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Pre-emptive warning - anything marked "Confirmation status" contains major spoilers. You have been warned.

All of the Badass Normal classes have some degree of Force Sensitivity.
How else can you explain someone like the Bounty Hunter or the Smuggler going up against, and defeating, powerful Jedi Masters and deadly Sith Lords?

KOTFE will end with the Republic and Empire taking up arms against one another, likely with the Republic winning.
The movies establish that the Galatic Republic did survive KOTFE, even 1000 years later (movie events). This likely means the Republic somehow destroyed the Empire and the Eternal Empire, and maybe even forgot about them, with the exception of Palpatine.
  • Confirmation status: Nope. KOTFE establishes that the Republic and Empire are essentially at a stalemate due to the Eternal Empire defeating both of them. Both still technically exist but neither side has the resources to continue the war. Still unknown whether this will change after KOTET.

A future expansion will end the SWTOR franchise with multiple endings depending on the player's actions.
And only one will be canon (The Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic will win.)
  • The Jedi Order defeat the Sith but the Empire defeats the Republic. The Jedi go on to serve the newer Empire ruled by a benevolent ruler.
  • The Sith win against the Jedi, but also defeat their Emperor.
  • The Sith Emperor wins and the worst Downer Ending happens.
  • A more likely scenario is that both sides take out a more powerful Emperor who fed off their constant fighting. In the process, the two powers exhaust their resources in doing so, so they sign a more permanent peace treaty to avoid any large-scale wars. The Republic becomes prosperous again and leaves the Sith Empire alone, but the Sith Dark Council and many Sith Lords turn on each other for the chance to sit on the throne, Game-of-Thrones style, and by the time of Phanius/Darth Ruin, the Sith have reduced themselves to small remnants thanks to infighting and the Republic has assimilated most of their territory during the fallout.

Revan and the Exile will return.
BioWare has decided to outright lie about this, just so they can stun us with their return.
  • One problem, The Old Republic takes place 300 years after Revan's disappearance, so even if they didn't die prematurely they most likely died of natural causes. And even if they knew how to extend their lifespan through the force, this can only take them so far.
    • First, the Sith Emperor's been doing for over a thousand years so it's not impossible. Secondly, on Taral V you have to rescue a Jedi prisoner who is instrumental in "holding back the darkness" and has been lost inside it for three hundred years. It is also mentioned that should this prisoner's strength fail he will become the darkness. Sound familiar?
  • Confirmation status: Confirmed. They both feature in the level 30 flashpoint, with the Republic side freeing Revan from imprisonment at the behest of the ghost of the Exile.
  • Second confirmation: The expansion Shadow of Revan He's back (at least his dark side is), he's got an entire cult behind him, and the Empire and Republic have to pull and Enemy Mine to stop the guy

Revan is the Sith Emperor.
Revan, having arrived in the Sith Empire, confronted the thousand-year-old Sith Emperor and killed him. On the way, though, he learned more about the history of the Sith and began to sympathize with them. Deciding that the people living in the Empire deserved to get their homeland back, he took the Emperor's place in order to both reform the Imperial government from within and recapture the ancient Sith territories from the Republic. At this point, his body has mostly deteriorated (allowing Bioware to avoid canonizing his appearance); only through the power of the Force has he been able to survive this long.
  • And because he felt sorry for the Sith, he started a war that killed billions of innocent people? Doesn’t sound like LS Revan.
  • Confirmation Status: Not the case. He was "absorbed" into the Emperor's mind, which is why he was showing such restraint when dealing with the Republic... but then the Republic frees him, and the restraint in the Emperor's head is now gone.
    • Mind you, it's worth pointing out that this WMG actually has supporters within the game: the head of the Revanite Order on Dromund Kaas believes it, and Imperial PCs can choose whether they believe it or not.

Revan is the Sith Emperor's host body.
Revan (possibly with the Exile's help) managed to destroy the Sith Emperor's original body, only to become the victim of Grand Theft Me. 300 years later, Revan's rotting shell is being kept alive in a Sith version of the Golden Throne, still inhabited by the Emperor's consciousness. Revan's mind still exists, but is trapped inside a body that no longer obeys his commands. At the end of the game the player will either have to Mercy Kill Revan or help him reassert himself through Heroic Willpower, after which Revan takes the Emperor with him in a Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Confirmation status: Not the case. The Emperor is keeping him alive, however.

Revan and the Exile are dead, but ultimately gave the republic the chance to recover.
In short, they gave their lives to delay the Sith like hell. Seriously, considering how long a time frame they had to build up (a little under a millenium by the point of the original KOTOR), there doesn't seem to be a good explanation as to why the hell the Sith didn't attack earlier when the republic was still reeling from two straight wars. In which case when Revan first arrived, he utterly curbstomped the Sith just as he formerly had the Republic, due to what was basically the same scenario (hero/vanguard returns working for the other side, so noone expected it) forcing their production back. Then whilst they were tending to their wounds, the Exile shows up, and repeats the process, the combined effort ultimately delaying the whole thing by several hundreds of years.
  • Confirmation status: The Exile is dead, but Revan has been kept alive by the Sith Emperor.

Darth Malgus is Too Cool to Live
I'm calling it, the man managed to take the Jedi Temple BY SURPRISE. Yeah, I know, the Republic shuttle might have a helped a little but when you manage to sneak a little over 2 dozen Sith into the most heavily defended complex in Republic Space you are officially beyond cool. I'm just going to call him Darth Badass from now on. Oh, did I mention that the Jedi in the temple did not see it coming until they got a wake up call the size of a shuttle, literally. If you managed to surprise the entire Jedi Order, you clearly know what you're doing. So, Darth Badass is either going to get himself assassinated, seriously injured or mired in politics so as not to make things too overwhelmingly easy for the Sith.
  • Confirmation status: Confirmed. He features as one of the last flashpoint bosses for both factions. His death is such that a return is theoretically possible, though.
    • In a teaser for Knights of the Fallen Empire shown as SDCC, Malgus is shown frozen in carbonite, in a position that indicates he was aware and in pain at the moment of freezing...

One of the party members or the Player Character will be a descendant of Revan... and the Exile
Satele Shan is already suspected to be a descendant of Revan and Bastila, but there may be other reasons that the canonical genders of the two KOTOR protagonists are different. Two former comrades in arms fighting a hopeless battle together... If this is the case each class would have their own backstory as to how the descendant of two powerful Jedi ended up with the Sith, as a smuggler or a bounty hunter, etc. Even the non-Force Sensitive classes could be latently gifted and unknowingly calling on the Force to be the best of the best. And isn't surprising parentage a classic Star Wars plot point?
  • This would contradict the implication in KOTOR 2 that the exile was opposed to Revan's fall, though. She was put in charge of the action where he sent all the dissenters to get killed. Doesn't mean it isn't true, of course.
  • The idea is the Exile fell for the new Revan that resulted from the events of KOTOR (canonically light-side) and they became a couple when she joined him in fighting the True Sith after the second KOTOR game.
  • Jossed: Official novels make it clear that Revan left a pregnant Bastila behind, and never had further children before being trapped by the Sith Emperor.
    • This does not mean that Revan's son or another descendant didn't have several children, however...

