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"You were decieved, and now your Republic shall fall!
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  • Each of the cinematic trailers showcases a Moment of Awesome for one of the factions.
    • Some of Gnost Daral's videos tell you of others during the war. For instance: Master Allusis and his badly outnumbered army (numbering about 4,000 including several dozen Jedi) caused a Sith army numbering about 50,000 a Pyrrhic Victory to take the world, fighting to the last man. There's also Hylo Visz leading a fleet of other smuggler ships against a Mandalorian battle fleet and winning with help from Republic reinforcements.
    • Nearly everything Darth Malgus does in the "Deceived" trailer is one big Moment of Awesome. He takes out seven Temple guards in no time flat, doesn't even flinch while the shuttle crashes behind him, gives a terrifying Kubrick Stare after the Sith Warriors reveal themselves, carves up, strangles, and electrocutes every Jedi he can reach with only Ven Zallow coming close to defeating him (which is an MOA for Zallow), and pulls off an Unflinching Walk away from the burning Jedi Temple and the carnage he himself incited, raising his hood as he goes.
    • The "Hope" Trailer. When Satele Shan ignited her lightsaber... then ignited its second blade.
      • Let us not forget everything Jace Malcom does. He punches out Sith.
      • He's not even the first one to do it. Right after the Sith warriors first appear with their sabers ignited, an unnamed trooper immediately floors one with a hip throw, and then that is immediately followed by another unnamed trooper bashing a second Sith in the face with the butt of his rifle.
      • Satele pulling a Bare-Handed Blade Block against a lightsaber via the Force, then blasting Darth Malgus through a mountain.
      • Malgus takes a lot of shit in this trailer including an explosive round to the body, a thermal detonator going off next to his head, being thrown against a mountain, then having said mountain brought down on top of him - still doesn't stop him kicking ass later on in the war.
      • Jace also pulls a knife on a Sith. While being Force Lightninged. It's possibly the single most badass moment in the whole franchise.
    • The "Return" trailer has one for each main character.
      • Nico Okarr's Unflinching Walk while gunning down several Sith soldiers.
      • Jace firing at Darth Vindican with his rocket launcher.
      • The entire Jedi/Sith fight. Especially the part where Malgus was about to cut Satele down. Master Darach throws his own lightsaber to deflect Malgus' and save her, gambling that Vindican, who was between them, would duck instead of blocking it.
      • And, within that fight, Darach Dual Wielding both his own lightaber and Satele's double-bladed lightsaber as he makes his Last Stand. He even manages to fatally wound Vindican and almost won the fight had Malgus not grabbed his downed master's lightsaber for some Dual Wielding of his own.
      • Malgus almost seems to be held back by having to fight with Vindican - he handily defeats Satele in the opening moments of the fight and would have killed her if not for Darach. Compared to having to work in tandem with his master against Darach, which almost gets him killed. However the moment Malgus goes against Darach alone he demolishes him in seconds
      • The ending:
    Malgus: They've escaped, Master. You failed.
    Vindican: No, Malgus. This... is only the beginning!
    Malgus: Yes, after a thousand years, Korriban is ours again. Welcome home! (kills Vindican)
  • For Imperial players, on Hoth you can become an honourary member of the "Bane Brigade", after running a False Flag Operation and causing so much havoc on the planet that the Republic become convinced they're Back from the Dead.
  • On Imperial Hoth, the Ortolan plant supervisor Ooren Tai gets one. First the little guy stands up to a Republican soldier who is pointing a blaster at him, then, cool as ice, he starts to negotiate a new contract with the Imperial player (particularly impressive when you play a Sith). All while he is alone, unarmed and surrounded by hevaily armed soldiers from both sides.
  • On Imperial Belsavis, the planet's mission series revolves around freeing the Dread Masters, six extremely powerful Sith who serve the Emperor directly. When you release them, they kill an Esh-ka without laying a finger on him, through their battle meditation. Dread Master Raptus then boasts that nothing can contain them, to which you can point out that they were just contained. The Masters turn their Agony Beam of fear on you, bringing you to your knees, as Raptus commands you to respect them. However, if you're a Sith Warrior or Inquisitor, you have the dialogue option "I bow to no one", which makes your character overcome their collective power to stand up and declare, "You cannot scare me." This is apparently a first for the Dread Masters; they don't bother you further, and Raptus admits that you're strong. You didn't just defy a supreme Sith Lord and live - you defied all six of the Emperor's chosen Sith, lived, and freaked them out a bit.
  • The entire Republic Corellian campaign, across all four classes, which ends with the Empire thrown back from the Core Worlds, having lost seemingly half the Dark Council and 10% of its entire military strength. Talk about Awakening the Sleeping Giant. And not just that, the running theme in the Republic Corellia arc is that, while the Corellian Council was content to sell their people to the Empire, the people of Corellia are absolutely, completely loyal, and wage a very successful resistance that gives the Republic their chance to reclaim the planet. In the span of a couple months, the Republic goes from suffering a shocking route in one of their greatest planets to scoring a decisive and glorious victory, turning the tide of the entire war and bolstering morale across the Galaxy, all because the common citizenry had faith in their leadership, and delivered when they needed them most. After an entire game of hearing characters lambasting the Republic for being weak and ineffectual, Corellia proves they still have it in them to fight the good fight.
  • The solo version of the Revan fight - Enemy Within. Your character has roped Imperial and Republic leadership alike into a most badass case of Enemy Mine that reads like a who's-who of every major NPC in the game! We're talking Darth Marr, Grandmaster Satele, Theron Shan, Lana Beniko, Shae Vizla, among others and it's all of you against Revan's dark half. It is every bit as awesome as it sounds, since he puts up the kind of epic fight that will be talked about in Mandalorian sagas and Sith and Jedi holocrons alike.
    • The Yavin IV landscape is quite interesting while you're questing, as you frequently encounter Sith and Jedi, or Imperial and Republic soldiers, working side by side with no sign of tension. There's some debates back at camp, but they don't go beyond spirited arguments.
  • Theron gets an understated, off-screen one. The guy gets kidnapped by Revanites and tortured for however long it took the Player Character to storm the base...and he busts out and fights through half their forces before the PC finds him. Keep in mind he was injured, alone, and unarmed except for a shotgun at the time.
  • The Battle of Odessen is when the tide is turned against the Eternal Empire, but the reason it happens at all is due an understated one from a side character, Juvard Illip Oggurobb: the development of planetary shields, that could resist the until then unstoppable Eternal Fleet.

