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  • When you consider how many hilarious antics occur in the story, the very fact that we are attempting to count them all is a Meta-example.
  • Anytime the story cuts back to Arceus, Aaron, Palkia and Dialga. Mostly because Palkia and Dialga keep cheating anytime they play a game.
  • The fact that Squirtle, who was fairly normal in the original show, is now a fan of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. He even has his own equivalent of the Giga Drill Break.
    • And now he's apparently got Gary's Squirtle in on it, complete with Simon's Star-Shades. He also has his own Kamina Shades from back in the Squirtle Squad.
    • It turns out that all of Squirtle's evolutionary line are massive Otaku. Case in point? The island of Squirtle Evolutions are now The Hidden Turtle Village.
    • The Wartortle Firefighting Squad of Ascorbia Island are the Wartortle Rangers.
      • Not only that, they're implied to be Squirtle that morph into Wartortle
    • The Wartortle fan of Sailor Moon who hooks Quilava up on it. But at least her liking of the show doesn't change her like Squirtle.
  • If Squirtle, Pikachu or Riolu are involved in a gym battle, there's a good chance that the gym will be destroyed.
    Ritchie: Yeah! Actually, now I think about it I do recognize you. You're that trainer they were calling the Gym Destroyer on the TV commentary, right?
    Ash: I didn't know they were calling me that. Though I have to admit it's pretty accurate...
  • The frequent Lampshade Hanging about the fact that Brock, a Rock-type Gym Leader, has only one Rock-type Pokemon on his team.
  • The Running Gag with Dark-types being immune to the useful aspects of psychic powers like being unable to hear telepathic speech or be teleported when not in Pokèballs.

     Kanto's Gym Challenge (Chapter 1 (Prologue) - Chapter 24) 

  • Prologue:
    • That prologue is actually pretty serious, even though there are some funny moments... And then comes the moment where Ash chooses when he wants to be sent back:
    Ash: I want to go back to the day I met Pikachu - the day my journey began, when I first set off from Pallet.
    Sir Aaron: Ha! Told you, you great lump.
    Arceus: I thought 'any day but then' was good odds.
    Ash: Wait... Were you two betting on me or something?
    Sir Aaron: Err… nooo?
    Ash: Somehow I don't believe you.
    Arceus: Now, Dialga!
    Narration: In that second of absolute stillness, Ash thought to himself - using the, or a, legendary Pokémon capable of controlling time simply to avoid answering some awkward questions... really took some beating. Then there was a roar, and he fell into blackness.
    • And right after that...
    Aaron: It's really strange seeing the controller of time jump around like an excited puppy…
    Arceus: He's ten minutes old, what do you expect?
  • Chapter 2:
    Misty (pre-restore): You better pay for this!
    Ash: Story of my life…
    • Ash tries again to analyse Ho-Oh on the Pokedex. Again, the Pokédex doesn't identify it. Ash, having none of it, tries and restores it... And Dexter goes from simple computer-databank to fully sentient AI.
    Dexter: "Normally this would never happen, but then most computers aren't involved in half the stuff that fills the average week for you crazy people."
    • Misty mercilessly teases Ash about the pun on "Sacred Ash" and the prophecy of the second movie. And then on the crossdressing moments…
    • Prof. Oak choking after Ash tells him about Celebi.
    • Misty is having a Bug-phobia attack again. Ash wonders if a Surskit (Bug/Water Pokemon) will cause Misty to short circuit.
      • Then he tries to put her at ease... by telling her to teach her Staryu Power Gem or get a Fire-Type.
    Narration: Ash, it should be noted, is not good at setting people at ease.
  • Chapter 3:
    • Pikachu and Butterfree decide to have a spar to gauge each other.
    Ash: Now, in accordance with ancient custom... leg it, Misty!
    • Blind luck dropping a knocked-out Pidgeotto right next to the gang (Ash and Misty at the time).
    • The fight against the Samurai.
  • Chapter 4:
    • "Pewter City was an interesting place. Originally a mining town, it had developed into a center of culture with its museum, its position on one of Kanto's main routes, and its League Gym. Guess which one Ash was interested in."
    • Pikachu remarking, "Brock isn't an idiot unless women are involved."
    • Misty's slapping Brock with her Goldeen.
    • Riolu's flabbergasted reaction to learn that Ash is Sir Aaron's descendant.
    • Jessie and Meowth having an Idiot Ball moment...
  • Chapter 5:
    • Riolu really finds out what kind of mess Ash and co get all the time and comments that what happened with Hunter J wasn't special for them. Ash replies that it actually was a bit unusual.
    • When Pidgeot saves Ash from a revenge-psychotic Aaron's Lucario, the latter accidentally presses the bird's Berserk Button.
    Pidgeot: I'm a girl you complete IDIOT!! SKY ATTACK!!
    • And she takes the time to engrave I'm female, Twit in the ruins created by that attack!
    • Lucario's reaction when he finally calms the fuck down and realizes his mistake?
    Lucario: Er... Oops?
    Lucario: I can just see it now. Aura's Glow, starring Ash Ketchum! With Brock as the comic relief, that girl you travel with as the Love Interest, of course, and-
    Ash: Wait, what?!
    Lucario: -who could have foreseen just how close the two of you would become thanks to the chance destruction of her bike!
    Ash: Please be more specific. You just described most of the girls I know.
    Lucario: That would be telling. The hero never actually works out he has feelings before-
    Ash: Until what? Puberty? That would at least be a help!
    Pikachu: No, it wouldn't. It never is.
  • Chapter 6:
    • Sumo Legendaries wrestling.
    • When Aaron tries to talk about his hat...
    Aaron: Readers?
    Arceus, looking shifty: Nothing.
  • Chapter 7:
    • Pikachu and Riolu. If they're not arguing, they're snarking about something.
    • Ash brings the Cerulean gym's roof down. And thus is born a Running Gag.
    • The last part:
    Narration: In the trees near Cerulean city, a sinister presence was watching the actions of Ash and his friends...
    Meowth: Ah, shaddup! I'm only using the binoculars!
    Narration: Yes, it was Meowth, who admittedly couldn't be sinister if his life depended on it.
  • Chapter 8:
    Jessie: Remember Domino's trio, back when they were low Admins?
    James: Oh, yeah… Roselia, wasn't it? And her old team had an Exeggutor and a… Farfetch'd, right?
    Jessie: That lot were freaky. The girl threw roses, the boy carried a bokken and called himself the "Blue Thunder", and the father had a palm tree on his head and didn't shut up about the Orange Islands. There's working with your Pokémon and then there's going completely mental, you know?
    James: When Team Kuno broke up, Domino got so much more sensible, it was amazing...
    • James' Abra is a walking CMOF from his first appearance.
    Jessie: Truly he is the slacker god.
    • James's Weezing laughing at Jessie's Arbok after getting Abra and Cubone on the team.note 
    • Ash: "Arceus above, we really suck at finding our way…"
  • Chapter 9:
    • Damian losing his control.
    • Jessie and James' reaction to the destruction of the Cerulean Gym by Ash.
    Jessie: You mean...
    James: This happens to them even when we're not around?
    Jessie: Yes! It's not just us who are chew toys of fate!
    • James looking for a Gym to fight in using a guide made by "Prima". In the real world, "Prima," is a company known for making game guides.
    • Squirtle is restored. Go to the General folder and you'll understand why it's a CMOF.
    • The ninja Meowth remarking to Team Rocket's Meowth, "They're taking the gym challenge, I know where they're going. You don't think we have to run an obstacle course every time we need a pint of milk, do you?"
    • The entire Innocent Innuendo situation when Meowth finally learns Pay Day.
    • Ash and the company talking about the Australian Dragonite King
      Ash: I am trying to maintain my sanity. It's quite hard.
      Pikachu: I think I could have handled it were it not for the can of Foster's the size of a small truck…
  • Chapter 10
    • Bulbasaur overdoing the Growth job and accidentally evolving into a Ivysaur.
    • Surge accidentally lets slip that he's a fan of '(the Pokemon world equivalent of) Naruto.
    • Ash remarking ""Not only no, but HELL no" about Maiden's Peak.
    • Palkia, the Titan of Space, smiting Sir Aaron's character sheet because of a bad break-up with Kyogre.
      • Not only does the character sheet get smited, but it gets compressed into neutronium.
    • The "fight", if you could call it that, between Pikachu and Surge's Raichu; it's over in one second.
    • Ash stating that, using Aura Purge, he'll get rid of Misty's fear of Bug types. Riolu says that Misty'd kill him if he suggested she's weak. Ash says he'll use "Tact and Diplomacy". Riolu simply sighs and replies with "You're doomed."
    • Followed up by Ash threatening Misty that either she takes the painless Aura Purge to get rid of her fear of Bugs, or Squirtle "fixes" her with sheer distilled awesome, possibly involving tearing open dimensions, rock music from nowhere and punches.
      • Even funnier? Squirtle still manages to at least partially fix her using Gurren Lagann logic.
    • The result of all of that is a Battle in the Center of the Mind against a monstrous Genesect, which manages to horribly hurt Ash. Charizard obliterates it with Blast Burn, and then when they come back to reality…
    Ash: (energetically) It works!
    Misty: (nearly Face Faults) Ash Ketchum, you gave me such a scare!
    Ash: (looks at her oddly) That was all mental, Misty. We never left the clearing, I was in no real danger. (wilts beneath Death Glares from Misty, Charizard, Squirtle, Riolu, and Pikachu) I suppose this means I forgot to mention it, then?
    Misty: Yes, you did.
    Ash: Aheh heh heh…crap, you're going to hit me a lot now, aren't you.
    Misty: (smiles sweetly) Think of it as negative reinforcement!
  • This exchange between Jessie and Butch.
    Jessie: "Well, well, wouldn't have expected to meet you here, bit-"
    • He later gets called "Banana".
  • Chapter 12:
    • Ash on crossdressing:
    Ash: It was bad enough the first time, worse the second time, and not quite as bad the third time, which is what really worries me!
    Misty: [[Beat (coughs to stretch out a pause)]] Something you want to talk about, Ash?
    Ash: NO!
    • The Kricketune bit gets lampshaded...since they don't live in Kanto.
    • Later, when discussing the gym's perfume:
    Misty: Ash, trying you give you a sense of culture is like teaching a rock to swim.
    Brock: Point of order. Corsola.
    Misty: (flushes) You know what I mean!
    • The literal Mid-Battle Tea Break after Ash's Ivysaur finds itself in a complete stalemate against Erika's Gloom. Misty and Erika enjoy some tea, Ash broods over a record of the world's longest battle, and after a few hours, Ivysaur and Gloom huddle around a computer screen to find some way to end the fight.
    • Then, after Ivysaur wins with Fury Cutter, Erika sends out a Victreebel. Ash promptly sends out Charizard. Ivysaur promptly begins to throttle Ash for forgetting about Charizard, in a Grass Gym, when he had planned to use him from the start.
  • Chapter 13:
    • The dialogue after Psyduck's headache is cured with a Calm Mind TM:
    Misty: Right! Next for you, mister, is swimming lessons!
    Ash: Nice try.
  • Chapter 14:
  • Chapter 15:
  • Chapter 16:
  • Chapter 17:
    • Misty slaps Ash with her Goldeen.
    • The ins and outs as to what can and cannot be entered in the Pokemon race at Laramie Ranch. Fliers are a right-out, but any land-types with disparaging differences in speed are all A-OK.
  • Chapter 18:
    • Professor Oak doesn't blow a gasket this time around, considering Ash caught only five Tauros in the Safari zone, as opposed to the thirty in canon.
    • Squirtle is too tired to race, Pikachu has an idea: Withdraw, Magnet Rise, and…
  • Chapter 19:
  • Chapter 20:
    • Ash and Dexter taking the piss out of the Pokemon Exam and all its fallacies and inconsistencies. And Dexter going denouncing the instructor's back-backtalk as being counter-intuitive to Dexter's very purpose.
      • Ash's score on the test: Interfering Busybody
  • Chapter 21:
    • Ash (who was up all night solving a laundry list of riddles) vs. Blaine.
      Ash: (as Blaine sends out a Rhydon) Pikachu! Aim for the horn!
      Pikachu: (Disapproving Look)
      (Pikachu Force-Palms the Rhydon, one-shotting it)
      Ash: (indignant) Fine then, don't go for the horn.
  • Chapter 22:
    • Ash restored his mom to the back-in-time mentality. When she learns what happens, she goes into full Knight Templar Parent mode, and is to literally not let Ash out of her sight for a week.
      Ash: (his mother on the roof of their house with binoculars) I think that went quite well, actually!
     Mewtwo versus Mew (Chapters 25-26) 
  • Pidgeot sneers at hurricanes.
    Pidgeot: It's true; I do.
  • Once Ash and his Pokemon get to the island, they all go off to do their own thing at first. Charizard then decides to dick around in the hurricane. Ash predicts he'll get hit by lightning. And that's exactly what happens.
    Charizard: Not a word. Not. A. Word.
  • Mewtwo gets to finally meet Gary's Blastoise.
    Mewtwo: your Pokemon well?
    Misty: No! He's an anime nut!
    Ash: (quickly, over Misty's shout) YES.