The Sith Emperor shown here is Darth Plagueis.
He's supposedly been alive for a thousand years or more. He seems to have pissed off the "true Sith" something fierce (note how the Sith spirits on Korriban don't seem to support him, via omission). His vision of the Sith matches what Palpatine ended up going for almost exactly... possibly because Palpatine learned it from him. TLDR, this is the Sith lord Palpatine told Anakin about during RotS.
  • Wrongo. Darth Plagueis was Palpatine's Sith Master before Palps killed him in his sleep.
    • Likely wrong, but not entirely unfeasible. Knowing Palpatine, he could very well have lied, or he could have been, himself, deceived. Plagueis could have been a body possessed by the Emperor. For that matter, Palpatine HIMSELF could have been the next host body, considering his own similar tendencies. Utterly ridiculous as far as a story goes, but not impossible within the physics of the setting.
  • Confirmation status: Unlikely, as the Sith Emperor's actions indicate he is closer to an Eldritch Abomination than Plagueis is implied to be.

The Sith Emperor is the Big Bad
Not just for the Republic, but the Sith as well. We learn that in Deceived (the novel) that Malgus hates the emperor which could lead to a coup that your character could help with.
  • Very plausible, in Revan We learn from Lord Scourges story that a large-ish fraction of the Sith Lords under The Emperor were planning to overthrow him. In fact, they would have succeeded (with Revan aiding). It failed, though
  • Confirmation status: Confirmed big time in the Shadow of Revan expansion, to the point where the Republic and Empire agree the guy needs to be put down permanently and are willing to call a truce to accomplish it!

Darth Malgus is the Big Bad for both sides
Darth Malgus has good reasons to attack and destroy both sides. The Republic, because it’s his destiny. The Empire, because he’s sick of the political games of the Emperor and the Dark Council. Also he currently conquers new territory in the Unknown Regions. Revan led a fleet into the Unknown Region and came back as an enemy who almost destroyed the Republic. Will Darth Malgus lead a fleet into the Unknown Region and come back as an enemy who almost destroys the Republic and the Sith Empire?
  • Confirmation status: Confirmed to an extent; He serves as the final boss for the last flashpoint available to both factions in the original release.

KOTOR 2 will be completely ignored...
  • Because it wasn't a Bioware game.
    • One Bioware employee posted in the official forum and stated that they consider KOTOR 2 as canon and that there will be several references in TOR. Unless they changed their minds (the post is from 2010) this is Jossed.
    • Completely Jossed. KOTOR was a self-contained game; The Sith Empire is the true Identity of KOTOR's True Sith. The Exile's Ghost also appears in a Republic flashpoint

The Old Republic is but one gigantic test run
And it will be for the Mass Effect MMORPG.

The identity of the Sith Emperor is DOCTOR CLAW!
This explains why he is never seen beyond shadowy imagery.
  • His personal nemesis is a bumbling cyborg who has unexpected help from his niece and her strangely competent pet kath hound.

The Voss are no better than the Gormak.
The Gormak are apparently Always Chaotic Evil, while the Voss are totalitarian. Once the chips are down, it'll turn out that the Voss are basically the Chiss Up to Eleven with religious undertones, and can be just as bad, even worse than the Gormak.
  • Confirmation status: The Voss and Gormak are divergent evolutions of the same source species. The species was forked by the Jedi, who altered the Voss in a long forgotten war with the Sith on Voss before recorded history. The Voss aren't thrilled when they find out that their war is a planetary family feud.

Companion Characters
Each character class will have about five different companion characters, each with their own abilities, personalities and histories. Keeping their loyalty to you is a major part of the game, and some may end up dying along the way, most likely by your own decisions.
  • Confirmation status: Confirmed for all of it come Knights of the Fallen Empire and Knights of the Eternal Throne. Not only do you recruit an array of "classic" companions from Republic and Empire classes, but you have about a dozen new recruits. There's also a Sadistic Choice choosing whether Sith Warrior companion Vette or Bounty Hunter companion Torian will be killed and Mutually Exclusive Party Members Republic playerc can recruit Trooper Companion M1-4x, Imperial ones get Warrior companion Pierce. At Iokath, your Outlander's loyalty choice gets you Quinn or Dorne. Depending on your choices, the list of potentially dead companions gets very long. Kaylio, Jorgan, Senya Tirall, Arcann, Torian or Vette, Koth Vortana, Theron Shan, Malavai Quinn, Broonark, and Xalek are among those who can die.

The Sith Emperor is a Legacy Character
The Emperor hasn't really lived for thousands of years, he's just been replaced by his apprentice in typical Sith fashion over and over. The Emperor chooses an apprentice and once the apprentice has learned all he can from the Master he kills him and assumes the Mantle of Sith Emperor. The reason this works is that the Sith Emperor is only ever seen as a cloaked figure and very few people have any contact with him.
  • Confirmation status: Played with. The "Emperor's Voice" acts as a conduit for the emperor's orders to the Empire, and he's gone through more than a few Voices over the years. His true body, which is working on something in secret far away, may or may not be the original anymore.

It'll be a Big Bad Ensemble between Jadus and Malgus
They're certainly setting Malgus up in a particularly prominent light, and from what we know, he's got motivation to turn against the Empire. By contrast, Jadus is a clear-cut Enigmatic Minion, so anything's fair game with him.
  • Confirmation status: At least partially Jossed. Malgus dies at the end of the False Emperor Flashpoint (although given the manner of his death, Bioware could easily bring him back). In one of the four potential endings of the Agent's first chapter, Jadus is arrested by the Dark Council for treason, although his fate afterwards is not revealed. The other three endings have Jadus remain at large.

Every Republic Character Class will have their own Big Bad
For the Republic, the Jedi Knight will have Darth Malgus, the Jedi Consular will have Darth Jadus, the Trooper will deal with Rycus Kilran and the Smuggler has Nem'ro the Hutt.
  • Confirmation Status Mostly Jossed. Darth Malgus and Moff Kilran serve mostly as antagonists/superiors in the flashpoints, while Darth Jadus's role is mostly confined to the Imperial Agent's story. Nem'ro is mostly only important during the Bounty Hunter and Imperial Agent's questlines on Hutta. That being said, as each class's story is different, most classes do have a big bad (or several, seeing as the story takes place in three acts).