    Jedi Knight Storyline 
  • The forging of your first lightsaber. After questing through Tython and defeating your Master's treacherous former Padawan, you get a cool cutscene of your lightsaber being put together piece by piece accompanied by music from Return of the Jedi. It's a pretty awesome payoff. (For those who know where in the film that piece comes from, it's a little jarring in the scenic dissonance, but the music itself is still pretty badass.)note 
  • On Nar Shaddaa, killing the monstrous Lord Sadic. Especially if you convince Agent Galen to help you.
  • On Tatooine as a Light Side Jedi Knight, you can convince Lord Praven that everything he was taught about the Jedi was a lie, and get him to apply to the Jedi Order.
  • Kira breaking the Emperor's hold and expelling him from her mind.
    Kira: The Dark Side won't control my life anymore! I AM A JEDI!
    • Kira's Moment of Awesome is even more so if you played through the Consular's story. Kira managed a feat that not even a senior Jedi Council member was able to accomplish on the first try: kick "daddy" Emperor to the curb for good.
  • The final duel on Alderaan involves fighting an invisible opponent by smell as a superweapon in orbit randomly opens fire down on you.
  • On Voss, Tala-Reh's Heroic Sacrifice to take down Sel-Makor, the entity of evil on Voss. She walks towards death head held high as it screams about how it cannot believe a mere mortal is going to kill it.
    • Also a meta one. For once you are not the hero, Tala-Reh is. The Big Bad of the arc has finally revealed itself, and you have to step aside to allow someone else to fight it. For a story as straightforwardly heroic as the Jedi Knight one, it's quite a twist.
  • Victory over the Emperor. Not only you retaliate for fellow Jedi Masters who got Mind Raped on your last attempt to fight him, not only you cripple the Sith Empire by taking down its leader, messiah and creator — you succeed where Revan and Exile failed. It gets subverted when you find out that Emperor still exists as a Force spirit, but Darth Marr muses that you might have given him the strongest beating in his entire existence.
  • The Dark Side choice after the final boss battle. Rather than spare the Emperor, you telekinetically pummel him and crush him with a stone pillar - all while the main theme of the game is playing in the background. Sure, it was just his avatar, but it shows that Evil Is Cool can apply to a Jedi as well.
  • Tol Braga comes off as really naive in his attempt to redeem the Emperor to the light side of the Force, but you have to know his backstory to understand why he's such a diehard believer in Rousseau Was Right: he redeemed a member of the Dark Council and convinced the man, Darth Sajar, to become his Jedi Padawan. He convinced one of the biggest, baddest Sith Lords in the Galaxy that, not only did it feel great to be a Jedi, but that he was a better teacher than all the Sith in the Empire.

    Jedi Consular Storyline 
  • Creating your lightsaber at the Forge on Tython.
  • Qyzen seeing your prowess in battle against the man who managed to get the drop on him, and him being so awed by this that he believes you're an avatar (Herald) of his goddess, The Scorekeeper. You just made your first lightsaber, and haven't even graduated from Padawan. You're a small, squishy human (or humanoid). And he's old friends with your master. You managed to impress him more than your own master has.
  • The light side ending to planet Alderaan's Act 1 quest. It takes one speech from the Jedi Consular to make all the factions stop bickering and attempt to work towards peace. The dark side ending is equally awesome; the Jedi Consular is appointed a "lord of Alderaan" as a reward for stripping House Teral's rival House Ulgo of its title.
  • Storming Vivicar's ship at the end of Act 1, just you and your companion. Then, when you defeat Vivicar, you can use your Shielding Technique to free Parkanas of Terrak's hold.
  • At the end of Act 1, being appointed the Barsen'thor, or "Warden of the Order," after having single-handedly saved all the Jedi Masters' asses. The Padawan has come quite a way.
    • In addition, what the Consular has done was considered epic enough that they were allowed to create a holocron of themselves describing what happened in the Jedi Archives, capping off Act 1.
  • For that matter, the attack on the Javelin. The Rift Alliance fleet charges in with the whole shebang - Balmorran militia, Voss commandos, Esh-Kha Warriors. Your companion characters are put in charge of entire strike teams. Too bad the whole thing turns out to be a trap, but if you had Tharan black out their communications, your troops still make their getaway and the Imperial trap ends up taking out most of their fleet instead.
    • Of course, unless you took that option (with no indication of needing to take it at the time) it turns into a "Shaggy Dog" Story.
  • Qyzen Fess gets one at the end of his companion quest. After triumphing over a corrupt Clan-Leader-to-be named Veneb, he's appointed the leader of Veneb's former clan.
  • Zenith gets one in his companion quest, either through Light Side or Dark Side methods. He triumphs over corrupt political rivals and wins the election.
  • Defeating the First Son on Corellia, then urging Syo to take control of his body. The boss fight is a bastard, but adding to the awesome is the choice of music: a slightly altered Battle of the Heroes from Episode III.
    Syo Bakarn I am the one who will not allow this, First Son! I know who I am. I am Syo Bakarn, I am a Jedi Master, and you have lost!
  • Nadia gets a Moment Of Awesome when she writes a message to you (if you choose to romance her) that, while it isn't quite as awesome as Jolee Bindo's famous speech from Knights of the Old Republic on the same subject, comes damn close.
    I've been meditating on something. If we marry and start a family—yes, I know things are hectic right now, and there's a lot of decisions to be made, but if we ever do—I wouldn't want to keep it a secret. Almost everything I've studied about the "perils of love" seems to be written by Jedi who've never experienced it themselves. They talk about "uncontrolled passion" and the "fear of loss" like they're poison. But these Jedi never discuss devotion, patience, and compassion. Love's taught me more about those than the rest of my training combined. Those Jedi just dismiss love as "obsession," when love's the opposite and they don't seem to know it. If the Masters are going to claim that emotional attachment is flat-out wrong, I want to know that they've experienced it, and still think that way. Love can make a Jedi less selfish, more humble and more devoted. We're the proof. I wouldn't want to hide that from anyone.—Nadia
  • Really, chapters 2 and 3 are one long CMOA for the Consular, where everything slots neatly into place for the endgame. You start off by killing Darth Lachris on Balmorra, and setting up a free Balmorran government. So now you have the galaxy's largest droid and munitions factories on your side. Through your actions, you get the Rift Alliance to trust your judgement enough to fight the Empire, even if they're still ambivalent about the Republic. Then you manage little things like picking up a Voss Mystic (who would normally never leave Voss, and whose people refuse point-blank to get involved in the Republic/Empire conflict) and his entourage and... oh yeah... there's the Esh-Kha fleet following your ship around. A faction of the species that was so violently genocidal that the Rakata were terrified of them will fight for you. By the time the endgame rolls around and you head to Corellia with your allies in tow, it's not unjustified to feel pretty damn good about yourself.
  • Right off the bat, Master Yuon mentioning that the Consular was stronger in the Force at four years old than she was at fifteen.
  • In several cutscenes, a foe will charge at the Consular, only to be blasted halfway across the room with the Force. And only then does the Consular pull out and ignite their Lightsaber.
  • One for a companion character. Felix Iresso's Establishing Character Moment; he tries to calm down a bunch of jumpy subordinates when one of them pulls a blaster and tries to start a mutiny. Felix calmly snatches the blaster, decks the kid, tells the guy how not to leave himself open like that next time, and talks down the rest of the squad. And then he assigns the would-be mutineer the job of chipping ice off all the communication dishes for a week.

