WMG: Ashes of the Past

When Ash gets back to Unova again...
He just might run into N and win him over without having to go through the whole plot of Black and White
  • I hate to do a pre-Jossing for you but this fanfiction is based on the anime: Team Plasma hasn't shown up yet in the series.
  • The pre-Jossing has been rendered invalid. N is set to appear.

During the Orange Island business and after picking up Snorlax.....
...Ash flies back to Imite House and help Duplica with her Ditto, forgetting all about thanks to Mewtwo business.
  • Jossed for now, but it's still early yet.
  • Jessie, James and Meowth solved the issue without Ash's involvement.

The GS Ball will open.....
...by Ash's aura and it will contained a Celebi. Being part-psychic type, Celebi knows about the time line restoring and the upcoming stable time loop with Prof. Oak's past self, Iron Mask, and itself.
  • See above Jossing.

The Johto arc will have a sequence breaking
The break is Ash heading to Cainwood Island to battle Chuck and get the medicine for the Sparkle before dealing with Olivine City. He arrives to see the reason why Janina decided to put wax on her Onix — a sickness brought on by a water Pokémon attack.

In Hoenn, he helps Birch with a problem in his lab.
The problem is an annoyed female Kirlia. Kirlia is the same Ralts that was befriended by Max, May's little brother, and became his starting Pokémon before the first timeline ended. Soon after, solving this problem, he restores May and her Torchic's memories. Torchic tells May and Ash that he also learned Blast Burn. Max gets Kirlia back when his memories are restored.
  • The only problem with this is that it's a kirlia. Ralts was still a Ralts at this time. Although, if Ash restores it's memory it might turn into a kirlia.

In Sinnoh, Ash quickly restores two people memories....
...Those are Dawn and Paul. Turns out Paul was at the same location as Gary trying to help Gray out against Cryus.

Other rival memories stored.....
  • Hoenn
    • Drew
  • Sinnoh
    • Zoey
  • Unova
    • N

One of the Sinnoh's sequence-breaking is.....
After the Wallace Cup business, Ash and Dawn will head to Princess Saliva to pick up Dawn's Togekiss. Though they still have to please Saliva by having Saliva switch places with Dawn but afterwords, Togekiss memories are stored.

In Sinnoh, the Lake Guardians........
....keep an eye on the gang.

During the Dawn's first battle in second Pokémon contest with Kennedy....
....Dawn's Piplup accidently evolves into Prinplup. In Ash's dream after it, Cresselia appears and says that Ash's power can't bring future items back in time. Next meeting with Kenny, Ash restores his memories.

In the Hoenn's Ever Grande Conference...
Team Rocket gives Ash following version motto:
  • Jessie: Prepare for trouble from the skies!
  • James: From beyond the stars, a rough surprise!
  • Jessie: A group of brains as old as Arecus...
  • James: ...sent here to fulfill our destiny!
  • Meowth: Plus, there's me!
  • Jessie: To announce the goodness of fighting
  • James: To send our winnings to the stars
  • Jessie: Jessie!
  • James: And James!
  • Meowth: And Meowth are the names!
  • Jessie: Anywhere there's peace in the universe...
  • James: ...Team Rocket...
  • Meowth: ...Will be there...
  • All: To make everything rough!
  • Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

Before Hoenn's Ever Grande Conference....
..Ash decides to bring all of his Pokémon to use against them.

After defeating Paul in the Lily of Valley Confence in Sinnoh, and learning that he will be up against Tobias.....
... Ash uses his own Legendary Pokémon against Tobias's Legendary Pokémon.

When Ash gives Ambipom her memories back....
...she asks where Dawn is. Ash explains that the time line has changed and promises to trade with Dawn as soon as Dawn catches Buizel.
  • This is WMG. Yours is something that WILL happen. Next please...

