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Characters: Shadowrun
This is a sheet for Shadowrun's NPCs. Under construction, Needs Wiki Magic Love.

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Jackpointers are (as it says on the tin) members of the fictional forum Jackpoint, sharing their insight in the in-character sections of splatbooks for the 4th Edition. Jackpoint itself is a successor of earlier such forum, called Shadowland, of which Fastjack, Jackpoint's founder, was an long-standing member. In-universe, Jackpoint is considered to be the stomping grounds of proven, "elite" runners (as determined by Fastjack).

Jackpoint has few rules, but chief among them is that members do not sell each other out - this rule, combined with the quality of information on Jackpoint, is sometimes the only thing keeping its members behaving with any civility.


Born in 1999, Fastjack is a veteran hacker who survived both global network crashes. Founder and moderator of Jackpoint, he is the de facto elder statesman of the shadowrunning community.
  • Badass Grandpa: He's a Shadowrunner and he's in his late 70's.
  • Cool Old Guy: He's been around since first edition, and wasn't very young then (hell, he still remembers the United States of America).
  • Papa Wolf: towards Jackpoint and its members. But betray him and...
    I will hammer you back to the Stone Age myself if I find out my trust has been misplaced.
    • Also to his daughter. Despite the fact they are somewhat estranged he damn nearly died helping her out with a nasty virus.
    • Could be his own fatherhood, or just a basic sense of decency, but he doesn't limit his protection to immediate family and associates...
    > I don’t know how you got close enough to see him, but you leave my son out of our feud, Clockwork. Or I will kill you.
    > What she said.
  • Old Master: Why he's one of the best hackers out there. He got his start on old command line interfaces. He has gone through every single Operating System and generation of the Matrix. He knows all the old tricks that have been carried through each generation.
  • Take Up My Sword: For Captain Chaos, founder of Shadowland, who died in 2064. Passes the sword to Bull, Glitch and Slamm-O! in 2075 so he can deal with an insidious multiple personality without endangering the other users.

/dev/ grrl

The youngest member of Jackpoint, /dev/grrl is still in high school and living with her parents. Despite this she is a programming genius and helps out on runs. Fastjack treats her like a kid.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: She doesn't really do her homework she just writes a program to do it for her. This bites her in the ass when Fastjack makes her compile a document on safehouses and she doesn't have any real research skills.
  • Child Prodigy: She's still in high school but is a better hacker then most shadowrunners.
  • Cool and Unusual Punishment: Fastjack once made her write out a report with a number 2 pencil.
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: /dev/'s first act to establish herself as a shadowrunner? Tracking down and capturing Kane, something adult bounty hunters have been failing at since before she was born. Kane was so amused he actually took her in as an apprentice/partner.
  • Just a Kid: tends to get this from some of the other Jackpointers like Slamm-O. She usually hacks their accounts in response.
  • Muggle Foster Parents: Well, they are her biological parents, but they're wage slaves while she is a shadowrunner. She had to bite her tongue when they were stuck in the bad side of Las Vegas and they thought that every person was a blood-stained Shadowrunner.

Baka Dabora

A male Japanese Changeling with amphibious features. He is the most public of the Jackpointers in that he makes no attempts to hide his identity. Due to the nature of the Shadows in Japan he can operate openly if very carefully.
  • Bilingual Bonus: His handle is Japanese for “tall tales of idiots"
  • Cool Old Guy: While not as old as Fastjack he's in late 40's.
  • Omniglot: Native Japanese speaker, but also speaks English, Korean, Cantonese, and Mandarin fluently. Also knows a little bit of Russian.


An ork decker, and one of the original Shadowland posters. Did well enough to retire from running for a time and settle down with his family, but his daughter's death at the hands of a serial killer copycat, and increasing involvement with Seattle politics, has brought him tiptoeing back to the shadows now and again.
  • Hero of Another Story: He was one of the Player Characters in the Harlequin's Back scenarios. He doesn't mention details aside from the whole thing feeling like a drug hallucination, and the end in which a friend offered himself as a sacrifice. Still has a grudge against Harlequin to this day because of the whole "surprise sacrifice" thing. In the published scenario it's meant only a symbolic test of courage, but don't count on your gamemaster to follow instructions.
  • Never Live It Down: His old Shadowland posts had a signature reading "The best ork decker you never met!" Veteran runners poke fun at him now and again for the ego he used to have (even though he really was, and remains, pretty damn good).


