Awesome: Ashes of the Past

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  • Who are we kidding; the whole premise is one!
  • Ash's Squirtle is a walking, talking, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann reference. Worse? He's memetic. Gary is initially angry that Ash's Squirtle turned his Squirtle into post-time-skip Simon (not literally).
  • Just seeing Ash going mano-a-mano against Pokemon on his own is one.
  • A slight one for the author by managing to get a pretty accurate guess on how Keldeo would be depicted well before his featured movie was released.
  • Qualifying as Gym Leader or for the Elite 4. To be a gym leader, you must take your own team and/or rent-a-Pokémon and give a good showing against a member of the Elite 4. To get in the Elite 4, you must prove you can fight Legendaries evenly when at a disadvantage when it comes to type. Now you understand why a Gym Leader is so respected, and him going all-out is something everyone fears... Or how the youngest member of the Elite 4 in centuries, AKA Misty, can casually send three opponents twinkling in the sky.
  • Whenever a main character Mega Evolves a Pokémon. Saphroneth always seems to capture what the Pokémon and Trainer mean to each other perfectly.

     Kanto's Gym Challenge (Chapters 1-24) 

  • Chapter 2:
    • This line. Not the line itself, actually, but who says it.
    Pikachu: "Ash, you did remember to clean its cache once in a while, right?"
  • Chapter 3:
    • Butterfree and Pidgeot show off their BW levels.
  • Chapter 4:
    • The Gym Battle against Brock. Really shows how much Ash and Pikachu changed since then...
    • On the road to Cameran, Ash is attacked by a Lucario. And perfectly holds his own! Sure, he gets a broken arm, but she gets a broken rib!
      • Turns out it was a test to see if he was worthy of receiving a Riolu egg. For what come after, see CMOH.
  • Chapter 5:
    • Ash finds Sir Aaron's outfit, and it does tons of cool stuff!
    • Ash accidentally awakens Aaron's Lucario. The latter, mistaking Ash for Aaron, goes in psychotic Roaring Rampage of Revenge mode. Ash is clearly outmatched, but manages to resist long enough for The Cavalry (Pikachu, Pidgeot, Riolu) to come.
      • Lucario accidentally presses Pidgeot's Berserk Button. She replies with an overpowered Sky Attack. How overpowered? She leaves a huge crater lined with molten glass!
  • Chapter 6:
    • The team fights the Team Rocket. And it's damn obvious that they're their competent BW selves!
      • A highlight is Ash fighting directly Growlie, now an Arcanine!
    • Giovanni demands that James abandons Growlie to him. James, though clearly scared, refuses.
      James: "With all due respect, Boss, you'll never get Growlie."
  • Chapter 7:
    • It's revealed that to become Gym Leader, you must fight the Elite 4!
      Brock: "You should see the qualifications for joining the Elite 4. They involve Legendaries..."
      • This line is also a nice case of Foreshadowing.
    • Two words, that are always synonymous of CMOA in this fic, are pronounced here for the first time.
    Pikachu: "Volt Crash!!"
  • Chapter 8:
    • Charizard is back!
  • Chapter 9:
    Ash: "Are you Damian?"
    Damian: "That’s me, why? Want a battle?"
    Ash: "Not me, no. I thought I’d make you aware of a few of the laws here in Kanto, that’s all."
    Damian: "What do you mean?"
    Ash: "First up, an old law from well before the invention in Johto of the Poké ball. One that references the position of Pokémon that willingly follow a trainer, as – in fact – in a similar position as household members of a feudal lord, the initial intention being a comparison with hunting dogs and such but for more than just Houndour and Growlithe."