Before leaving for Hoenn, Ash, Brock and Misty spend some time....
...Getting the Pewter City and Celeruan City Gyms in order that makes the PIA agent cry in joy. B

Before leaving for Sinnoh, he asks who is Pokémon Inspection Agency Sinnoh's agent..
.....It's the Hearthome Gym Leader, Fantina, — given reason why Fantina is gone a lot — beside looking for a new style — she's also secretly checking the Sinnoh's gyms.

On arrival to Petalburg City's Gym.....
....Max meets up with Ash but it's more of a worship as Ash won the Sliver Conference, and runs off to get his dad. Since he brought three Pokémon, Ash gets a change to fight and get his Balance Badge ahead of time.

During his battle with Whitney in Johto...
Riolu evolves into Lucario and knocks out Whitney's Miltank. This makes Miltank eject sour cream on everyone. It takes some time for Ash to calm down Whitney's Miltank. In thanks, one of the youngest Milktank is given to Ash by Whitney.
  • Jossed. Riolu evolved into Lucario during Power of One.
    • Double Jossed. Whitney has been beaten, and Lucario didn't take part.

When Cacnea memories returns......
...James asks why he is always hugging him. Cacnea tells James that he makes a great pin cushion. Everyone present "laughs".
  • Jossed by Victreebell, he's just very attractive to Grass types.
  • Not yet, Cacnea COULD have a different personality from Victreebell,

Durning the Johto arc, events will turn Team Rocket in a Five-Bad Band

May and Dawn's Pokedexes will become Porygons as well
  • Agreed there.
    • Alternatively, Dawn's Pokedex will go straight to Porygon-Z
    • So May's will go straight to 2? Also, would any of the Dexes really WANT to use the Dubious Disc?
    • Both May and Max already have Pokedexes which will become Porygons.

Serena will appear earlier than in canon
The new X and Y character's anime counterpart has a past with Ash, so later on when the anime reveals the exacts the author will include her at some point as part of the Fairy Retcon (Possibly during Johto as a way to include story arcs in place of the infamous filler of death)
  • I hate to a Half-Jossing, but I think durning the Johto time period Serena is not old enough to have Pokemon, but she can do a female Max like Bonnie is doing in anime version of XY.
    • To be fair, she might not be 10, she might be older. Ash was technically 15 in this story, as oppose to the 10 he somehow still is in regular canon, so unless Serena is revealed in flashbacks to be 3 or something...after all the Unova and Kalos protagonists seem older than the previous game players and he's used a fair share of game canon as necessary.
    • Serena is around the same age as Ash, or is at the very youngest just shy of 10. Even if his age is once again vague, both he and Serena were about seven or eight during Prof. Oak's Camp.
    • I'm pretty sure Serena is supposed to be ambiguously ten, the same age as Ash.

Orre and Shadow Pokemon will make an appearance
And it will be connected to the Masked Maruader and Pokémon 4Ever.
  • Somewhat confirmed - Ash does reference Shadow Pokémon when working on Aura Purge. But if the Silver incident takes place before XD, I've a feeling XD 001 might actually be his other parent which Ash hasn't 'caught' yet.

If Team Ketchum meets up with ancient Ninetails who dead master looks like Brock
..It and Brock's Ninetails are going to put a fight right out of a ninja movie.

May gets nervous when asked by her family to see her first Pokemon unaware that Ash had accidently evolved May's Torchic into Blazkien.
...But the problem is solved when Ash restore May's families' memories.
  • Kinda Jossed: Norman knows about Blazkien from the old timeline, plus May and Max also have a Porygon-Dex already.
    • Not exactly unaware then, are they?

When Brock comes back from the Orange Islands....
...Ash will enter his mind and find out what Prof. Ivy and Brock so it won't cause problems.
  • But fails because it's just too ridiculous and continues passing out from too much laughter.
    • Jossed - but we do know what caused Brock to leave anyway.

When Team Rocket bump into the female hag of a Rocket Scout in Johto again.
..She gets shock when she checks, but gives them an jeep and a stolen and hacked Pokédex.

