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One-shot Characters

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    Mr. Ferguson 

Mr. Ferguson

Played By: Brandon Keener

"I could get better dental work in a third world country. A cleaner office, too."

A patient of Roland Pike's.

  • Asshole Victim: What little screentime he has is devoted to making him as big of an unrepentant dickhead as humanly possible. So it's pretty difficult to feel sorry for him when Roland rips his teeth out in the parking lot and leaves him screaming through a mouthful of blood.
  • Jerkass: Oh my lord, yes. He calls Mindy an idiot to her face and Roland's, refuses to pay for his procedures after Roland asks him to calm down, and pisses off Roland enough to get two of his teeth yanked out without anesthetic.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: While he's only onscreen for about two or three minutes, his actions result in the events that lead to Roland's death.


Karl Hanselman

Played By: Robert Picardo

"Next time you're in Cincinnati, come by the gallery, I'll show you my collection. I think you'll be quite surprised."

A gallery owner in Cincinnati who buys Hitler paintings.

  • Good All Along: Hanselman seems very unsettling, smug and creepy considering his hobby is buying Hitler paintings. As it turns out, he was buying those paintings just to burn them to spite his deceased father.
  • White Sheep: His father was a committed Nazi who managed a Karma Houdini but never shed his fascist beliefs. Hanselman despises his old man for this reason, and is motivated by a desire to atone for his father's actions by eradicating his legacy.
    "Publicly, after the war, my father recanted everything the Reich stood for. But he never did in his heart. In private, after some wine, he would say that his years working for Hitler were the best of his life. His proudest achievement was when Hitler selected him to run a team that went through the country, reacquiring the Fuhrer's old paintings. I hated my father. So, this has been my project. I buy Hitler's shitty paintings, and I burn them."


Toby Griffin

Played By: Malik Yoba

A high school friend of Gary Hawkins, and a former Super Bowl champion.

  • Happily Married: He has a loving and committed relationship with his wife, Amanda.
  • I Coulda Been a Contender!: Toby hurt his knee during his football career, ending his future prospects. However, he's mature and accepting of it, acknowledging that it was a difficult time in his life but that he had a good run.
  • Nice Guy: Toby is a pleasant family man and loyal friend.
  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: When Gary gets in deep with the likes of Wynn Duffy, Toby tries to help him out. Unfortunately, Duffy isn't easily intimidated and Toby winds up badly beaten as a result.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: He receives one from Billy Mac, who beats him very badly as retribution for involving himself with Gary's problems.
  • Scary Black Man: Subverted. Toby intentionally plays this to intimidate Wynn Duffy on Gary's behalf, but in reality he's a friendly, considerate fellow and loving family man.
    "You know I miss being the baddest guy on the field sometimes. And when else I get to be T-Bone?"


Delmar Coates

Played By: Richard Lineback

A watch store owner with a reputation for defending himself during armed robberies.

  • Cool Old Guy: He's an older man who's well-respected for his ability to drive away armed attackers from his store.
  • Character Death: Poor Delmar is murdered in cold blood by Fletcher Nix.
  • Shoplift and Die: He's protective of his store to say the least and would fight off armed robbers.


Jackie Nevada
"You just showed your cards."
Played By: Shelly Hennig

The sorority sister of Katrina Adair, who has a crush on Raylan Givens.

  • Missing Mom: Her mother left when she was just a child, leaving her to be raised by her stepfather, Reno. Yep, Reno Nevada.
  • Nerves of Steel: When she finds Jody in her home, she reacts with mild irritation as opposed to the more expected reaction of utter fear.
  • Sherlock Scan: One of her abilities which makes her such a formidable poker player.



Played By: K Callan

The great-aunt of Loretta McCready.

  • The Alcoholic: Implied. When Markham gives her a bottle of bourbon, she pours herself a glass, despite it being early morning.
  • Character Death: Boon shoots her to death on Markham's orders.
  • Good is Not Nice: She's a gritty battleaxe of an old woman who isn't afraid to call out Markham.
  • And Your Little Dog, Too!: Markham orders Boon to shoot her after Loretta undermines his plans for Harlan County.



Shirley Kelso

An erotic dancer and ex-wife of thief Douglas Cooper.