    Trooper Storyline 
  • The trooper storyline is full of daring rescues, fortification assaults and special OPS missions. The awesomeness starts from the prologue, when you alone invade the separatists' base, find out that Havoc Squad have gone rogue and survive a full room of Imperials that are trying to kill you, and since unlike the Smuggler you don't have a companion at this point, it's actually a very tough fight without there being a single elite in sight.
  • Fighting Gearbox on Alderaan. He is riding a walker with missile launchers, and you have to destroy it to win.
  • The assault on the Justice, an Imperial warship in the end of Chapter 1. You and your companion infiltrate the base pretending to be an Imperial, then you go around sabotaging the entire ship. After this, you have to fight your way to the bridge, then to engage Harron Tavus himself. The battle ends with him being neutralized, republic forces coming to secure the ship, and General Garza own congratulations for a well done mission. It's hard not to feel like a real badass in this game.
  • Destroying the Gauntlet in the end of Chapter 2. First of all, it truly feels like a Special Operation, you divide your team and two of them make their way to the bridge, while you and Sergeant Yunn go around slicing computers so to access the core of the ship. Then, you and Tanno Vik advance through the dreadnought, putting bombs in the right places. Finishing it up, you fight an Elite Imperial Commando with a big Gatling gun. When you get out, the combination of the music, the explosion and the epicness makes you feel like Luke Skywalker right after the destruction of the Death Star.
  • The first mission of the third chapter. Basically, you invade a space station full of head of states of the Republic that was taken hostage by the Imperials. You feel like a hero after the daring rescue.
  • The LAST mission of the third chapter, in which you take command of your own squad and two other squads of specialists (One of whom you had saved in a previous mission) to storm the Bastion, a heavily-fortified fortress taken over by an Imperial General. Fighting through your rout while hearing the others fight their way through, only to make it in, take down the General in a tough fight, and escape on a transport ship while Imperial bombers frantically try to stop ANYONE from escaping... is simply glorious.
  • Your companion Elara gets one when you are on Tatooine. At one point, you will have the option to let a wounded Imperial technician leave, or execute him in cold blood on the spot. If you chose the latter, neither Jorgan nor Forex will object. Elara on the other hand? She will attempt to stop you by firmly reminds you of rules of engagement and proper conduct of war. And if you continue to ignore or berate her, she WILL stand up to you, almost to the point of shouting (as a recently transferred sergeant to a lieutenant no less!). It really shows that behind the calm, professional, and regulation obsessed persona, she is a person who holds firm moral convictions and takes her principles seriously, to the point that she isn't afraid to put her entire career and even her life at risk.
  • In the finale, the Trooper's speech to Surpreme Chancellor Saresh if you kept Rakton alive but take the Dark Side dialogue option available to you after that. Here the Surpreme Chancellor is about to use Rakton as a bargaining chip to get thousands of prisoners back in exchange. This is a speech that makes the effin' Surpreme Chancellor back down in dumbstruckness, and gets General Garza to commend you for standing up to her.
    If you give Rakton back to The Empire, then this medal will be meaningless, along with the deaths of countless good soldiers. We might get thousands of people back.. but with Rakton's help, The Empire can kill twice that number in a day. I won't stand for this Chancellor, I won't watch you hand The Empire's deadliest weapon back to them.
  • In Shadow of Revan, Eclipse Squad took out entire Imperial—and in the end, Republic—installations. Havoc Squad wipes them out with no casualties.
  • The Vanguard's moveset in general is hillarious comeuppance to any sith in the general vicinity. See that sith over there hurling force lightning? Introduce him to your Shoulder, Rifle Butt, Armblade, and finally speak his language. Sith coming at you with lightsaber? come at him first, and proceed to beat him to a pulp. Brute Force > The Force.

    Smuggler Storyline 
  • The entire premise for the smuggler is made of CMOA. You are nothing but a normal person living in a universe that is full of people with superpowers that allow them to shoot lighting out of their fingers or throw pieces of the ground at you with telekinetic powers, but you are still able to hold your ground against them. While other non-force users classes such as the Republic Troopers and Imperial Agents are also Badass Normal, they all have special training, equipment, and the backing of one of the two superpowers to help them level the playing field. For the smuggler however, you are a civilian that have nothing but your only skills, determination, wits, and luck, yet you are not only able to take on Jedi, Sith, and elite special forces in a fight, but actually WIN!
  • By the time you've finished Act 3, and thus the Smuggler storyline (so far), you will have united a huge portion of the criminal underworld under your banner, giving you your own private fleet/army/empire. In addition, if you're playing a Light Side Smuggler, you actually get awarded by the Supreme Chancellor with the Senatorial Medal of Service (the highest award the Republic can give to a civilian) for doing this, since your fleet is (unoffically?) allied to the Republic.
    Guss Tuno: Only you could manage to turn taking over the Underworld into a good citizenship award!
  • Though there are no class-specific missions in the new Rise of the Emperor content, as is often the case, the different classes get unique lines of dialogue. Crossing over with funny, when first confronting the Emperor, who is in possession of Master Surro's body, regardless of gender, only the Smuggler can flirt with the biosphere-devouring monster, to his face. He actually shuts up his evil ranting for a moment and just glares.