This time after defeating Whitney, Ash arrives at Mary's radio station— revealing that tapes were damage again.
...Team Rocket helps out not only by helping acting as the normal scripted villains in the radio play but also reveal that Paul, Ash's future Sinnoh rival, did the damage this time around while trying to capture a Pokemon.

Duplica turns out another one of Ash's Destiny Entanglements...
..This time around Duplica on Ditto's command — sallow Ditto whole — Ditto got though all right but now Duplica has the ability to morph like a Ditto and Ditto can talk like a human. They appear in what to the gang think is an empty Pokemon Center, Ash recalls his run in with Duplica in Johto, and the Nurse Joy becomes a Ditto and the Chansey becomes Duplica. Duplica's power may solve an issue in Kalos.

In the Whirl Islands, before the whole mess with baby Lugia know as Silver goes down...
..Ash restores Richie's memory.

Sometime after the whole mess with Silver is over...
..Jessie and James bring up the boss's Quick Evolution Plan is still going on and tell Team Ketchum that if they get a e-mail with six words related to water Pokemon attacks — hit the Lake of Rage as soon as possible.

To get rid of Harvey out of Problemville for her....
..May tries to act like Harvey's cookies are the best thing since slice bread. Harvey is stunned and stamps a happy face on May's picture and exits the contest.

After defeating their eight Gym in Johto, Team Rocket decides on plotting out how to deal with the contests and Gym Leaders of Heonn and Sinnoh.
...They come up with idea of making sure to stay far away from Twerps expect for the Hearthome Collection. This time — following James advice, Jessie knocks out Cooca.

...The timeline ended....
..Some where between Ash's Skyla battle and his battle with Roxie.
  • So, no Krookidle, just Korokorok? Pity, the guy was one of the most badass Pokemon Ash has ever had.
  • Except that doesn't make sense. Ash knows about Genesect in the story, but he had no idea what it was until he met it in the Genesect Movie. So it would have to be after that.

Or the timeline ended.....
..sometime between Roxie's battle with Ash and the starting of the Unova League.

During the battle during the second movie retell, Ash will obtain a Mega Ring from Lawrence's treasure trove
Along with several Mega Stones and will gain Mega Charizard during the conflict.
  • May be Jossed by Wordof God, as Saphroneth as other plans for Mega-Evolutions.
    • Completely Jossed, as no Mega Stones appear during the Power of One arc.
    • Ash's/Sir Aaron's Staff, along with Feathers from Ho-oh and Lugia, take the place of Ash's Keystone.

Bugsy will mention Surskit and we will see how Misty reacts
  • Except Misty is over her Bug-type phobia now thanks to Ash.

Misty will catch a Wingull
"Who needs a fire type now?" she will say
  • ...Are you sure you didn't mean Wooper?

Ash's Torkoal will be a Might Guy Expy/Acolyte
Think about it: Torkoal is an overly emotional fire-type tortoise, how could he not be?
  • Similarly, Ash's Sceptile will take inspiration from Kakashi (cool-headed, lazy, badass ninja), leading to rivalry between the two.
    • Bonus points if Sceptile has never even heard of Naruto before and has no idea what Torkoal is banging on about.

The Plot will be derailed once the Gang reach Alamos Town.
... If not before, when Ash restores Dialga and Palkia's memories. Giratina too perhaps.

When Ash encounters Infernape again as a Chimchar...
...He'll immediately touch him and restore his memories. However, Infernape will still belong to Paul and will be forced to stay with him until he can figure out a way to make Paul abandon him again, something that will be much harder since Paul won't be as willing to abandon a fully evolved Pokémon. Bonus if it eventually results in Charizard and Infernape talking about their awful former trainers and how they've effected them.

Moltres will let James catch her.
... It'd be pretty funny, and she did show interest in that man in the Moltres costume...

When fighting Tobias.
... Ash will use Muk, who curbstomps half his team.
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