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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
Dunkelzahn is Barack Obama.
Barring, of course, canon.
  • They are both massively popular (and still are).
  • They're quite charismatic.
  • Share a love of comics. (Read Dunkelzahn's will.)
  • America (or, in the case of Dunk, the UCAS) was in trouble at the time of their election. (Then again, America's always in trouble.)

The Matrix is a metaplane
It would explain why it seems to act like the idea of Cyberspace as a place you go to visit.
  • And why so many of the authors had a hard time remember that decking does not equal Astral Projection...

After the awakening of magic humanity subconsciously conjured spirits with the ability to possess people, the thing is that the spirits are limited to Metamorphosis and/or Baleful Polymorph

Edge is coded into standard humanity's 'Junk DNA'
Before the Awakening, metahumans were standard humans, with their metatypes traits in their junk DNA. But, what is in the junk DNA of baseline humans; it's not metahuman traits, after all. Well, what attribute do humans have different from the other metatypes? Edge. Humans have lucky genes.

Earthdawn is set in the Nth age
An alternative theroy goes that Shadowrun occurs BEFORE Earthdawn unknown to the people of Earthdawn it's now the year 5000 and the past 2000 years have been "things" coming through, kicking the planet and people over until it has managed to return to the state it's found in Earthdawn.
  • Very subtly jossed by Dunkelzahn's will. Go to the Crowning Moment of Awesome page and read the part about the Everliving Flower.

The 'car bomb' that killed Dunkelzahn was based on the designs of Adrian Vauclair.
According to the Sixth World Almanac, after Dunkelzahn's "death" witnesses reported seeing his astral form rise into the rift. Vauclair's bomb from Dragonfall separates the astral and material forms of a dragon, as tested on Feuerschwinge. It seems plausible that the bombs were one and the same.

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