  • Affably Evil: Sure, she's greedy, but she's no killer and is still in love with her husband. She even compliments a hostage on her breast implants. She also sets up Dupree to get killed in revenge for him shooting Cooper.
  • Kissing Cousins: She's sleeping with her cousin, Dupree.
    Cooper: Y'all sleeping together?
    Shirley: We're cousins!
    Cooper: Well, from all the lotions, condoms, and devices I saw sitting on your nightstand, it's clear you're sleeping with somebody.
    Dupree: [awkwardly] Well, it ain't like we're first cousins or anything.
  • May–December Romance: With Douglas Cooper, who's a good deal older than her.


Douglas Cooper

Played By: Chris Ellis

A career criminal and convicted felon. He has been involved in bank robberies and was arrested hours after one such robbery.

  • Affably Evil: Cooper might be a bank robber and felon, but he's pretty even-tempered and genial. He also proves himself to care more about Shirley than his hidden money.
  • Didn't See That Coming: He buried the money in relation to the neighborhood school...but he didn't know in the time he was in jail a second school had been built, and he used the wrong one in relation to his directions for the first attempt.
  • Friendly Enemy: He doesn't hold any enmity with Raylan and is quite pleasant with him even as he has a shotgun trained on the Marshal ready to blow him away if he makes any funny moves. Raylan for his part returns this despite being Mugged for Disguise. They even share a few jokes.
  • No-Nonsense Nemesis: Uses his sidekick from breaking out of jail as the bait to distract Raylan while he comes up from behind with a shotgun, forcing him to drop his guns and kick them back to himself out of reach before closing the distance, which works like a charm. He then takes Raylan's wallet, badge and hat and has Raylan handcuff himself where he can see him.



Played By: Johnny Sneed

A cousin and lover of Shirley Kelso.

  • Jerkass: At first he just comes off as a jerk, and then he shoots Cooper after they fail to find the money at the first house, shoots the husband of the couple that found the money in their house, and then starts a hostage situation.
  • Kissing Cousins: He has an incestuous sexual relationship with his cousin, Shirley.
    Cooper: Y'all sleeping together?
    Shirley: We're cousins!
    Cooper: Well, from all the lotions, condoms, and devices I saw sitting on your nightstand, it's clear you're sleeping with somebody.
    Dupree: [awkwardly] Well, it ain't like we're first cousins or anything.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Shoots Cooper after they fail to find the money at the first house, especially since he revealed how he hid the money in relation to the neighborhood school (unaware there were two now and that he used the wrong one first).



Played By: Erin Cardillo

A waitress at the restaurant that fixer and bookmaker Arnold Pinter uses as his headquarters.


Curtis Mims

Played By: Page Kennedy

A debt collector for bookmaker Arnold Pinter and an aspiring gardener.

  • Big Bad Wannabe: He considers himself a badass, and he cuts an intimidating figure but he's backed down by Raylan and is later dispatched rather easily by Travers.
  • Blood Knight: When he learns that Raylan is involved, he becomes a little distracted by the appealing idea of a movie-style face-off.
  • Character Death: He's murdered by his cohort Travers.
  • Greed: When Mims finds out about the $10,000 coming his way, he lies to his cohorts about the amount.
  • To the Pain: When he threatens Travers.
    Mims: Now, I told you that I used to be a gardener, learned grounds beautification in Angola. Thing I loved doing the most was pruning, kind of like you need around here. So, I'm saying, if you don't come up with the $18,000 by, say, day after tomorrow, then I'm gonna start pruning things on you. I'm gonna start with your ear and then maybe your fingers and your toes, and we'll see where that leads.
    Travers: You know, what's funny is that experts say that torture don't really work.
    Mims: It does when I do it.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Mims really has only himself to blame for his death; after spending the entire episode threatening Travers in one way or another, he gives the man a gun to play a game of showdown with the man. Travers takes the opportunity presented.
  • Torture Technician: In his To the Pain speech, he makes it very clear he has experience torturing others.


Travis Travers

Played By: Greg Cromer

An ex-convict who served time for statutory rape. He is in $15,000 of debt to bookmaker Arnold Pinter after a series of bad bets.


Mindy Springer

Played By: Michele Nordin

Pike's receptionist and lover who agrees to run away with him.

  • Attempted Rape: A coyote who Roland employs to smuggle Mindy and himself across the border tries to force himself on Mindy as "payment", but Roland kills him before he carries out his rape.
  • Dumb Blonde: Mindy isn't stupid exactly, but she's naive and rather dim. She's most certainly not cut out for life on the run.
  • The Load: As lovely as she is, Mindy is extremely detrimental to Roland's attempt to escape the Marshals.
  • May–December Romance: With Roland; the age difference between Michele Nordin and Alan Ruck is 24 years.


