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Anthony Russell “Tony” Hale (born September 30, 1970 in West Point, New York) is an American actor, known for roles like Buster Bluth on Arrested Development, Gary on Veep, and a Volkswagen commercial.

He became a fairly prominent voice actor in the 2010s, being most known for the voice of Forky in the Toy Story series. He also voices the lead in Archibald's Next Big Thing, based on a children’s book he wrote.

Live-Action Filmography:

Voice Acting Roles:

Tropes in his career:

  • Typecasting: As he tells NPR, he's become most known for playing affable doormats or butt monkeys — not just his two most famous live-action roles on Arrested Development and Veep, but also Henpecked Husband Jerome on A Series of Unfortunate Events and hapless asshole Agent Suggs in The Road Chip.