    Sith Warrior Storyline 
  • On Dromund Kaas, the first mission that Darth Baras sends the Sith Warrior on involves retrieving some cargo, which naturally gets ambushed by two rival gangs, who want to claim the cargo you were sent to obtain. The Sith Warrior can somehow manage to turn them against one another, leading them into a gunfight that wipes out both sides, all while the Sith Warrior smugly watches from the sidelines...
  • At the end of your investigations on Balmorra, you find that a Jedi Knight has recorded all the proof needed to expose Darth Baras's spies. Even defeating her does not stop her from sending the message to the Jedi Council. Cue Lt. Quinn arriving and announcing that he intercepted the message.
    Lt. Quinn: I hate to burst your bubble, Jedi. No, that's a lie; I'm revelling in it. I intercepted your transmission. The Jedi know nothing.
  • Assaulting the House Organa camp on Alderaan is a definite Moment of Awesome for the Warrior. It's the casual nature of how you tear through the last defenders outside the command room that sells it.
    • Later on Alderaan you are confronted by a Jedi Knight protecting two servants with information you need. You can just kill the Jedi... or convince the servants to defect to the Empire, and force the Jedi to just let you leave by refusing to draw your lightsaber in your defense.
    • The dark side choice is no less pleasing. You punt the Jedi away, then simultaneously lift, choke, and snap the necks of the servants. All in under two seconds.
      • It should be noted that said servants are the parents of Jaesa Willsaam, the Padawan the Warrior spends the entire first act chasing.
    • Alderaan is full of these moments. If you choose the Light Side path when dealing with Gesselle Organa you need to hold off an assault on one of her positions. When you arrive you find only a handful of soldiers led by a pathetic officer and a sergeant who is about to cut and run. This leads to a magnificent moment of badassery that is captured perfectly in the cutscene as the Warrior strides towards the enemy while activating their lightsaber.
  • Messing with Jedi as a Light Side Sith Warrior is always fun. Near the end of Chapter One you are confronted by two Jedi, and can successfully drive one off and another to the dark side by quoting the Jedi code at them.
    • Arguably even more fun when you're Dark Side. You, the epitome of evil, can mock these so-called heroes to their faces and expose every flaw in their precious philosophy.
  • The end of Chapter One as a Sith Warrior. You face Nomen Karr, your master's hated foe in single combat. You drive him insane as he fails to defeat you, twisting him to the dark side as he fails again and again. You then can have him patched up enough so you can torture him, dragging his Padawan Jaesa to you in the throes of his agony. Finally, you can corrupt his treasured charge, making her your own apprentice as she strikes down her former master. A Sith at his or her finest, ladies and gentlemen.
    • To add to this, if you're male, you can make Dark Side Jaesa your lover.
    • Light Side is just as cool. You drive Nomen Karr to the dark side by pointing out that you're better than him, that he and Darth Baras are just two old men fighting out an old grudge and quoting the Jedi code at him as he slowly descends into insanity. When Jaesa shows up, the Warrior asks her to look into her master's heart and see the truth, showing how far Karr's fallen. Then the Warrior asks her to look into their own heart, showing only fairness, mercy and compassion. You can top it all off by sending Nomen Karr back to the Jedi Council so they can 'rehabilitate him', which comes across as an epic troll and final humiliation.
      • In some ways this last course of action is even more awesome if you're playing the character as Dark Side. "Yes, I'm as evil as they come, but, guess what, you're just not worth killing."
  • The end of the Sith Warrior story: For Dark Side Sith you kill Darth Baras, either yelling "Glory is mine!" or "I wash the galaxy clean of you.". The Lightside Sith actually banishes him. But in both cases, the Sith Warrior is finally accepted as the Emperor's Wrath! Epicness indeed.
    • This line:
    Warrior: I have never been - nor shall I ever be - your slave.
    • It doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming when you spared the lives of Overseer Tremel and Lord Rathari. The Sith Warrior shows some affection in their voice, like talking to an old master or friend, when asking: "Glad you are still alive, old man. Are you well?". When an all-powerful Sith Lord, second only to the Emperor, actually shows some type of care for someone, knowing how Sith are, it is really heartwarming.
      • It loses a lot of its heartwarming aspect when you remember that either you killed Tremel's daughter or he did and he seems to be fine with it.
    • After being defeated, Darth Baras orders Darth Marr and Darth Ravage to kill you. They both refuse on the grounds that doing so would be defying the Emperor's Wrath. Baras, realizing that he's finally run out of options, is reduced to a sputtering wreck.
  • Freeing the Emperor's Voice from Sel-Makor on Voss. Let's be clear, Sel-Makor is an Eldritch Abomination that the both the Voss and Gormak are terrified off, that is busy trapping one of the most powerful Force-wielders to have ever lived. Plus, fighting his mere avatar in the world mission was already a bitch. Nobody has ever really defeated it. Then it meets you.
  • In the class mission included with the Shadow of Revan expansion, Darth Vowrawn informs you of droids that are tracking your every action. After destroying them and returning to Vowrawn you are instead confronted by one of the Emperor's Hands. who informs you that the droids were there to inform the Emperor and his Servants if you were loyal or not. The Hand proceeds to reprimand you for participating on the Ilum and Makeb campaigns. The conversation ends with you either reaffirming your loyalty, or reaffirming that you are no one's force choking the Hand. And essentially announcing his/her intent of replacing the Emperor

    Sith Inquisitor Storyline 
  • One of the Inquisitor's first class quests involves learning who killed an acolyte. The witness is unwilling to give up the name because the culprit is the apprentice of a member of the Dark Council, and if he does the guy in charge of the interrogation is unwilling to take any action because of that. However, a sufficiently determined Inquisitor – who at this point is basically nothing in the Sith hierarchy – can convince the interrogator that not at least protecting the witness would be cowardly and eventually get the witness shipped off-planet to be apprentice to a Sith on Dromund Kaas.
  • Towards the end of the prologue, Lord Zash gives one. Until now, Overseer Harkun has been giving Ffon—a Sith Pureblood who is the only one in your group worthy to be Zash's apprentice as far as Harkun's concerned—advantages all throughout the trials. When the final trial comes, you find you're competing against Ffon for a relic map, and Harkun's already sent Ffon on ahead. Just when you are about to leave, Zash turns up and informs you and Harkun that she has the details of a previous relic you recovered: details that are important for getting the map, and without them, Ffon doesn't stand a chance. Harkun tries to prevent you recieving the details since it would be unfair to Ffon, and Zash responds, in a voice that makes it clear she knows what Harkun has been doing throughout the trials, points out that being Sith has nothing to do with being fair.
    Overseer Harkun: It's too late. Ffon's already left. You can't just—
    Lord Zash: -Give one acolyte an unfair advantage over the other? Overseer, when has being Sith ever been about being fair?
    • She gets another one when you come back with the map and a loyal Dashade assassin. When you walk in, Ffon is whining about how the mission was impossible. On seeing you with the map, Harkun snatches it from you and gives it to Ffon. Then Zash arrives, tells you to shut up if you protest Harkun's favoritism, and intimidates Ffon into admitting the truth. Then she kills him effortlessly and chews Harkun out for being such an idiot.
  • Here's one: by the end of the storyline, the player, who started as a slave, will have personally become one of the strongest Sith in the galaxy and killed no less than three very powerful Sith: Skotia, Zash, and Thanaton.
  • On Belsavis, while on the planetary quest to rescue the Dread Masters, a group of released aliens decides to wipe out the operations group that's responsible for clearing an escape route, the Inquistor's response can be quite awesome.
    Inquisitor: So the aliens have developed a taste for alien blood. I know just the cure. *lightning crackles along the Inquistor's body*
  • How about the fact that the player can EAT FORCE GHOSTS
  • The killing of Darth Thanaton himself is epic and a half. After multiple fights which tended to end with him running, you finally corner him in front of the rest of the Dark Council. After a long hard battle you finally knock him back. Defiant, he hits you with everything he's got: Lightning strikes down from the ceiling and shoots from his hands, the force whirls around you, sending rubble spinning and blocking any vision of you. For a few moments it seems like he's won... then your eyes glow from within, and with the power of the Force Ghosts you have bound to you, you throw back the energy. Thanaton charges towards you with his saber but it is for naught as you stop him where he stands, and then force him to kneel before you. Battered, beaten, and bruised, Thanaton crawls away... and one of the members of the Dark Council looks down, apologizes, and snaps his neck with the Force.
  • At the very end of the Inquisitor storyline, after you've beaten Thanaton, the ghosts you've bound to yourself show up and demand that you free them as you promised. If you are light side, you can get the following dialogue:
    LS Sith Inquisitor: Is there a way I can help you find peace before you go?
    Horak-Mul: Perhaps. The Jedi are known to redeem ghosts to freedom. But it goes against everything that being Sith stands for.
    LS Sith Inquisitor: Let my light redeem you. (Kneels and focuses. The ghosts begin to glow brighter.)
    Kalatosh Zavros: Unbelievable. I never thought I'd feel like this.
    Ergast: Is this what it's like to truly die?
    Darth Andru: What is it?
    Horak-Mul: (in a voice of great satisfaction) Freedom!
    (The ghosts then disappear, and a great column of light rises from you to the sky.)
    • It could count as a Crowning Moment of Awesome or Heartwarming, but it's pretty cool either way.
  • On Corellia, deciding to use zoo animals to fight Thanaton's guards at the museum! Doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • The Light Side Inquisitor tends to have many awesome moments, due to being the Empire's resident Bunny-Ears Lawyer. They completely avoid the Villain Ball and nearly all of their Light Side decisions come across as shrewd and calculating, allowing them to increase their personal power base, gain powerful allies and earn the respect of many around them. As noted upon their ascension to the Dark Council, this trait has the effect of making them actually more dangerous than power-hungry Sith.
  • During the Kaggath, when Thanaton begins to recite the Sith Code, the Inquisitor (who, you should recall, is a former slave) can remind him not to forget the end.
    Thanaton: Peace is a lie, there is only Passion. Through Passion, I gain Strength. Through Strength, I gain Power. Through Power, I gain Victory!
    • Another interpretation is that this exchange demonstrates that the two are Not So Different, both holding onto the Sith Code as an ideal. Finishing the Sith Code prompts Thanaton, with a soft, remorseful voice, to reply "I wish it hadn't come to this."
  • Xalek gets one before he even joins the Inquisitor's crew. As part of a test, the prospective apprentices have been sent into a tomb for an artifact. Rather than join the treasure hunt, Xalek waits at the academy. As the winning acolyte returns and enters the room where the Inquisitor and Harkun are waiting, Xalek kills his rival in plain view and calmly picks up the artifact and presents it to the Inquisitor. One of the Inquisitor's possible responses boils down to an amused, "I like him!"
  • The Dark Side recruitment of Ashara. Sure, you can take a leaf out of Malak's book and torture her into submission, but it's ever so satisfying to just quietly pull her strings and allow her fears and frustrations to nudge her over the edge. The standout moment is when the Inquisitor has hired assassins to hunt and harry Ashara through the swamps of Taris until she feels completely cornered. One battle later, she's faced with one sole survivor who begs for his life, and as her Jedi training towards mercy starts kicking in, the Inquisitor calmly reminds her that a) he's an assassin who hunted her like an animal, and b) if she lets him go, he'll go on and do the same to others. Ashara kills him, and is unable to tell if she did it for catharsis or the greater good.
  • In the Inquisitor's "Shadow of Revan" story, the Inquisitor just discovers possible immortality. In a way that doesn't require a huge omnicidal ritual. No big deal. Even if you decide to go the more pro-Empire route and not pour resources into the project while the war's on, you can let your subordinate Sith know that you will be making use of his expertise in the future and to keep doing what he's doing in the meantime.
  • Really, what makes the Inquisitor storyline awesome is the fact that they're the underdog of every class. The Jedi Knight, Consular and Trooper were given training and guidance prior to arriving in Tython/Ord Mantell. The Sith Warrior comes from a family with enough pull that they're given advanced placement in the Sith Academy. Both the Smuggler and Bounty Hunter had already made names for themselves in their respective fields. The Inquisitor starts out as a slave who was lucky to possess Force ability, and their story is them proving to their enemies why it's a bad idea to underestimate them.

