Shadow Walker

Some characters like hiding in shadows; these take that a step further and use them to teleport.

Descriptions of this travel often involve the character entering a 'shadow world' where they are able to travel further and faster than in the real world. A walker's ability to perceive and influence the real world from this shadow world (and vice versa) varies.

For obvious reasons, this is a technique usually employed by evil or at least morally ambiguous characters.

Occasionally characters are able to create their own shadows to do this, rather than using existing ones.


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     Anime and Manga  

  • A variation in One Piece: Gecko Moria can detach his shadow which can move freely far away from him. He can then teleport to switch places with it. This is used to reach great distances safely as well as acting as decoy.
  • Seiichirou Tatsumi's power in Yami No Matsuei is manipulating shadows as a means of transport and as a weapon.
  • Teleportation magic in Mahou Sensei Negima! works by sending the user through their element in some way. Dark magic uses shadows (as Evangeline demonstrates at the end of the Kyoto Arc).
  • In Zettai Karen Children, Nai can teleport herself or somebody else using an existing shadow.
  • One of the bad guys in Ninja Scroll has this ability among several other weird gimmicks.
  • Rogue Cheney of Sabertooth as this as part of his Shadow Dragon Slayer magic. Unlike most examples though, he's actually a Nice Guy. His potential future self though... Gajeel gains similar powers from eating Rogue's shadow magic and unlocking Iron Shadow Dragon Mode.

     Comic Books  

  • Marvel Universe
    • The mutant Cloak can teleport himself and others through the dimension of darkness he has access to.
    • For a period of time, after her life was saved by something weird and shadowy, Psylocke gained the ability to hop through shadows.
  • In Cinco Elementos, this is the power of Shadow Elementals.
  • Silohuette from New Warriors could also transport through shadow.

     Fan Fiction  

  • In A Different Lesson, Heian Chao is able to use his dark chi to transport his spirit-form through the shadows. This allows him to cover days worth of distance in a few seconds, and even act in two places at once.

     Interactive Fiction  

  • Stepping into shadows is how the player character travels to different worlds in So Far.


  • In The Fallen Moon Skandar's magic is the ability to travel quickly and invisibly between places by passing through a 'shadow world'. The Night God's favour allows Arenadd to share this ability. In the sequel trilogy Saeddryn is also granted this power. In addition to ease of travel, it is used for advantages during fights, and for assassinations.
  • Myrddaal in the Wheel of Time are stated to have this ability, though it's never clarified what constitutes adequate shadow or how far they can move. No one knows how they do it either, even the creatures themselves. The ability is seldom shown within the books, but is enough of a threat that Borderland cities keep their streets lit throughout the night by law to keep them out, as well as a similar law that everyone must keep their heads uncovered, since Myrddraal have very distinctive faces.
  • In The Name of the Wind, Haliax uses the shadows that cling to him as part of his Chandrian power to transport the others away from Kvothe's destroyed caravan when something notices them – just in time to stop Kvothe from being killed too.
  • In Roger Zelazny's Jack Of Shadows, this is one of the title character's signature abilities.
  • Nico di Angelo from Percy Jackson is able to "shadow travel" because he's the son of Hades, he claims that every shadow is one and the same, however he can only do it a couple of times per day preferable at night, also it drains him a lot to the point the first time he used it he passed out for a whole week.
  • Villains by Necessity: Sam, which turns out to be very useful in his work. This involves traveling into a shadow world which is entered or exited through shadows, though it doesn't appear to make travel any faster, just easier getting into otherwise inaccessible places. It's stated there used to be others-apparently they all went into the shadow world one by one, though, and never returned... Naturally, the assassins decided it was best to stop teaching it after that. It seems this was due to being addictive magic, since Sam grows more and more unable to stand being in the normal world after he starts using it.
  • The Others in Night Watch are able to enter the Twilight by entering their shadow. The more powerful Others are able to go to the deeper levels of the Twilight by locating their shadow and stepping into it on each subsequent level, which gets progressively harder. Time flows differently in the Twilight compared to the normal world, so an Other can appear to have teleported, when all he actually does is enter the Twilight, walk to the destination, and exit the Twilight.
  • Kingdoms Of Dust: Melantha can use her magic to bypass physical objects through shadows.

     Tabletop Games  

  • Dungeons & Dragons
    • Basic D&D supplement The Book of Marvelous Magic. A creature wearing the Shadow Cape could travel up to 360 feet from one shadow to another three times per day.
    • The 2nd Edition spell Shadow Walk allowed the caster and any creatures he/she touched to partially enter the Plane of Shadow. This allowed them to move at a speed of 7 miles per 10 minutes (42 miles per hour) with regard to the Prime Material Plane. When the journey was completed, they could return to the Prime Material Plane at the desired location.
    • 2nd Edition supplement DM Options: High Level Campaigns. Thieves of level 16+ could learn the skill Shadow Flight. If it was very shadowy, the thief could Dimension Door (teleport) up to 360 yards to another shadowy area once per hour.
    • In 3rd Edition (and systems derived from it, like Pathfinder) the Shadowdancer Prestige Class gains the ability to teleport between two shadows for a set amount of feet per day at higher levels.
  • Warhammer 40K. Dark Eldar Mandrakes are capable of this by living in an alternate dimension and appearing in people's shadows, in addition to being near-invisible.

     Video Games  


     Western Animation  

  • In Jackie Chan Adventures, the Shadowkhan, a tribe of magic ninjas (among other things), can use shadows as dimensional doors.
  • Grimskull from Skeleton Warriors uses shadows to teleport wherever he wants.