    Damian: "So?"
    Ash: "I’m getting to that. Second is a UN resolution from the fifties, defining the legal status of a Pokémon as being dependant on the tested intelligence of that Pokémon. Since the intelligence of Pokémon varies wildly within a species, ahem, ‘In cases where the tested IQ and reasoning capacity of a Pokémon falls within the bounds of one standard deviation below the human average or higher, that Pokémon will be considered to be in an equal legal status as a human for all intents and purposes."
    Damian: "Still not seeing the point."
    Ash: "We’ll get there. But in the meantime… I heard from someone that you had a Charmander. Where is it?"
    Damian: "That weakling? I told him to wait for me on a rock out of town, a few days ago. He’s probably still waiting, heh. Fool, I’m not coming back for him."
    Ash (To Brock and Misty): "You two?"
    Brock and Misty: "Heard and witnessed."
    Damian: "What was that about?"
    Ash: "Finally, a law from the Tokowuga shogunate that states: In case of a loyal retainer being betrayed unto death by a lord through no fault of his own, and he survive, he may make one return strike if the plot is proven."
    Damian: "And the point of all that is?"
    Brock: "Gym leader of Pewter, fully accredited by the Kanto League."
    Misty: "Gym leader of Cerulean, same."
    Ash: "Gym Leaders used to be the courts in their areas of jurisdiction; their testimony still holds up legally thanks to the rigorous character tests involved in assuming the position. Your abandoned Charmander is intelligent enough to count as human, and hence a retainer; you left him to die in the rain with malice intent; he gets a return strike; he’s behind you."
    (Damian turns around, expecting to face Charmander... and faces Charizard. Charizard seems to prepare a lethal Flamethrower... but just blows strong enough to knock Damian on the ground, who loses "control".)
    Ash: "He’s a better person than you. How does that make you feel, that – if he hadn’t been willing to forgive you abandoning him to die – you’d be a smear of soot?"
    Damian: (Whimpers)
    Ash: "Come on, guys, let’s head over to route 9. I think that’s where we have to go next."
    Narration: And they left him in the dirt, not bothering to spare him even a backward glance.
    • The first demonstration of Blast Burn
    • The Rocket Trio decides to try their luck at the Gym Challenge, and start with Koga's. Allowing the new recruits to show off:
      • Abra bypasses the pre-fight challenge with Teleport.
      • Cubone reveals her Reality Marble and curb-stomps Koga's entire team.
    • Meanwhile, Meowth, thanks to the Gym's Meowth (who is actually Meowzie!) finally learns Pay Day, taking his first step on the road to badassitude.
  • Chapter 17:
    • The confrontation with Hunter J.
      • Pikachu pops the stasis cages with the power that Zekrom left imprinted in his soul, undoing a year of J's efforts. Riolu then prevents J and her crew from recapturing them with help from Maurice's Altaria.
      • Pidgeot takes full advantage of her speed to set up an enormous tornado with some Razor Wind in a drill configuration to pierce the ship's armor, then slams into J's Salamence with a Brave Bird attack, blindsiding him and allowing Charizard to press the advantage and melt a hole through the damaged armor.
      • Ash fights J, and she retreats once she notices he's an Aura Adept (and he cracks one of her ribs).
      • The Shaymin Ash befriended in the previous chapter shows up to help.