     The Indigo League (Chapters 27-36) 
  • Dexter tries to rationalize the events of the New Island incident—and the consequences thereof—to Delia. One Death Glare and Dexter bails.
  • Dexter, Dee and Damos have their own little nickname: The Three Pings.
  • The Indigo League commentator remarks after Ivysaur takes down a Jaxon's Muk: "Okay, ladies and gentlemen, after a talk with our local Joy, I can tell you that Jaxon's Muk is not permanently harmed. If you have a piece of sludge near you, those in the front rows, please signal and a bag will be provided. Muk is going to be reincorporated later, and will be fine so long as not too much mass is missing."
    • Also from the League - they keep track of how long the battlers take to destroy the fields, and while the Running Gag of Ash breaking the places he battles in is already in full swing, not even he was fast enough to qualify for the record.
      Commentator: And the battlers have completely destroyed the field, in only ten seconds more that the league record!
      Ash: What's the record?
      Commentator: Two seconds. Ice field, high-powered Camerupt, first move Eruption.
      Ash: (Wincing along everyone else) Ouch...

     The Orange Islands part 1 (Chapters 37-38) 

     The Power of One (Chapters 39-42) 

  • Lugia showing up in chapter 41 to stop the Legendary Birds:
    I have no idea why you three keep doing this. What was it this time?
  • Mewtwo's acceptance of pretty much being a plot device whose function is to limit the collateral damage done by Ash. Mew's reaction makes it all the better.

     The Orange Islands part 2 (Chapters 43-46) 

  • All of chapter 43. From the firefighters addicted with Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers to the gym battle with Luana.
    • About the gym battle... It started with Lapras using Rain Dance... Indoor. No effect on the field, but it was making rain on the vacation resort outside. Then we had Ash's strategy for the match (a double battle in which he used Lapras and Snorlax), whose result was "a half-ton Pokemon bouncing around on an icy surface like a crazed hockey puck, periodically shooting intense Hyper Beams". It's funny... And devastating.
  • Remember Drake and his Ditto? The one that frustrates challengers to no end (and got a huge buff from copying Pikachu)? Lucario and Pikachu finally take it out (after three of Drake's other Pokemon come and go in the process): Lucario used Fling.
  • We finally got an hint of what happened between Brock and Professor Ivy. Thankfully, Brock had forewarning thanks to the time travel, so it got well.

     Johto's Gym Challenge part 1 (Chapters 47-54) 

  • During his very first Johto battle, Ash sends out Charizard against Casey... and loses. How? Her Rattata holds a Focus Sash, and knows Endeavor and Quick Attack. Sound familiar to anyone?
  • The date between Ninetales and Growlie. With Ninetales coming back two days after the curfew because she lost track of time.
  • The Legendary Beasts' discussion about Ash going from being philosophical to how Raikou and Entei would look with ribbons on their tails.
  • Falkner's reaction to his newest challenger being Ash Ketchum. He's soon proven right, even if his gym wasn't demolished.
  • Ash's description in Shingo's computer. According to Brock, the "probably insane" part fits.
    • In the same incident, Dexter getting annoyed at the overall moral: that you can't base Pokémon battles on data.
  • Gligarman.
  • Ash's Muk can't tell the difference between freshly-baked cookies and freshly-recorded TMs.
  • James' Abra got a book to optimize his sleep regime. Of course, given how often he sleeps, he only reads it for five minutes per week...
  • Turns out, Jessie's Wobbufett is a Pungeon Master. And now Meowth can't defend the others by not translating what he says.
  • Ash's Noctowl is a Quintessential British Gentleman. Even if he's not British.
    • Also, how Ash caught him again: he attacked with Ivysaur, who got it with a Vine Whip... And then threw the pokeball over his shoulder. It hit the target and dispelled the illusion that Ivysaur had caught.

