YMMV / Ashes of the Past

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Quite a lot. As the Pokemon usually do not talk, and a number of them never really established a gender, interpretation can run pretty wild here. Usually Played for Laughs though.
    • One of the most notable in the series is Squirtle being a Kamina Expy, considering that Squirtle predates Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann by about a decade (and had Kamina's sunglasses first).
  • Broken Base:
    • While not that much of a Base Breaker and more of fandom dissonance, the fans reaction to the Oogakari Pokémon cameo is split between those who enjoyed Yet Again and loved the cameo, those who felt the inclusion of those characters made it seem like a badly written omake, and those who simply loved the battle and didn't care much for the characters (mainly because they had never heard of Yet Again).
    • A Number of fans, among them the writer of Pokémon Reset Bloodlines and it's extended set of oneshots, dislike how Whitney was made into a butt monkey. Others really liked it, see the below Take That, Scrappy! entry.
    • While most people liked the way the Fairy-type was introduced, there are a few dissenters.
  • Better Than Canon: Justified by the fact that Ash and co. are essentially redoing canon. Another reason is because Saph is consistent with his characterization and strong on continuity, unlike the writers of the anime.
  • Darker and Edgier or Lighter and Softer: Depends on where you look at. On one hand, there's The End of the World as We Know It, which makes the situation graver than the original anime. On the other hand, there are lots of Funny Moments that lighten up the story; even the Bad Future doesn't seem to be a gloomy waiting time for Sir Aaron and Arceus (e.g. Legendary Pokemon Three Legged Race). It also helps that Ash is essentially revisiting his past and, with the benefit of hindsight and stronger Pokemon, averts/downplays some of the more unpleasant moments in the original anime.
    • The Lighter and Softer elements are played with interestingly; Ash and his team are shown to work very hard in order to get the Lighter and Softer elements- defeating criminals, winning Gym Battles and Leagues (where before, Ash had never won a single League, he has won multiple ones at this point), stopping various world-ending threats...
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Since the fic was started before Generation VI, it originally lacked Fairy-types and Mega Evolution, and the author Retconned those elements into the story with a Time Crash, making it so that they always existed. Afterwards, The Game Theorists made a video, "The Pokémon Multiverse Explains Everything", which postulates that the games with Mega Evolution are actually in a different universe than the ones without it.
    • The sudden influx of years of data causes Dexter to upgrade into a Porygon, able to, among other things, translate for humans that can't understand Pokémon. Cue this Sun and Moon trailer... For the link shy, the Sun and Moon Pokédex has the ability to host a Rotom, allowing said Rotom to talk to you in English.
      • Even better, the possibility of a Rotom possessing a Pokédex was brought up in Chapter 151, about six months before the trailer.
    • Alola Raichu are part Psychic type. Sound familiar Sparky?
    • With the concept of Z-Moves being revealed, along with Gigavolt Havoc, it's funny to think that Volt Crash, in a sense, is now canon.
  • Take That, Scrappy!: Whitney's Miltank is quite hated by those who played the second generation games and their remakes due to how difficult it is to defeat. Then, in his gym battle with Whitney, Ash humiliates it when his Muk fires Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Shadow Ball, Rock Tomb, Shock Wave, Fire Blast, Focus Blast, Secret Power, Dark Pulse, Sludge Bomb, Giga Drain, Hyper Beam, Ice Punch, Hidden Power, Double Team, Round, Payback, Rain Dance, Sunny Day and Toxic at the same time, and later Raikou inflicts it a One-Hit KO with a creative use of Nuzzle... That is, the weakest damage-dealing Electric-type move. Though it is a Legendary using it, so "Weak" is still probably more than most 'mons can handle.