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Cyrus and Lysandre have teamed up to remake the world in this new timeline.
It will turn out that Cyrus has his memories as well, or at least was able to deduce things based on his own logic and desires and how there seems to be a spike in powerful foes he will have to face. As such, not only has he been able to find a way to avoid detection by Ash and co., but he also runs into Lysandre, whose own personal motives are extremely similar to his own. I bring up Lysandre because I find it very fishy that the author brought up Team Flare in the aftermath of the Delta Episode, and Serena being introduced at all is equally strange despite the story originally being set after a time reset during late Unova. I don't believe this is a coincidence. What might happen is that the two wannabe universal reshapers, having found kindred spirits in each other, have pooled their collective resources into ensuring their overall victory, thus also relocating to somewhere between Kalos and Sinnoh.

Of course on the other hand it could be that it's only a temporary a team up of convenience, and that in reality they plan to drop the other like a sack of potatoes. I could imagine Cyrus finding Lysandre too controlled by his emotions and spirit, while Lysandre finds Cyrus to be a cold bastard (and with terrible fashion sense on top of that), thus resulting in a bigger Good Guys vs Team Galactic vs Team Flare smorsgabord near the end.

When Ash gets back to Unova again...
He just might run into N and win him over without having to go through the whole plot of Black and White
  • I hate to do a pre-Jossing for you but this fanfiction is based on the anime: Team Plasma hasn't shown up yet in the series.
  • The pre-Jossing has been rendered invalid. N is set to appear.
  • With N reading Mewtwo's book this looks fairly likely.
  • It appears as if the plot of Episode N is short-circuiting in the course of the Battle Frontier, with N having doubts as to attempting to raise Reshiram the first time.
    • And is officially short-circuited as Reshiram not only thinks Ghetsis is utter scum, but also leaves with N to explore the modern world.

During the Orange Island business and after picking up Snorlax.....
...Ash flies back to Imite House and help Duplica with her Ditto, forgetting all about thanks to Mewtwo business.
  • Jossed for now, but it's still early yet.
  • Jessie, James and Meowth solved the issue without Ash's involvement.

The GS Ball will open.....
...by Ash's aura and it will contained a Celebi. Being part-psychic type, Celebi knows about the time line restoring and the upcoming stable time loop with Prof. Oak's past self, Iron Mask, and itself.
  • See above Jossing.
  • Saph already has plans for this, but we'll see...

The Johto arc will have a sequence breaking
The break is Ash heading to Cianwood Island to battle Chuck and get the medicine for Sparkle before dealing with Olivine City. He arrives to see the reason why Janina decided to put wax on her Onix — a sickness brought on by a water Pokémon attack.
  • Jossed. No mention of Janina or her waxed Onix is made. Ash just uses Suicune to run to Cianwood, get the medicine, and run back. He does still battle Chuck before Jasmine though, to allow her to make sure Amphy heals properly.

In Hoenn, he helps Birch with a problem in his lab.
The problem is an annoyed female Kirlia. Kirlia is the same Ralts that was befriended by Max, May's little brother, and became his starting Pokémon before the first timeline ended. Soon after, solving this problem, he restores May and her Torchic's memories. Torchic tells May and Ash that he also learned Blast Burn. Max gets Kirlia back when his memories are restored.
  • The only problem with this is that it's a kirlia. Ralts was still a Ralts at this time. Although, if Ash restores it's memory it might turn into a kirlia.
    • Jossed. May and Max's memories were restored at the end of the Orange Island saga, and Max's starter was Electrike. He meets up with Ralts and his family at the usual point in the timeline, and the Ralts joins his team while his family goes to live with the Maples.
    • Torchic/Blaziken doesn't know Blast Burn when Ash restored his memories either.

In Sinnoh, Ash quickly restores two people memories....
...Those are Dawn and Paul. Turns out Paul was at the Spear Pillar trying to help Gary out against Cyrus.
  • I doubt Paul was there, seeing how Gary was the only (high-end) Trainer around in the original timeline who could face Cyrus.
    • Jossed. Dawn's memory has been restored as of Chapter 181. Paul was met in Chapter 238 and is remindable, but chooses not to take it. Also, whilst Paul wasn't at Spear Pillar helping Gary, Zoey was.