Stan Perkins

Played By: Eddie Jemison

A tenant in Helen's former home and a drug dealer.

  • Butt-Monkey: Nothing seems to go right for Stan Perkins.


Caryn Carnes

Played By: Katherine LaNasa

The wife of Owen Carnes who conspires with Greg and David to kill him to keep her money.

  • Golddigger: The entire reason she married Owen in the first place.


Greg Davis

Played By: Brett Cullen

A horse trainer who works for the Carnes, Caryn's lover and Owen's killer.

  • Crime After Crime: Raylan convinces him to make a Heel–Face Turn after pointing out that Greg's newfound life of crime will never end.
    Raylan: I saw her new husband today, Gary. Six years ago, when they hooked up, he thought I might shoot him. I told him today I was never gonna. Truth is, I thought about it. With what I know, how police work, probably could've gotten away with it, too. You want to know why I didn't do it?
    Greg Davis: I'm guessing you want me to say I do.
    Raylan: I realised I might have to kill Winona, too, which, at the time, wasn't that unthinkable. But then, what if like a neighbour saw? I'd have to kill him or her, too. And where would it end? Nowhere good. Like, suppose right now you had a gun in your hand, finger on the trigger, and you had the inclination. As good as I am, it'd be tough for me to clear my holster before you put one in me. Hard to miss at that distance. But if you did that, where would it end?
  • Heel–Face Turn: Greg's conscience gets the better of him, and after a conversation with Raylan he decides to turn himself in and help arrest Caryn.
  • Love Makes You Evil: He doesn't care much about the money, he just wants to please Caryn who he genuinely loves.
    " I don't care about money. We got by before. We'll get by again."


David Mortimer

Played By: Tony Hale

An art buyer for Owen who schemes with Caryn and Greg to kill Owen.

  • Bad Liar: In his interview with Tim he comes across as incredibly suspicious.


Owen Carnes

Played By: Peter Jason

A embezzler who is under federal indictment with the FBI, U.S. Marshals, and IRS.

  • Boom, Headshot!: Greg shoots him in the side of the head.
  • Character Death: He's shot in the side of the head by Greg Davis at the behest of his trophy wife, Caryn.
  • Evil Old Folks: Owen is in his older age, in addition to being an embezzler who owns Hitler paintings.
  • May–December Romance: With the much younger Caryn, although romance doesn't figure in it too much.
  • Never Suicide: His murder is staged to look like a suicide.
  • Not Quite Dead: A point-blank gunshot to the temple does not immediately kill him, scaring the hell out of Greg when he begins to move.
  • Politically Incorrect Villain: It isn't explicitly stated, but the man does buy Hitler paintings and originally had no intention of selling them on. His defence that it's to be close to history seems rather weak. Add in the fact that his wife is disdainful of "Jew lawyers", and there's plenty to imply he's a Nazi sympathizer or at least has anti-Semitic leanings.
  • Trophy Wife: He has one in the form of Caryn Carnes, a beautiful young blonde.



Played By: James Immekus

A spotter for Mr. Duke and would-be-killer of Raylan and Ava.

  • Bring My Brown Pants: Red wets himself while being tormented by Mr. Duke.
  • The Load: To Mr. Duke and Hunter Mosley; their plan would've gone much more smoothly if it wasn't for Red's utter failure. His lack of restraint and sheer idiocy causes the entire plan to fall apart.
  • Spanner in the Works: Red attacks Raylan and Ava when he was supposed to just be a spotter, and his resulting failure puts Raylan on high alert and robs Mr. Duke of the chance for a (presumably more professional) attempt on his life.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Although he somehow manages to survive, Red really shouldn't have. He's ridiculously stupid to near-Dewey Crowe levels and constantly fucks up.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Mr. Duke and Miami considered him a loose end to be wrapped up, but Hunter killed Mr. Duke first.


Cal Wallace

Played By: W. Earl Brown

A prisoner on his way to a maximum security facility who causes a scene at the Marshals office and holds two guards hostage.