A hobgoblin rigger and mechanic from Sarajevo, Clockwork is also a jerkass of monstrous proportions whose actions gave him quite a few enemies on Jackpoint.
  • Character Shilling: Indirectly praises newly introduced character Quietus by ranting how Quietus refused to allow Clockwork to commit mass murder during a job. At the end of the rant Clockwork looks like a tool, Quietus looks like the consummate professional.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: he specializes in modding various easily available items for more... specialized uses. Then he sells prototypes and blueprints for a living.
  • Fantastic Racism: Against Technomancers
  • Jerkass: his prejudice against technomancers caused him to betray Netcat to one of the megacorporations.
    • Note he makes Kane look decent in comparison.
  • Karma Houdini: Let's repeat that. He betrayed a fellow runner, and has suffered virtually no consequences on Jackpoint.
  • Our Orcs Are Different: he's a hobgoblin, an ork variant whose hat is being a vindictive asshole.
  • Pet the Dog: It took a long time coming, but it comes at the end of the Storm Front plot book. His farewell to Fastjack comes in the form of backhanded compliments, but they're genuine and remorseful nonetheless.


International Man Of Mystery, suave superspy and another Cool Old Guy, Fianchetto's history is pretty much unknown - few more or less certain things about him is that he worked for various governments under numerous covers over the previous forty years.
  • Rogue Agent: once, he compromised an operation he was hired for to retrieve a collection of stolen art from a Russian Mafia boss.


Rigger, pirate and mercenary with a grudge against Aztlan, Kane is known as a loose cannon and a team killer and wanted in at least twenty countries.
  • Ax-Crazy: Or so the people say.
  • Cosplay: The intro story of Safehouses tells of how he infiltrated Comic Con dressed as an Imperial Stormtrooper. He was not amused.
  • Cross the Line Twice: A lot of his behavior is this. Of course sometimes he crosses the line three times.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: More like even a Ax-Crazy pirate knows not to do something. During a discussion about how to steal a stealth submarine he says that while he could do it he wouldn't on the off chance it had nukes in it. If it did every corp and country would stop at nothing to stop him
  • Heroic Comedic Sociopath
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Though he's definitely a rough customer, apparently the thing that drove him to running in the first place was losing his girlfriend to Aztlan during the Yucatan Wars. When he discovered she was alive and in an internment camp, he dropped close to one hundred million nuyen to rescue her by hiring nearly an entire private army.
  • Token Evil Teammate: Although not the worst.

Kay St. Irregular

A longtime political mover and shaker, Kay served extensively with the UCAS congress, selling up-to-date inside political information to the shadow community in order to further his own political aspirations and remove his rivals. Has recently become involved in Denver as well, possibly trying to get into Ghostwalker's good graces.

Lei Kung

A wuxing magician operating out of Hong Kong. Created his own gang, the Sons of Thunder, in direct opposition to both the Hong Kong police and the Red Dragon Triad, having a personal vendetta against both. Has diverse interests and knowledge, primarily in magical research and organized crime.


A dwarf wolf shaman and enchanter heavily involved in the marketing of magical goods. She's been known to swindle shady customers, while going beyond the call of duty for her more faithful clients.

Man of Many Names

Mysterious, white-haired shaman said to be incredibly powerful back in the 2050s, and there's no doubt he's grown even more impressive since. He serves as Jackpoint's most senior expert on all topics of magic. Perhaps ironically, nobody seems to know what Many Names' other names might be.

  • Cryptic Conversation: His age is vague, his shaman tradition is vague, and many of his comments are vague. On the rare occasion he makes a clear, unambiguous statement, other Jackpointers are left feeling a mix of confusion and alarm.
  • Magical Native American
  • Older than They Look: most probably. His age is the subject of mass guessing by Horizon analysts who broke into Jackpoint to gather information on him.
  • The Stoic
  • Shell-Shocked Veteran: Can speak with authority about battling bug spirits, but only with great reluctance.


An elven technomancer, who later gets married to Slamm-0
  • Depending on the Writer: For her metatype at least. At least one piece of artwork shows her as an ork.
  • Ship Tease: A lot between her and Slamm-0!. One of the 20th Anniversity Rulebook stories had her going on a date with Slamm-0! as the result of losing a hacking competition.
    • As confirmed above, they're an official couple now; they've got a baby boy. Slamm-0! even based an attack program on some of his 'fatherhood experiences'. He called it 'Diaper Bomb'.

Orbital DK

A hacker living on one of the orbital habitats, apparently hiding from a corporation without space assets. She serves as a security consultant, while her underlings make data steals that she sells to other spacebound runner teams.


A former orphan street thug, now head of the Smoker's Club, a group of cigar-loving assassins. He's said to have extraordinary charm and interpersonal skills that seem inconsistent with a rough-hewn killer. His mind may have been compromised the same way Fastjack's has, and he's apparently developed a charitable conscience while selling out information on other runners. He was banned from Jackpoint after Fastjack revealed this.


A human male decker known for his dreadlocks, sports fandom, and extremely juvenile behavior. He may be one of the most skillful deckers around, but has a fast and loose attitude toward his work, and life in general. Married to Netcat and quickly adapting to fatherhood.


Deals with debunking urban legends. Has at least one kid.
  • Action Dad: Somewhat. While he hasn't had to come to the rescue of his kid, he is a shadowrunner.
  • Meaningful Name: Snopes is a famous urban legend site in our world. Due to the alternate history of Shadowrun it can be assumed that the site never existed in it's original form in the Shadowrun verse or was lost in the crashes of the pre-Matrix web or the old Matrix.