     Mewtwo versus Mew (Chapters 25-26) 

  • Ash giving Mewtwo a run for his money in one-on-one combat.
    • The way he does it is awesome too. Ash needs to use Ghost type moves to do any damage to Mewtwo, a Psychic type, and he figures out how to do that. How? His own blood. And by the end, he was almost out of it, and nearly died from blood loss. Ash was fully prepared to put his life on the damn line and possibly die to knock some sense into Mewtwo.
      • He actually did die, but the Sacred Ash brought him back. Doesn't diminish the awesome, though.
    • On that note, Team Rocket's Big Damn Heroes moment to save their lives.
  • Pikachu boasted that if Ash died he'd break him out of the afterlife. But that's not the awesome part, the awesome part is that he had a viable plan.
    • And Riolu and Meowth agreed to go with!

     The Indigo League (Chapters 27-36) 

     The Orange Islands part 1 (Chapters 37-38) 

     The Power of One (Chapters 39-42) 

     The Orange Islands part 2 (Chapters 43-46) 

  • The fight between Ash and Drake. Because that Dragonite was hellishly strong.

     Johto's Gym Challenge part 1 (Chapters 47-54) 

     Spell of the Unown (Chapters 55-58) 

  • From the "Spell of the Unown" chapters:
    • Misty's Seadra evolving into Kingdra out of nowhere. In the words of the author, "Turns out a gigantic string of Dragon Dance and a load of Unown bending reality can substitute for a Dragon Scale";
    • Squirtle versus Molly Hale's imaginary Vaporeon. Too awesome for words;
    • Ash, Charizard, Pikachu and Lucario fighting against illusionary Raikou, Suicune and Entei. And when it looks like the illusionary Beasts have won, Pidgeot comes to the rescue. But that's not enough, so what happens next? Charizard starts spontaneously Mega-Evolving. Both types, and without stones.. At which point he starts beating up the three illusionary Legendaries at the same time.
    • And how do you top the above? When Charizard gets too tired to continue fighting, the real Legendary Beasts show up. And, being used to work like a group, start dishing an even worse beating on their opponents.
    • When the Unown are close to go critical like in the movie, Brock stops it with a swing of his crowbar.
    • Still, there are a lot of pissed-off Unown to fight. Enters Mewtwo, who defeats them unbelievably fast.
      Ash: "What? That took ten seconds!"
      • And, Mewtwo being Mewtwo, he also recovered Molly's parents and took the chance to make the illusionary Beasts and the illusionary Eevee real. And (accidentally) Shiny. Oh, and the Eevee can evolve and de-evolve at will.

     Johto's Gym Challenge part 2 (Chapters 59-62) 

  • The battle with Whitney. Who confirms herself as That One Boss with: a Clefairy that nearly defeated Totodile before two unlucky Metronomes cured the Water-type and self-destructed the Normal-type; an idiotic Bidoof that proves himself much stronger than he's intelligent; and the goddamn' Miltank from hell. Then Muk shows up and overpowers Miltank, and by overpowers we mean unleashes no less than 20 different attacks all at once.
    • Here is the list: Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Shadow Ball, Rock Tomb, Shock Wave, Fire Blast, Focus Blast, Secret Power, Dark Pulse, Sludge Bomb, Giga Drain, Hyper Beam, Ice Punch, Hidden Power, Double Team, Round, Payback, Rain Dance, Sunny Day and Toxic.

     Mewtwo Returns (Chapters 63-66) 

  • In chapter 64, Pidgeot too Mega-Evolves. Again, without stones.
  • Chapter 65 features Keldeo showing why he's one of the Swords of Justice.

     Johto's Gym Challenge part 3 (Chapters 67-71) 

  • In chapter 67, Misty receives a letter. It's a notice that she's being scouted as a possible member of the Elite 4.
  • Houndour first gym battle against Morty's Gengar. He wins. Especially notable the Beat-Up attack (a move in which doubles of all of Ash's Pokemon on hand appear and beat up the opponent. The group now includes Keldeo).
  • Volt Crash, Ash and Pikacu's self made electric Hyper-Beam variant impresses Raikou enough that when he fights Ash he plans to throw the match just to learn how to do it.
  • Misty challenging Raikou as part of becoming qualified to join the Elite 4. Raikou won, but Misty gave him a desperate run for his money. To a Legendary Pokemon, and one with a type advantage on her Pokemon to boot.

     Voice of the Forest (Chapters 72-75) 

  • The fourth movie, Celebi, Voice of the Forest, starts with Ash, after a long race and a six-on-one Pokémon battle, finally succeeding in capturing Suicune.
    • Team Rocket's attack on Vicious, the Iron-Masked Marauder. Vicious is more formidable than in the original timeline, thanks to a failed attempt at stopping him executed by some Team Rocket Grunts ending up giving him more Pokemon... So Jessie, James and Meowth showed up with all their considerable firepower and the Pokemon world equivalent of a V-22 Osprey, starting a truly formidable battle.
    • Muk vs Vicious' Weavile is described as "Muk opened his mouth, and then all Weavile knew was pain". And he saved it from Wobbufett's puns too.
    • Ash bringing Pikachu back to normal after he got transformed into a Shadow Pokemon, with a Cooldown Hug.
    • At the movie's climax, Ash not only engages Vicious with his bare hands, he does an Implacable Man-style Slow Walk towards him, smashing Dark Balls out of the air as he tries to capture his Pokémon again.
    • After everything is said and done, two Celebi appear and explain that all the trippy time nonsense that just happened was because the gang broke time. That's not an easy thing to do.
      • They also created the Fairy type.
    • Amongst the time displacements that occur when time breaks, there is a scene of someone performing a Heroic Sacrifice to save the floating town of Pacifidlog from a tidal wave. That someone is Ash's father, in an incident mentioned all the way back in Ash's first conversation with Ho-Oh.