Other rival memories stored.....
  • Hoenn
    • Drew
      • Confirmed. Drew has had his memories restored as of Chapter 126/Hoenn 10.
  • Sinnoh
    • Zoey
      • Semi-confirmed. Ash doesn't initially have Zoey's memories available to give, due to her having been close to the point of time collapse at Spear Pillar, trying to help Gary stop Cyrus. However, after some aid from the Lake Trio, her memories are retrieved and returned to her. Additionally, this also confirms the reason why Gary didn't show up in Ash's aura sight, despite being reminded later.
  • Unova
    • N

One of the Sinnoh's sequence-breaking is.....
After the Wallace Cup business, Ash and Dawn will head to Princess Saliva to pick up Dawn's Togekiss. Though they still have to please Salvia by having Salvia switch places with Dawn but afterwords, Togekiss memories are stored.
  • Jossed thanks to Celebi machinations to get Dawn all her Pokémon early; she meets up with Princess Salvia partway through Ash's Battle Frontier challenge.

In Sinnoh, the Lake Guardians........
....keep an eye on the gang.

During the Dawn's first battle in second Pokémon contest with Kenny....
....Dawn's Piplup accidently evolves into Prinplup. In Ash's dream after it, Cresselia appears and says that Ash's power can't bring future items back in time. Next meeting with Kenny, Ash restores his memories.
  • Jossed. Piplup was given an Everstone before Ash restored his memories, so he can't evolve.
  • Unless he were to lose it, which is unlikely.

In the Hoenn's Ever Grande Conference...
Team Rocket gives Ash following version motto:
Jessie: Prepare for trouble from the skies!
James: From beyond the stars, a rough surprise!
Jessie: A group of brains as old as Arecus...
James: ...sent here to fulfill our destiny!
Meowth: Plus, there's me!
Jessie: To announce the goodness of fighting
James: To send our winnings to the stars
Jessie: Jessie!
James: And James!
Meowth: And Meowth are the names!
Jessie: Anywhere there's peace in the universe...
James: ...Team Rocket...
Meowth: ...Will be there...
All: To make everything rough!
Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!
  • Jossed, TR never took part in the Hoenn League.

Before Hoenn's Ever Grande Conference....
..Ash decides to bring all of his Pokémon to use against them.
  • Semi-Jossed? The Delta Episode cut things short, but Ash did use several of his Pokemon, with implications that he would uses the others. Except maybe Ho-Oh, again. And Ash always rotates his Pokemon regardless, why would this time be any different?

After defeating Paul in the Lily of Valley Confence in Sinnoh, and learning that he will be up against Tobias.....
... Ash uses his own Legendary Pokémon against Tobias's Legendary Pokémon.
  • ...Duh?
    • Bonus points if the match against Tobias is actually the final. Besides, don't forget the Butterfly Effect has changed the order of some battles in the Kanto conference.
    • Remember that there are now rules in place that Trainers have to reach an agreement if either want to use more than 1 Legendary and/or Mega Pokemon. No surprises this time around.

When Ash gives Ambipom her memories back....
...she asks where Dawn is. Ash explains that the time line has changed and promises to trade with Dawn as soon as Dawn catches Buizel.
  • This is WMG. Yours is something that WILL happen. Next please...
    • Actually, it might not. There's no real reason for a trade once Ash restores Buizel's memories and it's possible that he could just give Ambipom straight to Dawn since her memories are restored now.
  • Jossed; the only incident was Celebi letting Ash meet Ambipom on schedule and accidentally sending Buizel to Misty. Given Pidgeot's supersonic flight capabilities, getting everyone to their right trainers is no trouble at all.