An investigative reporter, somewhat responsible for a lot of the information that came out on technomancers.

Turbo Bunny

A Latina elf hailing from Pueblo, she was forced to escape to Seattle after an incident involving an illegal diamond shipment and a police chase all the way from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.
  • Badass Driver: that's one of her talents.
  • Beauty Is Never Tarnished: would you believe that she's a VR junkie looking at her picture in "10 Jackpointers"?
  • Drives Like Crazy: and how. The "incident" in Vegas ended up with Bunny crashing her Ferrari on a DataTerm booth at presumably high speed.
  • Oh Crap: Her reaction when she finds out that a locket that she accidentally crushed was a stealth tag.
  • Wrench Wench: Her other main talent.


A human magician, presently teaching at a university in England. Probably Jackpoint's most frequently-appearing magical expert.

    Great Dragons 

Dragons in the Shadowrun-verse are the iconic supernatural life-form and exist in all types and sizes. Most dragons fall into one of three types: Western dragons, eastern dragons or the south american feathered serpent. They are the setting's most profilic chessmasters (though plenty would dispute that) and constantly jostle with each other for power, authority and wealth by any number of (unseen to the average citizen) ways. The oldest and most powerful dragons are known as Great Dragons; most Great Dragons are Time Abysses that survived the fall of the fourth age by falling into hibernation, awakening again at the dawning of the sixth.

Tropes common to the Great Dragons

  • The Ageless
  • The Chessmaster and Manipulative Bastard
  • The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard: Dragons. Unlike most NPCs, Dragons get Edge and can use it in ways even the PCs can't. However, the simplest way for them to do this is to simply be Only Mostly Dead after being turned into chunky salsa by the PCs. There is no way for the PCs to beat this, and the dragon can immediately turn around, hide, and from a position of complete safety, use their various pawns to completely and utterly wreck the PCs' lives. This is of course still under control of Rule Zero, of course, so most reasonable game masters will let you kill them permanently as long as you do it in a suitably awesome and/or thorough manner.
  • Our Dragons Are Different - Occasionally, Our Dragons Are PRESIDENTS: Lofwyr's the big shot at Saeder-Krupp (BMW after a few good buyouts), Dunkelzahn was President of the UCAS for a little over 10 hours before the bomb in his limo tore open a Negative Space Wedgie and Hestaby is one of the members of Tir Taingire's ruling Council.
    • Besides fitting themselves snugly into the world of politics and economics, the great dragons have proven to be quite net-savvy, showing up in the commentary chatter in older edition Shadowland postings: Dunkelzahn as "The Big D," Hestaby as "The Orange Queen," Ghostwalker as "Ghost in the Machine," and Celedyr as "Stone-Diver" or "Script-Diver," while a host of others briefly came out of the closet after Dunkelzahn's death in order to bitch about being left out of his will. Also, Dunkelzahn hosted his own talk show for a few years. The great dragons are nothing if not adaptable.
    • Shadowrun's dragons may be the only dragons you actually run away from. They aren't fightable: they're stronger, tougher, bigger, and smarter than you (human average stat: 3 (max 6), dragon average: 8, great dragon average: 13—except body/toughness and strength, those are 35+). Oh, and unlike every other NPC, they have Edge (the Luck Stat, only PCs have it) and great dragons can do some nasty things with it that you can't. There's a damn good reason why you never deal with a dragon.
      • Alamais, a Great Dragon who operates in Europe, was hit with an orbital weapon system intended for use against military targets and survived.
      • They burn some Edge (permanently decrease the stat by a bit in exchange for something like a guaranteed critical success or surviving certain death) and let you THINK that you killed them, and then when you get home you discover that your entire family has been eaten, your SIN has been revoked, and there is now a bounty on your head that is so large that every shadowrunner in the time zone is now after you.
      • Maybe that's the reason for this entry in Dunklezahn's will:
      For a period of ten days beginning on 14 February 2057, Lars J. Matthews will cease to possess any legal status. He will be stripped of all evidence of legal existence, including SIN, credsticks, DocWagon contract, bank accounts and so on. To the individual or group who ends Lars J. Matthews' physical existence during those ten days, I leave all of Matthews' assets and 1 million nuyen for a job well done. If Mr. Matthews survives and can prove his identity, his legal status and all possessions will be restored to him. Haven't you heard? Never deal with a dragon, Lars.
  • Story Breaker Power
  • Voluntary Shapeshifter


The only known Great Sirrush, a middle-eastern dragon, who lairs in Turkey. He claims most of the Holy Land and Middle East as his domain and aggressively rebuffs European influences onto it, especially those of Lofwyr. Most renown/reviled for razing Teheran to the ground in response to a Fatwa called upon metahumans and the Awakened. This has not made him a lot of friends amongst the world's muslims.


A Great Western Dragon of Gold colour, native to Germany and lairing in Spitsbergen. Lofwyr's brother and arch-rival.