     Johto's Gym Challenge part 4 (Chapters 76-99) 

  • The Gym battle at Cianwood City:
    "By the way, I think he's knocked out."
  • Gary's Blastoise Mega Evolving for a gym battle in Kalos. Bonus point for the Mega Stone being held into his Simon-style orange glasses.
  • The Pokémon Pinchers stepped on Team Rocket's turf by trying to capture the Moltres of Mount Ember. Giovanni sicked the Trio on them. The Pinchers failed to offer any meaningful resistance.
  • Perhaps not in the "Explosions and Battle" sense, but Todd recently got the latest issue of a Photography magazine... and thanks to his photographs of the mating dance of the Articuno, pretty much the whole issue is about him. Bit of heartwarming in there, but it's cool to see characters we love so much get the recognition they deserve for doing awesome stuff.
  • Chapter 81:
    • Misty vs. Entei. It started with Psyduck nullifying Entei's trump card (Sunny Day, that empowers Fire-type moves, weakens Water-type ones, and allows to fire Solar Beam without charging. Psyduck's ability is to prevent weather change), and it became only more awesome from that. In the end, Entei won... And was so tired he fell asleep immediately after finally defeating the newly-evolved Kabutops;
    • Ash vs. Raikou. Raikou was throwing the fight... And some of the things he did included shattering an Aura-made Bone Rush staff. Wonder what he would have done had he been fighting seriously...
  • Orville, the High Flying Pidgey, actually manages to fly higher up than Pidgeot. How high was he? Well, we don't find out, but Pidgeot was in the Stratosphere when she had to stop because her wings were icing up. And Pidgey just kept on going.
  • During the Whirl Cup, Misty manages to beat Ash. Who was using Suicune. Granted, he was only using Suicune and Misty had to use both Politoed and Kabutops, but it's still an impressive feat given that she lost to both of Suicune's brothers. Brock figures that this was because Misty knew exactly what Suicune was having trouble with beforehand from Ash's training, surprised Ash with Politoed's Water Absorb, and managed to use Ash's on-the-fly planning to her advantage by using Suicune's ice attacks to stymie her own agility.
    • The Elite Four were watching the match. Even them, the strongest trainers in Kanto and Johto found it awesome, to the point they had trouble commenting on it.
  • Pidgeot laying down the law to the three Legendary Birds as their temporary babysitter, while Lugia is traveling with Ash for a time.
    Right. None of you is in charge. I am. And that's for two reasons. First, Lugia specifically recruited me to keep you three in line. Secondly, and more importantly, I know Aeroblast and I have a sustained speed in level flight three times greater than what any of you can achieve. I can reach out and touch you from miles off, and you can't stop me. Any questions?
    • And using it on Zapdos when he does try.
  • In chapter 83, the gang and Ritchie have to deal with Cipher in addition to dr. Namba's group of Team Rocket. Cipher, of course, is using Shadow Pokemon, much stronger than normal Pokemon... And still gets trounced. In one case while having a Type advantage (a Shadow Tropius vs. Misty's Gyarados. One Ice Beam and Tropius was out). Then we have Lucario using the Hiryu Shotenha... And Ash punching out Nascour.
  • Chapter 84:
  • The gym battle against Jasmine in chapters 85 and 86:
  • In chapter 86, Mewtwo reveals he can talk with his psychic powers. Not telepathically, but by producing sound with psychic energy.
  • In chapter 87, Ash catches Entei. It was just as awesome as the previous battles... And, for the first time, Hounhour's Beat up was neutralized (everyone else got at the wrong end of a gang-up from multiple shadow clones).
  • Chapter 88
    • During the Pokemon Extreme race, Entei decides to race against Ash. Ash is being pulled by Donphan. Entei, to give himself an handicap, decides to pull a railway push cart with Suicune and Meganium on it... And still outruns Donphan (the only reason he doesn't win outright is that he had not registered). Oh, and he has started running late, so he had to catch up too...;