Before leaving for Hoenn, Ash, Brock and Misty spend some time....
...Getting the Pewter City and Cerulean City Gyms in order that makes the PIA agent cry in joy.
  • Half-Jossed. The Pewter Gym is more-or-less in order with Forrest taking over the gym, and Misty's sisters were doing fairly well as Gym Leaders through the Johto Journey. Misty only headed back to Cerulean to get her stuff to move to the Elite Four, and helped deal with the Invincible Pokémon Brothers as in canon.

Before leaving for Sinnoh, he asks who is Pokémon Inspection Agency Sinnoh's agent..
.....It's the Hearthome Gym Leader, Fantina, — given reason why Fantina is gone a lot — beside looking for a new style — she's also secretly checking the Sinnoh's gyms.

On arrival to Petalburg City's Gym.....
....Max meets up with Ash but it's more of a worship as Ash won the Silver Conference, and runs off to get his dad. Since he brought three Pokémon, Ash gets a change to fight and get his Balance Badge ahead of time.
  • Jossed. May, Max and their family met up with Ash while watching his match with Drake in the Orange League, and after the match is over, Ash restores their memories, so they spend all of Ash's Johto journey waiting for him and preparing. Also, when Ash and Co. get to Petalburg for the first time, Norman is doing renovations and doesn't want Ash to test out his non-gym-destroying skills on his gym.

During his battle with Whitney in Johto...
Riolu evolves into Lucario and knocks out Whitney's Miltank. This makes Miltank eject sour cream on everyone. It takes some time for Ash to calm down Whitney's Miltank. In thanks, one of the youngest Miltank is given to Ash by Whitney.
  • Jossed. Riolu evolved into Lucario during Power of One.
    • Double Jossed. Whitney has been beaten, and Lucario didn't take part.

When Cacnea memories returns......
...James asks why he is always hugging him. Cacnea tells James that he makes a great pin cushion. Everyone present "laughs".
  • Jossed by Victreebell, he's just very attractive to Grass types.
  • Not yet, Cacnea COULD have a different personality from Victreebell.
    • Jossed, all Cacnea does is evolve into Cacturne.

Durning the Johto arc, events will turn Team Rocket in a Five-Bad Band

May and Dawn's Pokédexes will become Porygons as well
  • Agreed there.
    • Alternatively, Dawn's Pokédex will go straight to Porygon-Z
    • So May's will go straight to 2? Also, would any of the Dexes really WANT to use the Dubious Disc?
    • Both May and Max already have Pokédexes which have become Porygons.

Serena will appear earlier than in canon
The new X and Y character's anime counterpart has a past with Ash, so later on when the anime reveals the exacts the author will include her at some point as part of the Fairy Retcon (Possibly during Johto as a way to include story arcs in place of the infamous filler of death)
  • I hate to a Half-Jossing, but I think during the Johto time period Serena is not old enough to have Pokemon, but she can do a female Max like Bonnie is doing in anime version of XY.
    • To be fair, she might not be 10, she might be older. Ash was technically 15 in this story, as oppose to the 10 he somehow still is in regular canon, so unless Serena is revealed in flashbacks to be 3 or something...after all the Unova and Kalos protagonists seem older than the previous game players and he's used a fair share of game canon as necessary.
    • Serena is around the same age as Ash, or is at the very youngest just shy of 10. Even if his age is once again vague, both he and Serena were about seven or eight during Prof. Oak's Camp.
    • I'm pretty sure Serena is supposed to be ambiguously ten, the same age as Ash.
    • Confirmed as far as the appearing earlier thing goes. She, like the other female companions post-Misty, gets an Early-Bird Cameo, making her first appearance in the Battle Frontier. However, she's still in Kalos and her appearance doesn't relate to Ash. Instead, she's Dawn's new pen pal. As for the age thing, Serena notes that, in the photo she was sent, Dawn looked to be about two years younger than her. That would put her at 11 or 12, while Ash is almost 14.