  • Faking the Dead: Got shot with an orbital laser sometime during the 2040s and survived, but pretended to be dead to obfuscate his attackers. He got outed in Dunkelzahn's Will when the latter gave him back the fruitcake the two had been exchanging every Christmas for 37 years, adding "Unlike you, I'm really dead".
  • Fantastic Racism: Against mortals. Almost all dragons consider mortal meta-humans short-sighted pawns, but most of them draw the line way before the "hunting them for food" stage.
  • Killed Off for Real: A coalition of three Great Dragons (Lung, Lofwyr and Arleesh) pooled their resources to take him down and apparently killed him for good in 2075.
  • Political Hero: 'Hero' is stretching it, but his modus operandi is to manipulate political movements, underground groups and terrorist organizations (as opposed to his brother, who prefers associating with the Megas). Amongst others, he was behind the Winternight cult that destroyed the second Matrix.
  • The Rival: To Lofwyr, who also happens to be his brother.


A Great Western dragon of silver colouring, lairing in Wales, known to be fascinated by the Matrix. CTO of NeoNET and major stock-holder. Known to be the only Great Dragon with a datajack.


The dragon of the setting, Dunkelzahn Awakened in North America and quickly established himself as the most personable of the Great Dragons. He became famous through works of charity and by hosting his own talkshow, Wyrm Talk, as well as being an active user of Shadowland. After running for — and becoming — the President of UCAS, Dunkelzahn was assassinated by unknown means (blood magic was believed to be involved, as was a humongous bomb) scant hours after his inauguration. He left behind a massive will full of adventure hooks, in-jokes and generally interesting reading.

  • The Ace - Good natured, rich, popular, fond of metahumanity and had practically no enemies (apart from whoever assassinated him of course). His will consists of practically 50% Pet the Dog moments, though one might argue the death and destruction caused by the 10% most calculated donations more than made up for this.
  • Beware the Nice Ones - Definitely the most human-friendly of the Great Dragons... but not above completely incinerating with a single look the assassin who killed his first translator.
  • Gambit Roulette - His will amounts to this.
  • Posthumous Character - By the time 4th edition starts, he's been dead for 13 years. He is still fully capable of providing adventure hooks and screwing players over through his will.
  • Our Presidents Are Different - Became President of the UCAS... for little over 10 hours.


A Great Western Dragon that Awakened in Germany 2012, and promptly went on a destructive rampage across Europe that cost thousands of lives before being shot down over the Benelux lands by the Luftwaffe. Holds the dubious 'honour' of being the first Great Dragon to be killed by metahumanity.

A conspiracy formed around her death forms a major part of Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall.

  • Never Found the Body - Due to being shot down over a radioactive waste, her body is unrecoverable. Officially she's dead. Unofficially no-one can confirm, and there are rumours of toxic shaman cults worshipping her.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge - A four-month long one, against anyone and everything, before she was finally killed.


A white Great Western Dragon native to North America, laired in Denver, and the last Great Dragon who awakened to the sixth world. He is believed to be Dunkelzahn's brother

  • The Rival - To Lofwyr and Harlequin. A battle between Harlequin and Ghostwalker threw Denver into chaos in the 2070s.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge - Appeared on the site of Dunkelzahn's assassination and beelined straight for Denver with an army of spirits, before chasing Aztlan out of North America.


A Great Western dragon of copper colour, laired in California. She sits on the Council of Princes of Tir Tairngire.

  • Nature Hero - Known for her green agenda and interest in preserving the environment.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech - one she gave Aztlan (publicly, at the UN Assembly) in the intro story to SOTA 2073. A great dragon thoroughly wrecked your shit? That's because you asked for it for at least a decade.
  • Take Up My Sword - she is considered Dunkelzahn's successor as the "Keeper of Mankind".


A European Great Dragon, coloured gold. His lair was located inside Germany. After single-handedly taking over BMW/Krupp and restructuring it to form Saeder-Krupp, he moved said lair to a gigantic arcology that serves as corporate headquarters. His metahuman form is a white-haired human called "Hans Brackhaus", who commonly poses as Lofwyr's Mouth of Sauron to the unaware.

  • The Chessmaster - Even by dragon standards. He is known to actively feud with half of the other dragons on this page, and yet he's able to deal with them all and run Saeder-Krupp day-to-day on top of it.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive - Took control of his own Megacorp, Saeder-Krupp, in a hostile takeover.
  • Dragon Hoard - His hoard is a corporation and a lot of stock options. It's possible he also owns the traditional piles of money and artefacts on top of it as well, but his best-known asset is Saeder-Krupp itself.
  • The Dreaded - Ever heard the term "never, ever, cut a deal with a dragon"? Yeah, he's the cause.
  • Fiction 500 - With Dunkelzahn's death, officially the richest being in the Sixth World.
  • Supernatural Gold Eyes - In his human form.


A Great Eastern Dragon and principle dragon of China. The former mentor of Ryumuo and attempts to do with China what Ryomyo did with Japan, but his more careful and reclusive approach has yet to bear the same fruits.