     Spell of the Unown (Chapters 55-58) 

     Johto's Gym Challenge part 2 (Chapters 59-62) 

  • In chapter 59, Cassidy and Butch's reaction to their second meeting with Ash in this timeline, which is essentially "Abandon scam, run like hell."
    • They later report to Giovanni. They're praised for their decision... And Giovanni too gets Butch's name wrong.
    • When Misty takes Butch and Cassidy's scam test to see what personality she has, she gets Gyarados. Ash starts to make fun of her for this, until Brock points out that there are two scenarios: Either the test is wrong, or the test is correct, and he's making fun of someone with the personality of a Gyarados. Ash shuts up quickly.
  • The battle with Whitney:
    Ash: *(gets beaned with the Plain Badge)*
    Whitney: You...Get Out.
  • Ash's interview at the radio in chapter 60. Especially when he was asked if Misty was his girlfriend and his advice to gym leaders:
    "I don't mind having battles outside."
  • The traveling misadventures of the Swords of Justice.
  • Gary's Chain of Deals to get Alakazam to re-learn Teleport.
    • The conclusion in Chapter 62: he needs to borrow Oak's Dragonite, because there's a man in Geosenge who will give a fossil to someone who shows him a fully-evolved Dragon-type, from the fossil he'll get an Anorith, that can be traded for a Liepard, that for a Swoobat, that for a Clefairy, and that for a Gyarados, who can be shown to Marie in Camphrier who will give him a letter, the letter is given to Parfum and then to Jacques who will give him a Farfetch'd, that can be traded for a Beartic and then for a Furfrou (and a shiny one at that), the Furfrou will then get an haircut and be shown to gym leader Valerie to get a Focus Sash, that can be traded for a Silk Sash, that can be given to a girl in Luminose for a Pokemon that can dance, that can be shown to the guy who will give Gary the Heart Scale he needs to give to the Move Relearner as payment for him having Alakazam re-learn Teleport.
    • Except that he didn't need anything of this, as Misty could have lent him her Gyarados, Oak knows someone who has a Clefairy and has both a Focus Sash and a Silk Sash, Ash's Totodile can dance, Oak has twenty Heart Scales and, last but not least, Muk didn't eat the Teleport TM, so Gary could have just asked him for that. He still asks him to lend him Dragonite and ask Misty for her Gyarados, because he put so much time in making the list he could get something out of it.
      • In the meantime, Ash is battling a guy who in the original timeline battled Gary... And his Ambipom just finds a Heart Scale and throws it at Totodile.
    Narration: Gary Oak muttered something in his sleep.
  • Dexter putting Ash's old-timeline misadventures into statistics, which culminates in him having ridden ~13% of all Legendary Pokémon from Kanto to Unova.
  • Team Rocket's first Pokéathlon - which ends in Gyarados accidentally swallowing the relay race baton and Meowth having to be lowered in to get it out.
  • Brock needs to cross a river without a bridge, and Lucario offers to help him.
    "Wait, why are you swinging me back-"
    • Lucario was also supposed to help Misty, but she managed to water-walk on the river on her own.
  • Brock taking part to the Seaking Catching Competition with Forretress. Who uses Explosion.
    • From the same competition, the Wartortle addicted on Sailor Moon. Who infects Quilava.
  • The Ambipom with the Pickup ability (that makes him find a lot of things) using Fling to attack Totodile with the things he finds. A partial list: two iron balls, a Sun Stone, two cans of Repellant, a Heart Scale, an empty Potion bottle, a coil of rope, a friggin' Moon Stone, a Rest TM, and a Dawn Stone.
    • As noted above, Ambipom's trainer battled Gary in the original timeline, and Gary had just ended a strange adventure in the attempt to get an Heart Scale.

     Mewtwo Returns (Chapters 63-66) 

     Johto's Gym Challenge part 3 (Chapters 67-71) 

  • From chapters 67 and 68:
    • Pikachu's tale of his latest run-in with the Pichu Brothers, with the reveal that the humans never noticed them and Keldeo (a Legendary Pokemon who used to hang out three other Legendaries who get in all sort of hijinks to try and help people) asking if it's always like that around Ash (then again, Ash and co. are probably worse);
    • Ash and Morty:
      • Morty's greeting to Ash: "Come this way, we've got an outdoor arena a little way in the forest. I like my gym, and I don't want to see it get broken."
      • Ash asks if there's any restriction, and he says no. Then he notices Keldeo, but doesn't recognize him.
      • Both sets of Legendary Beasts show up, and Keldeo greet them. Morty is surprised, Ash isn't.
    Morty: "Mr. Ketchum... Why are there several Legendary Pokemon taking seats in the bleachers?"
    Ash: "Maybe they're bored?"
  • The Kimono Sisters, five Eevolution trainers who live in the tower where Ho-Oh nests, realize that Ash is the Chosen One of Ho-Oh, and offer to help him meeting him... And find out that Ho-Oh has already let himself get captured by Ash. Same thing with Lugia. And is challenging the Legendary Beasts.
    "Can we actually help you with anything?"
    "I actually don't know..."
    • Then they meet Molly's Eevee, the one that can swap between Eevolutions at will. And find out about the Shiny Legendary Beasts. At least they now know they weren't hallucinating when they saw the two groups of Legendary Beasts on TV...
    • And after that, Joseph the Team Rocket grunt, who tried to steal Molly's Eevee and didn't run when he saw Ash, the Shiny Legendary Beasts and regular Suicune. Team Rocket won't spring him out of jail: they don't help idiots.
      • Suicuine's reaction really sells the scene- she absolutely cannot believe that this idiot is willing to go along with the theft, even as he sends out his Koffing.
  • Keldeo's Hydro Pump comes from his hooves. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Squirtle having a perfectly sensible ideanote . Misty Didn't See That Coming...
    Squirtle: Got to keep you guessing somehow, haven't I?
  • Raikou's horrible timing in challenging Ash, and his reaction to finding out why it was a bad time. At least he could help Misty getting qualifications to join the Elite 4...
    • Ash couldn't face him because all of the Pokemon he would use for fighting Raikou... aren't with him at the moment.
  • The semifinal of the Pokémon Sumo Tournament. Ash and Co. don't make it this time around; the match in question consists of a Metagross vs. an Aggron with the ability Heavy Metal. Too bad the arena is only rated for 1 ton. The math 

     Voice of the Forest (Chapters 72-75) 

  • Wobbufett driving Vicious' Weavile mad with puns.
  • Even in one of the darkest moments of the entire story these can happen. Arceus's reaction to the sudden introduction of Fairy-type halfway through the creation process is essentially Sure, Let's Go with That.

     Johto's Gym Challenge part 4 (Chapters 76-99) 