  • Affably Evil: Wallace might be a dangerous and remorseless convict, but he's surprisingly personable and honest. Nor does he make excuses for his life of crime.
    Raylan: So, as part of establishing a rapport with the subject, am I supposed to weep with him over all the unsympathetic parole boards who refuse to release him back into society, when he clearly poses it no further danger?
    Cal Wallace: To tell you the truth, I wouldn't put me back on the street, either. I am dangerous.
  • Bait-and-Switch: At one point during the standoff, the Marshall’s notice a tattoo of his bearing the name “Simone” and ask him the backstory, Wallace states it’s his daughter and asks if they could contact her for him… Before laughing and revealing it’s instead the name of the first man he killed.
  • Deadpan Snarker: It seems like he spent most of his prison time thinking up of clever things to say for his hostage situation.
  • The Dog Bites Back: His entire hostage situation is a result of the sadistic guards who would regularly torture him by taking away his toilet paper, don't let him shower for a week and feed him "juke cakes" made up of an entire subpar prison meal, blended into a paste and then baked.
    Raylan: That why you're doing this? Screw with the guys who screw with you?
    Cal Wallace: Maybe I plan on cutting the throats of the men that screwed with me.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Wallace might be a thug, but even he doesn't think it's right to grift people out of welfare checks like Arlo did.
  • Friendly Enemy: Cal gradually becomes this with Raylan, who he enjoys talking with during the hostage situation. He respects that Raylan doesn't lie to him and even finds him to be funny.
  • Food as Bribe: How Raylan eventually gets him to release the hostages and surrender. Bribing him with meals of fried chicken, bourbon and whatever else he fancies for the 3 days he’ll be transported between the Marshall’s office and prison, generally promising to treat him like a human being.


Virgil Corum

Played By: Sean Bridgers

"This is my courtroom and you are overruled!"

A marijuana grower looking to assassinate Reardon in an attempt to be killed himself to provide life-insurance for his family.

  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: "Evil" is a strong word for Virgil, but he's an attempted murderer and he was largely motivated by a desire to save his family from poverty.
  • Revenge: Virgil wants to kill Judge Mike Reardon in revenge for his exceedingly harsh sentence, but it isn't actually his primary motivation.
  • Suicide by Cop: He planned to die at Raylan's hand while killing Mike Reardon, thus leaving his family with the life insurance payments. However, Raylan isn't the trigger-happy Rabid Cop Virgil thinks he is and Virgil survives their encounter.
  • "Well Done, Dad!" Guy: His relationship with his son is very difficult; his kid appears to hate him even though Virgil is trying his best.


Jamie Berglund

Played By: Sarah Jones

A pregnant inmate who is in on a scheme to sell her baby on the black market, but has a change of heart.

  • Distressed Damsel: When she realizes just what Jess Timmons' actual plan is, she tries to escape. Unfortunately, in her condition she's unable to and remains a prisoner.



Played By: James Jordan

  • Character Death: Van is shot to death by Jess Timmons.
  • Heel–Face Door-Slam: His conscience gets the better of him, and he tries to rescue Jamie. Unfortunately, he isn't quite tough enough and is killed by Timmons.


Jess Timmons

Played By: David Sullivan

A conspirator in the black market scheme that paid Glenn Cosgrove to have sex with Jamie.

  • Boom, Headshot!: Tim shoots him in the "apricot", smattering his brains all over the wall behind him.
  • Character Death: While holding Jamie hostage, Tim takes aim and shoots him right through the head.
  • Evil Redhead: A red head and a bloodthirsty monster.
  • Jerkass: Few words can describe how deeply unpleasant Jess Timmons is. He's smug, sadistic, needlessly cruel and an asshole to boot.
  • Sadist: He takes obscene pleasure in the suffering of others.
  • The Sociopath: Even Raylan, who deals with vicious criminals on a daily basis, is utterly disgusted by Jess Timmons. Dealing with the sick son of a bitch clearly gets to him.
  • Smug Snake: Jess is very confident in his ability to escape the situation he's created unscathed. Tim disabuses him of that ridiculous notion with a Boom, Headshot!.
  • Would Hurt a Child: He presses a gun to a heavily pregnant woman's belly and threatens to kill them both. Considering the type of person Timmons is, it's unlikely to be an idle threat.


Clinton Moss

Played By: Larenz Tate

The brother-in-law of Rachel Brooks, former husband of Shaunee Moss, and father of Nick Moss.

  • Anti-Villain: He's not really a villain, but his temper and impulsiveness causes him a lot of problems.
  • Crime After Crime: From the moment he leaves the halfway house without permission, he commits a variety of crimes to remain free and get to his son.