    • Casey takes part to the race with her Pidgeotto... And, thanks to her Pokemon evolving, it takes the photo finish to verify who won. She came up second, but had her Pidgeotto evolved one second earlier she would have won.
  • In chapter 89, Brock's Pokemon solving the situation when the ghostly Ninetales kidnapped Brock again.
  • Chapter 90 + 91 - Lake of Rage incident:
    • The first Mega vs. Mega fight in the whole story is Rocket Executive Tyson's Mega Tyranitar vs. Ash's Mega Heracross.
    • Also, during the last round of Misty vs. Red Gyarados, Lance shows up as in canon. But not to capture the Red Gyarados - he's here to test Misty's mettle by giving her a Keystone and telling her that there's Gyaradosite somewhere in the lake. Once Misty's own Gyarados does find it, this story gets a Shiny vs. Mega battle anime fans can only dream about.
    • And to cap it all off, once Misty does beat the Red Gyarados, Lance offers to let her keep the Keystone if she trades the Red Gyarados for it.
    • Not related to the Lake of Rage incident... But Rayquaza mentions that Arceus survived being hit by the dinosaur-killer meteorite.
  • Chapters 92 - 94: Mahogany Gym match vs. Pryce:
    • The day before the match, Ash finds out (but knows already) that Pryce's prickliness is due to his starter Piloswine leaving and not coming back when he was hurt. Ash tells the local Nurse Joy that he'll go find Piloswine... and does.
    Nurse Joy: "Did he-"
    Pryce: "Yes. He did."
    • Pryce's Glalie vs. Ash's Lucario should be a Curb-Stomp Battle in Lucario's favor, right? Well... That Glalie is a master at creating snow shields and keep the distance, and can create a dragon made of ice and make it fight. Took Lucario the friggin' Hiryu Shotenha to finally close range and punch the ice ball out...
    • Pryce's spell-casting Jynx vs. Mega Heracross, now equipped with machine-gun arms.
    • Ash's Poké-evolution aura comes back to bite him again, when Pryce's Piloswine evolves and takes out Snorlax.
    • Aurorus showing Entei exactly how you overpower Kyurem's Ice-type attacks (not that it helps her win in the end). Oh, and that's not even the worst a Pokemon with Refrigerate can do...
    • Quilava vs. Mamoswine. All of it.
  • Todd gets another Legendary Bird photo op - with Team Rocket's newly acquired Moltres.
  • In chapter 92, Raikou challenges Chuck in a gym match... And his Chesnaught No Sells his Electroball before hurting him by blocking. Granted, she has the Ability Bulletproof (that makes her immune to ball and bomb moves), and the move Spiky Shield has that interesting effect, but still...
    • Also for Chuck for preparing that Chesnaught specifically for Raikou.
  • Chapter 96:
    • Pryce holding his own when Raikou comes to challenge him.
    • Norman decides to test May and Blaziken. She earns a Balance Badge while proving her Contest skills.
  • Chapter 97 - 98: Blackthorn Gym match vs. Clair
    • Donphan has to contend with a floating, energy-throwing, long-haired Mega Ampharos, whose fighting style is based off of another floating, energy-throwing, long-haired franchise.
    • Suicune vs. Mega Sceptile. Who uses her red-tipped, missile-launching tail like living artillery.
    • How does Lapras deal with Clair's Flygon? After an anti-air-esque battle, he freezes the entire lake with Sheer Cold, then makes it explode.
    • Charizard vs. Noivern, and her signature Boomblast attack, which actually manages to neutralize his Blast Burn.
    • During his battle with Clair's Dragonair/Dragonite, Squirtle manages to Mega Evolve. As a Squirtle, not a Blastoise. Everyone around lampshades that it shouldn't be possible. After that, he defeats the Dragonite in a dogfight.
    • And as a finale, Keldeo vs. Mega Altaria. Pixilate supercharges almost all of Altaria's attacks, but Keldeo manages to win with the debut of Ice Blade, which Ash invented mid-battle.
  • Chapter 99:

     Heroes (Chapter 100) 

     The Silver Conference (Chapters 101-116) 

  • Chapter 104: Misty is now a member of the Elite Four.
  • Chapter 105: It's one thing for Ash to have dedicated training plans for the Legendary Beasts and Keldeo, but you can really see his high-level planning and skill as a trainer when you see that he's given serious thought into training such powerhouses as his Legendary Big Three.
    • Remember Moltres at the Indigo League? Ho-Oh shows up at the Conference in a similar manner.
    • Once again Mawile one-shots an opponent, a Jumpluff who had defeated Ivysaur. Admittedly she used a double super-effective Ice-type move and he had already been poisoned. Still impressive.
  • Chapter 107:
    • Ash and Wes have a full set of Legendary Beasts each. They fight with them.
    • In the meantime, the Legendary Birds of the Orange Islands are using their Lugia's absence to cause a mess. How does the Lugia from the Sevii Islands calm them down? With Shadow Blast. That she shouldn't have available anymore.
  • Chapter 108:
    • Ash faces Jon Dickson. The one who won the tournament in the anime. And he proves it. Highlights of the match include:
      • His Vaporeon being extremely good at becoming intangible, giving an hard time to Meganium;
      • Seeing through Noctowl's illusions, allowing his Rapidash to give him a Burn and force his retreat;
      • Getting his Rapidash to give Lapras a hard time;
      • Taking down Lapras with a Rhyhorn;
      • His Jolteon makes short work of Meganium, and gives Quilava a good high speed battle;
      • When Pikachu proves his ability to electrocute Ground-types, he quickly figures how to fight effectively (helped by a mid-combat evolution). His now Rhydon still loses, but against that Pikachu...
      • Giving a good battle to Keldeo with an Exeggcute. The fact Exeggcute is actually six small Pokemon with a hive mind and the ability to regenerate damage helped.
  • Chapter 109:
    • Remember that Samurai Bug trainer that Ash flattened all the way back in Viridian Forest? Well he's back, and his Bug team, which now includes Vespiquen, Armaldo, Volcarona and Vibrava->Flygon, has taken multiple levels in badass.
  • Chapter 110:
    • Casey earns one just by being Ash's opponent in the quarter-finals at her first tournament.
    • Casey's Beedrill taking down a weakened Butterfree with one shot.
    • Casey's Riolu scoring a Double KO against Primeape.
    • Charizard fighting Casey's Pidgeot, Meganium and Raticate-that is, the very Pokemon he faced (and lost against) when Ash first fought Casey in this timeline, now fully evolved and trained to take him on: Pidgeot gives Charizard a good workout before the fire Pokemon starts using an incomplete Blast Burn as a proximity weapon; Meganium manages to give Charizard a thrashing, thanks to a quick Constrict blocking his ability to move or spit fire, a constant barrage of Ancientpower and a Frenzy Plant, before Charizard manages to score with a Fire Blast; and Raticate, formerly the FEAR Rattata, wins again.
    • Raticate fights Squirtle... and breaks his glasses.
  • Chapter 111 - 112: Ash's team is up against Steve, with a Pokémon team comprised of Expies of the Oogakari. Yes. Those Oogakari. Can this be anything less than Crazy Awesome?
  • Chapter 113 - Finals
  • Chapter 114 - 115: Elite Four vs. Ash's Legendaries. Yeah.
  • Chapter 116
    • After the Silver Conference ends and she is officially inaugurated, Misty returns to the Cerulean Gym to find the Invincible Pokémon Brothers trying to horn in on her family's turf. So, she challenges them to a battle where the winner gets the Gym. Right before the public battle, she corrects the brothers that in order to become Gym Leaders, they have to battle and impress a member of the Elite Four... and fortunately, she's qualified.
      • Then, when the brothers decide to be poor sports and gang up on her with three Tentacruels and three Hitmon evolutions, Misty sends out Gyarados - sorry, Mega Gyarados.
        One of the brothers: ...oh, hell...
      • Made doubly impressive by the fact that not only did Misty tell Mega Gyarados to go easy on them even though he was outnumbered, his Mega Evolution changed his typing from Water/Flying to Water/Dark, which actually gave the Fighting-type Hitmons a type advantage. And he still sent them all flying.