Orre and Shadow Pokémon will make an appearance
And it will be connected to the Masked Marauder and Anime/Pokémon4Ever.
  • Somewhat confirmed - Ash does reference Shadow Pokémon when working on Aura Purge. But if the Silver incident takes place before XD, I've a feeling XD001 might actually be his other parent which Ash hasn't 'caught' yet.
    • Confirmed, Silver's mother - the Shamouti's Lugia's mate - was turned into Shadow Lugia by Team Cipher and Dr. Nanba. Also, the Masked Marauder's Dark Balls do forcibly Shadow-fy Pokémon caught in them.

If Team Ketchum meets up with ancient Ninetales who dead master looks like Brock
..It and Brock's Ninetales are going to put a fight right out of a ninja movie.
  • Half-confirmed. Brock's Ninetales and the old Ninetales do battle, but it's more illusionary and less ninja-y.

May gets nervous when asked by her family to see her first Pokemon unaware that Ash had accidentally evolved May's Torchic into Blaziken.
...But the problem is solved when Ash restore May's families' memories.
  • Kinda Jossed: Norman knows about Blaziken from the old timeline, plus May and Max also have a Porygon-Dex already.
    • Not exactly unaware then, are they?

When Brock comes back from the Orange Islands....
...Ash will enter his mind and find out what Prof. Ivy and Brock so it won't cause problems.
  • But fails because it's just too ridiculous and continues passing out from too much laughter.
    • Jossed - but we do know what caused Brock to leave anyway.

When Team Rocket bump into the female hag of a Rocket Scout in Johto again.
..She gets shock when she checks, but gives them an jeep and a stolen and hacked Pokédex.
  • Jossed.

This time after defeating Whitney, Ash arrives at Mary's radio station— revealing that tapes were damaged again.
...Team Rocket helps out not only by helping acting as the normal scripted villains in the radio play but also reveal that Paul, Ash's future Sinnoh rival, did the damage this time around while trying to capture a Pokemon.
  • Jossed - After beating Whitney, all Ash does is a radio interview with Mary.

Duplica turns out another one of Ash's Destiny Entanglements...
..This time around Duplica on Ditto's command — sallow Ditto whole — Ditto got though all right but now Duplica has the ability to morph like a Ditto and Ditto can talk like a human. They appear in what to the gang think is an empty Pokemon Center, Ash recalls his run in with Duplica in Johto, and the Nurse Joy becomes a Ditto and the Chansey becomes Duplica. Duplica's power may solve an issue in Kalos.
  • Jossed - Ash never met Duplica in this timeline.

In the Whirl Islands, before the whole mess with baby Lugia known as Silver goes down...
..Ash restores Richie's memory.
  • Jossed - the Whirl Islands arc passed without Ritchie getting his memory restored.

Sometime after the whole mess with Silver is over...
..Jessie and James bring up the boss's Quick Evolution Plan is still going on and tell Team Ketchum that if they get a e-mail with six words related to water Pokemon attacks — hit the Lake of Rage as soon as possible.
  • Jossed - the Lake of Rage project passes without mention of Jessie or James.

To get rid of Harley out of Problemville for her....
..May tries to act like Harley's cookies are the best thing since sliced bread. Harley is stunned and stamps a happy face on May's picture and exits the contest.
  • Jossed due to In Spite of a Nail; May does compliment Harley's goodies and things are going much better than before... and then they all go down the drain when Harley finds out she's good friends with Ash (who had just smoked him during the Lilycove Contest).

After defeating their eight Gym in Johto, Team Rocket decides on plotting out how to deal with the contests and Gym Leaders of Hoenn and Sinnoh.
...They come up with idea of making sure to stay far away from Twerps expect for the Hearthome Collection. This time - following James advice, Jessie knocks out Cooca.
  • Jossed, TR never took part in the Silver Conference.

...The timeline ended....
..Some where between Ash's Skyla battle and his battle with Roxie.
  • So, no Krookodile, just Krokorok? Pity, the guy was one of the most badass Pokemon Ash has ever had.
  • Except that doesn't make sense. Ash knows about Genesect in the story, but he had no idea what it was until he met it in the Genesect Movie. So it would have to be after that.
    • Jossed, see below

Or the timeline ended.....
..sometime between Roxie's battle with Ash and the starting of the Unova League.
  • Jossed; in the rewritten first chapter, Saphroneth states that Ash, Iris and Cilan had just finished the Unova League and the events of New Tork City (Genesect and the Legend Awakened), and were traveling through the Delcore/Decolore islands (back to Kanto) when Cyrus's plan came to fruition.