    Bounty Hunter Storyline 
  • Your first target in the entire game is a seven-time champion quick-draw artist... who also turns out to be an obnoxious braggart who boasts that he can draw so fast he'll shoot your ears off before you can hear the blast. The Bounty Hunter can then coolly murmur in a chilling voice: "''Show me''." The Bounty Hunter then draws so fast they blow his pistol out of his hand, and stand over him glaring triumphantly as he clutches his wrist in pain. That's right: a small-time gun-for-hire nobody has even heard of effortlessly out-draws a galaxy-acclaimed, seven-time, quick-draw champion. And that's just their first target in the game!
  • It turns out that Nem'ro never planned on sponsoring you in the Great Hunt, so he tricks you into fighting his entire beast menagerie to get rid of you. After you have shot your way through the beasts and their tamer and you are standing before Nem'ro again it's clear the Hutt is having an Oh, Crap! moment as he realizes you really are a force to be reckoned with and he has just pissed you off. Cue large cash infusion into your bank account.
  • On Dromund Kass, you are sent to kill or capture the apprentice of the rogue Sith Lord Grathan by her father, Admiral Frabaald. When you finally meet her she laughs and mocks you, saying of course you are gonna lose the fight with her because she is Sith and you're a common hired gun, that she is disappointed that she isn't facing a real Mandalorian, etc... Shattering that ego of hers is rather satisfying.
  • When visiting Imperial Intelligence HQ on Dromund Kaas, the agent you're speaking to casually mentions how easy it would be for Intelligence to make you disappear without a trace with you being in the center of their stronghold. The most satisfying response to this is to shove your blaster in his face.
    Bounty Hunter: Say the word. See what happens.
  • The melee: Fighting for a spot in the great hunt? AWESOME. The music is what sells it though.
  • So, every class get their own ship. But only the Bounty Hunter STEALS IT. Unless the Smuggler stealing theirs back counts, but possession is nine-tenths of the law.
  • Assaulting a Republic cruiser, one of the strongest in its class, killing a Jedi Master, disposing of the Mandalorian who killed your mentor and has being trying to kill you, and then blowing the entire cruiser up into bits. With only you and one companion doing all this! At the end of the first chapter!
  • As satisfying as abandoning Tarro is, letting him fight can be just as satisfying. It's basically the Hunter deciding that, despite Tarro's cowardly tactics and and everything he's done, they won't sink to his level and will fight him face-to-face, something he was always too afraid to do. The Hunter succinctly shows that not only are they more of a Mandalorian than he ever was, they're just better then him. The Hunter can then finish him by giving him a few blaster bolts for Braden, Jorry, and Soongh.
  • Taking down the Jedi Master himself is particularly awesome, considering he's said to have single-handedly taken down a hundred Mandalorians sent to assassinate him during the Great War. You just did something some of the toughest warriors in the galaxy couldn't do whilst they Zerg-Rushed the guy!
  • On Taris, preparing for the big end battle, Darth Shaythin declaring how good you are when he says "mercenaries don't usually lead Imperial missions."
  • At the end, if you choose, pulling a Heel–Face Turn by agreeing to work for the Republic and handing Darth Tormen a long-overdue asskicking and death. After doing so many jobs for this guy who is making the lives of good people miserable, it is really satisfying to finally kill him and do something that makes the galaxy a better place for once. Because Good Feels Good.
  • On Alderaan the Bounty Hunter tends to get looked down on by every single noble s/he meets. However one quests allows her/him to get a little revenge. S/he is asked to deliver a message to a truly arrogant and offensive noble who refuses to deal with you as you are below his station. The dark-sided option is to simply beat every-loving crap out of him. No matter how light-sided you are you will want to do it, because A) he really deserves it and B) it is glorious. And even Mako approves!
    Mako: I've never seen a sense of entitlement outweigh a sense of self-preservation like that.
  • Also on Alderaan, after you tear through House Rist in search of your target, one of their leaders contacts you with a job offer. The Rist are some of the best assassins in the galaxy but you curb-stomped so much of their forces that they actually want to hire you. Think about that.
  • On Voss, you end up tearing through the Gormak arena so thoroughly that they actually beg you to teach them to fight like you do. They also indicate they consider you an honorary Gormak; they, at least, say you are "not Voss".
  • The final quest in Act Three has you infiltrating the Pride of the Republic's Fleet, the Founder, and proceeding to blast your way through the best troops the Republic Army has to offer, and more than a few Jedi too. It ends with you standing before the Supreme Chancellor with gun in hand.
  • The final battle that takes place in both light side and dark side playthroughs is with Jun Seros, a Jedi who's been chasing you for killing his friend, Kellian Jarro, as part of the Great Hunt (even though, from a Mandolorian POV, he earned his place as a bounty). The opening cutscene alone is great. In a perfect example of Badass Normal vs. Magic Knight the Hunter unloads on him, with Seros deflecting all the blaster shots, stopping a rocket in mid air, and repelling the flamethrower. Then the fight starts.
    • The dark side ending to this is basically to laugh in his face before you kill him. While some of you may feel bad kicking someone when they're down, his Smug Snake Dirty Cowardliness exceeds even Tarro Blood, topped off by framing you for a kilometre-long list of crimes you had nothing to do with. This mud-flinging leaves the hunter no choice but to work for Darth Tormen, a Class-A General Ripper, and be party to the conquest of Corellia to draw him out of hiding, all the while chasing down Republic people just as smug and self-satisfied as he is. Worse still, he dragged Supreme Chancellor Janarus, his friend, into this mess. His operation is one abuse of power after another and he expresses no remorse for his actions. And for what has he done all this? Using you to expose the Sith's true colours, he claims. A ridiculous claim, considering that the Bounty Hunter has nothing to do with the Sith. (Not to mention that the 'true nature' o fthe Sith hardly needs to be exposed.) If anything, he's only shown the Jedi's true colours - trusting enough to let bastards like him act with impunity and considering the lives of Mandalorians and non-Republic people to be secondary and not subject to the same concern as that of a Jedi or Republic citizen. Even in death he does not repent, boasting he has undone all your accomplishments and that in death, he returns to the Force unscathed.
    • On the light side option, he actually dares to lecture you about how you can't distance yourself from the harm you cause and eventually, your actions will catch up with you; not once does he blink at the irony of it all. So when you tell him he hasn't won and you've tricked him into delivering the Supreme Chancellor to you on a silver platter. He finally gets it with a remorseful "No...": in his zeal and misguided loyalty, he screwed up big time and Tormen came out ahead. Despite being dark side, it still comes across as a Shut Up, Hannibal! moment because even playing dark side most of the time, at least you never lied to the entire Republic through your teeth. His death at your hands is overdue and happens regardless, but kicking his smug teeth in is one of the most satisfying things you can do as a Bounty Hunter.
  • Before the game was streamlined, all classes, when picking theirs Advanced Specialization, talked to a NPC. But only the Bounty Hunter got into a FIGHT with them and can get companion approval from the conversations.
    • The person who points you to them reveals afterwards that they never agree on anything—except they have now, on your odds to win the Great Hunt. Crysta Markon later mentions that the Bounty Hunter is the first person they've ever both agreed they want to win The Great Hunt, since they were impressed that it took both of them to kick the Bounty Hunter's ass.

