCC.
  • Take Care of the Kids: Dr. Roman invokes a slight subversion at the end of his chapter in Day 26 in a conversation with Robin Hood, both out of worry for Vy and Foreshadowing of what would happen to him in the Solomon Singularity.
    Dr. Roman: "But you know, Archer?"
    Robin: "Hm?"
    Dr. Roman: "Make sure to look out for Vy for me, will you?"
    Robin: "Uh— Where did this come from?"
  • The Heart: Over many chapters, it becomes obvious that Vy is the glue keeping her "Big Seven" of Grailed Servants and the rest of Chaldea together, because whenever she gets hurt, hell is close to freezing over from the whiplash.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Vy has a habit of giving these speeches to those she truly dislikes. Notable is the following she shouted mid-Roaring Rampage of Revenge to Wodime in Atlantis in Day 31:
    Vy: "YOU GAVE UP ON PEOPLE! YOU BETRAYED THE WORLD YOU CAME FROM! YOU STOPPED HAVING FAITH IN THOSE AROUND YOU! WHAT MAKES YOU ANY BETTER FROM THE FOREIGN GOD WHO LEFT OPHELIA — SOMEONE WHO LOVED YOU — TO DIE IN HER LOST WORLD WHILE YOU WATCHED FROM AFAR?! WHEN THE ENEMY — WHEN WE IN CHALDEA WERE THE ONLY ONES WHO TRIED TO SAVE HER?! …How could I lose to you when you don't even care? When you're the same as any other Mage who tried to bring Chaldea down after the Incineration's end? Nothing's changed. You're just the same kind of Mage who left this mess behind that I have to fix because there's no one else. Just like the Marisbury Animusphere who abandoned his own daughter. Don't you even dare talk about being better than Humanity. Because from what I can see, Wodime, you're worse. Asshole."
  • There Are No Therapists: Heavily implied to be in place for Vy after Part 1 is resolved with Dr. Roman's passing. Many of the Servants express worries on how much more Vy can handle because of his absence (not helped by how Vy saw him as a Parental Substitute for her own father), and is a large reason why they formed their True Companions dynamic to begin with. Nightingale's chapter explores the lack of medical professional help because of how she was summoned into Chaldea after Dr. Roman's disappearance, contrasting canon and how she seems to have been summoned by Ritsuka in Part 1. The situation is finally changed for the better in Day 52, where Chiron steps up after a long and bad simulator battle stunt on Vy's part post-Olympus to take care of her and start listening to a lot of the problems she's shouldered since. Because he's been the mentor to so many heroes in Proper Human History, not to mention his time in Fate/Apocrypha, Asclepius even says in another side story Chiron's probably the most qualified to take on the therapist role in Dr. Roman's place.
  • True Companions: Vy's "Big Seven" of Grailed Servants is shown to have become a close-knit group by Day 33, where they're found playing a game of Uno in their own special lounge in Chaldea while passively arguing about what color is best in the deck. It's also how Vy bests Wodime, because they all work so well together in a fight they don't even have to outwardly talk due to the Grails and how long they've been together as a group. Other chapters have shown Arturia, Robin, and Achilles talking via Telepathy to Vy.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Thanks to being part of Vy's Grailed "Big Seven", Robin and Achilles often bicker and snark at each other, with a dash of Bash Brothers coming into play whenever they're fighting together on Vy's behalf in the Lostbelts. Achilles even gets away at teasing Robin about what happened between him and Vy in the Ooku during Day 32, much to Robin's embarrassment.
  • What Measure Is a Non-Human?: Meltryllis is hit hard in Day 21 when Vy presents her with Fullmetal Alchemist-inspired prosthetic legs.
    Vy: "Everyone back in SERAPH kept claiming the Alter Egos were monsters. But to be completely honest, you and Lip are just A.I.s with a few extra parts, that's all. Just like humans who need extra accommodations to live normal lives — not just weapons. I mean, Protea just needs a bigger room and more space to be herself — that's all. And if I can afford glasses and give her a bigger living space, I can also give two of my best Alter Ego friends limbs so that they can walk around like normal girls when there's no missions going on, right?"
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Arturia and Robin give Hektor a talking-to at the end of Day 29 that comes close to an interrogation because of how it was implied he tampered with Vy's summoning session earlier in the chapter to bring Penthesilea to Novum Chaldea just to mess with Achilles. In a rare twist, Hektor takes it with grace, due to being a front-line witness to Vy's Trauma Button around the Queen of Amazons, then admitting the other two Servants have every right to punish him for it.
    • Vy gives her own variation of a speech combined with "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Wodime in Day 44 at the end of Olympus, due to her disagreeing with his plan of making human-god hybrids in the face of all the consequences that could come with such a plan, not to mention his own underestimating of the Foreign God's forces that were already working against him.
    • Passionlip faces three large talking-tos of her own through Days 55 and 56, from Robin, Tamamo Cat, and then Archer Gilgamesh about how her attitude of thinking she's the best and only good Servant for Vy alienated her from the Grailed Big Seven group she was trying to join, not to mention hurt Vy herself.
  • Workaholic: Vy basically is the definition of a workaholic, implied to have gone about working herself silly just to get the Embers and Skill gems to Ascend all the Servants she contracted with. Not to mention get the fighting power to fight Goetia and the Crypters in Parts 1 and 2. It's become a sticking point/prominent first impression for any newcomers to Chaldea's Servant roster.