A Great Eastern Dragon who ascended to "Great" status in 2042, and therefore the youngest Great Dragon known to exist. He makes his lair on Vancouver Island outside Seattle and is interested in topics of social justice and speaking up for the downtrodden, following in the footsteps of Dunkelzahn and Hestaby.


Based in Denver, Perianwyr is a Great Western Dragon who prefers owning his own record label and driving a music club before all the politicking and jostling for position most other Great Dragons do, making him fairly unique for his kind.

  • Awesome Music: Perianwyr's In-Universe driving passion.
  • Graceful Loser: Probably the only great dragon in the Sixth World who can make this claim.
  • The Hedonist: By dragon standards. Not presented as an entirely bad thing, all things considered.
  • King Incognito: Didn't want to scare away musical talent with the whole "dragon" thing.
  • Nice Guy: By dragon standards? Oh hell yes.
  • Record Producer: Perianwyr's chief vocation and occupation.


A Great Eastern dragon of red colour. Awakened in 2011, he was the first dragon that revealed himself to mankind. He has taken an active hand in the well-being of the Japanese Empire and is one of the main reasons for its resurgence.


A Great Western dragon of green colour, making his lair in the nation of Amazonia (which he helped form). Known best by his epithet "the destroyer" for his tendency to go on indiscriminate rampages.

  • Killed Off for Real: Executed by Aztechnology forces during the Amazonia-Aztlan war of 2074. Rumours claim he somehow escaped before the sentence could be carried out.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: The Night of Rage (a series of anti-metahuman riots) caused him to go on a rampage, destroying a charter flight and several cities worldwide.

     The Mega Corps 

The major players of the Sixth World, though there are plenty who dispute that. Megacorporations are graded as A, AA or AAA-level: To reach AA level, a corporation needs to have the power to possess and enforce extraterritoriality, and to qualify for AAA level a corporation must have have representatives on the Corporate Court, a regulatory organ over the world's Megacorps. The Corporate Court arbitrates all conflicts between corporations, functioning somewhat like a free-market U.N. with access to orbital weaponry, and has the ability to impose sanctions and Thor Shots on other corps and citizens who step over the line. Members of the Corporate Court also own shares in Zurich-Orbital, the successor to the World Bank.

Currently, ten AAA-megacorps are known to exist: They are known as the Big Ten and consist of the seven original founders of the Corporate Court (and their successors) who have permanent seats (and therefore permanent AAA status), as well as three non-founding members whose AAA-status is tied to their representation. The Big Ten are detailed below, ranked by size (as of the fifth edition of the game), followed by a few other well-known megacorps in the Shadowrun world.

Tropes common to the Megacorps:

Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries

“One Step Ahead”

The largest Mega Corp. and (through BMW) one of the founders of the Corporate Court with a permanent seat. It's located in a massive arcology in Essen, Germany that also serves as the lair of their CEO. Formed by an amalgam of European industrial giants around the core of BMW, Saeder-Krupp is involved in practically everything but especially in energy, heavy industry, finance and aerospace. Owned by the Great Dragon Lofwyr, who considers the company his Dragon Hoard and works tirelessly to keep it #1, dominating its entire corporate culture from the bottom up.
  • Always a Bigger Fish: Is the bigger fish in this case. Not even Aztechnology, owners of the entirety of Latin America, can stand up to Saeder-Krupp. They own their own carrier fleet.
  • Bad Boss: Lofwyr, very much so.
  • Control Freak: Unlike all the other Megacorps, all their operations are heavily centralised and Lofwyr minute-manages everything. Cutting him out of the loop is not a good idea.
  • You Have Failed Me: To employees and shadowrunners both.

NeoNET (formerly Novatech, Fuchi Industrial UCAS)

“Tomorrow Runs on NeoNET”

NeoNET began its existence as the UCAS branch of the Mega Corp. Fuchi Industrial, creators of the original Matrix. After being torn from the failing giant, it took the name Novatech and became the largest UCAS corporation. Novatech itself was almost destroyed piecemeal by ex-employee Art Dankwalther and forced into an IPO that led to the matrix crash at the end of the third edition. Back for the fourth edition after merging with two foreign AA-corporations and renaming itself NeoNET, the corporation is now the second largest Mega Corp. and owns the Court founding member JRJ International. No matter its name, its focus has always been on the Matrix, responsible for practically every innovation over the game's editions.
  • Back from the Dead: Twice. It survived the fall of Fuchi and then survived its almost-destruction at the hands of Dankwalther.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: The Novatech IPO set the stage for the matrix crash.
  • The Dreaded: For hackers, Grid Overwatch Division is a force to be feared.
  • Wild Card: Considered this by Shadowrunners. Jobs by Neo can be a grab-bag.