Ralph "Flex" Beeman

Played By: Chadwick Boseman


Frank Reasoner

Played By: Scott Wilson

A legendary bank robber in eastern Kentucky during the early 1970s whose case was Art Mullen's first case as a US Marshal.

  • Affably Evil: Frank might be an amoral bank robber, but he's far from a bad guy. He doesn't hurt innocent people and despises the likes of Carter Hayes.
  • Badass Boast: He gives one to Carter Hayes, a dim-witted sociopathic underling.
    "I got you figured. You did most of your growing up in those juvie-detention gladiator schools. I guess Bobby didn't tell you I was the bench-press champion at Lewisburg. The next time you make me raise my voice, I'm gonna take this oxygen tank, and I'm gonna beat your ass to death with it."
  • Friendly Enemy: To Art. When they speak, it comes across as two old friends lamenting their age rather than any kind of genuine rivalry. Neither wants to hurt the other, leading Art to chase him on his bad knees rather than put a bullet in him.
  • I Know Mortal Kombat: His plan was to fly off in a plane to the Caribbean...that he learned to fly via extensive playing of flight simulators, or "video games" as his wife put it. Art didn't put two and two together until he actually saw what "games" he was playing, and when asked Frank admits he was willing to give it a shot for a Tropical Epilogue to his long life.
  • The Mentor: To Bobby Green, but certainly not to Carter Hayes.
  • Retired Outlaw: When Hayes tries to bully him around, Frank makes it abundantly clear that he isn't to be trifled with. Age has done little to stop this bank robber from being a tough son-of-a-bitch.


Carter Hayes

A friend of Bobby Green's since they were in "reform school" when they were kids. Bobby Green recruits Carter Hayes for Frank Reasoner's return to crime.

  • Jerkass: Hayes is a vile excuse for a human being; crass, rude and disrespectful.
  • Kick the Dog: His first on-screen act is this, when he robs Winona and stomps on her face. He then needlessly shoots a random bank employee in the leg.
  • Sadist: Hayes is distinguished from Bobby by his blatant love of violence.
  • Smug Snake: He's very pleased with himself for some reason, and believes completely that he'll make it as a criminal mastermind. His big scheme? Strapping road flares to his chest and pretending they're explosives. It earns him a well-deserved punch to the face.


Bobby Green

Played By: Chris Coy

A younger offender who once shared a cell with Frank Reasoner while he was serving his sentence, who is recruited by Frank Reason and who brings along his childhood friend, Carter Hayes.

  • Anti-Villain: He's a criminal, but he's far from the worst person Raylan has had to deal with. He's really just in over his head.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: Raylan correctly assumes that, between Bobby and Hayes, Bobby is the smart one. He requests his surrender, and Bobby immediately obeys.
  • Nice Guy: Despite being a bank robber, Bobby is likable and considerate. He's just a little weak-willed is all, and Frank considers him to be a good kid.


Terry Powe a.k.a. Walter Vondas

Played By: Frank John Hughes

A witness in the Marshal Witness Protection Program who decided to get back into the fold by killing his handler and selling the location of another witness.

  • Animal Motifs: Powe collects reptiles, but they all starve to death because he doesn't know what to feed them. He gives the dead ones to the big snake to eat. Not only does this allude to his own cold-blooded, reptilian nature but serves as a nice analogy for his own crime of betraying fellow witnesses to a mobster.
  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: He betrayed his criminal organization by turning witness, and when he decided he wanted back in, he betrayed the Marshals (which included killing his handler).
  • Dirty Coward: He's entirely concerned with his own self-preservation and frequently betrays others for his own benefit.
    Art: So, the only people you intended to hurt were your fellow protectees people in the exact same position as you, living scared every day of their lives. Except that maybe some of them were in the Witness Protection program 'cause they wanted to do the right thing and not because they were a sniveling, murdering, piece of shit, like you, who just wanted to stay out of jail.
  • Faux Affably Evil: He tries to be disarming and buddy-buddy, but he's such a repulsive snake that he leaves a bad taste in the mouth.
  • The Sociopath: Powe killed people for a living, and even murdered a man who was protecting him so he could give up the location of other witnesses. In addition, he collects reptiles but thoughtlessly lets them starve to death.
  • Ungrateful Bastard: Nichols protected him from his own terrible, cowardly and evil choices...and Powe tortured and killed him with barely a thought.


Wally Beckett

Played By: Eric Ladin

A henchman of Glen Fogle.

