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If at first you don't succeed, reload.
Bounty Hunter

I believe in the democratization of fear.
Darth Jadus

I personally prefer the term, "differently rational."
Sith Inquisitor, on insanity

I knew I was attractive, but this is ridiculous.
Sith Warrior, to their reflection

A blind, deaf, comatose lobotomy patient could feel my anger!
Darth Baras

Now you are dumb, ugly, and dead!
Corso Riggs

I have an excellent Sabacc face. That was a joke, I hate Sabacc.
Khem Val

Beware of destinies. They're rarely what you expect.
Tol Braga

Today, we here at BioWare will be celebrating the life of one who left us before his time. The Orange Pixel will certainly be missed, but never forgotten.
David Bassnote , on the first Memetic Mutation in swtor.

There is no mission too hard for Havoc Squad.

Liberating is what I do best... next to blowing things up.

I wasn't planning to live forever anyway. I'm in.

Mook: Let's show this bastard what we're made of!
Sith Warrior: You are made of bones that break and blood that spills.

I'll find you. I always do.
Bounty Hunter, swearing vengeance

How about taking the whole site out with an orbital bombardment?

I'd rather do something about our problems than discuss them.
Jedi Knight, snarking on the Council's tendency to do just that.

T7 + Jedi = stop the unstoppable every day

T7 = part of Jedi order // T7 = wants a lightsaber upgrade

If you come across any contraband contact a professional! Here's my holofrequency number.

You go! Beat up Sand People, get Jawas back! Then, everyone happy, except Sand People, but that ok!
Krikit the Jawa

[Ignore the voice in your head.]
Imperial Agent dialogue option

[Shock him.]
Very common Sith Inquisitor dialogue option

There's incompetent, and then there's you people.
Jedi Consular, fed up with the incompetence around them

I don't like to brag, but... oh, who am I kidding. I love to brag!

Have you seen what the Sith are wearing? It's like every fashion designer in the galaxy has gone over to the Dark Side.
Kira Carsen, on the typical Sith wardrobe

If you think this is bad, you should meet my other personality.
Sith Inquisitor, when asked if insane

I like assassinating assassins. They always look so surprised.
Imperial PCs, upon learning that the Republic has ordered hits on them

I've got a bad feeling about this...
Every PC at some point

Life is the enemy, death is our solace.
Darth Marr

Die or defeat me. Either way the Empire is reborn!
Darth Malgus

Ready to leave this disgusting planet whenever you are.
Risha, saying what lots and lots of players are thinking about Taris

Vette: Well, I'm not in prison or collared, and it's sort of miserable weather, so I guess we should...uh, what happens now?
Sith Warrior: You and me, working together. Taking down the galaxy. What do you think?
Vette: What? Er, well, of and my buddy the Sith. Nobody's going to pick on me at school!

I'm sorry, the galaxy can only hold so much stupid. I'm not contributing
Smuggler, turning down the opportunity to be infected with the Rakghoul Plague

So how do I become a Colicoid?
Sith Inquisitor

They certainly have a lot of flags, don't they? Maybe if they had some soldiers we'd actually have a problem.
Mako, reflecting on the Balmorran Resistance's choice of elaborate interior decoration.

Yes, yes, yes... you send me on a tomb to do the impossible, hoping I'll die, and then I come back and prove you wrong.
The Sith Inquisitor, summing up typical Sith training.

For the Republic!
Jace Malcom, in the Hope trailer.

Alright, back to Sith business! Grrrr.
Vette, one of her random quotes upon clicking her while idle.

I am not cute. I am deadly!
Sith Inquisitor

Sith Inquisitor: "Actually, I was having this amazing dream. There were these relics, and each of them produced a different flavor of ice cream."
Talos Drellik: "Hmm. I never get the good dreams. It's always flesh-eating Jawas or Hutts in bikinis."
Andronikus Revel: "Hutts in bikinis? Sounds like an improvement."

I've saved the Republic twice before. I've fought Mandalores and armies of the dark side. YOU WON'T STOP ME.

I'm not one to dismiss an idea just because it sounds a little crazy.
Sith Inquisitor, in a conversation with Talos Drellik.

Obligations are what shape our lives.
Jedi Knight, finding common ground with Watcher One.

Dear Czerka; Please stop discovering horrible ancient things. Love, Kira.
Kira Carson

How's the Dark Side working out for you Warren?
Jedi Knight, after defeating a boss who gives you the usual Dark Side recruitment spiel.

Never lie to a professional liar.
Imperial Agent, after seeing through a Ghost Cell assassin.

Here's my Wisdom, and this is my Perspective. Start talking, but don't waste my time.
Trooper, after being requested to share some 'Wisdom and Perspective' on Makeb.

Sanity is a prison, let madness release you!
Dread Master Raptus

Flesh is insufficient, you must discard it.
Dread Master Brontes

So... you, me... Take over the galaxy together, have some laughs...? Come on, what do you think?
Smuggler, flirting with the Emperor.

When I am finished here—when every life on this world has been exhausted—I want you to be alive. To know that I succeeded.
Vitiate, shortly before he consumes every living being on Ziost except for the PC

A man can have anything, if he is willing to sacrifice. With your birth comes a solemn vow: You will have nothing. Your privilege is the dirt. In the darkness, only ambition will guide you. The oath you swear, the promises you make, they are yours alone. Your freedom will be the wars you wage. Your birthright the losses you suffer. Your entitlement the pain you endure. And when darkness finds you, you will face it alone.
Emperor Valkorion, to his sons.

I killed three knights to make sure they weren't lying, and three more because I hate odd numbers.

Beware the snake that thinks himself a dragon.

If you are impatient to die, please stand still.

You invaded my empire, killed my mother... I will have revenge.
Arcann in the dark side route, confronting the Outlander for the last time

My hands are stained with the blood of millions. This family's legacy is dripping with it.
Arcann during the light side route.

A god has no family.

The pain only feels like it lasts an eternity.

Ha! How does it feel to be erased from the galaxy?

Behold the patron of glory! Eyes afire with righteous might; skin bathed in the warm blood of the enemy—witness the glory and blazing fury!
His wrath rains down like fire from above. Bodies encircle him like a pyre. His hand never falters; his courage never wanes as the hordes overwhelm him.
His last thoughts turn to his true love. He feels no fear. No pain. The chill of death cannot cool his passion. The hero burns eternal.
Tala-Reh on her husband's Last Stand, shortly before topping it

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