    Imperial Agent Storyline 
  • The Imperial Agent class was most blessed by its Progression trailer: In the climax, the example Sniper is facing down a Jedi Knight, deflecting blaster bolts left and right. What does she do? Wait for an opportunity and nail him in the face. And then, to sweeten the deal, she does an Unflinching Walk away from the battlefield.
  • During the Prologue you run a False Flag Operation on a Hutt and get away with it.
    • Kaliyo gets one as well, for being the only member of Nem'ro's band to actually suspect you're hiding something.
  • At the end of the Agent's Balmorra questline, if you play your cards right, you can capture the terrorist leader Grey Star without his cell knowing it. Then, you can have an Imperial loyalist take on Grey Star's identity and forge orders to turn them against the Republic. In other words, you just tricked an anti-Imperial terrorist group into allying with the Empire.
  • On Tatooine the Agent goes up against the Ghost Cell, a group of terrorist assassins so good at their job that the rest of the galaxy views them as being more myth and legend than real. Unfortunately for the Ghost Cell, they have never gone up against Cipher Nine yet.
  • As part of the Agent's class quest on Tatooine, they end up targeted by Ghost Cell assassins. After laying an ambush and defeating them, they're approached by their contact, Mia Hawkins, who is actually another Ghost Cell assassin in disguise. If you choose the right option, the Agent effortlessly sees through the disguise, utters one of the most badass lines in the whole game, and then shoots the assassin at point blank.
    Imperial Agent: Never lie to a professional liar.
  • On Alderaan, during your story quest line House Cortess betrays you after you deal with terrorist banker in House Rist. The Agent's response? Use their new friend, Vector, to sabotage the generator powering the estate's defenses and than launch a full-out assault on the estate with an army of Killiks at their back! You don't mess with Imperial Intelligence.
  • At the end of the Alderaan storyline, there is something grimly satisfying about turning over House Cortess and its inhabitants to the Killiks. As the Agent can point out to the suddenly terrified head of household (paraphrased): Vector and the Oroboro Nest have been honorable, competent allies without whom the mission would have failed. Meanwhile, Baron Cortess completely failed to notice the conspiracy taking place in his own household, and did he really think that wasn't going to have consequences?
  • The final battle of Chapter 1, if you side against Jadus. You have to fight the second most powerful Sith in the galaxy. You cannot defeat him in "fair" combat, so you have to use his ship's forcefields to imprison him. While in terms of mechanics, this just means that its a three-round battle against an Elite Sith Sorcerer, you will come out of it feeling like the ultimate badass.
    • And there's a conversation path that convinces Jadus that he lost, making him pretty much walk away and leave his dreadnought and Kill Sats to you. Yes, you just outplayed a Sith Lord who tricked all of the Dark Council and Imperial Intelligence, without firing a single shot.
  • Your mission on Taris involves hunting down a powerful rogue Jedi named Ki Sazen and her band of Nikto Cultists. Needless to say you tear through them. Then when you meet her you can convince her to join the Sith.
  • The ending of Chapter 2, You learn that everything you have done for the SIS has been for the sake of giving Kothe an arsenal of Fantastic Nukes which he intends to use against civilian Imperial targets to end the war before it can begin again. Kothe uses your brainwashing to prevent you from interfering. After a very well written scene, the vision of Watcher X helps you break free of the brainwashing at the last minute. You proceed to march through the Shadow Arsenal facility accompanied by epic music. Then, you learn that as far as the cutscenes are concerned, you are an even match in combat for a Jedi Knight. And as far as gameplay is concerned, the Jedi Knight in question is no match for you. Finally, you get to take revenge on Kothe for using your brainwashing to control you. Or, you take revenge on the Empire for brainwashing you in the first place by defying your orders and sparing Kothe's life.
  • The sleeper agent on Voss. This guy is painfully specieist and utterly despises the Voss. And yet, he let himself be surgically altered so he could pass for a Voss and spent years living among them without ever breaking cover, deceiving even the close family of the Voss whose place he took. In the end, he throws away his life to help the Agent and as he lies dying uses his final breath to give the Agent vital information. As unpleasant as he is in conversation, you've got to admire his utter devotion to duty.
  • Assaulting Aegis Base on Corellia. Cipher Nine now a lieutenant in the Imperial Army and assigned to Lord Razor's Brigade infiltrates the base's fuel depot, marks the silos for incoming Imperial bombers, steals a Republic shuttle while tanks go Boom! and proceeds to land at Aegis Base proper. From there you make your way through the defenses, marking targets for airstrikes while Lord Razor dutifully cranks up the Ham in the background. You then proceed to deliver a baraidum bomb deep into the heart of the fortress, steal valuable Republic troop data and then outrun the fireball while the entire base goes up in a mushroom cloud.
  • The last class quest has two. First, the Minister of Intelligence, after spending the entire storyline warning you not to piss of the Sith, secretly rebuilds Imperial Intelligence after the Sith disbanded it. The second comes if, after obtaining the Black Codex, a database with all of the Star Cabal's secrets and the ability to erase all records of the a person's existence, you can keep it for yourself and use it to erase your identity so that you can protect the Empire without getting caught up in Sith schemes.