    Hoenn's Gym Challenge part 1 (Chapters 117-126) 

     Wish Maker (Chapters 127-130) 

  • Entei managing to convince Butler of the folly of his Groudon-revival plan (using Aura Speak, no less!), after his sister failed to.
  • After the reaction from the last Absol that Ash met, seeing the movie Absol managing to keep her head around said trainer is a small one.
  • Houndoom, Cinder, Absol and Butler's Mightyena managing to hold off the entirety of the Aqua strike team after Jirachi's mass Teleport fails to teleport them.
    • Ash's supersonic Big Damn Heroes entrance to rescue them on Mega Latios also counts.
  • The pseudo-Groudon has a lot more to contend with this time: Keldeo, the Legendary Beast Trio, Latios, Salamence and Swellow!
  • Flygon's mid-air rescue of Brock after he was blown off a cliff.
  • Raikou's reaction to getting swallowed by the newly-formed pseudo-Kyogre is essentially "No way I can miss now!"
  • Team Rocket's Gunship Rescue of Ash and Co. from Team Magma.
    • Arbok and Seviper teaming up to take out Blaise's illusion-producing Slugma behind his back.
  • Team Magma's jammer has prevented Ash and Dexter from calling in any of Ash's Pokémon. But there's one way of communication that it can't stop: the Latis' Sight Sharing. This is what alerts Latias and Bianca to the situation, and soon, the supersonic Mega Latias is on site.
  • The entirety of The Plan to stop the rampaging Earth and Sea Kaiju: Use Pikachu's Volt Crash and Mega Latios's Luster Purge to stun both of them, use Dexter, Ethan and Kris's Reflect screens to open up a water tunnel in the flooded battlefield, use Flygon to fly Jirachi under Kyogre, blast it into the sky with Doom Desire, and while Groudon is still stunned, use Mega Latias's Healing Wish to instantly recharge Jirachi and blast it into the sky too.
  • Mewtwo's movie accomplishment: Finding a way for Jirachi to stick around after Max wished for it. How? Learn enough orbital mechanics in the space of two days to put a chunk of the Millennium Comet into a closer orbit, enough that its energy can keep Jirachi awake and on earth!