There is no Sith Emperor
His identity was just conjured up to keep the Imperial citizens in-line.
  • Jossed. He makes a physical appearance in Revan, and in one of the tie-in webcomics. His then-current host was the Final Boss for the Knight's storyline, and he's back to try and destroy everything as of Shadow of Revan

Janarus will get overthrown and replaced by one of his political rivals
Garza and Saresh are his main rivals, and I doubt they'd just have that as trivia-type info.
  • Confirmation Status: Jossed. Janarus is either assassinated or resigns during the final chapter of the Bounty Hunter's story. Governor Saresh does take his place afterward, though.

Novel characters will appear in the game
Notably, Eldon Ax, Moxla, Ula, and so on.
  • Confirmed to some extent. Characters from the Comics like Darth Baras, Braden, and Tenel Kal have appeared in the game, although many of them have been redesigned both in terms of their role in the story, and their appearance. Characters from Threat of Peace suffered particularly hard here; Darth Baras has put on a lot of weight, and Braden is a lot older than he was in the comic. Satele's relationship with Taavus is also questionable.

The Eternity Vault's worst criminal is...
A Rakata war criminal, who may end up being a Big Bad Ensemble with the Empire.
  • Partially confirmed. The Infernal One is a rogue Rakata Lord, but the Empire seems just as scared of him.

Mandalorians shall turncoat
They'll return back to being independent, but they'll antagonize both the Empire and the Republic for a good price.
  • At present, Mandalore has maintained ties to the Empire, although the Bounty Hunter's story might change this in the future... There is a Flashpoint where a rogue Mandalorian clan declares war on both factions though, and at least one crew skill mission that mentions a Mandalorian clan that's considering or has defected or gone rogue.
  • Confirmation Status: Shae Vizla (Mandalore the Avenger) has thrown her people's lot in with the Alliance and the Outlander, which is more Take a Third Option than anything, though less so with an Imperial loyalist Outlander.

Satele being descended from Revan will not be officially confirmed
It's been stated so far that Satele is only rumoured to be related to Revan. It'll never be officially confirmed so that fans who prefer to think of Revan as a woman, or even a man who just didn't end up with Bastila can believe what they want.
  • Confirmation status: Probably Jossed. The Official novels make it clear Revan and Bastilla did get married and have a child, so unless Bastilla had another child after Revan's disappearance, Satele is indeed Revan's descendant.
  • Further confirmation: In the Forged Alliances arc, Theron outright says he and Satele (his mother) are descended from Revan and Bastila.

The Sith Emperor is Darth Andeddu
His role as The Chessmaster is in line with Andeddu's extreme paranoia (including his elimination of the ancient Sith Lords' spirits as competition for his power) and planning. He is also the only known Sith Lord prior to Darth Bane known to have learned how to transfer his essence to another body (which seems to be the Sith Emperor's method of immortality). But perhaps, most glaringly, is the fact that Darth Andeddu was the first Dark Lord to use the title "Darth" (the few who used it before him were lesser Sith Lords), which fell into common usage under the Sith Emperor's reign, having been bestowed by him upon Revan and Malak, as well as upon all of the known Sith Lords from the Great Galactic War.
  • Jossed by Revan. The Emperor is an original character named Vitiate.

Both sides will eventually erupt in a Civil War.
The factions will split along Light Side / Dark Side lines, with players forced to choose between them. The Sith seem extremely split ideologically and judging from precedent can't go five minutes without turning on each other, and the Jedi and Republic haven't exactly attained a good reputation in that respect either.
  • While it hasn't happened yet, conflict within each faction is a constant theme in the stories. The Imperial Agent, Sith Warrior, and Sith Inquisitor practically spend more time fighting inside threats than they do external threats.

The Sith Emperor is a fallen Jedi who defected to the Sith during the sacking of Korriban

At the end of the Great Hyperspace War, a Jedi who was appalled by the genocide of the Sith decided to defect and guide the Sith to a new homeworld. However, the need for absolute order to protect the Sith from the horrors of Dromund Kaas made this Jedi fall to the dark side. The Emperor's reclusiveness stems from his reluctance to reveal to his subjects that he used to be a Jedi. The spirits of the ancient Sith Lords hate him because he participated in the sacking of Korriban.

  • Jossed by Revan. The Emperor was a Sith Lord during the Great Hyperspace War and has been pure evil for almost his entire life.

The Sith Emperor is Kreia

Consider the parallels between Kreia and Flemeth. They're generally manipulative, tend to work behind the scenes, pretend to be an ally of the hero for a time, and are usually at least as significant a threat as the actual Big Bad of the story, if they aren't the Big Bad themselves. Now consider that body surfing to achieve extended lifespan is an established tactic of both Flemeth and existing Sith in Star Wars...

  • Jossed by Revan. The Emperor was a Sith Lord during the Great Hyperspace War and has been pure evil for almost his entire life. A force spirit who resembles Kreia in more ways than one does appear in the Sith Warrior's story, and she claims to have loved the Emperor

The Entity in the Sith Warrior storyline is Darth Traya
The Entity's codex entry states she nearly wiped out the Jedi Order centuries prior to TOR. Additionally the Entity is an accomplished Seer, hence why Baras enslaves her to further his plans to usurp the Emperor. However she mentions her resting place was disturbed, which is odd given Darth Traya's body was supposed to have been destroyed along with Malachor V.

The ripped from the beta data files codex entry can be viewed from here:

M1-4X survives for thousands of years
After leaving the service of the Trooper, he is maintained as a museum fixture of some kind, eventually receives a more realistic vocabulator, and becomes the narrator for a Republic Propaganda Project during the Clone Wars.

By the party when they search for Revan.
  • Jossed by Star Wars Galaxy. The game took place during the original trilogy - roughly 4.000 years after TOR - and HK-47 appeared in it. He was a raid boss but survived the encounter.
    • Double Jossed in fact. After the Foundry, which is the Flashpoint referred to in the first entry, Darth Malgus rebuilds him. The party must defeat him as a boss in the False Emperor flashpoint, after which his remains somehow escape the explosion, where he will be rebuilt again and found on Mustafar.
    • In fact, he also shows up in Shadow of Revan in the Temple of Sacrifice operation. It's handy, being made of machine parts.