  • During the mission on Rishi for the "Shadow of Revan" expansion, you get a message requesting the help of "The Red Blade", the code-name you had on Hutta - responding to this request has the Minister of Intelligence alive and well, requesting your help with recovering Keeper Two - Shara Jenn - from a band of pirates. Completing it yields this understated Badass Boast.
    Former Minister of Imperial Intelligence: Now imagine: if my people can do that to your enemies over the course of this conversation, what do you suppose they can do to you?

    Rise of the Hutt Cartel 
  • The entire Imperial storyline. The Republic is abandoning the planet and just trying to save as many people as they can. Ultimately, the Republic storyline ends in failure from a strategic point of view. The Empire just won't accept failure. You're going to save the planet, no matter what it takes.
  • At the end of the Imperial storyline, you find one of your associates who has been tortured nearly to death. When you complete the final mission, she stumbles in and her reaction, as she dies can be summed up as 'Totally worth it!'. Now that is dedication.

    Knights of the Fallen Empire 
  • The cinematic trailer for the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion, particularly its latter half where the Eternal Empire, led by its two Force-user Princes, completely crushing both the Empire and the Republic.
  • When the Outlander and Darth Marr realize that their ship is outmatched and going to be destroyed by the Eternal Fleet, they can choose make their exit by ramming it into one of the enemy ships in hopes of bringing as many with them as they can. Bonus awesome points for surviving the collision.
  • Darth Marr finally standing face-to-face with Valkorion, the Emperor who ALREADY had an Empire that worshiped him a a living god, and chose to abandon it, leaving it to Marr to keep it together against most of the Dark Council. The Emperor who turned against his own, consuming all life on one of richest worlds in Sith history. The Emperor, who viewed his 1300-old Empire as nothing more than a distraction to a side-project "mere" couple of hundreds of years in the making. The Humanoid Abomination who moves his consciousness at will and eats planets offers to Marr to spare his life and Kneel Before Zod. What does Marr do? He gives him a Shut Up, Hannibal!, then breakes out of his handcuffs and attacks the guards with their own weapons. Truly a Dying Moment of Awesome.
  • If the Outlander decides not to kneel to the Emperor, Arcann releases them so they can join forces against his father, at which point the Emperor is killed - which Arcann swiftly uses to consolidate power by decrying the "Outlander assassin" and declaring war on the Empire and Republic for killing his father.
  • Vaylin establishes herself as awesome from the start in Chapter 3, definitely living up to her reputation as The Dreaded.
    • Lana, after visibly struggling, manages to hold a durasteel door open with the Force long enough for her and the Outlander to slip through. Vaylin rips it to pieces in seconds and keeps pursuing them, barely breaking stride.
    • She literally tears off parts of the city to chuck at the Outlander and Lana, including the freaking electrical generator.
    • Her Badass Boast when she catches them. She pulls her lightsaber out, looks at it for a moment, then shakes her head and says "No, I won't need that." The Oh, Crap! look on Lana's face says she's right. And when The Cavalry comes in the form of an airship, Vaylin doesn't even blink, just casually pulls the steel floor up into a shield against the gunfire.
  • The Gravestone's escape from Zakuul in where the ship takes down a huge number of of Eternal Warships with a single blast.
  • If the Outlander loses the Chapter 8 fight against Arcann due to not using Valkorion's powers, they get Impaled with Extreme Prejudice. The awesome comes from two things: one, Koth pulling a Big Damn Heroes and shooting Arcann out a window (though he survives), and two, the Outlander getting back up and fighting through the army standing between them and freedom, despite the, you know, hole in their stomach. Koth is even amazed that they could basically shrug off what is almost always a fatal wound in Star Wars.
    • It's pretty awesome if they win it, too. They rise up, glowing with Valkorion's power, and unleash a giant storm of lightning at Arcann that blows out one of the windows and utterly destroys the ships nearby that were unfortunate enough to get caught in it. Arcann struggles against it, snarling that he won't lose…so the Outlander amps it up, completely blasting him out the window (though again, he survives).
  • If the Outlander had chose enough flirt options with Lana, then it would be Lana pulling a Big Damn Heroes, Force-pulling a humongous metallic container down from the rooftop and next to Arcann, the impact of the container hitting the ground caused Arcann to lose his balance and drop out of the window.
  • If you blow up the Zakuul city with Kaylio in Chapter 8, Koth will abandon the Alliance. If you really get Drunk on the Dark Side, his Screw This, I'm Outta Here! involves trying to single-handedly steal the Gravestone. BioWare games have smacked the players before for cruel decisions, but Koth Vortana just takes it to a new level.
  • In chapter 14 you get to ally with the Mandalorians along with Shae Vizla to destroy a droid factory, what's even more awesome is that this chapter used the music for Republic Commando with epic results
  • The ending of chapter 15 in which Scorpio takes over the Eternal Throne and the fleet after faking her death.
  • In the final battle of chapter 16, though the actual fight with Arcann might be difficult, the cutscenes imply you are kicking his ass, in contrast to chapter 8, where no matter how thoroughly you were outfighting him mechanically the cutscenes always showed you on the back foot.
    • Non-story-wise, the quest reward is pretty epic, too. Previously quest rewards for the chapters topped out at 208, and most were at 200 or less. Chapter XVI hands you a 224 (raid-level) relic.
  • Senya gets her own moment at the end. Brawls her way through the burning ship to the bridge, uses an impressive display of telekenesis to tear through the debris, get to Arcann, and make an impressive attempt to talk down Vaylin before she's forced to escape. She takes her son and hauls out of there, determined to save the one child she can potentially rescue, risking the wrath of Zakuul's forces, the Alliance, the Republic, and the Empire. Mama Bear indeed.
  • "A Light Shining in Darkness" reveals that, not only is Guss Tuno back, he's reclassed as a Jedi. Now he really can heal you with Jedi power. Becomes heartwarming as well if a lightsided Jedi takes him on — finally, he has a mentor that can keep him on a better path.