  • Squirtle is teaching Surf to at least one of Ash's Tauros. The method: filling a barn with water and let the Tauros figure how to stand on it.
    • Even better? According to the Tauros, it was working... until Tracey opened the barn door and let all the water out.
  • Suicune demonstrating Roar to Ash's Pokemon.
  • "Present-Day" Arceus's bemused reaction to discovering the existence of the Pixie Plate, and therefore the Fairy type...
    Arceus: "Which, last I checked, was not a thing—and yet now it always has been."
    • More than that, though, the Creation Dragons:For those unaware... 
    Palkia: "That's not fair!"
    Dialga: *starts doing a happy dance*
    Giratina: (quietly) "That's hax."
  • Remember the Nurse Joy of Lake Lucid, the one specialized in Water-type Pokemon who was afraid of them? Ash convinced her to check on two of his Water-types... And then had her check Suicune and Keldeo.
  • A few from chapter 77:
    • When the gang visits the Battle Tower in Olivine, the guards at the door say they need badges to enter:
    Brock: *flashes a Boulderbadge*'
    Misty: *flashes a Cascadebadge*'
    Ash: *flashes his whole collection in this timeline* "How many do you need? I've got about eighteen, but only sixteen of them are official and only four are Johto-"
    Guard: "That'll be fine. Pass."
  • The Gym Battle at Cianwood City has a few:
    • Chuck's Hitmonlee uses Hi-Jump Kick. Lucario dodges. If you have played the games, you know what happens. note 
      • He later gets something worse: Hi-Jump Kick into Protect. Think about using a powerful flying kick against a thick wall of steel, and you'll realize what happened.
    • Chuck has no issue with the damage to his gym: it happens a lot, and usually he is the culprit.
      • In fact he later has his Poliwrath attack the floor with the intent of wrecking the water pipes and flood the battlefield.
      Misty's jaw dropped.
      Brock patted her on the shoulder. "Don't worry, Misty, he's crazy."
      • And when Ash points out his disregard for the gym's building, Chuck replies he can always rebuild it... Then decides that he and his students will do it for training.
    • Chuck's Hitmontop is into Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.
    • Primeape using Thrash to vent some rage on Hitmontop. Poor Hitmontop...
    "By the way, I think he's knocked out."
    • The reaction of Chuck's wife when she realizes the gym got flooded.
    • Chuck's Machoke using Rock Throw... A move he can't learn in the games.
    Pikachu: "It's not exactly complicated. Pick up rock, throw it."
    • And after Ash won the battle... Chuck challenged Ash to a spar. And they did it. At least until Chuck's pissed-off wife interrupts them and started tearing into her husband for the damage to the gym...
  • Gary's Blastoise now has Simon's actual glasses. The orange ones. They hold a Mega Stone.
  • The Elite Four meeting. Especially the rumors about them (including the one they live on the moon).
  • The Pokémon Pinchers tried to capture a Moltres at Mount Ember... Then they realized it was James in his infamous Moltres suit.
    • Even better? The Moltres that DID live there is now interested in James specifically because of said suit. Wow.
  • Max failing a test at school due the creation of the Fairy type, and Norman starting to ask why the hell there was a Sylveon at the creation of the world before remembering that Ash being involved was a good enough explanation.
  • Chapter 81:
  • Chapter 82:
    • The Lame Pun Reaction when Misty makes a Corsola pun;
    • The Whirpool Cup offers a few:
      • During the first day of elimination matches, the guy who found himself facing Ash first was a hobbyist with one badge, who had to deal with Squirtle. It's reported he said unprintable things about the matching-up system.
      • Misty's second opponent sent out a Magikarp. Against Misty's newly-caught Chinchou. It was a short battle.
      • The second day matches were held in the main stadium. The staff, aware of Ash's reputation, begged him not to break their stadium (they needed it for the whole tournament, after all).
      • The Elite Four left speechless after Misty defeats Ash, who is using Suicune.
    • Raikou's attempt to communicate his Gym Challenge to Falkner. With signs;
      • Also, the fact that Raikou (a legendary Pokemon), due to not having any badges, is supposed to fight Falkner's weakest Pokemon.
    • Jessiebelle tracking down Team Rocket... And having to deal with a Moltres.
      • And Jessie suggests dealing with her by putting a Ponyta on her pillow...then when the others look at her funny, explaining that it would burn her bed down and then escape out the window, burning that too. Meowth just wonders where they'd get the Ponyta.
  • Chapter 83:
  • Chapter 84:
  • Chapter 85:
    • Ivysaur uses Fissure on Jasmine's Aggron. Fissure usually is a One-Hit KO move, that works by creating a fissure under the victim and letting it falling down... Except this time it was barely two feet deep due the terrain under the gym.
    • Pikachu trying to fool Jasmine's Magnezone into using Electric-type attacks (against which he's immune), pointing out his Steel-type attack aren't very useful against an Electric Pokemon. Magnezone's answer? Pointing out the ruse and stating that "Type resistances are irrelevant against Sonicboom".
    • Keldeo vs. Bronzong. All of it.
  • Chapter 86
    • Jasmine realizing that having a gym made out of battleship armor isn't enough to be safe from Charizard. Especially when her own Empoleon lends a hand;
    • After Jasmine's Empoleon uses Aqua Jet, we get this bit of Lampshade Hanging:
    Ash: "I thought penguins couldn't fly..."
    Pikachu: "Ash, Keldeo flies. The same way, even."
    Ash: "True enough."
    • Mewtwo is now on television talking about his new book, but it's very hard to appear dignified with a Mew flying around your head.
    • An impatient Raikou vs. Whitney. It's easy to see how this turns out.
      • Don't know why Whitney's being a Sore Loser after being curbstomped by a Legendary, but maybe the fact that Raikou took out Miltank with Nuzzle might have something to do with it...
  • Chapter 87
    • Ash battled against Entei, outside. There was no gym to destroy so instead it ended with the forest on fire.
      • And Entei had his first meeting with Squirtle.
    • Also, Raikou's gym challenge silliness continues.
    Eusine: "Morty? What's Raikou doing outside your gym?"
    Morty: "I wish I knew."
    Eusine: "Apparently challenging your gym. Is that a thing?"
    Morty: "So it would seem. Whitney sent me a whiny email about him last week..."
    "But how to make sure I'm up to snuff? Perhaps I should try and bite some trees!"
    • The bell signaling the presence of the Legendary Beasts.
    • Max taking a flash-card exam filled with questions from the anime dub's Trainer's Choice segment, and completely lambasting the wrong answers on several of those cards. Bonus points for giving such clear logic that even the examiner agrees that the test-writers are Too Dumb to Live.
      Max: "Should I be worried?"
      Examiner: "Oh, don't worry, we're still using these ones. I'm just going to write down all the ways an 8-year-old is smarter than the question setters..."
  • Chapter 88:
    • Ash finding his Donphan... When he's still an egg. That promptly hatches into a Donphan on top of him.
    • The discussion about what Pokemon to use in the race, with people wondering how the hell Bayleef outran an Arcanine the last time and Donphan pointing out that Ash can't avoid a Legendary, so seeing three in his team is not that surprising.
    • This Extreme Pokemon race is rather extreme, due the participants including: Brock with his Crobat; Casey with her Pidgeotto; Ash with Donphan, who pulls him by via of Rollout; Lucario with Keldeo; Pikachu with Squirtle (this caused Brock an Oh Crap! when he found out. Too bad it was too late to change his mind); and Entei pulling Meganium and Suicune who are riding a railway push cart (he wanted to give his opponents an handicap). Oh, and Misty was refused entry because her Gyarados was deemed unsafe...
    • Of course, the whole race, thanks to the contestants. With Pikachu and Squirtle finishing first but getting disqualified due the skateboard exploding.
    • And twenty minutes after the race ends, Gary shows up to register for the race. He's late because he missed daylight saving time.
    • Near the beginning of the chapter, this exchange between Ash and Casey:
      Ash: "My most recent one was the Mineral Badge"
      Casey: "Oh, cool. I've got five - I've not done the Mineral Badge yet. How was it?"
      Ash: "Pretty good. We broke the gym, though. Same with the gym in Cianwood..."
      Casey: "You have problems."
      • And then Pikachu adds onto it by reminding Ash about how they defeated Chuck's Machamp.
      Casey: "Really, really big problems."
  • Chapter 89:
    • Squirtilite. Nothing more need be said.
      Squirtle: "I need an Everstone, an expended Water Stone, a chisel, and an indeterminate amount of development time!"
    • Suicune stepping on water removes all pollution... Including chlorine, to her embarrassment.
    • Ash' paperwork for becoming Max' tutor:
  • Chapter 90:
    • This gem, starting with Tyson noticing what the Pokemon evolving machine does to non-evolved Pokemon who don't want to evolve:
    Tyson: "If it does this to all non-fully-evolved Pokémon, imagine how much easier it could make to steal-
    Ash: "It actually sounds like it'd make it harder. It gives a warning, and it also means that any Pokémon stopped by the effect would just have to evolve to be immune to it. If you tried to steal from a newbie trainer with a Mareep, you'd have an Ampharos to deal with instead..."
    Tyson *after the Jaw Drop*: "Why didn't we-"
    Butch: "Not sure, boss. Makes sense, though."
    Tyson: "I can't believe we were so stupid. Oh well. At least it'll be useful in speeding up training. And it seems to do something unusual, because that Gyarados was red. That deserves further research."
    Brock: "Have you even heard of Shiny Pokémon? Are you sure you're-"
    Tyson: "But that wasn't a Shiny Magikarp."
    Ash: "Yes it was. I saw it evolve - I was right overhead when it did."
    Tyson: "Really? I could have sworn we checked to be sure there were no Shiny Pokémon in the lake..."
    Brock: "You're not very good at this, are you?"
    Tyson: "I'm tired of this. Sundance, Cassidy, handle them."
  • Chapter 91:
    • When Mewtwo is shadowing Rayquaza, he informs him of Groudon and Kyogre's beginning fight. This is Rayquaza's response:
      • Now imagine how damaging that attack would be, Crazy Awesome doesn't even begin to describe it.
    • Regigigas's Slow Start in action.
    • Rayquaza's main job is to stop asteroids since the ten mile wide one that killed off the dinosaurs crashed on Arceus.
  • Chapter 92:
    • Remember that Moltres that was following James around? Well, James finally caught it, and he didn't even know it. How? While Moltres was investigating Team Rocket's camp in the middle of the night, she trips over a few Poké-balls, ends up caught in one, and can't struggle to get out because Gyarados rolls over onto it in his sleep!
    • Ash's battle with Pryce on an ice-covered field gives a hilarious return of the Pinballing Snorlax.
      • As we're talking about Snorlax... He only bathes when it rains... And uses shower gel and everything else.
    • Raikou's gym challenge silliness continues with Chuck.
      • Noteworthy is Poliwrath's reaction to being sent to fight (hint: the fight didn't last long after that).
        Poliwrath gave Chuck a look.
        Chuck: "What?"
        Poliwrath: "This is a legendary Electric-type, sensei. I am a Water-type. I have a problem with this."
  • Chapter 93:
  • Chapter 94:
    • Todd finding out about Moltres:
      Todd: "I'm seeing what we came this far south for, on the wrong island, eating a stack of okonomiyaki..."
      • And Moltres realizing she's got caught, and accepted to stay caught, by a group of wackos:
    • Entei's battle with Pryce's Aurorus brings back his troubles with weather: Aurorus has both the standard Refrigerate Ability... And the Hidden Ability Snow Warning, that causes an hailstorm. Entei's annoyance at this returns too.
      • The battle leaves Entei more than a little grimy at the end. So he goes to the local Nurse Joy for a bath... and comes back shampooed, combed, and his tail styled and ribboned.
      • And then Dexter brings Suicune out to see for herself, who promptly gets a case of the giggles.
      Dexter: "I thought you'd want to see."
      Entei: "Traitorous contraption."
    • Charizard and Charla's "date" ends with a bet to see who carries the trash home: Three wing-flaps, furl wings, first to spread them out or hit the ground loses. It ends just about as well as you can imagine for two headstrong, stubborn Pokémon.
    Liza looked up at the sound of the double thud-crash that echoed through the valley.
    "Morons," she muttered.
    • Quilava's final battle with Pryce's Mamoswine ends like this. When she uses Eruption on it from directly underneath, she hadn't considered where he would fall...
    • Giovanni finally finding out about Moltres... By receiving the newest team picture.
    For several seconds, neither Giovanni nor Persian reacted visibly.
    "Persian?" Giovanni asked, calmly. "Have my top agents somehow finagled themselves a Legendary Pokémon?"
    Persian nodded.
    "Right." Giovanni nodded, then deleted the file. "I'll ask about them in person."
  • Chapter 95:
    • Heracross' variation of the Cut: uproot the tree.
    A Bellossom who needed that tree cut down: "That wasn't Cut!"
    Heracross: "Of course it was. Tree's down, isn't it?"
    • Norman saying about some of the stupid errors he did back when he was a rookie. Like trying to catch a Ninjask (a decent Pokemon who is also the second fastest Pokemon, only beaten by Deoxys' Speed Forme) with a Slakoth (a very basic and incredibly slow Pokemon that sleeps half the turns).
    • Everything about Lily the witch.
    • Birch meeting Ash. Who is currently a Riolu, and has just restored May's Blaziken's memories.
    Birch: "Ah, there you are! I-*Beat* Why is there a Blaziken in my lab?"
    *Blaziken moves close to May*
    Birch: "Why is there a Riolu wearing a hat in my lab?"
    *Ash waves at him*
    Birch: "Why is there a Pidgeot outside my lab, looking in through the door?"
    *Pidgeot chirps*
    May: "This could take a while..."
    • Norman's reaction to meeting Ash as a Riolu. Thankfully, by now he's Seen It All
    Norman: "What happened?"
    Ash: "I know."
  • Chapter 96:
    • Ash learning from Todd that Team Rocket has caught a Moltres.
    • This exchange:
    Todd: "OK, are you catnip to Legendaries or something? How many do you have?"
    *Ash starts counting*
    Todd: "No, wait! Forget I asked!"
  • Chapter 97:
    • Ash arrives at Clair's gym only to learn that he can't challenge her right now because Raikou just broke it during the course of his gym challenge silliness. Poor Clair.
      • Even better, as Raikou for reasons unknown already had signs for "I don't see what you're complaining about" and "it's a legitimate strategy" prepared. Clearly, he'd been making a habit of this.
    • Also, Raikou is the only one who actually understands his reasoning for the whole gym challenge silliness. Ash thinks it doesn't make sense, and Raikou's siblings just call him a moron.
    • The secondary challenge of Blackthorn's gym is overwhelming power. The challenger is Ash Ketchum. Took Clair some doing in challenging him in that...
  • Chapter 98
    "Are you well?"
    • And as the above wasn't enough, everyone's reaction to Mega Squirtle.
    Clair: "...I have no idea what we just saw."
    Ash: "Not surprised, I don't either."
    • The Dragons' reaction at Mega Altaria becoming half-Fairy.
    • From the battle between Keldeo and Mega Altaria.
    Clair: Did you just invent a move in the middle of a battle?
    Clair: ...nothing.
  • Chapter 99:
    • Apparently, James finds piloting a C-130 Machamp more difficult than piloting an Humongous Mecha.
    • While cleaning Max' room, May found an enclosed paper with a note telling her not to read it, so she read it, found out Max was considering Electrike as his starter, found one, and sprung a Pokemon battle on her brother to allow him to catch it with Blaziken's help, so fast she didn't tell Blaziken what she had in mind.
    • During his battle with Ash, Raikou hits Donphan with his signs.
      • Raikou's sign-smacking is his version of Wood Hammer.