The Sith Emperor is Emperor Palpatine
Think about it for a minute. In Revan Scourge foresaw that the Emperor would be defeated by a Jedi, not Revan, far into the future (5,000 years counts). And lets have a look at the Empire from the movies, anyone who's seen the movies will start thinking that the they've seen those Imperial Uniforms before. They have, you know why? Because the Emperor recycled them 5,000 years later and he also did the same thing with the Imperial ship designs. The reason why technology hasn't seemed to progress all that much in 5,000 years is because Emperor Palpatine is sticking with what he's comfortable with. Additionally, he was able to secure Vader's loyalty as easily as he did because he used More Than Mind Control on him the same way he did with Revan.
  • He dies at the end of the Jedi Knight plotline, so no.
    • The Sith Warrior storyline says that what the Knight killed was the Emperor's True Voice and that his actual body is somewhere else, working on something no one is entirely sure of.
      • What this means is not clear though, we could end up having a dead Emperor but with Revan's mind. Which is awesome.

Kyle Katarn is a descendant of Revan, or perhaps even his reincarnation.
Same voice actor? Check. Memetic Badass? Check. Also, neither were killed in their boss battles (though Revan's fate is kinda ambiguous). It may be more than a coincidence...

By the conclusion of the conflict, the Empire will NOT be totally defeated.
Instead, there will be a uprising or coup by non-force sensitive Imperial citizen (perhaps led by a light-sided Imperial Agent) who are sick of a system in which they will always be subjugated by the Sith. The revolution will result in a new Empire without the Sith in power (think of the Imperial Remnants after the Battle of Endor). Eventually, the Empire will peacefully join and become part of the Republic (think an older version of the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances). This will explain why by the time of the Rise of the Empire, the Imperial accent is now known as the Coruscant accent and why the Republic has adopted the symbols used by the Empire.

The Republic's victory is not a foregone conclusion.
When the time comes for the game to end (and hopefully that's not anytime soon) it won't be a foregone conclusion that the Republic will emerge victorious in the war with the Empire. Instead, perhaps taking a page from Star Wars Galaxies' final hours, instead, the winner will be calculated via PvP victories, or something like that, on each individual server. Servers where the Republic comes out on top will be considered to be part of the "canon" universe, whereas servers where the Empire emerges victorious will instead be labelled as part of the "Infinities" alternate continuities, the Elseworlds of the Star Wars universe, divergent timelines where the Sith emerged victorious. This way Imperial players aren't necessarily always on the losing side and would also make for an interesting Twist Ending. The Force Unleashed games have already toyed with these Infinities storylines, so it's outside of the realm of possibility that Old Republic might follow suit.
  • Confirmation Status: Yes and No? Knights of the Fallen Empire, the upcoming expansion, indicates that a third faction abruptly appears and over the course of five years all but crushes both Empire and Republic.

At the end the Empire reforms and joins the Republic
This is a conclusion I made after I played every class Light Side. It will be just like the two Germanys, where one adopt the structure of the other and reunify. Made easier by the fact, that the current Head of State of the Empire wants to KILL EVERYONE. The resulting Enemy Mine between the eight protagonists would be a logical consequence (especially the light siders).
  • Sure as hell explains why the Republic is shown to use the Sith Empire logo in the prequels...
    • The Republic also uses aesthetically similar Star Destroyers in the prequels that the Sith Empire uses.
  • There is one major obstacle standing in the way of this possibility: The Sith. They've been planning revenge against the Jedi Order for millenia now, and they're unlikely to give it up just like that. They might temporarily ally with the Republic to eliminate the Emperor, but that won't last past his death.
  • From the looks of some leaks and recent new content, the Empire is beginning to reform by being more accepting of non-humans. While this doesn't get rid of the Sith and a lot of Imperials will not like this reformation, it at least takes away one of the biggest reasons many of the remaining non-Force-users opposed the Republic. Most likely, the Sith will be deposed by non-Force-users when, either through the Dark Council or Emperor, the non-Force-users efforts are roadblocked and/or no longer feel a need to oppose the Republic.
    • It is implied that a small Sith fraction studies the light side of the force. They won't stay small, if the Sith won't drop their Chronic Backstabbing Disorder.
    • One thing in favour of this theory: LucasArts has as a general policy that when given a choice between Light and Dark Side in a game, the Light Side option is canon. This means that two of the most important Sith in the Empire are effectively Lightsiders and one of the more prominent intelligence agents is likely working as a double agent to reform the Empire from within.
      • Actually, that's not strictly speaking correct. The light-side choices are only assumed to be canon when it's a Jedi or Republic character making them, but dark side when it's a Sith or Imperial character making them. That means that the Jedi Knight is effectively The Paragon, while the Sith Warrior and Sith Inquisitor are dog-kicking ax crazy assholes.
      • It was correct at the time of writing, since it had not been made clear that TOR is an exception to the general LucasArts policy at that time.

Quorian Dorjis will play a prominant part in the future storylines of both Sith classes

He lives regardless of whether the PC chose the light-sided or dark-sided ending for the Jailbreak quest. The choice that the PC made will effect Quorian's future dealings with them.

Jace Malcom is Theron Shan's father.

Because Malcom and Satele saved each other's lives multiple times, it's not too hard to see them as a Battle Couple. Perhaps they had a one-night stand...?

  • At the very least, it doesn't look like Theron is Captain Taavus's son, given the changes his characterization has taken.
  • Confirmation Status: Confirmed in one of the tie-in novels.

At some point in the future, there will be an Imperial Civil War.

The military, intelligence, and civilian parts of the Sith Empire will defect from Sith control and either become independent or merge with the Republic. If you're playing as a light-side Agent, you will even be able to support this.

  • While it hasn't gotten this far, every class spends at least some time dealing with conflicts within the Empire.
  • Confirmation status: Confirmed: Darth Malgus instigates his own by attempting to become the Emperor. The Dread Masters also develop their own plans to rule the galaxy, or bring terror to it, or whatever they really want to do..

Darth Jadus will be the Big Bad of a future expansion pack

He's apparently second in power only to the Emperor, has grand ambitions and he can learn of the Emperor's plan to become a god. Yes, one of the outcomes of the Agent's Chapter 1 results in him being arrested, but he doesn't seem to concerned about that and we are never explicitly told that he is executed.

The Sith Emperor will never be defeated

He'll just find a way to accomplish his goal without destroying the galaxy. After that, he simply won't care. Alternately, he's still scheming somewhere out there.

  • Jossed. He perishes for good in the final chapter of KOTET

The Sith Empire is going to make a deal with the Republic that gives it amnesty in exchange for severing its ties to the Jedi Order

There was a Senator on Coruscant who was hammering out this very deal. Regardless of how the player handles that mission, he'll pull it off, forcing the Jedi Order into an Enemy Mine situation with the Seperatists (an ironic reversal of the events in the Clone Wars).

  • Seems unlikely, given that the films have the Republic still standing, the Jedi still with them and the Sith Empire nowhere to be seen. Not to mention that, according to Darth Marr, the Empire is losing.