    Knights of the Eternal Throne 
  • The "Betrayed" cinematic trailer:
    • In a flashback, Senya takes on a squad of Nathema Zealots to save Vaylin. She effortlessly kills them all and only gets captured because she is shocked at Vaylin's refusal to escape with her.
    • In the present, Senya comes across the corpses of the people who placed the Power Limiter on Vaylin. When she realizes that Vaylin is responsible, Senya visibly panics. Vaylin shows up and reveals that her Force Lightning is strong enough to start fires.
  • Punching Saresh in the face, less because of it being impressive and more because of how fantastic the sheer Catharsis Factor feels.
  • In Chapter 5, you fight a Humongous Mecha. After defeating it, you repair it and get to pilot it yourself for a brief, but satisfying battle against a swarm of ARIES's droid forces.
    Vette: Now we know what to get you for Life Day.
  • Words cannot describe how great it feels to kill The Sith Emperor. It's even more amazing that his own family assists you in doing so after suffering so much abuse from his hands.
    • What is even more awesome, Outlander uses the trigger phrase Valkorion conditioned Vaylin to submit on Valkorion himself.
  • While the Outlander is deep in the throes of their Battle in the Center of the Mind, the Skytroopers of the Eternal Fleet swarm their unconscious body. Depending on your choices, either Senya and Arcann or Lana and Theron dig themselves in to Hold the Line against the endless Zerg Rush, buying the Outlander time to deal with Valkorion once and for all, and it's badass.
    Lana Beniko: We fight together. We die together.
    Theron Shan: Now you're talking.
  • The very first level. The Outlander leading a strike force of Mandalorians into an open battle with the full might of the Eternal Empire as a city burns around them and fleets clash in the sky.
  • How about the fact that you can crown yourself Emperor of the Galaxy?

    The Conspiracy 
  • In the conspiracy storyline, Theron fakes you, Lana, and the entire Order of Zildrog including Force-sensitives and a GEMINI captain out, making you think he'd betrayed you when he hadn't.
    • "A Traitor Among The Chiss" really highlights this when you finally get to and defeat Syndic Zenta, and learn from her that Theron manipulated her into sheltering him, sliced her personal files for access to a particular closely-guarded Chiss secret, then abandoned her and took a substantial number of her best soldiers with him. And "The Nathema Conspiracy" confirms that he's been doing this all while subtly leaving behind just enough information to let the Outlander follow close behind him. The man is good at what he does.
  • Valss standing alone against the Outlander and Lana (alternately, up to four of the galaxy's greatest heroes), knowing he's going to lose but that he's the only one who can buy time for Theron to escape.
  • And then there's Zildrog destroying the entire Eternal Fleet. Sucks for the Alliance? Yes. Also impressive.

  • All of the Force-user classes get their old titles and jobs back. The Warrior can be the Emperor's Hand again, this time to Acina or Vowrawn depending on who is alive. The Inquisitor can kill Darth Anathel, who took their seat on the Dark Council, and regain it by rejoining the Empire (and the Alliance serving as part of the Emperor's Hand), and the Jedi Consular rejoins the Jedi Council. Meanwhile, the Jedi Knight is not only reconfirmed in their title of Battlemaster but formally named to the Jedi Council.
  • Many wondered why neither Kira nor Scourge appeared in the Fallen Empire-Eternal Throne duology despite how heavily their backstories involved the Emperor, and we finally get our answer. It turns out that while the Outlander was fighting Valkorion, Kira and Scourge were on their own quest to find and destroy Tenebrea's original body to ensure his Final Death. And they succeed, their destroying the Emperor's body coinciding nearly exactly with Valkorion's final defeat.

    Heroic Missions / Flashpoints 
  • Completing Operation Firestar on Balmorra (any Imperial storyline) with a party of four results in a cutscene where the four player characters watch the quarry (which they just fought they way out of) bombed into oblivion by orbital lasers then turn around one by one and slowly walk away. "Epic" is the only term to describe it.
  • Republic wise, there's the Taris 4-man Heroic Fall of the Locust. Part way through, after you rescue your targets, a group of the Locust's men show up. The former captives distract half of the Mooks into chasing them. This is when your team steps out. Again, best results with a party composed of one of each class, as all four have their own pose as they draw their weapon of choice. Two words for our soon-to-be fodder; Bring It.
  • The first Imperial Flashpoint The Black Talon; The last boss of the event, a Jedi Padawan, seals the door in front of your team to buy the General some time. Naturally you're going to break the door down, but each class has their own way of going about it, adding another level of individuality.
    • The entire flashpoint can be considered this for Imperial players. As said in the conversation at the end of it:
    Player Character: I take you are the general. Grand Moff Kilran sent me to find you.
    The General: Kilran did? Of course. He would have the gall to send a transport to take on a warship—and succeed.
  • The first part of the Forged Alliances arc for Imperial players, Assault on Tython, has one as you directly attack the Jedi Temple. Once you step inside, over a dozen Jedi Padawans start rushing you. Since they're only standard enemies, they all go down quickly (potentially in a single shot if you're playing in solo mode). There's something incredibly awesome about easily cutting/gunning down wave after wave of Jedi, especially if you're a non-Force-using Agent or Bounty Hunter.
  • The Republic-side answer to that? Assault on Korriban. There is something very satisfying about charging into the very corrupted, black heart of the Sith and laying waste to everything you can find. If you pick the light-side option, you can even relieve them of their slaves while you're at it. And then, you have your own turn at Tython, liberating it back from the Sith's attack, which is even more satisfying as a Jedi.
  • Republic-side, the Maelstrom Prison Flashpoint is fairly epic, for a number of reasons - not only do you save Revan from his And I Must Scream fate, but the final boss is Grand Moff Kilran himself, who has been a looming threat ever since the very first Flashpoint. Finally killing him in battle is suitably impressive.
    • The Imperial-side counterpart to that, The Foundry, is also epic. It starts off decent enough, with you fighting into the foundry and speaking to its mysterious administrator. Then you hear a very familiar voice over the intercom, speaking in a very familiar way... and by the time you realize WHO it is, you're fighting HK-47 himself. But that's not the best part. After a rough battle where HK shows why he's a great assassin droid (using a sniper rifle to take out huge chunks of health) you fight your way to the final boss of the flashpoint... Revan himself. And the battle is EPIC, complete with Revan leaping about with a violet lightsaber at everyone, calling lightning down, becoming "More powerful than you can possibly imagine" through channeling the Force, and when near death, raining massive chunks of rock down on the party that can take out a quarter of a party member's health in a single hit, if you don't avoid it. And when he's finally defeated, he makes a sad comment to his dead former apprentice, and disappears in an explosion of light. A worthy final battle, to one of the most powerful and influential Force-Users in the history of the Star Wars Galaxy.

  • One for the players. During the Return of the Gree event, half the quest area was a free-for-all PvP area. Several PvE quests had been put there, possibly to drum up interest from those who had never tried player-versus-player combat. The whole thing was designed so that it would be a chaotic slaughterhouse of player fighting player, with only the brave or well-geared daring to go in. Furthermore, you could accomplish many of the PvE daily quests in the PvP area with far less difficulty. Within hours, even many hardcore PvP players called for server-wide truces. Instead of free-for-all-slaughter like it was intended to be, Imperial and Republic players cooperated on the daily quests, refrained from attacking one another, formed orderly lines at one quest's drop-off point, and stuck around to make sure other players weren't harassed. Guilds who did indulge in attacking others quickly got censured. Sequence Breaking at its finest!
    • The Awesome has been slightly lessened in recent days, not enough for rampant slaughter-fests, but enough that nobody will come to your defense if another player attacks you. The lure of The Dark Side Indeed...
  • Likewise, during the Shadow of Revan expansion, it was common for players (at least on the large Bergen Colony server) to honor the in-game Imperial-Republic Enemy Mine truce in-character and team up to take down big enemies.


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