Mitsuhama Computer Technologies

“The Future is Mitsuhama”

Third largest Mega Corp. (formerly the fourth) and a founding member of the Corporate Court, formed in Japan as a Yakuza front that went horribly right. As their name implies, heavily into computer hardware and robotics, but also involved in the entertainment industry, magic and heavy industry. Known for their "zero-zone" policy: Mitsuhama shoots first and asks later.
  • Cut Lex Luthor a Check: Mitsuhama was founded by the Yakuza as a laundering front. It ended up being worth magnitudes more than all of Japan's criminal enterprises combined, leading to most of its founders to go legit since they make way more money that way.
  • Yakuza: It's hard to say where the criminal syndicate ends and the mega corp starts. What is well-known is that Mitsuhama has no trouble getting criminal aid when they need deniable subcontractors or less-legal avenues of aid.
  • You Have Failed Me: Towards Shadowrunners. Failing or abandoning Mitsuhama runs is not a good idea.

Aztechnology (formerly ORO)

“The Way to a Better Tomorrow”

Formerly the second largest Mega Corp., now the fourth, Aztechnology is based in the nation of Aztlan (a united Latin America, owned by the corporation). It was one of the founders of the Corporate Court with permanent representation. Specializes in magic and consumer goods, but are one of the most inclusive Triple-A corps with involvement almost everywhere.
  • Blood Magic: One of their specialities, although a highly classified one. Any Shadowrunner who publishes, reveals or (gods forbid) practises any part of it will be terminated with extreme prejudice.
  • Cut Lex Luthor a Check: Possibly topping MCT. Aztechnology formed out of a front for a conglomerate of drug cartels.
  • The Dreaded: Aztechnology's shoot first, shoot second, shoot some more response to runner intrusion, nasty blood magic, and general disregard for anyone who isn't Aztechnology makes them a boogeyman for many runners and others in the know.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: Their attempt at nationalising all non-Aztechnology industry in Aztlan, their forays into the First Nations, the Yucatan rebellion and snubbing the Catholic Church hasn't left Aztechnology with a lot of friends on the Corporate Court or on the higher echelons of power. Of course, Aztechnology is powerful enough that they don't really have to care, and all the above ones are too busy fighting each other to gang up on them anyway.
  • One Nation Under Copyright: Aztlan is, officially, an independent country, but Aztechnology's rights and privileges are written into the constitution.
  • Path of Inspiration: Runs a state sponsored religion as a means of social control
  • The Theocracy: Has outlawed Christianity. This has not gone down to well.
  • Villain with Good Publicity: Worth mentioning a second time. Aztechnology has done a superb job of avoiding public scrutiny of its more sinister operations, and most people know them as the ones who own or make most of the world's processed food, chemicals and furniture.

Renraku Computer Systems

“Today’s Solutions to Today’s Problems”

Fifth largest Mega Corp., created through a takeover and transformation of Corporate Court founder Keruba International by Renraku Holdings. Renraku are heavily into computer systems, especially software, telecommunications, servers and databases. Founded the infamous Renraku Arcology in Seattle. Renown for their heavily militaristic corporate structure.
  • Elite Mooks: The Renraku Red Samurai internal security corps. Woe be to any Shadowrunner who attracts their attention, unless they're elite themselves.
  • Gone Horribly Wrong: The Renraku Arcology was taken over by a rogue A.I. that turned it into its private 'testing ground'. The results were not pretty.
  • Secret Keeper: Practically every local area network in Asia is owned by Renraku. They hold so many intercepted or stored corporate secrets that messing with them is generally seen as a bad idea.

EVO (formerly Yamatetsu Corporation)

“Changing Life”

Sixth largest Mega Corp., granted AAA-prime status by vote. Began as a Japanese corporation known as Yamatetsu in the early editions of the game until they switched their corporate HQ to Russia and took on the name EVO. Focuses on biotech, nanotechnology, and consumer goods for metahumans: Most specialist devices built for trolls or dwarves are of EVO make and they also own offworld colonies, including one on Mars.
  • The Alliance: Part of the Pacific Prosperity Group, a confederation of non-Japanese corps trying to break the Japanese economic stranglehold on Asia.
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: EVO's board of directors is... Strange, even by Shadowrun standards. Their majority stockholder is called Buttercup and is a spirit. Their CEO is an ork.
  • Transhumanism: A major part of their corporate image.

Ares Macrotechnology

“Making the World a Safer Place”

Seventh largest Mega Corp. and the currently largest UCAS corporation, also a founder of the Corporate Court. Focused on arms, aerospace (they bought NASA), vehicles and entertainment. Amongst other things, owns Knight Errant, Seattle's privatized police force.
  • A Lighter Shade of Black: By Mega Corp. standards, they're this towards their Shadowrunners. Which isn't saying much.
  • The Chessmaster: CEO Damien Knight took a controlling interest in the company over 63 seconds of intensified stock-trading, ruining two other corporations in the process. He is also a chess grandmaster and is rumoured to have beaten Dunkelzahn in the game on several occasions.
  • Death from Above: Is rumoured to have the highest number of Thor Shots in orbit, possibly matched by Saeder-Krupp.
  • Eagleland: Actively promotes this image. An image is, of course, all it is: Ares is as international as any of the other triple-A corps.
  • Millionaire Playboy: Damien Knight.
  • Private Military Contractors: Own several of these.
  • War for Fun and Profit: Their modus operandi.