Darth Sidious is the Last Son of The Emperor
There are points(specifically when he said: "So be it Jedi" and "I am the Senate") when Sidious's voice starts sounding exacly like The Emperor's voice when he said:"Let your death be the same" and the Dark Side apparently spoke to him right after Darth Plagueis's death saying it would use him as it would use him. All this implies that The Emperor became one of 2 wills controlling the Dark Side after The Old Republic and had concieved a son to Consinga Palpatine's wife while making sure that his genes were similar enough to assure Consinga Palpatine that Sidious was his son. All of The Emperor's children can be possessed so when Sidious decided to kill look Luke Skywalker it was after Vitate acknowledged Luke's being a Jedi using Sidious's body(voice switched back to Sidious's voice after calling Luke a Jedi). The Palpatine in Dark Empire was completely dominated by The Emperor(explaining why he said:"I am the Dark Side!").

Consular companion Tharan Cedrax is a member of the Star Cabal, albeit one with divided loyalties

This one showed up on the official forums and makes a frightening amount of sense. The Cabal started with noble goals; a galaxy where the two Force-using factions were destroyed or at least rendered incapable of continuing their unceasing, civilization-wrecking religious war. Ordinary people would be free to rule, not dragged into crusades or left begging at temples. Galactic civilization would operate on money, information, technology, and reason. All of this would appeal greatly to Tharan's sensibilities, as he has a vehement dislike for mysticism and highly prizes logic, information, and luxury. The Cabal recruits some of the best and brightest non-Force Sensitives across the galaxy, and Cedrax's scientific talent does match up to his boasts, which would make him a valuable operative. It would explain a lot as to why a shopkeper and inventor like himself would take such an interest in Duras Fain's cult. It would also explain why he volunteers himself abaord the Consular's boat, even though he has no real stake in the Republic-Empire conflict (as a citizen of neutral, Hutt space) and barely knows the Consular at that point. He's there like the Selkath Rift Alliance member to spy on the Consular, but in a better position to potentially dig up something to discredit the Order or report on Jedi limitations (by patching you up constantly, he probably has some very detailed scans).

The problem? As much as he likes the idea of the Jedi and Sith eliminated in theory, he's really fond of Master Syo Bakarn, and can become just as fond of your Consular. He wouldn't want to see his friends hurt, even if he thinks the Jedi Order can go stuff itself on general principle. Furthermore, his exposure to Sith has probably shown him that while the Jedi are often just as often live down to his low opinion of them, the Sith manage to go even lower and worse, they're irrational. If the Cabal called on him to betray the Consular, it's highly unlikely he could actually do it.

The Sith Emperor actually is killed by the Jedi Knight.
We have at least two people, one of which is the Emperor himself who have had Force visions to the effect that the Knight will kill him and his last words are essentially "I'd rather die than let you redeem me" rather than "Fool, I cannont be killed." He's weakened by his investment in the failed rituals on Belsavis, Voss and Corellia and cornered in the heart of his power so his usual boddy swapping may not be an option. Indeed he may not have another body availible given that the Sith Warrior killed the last one quite recently.And yes we have the Emperor's Hand telling the Sith Warrior that it wasn't really the Emperor but I can see two reasons why that doesn't quite ring true. First, the last time the Emperor's Voice was killed, on Voss, he was back up and about in no time. No suddenly his body swap weakens him to the point that he has to vanish? Second, the death of the Emperor is going to be a huge morale blow to the Empire. The Republic and the Jedi are going to make sure the whole galaxy knows they killed him and plenty in the Empire will believe it, espically if the Emperor makes no effort to counter the claim. All it would take is one speech by the Emperor but he can't do that? Given how devoted the Hand is it would hardly be out of character for them to just assume he's not dead.
  • In a future update, the Emperor's Hand will conduct a ritual to resurrect the emperor, while the Jedi Knight tries and fails to stop them... And of course the ritual (while properly done) accomplishes nothing, and the tale of Vitrae ends anticlimactically (yet satisfyingly).
    • Confirmation status: Partially jossed, partially confirmed. At the very end of the Shadow of Revan quest, you find out that the Emperor was dead...but thanks to the casualties suffered by the Republic and Empire trying to stop Revan, the Emperor was able to revive using those casualties (though because Revan was stopped, he doesn't revive at "full power"). As of the ending of Shadow of Revan, the Emperor is again a threat.

There will be two new Dark Council members soon...
...Who will complete the set of Nox, Occulus, and Imperius, allowing any of them to appear in future canon works set in the timeframe. They will all have variants of the Player Inquisitor's personality, but their pasts will never be referenced clearly, leaving it ambiguous which one the PC became.

The Sith Empire isn't on the verge of Defeat yet
Yes, the tide is turning and they are backstabbing each other and yes they have lost the Emperor but they couldn't care less because the Emperor wanted to kill everyone. Let's see Hoth is a huge loss for the Republic. Taris is a gigantic symbolic defeat for the Republic. Malgus decimates the Republic fleet, taking many ships with him. Corellia is annexed by the Republic, but it's primary resource is destroyed. Belsavis is anything but under Republic control anymore, and they're most likely going to lose the planet to the massive prisoner army being enlisted by the Empire. And the Empire is arguably the winner in Makeb having conquered the planet and taken the Isotope-5. The Sith Empire will collapse in the end, but it will be beyond the scope of the MMO. Most likely first three acts is akin to ANH where first 2 acts have the Empire winning but the Republic manages to turn the tide at the end, and then acts 4,5,6 will be an allusion to ESB and we can see the Empire winning once more, possibily with the return of the Emperor. And acts 7,8,9 will be the end with the final Death of the Emperor and the implication that the empire will fracture not long after. Furthermore with Darth Marr in charge the Empire might reform and at least last longer and turn the tide.
  • Of course you could counter this by arguing that the Republic counters the "resurrected" Bane Brigade with their own One-Man Army, that the Empire spent more resources on Taris than a symbolic victory was really worth (it also was a big money pit, and the money can now be diverted to the war effort. It also got Suresh elected to Supreme Chancellor on a sympathy vote, and she makes Janarus look like a teddy bear. A former Imperial slave who lost the planet she was assigned to fight for despite her best effort? Yeah, she's going to make the Imps pay ), that Malgus caused a massive split within the Empire, that Belsavis may not be Republic-held, but is hardly under Imperial control either, and that the Empire was forced off of Balmorra despite the amount of effort invested (meaning the biggest weapons and droid factories in the Core are now under Republic friendly leadership). The Empire lost over ten percent of their forces on Corellia when they had a lower population to begin with (and are hamstrung by their Fantastic Racism which limits their army to humans and Sith species only as well as their Chronic Backstabbing Disorder which further reduces their pool of experienced officers, Force Users, and spies Two of the Dark Council are newbies who predictably killed their way in, Imperial Intelligence was dismantled.). They also have Third World infrastructure and massive inefficiency (their capital planet doesn't even have a paved road from their main city to the spaceport - everything goes marching on a dirt path through a predator-infested jungle, the slave labor pool is in a constant state of revolt, and they're building momuments to Darths' egoes instead of roads and fortifications) And then the Empire got backstabbed by the Dread Masters they free on Belsalvis (granted, they're a pain in the Republic's side, too, but the Imperials can't afford the losses nearly as much). Even if they get a Hail Mary pass with Makeb, the Empire is doing a better job of destroying themselves than they are hitting the Republic. Imperial world Ziost was wiped out by Vitiate as well.