During the battle during the second movie retell, Ash will obtain a Mega Ring from Lawrence's treasure trove
Along with several Mega Stones and will gain Mega Charizard during the conflict.
  • May be Jossed by Wordof God, as Saphroneth as other plans for Mega-Evolutions.
    • Completely Jossed, as no Mega Stones appear during the Power of One arc.
    • Ash's/Sir Aaron's Staff with feathers from Ho-Oh and Lugia take the place of Ash's Keystone. By Word of God, being explained here now because someone got it wrong.

Bugsy will mention Surskit and we will see how Misty reacts
  • Except Misty is over her Bug-type phobia now thanks to Ash.
    • Jossed anyway. Surskit was never brought up.

Misty will catch a Wingull
"Who needs a fire type now?" she will say
  • ...Are you sure you didn't mean Wooper?
  • Still Jossed for now.

Ash's Torkoal will be a Might Guy Expy/Acolyte
Think about it: Torkoal is an overly emotional fire-type tortoise, how could he not be?
  • Similarly, Ash's Sceptile will take inspiration from Kakashi (cool-headed, lazy, badass ninja), leading to rivalry between the two.
    • Bonus points if Sceptile has never even heard of Naruto before and has no idea what Torkoal is banging on about.
  • Jossed. On the one hand, Torkoal has appeared and he seems fairly like his canon, placid self. On the other, he has just appeared and Squirtle has decided to take him under his wing, so who knows what could happen.
    • Also, a Might Guy reference exists in Guy, Max's Breloom.

The Plot will be derailed once the Gang reach Alamos Town.
... If not before, when Ash restores Dialga and Palkia's memories. Giratina too perhaps.

When Ash encounters Infernape again as a Chimchar...
...He'll immediately touch him and restore his memories. However, Infernape will still belong to Paul and will be forced to stay with him until he can figure out a way to make Paul abandon him again, something that will be much harder since Paul won't be as willing to abandon a fully evolved Pokémon. Bonus if it eventually results in Charizard and Infernape talking about their awful former trainers and how they've effected them.
  • Confirmed and resolved. Infernape was reminded on Paul's first meeting, but Paul was willing to give him to Ash in exchange for a Pokémon that will work with his training style. Currently it's an IOU to Paul with Lucario keeping Ash honest.

Moltres will let James catch her.
... It'd be pretty funny, and she did show interest in that man in the Moltres costume...
  • Sort of Jossed. She got herself caught in probably the clumsiest way possible (she tripped over a Pokéball, and then another Pokémon rolled onto it so she couldn't escape), but she did stay with him when he told her she is free to destroy the Pokéball and go.

When fighting Tobias.
... Ash will use Muk, who curbstomps half his team.

Dexter will evolve twice
The first time, when he evolves into Porygon2, will turn out to be a great upgrade, making him faster, stronger and overall more durable, along with making his projector less likely to overheat and his projection harder to shatter. It will also make it easier for him to stay out for long periods of time... and overall make him seem more "real". When he evolves into Porygon-Z, though... the evolution will be forced, and the Dubious Disc will cause him to glitch and pick up viruses like nobody's business, losing control and destroying everything around him while constantly making a high pitched screeching sound that turns out to actually be maniac laughter sped up beyond reason. Ash will use either Aura Purge or the Calm Mind TM to get him to return to some level of normalcy. After he separates his incredibly powerful virus personality with his normal personality, he'll become a bit of an Expy of Dexter Douglas AKA Freakazoid.

Squirtilite will actually work at some point ...
... except that it won't increase Squirtle's power but rather bestow some ridiculous, and seemingly-unrelated to anything an actual Mega-stone could be related to, effect. Like switching Squirtle's element a'la Delta Pokémon, or making him kaiju-sized without any changes in power level. And it's not going to work reliably but rather depending on some wacky conditions.