     Heroes (Chapter 100) 

  • Ash enrolling the Tour de Altomare... With the official initially not noticing that Keldeo's speaking to him.
  • When Brock talks to Lorenzo, Lorenzo has trouble believing Brock's story, before remembering Brock knows Ash.
    Lorenzo: Oh, right, you're friends with that Ash Ketchum. That explains everything.
    Brock: Even-
    Lorenzo: Everything. That kid's been on the news.
  • The Bull-Dozer. And the dialogue that goes with it. The fact that it was Squirtle that thought it up should say it all.
  • The problems of being a Chinchou and fighting alongside a Seaking with Lightningrod.
    Chinchou: "...I really need to work on my aim."
  • Team Rocket's entrance, beginning with their usual (though changed) intro speech, and where Annie recognizes them.
    Annie: "Oh right! These are those guys that did all those boring lectures!"
    • Then we get to this little gem:
      Oakley: "...I've never seen anything so stupid."
      James: "Okay, now it's personal!"
  • Snorlax using Fossil Pokémon as target practice, with Kingler as the pitcher.
  • The following dialogue after Psyduck becomes a Golduck.
    Golduck (noticing his new webbed limbs): "These seem very peculiar. What are they for?"
    Misty: "Swimming! Now you've got no excuse not to learn!"
    Golduck: "Just watch me..."
  • In their first battle, Oakley had a Beedrill, Beedrillite and a Keystone, but couldn't Mega Evolve it. In the rematch, Ash and Heracross show her how it's done.
    Oakley: "That's not fair! Our one didn't work!"
  • Between hiding where a catwalk could fall on it, Deadly Dodging by Keldeo and an Offhand Backhand by Dexter, Annie and Oakley's poor Umbreon does not have a good night.
  • Mawile's first battle. Her scolding her opponent for trying to attack a non-combatant sounds just like a little girl scolding a misbehaving adult.
    • And when she becomes the target, she one-shots her opponent with Iron Head. And when Meganium asks where she learned it:
      Mawile: "Mister Scizor was doing it at Professor Oak's place! And Mister Raikou helped explain how it was done!"
      Meganium: "I'm not sure if that counts as a good influence or a bad..."
  • Ash finishing his fight with Annie with a punch to the face.
  • All the stunned reactions from Gary, May and her family when they view the Battle of Altomare on television.
    Gary: "I think my friend Ash just got in trouble again."

     The Silver Conference (Chapters 101-116) 