  • Darth Marr appears to be well aware of both sides of this issue. An Imperial victory is still plausible (barely), but would take a lot of work and, more importantly, requires that the Sith not backstab each other for a while. In general, the feeling in the Empire is that they're balanced on a knife's edge, one step from being unable to prosecute the war any longer. Of course, that doesn't mean that a sudden catastrophic failure on the Republic's part couldn't restore parity should Bioware feel they need it.

Palpatine is Vitiate reincarnated.
They share a lot of qualities: both are total psychopaths since birth, murdered their family and one of the most powerful, important and feared Sith Lords of all time. They desired total immortality, and while Palpatine going beyond the mortal coil didn't make him an Omnicidal Maniac, he was certainly on a similar level of crazy to him post-mortum. Given Palpy had the soul of the Sith Emperor, it isn't surprising that Darth Tenebrous was terrified when sensing his spirit. It is known that the Sith Emperor underwent a "final death" sometime before Darth Plagieus. Perhaps he retained immortality, but wasn't able to preserve his identity, resulting in being reincarnated as the son of a Naboo senator

Jonas Balkar managed to convince the Bounty Hunter and/or Imperial Agent that he was part of Imperial Intelligence.
There isn't actually any evidence of this, but it seems pretty plausible. One of the sidequests on Hutta involves being sent to destroy a tank of eels that a would-be spice buyer is trying to present to Nem'ro (you're sent by a rival spice dealer). When you try to destroy the tank, a man appears via holo and asks you not to, claiming that he works for the Empire and needs the spice to process into medicine for Imperial soldiers. The man looks pretty similar to Jonas Balkar (from the Trooper storyline) who, incidentally, was stationed on Nar Shaddaa (e.g. the moon you can see in Hutta's sky) at the time. You have only his word that he's Imperial, and there's no reason spice-derived medicine wouldn't work just as well for Republic soldiers.

The Star Cabal arranged for the Mandalorian Wars
Part of the Star Cabal's remit during the ~1000 years between the Great Hyperspace War and TOR was apparently arranging matters such that the Republic wouldn't find the hidden Sith Empire. So, to keep the Republic from expanding out into the Rim, they convinced the Mandalorians to launch a crusade that would presumably knock the Republic down a few pegs while also hopefully alienating them from the (then quite unhelpful) Jedi Order. They just didn't count on Revan (and to be fair, who did?) being his usual thorough self and not only vanquishing the Mandalorians but also exploring where they came from.

G0-T0 was part of the Star Cabal, or sponsored by them
Blatant Arc Welding on my part, but it just might be plausible, mostly because of his stated goal to strengthen the Republic by reducing/eliminating the power of the Jedi Order and the Sith Triumvirate. He also had kind of a fishy backstory: sure, an AI could hypothetically be driven rampant by conflicting demands the way G0-T0 claimed to be, and it's juuust plausible that it could somehow beg, borrow, or steal its way into the underworld, and from there to the top. But it's a lot easier to swallow if you insert a wealthy conspiracy that would love to have a loyal, hyper-intelligent, yet expendable lieutenant to handle their underworld dealings.
  • Even if G0-T0's backstory is what he says it is, it's impossible that the Star Cabal wouldn't have seen him as a valuable asset to recruit... which would explain where he got the notion that the Jedi and Sith are only good for constant warring that devastates the Republic.

Bioware knew what they were doing when they handled Revan's Character Derailment
Bioware implied several times that they thought of Revan as a woman. When LucasArts came along and changed that, Bioware wasn't happy and decided to get back at them by turning the former badass into an insane psycho—their way of saying "You want male Revan? You can have him, along with a million brands of crazy".
  • After everything that happened to Revan, in what conceivable turn of events could he not be crazy?
    • There might be something to this after playing the Shroud of Memory chapter. Okay, so you're playing as HK-55, and your new companion is a sweetheart of a droid that's nonetheless heavily armed and deadly. Oh, and she has memory issues. Enough that she doesn't even recall being the Big Bad, and she is terribly upset when she finds out. Granted, the whole thing is Played for Laughs, but it's surprisingly close to what a Light Side Female Revan would look like from HK-47's point of view.

Satele Shan was made Grandmaster of the order out of desperation
She was basically the last really good Jedi left standing after the War. Between that, the Battle Meditation and being descended from Revan himself, she was the only one left that was really worthy to lead them.

Emperor Valkorian is working for Vitiate
Because it seems really odd that Bioware would build up Vitiate as an immediate threat in "Rise of the Emperor" only to replace him with an unrelated villain.

  • Confirmation Status: Jossed, Valkorion is Vitiate.

Alternatively, Valkorian is NOT directly working for Vitiate, but is his Unwitting Pawn.
Since Vitiate needs as many people to die as possible to fuel his strength, the Eternal Empire's invasion would certainly provide. People from both the Republic and Empire will inevitably die, and by the truckload. The factions may be able to fight back, but that will end up serving to further the Emperor's scheme even more by adding Eternal Empire casualties. Ultimately, whether he's working for the Emperor or not, Valkorian's invasion will end up serving Vitiate's goal of bringing about the destruction of the Galaxy.

  • Confirmation Status: Jossed, Valkorion is Vitiate.

Valkorian and Vitiate are brothers.
When they were young, the brothers decided to compete for...well, everything, really. All the galaxy, all of eternity, every living thing, but using different techniques. Perhaps Vitiate's first ritual didn't just fuel his own initial immortality; more likely Valkorian found his own method of living forever to enact their grand dejarik match. Vitiate will be defeated in content during the runup to Knights of the Fallen Empire, and having won by default, Valkorian will set his endgame into motion against the weakened Empire and Republic.

  • Confirmation Status: Jossed, Valkorion is Vitiate.