Gardenia will get a crush on James
After seeing his much more powerful grass types than canon *hugging* him like she *hugs* (read: ambush) grass types.

When fighting Tobias
Ash will not send out legendaries, but will beat up Tobias' Pokémon with 'normal' mons. This will probably involve Mawile, wearing the dark-type hat, vs Mega Latios.

One of Ash's gym battles
Will involve the supplementary challenge of not destroying the gym, while having the fight inside. And it will probably be harder for Ash than the Johto dragon gym was.
  • Confirmed, Norman mentioned the challenge of not destroying any of the Hoenn gyms to Ash, who is taking it as a Self-Imposed Challenge. By the end of his Hoenn Gym run, he has succeeded... technically.

Ash will end up in Kalos
Ash will somehow end up in the Kalos region by the end of this fic. It may not even be in the correct spot as far as timelines go because the author is leaving little hints that Ash may be getting tired of repeating and could use a refresher.
  • Well, Gary has already completed the Kalos League in first, so if Ash does, he might see if he could get some pointers from his once-rival.

Max will somehow get held hostage with Tate again.
And he will be very upset by this, going on a rant about how he is a full-fledged trainer this time and this is why he hates fate, much to Tate's confusion (since they likely won't have told him about the whole "time travel boosted our skills by giving us the memories of the original timeline that went boom" thing).
  • Jossed, Max's Gym Battle at Mossdeep passed without incident.

Cosplay Pikachu will have the Zappy ability.
I mean, she is indeed the Rocket's Pikachu. Although hers only works very well in Contests.

Ash will achieve Sacred Sword for the first time, by using The sword he got from the Mirage Kingdom.
I'm fairly certain Sacred Sword needs to be supported by a blade of its own (e.g. a horn), at least for beginners, and said Ceremonial sword fits perfectly.
  • Confirmed in the Scuffle of Legends.

Should the story go to Kalos, Ash!Greninja will happen...and every Pokemon Ash has that remembers the original timeline will utterly panic.
The panic is because Ash!Greninja boosts Greninja's power while draining Ash...and that is definitely not Aura-based. Since they have no frame of reference, their response will be "panic!"

The fic will have an epilogue and it will reveal that Ash has a house that works as an inn and restaurant to legendaries.
He's already good friends with most of them and Ash does age in this fic. Bonus points if Arceus goes there regularly.

Alain will show up as Professor Sycamore's assistant and end up on several of Gary's misadventures.
In the process, Gary will end up giving him the Charizardite X and Mega Ring, so he'll never get tied up with Team Flare (provided they even exist in this timeline).

Related to the above
It will also turn out that Alain gives off the same evolution-inducing aura as Ash, explaining why Gible evolved all the way into Garchomp in such a short period of time.

Dawn's Buneary will evolve into Lopunny.
So that the Lopunnite Gary found forever ago will see some use.

Riley is the singular Chosen in Sinnoh.
He has Aura powers and Ho-oh mentioned that there's only one Chosen in Sinnoh.

The battle against Team Galactic will turn into a climactic Avengers, Assemble! situation.
Everyone will be involved, including Ash and his fellow time-travelers, all the Chosen (the Dragon Clan, Steven Stone, and the Sinnoh Chosen), Casey, Ritchie, and whoever else is available. There will be Legendaries and Mega-Evolved Pokemon everywhere and Ash will punch Cyrus in the face at some point.

Instead of a Porygon Pokedex, Dawn will get a Pokedex inhabited by a Rotom in honor of Sun and Moon.

Dawn's Piplup will choose to lose the everstone and evolve.
With the danger Ash and company get into, a circumstance where Piplup feels it's his only option is almost a certainty.

If the gang ever gets to Alola, the 'Mons to get Alolan forms, or humans who get Alolan forms of Kanto 'Mon will include...
Sparky, since he's already Psychic due to Ritchie being Destiny Entangled with Ash, and Alolan!Raichu are Electric/Psychic.
  • Jossed. Sparky was already a Raichu when Alola was introduced.