Shiawase Corporation

“Advancing Life”

The eight-largest Mega Corp. (formerly the third) and also the oldest, being the first Mega Corp. to gain extraterritoriality back in 2001 and also a Corporate Court founder. Based in Japan, Shiawase is owned entirely by the Shiawase family and is extremely diversified: Its main focuses used to be nuclear, biotech and environmental tech but they've got fingers into practically everything much like Aztechnology.
  • Big Screwed-Up Family: Shiawase is a family-owned zaibatsu and all their employees are considered part of the extended 'family'. Naturally, Shiawase is one of the most infighting-prone megacorps.
  • Cloak & Dagger: Shiawase's Marketing Information and Forecasting Department is renown as one of the most thorough intelligence analysis teams in the Sixth World, working like a corporate version of the NSA and one of Shiawase's most potent assets.
  • The Heavy: The Shiawase Decision played a major role in creating the world of Shadowrun.
  • Long Runner: In-Universe The oldest of all the triple-AAA corps.
  • Rags to Royalty: Well, hardly rags, but one of the Shiawases married into the Japanese royal family and became Empress.
    • Naturally, the first thing she did with said power was to start working against the corporation, in revenge for her father using her as an unwilling guinea pig for some experimental vaccines.

Wuxing, inc

“We’re Behind Everything You Do”

The largest Chinese Mega Corp. and the only Chinese AAA-ranking, ninth in rank on the Corporate Court after being inducted by popular vote, Wuxing is the most silent-running of the Big Ten. They're into banking, shipping and magic... And that's about all anybody knows about them.
  • The Alliance: Wuxing founded and leads the Pacific Prosperity Group, a confederation of non-Japanese corps trying to break the Japanese economic stranglehold on Asia.
  • Inscrutable Oriental/The Quiet One: In Mega Corp. terms. They're quiet and nobody seems to know much about them.
  • Rags to Royalty: Went from being all but unknown outside of China to a AAA mega with a seat on the Corporate Court, thanks largely to a hefty bequest from Dunkelzahn's will.

Horizon Group

“We Know What You Think”

The final of the big AAA-corporations and the smallest and newest member of the Corporate Court, having gained their seat at the cost of Cross Applied (see below). Horizon is headquartered in Free State California and is all into social media and entertainment, as well as some pharmaceuticals, property and consumer goods on the side. Renown for their flat corporate structure, transparency and the extreme cheeriness they show to the world: Never having been caught doing anything actually immoral has left Horizon with probably the most positive PR of all the megacorps. By the fifth edition, however, some cats are beginning to slip out of the bag...
  • A Lighter Shade of Black: Certainly gives off this impression, given their focus on "people first". Their employees are remarkably well-treated, as are their shadowrunners.
  • Affably Evil: CEO Gary Kilne is this. If he is even evil. Which nobody seems to be able to confirm. Which leads to...
  • Ambiguously Evil: What, if anything, Horizon is doing that is sinister is completely unknown. Casual digging by Shadowland has completely failed to turn up anything nefarious. Which in turn has led to...
  • Arc Villain: A series of fourth edition adventures showcase the bad side of Horizon, including a number of social media devices Gone Horribly Wrong and culiminating in a mass slaughter of Technomancers. As well as executing PO Ws they rescued as PR fodder.
  • Assimilation Plot: What they're into.
  • There Are No Good Executives: Averted. Seemingly. Creepily.
  • Villain with Good Publicity: Used to be kings of this until the above-mentioned cat-releases, as expected by a public relations firm turned Megacorp. They waged a PR war with Aztechnology during the Yucatan uprising and won.

Fuchi Industrial Electronics (defunct AAA)

One of the original Mega Corps and one of the big names of the first three editions. Fuchi Industrial was a Japanese-American collaboration, the second biggest Mega Corp., owner of Corporate Court founder JRJ International, and responsible for much of the early Matrix. Formed from an alliance of several powerful families and their respective corporations, Dunkelzahn's will (via some very finely planned 'gifts' from the dragon's hoard) proved the catalyst for the families to tear themselves apart and the corporation with them. The UCAS branch turned into Novatech and finally NeoNET (above), while its Japanese holdings were consumed by Shiawase and Renraku.

Cross Applied Technologies (defunct AAA)

Formerly the ninth largest Mega Corp. in the world, headquartered in Quebec and owned by Dr. Lucien Cross, Arch-Enemy of Ares CEO Damien Knight. The corp enjoyed a brief surge to the headlights after becoming the tenth member of the Corporate Court in 2064. After Cross' death in a plane crash during the second Matrix crash four years later (between third and fourth edition) the corporation was rapidly torn to shreds by Ares and EVO and lost its Corporate Court seat to Horizon. It focused on information- and biotechnology and was renown for the Seraphim, a security and intelligence gathering spy corps that matched that of Shiawase and made the company independent of using Shadowrunners.