Valkorian is Vitiate.
Valkorian's grandstanding refers to past works, which the Empire of Zakuul is set to eclipse. The phrasing indicates the people he is speaking to are supposed to compare this to past efforts, as if they know who he is and what he's done. If he's speaking to the player characters, or someone else from outside of Zakuul, how are they supposed to have any reference point for this? In addition, Vitiate's last words spoken to the player character during the Ziost content indicate that he's going to be taking a new tack in his plot for domination. Maybe he's given up on apotheosis for now. Maybe Vitiate had Zakuul the whole time, as a backup if his apotheosis was somehow foiled. The timeline is a bit squiffy if both his sons are supposed to be natural adults, but again, had he reached apotheosis, no harm done.
  • Confirmed.

Valkorion is being possessed by Vitiate
We know Vitiate can do this, we saw as much on Ziost. Considering how Koth and Senya both talk about how Valkorion was a good man in many ways, it seems strange when Vitiate had been previously portrayed as a Complete Monster. So maybe Valkorion was originally his own man, but after Ziost Vitiate was looking for a new body to possess and Valkorion seemed like the perfect choice.

  • Confirmation Status: Jossed, Valkorion and Vitiate always were the same person. Valkorion mentions that he manipulated people of Zakuul into worshipping and idolizing him, which must have provided good PR.
    • Actually no. Vitiate tells you that the original Valkorion was a warrior many years ago. He hollowed out his body and used it as a host.

Lord Scourge will reappear in a major role later on.
  • Valkorian is especially contemptuous of him while listing the Knights companions. There's still a grudge there.
  • One of Scourge's defining traits was his devotion to destiny. KOTFE places an emphasis on the conflict between believers and unbelievers in destiny.
  • On a related note, players were never able to call him out on blowing his earlier chances to kill Vitale before. And now that it's clear that the big vision he devoted his life to failed, he needs a scene where he comes to terms with that.
  • His understanding of Vitale's immortality and older persona could help with explaining how the Valkorian persona came about.
  • He makes no appearance in KotFE and Eternal Throne.
  • He finally shows up along with Kira and the end of Onslaught to set up a plot a bout a plague released by Vitiate's death.

Arcann will eventually lose control of the Eternal Fleet, exactly as Valkorion intended
The Eternal Fleet's origin is unknown, but centuries ago, the Eternal Fleet tried to exterminate all life in the galaxy. Valkorion somehow learned how to harness the Eternal Fleet, but he was extremely reluctant to use it. In contrast, Arcann uses the Eternal Fleet every chance he can.

Perhaps overuse of the Eternal Fleet will cause it to go out of control and resume its "kill the meatbags" mission. At this point, it's pretty clear that Valkorion has raised Arcann to do the opposite of what he would have done.

Valkorion is helping the Outlander to make Arcann overuse the Eternal Fleet while fighting the Outlander. In "Knights of the Fallen Empire"'s finale, Arcann will lose control of the Eternal Fleet, which will start to attack inhabited world at random. Valkorion will use the deaths the Fleet causes to become stronger than ever.

  • Confirmation Status: Confirmed as of Chapter 15. SCORPIO betrays the Alliance, seizes control of the Eternal Throne, Skytroopers, and the overwhelming majority of the Eternal Fleet by infiltrating the GEMINI Frequency that controls them. She later hands it all to Vaylin while Arcann escapes with his mother.

Starting from Chapter 12, Senya is possessed by Valkorion.
It's at this point that she takes over Koth's role of objecting whenever the alliance risks Zakuul civilians (to his surprise, if he's still present). While this would be understandable sentiments for her to have, the fact that she only now has started voicing them indicates a change in her personality. Previously, the other pro-Zakuul voices among the main characters were Koth, and Valkorion. And at approximately the same time that Valkorion leaves the Outlander to go elsewhere. Perhaps he made contact with her again while the Outlander was distracted with recruitment, then arranged for a permanent transfer later.

The two people in the teaser for the next expansion Knights of the Eternal Throne are Senya and Vaylin.
During the ending of chapter 16, Vaylin teams up with Scorpio and takes over the eternal throne. And Senya would probably try to stop her.

Snoke founded The Star Cabal.
He is long lived or he gained the ability to Time Travel.

Snoke created SCORPIO.

SCORPIO has dreams to become organic.
Played with. SCORPIO wants her children to be free.

The player character is slowly overcoming the light/dark sides of the force and developing a new side
Near the end of KOTFE, players will notice that choices stop giving light or dark points. This, combined with an increased affinity to Valkorion's force aura and the training they took with two philosophically different force masters in Chapter 12, implies that the emperor's true goal was to help the player character develop their own philosophy (even if it's still close enough to light or dark) and ignore the influences of the light side AND the dark side, developing an entire third side of the Force. Fridge Brilliance when you realize that Valkorion's constant nagging in the first two thirds of the game means that the player character has either (A) ignored Valkorion, who they view as their antithesis when in fact he philosophies about both sides of the Force, thereby developing a subconscious defiance of both light and dark, or (B) become his thrall and therefore his disciple in a new type of Force (probably won't go well, but the PC's still learning something). Same thing that Kreia did centuries ago, but with better results.

In chapter 16, you can (try to) shoot Arcann in the face without considering surrender and your karma meter won't budge an inch. When you are presented with the final choice, try to shoot Arcann down with Senya hostage or let them go, neither one nets you light or dark points and you can justify (or regret) your actions in a dialogue action soon after. If you refused, did you let Arcann go because of hope for redemption, honor in sparing the defenseless, to save Senya, or because you wanted to school him again? If you accepted, did you open fire because Arcann mass murdered six planets, because he can't be redeemed without Thexan, because killing him is what you promised Koth and many others, or because you simply don't show mercy? Rather than simply call your final choice "for the sake of good" or "for the sake of evil", the game gives your character a few reasons why they chose what they chose, and a few options saying "I don't know." or "I regret it now, what was I drunk on?" for extra ambiguity.

There's also some merit to it in Guss's recruitment mission. In order to help him succeed, you have to help him get all the philosophy out of his head; both the Jedi stuff he couldn't handle, and the Sith mentality he never liked anyway. He finds a third option and a home in the Outlander's Force enclave.

Koth is Lando's ancestor
... You know what, let's just say that they're both Ace Pilots with a funny way of showing appreciation. Maybe Koth taught his students how to drive and those teachings got passed down to Lando, I dunno.

Koth is a Long-Lost Relative of Felix Iresso's
  • Felix spent most of his early years as a refugee. It's entirely possible he got separated from family members along the way. Meanwhile, Koth is pretty much what Felix would be if he were a Zakuul citizen, not a Republic one; including knowing when and where to tell authority to shove it for the greater good, the actions that gain approval and disapproval (Felix would be just as pissed off if you blew up Republic citizens), and even similar catchphrases. Even if they aren't long-lost cousins or something, they'd likely be mistaken for such.