  • Chapter 102:
    • Donphan getting drafted into helping Pikachu and Dexter working out how Pikachu manages to electrocute Ground-types.
    • Misty's first attempt at teaching Golduck how to swim.
    • Pikachu's Drill Sergeant Nasty routine with Raikou.
  • Chapter 103:
    • Golduck can now swim... With a rubber ring.
    • Larvitar trying to deal with this Ash.
    • Pikachu criticizing the design and shoddy workmanship of the poachers' giant Tyranitar robot before the group wrecks it.
  • Chapter 104:
    • Charles Goodshow exclaims that with Ash present, the Conference is going to be awesome.
    Goodshow: I hope you, and everyone else, put on a good show!
  • Chapter 105:
    • As per one canon episode, a trainer tries to capture Entei. Too bad Ash got there first. What really sells it is that he keeps chucking Ultra Balls at him even after the first one fails to trigger.
      "Young man, I am going to get very annoyed soon..."
      • And then Lugia, Ho-Oh and Mewtwo (who Ash called for the Silver Conference) all show up right in front of him. The kid is understandably overwhelmed.
      "Is Arceus about to jump out of your backpack or something?"
    • After Ash's first three Legendaries arrive, he tries to explain the situation to them and starts with apologizing for bothering them. Then Ho-Oh proceeds to chew him out for waiting so long to actually ask.
      Ho-Oh: "I accept that you don't want to appear to be privileged, which is good - but there are limits, you know..."
    • Mawile's adorableness in combat. Just that.
  • Chapter 106:
    • Ash, Oblivious to Love poster-boy, finds out what his new fame comes with: his second opponent, Macy, is a Fangirl. And Latias is not happy about it.
      • Especially when Macy mentions that the bond between herself and Ash is what caused her Slugma to evolve. Sorry, that just happens around the guy.
      • Even after his evolution, Houndoom is just as much of a puppy as ever.
    • Guess what Ash's lineup is for his last qualifier? Three, count 'em, three Tauros!
      • And when his opponent lampshades using three of the same Pokémon, he asks her what her last Pokémon is. It's a Dugtrio.
      • Which apparently comprises of Two Guys and a Girl. And engages in Talking to Themself. Yeah.
      • Water-walking Tauros vs. Surfing Rhydon. It's just as ridiculous as it sounds.
  • Chapter 107:
    • Turns out Wes' taking part to the tournament. Why is that?
      "Rui insisted. Disobey her at your peril..."
    • Anyway, Wes had this magnificent idea: he has a full set of Legendary Beasts, Ash has a full set of Legendary Beasts... So their match should be Suicune versus Suicune, Raikou versus Raikou, and Entei versus Entei. It's just as awesomely ridiculous (and ridiculously awesome) as it sounds... And, of course, Ash accepted.
      Lance: "I think Charles Goodshow is about to explode."
    • But how did they allow the public to tell which Beasts' were Ash's? Easy: Ash's Beasts wore distinguishing marks: Suicune was wearing one of Ash's hats, Raikou his scarf and his signs for Wood Hammer (that got destroyed in the match), and Entei was combed and with ribbons in his fur.
    • Raikou tried Volt Crash... And forgot one step. The make-sure-attack-shoots-out-only-from-correct-end step. It doesn't qualify as Epic Fail only because it was a Double KO...
    • Once again, Ash's Entei has to fight an opponent that creates rain.
    • And of course, we have reactions from Eusine, Jimmy, and Nelson.
    • Lance finding out Molly Hale, an eight year old girl, is responsible for the creation of the fairy-type.
  • Chapter 108:
  • Chapter 109:
  • Chapter 110:
    • Casey's orders being given in baseball terms. They work.
    • Casey's Beedrill being sent out against Larvitar:
      Casey: "Outfield, Beedrill!"
      Beedrill: "Beedriiilllll?"
      Casey's Riolu: ''"He... asks exactly how he's supposed to fight Larvitar."
      Casey: "Uh... good point..."
      • Later, we have this:
      Casey: "Beedrill, stay outfield! He's mainly good close in!"
      *Beedrill buzzes frantically*
      Riolu: "He was reminding you that so is he."
    • Charizard vs. Casey's Meganium. According to Charizard, that would go to be difficult mainly in terms of not hurting his opponent too much. He promptly gets trussed by a Constrict and hit by a barrage of Ancientpower that uses his head as a punching bag.
    • Charizard fights Casey's Raticate, once upon a time her FEAR Rattata... and loses again.
      Charla *who was watching the match in TV with Liza*: "Right."
      Liza: "What is it?"
      Charla: "He's never - never - living this one down."
    • Squirtle tries to make one of his speeches to Raticate:
      Squirtle: "All right, you rat bast-"
      Raticate: "I'm a girl."
      Squirtle: "Right. Uh - anyway! As I was saying - all right, you dirty rat-"
      Raticate: "I washed this morning!"
      Squirtle: "Just let me get started! Okay, you... female... rodent... you may have beaten my comrade, Charizard, but that means nothing! I'm Squirtle, and-"
      Raticate: "You realize I electrocuted-"
      Squirtle: "That's it! You're going down! Eat this, Hydro Cannon Fodder!"
    • Squirtle fending off Raticate's Super Fang-with his glasses. And his rant when they break.
  • Chapters 111 and 112:
  • Chapter 114 - 115:
    • When Mr. Goodshow announces that Ash will only be using Legendaries in the E4 exhibition, we get this from the audience:
      Random Audience Member: Lucky bastard!
    • Mr. Goodshow's introduction of Bruno:
      Mr. Goodshow: Next will be Bruno, the Breaker of Bricks and the Fighting-type Master of the Elite Four! Though I still don't understand the Onix...
    • The reaction from Ash's league opponents when he sends out Ho-Oh:
      Casey: You're kidding me. You're... how long has he had that?
      Koji: I'm getting the distinct impression we got off lightly.
    • What happened as soon as Team Rocket got to Hoenn:
      James: We're going to need to head back to my parents' summer house in Sinnoh! I forgot Carnivine!
      Jessie *throwing the flight manual at him* : Couldn't you have remembered that before we flew all the way down here?
    • After Ash's battle with Agatha, in which he had to get creative with Mewtwo:
      Mewtwo: Ash, thank you for your assistance. I am glad to see that your mind is as sharp as ever.
    • During Lugia's battle with Lance's Red Gyarados, he makes like he's about to Aeroblast right through the stands to get to his target, something that all but panics the referee. Good thing Lugia had figured out laser Roboteching.
  • Chapter 116: Interlude to Hoenn
    • The Humiliation Conga of the Invincible Pokémon Brothers. They came to chase the Cerulean Sensational Sisters out of their gym... and end up a Twinkle In The Sky courtesy of the newest Elite Four member's Mega Gyarados.
    • Brock's younger brother Forrest walking in on Brock and Philena's reconciliation kiss after the former told the latter about the time-travel.

     Hoenn's Gym Challenge part 1 (Chapters 117-126) 

     Wish Maker (Chapters 127-130) 

  • Ash and Co.'s time at the Millennium Festival:
    • Keldeo and Guy at the coconut shy - and Keldeo using Hydro Pump to throw the balls.
    • The Legendary Beasts on the Drop Tower.
    • Pikachu, Electrike and Marshtomp's meeting with the Pichu Brothers, and after a Noodle Incident involving more dancing Pokémon, end up on an out-of-control roller-coaster powered by Pichu Little's stuck tail. when Pikachu tries breaking them out with Iron Tail, all it ends up doing is sending the cart airborne.
    • Butler bringing Ash and Co. into his act, by having Ash and Max as clown assistants and Brock as an Escape Artist. After locking Brock in a ludicrous amount of restraints (rope, chain, two sets of handcuffs, footcuffs, two nested cages with nested padlocks) he is locked in a tarpaulin, lifted into the air, and expected to escape. But when he doesn't, Ash and Max go to unlock the tarpaulin, vanish from the audience's view... and then the tarpaulin falls to reveal Ash and Max in the cages and Brock outside.
  • The Absol from Forina shows up, sensing a great disaster happening to the Wish Maker at that moment - only for her to find that she walked in on a normal training session. When she asks what's going on, Lucario obliges.
    Lucario: That's my trainer. *points to Ash*
    *Absol looks.*
  • Raikou takes on the fake-Kyogre, but ends up getting eaten. His response? To laugh hysterically and taunt his opponent, since there's no way he could possibly miss now! Upon being freed, the first thing he does is claim he nearly beat the monster himself. The second thing is to collapse into a heap.
  • Team Rocket unpracticed entry motto, with James and his Rhymes on a Dime:
    Jessie: Prepare for trouble if you're from a team!
    James: And make it double - I dropped my ice cream!
    *Jessie gives him a Dope Slap*
    Jessie: Forget the twerps, you're battle's with us!
    James: And face everyone in our battle bus!
    *Jessie considers another Dope Slap, then decides not to*
    Jessie: Jessie!
    James: James!
    Jessie: Team Rocket, arriving stylishly late!
    James: You should've wished to be safe from your fate!
    Meowth: Meowth's too busy flying the plane to join in!
  • The next morning after the Kaiju have been vanquished, Mewtwo shows up.
    Mewtwo: ...I must admit, it's not what I was expecting, given the circumstances...
    Brock: Where were you yesterday evening? When there was the two abominations shaped like Groudon and Kyogre, and the Team Magma and Aqua strike teams?
    Mewtwo: *gapes* Oh, dear... sorry about that, I was busy handling something else.
    • Said something else is a solution to keeping Jirachi around, which involves an Orbital Mechanics textbook, moving a chunk of the Millennium Comet, deals with an irritated Cresselia, and so much Technobabble that it makes Ash and Co.'s head spin.
      Mewtwo: What?
      Ash: We understood about one word in four.
  • And the capper for this whole incident? Two Hoenn Officer Jennys discussing adopting the Ketchum Incidence report slips that are popping up in Johto.

     Hoenn's Gym Challenge part 2 (Chapters 131-155) 