    Hoenn's Gym Challenge part 2 (Chapters 131-???) 
  • Wattson gets one in his challenge with Ash, using a combination of Plusle, Minun and Dedenne, the Plus and Minus abilities, and the move Helping Hand to recreate Pikachu's Volt Crash.
  • Max's own Gym Battle, where Arc, Guy and Kris work together to take out one of Wattson's high-tier Eelektross.
    • And Guy both exhibiting Poison Heal and evolving to boot!
  • Chapter 134 - 135: Mirage Kingdom
    • Both Team Rocket and Ash and Co. (plus Misty) get into the attempted coup by Colonel Hansen on two separate ends. While Ash and Co. take on the Colonel and his henchmen directly, Team Rocket take on his new partner and a whole contingent of military force: Jessebelle.
    • Ash and Co. vs. Colonel Hansen
      • The whole incident starts by Ash punching the Colonel in the face.
      • Keldeo and Absol swordfighting against a bunch of Doublades, and Absol using Night Slash with her tail.
      • Stantler versus a very stupid Trevenant, who keeps using Grass-type attacks despite Stantler having Sap Sipper, which turns Grass attacks into stat boosts. This keeps on until the Trevenant uses a Ghost-type attack, whereupon Stantler, boosted by all the Grass moves, promptly turns it back on him with Me First.
      • Latias is pinned down by half a dozen Drifblim, until Pikachu comes to her rescue, first by having Lucario Fling him up there, and then executing a Thunder Total Party Kill.
      • Soon, Hansen brings out the big guns: Mega Gengar, which promptly Shadow Tags Sceptile into a battle before someone better equipped can intercept it. Against a Poison-type Mega-Evolved Pokémon with no escape, any Grass-type would be doomed - unless of course, that Pokémon is Ash Ketchum-trained. Even getting poisoned in the process, a combination of Night Slash and Frenzy Plant brings Sceptile out on top in the end.
      • But then Hansen brings out his true trump cards: Spiritomb and Shedinja, the former of which is given the latter's Wonder Guard via a Mimicked Entrainment. The result is a combination immune to virtually all attacks: Shedinja intercepts and No Sells all Fairy-type moves, while Spiritomb No Sells everything else. Almost every indirect method of circumventing it (Mega Gyarados's Mold Breaker, Lucario's Foresight) is neutralized by Spiritomb's Hypnosis, until the perfect fighter steps up: Misty's Togekiss. When Fairy Wind blows Spiritomb out of place, a blast of Sacred Fire finishes off the Bug-type One-Hit-Point Wonder, and a Dazzling Gleam at point-blank range takes care of Spiritomb.
      • And as a finale, when Hansen tries to flee via Pidgeot, he is stopped by Drake of the Hoenn Elite Four and his Dragonite.
    • Team Rocket vs. Jessebelle
      • Moltres vs. an entire heat-seeking missile barrage. Guess who comes out on top.
      • Cubone whipcracking Arbok and Seviper at enemy targets.
      • But Jessebelle reveals her own trump card: Klefki, who manages to lock down all of Team Rocket's cell with Fairy Lock, Crafty Shield and Protect. This gives Jessebelle plenty of time to do what she came to do and escape, but not before deciding to take care of James permanently. But thanks to a Big Damn Heroes from Growlie, all Jessebelle manages to do is Graze The Dog.
      • So how does TR get out of this? Having met up with Princess Sara earlier, she is escorted by Growlie to the Togepi Paradise to try and stop Jessebelle, but all they manage to do is rescue a Togepi. So when they meet up with Jessebelle again, the rescued Togepi uses Metronome... and of all things, gets Shadow Force, which breaks through all of Klefki's defenses in one shot.
  • Skitty in her first contest this time around. Among other things, she and Beautifly pull off a perfect Blizzard combo and Skitty's use of Assist results in Zap Cannon.
  • In an inversion of her duties, Flannery asks Ash to help her prove to her grandfather that she can handle a big battle as a new Gym Leader. Ash obliges... with Ho-Oh.
  • Sceptile's battle with the Valley of Steel's boss Steelix reveals his two skill breakthroughs: Leaf Blade projectiles and Sacred Sword.
  • Stricken with boredom, Ash's Oak-ranch roster decides to hold a tournament of their own amongst each other to keep their skills sharp. And one of said battles is: Ho-Oh vs. Lugia.
    • It's so awesome that Roxy the Pokémon reporter is actually filming it on the news!
  • Another Aura Purge dream-drop for their new Swablu friend, another Legendary battle - this time with Thundurus. But between Swellow's Boombursts, Mega Latias's Mist Balls and Mega Pidgeot's Aeroblasts, the one who lands the finishing blow is Swablu himself, when he literally Sings his fear into submission.
  • Max vs. Norman
  • Ash vs. Norman, who shows just how good his A-game really is:
  • May gets an awesome moment of her own during her time with Professor Birch's Kanto and Hoenn starters. When a bunch of thieves manage to knock her and Max out and swipe them along with the Pokémon, she manages to pull off an escape with the junior starters and their assorted beginning moves, and when she's spotted, also hold off the attackers long enough for The Cavalry to arrive.
    • And who is said cavalry? Her Blaziken, who has just unlocked his Speed Boost ability. And after a Dynamic Entry, proceeds to lay out a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on the entire gang of thieves single-handedly.
      • Also remember Entei in the Pokémon Xtreme race? When he outran a supersonic Pidgeot, a Donphan, and a Tauros despite having a weight handicap and starting late? Blaziken just outran him.
  • Chapter 148: After years and years of hunting, over six hundred attempts to ambush Ash, thousands of schemes, time travel, and the collection of a Legendary Pokemon, Team Rocket... has finally received a Pikachu. Granted, it's not Ash's, but even they are shocked.
  • Chapter 149:
    • Cosplaychu's Aura Guardian Ash costume allows her to use Aura Sphere. And her costume of Ash's Pikachu allows her to use Volt Crash.
      • Just as impressive is Glaceon managing to erect enough of an ice shield for her to survive said Volt Crash - and then send it right back with Mirror Coat.
    • It might be due to a Super Power Meltdown due to an influx overload of danger information, but it says something about Mega Absol when she can outmaneuver Lucario, Mega Heracoss, Blaziken and Ash all at once.
      • And what eventually stops her? Her chaotic Danger Sense finally clears up right when she attacks Ash, in that it delivers just one message: "Finish that attack on that guy, and things go very, very bad."
  • Chapter 150: Ashes Nowhere To Be Seen