The Jedi Knight will be the "canonical" Outlander
  • Remember that Lord Scourge had a vision of the Knight taking the Emperor's throne, and scolds the Knight after the fight at the dark Temple saying that the job wasn't done yet because the Knight didn't take the throne. Now, think of what went down in Chapter 13 - Valkorian tells the Outlander their destiny is to sit on the Eternal Throne. Grandmaster Satele and Darth Marr actually confirm that this is supposed to happen. Furthermore, the whole Outlander arc seems suspiciously designed around a Force-wielding class, and the Knight's storyline has been stated to be what a KOTOR 3 single player would have been.
    • Alternatively, it will be kept ambiguous as to which Player Character is the Outlander similar to the planetary story arcs, flashpoints, and the expansions such mentioning that Darth Soverus died defending Korriban but who killed him is left unclear.

Silentium and the Abominor created the Eternal Fleet and the Gravestone.
They are droid societies whom hails from another galaxy and they fought against each other. This would explain the battle that happened between the Gravestone and the Eternal Fleet long ago and why the creators of the ships are unknown.

The Eternal Fleet and the Gravestone were created by The Illuminati.

C2-N2 and 2V-R8 are spies whom works for The Shroud.
The Shroud spies on both the Republic and the Empire but would soon plan to sabotage both factions. He does it by having spies planted in both factions watching the factions greatest fighters every move. Who better to recruit a droid and plant them as a mole than another droid.

  • Conformation Status: We do find that The Shroud has a copy of 2V-R8 in that hall of droid heads. It's entirely possible that The Shroud simply swapped out your droid with one of her copies.

SCORPIO and GEMINI Prime will find the Star Forge, become AI gods, and gets worshiped by Ewoks.

The Celestials will appear.

This ENTIRE GAME will have influence on the future of the Star Wars movies (from Episode 8 and onward)
Knights of the Fallen Empire changed the game from a dolled-up Beam Of War to a classic Bioware RPG, where a hero garners favor from various factions throughout the Star Wars galaxy and builds a giant intergalactic organization that shapes the galaxy with every choice. As of right now, there is sheer potential in applying the actions of The Outlander to the mythos of the Force Awakens Trilogy.
  • We might even see the "Champion" of The Old Republic star as a carbonite-frozen mummy who is revived to save the republic (or reconquer the empire). Or maybe Valkorian will reawaken in the Star Wars era. Or Zakuul might make a cameo as an engineering hive-world.

Lana Beniko and Theron Shan work for The Shroud.
  • They mentioned to have come across The Shroud before. What better way to spy on the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire than to have their own spies working for The Shroud?
    • Well that might explain how The Shroud (or at least the actor Z0-0M used for The Shroud) walked right past them in the Shroud of Memory chapter and neither said anything.

Broonmark is Dr. Juvard Illip Oggurobb's Sitcom Arch-Nemesis.
Dr. Juvard Illip Oggurobb keeps repeating the same conversation over and over about how he dislikes Broonmark every time the Outlander first speaks to him in a while. Why else would Dr. Oggurobb keeps complaining about Broonmark and not focus on creating something?

in Knights of the Eternal Throne, Arcann will make a Heel–Face Turn.
  • At the end of chapter 16, no matter what you choose. Senya flees the alliance with an injured Arcann. Where he might eventually be redeemed.
    • Confirmed depending on your actions. If you spare Senya, Arcann joins you. If not, he comes after you for revenge.

Master Nomen Karr is a Child of the Emperor.
He indulges with The Dark Side which caused his Padawan, Jaesa Willsaam who has the unique ability to sense an individual's true nature and pierce any deception to join the Sith. Had he not do what he did, the threat the First Son and the Children of the Emperor posed for the Jedi would have ended before it even began.

Vitiate will return.
  • Valkorian may be defeated but the sith emperor might still be out there, biding his time for the perfect moment to strike again...
    • This is supported by how the whereabouts of his original body is unknown.

Saresh didn't just become Supreme Chancellor because of her political portfolio.
  • During Knights of the Eternal Throne, Saresh hired the GenoHaradan to have her political enemies killed in order to take the Outlander's place as the Alliance Commander, all because she thought she'd make a better leader. When caught, she explicitly says that if she were in charge and someone tried usurping her she'd kill them, so she has no qualms in having other people killed. She might have used those connections to ensure that she'd be elected Supreme Chancellor, which would make sense if the position of governor of Taris killed several promising political careers, and yet somehow didn't kill hers despite the complete failure of the resettlement project under her leadership by the end of the Imperial storyline on Taris.

Malgus will return.

The original Mandalorian species, the Taung, are not extinct.

The Eternal Alliance will collapse.
  • The Empire and Republic resume their war against each other which will cause a division within the alliance. The remnants of the Eternal Empire will go back into being neutral.

The narrator of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is M1-4X, uploaded to the Republic Historical Archives
In Knights of the Fallen Empire, it's shown that M1-4X is in the Republic propaganda office, using his Patriotic Fervor and enthusiastic demeanor to make pro-Republic films and documents. It's conceivable that even after his status as a battledroid became obsolete, his talents for singing the praises of the Republic and its heroes were too valuable (and/or hilarious) to discard, so M1-4X was uploaded to the archives, where he will gladly narrate his favorite subject to anyone who asks. Anyone who asks about Havoc Squad, however, will never get that droid to shut up.

The Traitor on Umbara is a Triple Agent.
Theron's betrayal in Umbara was a ruse so he could infiltrate the mysterious order by gaining their trust.
  • Seems likely as of "A Traitor Among the Chiss." In the closing cutscene, Theron hits a button just before the transmission snippet identifying the Order of Zildrog that the Alliance "intercepted."
  • Confirmed by the Nathema flashpoint.

Theron is a Templar.

Theron wants Revenge against Lana over what she did to him on Rishi.
  • In the Nathema flashpoint, Theron brings up her justification for that as an Ironic Echo when she complains about him going off on his own to infiltrate the Order of Zildrog.

Darth Malgus and the Emperor's Hand are in charge of The Order.

The Order Theron met is The Templar Order.

Jace Malcolm will become Supreme Chancellor.
  • Assuming that he didn't die on Iokath, it'll be revealed that he retired from the military and ran for Supreme Chancellor, easily winning with his reputation as a war hero. His stated goal will be to restore the Republic back to it's original ideals after Saresh trashed them with her dictatorship.

Palpatine is actually the Sith Inquisitor, who has used the machines from Rishi to stay alive for thousands of years
  • The skills match, as does the underlying insanity and tendency toward plotting and scheming.

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