  • The Dog Bites Back: When Fogle is promised a cushy deal in exchange for giving up Wynn Duffy, Wally is outraged and turns his gun on him.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Wally might be a sadistic jerk, but even he is disturbed by the depth of Fogle's evil.
  • Evil Redhead: He has light red hair and is a fairly nasty petty criminal.
  • Giggling Villain: During Fogle's game of Harlan Roulette, Wally is snickering away with a big grin and urging his boss on. He stops laughing when Fogle actually kills one of his underlings, though.
  • Mutual Kill: With his boss, Glen Fogle.
  • Sadist: He gets a huge charge out of seeing Fogle torment his underlings, although his sadism doesn't extend to the point of enjoying seeing them die.



Played By: Maggie Lawson

"It's a real shame Marshal, something tells me we could have had fun."

A nurse and the manipulative girlfriend of Lance.

  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: When she first appears, Layla comes across as so charming, beautiful and witty that even Raylan is fooled. She later reveals her true colours as a remorseless murderer heavily involved in an organ-harvesting scheme.
  • Character Death: She has the dubious honor of being the first woman Raylan kills.
  • Consummate Liar: Even Raylan, who can usually sniff out lies with some skill, is fooled entirely by Layla's act.
  • Deadly Doctor: Layla's a nurse as opposed to a doctor, but all the same, she's a dangerous medical professional.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Her quick wit adds to her charm.
  • Faux Affably Evil: She's so good at faking affability that she has everyone fooled, but once she drops the act, she's much more of a smug jerk.
  • Hospital Hottie: Her natural beauty helps with being The Vamp.
    Raylan: Local girl. Cute as a pailful of kittens.
  • Manipulative Bitch: She successfully manipulates Lance and even Raylan for a brief time.
  • More Deadly Than the Male: She's 100 times more ruthless and deadly than her boyfriend/cohort Lance.
  • The Sociopath: She doesn't care about anything but herself; she even kills her boyfriend Lance without a hint of remorse.
  • The Vamp: She uses her beauty and charm to manipulate Lance and Raylan.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Layla murders Lance when he stops being an asset.

    The Truth Family 

The Truth Family

Played By: Beth Grant, Ted Welch, Jessa French, Ethan Jamieson & Daryl Crittenden

A family of brash, unkempt criminals headed by Mother Truth.

  • Asshole Victim: The real Waldo Truth. Before he disappeared, he was an abusive husband and an adulterer. Mother Truth was happy to see him go.
  • Corruption of a Minor: The Truths give 13 year-old Milo a handgun because they "agreed it was time."
  • Dead Person Impersonation: After the real Waldo goes off with Drew Thompson, never to return, Harold Shawn assumed Waldo's identity so that the Truths could keep collecting Waldo's disability checks.
  • Domestic Abuse: The real Waldo physically abused Mother before his disappearance.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: One of the Truth family's few redeeming features is their fierce protectiveness of each other. Mother Truth diffuses the standoff between the marshals and Jud, Nelly, and Trick because she fears that her nearby grandchildren will get caught in the crossfire if a gunfight erupts.
  • The Family That Slays Together: Almost every member of the Truth household has an extensive criminal record. Even 13 year-old Milo spent time in juvenile detention for urinating on a cop.
  • Hands-Off Parenting: Mother Truth doesn't seem too perturbed by her children and grandchildren's casual gun use, drug use, or criminal activities.
  • Ironic Name: The Truth family has been living a lie for over thirty years: the real Waldo Truth hasn't been seen in years, and Harold has been impersonating him.
  • Shout-Out: Word of God says that the Truths were inspired by the eponymous family in The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia.
  • Southern Gothic: The entire family reeks of this atmosphere.
  • Too Dumb to Live / Stupid Crooks / Refuge in Audacity: What else do you call people who are ready to enter a gunfight with children just a few feet away? Who relish the idea of a gunfight with three federal marshals? Who use illegal drugs in the presence of three federal marshals? Who repeatedly get caught and arrested over and over again?
    Elder Truth Brother: Oh, I got the glaucoma.
    • The Refuge in Audacity part seems to have been inherited from their patriarch Waldo, who met his wife by hitting on her when she was already married to someone else.

    John & Grady 

John & Grady

Played By: Salvator Xuereb & Lew Temple

Grady: And if I'd have known you'd turned into a bona fide psychopath with all that time in the joint, I wouldn't have asked you to help out.
John: Well, if I had known you'd turned into a bona fide pussy, I wouldn't have said yes.