One of three members of Sinnoh's Creation Dragons were behind the Delta Meteorite business......
..As a test for Ash Ketchum.
  • Jossed. The instigator of the Delta Meteorite was a Deoxys that went to sleep 50,000 years ago and let his meteorite transport fly way off course.

Ash's Charizard is going to stay on the Battle Frontier team for a bit longer if he comes back for his battle with Noland's Articuno.
Because of Max's Charmander. He'll stay to both help train her, and to prove to Charla that, yes, he is dad material.
  • Semi-Jossed in regards to the battle against Articuno. He may show up later.
  • The flying lizard shows up at least twice over the course of the Frontier: on one visit, he mentored Max's Charmander, Corona; another time is as part of Ash's team for the Battle Pyramid, fighting a Regirock and a Heatran.

During the events of Arceus and the Jewel of Life, Ash and the gang will break time again.
With this Cosmic Retcon, Ash will have memories of traveling around Kalos with Serena, Clemont, Bonnie, and all the Pokemon they befriended. He will then have the ability to remind them, and will go to Kalos to stop Team Flare.
  • Hate to partially pre-Jossed this, but I don't see how a time break back then would change when Cyrus's Victory happens.

If Paul's memories are to be restored...
...one or more of the following will happen: 1. Ash will punch him in the face in order to restore his memories. 2. As stated above, it will turn out Paul was helping Gary at Spear Pillar. 3. Paul will join Ash for his travels in Sinnoh.
  • Jossed for all of the above. Ash met Paul in Chapter 238 and no punching or joining occurred.

Paul won't get his memory restored.
He and Ash aren't exactly the closest of friends, after all.
  • While that may be true, Paul may have to be in on what Ash is up to considering that he was the previous owner of Ash's Infernape.
  • Sort of confirmed. Paul is remindable, but refuses Ash's offer to be reminded.

N and Iris will meet in Unova, before Ash ever gets there.
Both are unknowingly making extreme divergences from the original timeline as a result of Ash's meddling. Iris has already left Opelucid Academy, with Fraxure to boot, while N is experiencing extreme doubts about Team Plasma and Ghetsis' plans on the night before their first attempt at raising Reshiram. Something will happen that causes them to meet up, maybe even becoming friends.

After the events of Jewel of Life, the Thunder Creature of Michina (Pikachu) will be declared a legendary Pokémon
While in the past, Pikachu will do some impressive stuff, such as tanking all the thunder attacks meant for Arceus or successfully use electricity against ground types or something. As such, the people of Michina, or maybe even Arceus himself, will assume that said maiju, the Thunder Creature of Michina, is a legendary. That or the fact that he's a Pikachu will get forgotten over the years, and historians assume he's Raikou or something.

Z-moves will border on or be a Dangerous Forbidden Technique, at least for the already powerful Ash and co.
Blast Burn-based Inferno Overdrive used by Charizard will be spoken of only in the theoretical sense, until they inevitably have to use it and it blows up a mountain or something.
  • Or maybe Chariffic Valley's Blast Burn and Pikachu's Volt Crash are in a way Z-Moves themselves which DON'T use a Z-Crystal.

We will meet Squirtle from Unova and Kalos...
...who will be obsessed with emulating Western cartoons such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtwigs and Miraculous: Tales of Ledyba and Chacripan Noir respectively.

Nando will be one of the rivals to get Reminded.
In Sinnoh, Nando made a fair number of appearances, and he is a rival to both Ash and Dawn so he may have enough of a connection to them to be restored.

Serena will make an in-person appearance at some point in Sinnoh.
She'll be visiting Dawn. This will likely take place during some major event. My guess would be either a movie(although Dawn might not let her come visit when the events of a movie are approaching) or she'll show up to cheer her friend on at the Sinnoh Grand Festival.