  • An episode comes up where in canon, Ash is mistaken for a Legendary Hero. This time, Ash is so much a Legendary Hero that he can't prove he's not.
    *Raikou pops out of his Poké-ball*
    Brock: Ash, if you were trying not to look like the Legendary Hero, you're doing a terrible job at it...
    • In this episode, there's a Light Stone that glows when exposed to electricity. This time, Raikou takes a crack at it.
      Raikou: Argh! My eyes!
  • Jirachi, Mawile, Goomy and Tyranitar exploring the Trick House.
  • Wattson's gym has a robotic Raikou. The real Raikou is not impressed.
    Raikou: This is just an insult. My mane is not this stiff!
    • And after Wattson shows up, he gives Max a pre-gym challenge: Stay on Raikou for 30 seconds! He means his Robo-Raikou which is going bucking bronco, but Max promptly sits on Ash's Raikou instead.
    • Plusle and Minun cheering on Dedenne with Helping Hand is good for a smile.
      Plusle and Minun: De-de-Dedenne! He's the mon who gets his way!
    • And after the battles are over, Pikachu overhears Raikou and Wattson discussing Powered Armor.
  • Jirachi being a Literal Genie.
    Max: I wish we could find an Electrike who would like Wattson!
    *Jirachi teleports Arc to Max.*
    Jirachi: I guess Arc liked Wattson?
    Arc: I did like him! He sounded smart!
  • Brock and his mariachi song perform for a Contest. With Crobat singing along.
  • After finding an Electrike for Wattson, Jirachi teleports Max and his team back to the Gym... but being a Dark-type, Cinder is left behind. Meaning she has to walk (and swim) all the way back to the Gym.
    • This happens a lot, along with Cinder not hearing Jirachi's telepathic speech.
      Cinder: Jirachi? Please learn Miracle Eye...
  • Corphish's solution to a couple that Cannot Spit It Out? Drag her over here and throw her at him.
  • Chapter 134-135:
  • Tyranitar gets on the wrong end of a Marill's Superpower - and ends up flung off his feet.
  • Similar to Noctowl's introduction, Skitty's introduction is her displaying a Valley Girl accent.
  • A Team Aqua pledging ceremony is shown - where the recruits have to say the oath in a pirate accent.
  • Skitty showing a little Green-Eyed Monster when she gets huffy about Max not having enough time to pet her, and showing affection to Cinder. The latter ends up playing "musical trainers" with May and Max.
  • The whole dialogue with Mawile trying to understand Skitty's like-filled way of talking, via Skitty's like-filled answers.
  • Once again, Cassidy and Butch (and their Rocket grunt entourage) pull a Screw This, I'm Outta Here! when they pull recon on Oak's ranch and almost get spotted by Houndoom and Ho-Oh.
  • How can Corphish stand on top of a pile of Slugma? He isn't good at thermodynamics.
  • Maxie and Archie make plans to make use of a meteorite to trigger/suppress Mt. Chimney. Giovanni can't even be bothered.
  • On their way up to Mt. Chimney, Ash and Co. get their cable car cut down by a Magma grunt. With neither Delta nor Jirachi able to save Max, Jirachi wishes that Max doesn't got splat, which makes Delta evolve into Mantine, who is capable of flying Max to safety. When Max gets to safety, May asks why there is an Octillery on his face.
    • Mantyke does need a Remoraid in the party to evolve into Mantine. Guess where the Remoraid came from? Teleported away from one of the attacking Aqua goons!
  • Blaziken delivering a "Hey, You!" Haymaker to the grunt that cut them down.
    • And also informing the grunt's Houndour that not everyone is immune to lava like him.
      Houndour: I mean, lava's kind of warm and sticky, but it's not really dangerous...
      Blaziken: I see. Do you know that not all Pokémon have Flash Fire?
      Houndour: They don't?
  • While a Magma and Aqua grunt play tug-of-war with the meteorite, their Poochyena just sit by watching exasperatingly.
    • And after, Maxie and Archie play their own game of keep-away, only for Ash and Pidgeot to swoop in and snatch it right out of Maxie's hand.
  • In a Call Back to the "Ketchum Incidence Report" gag, upon arriving on scene to transport the members of Aqua and Magma that didn't escape, Officer Jenny asks how many Legendaries were present for this incident.
  • Latios meeting with his sister's other Latias friend.
  • Celebi accosts Ritchie in Pacifidlog Town and teleports him back to Johto to help with a Pokémon Center that's about to be closed down. On the previous day.
    • And when Ritchie gets back, he gets annoyed that he forgot to ask to be dropped off in Dewford.
  • Ash's battle with Flannery starts off with her sending out a Blaziken holding an Air Balloon. Just the idea of a large humanoid bird hanging from a little balloon is hilarious.
  • Abra Breaking the Fourth Wall again.
  • Flannery and Ash are about to have a match to show how awesome the two of them are. Ash claims that he'll use "The First Pokemon He Ever Caught." Cue Ho-Oh, being used in battle for the second time in the entire story, over two years in-universe time since Ho-Oh allowed himself to be captured.
    • Ho-Oh's reaction to being used in battle is "FINALLY!"
    • Flannery's spying grandfather's Flat "What." after her battle with Ho-Oh.
  • After a rather bad experience, Mawile gives Sliggoo a big hug...and promptly gets stuck to his drying slime. The absurdity leaves both of them in hysterics.
  • Sceptile asking for Meganium to watch him battle, in order for her to patch him up afterwards.
  • Torkoal getting re-used to the Oak Ranch and all its changes, only to be accosted by Squirtle.
    • Squirtle comes up with another perfectly sensible idea - the move "Withdraw" is a Water-type move, and water and fire together can make steam. If Torkoal can do it right, he can use the steam to get around very quickly.
    • And a Funny Background Event involving some Tauros, Primeape, Raikou and his sign.
      Raikou: Come back with that, you bounders!
  • After the report of Lugia and Ho-Oh sparring comes on the news, Pikachu comes out of the shower with a little towel around his waist asking what happened.
  • The God Squad finding out that Arceus's Mystery Dungeon world is a World of Badass - by a Sunkern laying a smack-down on Palkia.
  • Wherever Team Aqua gets their grunts from, it isn't from anywhere nautical.
    Archie: Then weigh anchor!
  • Ash's evolution gag strikes again, this time on Norman's Staravia.
    Max: Oh, come on! Seriously?
    Ash: I don't control this! It just happens!
  • What happens when Slaking uses Taunt on Kris.
    Kris: You take that back! I am top of the range, cutting-edge equipment! I am certainly not valve-based!
  • This interaction when Lucario faces his opponent: a Lopunny. A male Lopunny. And unfortunately, just like Pidgeot, mistaking his gender is his Berserk Button.
    Lucario: I think we should start. Before I say something else wrong.
    Brock: Having trouble with her?
    Lucario: that, yes. I think you just made him very upset indeed.
    Brock: ...oh, right.
  • The scene where Lopunny manages to turn Lucario's Flying Dragon Uppercut back on himself is comic gold.
    Lopunny: Hey. *hands Lucario a Flame Orb* Surprise!
    Uses an Ice Punch to create the vertical tornado around the hot point - which is now Lucario.
  • Now at the end of his Johto-Hoenn sabbatical, Keldeo is prepared to go back to Unova... only to realize he has no idea how. Luckily they've got a teleporter on hand...
  • Gary's Furfrou teaching Molly and Eevee about style, all while Primeape is unloading his full moveset onto her. And not making her budge an inch.
  • A Noodle Incident involving Birch's university friend, his Luxio, medical adhesive, and hairballs.
  • After Blaziken's No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on the toughs who tried to steal May and Max, the toughs' Musharna who hypnotized them in the first place decides to hide in her Poké-ball instead.
    • Also, when a thug tries to make a break for a pickup, Blaziken kicking said pickup hard enough to knock the engine out quickly changes his mind.
    • And to top it all off? The Squirtle that witnesses it all decides to take up kickboxing and become The Strongest Squirtle.
  • After everyone runs off to find May and Max, Jirachi floats back into the lab with a giant sandwich - then wonders where everyone went.
  • After it is all over, the sorting out to see who flies/carries whom back to the lab ends with Entei being volunteered to carry all six starters back on his back, much to his chagrin.
  • Team Rocket's arrival in the Grass Pokémon reserve begins with James getting The Glomp from what amounts to half the Grass-types in the place. Including a Tropius.
    • And Meowth's solution is a three-choice offer: leave of their own volition, get into one of J&J's Pokéballs, or be pan-seared by Moltres and Growlie.
    • They later pass the captured Pokemon to Giovanni. Who, after recovering from the shock, wonders if they somehow caught a Shaymin.
  • The predictable happens when Brock and Audino first meet. Cooking Duel!
  • And the God Squad are once again beleaguered by over-amped PMD Com Mons. And Giratina attempting to steal from the Kecleon brothers' shop.
  • After being overwhelmed to the point of a Face Fault by her new reality, May's Venusaur tells a laughing Sceptile and Meganium to Get a Room!. Cue We Are Not An Item sputtering.
  • The incident with Fishing King Sullivan and Nero.
    • However good Sullivan is at fishing, battling and knowing the type-chart, less so, on account of trying to battle a Whiscath with a Flaafy (who doesn't know any Grass moves).
    • Fed up with the shenanigans, Pikachu tries to negotiate with Nero, only to find out that Nero's a Troll. When Nero gives him a mud bath, Pikachu's patience finally runs out, and Nero finds himself on the receiving end of a Zappy-charged Electro-Bolt (Electro Ball + Thunderbolt) combo.
    • But after it's all over and Nero is in Sullivan's Poké-ball, Sullivan decides that the fishing hunt is more fun than the capture, and promptly releases Nero so they can do it all again tomorrow. Pikachu is understandably miffed.
  • Jessie and Meowth's Slapstick Contest appeal.
    • And their reaction when Wallace shows up to give Jessie a gift for such an innovative routine.
      Meowth: Huh, so that's how you get a Pikachu...
  • A woman actually tries flirting with Brock, and he turns her down. In fact, his feelings are so much with Philena that Ludicolo has to point out her flirting to him. Max is understandably speechless.
  • Pikachu's annoyance at someone using his Signature Move... again.
  • This little TR dialogue:
    Cosplaychu: Now, do you think I should try Ninja next?
    Arbok: Go for it. Do you mean realistic ninja, or black-suit wearing ninja?
    Meowth: Hey! Dat is realistic!
    Arbok: What? I have culture.
  • Chapter 150: Ashes Nowhere To Be Found
    • Keldeo says that mid-battle is the perfect time to learn a new move. The other Swords don't agree.
      Cobalion: What has that Ketchum boy been teaching you?
    • Suicune mistaking Ritchie for Ash. In her defense, she's had a long day.
    • The Noodle Incident of Ivy's lab being swarmed by 300 Diglett, from a bad infrasound emitter.
      • And her Shinx demanding her attention as always.
    • Damos has been watching too many movies.
      Damos: Hello, Professor. Shall we play a game?
    • A trainer comes back to challenge Wattson. He's not impressed by the Manectric in the Raikou suit. A real Raikou on the other hand... Cue Screams Like a Little Girl.
    • Primeape, the poster boy for Unstoppable Rage... does ikebana for a hobby. In Quilava's experience, that's his third least likely hobby, after model ships and calligraphy.
    • Director Cleavon Schpielbunk spieling a documentary suggestion to Mewtwo.
    • Ivysaur and Squirtle talking about Mega Evolution:
      *Squirtle gives a speech about the "indescribable" feeling of Mega Evolution*
      Ivysaur: So... indescribable, huh?
      Squirtle: Exactly right!
      Ivysaur: Because you did a lot of describing, right there...
    • And Squirtle's reason for wanting Ivysaur to evolve, and it's not just for him to make use of Venusaurite...
      Ivysaur: You just want me to have a big flower you can sit in and shout attack names, don't you?
    • Entei and Ho-Oh having a long talk about how Ho-Oh is the Legendary Beasts' lord, creator and father, and then Entei asks about his allowance.
      • And then in the Deoxys movie, it turns out that Ho-Oh decided he was right, and thus taught him Sacred Fire.
    • Bianca talking to Latios about the other Latias they know, and Latios is trying not to show his interest.
    • Lance not understanding why Team Magma has a submarine.
    • Molly and Eevee playing dress-up with her Shiny Legendaries.
    • While Sceptile and Meganium chat, they notice a commotion across the lake. But it's not Squirtle this time - Snorlax has fallen asleep in front of the Tauros' barn door. Their solution: Make a new one.
    • Dr. Akihabara welcomes the Cyber-Destined back from another digitization - only to find them Covered in Gunge. They don't say why (Word Of God says Shiny Grimer).
  • Chapter 151:
    • The arrival of Mew, and her Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny! characterization.
    • Helping the Pokémon of the Day Spoink with his pearl:
      • Dexter and Spoink's conversation about how Spoink's spring powers his heart. Spoink corrects that it's the other way around.
      • Mew randomly finding a Mega Stone.
      • Skitty eventually finding Spoink's pearl - and after getting it out of the tree, begins playing with it.
      • Lucario eventually gets her to give it up, by giving her Ash's spare Rainbow and Silver Wings to play with instead. Ash tells her to give those up by giving her Mew's tail to play with instead.
    • Ash and Co. arriving at Crossgate Town for the PokéRinger tournament - only to find they missed it by 2 days. So, they decide to take the stadium for their own PokéRinger tourney!
      • Mew considers becoming a Celebi and Time Travelling to 2 days before - only for the real Celebi to show up and give him/her a stern NO.
      • Apparently, Ash's infamy has grown to the point where a Celebi appearing from midair allows people to guess Ash is in the vicinity.
      • Marshtomp grumping about how Flying-types don't fly low enough to punch.
      • Lucario playing the PokéRinger announcer with a microphone - only for Mawile to point out that his Aura Translation trick doesn't work over the PA.
      • Mega Absol learning how to fly - or at least, fall with style.
    • In the middle of a dialog with Max's new Shuppet and about how Kris is a Porygon and not a Rotom, Brock's Ludicolo pops out and gives a Big-Beaked Ludicolo Moment, thinking they're in a musical. All he gets is a group-wide Blank Stare.
    • At the Weather Institute, the Castform predicts a rainstorm, so Mawile takes Sliggoo out for a practice battle. Under the intense rain, Sliggoo wins, evolves into Goodra, and then both he and Mawile invoke Death Is Dramatic, complete with crying in the rain. At least until the two of them can't take it any more.
  • Chapter 152:
    • Ash tries to call on Goodra for help - only to call out Quilava instead, because he put his belt on upside down.
    • After traveling with Ash for so long, Max has to take a moment to remember that Winona probably doesn't have a legendary pokemon.
    • The group finds out about a festival for flying types. May asks if Ash is going to buzz the festival with Legendaries. Ash's response? Not straight away.
    • Team Rocket's Pikachu wearing an Aviatrix uniform. That, somehow, allows her to learn Fly.
  • Chapter 153/154:
  • Kris's battle with Winona's Altaria ends abruptly when she makes a calculation blunder: Using Gravity right when her opponent is using Earthquake.
  • Casper's characterization as The Prankster:
    • One involves tying Blaziken's shoelaces together. And getting them on him in the first place.
    • And the only reason he couldn't do a custard pie prank is because Brock's cooking is too delicious not to eat first.

