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  • During the smuggler's class trailer he runs into a Sith on Tatooine who ignites his lightsaber and does an impressive routine. The smuggler just shoots the guy dead. A little later, he chases an Imperial officer down a hallway, then runs into a large group of soldiers who chase him back. Can easily double as a Funny Moment.
  • For Imperial players, the mission in which they retrieve Revan's mask contains a scene straight out of the beginning of The Lost Ark.
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  • Several of the server names are from the KotOR prequel comic. Also, the central hub for Republic players is named Carrick Station, apparently due to events in continuation/sequel comic, War. Several outposts are named after the comic characters as well, especially Draay and Morne.
  • One of the Sith Inquisitor's Badass Boasts — "If it bleeds, I can kill it!"
  • One of the Imperial Quests on Belsavis is reawakening a rebellious Cathar prince from a long stasis. The title? "Once And Future"
  • May be a coincidence or just a rather obscure shout-out, but one of the former Champions of the Great Hunt is The Defenestrator.
  • There is an area on Voss, filled with shot down aircraft and destroyed vehicles, called "Serenity Valley"
  • On Alderaan, those in the Order of Extermination give up all ties to their noble house to fight the Killiks, and primarily against the Black Hive, which has recently resurfaced after centuries underground to take over the surface.
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  • The Kaon Under Siege Flashpoint added in the Rise of the Rakghouls update resembles a zombie apocalypse, complete with hunters, smokers, boomers, witches and at least one tank.
  • On Tatooine, Bounty Hunters encounter an Exchange sex trafficker called the Lady of Pain.
  • The Bounty Hunter has the "rocket punch" move. You activate your jetpack while you're right in an enemy's face, which makes you rocket straight up while you twist your body around and throw your fist up so that it connects with your opponent's jaw. In other words, it's exactly like the Street Fighter series' Shoryuken. Minus the jetpack.
  • There are likely dozens, if not hundreds, of shout-outs to Star Wars itself, from vague to obscure:
    • To reach one Datacron you need to jump into an active incinerator, find a control panel, and input the correct code to open the door and get out before you're burned alive. The code? 326.3827. This is the unit number of the Trash Compactor Luke and Crew almost got crushed in A New Hope.
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    • During your first trip to nem'ro as a bounty hunter the cutscene start's exactly the same as the cantina scene in A New Hope.
    • One quest-giver on Dromund Kaas is named Wrightsyn, which could be considered an archaic form of Whitesun, the maiden name of Luke's adoptive aunt.
  • One Flashpoint boss casts a buff on himself that causes him to do double damage. When he casts it, a message pops up saying that the boss "has become more powerful than you can possibly imagine."
    • On Hutta, you can find a droid and a wookiee sitting and playing a game. The droid has lost both his arms, and his head is sideways. Clearly he didn't realize he should let the wookiee win...
    • In the same cantina on Hutta you can also see "Hun Duo" sitting at a table across from a Rodian named "Greepo."
    • If you go to the Ziost Shadow, the Imperial launchpoint for some operations, you can find a black-clad Sith Warrior on the bridge surrounded by a group of bounty hunters including a trandoshan, a Mandalorian, assassin droids...
    • The Jedi padawan fought during Black Talon is a twi'lek named Yadira Ban. In KotOR 1, Revan is able to turn a twi'lek Sith named Yuthara Ban to the light.
    • On Tatooine, Republic players can get a quest from a Jawa who worries about a Jedi friend who ran out into the desert with some sort of madness. You eventually find out that she ran out to kill as many Sand People as possible in revenge for the death of a close friend. Since you find this out through a holorecording on her corpse, it's pretty clear that she was noticeably less successful than a certain Jedi was 3000 years in the future.
    • When you damage the final boss of the False Emperor Flashpoint enough, he begins to channel a buff called "Unlimited Power".
  • The penultimate Bounty Hunter class quest is called "Number One With A Bullet", which is the name of a 1987 movie starring Billy Dee Williams a.k.a. Lando Calrissian.