Things will go massively off the rails early on in Sinnoh.
That's why Saphroneth is going ahead and giving Dawn all her Pokemon now.

Ash will get his Gible early in Sinnoh.
Celebi will drop him off like how she did with Corphish.

Wartortle is a secret Steven Universe Otaku.
  • She uses Shaping Your Attacks to make water constructs, including wings, like Lapis does, and she's the only member of the Squirtle line so far that we don't know the obsession of.
    • In the Kanto Grand Festival, she gives an "I am Wartortle" line, and controls an entire battlefield worth of water, with the gang in the audience noting the impressiveness of the hydrokinesis.
    • Given that she's shown having an obsession with musicals and referred to musical number such as "Be a Mon" and "Under the Sea", her obsession might revolve around Disney instead.

At some point Brock will get a Mimikyu.
Because it's another deception-based Pokemon. He might even get it after a brief mix-up with Pikachu, much to Ash and Pikachu's consternations.

When Ash fights Tobias again...
He will have one legendary from all the regions except one (including his Darkrai and Latios), and Ash will be not only be utterly unimpressed, as mentioned in an above WMG, he will curbstomp half of them with his Muk.

There will be a Deoxys-Red and a Deoxys-Yellow.
So far we have Deoxys-Green and Deoxys-Purple from LaRousse, Deoxys-Blue from the Delta Episode meteorite, and Deoxys-Orange from the meteorite in Kanto that Max befriended. That's two-thirds of the rainbow. Deoxys-Red and Deoxys-Yellow will complete the set.

Cyrus also has his memories from the previous timeline
That's why he's been so hard to track down, he knows every trick they used against him last time, and because they started looking for him years earlier this time, he's probably realized that someone else has their memories too.
  • Ash and co's world-famous exploits this time around probably clued him in as well.

Remember the Deoxys Max accidentally caught?
The Deoxys will most likely play a large role in the chapters for Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea (aka the one where the Phantom Pirates pop up to try and steal Manaphy, only to get stomped by Ash and co.)
  • Jossed - As of writing this (7/27/2017), the "Temple of the Sea" chapters have gone up with nary a mention of Max's latest Legendary.

How easy it is for Ash to remind someone he knows is based upon their proximity to the point of time collapse.
(Warning: Unmarked spoilers below for ease of reading.)

Gary and Zoey were both at Spear Pillar trying to stop Cyrus, resulting in neither turning up in Ash's Aura Sight as remindable. However, Gary was easily reminded whilst Zoey's memories couldn't be given back without the aid of the Lake Trio. The automatic assumption to explain this is that Gary is one of Ash's closest friends, whilst Zoey. though still a friend, isn't as close, making reminding Gary an easier feat.

However, I posit an alternative explanation. Both Gary and Zoey didn't turn up in Aura Sight because they were at Spear Pillar, where time and space started to collapse, but Zoey's memories didn't come as easily because she was closer to the epicenter than Gary was. Think about it this way: Zoey was trying to free one of the Lake Trio from their confines, meaning she was right next to one of those being forced to bring Cyrus' plan to fruition, meaning it would be highly likely that she'd be extremely close to the center of things (possibly even mere meters away). Meanwhile, we haven't been told where Gary was, beyond 'he was there and trying to stop Cyrus from ruining everything', so he could easily have been further away, possibly dealing with one of Cyrus' lackeys, explaining why he was easier to remind.

To this end, at some point in the fic's future, we'll encounter a returning character who can't be reminded at first, even the Lake Trio being unable to help. Only after Ash meditates repeatedly for a long time (as in, many chapters or more) can he acquire and restore their memories, after which we learn that the reason siad memories were so hard to come by was because they were literally at the middle of it all, standing right on top of the epicenter, directly facing Cyrus.

Either that, or they won't be remindable at all, and updated recounts from Gary and Zoey will imply the above to be the reason why.

When Ash meets with Zekrom...
... Zekrom will teach Pikachu Bolt Strike. We saw earlier on in the fic that he is able to execute that move, so I assume that Zekrom will recognize their efforts and reward Pikachu.