A two criminals who are holding Josiah Cairn hostage, trying to make money off his capture as they believe him to be the real Drew Thompson.

  • Co-Dragons: To Sonya Gable, although John becomes Dragon-in-Chief fairly fast.
  • Improvised Weapon: John attacks Raylan with an aerosol and a blowtorch, creating a flamethrower.
  • Jerkass: Both of them, but particularly the needlessly violent John who clips his toenails in Grady's garage without permission.
  • Psycho for Hire: John is a dyed-in-the-wool psychopath.
  • Stupid Crooks: Neither one of them are particularly bright. For example, Grady tries to escape through a locked door. In his own house.
    Raylan: You picked a couple winners here, darling. Which one's your client?
    Sonya: The dumb one.
    Raylan: That don't narrow it down.


Kenneth "Kenny" Flix

Played By: Michael Gladis

An aspiring filmmaker and an accomplice of Jody Adair's who helps him escape custody when he is captured by Mitch and Sharon Edmunds.

  • Covert Pervert: Perhaps not so covert considering he's later revealed to be a director of porn in addition to his regular films, but he does snatch Jackie Nevada's panties while he and Jody scope out her place.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: He's shocked by Jody's brutal murders of Mitch and Sharon.
  • Fat Bastard: An overweight, slovenly criminal.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: You have to hand it to Kenneth; he's an idiot, but not as big an idiot as Jody when it comes to dealing with the authorities. He willingly gives himself up without a struggle.
  • Stupid Crooks: Part of why he gets caught is his vanity plate, which gives his name.


T.C. Fleming

Played By: TJ Linnard

A computer hacker who hacked a backgammon website, claiming it was seized by the Marshals and he owed Larry Salmeron $250,000.

  • Jerkass: Fleming is just a basic piece of shit.
  • Politically Incorrect Villain: He makes frequent sexist and misogynistic remarks to his girlfriend.
  • Smug Snake: Fleming is smart, and actually does manage to evade Raylan for a little while, but he's still not quite as smart as he thinks he is.



Played By: William Forsythe

  • Affably Evil: Michael is dangerous, but also polite and his motivations are largely understandable.
  • Papa Wolf: To his unnamed and unseen son, who Jack put in a coma.
  • Revenge: He's tracking down Jack Anderson out of revenge for putting his son in a coma.


Elmont Swain

Played By: Muse Watson

The husband of inmate Elena Swain, and was responsible for murdering Rowena's drug smuggling partner, Vernon, after his wife died of a drug overdose.

  • Character Death: Rowena orders Ava to order Boyd to order Jimmy to kill him, which Jimmy does.
  • Crusading Widower: After his wife died, he took revenge on the drug smuggler responsible.
  • Grumpy Old Man: He isn't in the best of moods at the best of times.
  • Revenge: The reason he killed Rowena's partner-in-crime.

    The Wiz 

Lewis Mago A.K.A. The Wiz

Played By: Jake Busey

A crackpot safecracker hired by Wynn Duffy and Boyd Crowder to help figure out how to break inside of the vault located at The Portal.

  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: The guy might be a Cloud Cuckoolander due to all the drugs he has taken but he is still a top notch safe cracker which is why Duffy hires him for important jobs.
  • Character Death: The Wiz is blown to pieces by the explosives he's handling when a cell phone goes off.
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: His speech and demeanor are outlandish.
  • Encyclopaedic Knowledge: Of explosives and safes.
  • Jerkass: He's quite an asshole to both Duffy and Boyd.
  • Kavorka Man: Despite his strange appearance and demeanor, he has an attractive wife.
  • Ludicrous Gibs: While he's holding a handful of explosives, they accidentally explode. The Wiz is instantly reduced to chunky salsa, which completely coats Boyd and Duffy nearby.
  • Safecracking: His specialty is breaking into safes but unlike the usual portrayals he uses drills and explosives to accomplish this.
  • Too Dumb to Live: In a deleted scene, it's revealed that the cell phone responsible for setting off his explosives and killing him was actually his own; his wife called him.


Bridget Mago

Played By: Rebekah Brandes

The wife of crackpot safecracker Lewis Mago (who was attempting to help Boyd Crowder and Wynn Duffy find a way to break inside of the bank vault located at The Portal).

  • Ugly Guy, Hot Wife: She's very attractive compared to her dishevelled, crazy, drug-addled husband.