  • When entering combat, Vette will sometimes comment "If I die, I'm haunting you!"
  • SCORPIO makes many Mass Effect references, such as explaining she was built by those beyond your comprehension, similar to Mass Effect's Reapers. You could say she could be EDI's Evil Counterpart. Her character design also bears a striking resemblance to Metropolis.
  • In one mission, the Smuggler has the opportunity to threaten an Imperial by saying "I've got two dozen heavily armed mercenaries with their guns pointed right at you." When the Imperial is skeptical, the Smuggler can then say Would you believe one dozen lightly armed mercenaries? One dashing starship captain and his insane sidekick?
  • One Imperial Agent armor set, the TH-16A Master Medic suit, makes you look like Cobra Commander.
  • If the player lets the Archon in Rise of the Hutt Cartel build too many stacks of energy, instead of an Enrage being hit, the golden mech being fought starts channeling an ability called "Charging MAH Laser" which will one-shot-kill the player character if it hits. MAH is an acronym, but that ability's name is not an accident.
  • There is an area in Tatooine's Dune Sea called Desert of the Real.
  • Once you finish the Imperial Reclamation Service's quest chain on Tatooine, Captain Golah tells you that "this galaxy has a lot of ancient secrets. Once you look at them, they start looking back."
  • During the Sith Warrior's questline on Hoth, Darth Baras force chokes a mustached underling via holocom, calmly telling him that "You have failed me for the last time."
  • In a conversation with one of their companions, the Smuggler says, "I don't like to brag. Oh, who am I kidding? I love to brag."
  • Knights of the Fallen Empire contains several parallels to Dark Empire, such as the return of an evil emperor who'd been previously incorporeal (Vitiate/Palpatine), a powerful empire located in uncharted regions of the galaxy (Eternal Empire/Dark Empire), and a fleet of unstoppable automated warships emerging to crush galactic civilization (the Eternal Fleet/World Devastators). Zakuul also has an eerie blue glow similar to Byss.
  • Chapter 16 of Fallen Empire reveals that the Mandalorians have a few things in common with Discworld Dwarves.
    Torian: Ib'tuur jatne tuur ash'ad kyr'amur.
    Fem!Hunter: "Today is a good day for someone else to die."
  • One of M1-4X's offscreen targets is an Imperial weapons designer named Colonel Rebus, sharing the last name and occupation with a character from the Dark Forces Saga. Charles Boyd, author of the Trooper's storyline, did confirm that the reference was deliberate.
  • The tie-in novel Deceived stars a smuggler with the last name of Korr. Author Paul S. Kemp, who wrote the novel as well as Crosscurrent, personally believes that this character is the ancestor of Jaden Korr.
  • In the Ravagers operation, the fourth boss is named Master and Blaster. Blaster is considered to be the big brute and Master is a tiny astromech considered to be the brains.
  • In the Scum and Villainy operation. The first boss is called Dashroode, the fight takes place within a sandstorm. It seems a little too similar to Darude Sandstorm.
  • The first mission on the Republic questline on Makeb is titled Trouble in Paradise.
  • In the Esseles flashpoint, the player must face a Mandalorian champion named Ironfist.
  • One achievement you can get in the Depths of Manaan flashpoint is called Some Like It Hot.
  • During the Lost Island flashpoint, one of the log entries you can listen to is labeled 14:08
  • The "Fearsome Rage" regeneration toy features the character smashing a terminal with their lightsaber, similar to Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens.
  • In the Shadow of Revan storyline, the player is challenged by a Rodian named Gorro in the cantina. If the player is the smuggler class, one dialogue option is "[shoot first]" .
  • The Imperial Agent storyline on Taris involves a female Zabrak named Ki Sazen. One has to wonder if a member of her family or even her herself would eventually be the ancestor of a Jedi Master
  • After rooting out the mole in Empress Acina's minsters, you may get an email that has titles he was considering for when he became emperor, among which is Emperor Lorman, First of His Name.
  • Players can purchase a chicken dance emote, wherein they do an insultingly bad imitation of said avian.

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