     Destiny Deoxys (Chapters 156-159) 

  • The computers to assign passes to visitors identify Lucario as Cynthia's Lucario (after a previous workaround), and an invisible Latias as a ceiling tile.
  • The group's navigation of LaRousse's automatic walkways. And Entei and Lucario using them as exercise pathways.
  • Ash dealing with his LaRousse fanclub. He ends up having to aura-jump clear of the crowd to escape.
    • And Entei giving his teethmarks to an autograph hunter.
  • Drew and Character Of The Day Rebecca trying to come to grips with Ash's many escapades and unruly sense of direction.
    • And Drew only entering the Battle Tower's challenge because he got lost.
      • The above is funnier when you realize LaRousse is Drew's hometown. His only real comment is that it's an embarrassing place to be from since your first week elsewhere, you wonder why the trash cans aren't working right and then you're just glad you can cross the street without being run over by a family of five. And a robot.
  • Dexter realizing that all the Porygon that have been produced from his source code are, in essence, his clones... or his children.
  • While introducing his Pokémon to a Poké-phobic Tory, Ash sends out Charizard, who promptly sneezes and spoils his intimidating image. The wink he gives Pikachu afterwards says it all.
  • Ash intercepting the pair of exuberant Plusle and Minun siblings as they try to give Tory The Glomp. And not even stopping his admonishments of them when they shock him.
  • Mega Arc and Pikachu has just finished powering the laboratory to release Deoxys, and the former, exhausted from the effort, ends up sitting on the latter. Pikachu isn't happy about it.
  • Green Deoxys being embarrassed when Tory tells it off for smashing through a building.
  • Ethan's attempts to hack one of the haywire security bots, which get difficult when his comrades, especially the Mega Evolved ones, keep smashing them before he's done.
    • And him trying to name himself he evolves.
      Ethan: Porygon... X? Porygon 2, now with improved pixel shader?
      Ethan: Kris gets my jokes...
  • Even after the Deoxys meet, the city is still devoid of a particular Sky High Dragon. Where is he? Chatting with Mewtwo about his potential documentary film!
  • Sidney's arrival via Sharpedo... after everything is over.
  • And finally The Stinger: Ho-Oh chastising Ash for not contacting him.

     Hoenn's Gym Challenge part 3 (Chapters 160-???) 
  • Another of Casper's pranks - an aniseed-filled water balloon that sends Cinder into a sneezing fit.
    • He also swapped May's hairbrush for the one she uses to brush Skitty. She's...noticeably frazzled.
  • When Ash describes to enter the Lilycove Contest with Ho-Oh, Pikachu has omens of what may come:
    Pikachu: I wonder if Ash will end up as the Contest Conflagrator.
  • Harvesting berries for May's Pokéblocks:
    "My mouth feels like it's trying to suck my beak in!"
    • Somehow, May's berry mixing turns up a rainbow Pokéblock. Ho-Oh gives it a taste, and ends up breathing rainbow-colored fire from a flavor explosion.
  • Ash finding out his mom had packed a number of outfits in his pouch for whatever reason, including a dress. Brock confesses that he had told her about the Ashley incident in the original timeline.
  • The God Squad Lampshade Hanging the many ridiculous names of in-universe evil organizations: Team Rocket, Team Plasma, Team Dim Sun, the Pokémon Pinchers, Team Meanies, etc.
  • The introduction of Harley:
    • When he meets Ash, he chastises Ash for using Ho-Oh to win with raw power and plans to use Cacturne to show him how it's done - only for Cacturne to fall to exactly that. Cue him traipsing offstage whining about Ash being unnecessarily cruel.
      • Moreover, Ho-Oh wasn't even trying to attack Cacturne; he was merely using a firewall to incinerate Cacturne's Poison Sting, only for the wall to incinerate Cacturne too.
    • And his whining continues when post-match, he accuses Ash of having it out for him by knowing his name (the announcer said it first), and saying that Legendaries weren't allowed (which the judges would've told Ash beforehand).
    • Harley's first words to Max:
      Harley: My commiserations on your hormone problem.
    • Indeed, May is making good progress on forming a rapport with Harley - being civil, complementing his flapjacks, etc. - only for it all to go to pieces when Ash shows up.
  • While Delta is ferrying Max across the ocean, he ends up dropping Max in on a water landing. Sensing his trainer's distress, Arc pops out of his Poké-ball - in the middle of the ocean.
  • Ash meets a new Blastoise. According to it, it's not obsessed with anything. It can simply quote half of Mahou Sensei Negima!.
  • How Spoink becomes May's new Pokémon: he loses his pearl again when he bumps into May's bag, and ends up putting something round and pink on his head - an empty Love Ball that May got for her mother.
  • Lucario Offhand Blocking one of Marshtomp's punches, who is trying to be decisive in his favorite tactic. Then it's revealed that Guy and Stantler have concealed him in an illusion - only for Lucario to knock down the real one who was sneaking up behind him.
  • Gary's Pokémon relaxing poolside in Barbados.