Zurich-Orbital Gemeinschaft Bank

The bank of the megacorporations and private successor to the World Bank, based in the space station that also serves as the headquarters of the Corporate Court. All of the Big Ten own an equal share in the bank to ensure its neutrality. As the owner for practically every loan made to every Mega Corp. in the setting, Zurich-Orbital is a sacred cow that conserves the balance of power between them.

Lone Star Security Services

An AA-ranked privatised police, security and prison firm, Lone Star serves as the police force for many cities in the CAS, UCAS and First Nations, as well as being Seattle's police force during the first three editions of Shadowrun. This made them disproportionately well-known to most players of the game as the Arch-Enemy of most of the city's native Shadowrunners, and "Lone Star" is still synonymous with "police" in general to many players. They lost their Seattle contract during the switch to the Fourth Edition, which afterwards went to Ares-owned Knight Errant.


An AA-ranked private health company, renown for revolutionising the private health sector by introducing armed response teams to recover policy holders in high-risk zones, a subscription-based service that guarantees prompt service for a reasonable cost, and their devotion to policy holders' privacy. Most shadowrunners without a death wish tend to have a DocWagon contract, as their response teams can be found patrolling anywhere and any time, ready to pick up policy holders whose life signs go critical.



A mysterious elf mage who's existence is widely known among the shadowrunning community, but whose history and motivations remain largely unknown. In his early adventures he's explicitly given no stats because he's meant to be a plot device beyond the players' control - he can do anything the gamemaster needs him to do, and can't do anything the players are needed to do. By the time of 3rd edition however, he's lost a great deal of his power performing a ritual of global magnitude (and thus, now has stats), but his power is still on par with a great dragon. Posted on the old Shadowlands board under the username "The Laughing Man." He has a tendency to support the Player-Characters from video games. First, he helps out Joshua near the end of the Sega Genesis game. Then, he helps the Player in Shadowrun Returns against the Universal Brotherhood.

  • Bad Ass: He doesn't get out much anymore, but he is most certainly this. He's the sole survivor of the Knights of the Crying Spire from the Fourth Age. Dunklezhan considered Harlequin his personal knight.
    • Badass Grandpa: Is (or was) an immortal elf, who was born in the Fourth Age. He may not look it, but he's thousands of years old.
  • Enemy Without: Gwynplaine, a spirit of tremendous power once bound to Harlequin, but who's since lost control of it. It's developed a love for inflicting fear and pain for its own amusement, is spoken of in whispered terror by other spirits as The Jester, and may have begun masquerading as Harlequin.
  • Monster Clown: Played with, his appearance in the cover art of the original Harlequin campaign book certainly suggests the trope. He turns out to be more of a Jerkass Clown, however (at least in his early appearances).
  • The Nudifier: Buried in a long list of favored spells (his list of known spells being essentially infinite), one might notice the oddly-specific "Demolish Pants" spell.
  • Older Than He Looks: Comes with being an Elf in the Shadowrun 'verse.
  • Our Elves Are Different: More than most!
  • Really 700 Years Old: Immortal elf. Born in the Fourth Age
  • Walking Spoiler: To one, if not several, of the metaplots from FASA's run on the game. How much he remains under the new publishers remains up for debate.
  • Wild Card: He tends to drift from allegiance to allegiance, as his goals really aren't dependent on any other factions.

Jake Armitage

A decker who starred as the hero of the SNES game. He returns as a major NPC in the Shadowrun Returns video game.

  • Cool Shades: Distinctive round ones that he took from a dead Lone Star. In Shadowrun Returns he continues to wear them, despite no longer needing to avoid frightening the morgue workers.
    • To be fair, the fact that he kept the shades on after he had no more use for them in the SNES game indicates that he liked them.
  • Master Of All: In the SNES game; he can become incredibly skilled in marksmanship and hacking, cast a wide variety of spells once he earns the favor of the Dog Spirit, equip the best guns and armor available, and have himself fitted with all manner of cyberware without the usual penalties this would cause in the Shadowrun-verse.
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: In the SNES game, he is a decker with a lot of implants (at least including a datajack, cortex bomb, and info safe) who also becomes a dog shaman. In Shadowrun Returns he is more of a pure magenote .
  • Overrated And Underleveled: In Shadowrun Returns he's only at or slightly above your party's level, despite being a veteran runner who once soloed a dragon.
  • Previous Player-Character Cameo: He is an important NPC in Shadowrun Returns.
  • Running Gag: In the SNES game, he wakes up in the morgue. In Shadowrun Returns he wakes up in the morgue again, except this time, on purpose. Apparently he's taken a liking to it, and it's cheaper than a pod motel.
  • Suddenly Voiced: Somewhat. He goes from Heroic Mime to actually talking to the PC. Of course it's a text only game.

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